Welcome to the World, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!

Meghan and Harry introduced their baby boy to the world today.

And he didn’t disappoint; the tiny royal is just precious.

The Duke and Duchess also revealed his name. Say hello to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!

We’ll have more on the name in a few paragraphs. But first, a look at his beaming parents.

His mother described parenthood as “magic” and the baby as “the dream.”

More from ABCNews.com:

It’s magic. It’s pretty amazing,” Meghan, 37, said as Harry, 34, held their son in his arms. “I have the two best guys in the world, so I’m really happy.”

“He has the sweetest temperament. He’s really calm,” said Meghan, prompting Harry to joke beside her, “I wonder who he gets that from.”

“He’s just been the dream, so it’s been a special couple days,” added Meghan”

The pair was asked who the baby resembled; more from this Harper’s Bazaar story:

When asked who Baby Sussex looks like, he noted, “Everyone says babies change so much over two weeks, so we’re basically monitoring how this changing process happens over the next month, really. But his looks are changing every single day.”

Originally the Duke and Duchess hoped to do today’s photo shoot on the steps of Windsor Castle, echoing the look of one of their wedding photos. But the heavy rains prompted a switch to an indoor setup. 

A quick video shared by the Daily Mirror’s Derek Momodu shows the family as they approach the media.

Another view of the couple from this afternoon.

Before wrapping up the photocall the Duke and Duchess wanted to express their appreciation for all of the good wishes sent their way.

After the photocall Meghan and Harry introduced their little bundle of joy to the The Queen and Prince Philip. Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, was present as well for the special introduction. This afternoon an image from that get-together was released via the Sussex Royal Instagram account.

We have heard from other royal family members the past 24 hours, all expressing their joy at the baby’s arrival. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, who are currently visiting Germany, shared their elation on Twitter.

Another look at the little one.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke about their happiness at the news yesterday.

One of Meghan and Harry’s wedding photographers, Chris Allerton, took several photos today that the couple shared on their Instagram account.

Now to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s name. We learn more about the name from tweets posted by royal reporters and historian/professor Kate Williams.

For more on the title, we go to Ellen Barry’s NY Times story:

The couple have opted not to use a royal title for their son, like Lord Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor or Archie, Earl of Dumbarton.

He will be known as Master Archie, in line with his father’s wish that he grow up as a private citizen.

Archie Harrison already has his own page on the official British Royal Family site.

Now for a quick look at what Archie wore for his first photocall, pieces by British heritage brand GH Hurt & Sons.

He was wrapped in the firm’s Ivory White Leaves and Flowers Baby Shawl ($172), a 100% merino wool style finished with a delicate shell-stitched edging. It is also completely lined. The piece takes three days to create in the firm’s Nottingham factory and eight different people are involved in making the shawl.

The baby was also wearing the GH Hurt & Son Cashmere Baby Hat ($115). It is 100% cashmere, accented with fine rib edging.

The storied brand has been making creating knitwear since 1912 in its Nottingham factory. It is a longtime favorite for the Royal Family. More from Monique Jessen’s People story.

They were the brand of choice for the Queen (she bought 20 of their soft wool blankets for a newborn Charles) and since then their designs have been wrapped around many a royal newborn, including Prince Harry himself and Prince William.

Staff at GH Hurt were understandably happy to hear the baby was wearing their knitwear.

“The staff here are over the moon,” Richard Taylor, director at G.H.Hurt & Son tells PEOPLE, adding: “We thought Harry and Meghan might do something slightly different because their modus operandi has been to do new things so I think it’s really nice that they are also keeping some family traditions as well.”

Meghan wore a new dress for today’s photo call from British designer Grace Wales Bonner.

More about the designer from Bethan Holt’s Daily Telegraph column.

The design is by Grace Wales Bonner, one of the fastest rising talents on the British fashion scene. Just last week, Wales Bonner was awarded the BFC/ Vogue Fashion Fund prize, offering a £200,000 boost to her business as well as high-level mentoring support. In the same week, she collaborated with Dior on its Resort collection, which was shown in Marrakesh. A royal seal approval makes it a trio of recent triumphs.

Below, the designer.

And from an Oprah magazine piece.

Bonner, who is an award-winning menswear designer, was raised in Southeast London, the product of a Jamaican father and English mother. In other words, for her first official photo as a new mom, Markle chose a designer who—just like her and now, the royal baby—is also bi-racial.

