Meghan and Archie Cheer on Harry at Charity Polo Match – UPDATED

Meghan and Archie were at the King Power Royal Charity Polo match today to cheer on Prince Harry.

The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex played in the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day at the Billingbear Polo Club for the Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Memorial Polo Trophy.

Below, the Duchess cuddling little Archie while watching the match.

The charity match helped raise funds and awareness for charities supported by Their Royal Highnesses — including African Parks, The Invictus Games Foundation and The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

The event honored Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, chairman of the Leicester Football Club, who was killed in a helicopter crash at Leicester Stadium last October. An article from The Guardian last year detailed the “…wide outpourings of grief in Leicester, and in particular tributes to the owner. Vichai bought the club in 2010 and transformed it with his financial backing, with the fairytale success of a first Premier League title in 2016.” Below, just some of the flowers left at the stadium by fans after the crash. 

Below you see members of the Srivaddhanaprabha family at the awards presentation.   

The event raised £1 million ($1.2M USD) for the fifteen charities.

It was a treat to see the cousins together today while the “mums” enjoyed a bit of a chat during the match.

Proud Dad, Harry, having a special moment with Meghan and Archie below after the match.

Meghan looked very relaxed and comfortable in a khaki green dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez. It is the designer’s ‘Rosetta’ v-neck linen midi dress, $703.

The dress comes with a belt in the same linen fabric. Meghan chose to wear the dress without the belt for a loose, carefree look most likely for comfort and ease on this warm summer day.

Lisa Marie Fernandez is a New York-based stylist whose collection first launched in 2009. More from her site’s about page:

LMF is an authentic reflection of the life and style of its founder. Lisa Marie lives her designs, documenting how she wears her swimwear and dresses in her travels around the world. The look is effortlessly glamorous, resonating with the brand’s global clientele who post pictures of themselves everywhere from Tulum to Patmos to Positano with the hashtag #LMFGirlsonHoliday.

UPDATE 11 July: A great #MatchMeg style dress for the LMF ‘Rosetta’ dress is this ASOS Design soft touch belted maxi dress in khaki, $45 (right).

The dress is also available in tall sizes and curve/plus sizes.

UPDATE Aug 6: With thanks to Anne Young for the tip, it looks like the Duchess may have been wearing a pair of huaraches by Brother Vellies. The brand has several styles of huaraches which are all made in Mexico of woven leather with a rubber sole and almond toe. Meghan’s pair could either be the ‘Whiskey Huaraches’, ($195) or the updated ‘Summer Huarache’ in Whiskey, ($225). (More here about the company.)

The updated Summer style is available in a few select sizes at the Iconic, $290 AUD

Founded by Aurora James, the Brooklyn-based company is a great fit for Meghan, as it is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing and operational processes.

The shoes are also available in a lace-up style, $185, select sizes, Farfetch.

Check out these great #MatchMeg huarache styles —

Sbicca ‘Lubec’, $72.99 / Nissolo – Ecuador Huarache Sandal, $118 / Frye ‘Heather’ Huarache, $149 / Madwell Chamula™ Classic Uxmal, $117 / Chamula Brasila and Cancun, $117

Meghan’s sunglasses look like they are by Stella McCartney, the brand’s gold-tone aviator-style, $215.

A tip of the tiara to Caroline Parr, @carolinepparr on Twitter for the IDs again today!

UPDATE 11 July: Several followers have inquired regarding the white, grey and yellow blanket that Meghan was using to swaddle Archie. It is from Malabar Baby, the Erawan Cotton Dohar receiving blanket, $42.00.

The blanket is described on the brand’s site as 3 layers of soft natural cotton with a hand block-printed center layer. It is 47 inches by 37 inches.

Thanks to Laura @Japanese_Ginger on Twitter for the tip!

You can read about what Kate wore on our sister-site What Kate Wore.


  • See adorable photos of Prince Louis making Meghan laugh in Hello Magazine’s article here.

The full list of charities highlighted in today’s event are:

African Parks, The Invictus Games Foundation and The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, The English Schools Swimming Association, Fields in Trust, Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, The Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund, Irish Guards Appeal, Map Action, Mountain Rescue England and Wales, Rhino Conservation Botswana, The Royal Marsden, RFU Injured Players Foundation, The Passage and the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust.

