Meghan Marks July 4th Watching Friend Serena Williams at Wimbledon – UPDATED

The Duchess of Sussex took a break from maternity leave today to watch her friend Serena Williams at Wimbledon.

Meghan attended the match with university friends Genevieve Hillis and Lindsay Roth.

Serena played against eighteen-year-old Kaja Juvan from Slovenia in second-round play of Ladies’ Singles on Court 1. After a rough start losing the first set to Juvan 6-2, Serena came back and took the second set from Juvan, 6-2.

In the end, Serena overtook Juvan, 6-4, moving on to the third round of play. Below the Duchess, Genevieve and Lindsay applaud Serena’s win!

The champion stopped on her way to the locker room for a selfie with a fan.

Ms, Williams says when she is behind it only sparks a fire to fight harder, as described in her post-match news conference:

“It does bring the best out of me [when I’m behind], I like the pressure. I’d rather be in this position than in any other position. And I play the best when I’m down sometimes,” said Williams.

Earlier this week it was announced Serena will team up with Britain’s own Andy Murray for Mixed Doubles. This is very exciting!

From the ATP’s coverage of the news:

Talk about star power! Andy Murray and Serena Williams dropped a bombshell on Tuesday by announcing that they’ll compete together in the mixed doubles draw at Wimbledon.

They’ve created plenty of magic over the years at The All England Club, combining for nine singles titles. Serena also has six women’s doubles titles with sister Venus Williams and won the mixed doubles title in 1998 with Max Mirnyi of Belarus. Murray last played mixed doubles at this event with Kirsten Flipkens in 2006.

When asked about her partnership with Andy today, here’s what Serena had to say:

“I’m practising every day. I played a little doubles in practice yesterday. I’m excited to play with a British icon like Andy. I feel really honoured to share a court with him, and maybe I could learn a thing or two.”

Embed from Getty Images
More thoughts come via this NY Times story:

Williams has often praised Murray for supporting female athletes. He has been known to remind reporters of Williams’s accomplishments when they focus on the men’s side as if they are discussing the whole sport.

“I don’t think there’s a woman player — and there really shouldn’t be a female athlete — that is not totally supportive of Andy Murray,” Williams said in 2017. “He has spoken up for women’s issues and women’s rights, especially in tennis, forever.”

Together, Williams and Murray should shine light on an event that has been cast to the sport’s periphery.

Susan C., who has been following Wimbledon play daily, thinks that that first round of mixed doubles for Andy and Serena will take place Saturday, on Court 1 as the two have not yet had a chance to practice together. The schedule of play is posted daily on

UPDATE: The order of play has been posted this evening for Friday’s matches. Serena Williams and Andy Murray are listed on the scheduled to play their Mixed Doubles match against Germany’s Andreas Mies and Chile’s Alexa Guarachi as “To Be Arranged 1” (Court 1) but not to start before 5:30pm GMT (12:30pm ET). 

You can find the schedule for Wimbldeon – DAY 5, FRIDAY 5 JULY here.

Meghan blended in with the Wimbledon crowd in her casual chic style.

She wore her L’Agence, ‘Brea’ pinstripe linen blazer, $550. The jacket is currently available in a number of sizes at Saks Off 5th, $199.

You may remember the Duchess wearing the jacket on the Australian tour last October.

UPDATE – 5 July: Although we’ve received confirmation that The Duchess wore a new pair of jeans by Outland Denim we don’t think this is the pair that Meghan is wearing. It was revealed in another photo that the jeans she is wearing have a slit at the ankle (below).

Below are the Outland denim jeans Harriet high-rise skinny in Byron Tonal, $195, a great #matchmegstyle none-the-less.

She also carried a new tote bag from Cuyana. It is their Classic Structured Leather Tote in black, $195. The bag is monogrammed with Meghan’s initial.

Meghan wore a new pair of sunglasses by a brand she has previously worn, Finlay & Co. They look like the brand’s Henrietta style in black ($170).

Another repeat item worn today was a hat the Duchess has favored and worn a number of times over the years by Madewell. The style is one the brand still carries, Madewell x Biltmore® Panama Hat, $58.

