More of Meghan’s Behind-the-Scenes Work Revealed – UPDATED

We are back with news about newly-announced projects Meghan has worked over the past several months.

The first is a joint endeavor of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a crisis texting service called Shout. 

More from The Guardian’s coverage:

Shout will allow people to open up a text chat with a volunteer working remotely, most likely at home, who has been trained to listen, reassure and guide people.

All the text conversations are anonymous, unless the client wants to give their name, and are reviewed in real time by a panel of qualified psychotherapists who can take control if they feel there is a problem in the direction of the discussion.

Below, the Duke and Duchess at an event in November with Shout volunteers. 

There are already 1000+ volunteers, but the royals hope to get another 3000 involved. Victoria Murphy has details on their training in her Town and Country story:

Volunteers complete 25 hours of online training and need to commit two to four hours per week. They are supported by clinical supervisors along with an algorithm to help detect if a person is at a greater degree of risk. Volunteer Jo Irwin described the experience as “life-changing,” saying,“I’ve had support that I’ve never imagined and I get to help people up and down the U.K. that really need an ear.”

The service is modeled after Crisis Text Line in the US. A pilot project has been up and running for almost a year; we learn more from the BBC’s coverage:

Research by Shout suggests 85% of the texts received during the pilot were sent by people aged 25 or younger.

“That is 60,000 moments when people who were feeling scared, frightened and alone were able to use their phone to connect with someone who could support them,” Prince William said at a launch event at Kensington Palace.

A graphic from the Shout website.

You can see the entire launch video in the window below.


Also today, word via reporter Omid Scobie that Meghan taped a video to be shown at last night’s annual Camfed (Campaign for Female Education) gala. Below, Omid’s tweet.

You may recall Camfed Executive Director Angeline Murimirwa, second from right, was on the International Women’s Day panel that Meghan was part of in March. Camfed works to empower girls in Africa through education and leadership opportunities.

In the video message the Duchess says, “As I said on International Women’s Day, a girl who is educated becomes a woman who is influential.”

In this video from last night you see two other panel members, Annie Lennox and Julia Gillard.

I don’t think the Camfed and Shout videos are the only things we’ll see from the Duchess in terms of work she did in the run-up to her maternity leave.


Now for our look at What Meghan Wore, starting with what looks like a navy coat worn to the November event.

UPDATE 5/13: Meghan’s coat is by Stella McCartney from the designer’s A/W 2018 Collection. The coat is no longer available.

A tip of the tiara to Caroline Parr for sharing her confirmation of the coat designer with us.

You can see the oversized lapels on the garment; there is also what appears to be intricate embroidery as well as beading or sequins.

It turns out Meghan isn’t the only one fond of the design. Below, Reese Witherspoon wearing what looks like the same piece in March 2018. The actress was in New York to tape The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The coat looks like it is wool or a wool blend, with button detailing at the cuff and a self-belt.

Our thanks to Innominate on Twitter for discovering the pictures of Ms. Witherspoon wearing the coat!

Meghan also wore her Pippa Small, 18kt Gold Kyanite Stud Earrings, $590.00.

Upon sifting through several images of Meghan from the event, it appears she may be wearing her Birks ‘Bee Chic’ earrings, ($270 CAD, about $205). From what we can see, they appear to be the white quartz pair which are no longer available.

This pair below from Amazon – the Halo Stud Earrings 18K White Gold Plated, $9.99 are a great #MatchMegStyle —

Below, the Duchess watches the Duke deliver remarks. 

UPDATE 5/11:  Above, you can see Meghan sitting on the stage just to the left of Harry. She may be wearing the faux leather leggings from her collaboration collection with Reitman’s.

The Faux Leather Legging by Meghan Markle, Reitmans, $9.99 (no longer available).

These leggings have more of a true leather look with less shine to them verses the Hatch Collection pair suggested below.

She has also worn these leggings previously on 17 March 2016 for the AOL BUILD Event held in NYC.

Meghan’s Mirror suggested she is wearing the Night Out Faux-Leather Leggings ($158) by Hatch Collection, a brand Meghan has worn before. We show the leggings at Hatch, but they are also available at Shopbop.


We’ll leave you with some Friday Fun, a darling Disney animation honoring the arrival of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

It is just 25-seconds in length, but very sweet.


