The Royal Christening of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex christened their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor today, Saturday 6 July.

In the photograph above you see the Duke, Duchess and Archie at Windsor Castle with the Rose Garden in the background.  The official announcement about today’s ceremony was made by Buckingham Palace this afternoon followed by the release of two photos commemorating the event.

Below a photo from 1995 of the Queen’s private chapel after it was restored following the great fire in 1992.

Today’s formal photo was taken in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle.

In the photo with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Archie you see, from left to right, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Prince of Wales, Ms. Doria Ragland (Meghan’s mother), Princess Diana’s sisters; Lady Jane Fellowes and Lady Sarah McCorquodale, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Green Drawing room is the same room where Prince Harry’s christening photos were taken 35 years ago, as well as Harry and Meghan’s formal wedding photos.

©Alexi Lubomirski

From a Buckingham Palace statement: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are so happy to share the joy of this day with members of the public who have been incredibly supportive since the birth of their son. They thank you for your kindness in welcoming their first born and celebrating this special moment.”

The photos and information about the christening were released on the popular Sussex Royal Instagram page.


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This morning, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was christened in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle at an intimate service officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are so happy to share the joy of this day with members of the public who have been incredibly supportive since the birth of their son. They thank you for your kindness in welcoming their first born and celebrating this special moment. Their Royal Highnesses feel fortunate to have enjoyed this day with family and the godparents of Archie. Their son, Archie, was baptised wearing the handmade replica of the royal christening gown which has been worn by royal infants for the last 11 years. The original Royal Christening Robe, made of fine Honiton lace lined with white satin, was commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1841 and first worn by her eldest daughter. It was subsequently worn for generations of Royal christenings, including The Queen, her children and her grandchildren until 2004, when The Queen commissioned this handmade replica, in order for the fragile historic outfit to be preserved, and for the tradition to continue. Photo credit: Chris Allerton ©️SussexRoyal

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The ceremonies were conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who appears to have struck up a close relationship with Meghan since he baptized and confirmed her into the Anglican faith two months before the Duke and Duchess’ wedding. The Most Reverend Welby also presided at the couple’s wedding in May 2018.

Sticking to Windsor tradition, Archie is clad in a replica of the Honiton lace christening gown commissioned by Queen Victoria for the baptism of her first child, Princess Victoria, in 1841.

Below, Princess Diana holding three-month-old Prince Harry wearing the original Honiton gown for his christening, 21 December 1984.

Embed from Getty Images

The original gown, which has been worn by 62 royal babies, including Harry and his brother William, was deemed by the Queen to have become too fragile so a replica was made. The replica has been worn for royal christenings since 2008.

As mentioned in our previous post, the Royal’s traditional Lily Font was used for today’s event. The piece has been used for Royal christenings since 1841.

The photographer for today’s joyous occasion was Chris Allerton, who took photos at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, including the photo used for the couple’s Christmas Card. Additional candid wedding photos by Mr. Allerton were released this past May to commemorate the couple’s one year wedding anniversary.

It seems the couple has developed a good relationship with Mr. Allerton. The photographer also took the historic photograph of the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Doria Ragland, and Harry and Meghan with Archie back in May.

From Town and Country, Mr. Allerton had this to say about taking the photos for the special day:

“I am honoured to take the official photographs at the christening of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and to once again, be part of such a special and joyous occasion for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex,” he said in a statement.

In keeping with The Duke and Duchess’ wishes, the godparents will remain private.

Also at the christening, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, Harry and William’s former nanny who was seen arriving at Windsor Castle. Meghan’s university friends, Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hillis, who accompanied the Duchess to Wimbledon Thursday, were also reported to have been in attendance.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a bespoke dress by Dior. 

The creamy white frock featured a round neckline and three-quarter sleeves. We still have not identified who designed her hat.

The Duchess brought back the Cartier Diamond Galanterie earrings first worn at her May 2018 wedding.

We are still looking for information on what Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, wore for today’s ceremony. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dress by Stella McCartney and hatband by Juliette Botterill. You can read more about her ensemble over on our sister-site What Kate Wore.