Three looks from Wales Bonner. The left and right styles are currently available online; the center photo is from the autumn/winter 2019 collection.

Meghan’s shoes are a pair we’ve seen several times before; she was in her Manolo Blahnik BB 105 Pumps in taupe suede ($625).

Meghan also wore her 3 Turquoise Mini Bezel Dangle Necklace ($750), created by Jennifer Meyer Jewelry.

As well as earrings we’ve seen before from Natalie Marie, the Diamond Sun Stud gold earrings, $1942.

We wanted to share a tweet posted by one of the Duchess’ patronages, animal charity The Mayhew. The organization posted on its Instagram that they have named a kitten Archie in celebration of the newest royal baby.

We’ll leave you with these videos from ITN’s Royal Family Channel:

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  1. The name has definitely grown on me and Harry and Meghan looked like ecstatic new parents. You could just see the love in their eyes. I not sure about her choice of dress. It appeared to me that she was not able to button it up properly. However, they do make a lovely little family.

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple, what a wonderful time for them. Also congratulations to Meghan for catching up with Grace Wales Bonner, a very classy pick. Except I can’t myself quite understand anyone with Meghan’s present shape would want to sport a style which is best displayed on a slender form, especially when it results in a large, prominent knot to the fore. But it’s straight out of Meghan’s consistent style book and all that really matters right now is the sheer happiness beaming out of the new family. Happy days!

  3. Congratulations to the Sussex’s. Archie is just adorable and here in Australia, both Archie & Harrison are very popular names so I think they’ve done well to choose such modern names. For those USA fans, thinking that the name should have been Archibald (as I’ve seen written on FB feeds), that would be so old fashioned and not what Harry & Meghan seem to be about. All the outfits were awesome, and Harry’s little jump for joy when he first announced Archie’s birth was the most special moment. Thanks WhatMeghanWore for such an awesome blog 🙂

  4. Welcome Archie Harrison. Archie reminds me the character from the Japanese anime “Candy Candy”. His full name was Archibald. He was a member of an aristocrat family and always classy and so chic with his long hair…

    Congratulations to new parents. They all look beautiful, peaceful and happy.

  5. I agree with those who say she should have done the photo on the steps, but then I have a feeling this was a home birth? was it not? Meghan looked tired and overwhelmed. Not a surprise at all. Day 3 is a tough one for new mothers.
    The name is terrible. I don’t find it endearing at all. I understand it is a more common name in England, but it’s a nickname. If they wanted something more nickname like, Jack, Leo, or Theo would have been wonderful choices. But then, it is their choice! Meghan’s dress is lovely but not a good choice for a post pregnancy body. I would have thought an A line or trapeze / shift dress would have worked well. She also looked quite unsteady on those heels…that hall was a long walk for anyone, let alone a woman who has just given birth. I think there’ s a reason the steps at the hospital are used. A few steps out and then right back in.

    • Absolutely agree with what you that a short photo op on the steps of a hospital is way less stressful than a 10 minute interview in St. George’s Hall.

  6. Does anyone else think the name Archie goes really well with Louis? I’m thinking they’ll make a wonderful rag tag duo in their teenage years! 🙂

    • So cute! I also like the thought that they wanted to call him Archie so that’s what they named him… especially since Harry’s legal name is Henry and Meghan’s legal first name is Rachel. Bravo!

    • I can see Archie and Louis causing mischief together from the moment Archie is able to walk. It’s be so fun watching those two grow up together!

  7. What a precious sight. Harry looks over the moon and Meghan looks so blissed out from being a new mom. It will be interesting to see who the baby takes after. I know I joked about Meghan only dressing the baby in neutrals, obviously the baby is only a few days old but I think it’s cute she’s wearing a white dress and matching the baby (whether intentional or not). She looks great and her trench dress is really flattering. I’m glad she chose to highlight a British designer as she seems to get a lot of criticism for not wearing enough British fashion. Also spotlighting a biracial British designer was definitely intentional (Gayle King was also included at the photo call representing CBS, another intentional inclusion).
    I’m so glad they were able to keep things private and do things their way. Having to do the photo call on the stairs of the Lindo Wing just afters after giving birth–not sure how Kate has managed to do that three times (though the photo calls for Charlotte and Louis were much shorter than George’s). And I really like the name Archie, if just because he shares the name with one of the US’s most beloved fictional pop culture figures Archie from Riverdale! Some may not like that but I think it’s great (I may be partial because I grew up not far from where the Archie Comics offices used to be located). Archie Harrison flows well together. Congrats to the new family!