Some of you may remember Meghan wearing the hat when she attended Wimbledon in 2016 to watch Serena play and ultimately go on to win the Ladies’ Single Championship title that year.

Embed from Getty Images

She also wore her Pippa Small ‘Nosheen’ 18k gold plated earrings, $60.

UPDATED 5 July: CONFIRMED – Meghan also had on a new pinky ring in what appears to be a blue color, possibly a sapphire. Anne Young on Twitter suggested the Jessica McCormack, the Signature Sapphire Heart Button Back Ring, $3000. Earlier today Jessica McCormack confirmed Meghan is wearing the ring via their Instagram account.

Another new item today was a necklace Meghan was wearing revealing the letter “A” for Archie in gold.

UPDATE – 5 July: The necklace has been confirmed by Hello Magazine to be from Verse. It is their One Letter Necklace in 18K gold, $590.

According to the article from Hello, the necklace was a gift from jeweler, Emma Swann. The brand, which is based in Sydney, Australia, also gifted her a necklace while she was on the Royal Tour Australia. The mystery ID of the heart necklace we saw Meghan wear in Bondi Beach on the tour is solved! This was the first necklace Susan C. looked for from Verse upon reading the Hello article!

Meghan in Bondi Beach, Australia – 18 October 2018 wearing the Verse heart necklace

We don’t yet have confirmation on the black ribbed t-shirt or black suede pumps Meghan was wearing today. We will update the post with any further details if we find additional hi-res images revealing the brands of these items.

With thanks to Caroline Parr of The Daily Mail for all of today’s IDs!

We leave you with this video of Serena’s win today.

We both have commitments, thus the brevity of the post. We’ll be updating later! Happy Independence Day to all celebrating the occasion!

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  1. I like this casual outfit on her, typically Meghan does casual much better than formal I find. It also seems this pair of jeans in this brand fits her better than the darker wash jeans she wore a few months ago? I think she might have been pregnant in the darker wash jeans so maybe that’s why they looked too big and the fit seemed off.
    I really like some of the new jewelry she’s wearing, especially the heart shaped ring. She and I have similar taste in jewelry, diminutive, discreet, but cute. 🙂
    The blazer isn’t my favorite but it looks fine here. Nice of her to come out and support her bestie Serena.

  2. This might be an unpopular opinion, and it pains me to say it because I think Meghan does casual so well…but I think she is under-dressed for Wimbledon. I was very lucky to be able to go for the first time on Saturday, and based my outfit on what I had seen from years of watching TV. I went with a linen dress and I’m SO glad I did. While the event is by no means at the level of horse-racing or an event that requires a hat, people really do make an effort to dress a bit nicer. I don’t recall seeing anyone wearing jeans on Saturday.

    The hat and blazer are a good choice, unfortunately the dressiness of the heels doesn’t really make up for the jeans, and they also seem a bit impractical. Love the sentimental necklace!

    • I so agree. Jeans are fine for watching Harry and William at a polo match. Sitting in the grand stand at an international sporting event now as part of the royal family puts her in the slacks or dress category. Her friends got it right.

    • There was nothing inappropriate with her attire. She was casual chic! Whilst you may not have noticed people in jeans, they were there! You can find photos online – even with the celebrities. On Day 6 (6 July), artist Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s wife, wore frayed cut-off white-ish jeans to watch him play on Centre Court (see Vogue article and photos). On Day 7 (8 July), actress Ruth Wilson wore ripped, faded blue jeans along with a brown blouse and was seated in Centre Court in the Royal Box. Photos show her seated next to actress Tessa Thompson (black and white stripe blouse) and in front of actress Massie Williams (pink hair). Although in the seated photos you can’t see what she is wearing below her chest, there are additional full-length photos that show the brown blouse and jeans combo (see photos in Daily Mail, Vogue, …). And there are photos of other attendees, too,. There is photo of Meghan walking down the stairs next to a woman in white jeans wearing a blue ball cap.

  3. Perfect outfit for an informal day at tennis. Meghan was attending as a private citizen watching a good friend along with some gal pals. Fashion police are being a bit tough with their critique and I would assume that most of the commenters have never attended any of the 4 grand slams, if so you would realise the outfit style is worn by many guests in the corporate areas.

