The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Have a Baby Boy!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of their baby boy!

Above, an overjoyed Prince Harry as he was about to give a statement to the media.

Below, the highlights.

Before we get to Harry’s statement and other updates, we’ll do a quick overview of the way events unfolded earlier today.

The word a baby was on the way broke shortly after 8:30 this morning on the east coast. Below, an image the news release that was issued; it said “…the Duchess went into labour.” The past tense led many to think that perhaps the baby had already been born. 

It turns out that was the case. It wasn’t long after that initial release that we saw a post on the Sussex Royal Instagram account sharing the happy news.

(An FYI, the 5:26am time in the news release is slightly off; the announcement was made well before 10:26am on the East Coast. There may have been a little confusion in the excitement.) UPDATE: My apologies, those times are clearly off. 5:26 am in Windsor is 12:26 am in the US, not 10:26 am, as I wrote! -sek

Below, the scene on the Long Walk in Windsor.

Another statement was released with additional information.

The release also said that, “The Duchess’s mother, Doria Ragland, who is overjoyed by the arrival of her first grandchild, is with Their Royal Highnesses at Frogmore Cottage.” Below, Meghan and her mother on her wedding day almost a year ago. 

We know Meghan and her mother are very close. While it has not been confirmed, the wording of the statement lends credence to the belief the baby was delivered at the couple’s home in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage.

More from that news release:

“The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Jane Fellowes, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Earl Spencer have been informed and are delighted with the news.

The Duke delivered a statement not too long after the official news was released.

More from ITV’s coverage:

Away from the cameras his relaxed, easy going demeanour revealed the duke was still on a high after witnessing the miracle of childbirth, but confessed “I’ve had about two hours’ sleep”.

The duke even apologised about the short notice for the press conference and joked with a cameraman who said sorry for not wearing a tie, telling him “you’re a cameraman, you can get away with it”.

Here is a video with the full statement.

For anyone curious about the location, he was standing in the Royal Mews, the stables at Windsor.

It wasn’t long before we saw congratulatory messages and good wishes being shared on social media, including many posted by charities that Meghan and Harry support. Below left, a tweet from one of Meghan’s patronages, The Mayhew; on the right, an Instagram post from the Invictus Games Foundation.

This Tweet is from Archbishop Justin Welby, who married Meghan and Harry almost a year ago. 

More posts from Twitter, including one from Prime Minister Theresa May; another from former first lady and author, Michelle Obama; as well as a post by Bishop Michael Curry, who is head of the Episcopal Church in America and delivered the sermon at Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

One more, this is from the USO.

There was the traditional posting of the birth announcement at Buckingham Palace.

A video.

Back in Windsor we also had the appearance of the completely unofficial ‘town crier,’ proclaiming the news as seen in this Tweet from Emily Mee of Sky News.

In terms of titles we don’t believe the baby will be a Prince or an HRH (His Royal Highness). More from Hello!:

For now, the royal baby is not expected to be a Prince, nor an HRH, because George V limited titles within the royal family in 1917. He will be granted the title when Charles becomes king, as the child of a son of a sovereign, but he may decide not to officially use it.

And from The Scotsman:

And so the boy is expected to be known as the Earl of Dumbarton – because a first son of a duke is allowed to use one of his father’s other lesser titles as a courtesy title.

Harry was made Earl of Dumbarton by the Queen on the morning of his wedding, as well as being given a dukedom.

In its coverage The Telegraph posted the latest odds.

Below, a look at the British Telecom Tower.
Embed from Getty Images

EVENING UPDATES:  It looks like Harry *will* go to The Hague on Thursday for the launch of the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 one-year countdown. Below, a tweet today from the Invictus Games The Hague offering congratulations.

It didn’t take long for the BBC to post royal baby items for sale.

Thank you my friend Micki for the heads-up on this.

Also tonight, the London Eye was lit in both pink and blue to celebrate the arrival of Baby Sussex!

There are reports HM will visit the Duke and Duchess at Frogmore Cottage to meet her newest great-grandchild. We’ll keep you posted on that and any other news via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and right here on the site.

We’ll leave you with some of the front pages for tomorrow.

And two more, with thanks to Neil Henderson for his Tweets sharing the front pages.

Our last two front pages.

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  1. Awww, so happy for them both! I’m sure any “mistakes” with the announcement/any little mixups are just because they are trying to protect their privacy, control access to their baby and and avoid media hysteria, and do it on their terms (and they are first time parents, so it is all new to them). I bet they are just overjoyed (and relieved) to finally hold their beautiful baby boy.

  2. Such happy news! I’m so saddened to see the press coverage elsewhere – it makes it clear she never can win. Complaints that her press release didn’t include the doctors or the extended royals, that the photo location was showy, that a US broadcaster was in the photo call, that she never intended to have a home birth (it was just her being trendy)….on and on. None of these things should even matter, even if they are royal protocol! I’m happy to come here and share in the joy!

