Comment Policy

What Meghan Wore has two primary focuses: the first is covering the Duchess’s fashion, and the second is shining a light on Meghan’s charitable work. We hope to see readers sharing their knowledge about Meghan’s clothing, accessories, and style. Respectful discourse on Meghan’s style is encouraged, and we welcome healthy debate.

Trial and error over the years has taught us that conversations about specific topics almost always deteriorate into arguments with political overtones. WMW is not the forum for discussions on the overall cost of Meghan’s wardrobe, her politics, or her workload. Additional subjects to avoid:

Meghan’s weight, as well as anything that engages in or promotes image shaming.
Speculation about whether or not the Duchess is expecting; if she is or isn’t breastfeeding; conjecture about conditions/illnesses (“I’m sure she has scoliosis”); plastic surgery.
Personal issues: her relationship with her family, other royals or staff, as well as discussion about how Meghan and Harry are raising Archie.

There are constructive ways to approach sensitive topics. Saying, “Meghan looked horrible” is different from saying, “I don’t care for that style on her,” or “I don’t think that is a flattering look.” Likewise, “That doesn’t look like a $300 dress to me” is different from commenting that, “I can’t believe she bought another dress!”

Critiquing fashioning should be done respectfully; this also applies when agreeing to disagree with others. Doing so in a civil way ensures a healthy discussion. That doesn’t mean we are here to rubber-stamp Meghan’s style choices. Far from it. We are here to share what we learn about Meghan’s fashion and to hear other viewpoints on her style. Saying, “I can’t believe you think that dress fits properly!” is different from saying, “I guess we disagree on the fit.”

Other notes:

Disrespectful, sarcastic, argumentative or otherwise inappropriate statements, be they about Meghan or other commenters, will not be published.

Please don’t make the same comment again and again. Saying, “Her skirts are too short” over and over does not enhance the dialogue. (We’re not talking about the occasional comment, but those made repeatedly, post after post.)

In some cases, we will have time to edit a comment and delete the inappropriate text; edited comments will have a notation saying ‘admin edit.’ If we feel there is so much to remove that it will negate the commenter’s point, we won’t do any editing.

It is helpful to remember the tone of a comment can be as important as the content. This is the written word, and we can’t hear each other’s vocal inflections or see the expression on a commenter’s face. The “when in doubt leave it out adage” can be helpful if wondering whether or not a comment is appropriate.

We will work hard to ensure a pleasant, respectful environment is maintained here at What Meghan Wore.