  • Read Town and Country’s article is here.
  • View more work of photographer Chris Allerton on his Instagram here and website here.
  • The Mirror has a short article on the photographer here.

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    • Hi Sara, Thanks! We read the article and will be updating the post and providing some similar pieces in the color hues that match Doria’s outfit. 🙂 – Susan C.

  1. Archie looks lovely, and is an adorable mix of Meghan and Harry. Meghan looks radiant, beautiful and joyous with her gorgeous little guy. Congrats to their sweet little family!

  2. Thank you so much. These pictures are lovely. While I’d always wish to see more of the day, I completely respect that they wish to keep some privacy for their family. It just makes sense to me. I wish them all the best.

  3. I really like meghan’s hat it really suits her and i love kate’s shoes but not blown away with the rest of her outfit.I can’t get a good look at meghan’s dress to comment but i was pleasantly surprised that she wore white!

  4. I’ve seen in some of the comments, those asking why Doria, Meghan’s mother, is standing in the back next to Charles. I would like to note, for example, that Carole Middleton is standing in the back of all three of the Cambridge children christening photos. With regards to other comments about the spacing and how Harry and Meghan are positioned on the couch — We don’t know what the circumstances were in the room, in that moment or perhaps what the photographer, Mr. Allerton, himself may have been dealing with. An eight week old baby could very well have been fussy at any given moment. Bouncing him around on a couch to re-position for a photo could be “the last straw” or perhaps they had a small window of opportunity to snap photos before Archie let out a hungry cry or simply just fall asleep. No one knows – we don’t know.
    Obviously this is one of many photos taken on this joyous occasion. There may be, for example, another photo showing Camilla, Charles and Doria standing behind Harry, Meghan and Archie. Another with Doria, Harry, Meghan and Archie. The list goes on. We could see another photo in the days or months to come that the couple wishes to share with the public where we see more of this.
    Personally, I think what matters most is, that this was a very wonderful and joyous day for the couple and their families in celebration of their first born child. – Susan C.

    • I wonder if Doria was originally slated to sit in Kate’s chair; which would have put Kate next to William; and Diana’s sisters next to Charles – which might not have been their preference.

  5. There needs to be a What Doria Wore! I am just blown away with her stunning cost dress and hat! Next to sweet little Archie, his granny Doria stole the show! Meghan looks gorgeous and I have a feeling her custom Dior dress is probably mid calf length, which I feel is a very flattering look for her! Love her sleek bun and beautiful creamy/frilly hat! Sweet that she her her gorgeous Cartier earrings from her wedding! My favorite thing about this picture has to be the inclusion of Lady Jane Fellowes (although I don’t understand her Panama hat, but she gets a pass because she’s Diana’s sister and because I think she might be wearing a pair a Diana’s sapphire earrings) and Lady Sarah McCorquodale! I was so shocked a thrilled that Prince Harry had BOTH sisters attend! Diana would’ve been as high as a kite at the christening of her fourth grandchild! I’m glad she was remembered in such as sweet way! As for Master Archie, he looks exactly like his beautiful mummy! I’d love it if he looked like Harry because Harry looks like the Spencer side, but he is a carbon copy of Meghan! What a gorgeous baby he is and what an absolute knockout he will be as a young man! So happy for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and thank them for sharing such beautiful photos with us!

    • Hi Susan, We do have a section on the site dedicated to What Doria Wore! 🙂 It’s located in the drop down menu under What They Wore along with What Harry Wore. I have been looking into Doria’s outfit from the christening and I’m thinking it may be bespoke Oscar de la Renta as I have found some dresses in current season in similar fabrics and colorway. I hope to run a post update later tonight or tomorrow with the information along with a few other updates. Thanks! Susan C.