Additional: There have been some reports that Meghan may appear at Sunday, 14 July, evening’s Lion King premiere in London alongside Harry. We may not know for sure if the Duchess is going until an hour or two before the event as she is still on maternity leave. Be sure to watch our social media accounts for updates.

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  1. It’s great to see Meghan wearing olive green, a nice change from her standard white/black/navy. I remember she wore olive green for Louis’s christening and I thought it looked so great and hoped to see more outfits in this color! As for the shirt/boho dress, I think it’s fine. I really can’t see how it looks on Meghan because she is holding Archie in all of the photos from a side angle. My guess is the dress probably looks better belted but Meghan decided on a hot summer day and for ease of movement to forgo the belt. I know I probably wouldn’t buy this kind of dress, every time I try on a shirt/baggy dress, I just end looking ridiculous with the dress swallowing me and I end up looking like a tent.
    But anyways it looked like a fun (if hot) day at a polo game and it was nice to see Meghan bring out little Archie.

  2. There is much to be said about Meghan’s look for this event – but elegant boho sums it up for me. We know Harry has demontrated his attraction to bojo girls long before meeting Meghan. Maybe she was dressing for him?

  3. I know the blanket has been identified, but does anyone know what Archie is wearing? I originally thought it was the constantino linen romper from Marie Chantal, but they’ve emailed me and said it’s not the case.

  4. Maybe this isn’t quite the right angle for a fashion blog, or I’m just not enough of a style-nista, but I am crushing so hard on Meghan right now for wearing this.
    Some of this might because she and I are both from LA and this strikes me as very California boho cool dressing, so maybe there’s a bit of hometown comfort and pride, but I also just think it’s lovable and brilliant and relatable to be a Duchess and still show up in an olive dress and sunglasses when you have a newborn baby. I like the practicality and the ease of it; I like the color on her; I like that it’s not about a look, but an expression of lifestyle, which for her, is new (probably sleep deprived) parent.
    And while many royal and aristocratic women can look put together and stunning all the time, even after giving birth, and I do admire their fashion sense, I have to say that if you’d asked me, Meghan-in-the-caftan’s the one that I’d most like to hang with.

    note: admin edit

  5. Love the colour, don’t like the fit. I have to say though I don’t understand why now that Meghan has had a baby, her style is being critiqued through the mom lens. Meghan likes oversized, billowey dresses. The Oscar de la Renta she wore to a wedding not long after she married Prince Harry was of a similar style, and is by no means an isolated example. I prefer fitted clothing myself, but she doesn’t. Fair enough. Maybe she wore this dress because she liked it and thought it looked good. Not everything a pregnant or postpartum woman does is *because* she is pregnant or postpartum!

  6. How pretty she looks! I love how easy, breezy and comfortable Meghan looked. I think she looks gorgeous in olive green, and linen is a wonderful comfortable fabric in this humid weather. Billowy styles may not be your cup of tea but it seems to suit Meghan just beautifully.

    Thank you, dear admin for working so hard to keep this corner of the internet positive and respectful.

    • Meghan is cool and comfortable and that is what counts! I love that color green as well. Baby Archie is very sweet. Thanks to the Admin too for this excellent WMW blog!

  7. I think Meghan always looks well in this colour and I salute her for prioritising comfort over svelte style at a relatively informal occasion, especially on a summer’s day. It’s just wonderful to get better views of baby Archie and to see all the children getting to know each other right from day one. Everyone looked so natural, happy, and relaxed, it was a treat to see the families like this.

  8. I think this was a sensible thing to wear given the weather. Plenty of room to make Archie and mummy comfortable whilst remaining discreet. Well done Meghan!. What a lovely event for a family outing!.

    Note: Admin edit

  9. Susan: we all appreciate your hard work and certainly understand the time, effort, and discretion that goes into deciding what comments are acceptable and adhere to this website’s guidelines; it must be exhausting sometimes when it comes to negative comments to make sure you and this website rise above the fray. We appreciate the efforts that you put forth to make this website a positive and pleasant experience. I love reading the comments and very much want them to appear because of the depth and breadth that they add to this website’s experience adding another dimension to your posts regarding detail and specificity. Please continue to do it all exactly as you have been. It’s worth it to us. WMW and WKW and WKKW are my very favorites and this is why!! Thanks for all you do!