  4. I find it odd that she wore a dress to a baseball game but jeans to the notoriously classy Wimbledon match. I think she has her sporting events mixed up! Ha! She should have switched the outfits around and then she would have appeared more appropriately dressed.

  5. I think this is classic Meghan (and classic-everybody) for a reason–it works! I like that Meghan tends to represent a more American-sportswear aesthetic and jeans and a shirt look fantastic on her. I’ve never been to Wimbledon and understand it’s a more formal sporting event, but I think she looks appropriate for going as a private citizen and not in Royal capacity. It’s not my favorite blazer of hers, but it’s not distracting either and I do love the hat. It’s a relaxed-polished look and it looks like her.

    And, she DID just have a baby, like 3 months ago. I definitely understand the appeal of your regular jeans and a *ahem* dark top!

  6. I like the outfit overall, very chic classic Meghan. But the blazer is too small right now. The difference can be seen in how it fits her upper arms compared to while on the Australia tour. I felt similarly about her dress for the baseball game: beautiful dress, she looks amazing, but the fit is off – it just too tight! I had that feeling about most of her maternity wear and it baffles me. Obviously money is not an issue to prevent buying some new clothes while her body is in transition. Why wouldn’t she rather wear clothes that fit properly? It feels better and looks better that smooshing into something that has a smaller number on the tag. To be clear, she looks amazing! And I love seeing her having a good time with her friends. But the blazer (and the black dress) were too small, in my opinion.

  7. I’m sure it’s difficult to have to be so image and fashion conscious, and to be photographed incessantly. There are times during which she looks lovely and appropriately attired, but this is not one of those times. This ensemble just doesn’t do it for her. As a woman with every resource available to her, she should try a bit harder to look the part of a member of the royal family, regardless of the outing. If she cannot discern on her own what is appropriate as well as flattering for her changing figure, I’m sure she could hire a consultant.

  8. I like the outfit in theory, including the jeans, but as usual for Meghan the fit is horrible. The jacket is riding up two inches off her her shoulders and the arms are so tight they’re pulling and straining at the armpits and across the back. It looks absolutely appalling not to mention terribly uncomfortable. Once you notice it, you can’t unsee it. With all that money, it’s hard to understand why she just can’t get it right when it comes to fit.

  9. She looks great, as always. I have always liked this hat on her, and she certainly can wear the heck out of a pair of jeans. The oversize blazer is a nice choice for a new mom who may be dealing with a bustline that changes by the hour. The glamorous heels elevate the whole look. And I love the new jewelry pieces–the tiny A pendant and the blue heart ring. I also love that she is there to support her friend, with other friends she’s had for nearly 20 years.

    Will you allow a little speculation? I’m probably not the first person to observe this, but given that these women are here at the same time as what will be a very small and private christening ceremony suggests to me that one or both of them will be a godparent. I absolutely respect the family’s desire to keep the choice private, but I couldn’t help making a little guess!

    • Yes, Jessica your speculation about Meghan’s girlfriends being potential godparents is abuzz on the internet. Lindsay Roth is Jewish, and as such, would she be asked to be a godparent at a Christian baptism? The Church of England does not require that godparents also be of that faith, but they require that a godparent be baptized. So who know?

  10. Fun to see Meghan out and about, and I’m sure it’s nice for her to dress up a little and get out of the house.
    I like this outfit a lot–it’s nothing too special or exciting, but a nice summery dressy casual look. The jeans add a nice pop of colour (black would have been too harsh, IMO) and are balanced out nicely by the pumps and blazer. I don’t see any problem with the formality, considering that she’s a) within the Wimbledon dress code, b) not in the royal box, and c) there in a private capacity (and doesn’t have any sort of role within the AEC or the tournament). If she was there in some sort of more formal capacity, I’m sure she would dress up more (as she did last year).

  11. I’m seriously considering buying this blazer and hat! Loving this look, though wish she would’ve worn black jeans to make it look a bit dressier. Overall I think she looks fantastic and loving she’s out with friends to support another great friend.