    • I’m wondering if most likely Diana’s sisters were at George, Louis, and Charlotte’s christenings as well just not in the photos. Since Kate has so much family, there had to be room for Carole and Michael Middleton in the photo as well as Pippa and James, and of course the Queen and the Duke — at least in George and Charlotte’s. Given how small Meghan’s family is, and the fact that the Queen and Duke weren’t there, there was room for more extended family in the photo. And it would have looked really sparse without them. I could be completely wrong, but I don’t believe in the filming of the Cambridge christenings we saw everyone enter who came. People could have entered through other doors to the church to avoid the press altogether, which Diana’s family may have wanted. I do think it’s fabulous they are in the photo and I too will give a pass on the Panama hat because Diana’s sister get eternal passes from me. Again, maybe I’m wrong and they weren’t at the Cambridge christenings, but I do think the portraits don’t include all gets who were in the chapel.

  6. Meghan looks stunning, this is finally a hat that works for her and I hope she continues to gain confidence in a fashion that is definitely very British. As others have mentioned, love the similarities in the gown to her wedding dress, and especially the fact that she re-wore her wedding earrings as well.

    Thank you for sharing that photo of Harry’s christening as well. How adorable he looked playing with his gown!

    Does anyone know why the Queen is not in the official photograph?

    • Hi Larissa, The Queen was wrapping up events for Holyrod Week in Scotland last week. Her Majesty and Prince Philip had decided to stay in Sandringham following the week rather than return to London therefore missing the christening. Thanks, Susan C.

      • Thanks, Susan! Read that on WKW right after I posted this comment, silly of me to forget 😉 I had forgotten that the Queen and Duke weren’t at Louis’ christening either, I suppose with so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren one christening must just blend into another at this point!

  7. I think everyone barring Harry looks spectacular! What was he thinking of in black socks and brown shoes with a pale grey suit?
    Meghan’s dress is very similar to Camilla’s in the bodice and sleeves.

  8. Such sweet photos! I love the way that Meghan’s outfit echoes her wedding ensemble: the color, neckline, sleeves and length of the dress, plus the earrings. Doria looks beautiful, as always. Thank you for posting the photo from Harry’s christening, little Archie looks just like him, chubby cheeks and all. Adorable.

  9. I wasn’t going to comment but I note others have re the centering of the photograph. I am surprised that Chris hadn’t rectified that the gap before Catherine is caused by Harry and Meghan being too far to the left on the sofa. Minor but most good photographers would have moved them, particularly as they are off centre from the back row too. Critical I know, but as a semi serious amateur photographer, it grates. I’m actually not a huge FAM of the black and white one either, I think its the grip Harry has on Meghan’s arm accompanied by the grip she has on Archie. Natural it may be but it doesn’t look all that relaxed

    • I agree with both your observations, CeeJay and like you, I wasn’t going to comment on either. Harry, Meghan and Archie need to be centred on the couch and closer to Kate. Lady Jane, the centre of the back row, should be between Harry and Meghan, not behind Meghan. Also, although people have been raving about the black and white shot, I think it looks stiff and posed rather than a natural position. Given that there was only one photographer and only two photos released, these were not stellar.

    • Ceejay, I’m even more surprised that photographer Chris left Doria (the grandmother) standing in the back, away from her daughter and grandson, while giving Kate a more prominent position. Nothing against Kate but she also looks very uncomfortable with this arrangement. Surely it would have been more fitting to have Doria, who is direct blood family, (and much older) sitting in the front close to her daughter and rather having Kate standing. (if people had to sit at all) In the Cambridge christening pictures, His and Hers family members seemed to enjoy equal status in the pics (except for the Queen sitting with them, if she was present). I think Kate’s hemline would have fallen perfectly on the knee if she was standing, and I am sure she also did not anticipate to be seated in front, drawing attention to miles of leg. This arrangement totally baffles me. Doria needed to be in front. If Doria was sitting down in front with Camilla the picture composition would have been so much better and appropriate. Two grandmothers in front make more sense than one grandmother and one aunt. The picture seems styled with only protocol in mind and no sensitivity to anything else.

      • Two married couples are the bookends – Charles and Camilla on the left and William and Kate on the right. Placing them this way has made the picture symmetrical. I personally felt Doria should have been in the front opposite Camilla as the grandmother.

      • I think it’s also protocol for the officially released photo – the most senior females in terms of rank are seated as well as the mother of the baby. I’m sure there are lots of other combinations of sitting and standing. I have a feeling that Kate thought she would be standing and wasn’t expecting her dress to look so short in the photos.