  10. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you @whatmeghanwore for remind people about your comment policy. I am fairly biased towards the Duchess of Sussex. I’ve watched her since the very beginning of Suits. I love the way she dresses. She always looks comfortable and confident. Frankly, even if her looks don’t appeal to you, let’s critique but how about stopping with the shaming? For those of you who’ve birthed children, you know how hard it is to recover. The Duchess of Cambridge walked out of the hospital a mere 7 hours after her son Louis’ birth, you guys weren’t happy and so critical of her. Now HRH Meghan Markle wears a loose fitting dress, you are not happy either. We live in a time where women are constantly put down and shamed. Why be complicit? If you don’t like HRH Meghan Markle, it’s fine, everyone has their preference. But, please this site is so fun and has such great content offering. We could do without the nasty comments. #LETUSBEKINDER

  11. First off, shout out to the admins of this site for being so awesome. I figured this would be a difficult post to monitor.

    I personally love this olive green color on Meghan. I think it’s a perfect neutral for her skin tone. I have a similar skin tone and I always prefer olive over the lighter khaki color for myself.

    That said, I do think this particular dress needed the belt and perhaps 5 min of steaming by a staff member to get the wrinkles out. We’ve seen her in some lovely fitted outfits over the past couple weeks so it would have been nice to see another one here. I do love seeing Meghan with her hair down as well but it does appear a bit disheveled here. Overall, this look is a miss for me unfortunately. I know she was there in a private capacity but it was a highly publicized fundraiser and being a member of the Royal Family, she had to expect cameras would be there, especially since Kate and her children were also there.

  12. Nice to see the two families out enjoying themselves and for such good causes. Meghan’s outfit isn’t to my taste but she looks very happy and relaxed with Archie and the family and that’s really the important thing. Lovely to see them all.

  13. I agree with many, that the families looked so happy an dappeared to have a lot of fun.
    I applaude Meghan for being out and about with a young baby (wich I figure must be much more stressful than being out on your own at the same stage post partum). I imagine we never saw much of the Cambridge children after their christenings, didn’t they have their outings much later when being more grown-up? I think it was TtC 2019 when we first saw Louis after his christening.

    But since this is a fashoin blog I feel it’s okay to state something about the Fashion of the day and fashion-wise I have to say that this dress did nothing for me.
    I like olive on Meghan (a colour that not everyone can pull off, but that usually looks great on people with darker skin-tones) and since I love linen myself I take no issue with the wrinkling, but man that was an unfortunate cut!
    I agree with those who say the belt would have improved the look. Also it really looked too big around the arms and shoulder-area.
    I’m not sure that Meghan (being a first mum) fully realised that maternity wardrobe isn’t just regular clothes being bigger. Some maternity items can be just as well in place in the weeks and months after giving birth.
    I imagine being much more comfortable in well-fitting maternity clothes (be it dress or jeans and shirt/blouse or whatever) than in ill-fitting regular clothes, even if I’m not technically pregnant any more.
    I suppose a maxi-dress with an empire-waistline would have done much more for her.
    But again, that’s just fashion-wise.
    Maybe she had a different outfit planned and then had a mishap with Archie burping on it or maybe she didn’t plan on going at all and it was a last-minute decision to support Harry.
    I think it’s great she made it to this event with the baby and I hope she had a good time.

    NOTE: admin edit

    • Cersei, I agree about olive. It is a color that looks really beautiful on Meghan. I’m thinking of the Ralph Lauren dress she wore to Prince Louis’ christening- she got some criticism for it because it was more of an autumn/winter look, and the color stood out with all the pale blue, cream and white. However, I think the color looks so good on her, and that can’t be said of most people.

    • What a great read and what a great way of expressing what Meghan is doing here. I agree that with her smoothie aviator glasses she looked every inch the sunny Californian.

  14. I’d like to let you all know that for the past several evenings I have been reviewing and approving comments. It has been a long lengthy process. Some are short and easy, other comments are longer and take time to read through.