  12. Happy 4th to all celebrating! I like the outfit but I also had questions about whether this was appropriate for Wimbledon. I feel like Meghan should have worn the dress she wore to the baseball game to Wimbledon and vice versa. Also, I think she may have been carrying this hat last year when she attended with Kate though I don’t recall her wearing it. I’m kind of tempted to buy one of these hats for myself.

    • Heather, You are correct, Meghan did carry this hat last year, when she sat in the Royal Box with Kate. Apparently people are asked not to wear hats in the Royal Box, so as not to block anyone’s view. But you can wear hats elsewhere in the stadium.

  13. I do like the jacket, but the outfit wasn’t anything special. Just clothes. I would have loved to have seen the gingham dress she wore to a polo match last year about this time. Might not have fit again yet, but something like that would have been great. Or perhaps this jacket and tee with a coordinating cream skater type skirt or black capris. Something a little bit more than ordinary jeans.

    • Sally, I’d forgotten about the gingham dress. As you say, it or something similar, would have been very suitable for Wimbledon.

  14. Happy Independence Day to US posters here! What better way to celebrate than with a surprise outing by Meghan, complete with two US chums 🙂

    Loving Meghan’s outfit today, her classic style faves put together with customary élan. The barely there pinstripe keeps the blazer from descending into umpire uniform style and just right over the black tee. The blue jeans are a welcome break from black-and-white severity. I love seeing her trusty Panama back in action and the earrings are lovely though I’m not sure gold quite fits here, might have gone for silver myself. Whatever, Meghan looks gorgeous, chic, and happy.

  15. I’m really confused as to what is appropriate attire at Wimbledon. It is a sporting event and to be a spectator at most sports, jeans are absolutely fine. It appears, however, that there is a higher standard for this historical (1877), classical event, called Wimbledon. I am not going to unfairly compare Meghan’s outfit to Kate’s. Kate was there in an official capacity, as a patron and some of the time she was sitting in the Royal Box. But to just view other spectators in general, the dress code seems to be above what Meghan is wearing. Even her two university friends, Genevieve and Lindsay, on either side of her, are more formally dressed.

    Along with her messy bun, Meghan’s look is not very royal for Wimbledon. She does seem to be involved with outings that are important to her and so there is obviously flexibility in her maternity leave. CONGRATULATIONS Serena!

    • I found this curious myself. Often it seems like people dress up for Wimbledon, but I noticed a mix of styles in the photos, everything from suits to t-shirts. I wonder if there’s a dress code.

      I agree that it would *not* be appropriate to compare what Kate is wearing in an official capacity as patron with what Meghan is wearing going to watch her friend Serena, but her uni friends are more formally dressed, and it would be easy to elevate her look with slacks instead of jeans.

      • Muchlove, I checked the Wimbledon dress code and came across this:
        Guidelines advise against ripped denim and sports attire, bags are required to be smaller than 16″ x 12″ x 12″ and both oversize hats and selfie sticks are banned, but other than that, you are free to wear what you want.

        So technically Meghan didn’t do anything inappropriate. But since she is now a member of the Royal Family, and since many at Wimbledon do dress up, and since she is always going to photographed at outings, it would have made sense to wear something more special than jeans.

    • I don’t have a problem with the jeans myself. Meghan’s there in unofficial capacity with friends and it’s a fairly low-key match this early in the tournament. And her jacket has all the tailoring I could ask for, and the cost of it could amount to that of the outfits of her friends combined. They may also be dressing for comfort in a hot city. Though I must admit if I was going to Wimbledon with a royal I might be tempted into formal wear! But I can’t see the jeans as being particularly out of synch with today’s standards which tend to be away from formality.

      • I would respectfully disagree ElizaMo! I do think Meghan looks good and its a nice casual outfit which would work in many places but not at Wimbledon. I’m not old and stuffy but jeans just aren’t right for this occasion. Its not a royal thing, I would say the same to anyone in the crowd. Being stylish is dressing appropriately and I really don’t think jeans are right for Wimbledon. A simple, plain dress and flats would have been casual and looked more in keeping and been much cooler (it was a hot day). I like that Meghan tries different things but do think for some occasions, its nicer to stick with the rules.


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