    • Amelie – how cool that you grew up close to where the Archie Comic offices were located! Gayle King was actually in New York City on Wednesday and not in Windsor. There had been some confusion around that. She had gone to Windsor the weekend prior as part of a story she was covering but was already back in NY before the announcement and photo call. I thought she looked amazing – just glowing! – Susan C.

      • Ah okay! Thanks for the clarification. And yes Meghan was just glowing! Hopefully Archie continues to be a peaceful and chill baby.

  8. I have loved this entire baby watch/birth/baby reveal. I was on pins and needles with Archie being overdue, and then Harry coming out with the news was just too wonderful. Meghan actually looks more pregnant now than when she left on maternity leave. I am guessing she really blew up in her final weeks of pregnancy.
    I think she looks great. I love the dress and heels no less. She looked as giddy as Harry did during his birth announcement and it was really nice to see. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is adorable and well worth the wait! Harry’s Family is just adorable and Harry is clearly in the lead. Though Meghan is a strong woman, her vulnerability was very evident in this interview. The way she mentions her that her mom is with her and her gestures. She has Harry’s full support in the strong confident way he held the baby, and filling in when she lapsed in answering questions.
    This presentation ( from Harry making the announcement to this interview ) seem much more intimate and raw. Well done!

  9. Meghan looks great! She and Harry both seem absolutely thrilled and Im so happy for them both. I admit I was expecting something a little more traditional with the name but after learning the meaning I think its perfect for him. Meghan looks very pretty and I just love how she does her makeup, always so natural and pretty. ❤

  10. I was surpised when the name was announced, but I must admit that I quite adore it now. It’s such a fun name for a modern young man to grow into, and I hope that Archie would become just as fun and lively as his name suggests. Meghan looks wonderful, so young and joyful and tender towards her “best guys in the world”. I too find that the entire affair was handled with care and regard for the royal well-wishers. Harry’s appearance on Monday was a delight, and yesterday’s photo call was extremely adorable. Can’t wait for the christening now!

  11. Perhaps I’m dating myself, but the first thing I thought of when I heard Archie was Archie Bunker, the main character in the TV series “All in the Family.” Archie was a bigot, boor and racist, truly unpleasant, although the show was a great success and many people found him — amusing.
    I find it strange that bi-racial, American Meghan wouldn’t make the connection…..and avoid the name.
    Harrison is adorable, though.
    The constant comparisons between Kate’s very public presentation of her babies, and her clothing, and Meghan’s quiet reveal and ill-fitting trench dress is becoming unpleasant. Kate will be queen. Meghan will not. There’s no “correct” way to appear when introducing a baby to the world. If Kate preferred to appear coiffed and wearing dresses designed to minimize her post birth belly, good for her. If Meghan preferred to wear something that showed her still large belly, fine. But I wish she’d chosen a dress that didn’t have that tie above her belly, and that didn’t hang so strangely. It’s perfectly possible to wear a dress that shows what one’s body looks like post birth that’s flattering.
    I don’t like trench dresses to begin with, and this one was particularly unflattering, especially when paired with Harry neatly dressed in suit and tie.
    The baby is adorable.
    From the neck up Meghan looked gorgeous.

    • Lesley, I don’t think Archie Bunker ever was or is popular in the UK – Meghan’s adopted country. More over, that image has faded as most are immediately favoring the iconic American Archie from Riverdale and the comic book series. I was reading in an article that the name is quite popular in the UK. It is among the top 20 names in England over the past several years now as it’s been inspired by a popular and much loved character on the British television show Monarch of the Glen. The name Archie has taken the lead as Brits love nickname names.
      Another interesting fact is that in Scottish, Archie means “true and bold” with additional meanings of “genuine” or “brave”. One last piece of information per a recent article in the London Telegraph, Archie is a popular name among the upper-class social circles that Harry is surrounded by and moves in.
      I have a friend who’s son is named Archer and they called him Archie. I’m sure we will see an even greater surge in popularity with the name Archie now among baby names in 2019 and beyond. – Susan C.

      • My first thought was Monarch of the Glen, which was a very carefully marketed idea of Britishness which travelled well overseas! I could imagine that sort of vibe being in Meghan’s thinking here. Mind you, everyone’s guessing where the name came from, from a wee lad the Sussexes met in NZ to a cat Meghan once owned. Over on Twitter even saw academics digging up ever more obscure Archibalds from history as light-hearted suggestions. But all that matters here is just how this little Archie turns out as himself and no one else.