    I’d also like to remind those who are new to What Meghan Wore of the WMW comment policy located here: I understand that I’ve probably let more than few comments through that push the boundaries of our comment policy this week. Here is a quick reminder from the policy:
    There will be times when we will agree to disagree and doing so in a respectful and graceful way will encourage conversations that are appreciated. Comments referring to Meghan or others in derogatory terms will be deleted. That doesn’t mean we are here to rubber-stamp Meghan’s style choices. It’s recognizing the distinction between saying “That dress doesn’t seem to hang properly” or “I don’t think it’s a great look” and saying “She looks ridiculous!” If a comment is disrespectful, sarcastic, argumentative or otherwise inappropriate it will not be published. Additionally, critiquing an outfit and saying “I felt the piece was not a good fit for her.” or “The dress lacked structure and shape without the belt and hung much too loose” is better than “It looked awful, like she was wearing (insert some inanimate object)” for example.
    It is helpful to remember the tone of a comment can be as important as the content; this is the written word and we can’t hear each other’s vocal inflections or see the expression on a commenter’s face when a statement is being made. The “when in doubt leave it out adage” can be a helpful guide if wondering whether or not a comment is appropriate.

    Thank you, Susan C.

    • I think these are such important distinctions. I always feel it’s important to consider “would I be able to look the subject of the post (aka Meghan) in the eye and say these things?” I think that I could look Meghan in the eye and say, “I think the dress would likely fit better for photographs with the belt, but great color and amazing versatility! And we appreciate that this is not you representing the crown at a royal function, but you on your personal time.”

      Note: Admin edit

  15. I think it is the same shade she wore to Louis’s Christening last year. It washes her out. She needs colors with blue undertones.

    If anyone went to one of those color analysis parties (BeautiControl was huge in many parts of America) that were very popular back in the 80’s or 90’s then you will know what I am talking about when I say that because of our skin tones we are either ‘warm’ commonly known as ‘springs’ or ‘autums’ based on yellow undertones in our skin. Or we are ‘cool’ commonly known as ‘winters’ or ‘summers’ based on blue undertones in our skin.
    That means that a yellow undertones person would look best in yellow based colors (like Fergie and Princess Bea)
    and a person with blue undertones would look best in blue based clothing colors. (like Meghan)

    NOTE: admin edit

    • Out of curiosity, I would be interested to know what defines Meghan as the ‘Spring’ colours or blue undertones?

  16. I suppose Meghan was just having one of those days. I have never had kids but I can imagine it’s a lot to cope with not just bringing a child into the world, but also suddenly having a body that looks and feels different than it did a few months ago. In that respect I think Meghan deserves a lot of praise for choosing a curve-hugging dress with a belt the day after giving birth – it was really empowering of her (and Kate before her) to show the world what a woman’s body looks like so soon after having a child. And of course, she is allowed to feel self-conscious (if that’s the case) and free to wear what she wants on a family outing.

    I do like the sunglasses, very retro. Also the colour of the dress is pretty and goes nicely with the colours of Archie’s blanket. What a treat to see him out supporting his father already at such a young age!

    Note: admin edit

  17. Lovely to see Meghan and her family out. The dress looks really nice when the belt is used. Maybe Meghan had a bad night with little one, we all have those days.

  18. I loved this outfit on Meghan for two reasons: 1. She just looked so relaxed and comfortable and at ease in not having to sit or stand a certain way, but being able to cuddle and focus on her baby. And 2. She normalised it for other mums to be themselves and be present to their baby’s in whatever makes them feel at ease. She is such a secure woman and a role model to many!

  19. Nice to see adorable Archie, and Meghan looks gorgeous. However, she seems pretty nervous and uncomfortable (maybe the first time in public with the baby, knowing the paparazzi and the whole world are watching). Hope she can relax and enjoy being out and about with Archie, interacting with friends and family. New motherhood is so hard, and it must be doubly hard under public scrutiny.

    On a fashion note, the dress is really unfortunate. It is so unflattering to her, and in a fabric that wrinkles really badly. And so expensive for something that looks so sloppy. I just think there are so many comfortable, stylish maxi dresses that Meghan could wear, and other maternity dresses post-baby. She looked so polished in previous appearances (Trooping the Color, baseball, christening), and was back in skinny jeans at Wimbledon. Why wear such an unflattering dress when she’s handled post-pregnancy fashion so well before this? Anyway, she’s a new mama and can wear what she wants.

    Note: Admin edit

  20. It was great to see the families out having fun. I am 68 years old and I would not wear this dress at my present age or younger. There are so many cute dresses that would have looked wonderful on her. The dress looks like it’s five sizes too big. Which is strange since during her pregnancy she often wore figure hugging clothes. But I guess it’s different post baby. I also think her hair needs a trim. I hate to be so negative but this was a miss for me.