  10. Is it just me or is their a hint of peplum going on with Duchess of Cornwall’s dress? I’m not surprised by the pale colour chosen by Meghan, fitting for a christening and was the go to choice for Catherine and given she’s it one for bright colours very often seems to make sense shed choose a light monochrome. Also is there a hint of a pointed toe beneath Archie’s gown (Meghan’s foot, not his 🙂 )? Love, love, love the hat.

    • Hi Ceejay – I’ll have to take a closer look at the image for the Duchess of Cornwall’s dress and see if adjusting it a bit reveals anything. We can just barely see a bit of Meghan’s shoe in the image. It’s possible the shoes she is wearing are her Dior Choc heel shoes worn to RAF 100 last July or another pair. They are, what appears to be, a suede taupe or blush color. The pumps worn to RAF 100 also appear to be suede but in more of an ivory color. It’s very possible that she has a new pair of shoes from Dior or that they are a new pair. Again, hard to confirm with just a bit of shoe sticking out. Thanks, Susan C.

      • It’s ok, I’d be very impressed if anyone managed to ID the shoes from that! just looking for any discerning features. Hopefully some day we’ll get another picture released, though they may be limited by virtue of difficulties taking photographs of little ones.

  11. Thanks for such a lovely full post with background on the chapel and christening font. It has been wonderful to have an unobstructed view of Archie’s little face at last, not to mention his show-stealing christening gown. Alas, said gown covers up what his mum is wearing so we only have tantalising clues via a well-cut neckline and close-fitted bodice with concealed zip at the back. I have every confidence Dior would be able to work their tailoring magic to come up with a fine classic for Meghan could we but see it.

    I love seeing those fabulous wedding earrings again and Meghan looks great with her hair up and a sweet frou-frou christening hat on top. Both the group photo and intimate Sussex family picture are a treat to see.

  12. Everyone looks fab. I agree with the general opinion. A lovely dress and hat for Meghan. Doria looks totally fab. Beautiful outfit for Kate. Prince Harry is very summery and Archie is super cute. A lovely occasion all in all.

  13. Looking again, I notice that Meghan’s dress is long. The skirt showing behind the christening gown looks like it could be ankle skimming when she stands. I do hope we get full length pictures at some point, or that she wears this again. Looking forward to learning more about Doria’s outfit as well.

    • What a good point about the length of Meghan’s skirt, maybe a real classic Dior then, full skirt at mid-calf length like the 1950s New Look style?!

  14. Baby Archie is exquisite. The black and white picture of Meghan and Harry holding him shows him basking in the moment with his eyes closed. I couldn’t help remembering what Meghan said about Archie at his photo reveal ( that he is really sweet and calm). His christening pictures confirm that.
    Meghan looks just beautiful and serene. Loved the hat, but the neckline of her dress was a tad too casual for the moment. Camila fit right into the color palette and as always knows how to rock a hat! Duchess Kate’s dress was too short for this occasion and her choice of deep red hat and shoes throws off the color scheme in my opinion. Princess Diana’s sisters being there caused my eyes to leak and I am sure made Harry feel like Archie’s grandmother was there as well as his grandfather, Prince Charles.
    Well, the best dressed award goes to Mama Doria…African Queen in the house with that head dress! Possibly a shout out to South Africa in light of the Sussexes upcoming African tour in the fall. Nicely done!

  15. Deep in my soul I know the world would be a much nicer and respectful place if we as women did not critique every single little detail of other women’s appearance. I like this site for the lovely descriptions of the outfits and the event, many which are of significant historical importance. What I find quite disheartening is the absolute tearing apart of each outfit piece by piece from head to toe. With mental health such a significant issue I sometime wonder about the writers and whether they would make these comments directly in person to the wearer or are they keen to sit comfortably behind their keyboards making sometimes nasty comments. What a shame that women can’t respect the person for their achievements instead of the minute detail of their appearance. Have a think about what this site really is…a celebration of wonderful women for their valuable community contributions.