  3. Congratulations to the Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess on the birth of their firstborn…a son! A good name would be Spencer Henry Charles Phillip…for Diana, Harry, Prince Charles, and Prince Phillip.

  4. Been thinking a lot about baby names (as a friend pointed, out, it’s a bit like my Kentucky Derby!), and really wonder abut a middle name that is Maori or Sesotho. This couple is so international and has ties to both of those cultures and they do represent the Commonwealth . . . Also, Diana’s brother’s name is Charles so I really think that’s going to be in the mix. And for some reason Leo popped into my head as a first name . . .

  5. Ladbrokes online betting has quite a list of names although I’m not sure if Meghan and Harry’s choice is on that list. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if they go off the grid and choose something less traditional and unexpected…maybe a lesser known family name or a name/place of personal significance.

    Some have noted the name “Spencer” might be in the running. With the news release mentioning Lady Jane, Lady Sarah and Earl Spencer there’s validity to that notion. If not Spencer for a name, one of them or two might be sharing in the godparents roles? Anyway it was nice to see them mentioned and gives insight into Harry’s close relationship to his mother’s family.

    From the US, Happy Mother’s Day, Meghan! Cheers to you this Sunday, May 12!

  6. Harry just can’t help himself when he’s excited about something, and I love him for it. While the list of predicted names is long and distinguished, it doesn’t take into account that Meghan may have some male family members she wants to honor. They are a modern couple and have joined forces in many ways already, and I don’t expect the naming of their children to be any different. I think we will see the baby name as a mix of both their heritages.

  7. I wish the Duc and the Duchess as well as their new baby all the very best. It was indeed heart-warming to see Harry so happy and relaxed with the announcment. It was incredibly charming of him to make such a prompt appearance and share some of his joy.

  8. I’m just thrilled for Harry and Meghan, as well as their families! I just can’t get over how happy Harry is!! He is over the moon and then some 🙂 I think I’ve watched his announcement today about a dozen times as it just warms my heart and brings a bit tears to my eyes 🙂 Obviously, by saying that I’ve also copped to the fact that I got very little done at work today 🙂 In fact, I’m taking Wednesday off just so I can sit home and coo over baby photos 🙂

    • I love it, Vicki. I’ve always thought that Harry should name his first-born son Spencer. That would be such a nice tribute to his mother.

      • I too like the name Spencer and of course, it would honour Harry’s mother’s side of the family. I do wonder, however, if Spencer would make it difficult for Prince Charles. Philip would also be a fine honour to Harry’s grandfather. But perhaps Meghan has an idea to honour her side of the family. Royal babies always seem to have a string of several names, but really it is only the first name that matters. Cousin Zara, with a non traditional name, also went totally non traditional naming her daughters Mia and Lena. So Harry and Meghan might go with something very unlike a standard royal name also.

  9. Harry is all sweet gushy emotion and clearly going on endorphins and adrenaline as he doesn’t look tired at all! And so smartly dressed, too. It was a lovely and personal way to announce the birth, and I can’t wait for Wed when we see the whole family together! It will be just as special as the Lindo Wing appearances. I, too, was sure this baby was a girl and was truly shocked to find out otherwise! I am also surprised that Charles is not in the running for names . . . I do think that both Charles and Philip will be in the mix and have thought a lot about Spencer. Wouldn’t Spencer Sussex be a cool name? 🙂

  10. Harry looks incandescent with happiness. I’m glad they got the privacy they wanted and that all went well. Now off to ponder possible boys names – I’d been so sure they would have a girl!

  11. Where is the confusion? When the report that said Meghan had gone into labor in the early morning hours, it was 8:30 a.m. EDT – therefore, 1:30 p.m. in England. If the baby was born at approximately 5:30 a.m. in England, then he had been born eight full hours before the “labor” post. The important fact is that the baby is here and healthy — the rest is nonsense. I don’t see where this couple, whose child (while, of course, adored by his parents and bazillions of others) is of relative insignificance in terms of royal succession, owes it to anyone to reveal anything.

  12. Ah so exciting and congrats to them both! Can’t wait to see the new baby and know what the name is. I was completely wrong, I was 100% expecting the baby to be a girl! It will be fun to watch the baby grow up and see who he takes after. (I think most newborns just look like newborns and don’t really look like much until a few months in).
    Reminds me of the excitement after Prince George was born. I’ve been dealing with lots of personal stuff lately so this was a nice thing to wake up to. I love how they were able to keep details private and it does look like all the early rumors of Meghan having a home birth might be true. Not exactly groundbreaking as the Queen had home births with all four of her children I believe? But it is less common nowadays.Thanks for all the dedicated coverage as usual!


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