  12. Meghan always looks so lovely in cream/white.
    This is a beautiful dress, but I don’t particularly like it on Meghan here. She’s a small person and there’s so much going on – lapels, pockets, double row of buttons and a knotted sash – that to me this dress is wearing her.
    Kudos to her for giving some exposure to a talented new designer, though and good for Harry and Meghan for managing this whole media event to their own liking. The level of privacy they achieved was remarkable.
    Doria looks wonderful! Wish we could see more of her outfit. And finally – welcome Master Archie!

    • Indie, I agree with all you say about the dress that Meghan is wearing. So often her clothes swamp her and this dress does that. Although it highlights the designer, this is not especially making Wales Bonner look good. But this is such a happy occasion that we don’t care what the Duchess is wearing…although of course, this blog is What Meghan Wore.

      • Her acting resume listed her height as 5’6″, and she has a slim build. Next to 6’1″ Harry, she does look rather small!

  13. Congratulations to them all. I love the name Archie. It sounds warm, friendly and a bit cheeky. A lot like Prince Harry. It’s very them. I too love the photo of the Susexes, The Queen and Prince Phillip and Doria. It seems very natural and happy.
    I think they’ve been very sensible about the photo call stuff and love Meghan’s trench dress. She looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing them all again.

  14. I love the fact that Harry carried out his little son – a modern father. Congratulations on baby Archie. May he bring you every possible joy in the lifetime ahead!

  15. Meghan and Harry both look so happy, as do their families.

    Meghan’s dress is a very expected choice—similar cut and color to things she’s worn before. While I typically like it when she branches out, I cannot fault her for staying in her comfort zone after having just given birth. She looks radiant and comfortable and that is most important. I also applaud that she, like Kate, has not made an effort to disguise her post-birth figure in an attempt to pretend she has already recovered from childbirth. It continues to make her feel like one of the more relatable royals.

  16. Fabulous outfit choice Meghan! Can’t be easy to dress one’s post-birth bump, and especially in a photocall seen round the world, but she did a spectacular job. Such a lovely, crisp outfit perfect for the moment. And that little bundle in Harry’s arms! How cute is that. I love the shawl and sweet hat, and his happy sleeping through it all. Love how Meghan couldn’t take her eyes and hands off of the baby the whole time. They truly are enamored with their little one and it is so authentic and heartwarming to see. “Archie” is really hard for Americans like me … just not a name we’re used to as the Brits are. But I’ll get used to it. I love that they very clearly named him Mountbatten-Windsor — the Duke of E must have been so thrilled with that! And Harrison is so dear. What a beautiful, sweet, happy moment.

  17. I thought this was such a wonderful look for the Sussex family. No criticism of Will and Kate, they did fine, and I loved seeing announcements of all their little ones. But I thought this was a much nicer, more tasteful way to handle the whole thing, not to mention kinder for the mother and baby. Folks have commented occasionally in the past (not here, particularly, but more in general) that Meghan seemed a bit like she was “mothering” Harry. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I thought that here Harry really seemed like the leader of his new family and of the situation, and in a really good way. Coming out to the short interview on the day of his son’s birth was terrific– he seemed personable and relatable, but also protecting his wife from any media storm and pleased to step up and shared his joy in such a charming way. Same with the photos this morning– carrying the baby, he seemed relaxed and came across as protective and supportive of his wife. Theres no question the beautiful, very royal hall they were photographed in gave you the feeling he was sheltering his wife and baby from the elements and the horde of photographers-, here both were clearly taken care of, inside of ancient, storied family walls– and of course a terrific photographic backdrop as well. The picture with the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Meghan’s mother was icing on the cake. Really great. I, too, hope there is a pic early on with the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. Really lovely news and I thought very well-handled.

  18. As a mother, I know that I would much rather have done things Kate’s way (hospital birth, a quick photocall shortly after the delivery, no interviews, and then go straight home)- rather than wait until a few days in when you’re totally sleep deprived, your milk is coming in, and you just feel horrible in general to get dolled up and try to form coherent sentences! BUT- I love that Meghan did things her way despite all the pressure not to. She seems like a woman who has a strong head on her shoulders and stands firm on her decisions. Also, KUDOS to her for wearing a white dress postpartum! She is braver than I am!!!