  16. Archie is to die for! I also believe he is favoring Meghan with his upturned nose, full mouth, and dark eyes, but then sprouting some ginger hair as well (which could have come from her side, too, since her dad is also a ginger). That photo of the three of them is extraordinary . . . I have never seen a baby have that sort of expression before. He looks really angelic. As most agreed, Meghan looks beautiful and her hat really works! I thought she would be wearing Givenchy so am surprised it’s Dior but confident it is a wonderful concoction (which we may never see). I do like how she and Camilla are mirroring each other with their choice of color, neckline and sleeve length.
    It seems to be the consensus that after Archie, Doria was the standout. She really is regal in her own right.

  17. oh my god …. this littleone is a lovely mix of meghan and harry. but mostly looks like harry.
    about meghan , i love her style especially her accessories.

    • What a good spot, Jill. They both have quite open scoop necklines and three-quarter length sleeves – maybe the christening style du jour?! I think Meghan stands out for sheer length of hem though, it looks like she has a very full skirt on her Dior dress.

  18. Absolutely lovely all around. Meghan looks beautiful – love her hat. Doria looks gorgeous in that salmon colored ensemble. Love her hat too!

    Charming shot of the 3 of them…what a precious moment. Baby Archie is scrumptious!!

  19. Beautiful hat on Meghan! I agree with other posters that so often her usual choice of hat is too small or too flat. This one is perfection! I hope we see more with this lovely height in the future. It’s difficult to comment on her dress, but the color is lovely. Harry’s shoes, though…that’s a hard one to figure out! Definitely not suit shoes! Overall lovely and they all look so happy!

  20. So the first thing I thought when I saw the formal photo is that Meghan and Camilla are dressed alike! Not really, I know, but I can’t help thinking there’s a Twinsie vibe going on there.

    Doria is so beautiful. She always dresses so perfectly for every occasion. I love the hat and the color on her.

    • I thought Doria’s hat was quite the star of the sartorial show — with profound apologies to baby Archie, but he was obliged to stick with a very classic style. Whereas I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more sophisticated take on traditional African women’s headgear than that remarkable hat. Very regal!!

  21. I was excited to see these pics pop up online earlier today. They look great. And even though we cant see much of Meghan’s dress the creamy white color is very pretty on her, shes glowing as always. I thought it was a nice touch that she wore her wedding earrings today. Im so happy for this sweet family.
    I love Lady Jane’s hat! Very cool and summery 😎

  22. Doria is absolute perfection in this photo — her hat is gorgeous on her! I hope more info comes to light on what she’s wearing. This is the best hat I’ve yet seen on Meghan — the netting and flower or whatever is on top is just right — enough softness and detail but not too much. Many of her hats look like small, plain helmets but this one is beautiful and so appropriate for the occasion. Harry and Meghan look soooo happy and Baby Archie is a plump, pouty doll — that mouth!

  23. Everyone looks smashing! An FYI – the Archbishop of Canterbury is properly referred to as “Archbishop Welby” not “Reverend Welby.” Thanks for your ongoing coverage and great website!

  24. Master Archie looks so happy! He’s really adorable. It’s lovely that they included Harry’s aunts in the formal picture.
    I do like Meghan’s hat quite a bit. The dress can’t be seen, so no comment there. Harry’s suit is nice but the shoes are much too casual and stand out.
    Doria looks great. The color is so flattering and her hat is a masterpiece. Camilla, Charles, and Sarah all look very nice, just as you’d expect. Lady Jane’s outfit is a bit strange. Her hat goes with Harry’s shoes.
    The composition of the photo is a bit off with the space between Kate and Archie. Maybe everyone should have stood but Harry and Meghan? This is why I’m not a professional photographer.

    • I agree that the symmetry of the photo is off but it’s because Harry and Meghan are not sitting in the center of the sofa. Once Meghan and baby Archie were settled I doubt the photographer wanted to ask them to move over. I think a bit of imperfection like that works in these formal portraits because they can come across as a bit stiff. And yes I also agree that Harry’s shoes and dark socks are unexpected with his light blue summer suit; I can imagine in the crush to get the family ready for this event and the focus on Mom and baby that Dad’s footwear was overlooked. He may have run out to walk a dog just before and forgot to change his shoes. Or maybe that just happens at my house.

