Welcome to What Meghan Wore, we are so pleased you have come for a visit.

What Meghan Wore was established in early November 2016 via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Our philosophy for this site is to approach the endeavor with respect for Meghan and her role both independently and as part of the Royal Family; to keep the focus on Meghan, following her style and fashion while avoiding tasteless topics and gossip designed only to draw an audience; and to use properly licensed photos in the blog.

WHY WHAT MEGHAN WORE? Meghan Markle has been considered a trendsetter as well as a humanitarian for many years, and she brings a fresh new perspective to the Royal Family and a finely honed fashion sense. Not only will her style choices be closely followed by fashion fans, her new role will allow us to shine a light on the charitable causes and endeavors she undertakes.

LINKS: We do the best we can to provide links that take you to retailers where you can purchase those items Meghan has worn that are available to the public. In some instances those links to external sites may generate revenue; that money is used to pay photo licensing fees so we can continue to provide you with professional images here on the blog, as well as recurring monthly costs for site hosting, site security, and bandwidth overage fees. At times we may run sponsored content within a post; this will always be very clearly labeled as such so you know there has been financial compensation for that part of the post. The same goes for any items a retailer may provide in exchange for coverage of those items, such as a product review. We will always let you know if there has been any consideration or transaction related to editorial content.

GUEST POSTS: We do not publish general guest posts or link insertions on the site. In very rare instances (a few times a year at most) we will run a partially sponsored post related to a brand the Duchess has worn or product she has used. With apologies in advance, if you email about guest posting and the topic doesn’t meet the criteria we will not be able to respond to your email.
If you would like to discuss sponsored posts that focus on Meghan Markle/Duchess of Sussex Fashion Style, please indicate that in your correspondence with a sample post and we will consider it and/or provide you are digital marketing package options.

That is the short version of our belief in the topic, please email with any other questions, concerns, or insights, we welcome any and all! Susan C.


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