    • It’s counterintuitive, but you are right. The way Kate has presented her children is probably easier. I thought the long hall for the photocall was awkward but then I read it was raining on the steps, where they had planned on doing it. Meghan’s fitted dress with the tie was not the most flattering; but I recall Kate wearing the blue polka dotted dress with the fitted top when her oldest was born and causing quite a stir by accentuating her post partum bump. I feel for Meghan…I would have met the press in my robe had it been me!
      They both look happy, especially Harry. His excitement just melted my heart!

  19. It’s great that this couple is adjusting the requirements of the family and the job to suit their own preferences. None of us had to do a photocall for the press with our newborns. We did stop for groceries on the way home from the hospital with our first and popped into my office on the way home with the second one, but I didn’t have to worry about perfecting my outfit, hair and makeup. Since they do have to jump through a lot of hoops it’s nice they are finding ways to take as much control of the process as possible. I do find it ironic that in an attempt to break with the traditions of the recent decades, holding their photo call in such regal surroundings was in the end far more royal than a crush of photographers on the street outside a hospital door.
    Also, I loved the dress itself and look forward to her wearing more from this designer, but as it seemed to be made of a fairly stiff fabric it seemed to stick straight out from her tummy. I realize no dress will create the illusion of a flat tummy, nor should there be any pressure on Meghan to regain her figure on anybody’s timeline. I just mean the dress in such a stiff fabric didn’t do her any favours in that department and it frankly looked a bit uncomfortable. I recall that all my favourites during pregnancy and for several weeks after were all soft knits or silky fabrics. Perhaps she didn’t suffer from the whole protruding bellybutton problem and this dress was perfectly comfortable for her? I hope so.
    She’s lovely in so many ways, intelligent, has a modern perspective on many issues, speaks well in public, and will no doubt do a great deal of good for the causes she supports and the royal family at large.

    Note – Admin Edit

  20. What an exciting day with so many reveals and historic events!

    The photo call and interview with Meghan, Harry and Archie was intimate and private and I actually felt, while watching the video, that I was standing shoulder to shoulder with the photographers in St. George’s Hall. What a lovely way to introduce Archie to the world.

    Lest we forget Meghan’s fresh view and interest in fashion, she appears after weeks in seclusion premiering a new fashion designer, Grace Wales Bonner. I’ve missed you, Meghan!

    Finally, the photograph of the Queen, Prince Philip, Doria, Harry, Meghan and Archie is beautiful, well composed and makes an impact. I’m happy Prince Philip was a part of this day, he looks engaged, happy and is nicely placed standing by Harry. I can only imagine what a support and comfort it is to Meghan having Doria with her at this time. It makes me recall Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, who moved into the White House to assist with the care of her two granddaughters, Malia and Sasha Obama. I know living long term in the UK won’t be possible for Doria but I’m always glad to see her with Meghan and Harry at these major events!

  21. I agree with the above, she looks wonderful . Fashion aside, there’s something in her face in that first photo that I can really relate with, having just been through birth and new motherhood. I can see it in her eyes 😊. Bringing a little one into the world IS such a transformative experience, and I can’t imagine having to share it with the world that soon after, when she’s still trying to soak it all in. I remember feeling terrified to bring my new baby out into the world for he first few weeks! Kudos to her for her bravery and grace through it all, for better or for worse. She’s beautiful.

    • I saw the same thing in her eyes in some of the photos. The best way I can describe it is “shell-shocked”. 🙂

  22. I wish Harry and Meghan and Master Archie all the best. However, to me this photo call seemed more stressful on the parents than it would have been to just walk out on the steps of the Lindo Wing and waving for a few minutes. The setting was overly grandiose, you could not even see the baby’s face, and the questions, while not the parents’ fault, were ridiculous. It is fine to do things one’s own way but if you are being different just for the sake of being different . . . well it may be time to reconsider.
    While Meghan looked lovely in the dress, it did look like she was on her way to a business meeting rather than beginning her maternity leave and bonding with her son.
    I was also disappointed in the name.

    • I do agree. I always admire Kate and William’s choice to be seen on the steps so soon after the birth because whilst it must be so difficult and intrusive for them, they give us all what we want – a lovely shot of the new baby and parents- and in return, we then owe them a period of privacy. Meghan and Harry’s delay builds up the expectation for a much longer time and if anything invites more intrusion plus the interview is pointless (all new parents are giddy and excited, and quite right too!). Its enough to see they are all well and happy then leave them to settle into their new life.