      • Sherrie – I agree – I think Meghan sat down, then Harry and they sort of settled in a bit. The larger pillows may have thrown off the seating a bit, particularly holding Archie as well. Honestly I didn’t even notice the “space” as it seemed to blend in with the green background of the wallpaper. I also feel the photo was balanced for the most part with Kate in the darker salmon color on the right and Doria in the melon hue towards the left. This helps to draw the eye from right to left as it should.
        I was looking closely at Harry’s suit as I thought it might be the J Crew suit again from the photo-call back in May. His suit seems to be a light grey, possibly a linen or light weight summer wool. His tie appears to be a blue linen fabric. Until his shoes were pointed out, I hadn’t noticed. Those are his brown suede shoes. I thought I had information on those, I’d have to look through my notes, however I don’t see them noted on our What Harry Wore section of the site. Thanks, Susan C

  25. Archie looks like baby Harry’s clone! I like that Meghan also went white/cream for her christening outfit and that Harry went with a light suit to match…though I’ll give a little side eye to his shoes! Meg’s hat was perfection and it’s a nice touch to wear the wedding earrings. Look forward to updates on the always lovely and well turned out Doria!

  26. They all look wonderfuly happy at this joyous occasion for the christening of their gorgeous baby. Guess its over to the fashion police now for their critical reviews of whether a ruffle is not flowing smoothly or dare I say an earring that might be sitting crookedly. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous event.

  27. Beautiful photos! I love The Duchess of Sussex’s outfit. This is elegant simplicity at its best. Ms Ragland’s outfit suits her very well and I love the colour. It appears to be salmon. I’m almost certain that the parties confer regarding the colours that they will be wearing for such important occasions. Archie appears to resemble his mother very strongly. It’s lovely to see Prince Harry’s aunts in the photo.

    • I really liked how the colours were balanced out over the group photo. There’s the creamy centre with Archie and family, countered on both sides by strong pinks from Kate and Doria, and dark blues from Charles and William. I think it worked well for Harry to have a pale suit rather than more navy, helping to keep focus on Archie.

  28. Meghan looks wonderful today. I often think her hats don’t match well with what she’s wearing, but this one is perfection. Her mum looks absolutely smashing as well. I hope you’ll be able to find more info on what she’s wearing, including the brooch.

    I’d love to have seen Harry in a dark suit to match the other gentleman, but I think they were aiming for a lighter look for the two of them.

  29. I like the hat, it is one of Meghan’s better ones and looks nicely balanced. One can see very little of the dress so not really comment worthy except to say that for a bespoke dress it looks amazingly badly fitting when seated. I have thought that quite a few of Meghan’s bespoke dresses do not fit her well at all. Surely the whole point of bespoke is to ensure that something is made to fit you properly?

  30. It is really difficult to comment on Meghan’s dress because of course, we can’t see very much of it. Like Kate, Meghan choose to wear cream, which provides a beautiful backdrop for the incredibly embellished christening gown. I am assuming since Meghan’s dress is Dior that it is beautifully made. I do like Meghan’s hat, as the veil adds a special touch to break the plainness.

    I’m very impressed with Doria. She seems to be such a sweet woman and any time she is with the Royals, her outfit is so appropriate for the event. Archie is a lovely baby…a keeper for sure!

  31. Doria and the Duchess of Cambridge are very nicely coordinating, although it’s unlikely (to my way of thinking) that they would have consulted with one another about their color choices. There is something askew in the large group photo which could easily have been rectified by centering Harry and Meghan on the settee. Whatever. Archie seems rather adorable, as most two-month-olds do. From what we can see, Meghan looks appropriately dressed and it’s a nice touch to wear her wedding earrings for her child’s christening.

  32. Everyone including Meghan looks spectacular. Ofcourse the star of the show is Baby Archie!

    I think Doria looks exquisite! She stands out in my opinion.

    Bravo everyone!


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