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BaubleBar ‘Peacemaker’ Ring 

I have always loved trying various styles and trends. However, I find the most fun to be with accessories.  It’s no news that accessories play the starring role in transforming any outfit. Taking that simple outfit and turning it up a notch simply by swapping out a small pair of earrings to a fun sequin tassel earring. Who doesn’t love a great statement collar necklace with the glass crystal pieces to wear with a cocktail dress and yet can be worn with that simple tee shirt or sweater to completely change the look – so versatile!

I was surprised and delighted when BaubleBar reached out to me about the Peacemaker ring that Meghan wore back in 2015 and offered to send me a complimentary ring for a review. In the past year, I have purchased a few items from BaubleBar and have been happy with each item. The Peacemaker ring was something I had been looking at recently.

I received the ring earlier this week and was really excited upon opening the box. BaubleBar does an excellent presentation job when shipping anything – tissue paper, cute writing on the inside lid, things that make you smile.

The ring is just so pretty in person! The photos online do not do this ring any justice! Even the photos of Meghan wearing it (sorry Megs, I love you dear, and all your-foggy-smartphone-Insta-trendy-super-cute-photos but some things need to be really SEEN!)

You can wear the ring on either your first and middle finger or middle and ring fingers together as it’s a two finger wrap-ring. The longer leaf part extends about two inches onto the back of the hand. It is more of a ring you would wear for a party, wedding or a night out. It is different and stunning on. Even as I type this and look at the ring, I love the way it looks. I am looking forward to wearing this to the next party I go to or a night out and having it be a conversation piece – as I’m sure it will spark some compliments.

NOTE: A complimentary ring was supplied by BaubleBar. Review written by Susan Courter.