  23. Everything about this is just so, so wonderful. Such a beautiful baby, and I love the name. I was definitely surprised by the complete lack of a title (I wasn’t expecting an HRH, but certainly the subsidiary title), but kudos to Meghan and Harry for giving Archie the chance to make that decision for himself. I particularly love the photo with Doria, HM, and Prince Philip; such a sweet, beautifully-captured moment. Doria seems wonderful, and I’m so happy that she seems to get on well with Harry’s family. Earlier PR missteps aside (namely not making it clearer that the public WOULD be notified and WOULD get photos), I’m so, so impressed with how the past few days have been handled. This has all felt so much more genuine and intimate than the massive wall of press and waiting Range Rover outside of the Lindo Wing, and I loved Harry’s sweet interview while Meghan and Archie rested.

    Meghan’s outfit is great; she looks incredible, and I absolutely love that there’s no pretense that she just didn’t just birth. The color looks absolutely gorgeous against the red and gold backdrop, and Wales Bonner was the perfect choice of designer. I hadn’t her of her before but am excited to explore her work a bit more!

    Selfishly hoping for pictures with Charles and Camilla when they get back to the UK, but I imagine this is the last we’ll see of Meghan before Trooping and of Archie before his christening.

  24. To my eyes all new borns are beautiful and this sweet baby is no exception. Welcome to the world little one! The name Archie Harrison is a surprise, although we all know that Harry and Meghan do not always do the expected, nor traditional. Harrison, of course, means “son of Harry.” Not sure if the first name is actually Archibald, or just Archie. Many, to include myself, would have been thrilled if they had honoured Harry’s mother’s side of the family and called the baby, Spencer. Philip would have been another good choice to honour the baby’s great grandfather. But every parent has the right to use a name that speaks to them. So Archie it is!

    I am impressed with how Harry and Meghan have handled everything. Tuesday’s announcement and short interview with Harry showed his obvious joy. Wednesday at St. George’s Hall, we learned more than the brief moments on the hospital steps with William and Kate and their new babies. I was surprised that Meghan seems vulnerable. She is usually so talkative and confident, yet today she appeared shy and a tad nervous. Surely she is still very tired and somewhat overwhelmed as she takes on this new life changer.

    Harry’s world now seems so complete, after his somewhat turbulent years of youth. Everyone should rejoice that he is so happy. May the media treat this lovely family with kindness going forward.

  25. I just love all of it. I love the intentionality with which TRH are approaching their choices for their family. They’re not doing anything merely because it’s the way it’s always been done. But rather, they are examining every choice with an eye towards what makes sense in a world that looks radically different from that into which HM, the POW, and even Harry were born. It’s refreshing and fascinating to see how they are helping to mold the royal fam for the 21st century.

    Also, I love the name. My cousin names his son Archie 2 years ago. At first my reaction was similar to what a lot of people are saying now – lukewarm at best. But over he last two years it’s really grown on me and I think it’s perfect for Baby Sussex.

  26. I love the name! And I love that they named him the diminutive “Archie,” rather than Archibald. Very modern, in keeping with the style of this terrific couple.

    Remember the story a few months ago about Prince George, when someone asked him what he was called, and he said “Archie!”? I wonder who inspired whom …

  27. What a precious welcome. Loved seeing this brand new family of three!
    The photo with Megan’s mom and the Queen it such a touchingly beautiful moment. All those beaming faces looking at the wee baby…it was really heartwarming to share that with us.

    Meghan looked ethereal – radiant and ‘new mom tired’ – what a relatable feeling for every first-time mom. I loved her choice of dress and enjoyed reading about the talented young designer.

    Congrats and best wishes to the Sussex Family!

  28. I’m still digesting the name (as one who isn’t fond of nicknames being used in lieu of their full name versions, mainly–Harrison is great), but perhaps I’ll get used to it. You know, during all the time I’ll spend with the family. 🙂 This must have been a much easier photo call than dealing with the hordes outside Lindo Wing–good job Meg on doing what she needed to do. For all of Kate’s post-birth appearances, she’s looked to me almost ready to burst into tears. Happy tears, certainly, but definitely a sense that it was all a bit overwhelming on top of what she’d just gone through.
    And though I’m also not fond of all the trench dresses, this one was the loveliest and Wales Bonner is a great discovery. Her designs look right up Meghan’s alley and I look forward to seeing more!


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