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  1. I’m really struggling to keep up with royal posts these days, and I very much miss being here. I’m also finding it hard to comment on this coat as the pictures are not so good. The embroidery close-up looks beautiful, but the coat as a whole looks kind of bulky and awkward on Meghan, and Reese and even in the studio illustration. I think it’s fun to decorate a winter coat in this way and so will just have to hope we see it again sometime in a better light. I think wearing leather leggings with it is very cool though!

  2. Given that Meghan was sporting a significant “bump” by November, I’m surprised at the suggestion that these leggings would be the Reitmans pair. Those certainly don’t look conducive to a second trimester silhouette. Unfortunately, she is swamped by this coat – I just don’t understand why a petite person like Meghan repeatedly goes for large lapels, long hemlines, floor-scraping trousers, etc. that swallow her up. But her body, her choice.

  3. What a great project for them both to be involved in. I knew crisis phone lines were a thing but I had never heard of a crisis text line. I do wonder sometimes if the impact of technology on our daily lives correlates with mental health issues. I can’t imagine being young and going to school with a smartphone with social media everywhere. I became a Facebook user my senior year of high school so I used it throughout my college years. I’m just thinking out loud since it was mentioned the users seemed to be mostly 25 and under (which maybe makes sense as they are the generation that tends to text more so a crisis text line probably seems less intimidating than calling into a crisis phone line.
    As for the coat I can’t really tell if I like it or not from these pictures. It looks warm though and a bit oversized. Also I can barely tell Meghan is wearing leggings in these pictures, I’m just wondering how comfortable they were at whatever stage she was in her pregnancy? Maybe they had some stretch?

  4. She looks so so pretty and happy! I LOVE the coat and leggings together. I wish I could pull off leather/faux leather leggings. 🙂
    The Shout project sounds like a great tool and if I were a resident of the UK, I’d definitely volunteer. A lot of people will benefit I’m sure.

    • I own faux suede leggings from J. Crew and they are amazing! I think if you find the right pair or similar in a faux suede, they look fantastic on anyone with the right top/blouse. – SC

    • JoAnna – We’ve confirmed the coat is by Stella McCartney – A/W 2018 Collection and updated the post. One thing to keep in mind, when Reese wears an item from her Draper James line, a photo is posted on Instagram or other social media sites with the item tagged in the photo as being from Draper James. It’s rare to see her wear something from her own line not tagged or noted as such. Thanks, Susan C.

  5. The coat is a bespoke piece from Reese’s clothing line Draper James. She wore it to her London premiere of Wrinkle in Time.

  6. All along they have been working together on this very worthy endeavor. They will need to find a way to screen the crank callers, but it is probably inevitable some will get through. I spent a little time trying to find the source for that gorgeous coat. There is a site which lists everything Reece wears, but I didn’t find the coat. It looks like wool or a combination to me, also. And, there is that precious animation for Archie.

  7. The Pooh cartoon is so sweet!! 😍 Did I imagine it or was something similar done when George was born or maybe there was a Pooh/Queen Elizabeth drawing a while back?
    Its nice that the two couples continue to work together as Im sure they will for a long time. I bet Meghan kept herself busy these past couple months while waiting for Archie, hopefully shes resting (as much as one can with a newborn) and enjoying this new season of life.

    • I googled and I didnt imagine it haha.. There was a Pooh book released to celebrate the bear and the Queens 90th birthdays. Winnie the Pooh meets the Queen. The drawings are very cute!

  8. Meghan and Reese’s mystery coat looks a little artsy, boho chic and definitely expensive! Styled with black leather leggings, heels, simple black top and pulled back hair, Meghan’s coat pops against the red chair on stage.

    O, bother I was going to animate my own message to Archie but DISNEY beat me to it.

  9. Nice to know that the Cambridges and the Sussexes have worked on this project together. It sounds extremely worthwhile, although I do have some reservations about volunteers being used to counsel people with mental health issues. My background is in both teaching and social work and to me, 25 hours of online training doesn’t seem enough. Then again, if someone in need sounds desperate, or about to do something desperate, perhaps the clinical professionals then take over. At least initially a burden is being shared with a sympathetic person eager to help.

    Regarding Meghan’s coat, since the embroidery has beads and sequins it is a tad too fancy for an occasion such as this. Also, I am not a fan of either leggings or faux leather, so those are a miss for me.


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