Comment Policy

We hope What Meghan Wore will grow into a community of readers contributing thoughts and insight on Meghan’s fashion much like the community developed at What Kate Wore.

The site’s primary purpose is style-related; a secondary aim is to focus on the charitable endeavors Meghan chooses to support. We hope to see readers sharing their knowledge about Meghan’s clothing and accessories. Respectful discourse on Meghan’s style is encouraged and healthy debate is welcomed. A discussion about the hemline on a skirt or a style of boots worn by Meghan isn’t just enjoyable, it can be educational.

This is not the place to compare Meghan and other members of the royal family in a pejorative fashion. Statements like “Meghan clearly put Kate to shame at this engagement” or “________ needs to take a lesson from _______” doesn’t enhance the dialogue, or add to our knowledge of Meghan’s style. There are going to be occasions when Meghan and Kate are at the same event or engagement, and for many, it will be natural to compare the ensembles worn by both women. Meghan and Kate are family and on the “same team” working for common goals. As long as we remain respectful of them and their roles comments in this vein are fine. Despite headlines decreeing a “fashion face-off” or other non-existent competition, there isn’t a “winner” and “loser” at joint engagements or within the royal family; there are merely multiple personalities and their style preferences.

Trial and error over the years at What Kate Wore taught us that conversations about specific topics almost always deteriorate into arguments with political overtones. WMW is not the forum for conversation on the cost of Meghan’s wardrobe, Meghan’s politics, her background, her workload, or whether or not she is expecting. There are ways to approach sensitive topics; saying, “That doesn’t look like a $300 coat to me” is a far step from “I can’t believe she bought another new evening gown.” Likewise, saying “she looks just awful” is different from “I don’t care for the dress, it is really kind of awful.” In some cases, we’ll have time to edit a comment and delete the inappropriate text; you’ll know we have done so because the comment will have a notation saying ‘admin edit.’

There will be many times when we agree to disagree. Doing so gracefully and with respect for other members of the community engenders discussion we all appreciate. Maintaining a respectful tone when sharing opinions is important. Comments referring to Meghan or others in derogatory terms will be deleted. That doesn’t mean we are here to rubber-stamp Meghan’s style choices. It’s recognizing the distinction between saying “That dress doesn’t seem to hang properly” or “I don’t think it’s a great look” and saying “She looks ridiculous!” If a comment is disrespectful, sarcastic, argumentative or otherwise inappropriate it will not be published.

Other notes: please refrain from speculation on pregnancy, as well as conjecture about conditions/illnesses, such as “I’m sure she has scoliosis.” Theorizing about plastic surgery is off limits as is discussion of personal topics like Meghan’s posture, her relationship with other royals, social practices, etc.. Repetitive comments made day after day and post after post that don’t contribute anything fresh or move a dialogue further along will not be published. (Such as posting “Her skirts are too short” repetitively.)

It is helpful to remember the tone of a comment can be as important as the content; this is the written word and we can’t hear each other’s vocal inflections or see the expression on a commenter’s face when a statement is being made. The “when in doubt leave it out adage” can be a helpful guide if wondering whether or not a comment is appropriate. We have worked hard at What Kate Wore to create a community, and will work equally hard here at WMW to ensure a pleasant, civil environment is maintained as we grow the site.