  21. I’m not a fan of the dress but I understand it. It’s been hot and muggy in the UK lately and Meghan had Archie to hold. I can definitely understand wanting something cool, flowy, comfortable, and not attention grabbing.

    Note: admin edit

  22. Evening Standard and other media have reported the sunglasses as Givenchy oversized aviators found on Net a Porter yesterday but sold out now. not Stella McCartney. Can anyone confirm? Thanks

    • Hi Sophie, Caroline Parr on Twitter confirmed with Stella McCartney PR regarding the sunglasses and style. Caroline writes the fashion and style column for the Daily Mail. She has been very good at confirming with designers and labels regarding IDs on pieces and lets us know. Looking at additional hi-res photos we can see the markings that match the Stella McCartney pair.
      Initially it was a follower on Twitter that suggested the sunglasses being Givenchy and then what happened is the media along with others, including us, posted that style. I thought the sunglasses looked slightly different that then ones Meghan had on, but I didn’t have a chance to research and take a closer look at additional photos.
      I hope this helps clear up any confusion. Thanks, Susan C.

  23. I wish she had wore the belt that matched…since it was cloth I don’t think it would have made her any more ‘overheated’ in the nice weather and would have improved the look of it by leaps and bounds. I did like the color.

  24. I do love this shade of green on the duchess. This was definitely a look chosen for comfort, and I hope we’ll get to see this dress again someday with the belt.

  25. I agree a sundress would of looked much better then this her hair could of looked better too especially after her wimbledon and baseball appearances where her hair looked quite sweet.I know it’s a relaxed family event but meghan isn’t just any watcher she’s a duchess it’s time to keep that in mind for future dressing/events!

  26. NOW she wears maternity clothes! I do wonder why she insisted on wearing waistlines and belts while pregnant and now no waistline at all. The color is lovely on Meghan and she looks beautiful despite the cut of the dress. I’m just confounded!

  27. I’m in the “what was this?” camp. This dress is not flattering in any respect. I totally get comfort for a new mom, especially when you have your baby with you. There are just so many better choices.

  28. I am sure this seemed like a wonderful opportunity for a family outing. And no doubt Meghan wanted to support this charitable endeavor. I wish she had brought a carrier or stroller for little Archie. Not sure how long she was there, but holding an infant for an entire polo match would be uncomfortable for Mom and baby. The dress looks like a fine choice for a new mother. I just feel she should enjoy the rest of her maternity leave and take her time returning to public duties.

    • I’d like to kindly interject and say, that I don’t think we know exactly how long Meghan was standing there while photos were taken. It could’ve been all of 5-10 minutes or so. It’s also possible she could’ve put Archie down and we did not see this. I did see a few photos in some of our agencies collections where Meghan appeared not to be holding Archie while she was chatting with someone. This was not an official event/engagement for the Duchess either. She went there with family and friends and stayed by the cars. – Susan C.

  29. I’m looking for positive things to say. I like Meghan’s hair and glasses.
    It’s nice to see pictures of just Meghan and Archie, without Harry hovering. I had hoped there would be one christening photo of Meghan and Archie alone.
    Her dress has possibilities, but none of them were explored here.
    I don’t know if anyone else felt it, and a few photos don’t tell the whole story, but I found the photos disconcerting. No interaction between Meghan and the others. Meghan just stood there, clutching Archie, and staring. It didn’t look like a “happy family” gathering at all.

    NOTE: Admin Edit

    • Lesley, it Is kind of you to have concerns about Meghan being all alone at the event. Although the photos on WMW do not show her with others, she was. Other sites show at least one photo of her with Kate. Prince Louis is wearing his mother’s sunglasses and reaching out to baby Archie.

      • Bonnie, Lesley – I’ve included a link at the bottom of the post to a Hello Magazine article with the photos of Kate, Louis and Meghan – where Louis is making Meghan laugh in Kate’s sunglasses. It’s really cute. – Susan C.

  30. I LOVE this dress. She looks looks classy yet casual, breezy, perfect for a polo match. In fact, I’m looking at all of the Meghan blogs to see if I can find a similar dress at a cheaper price point! I’m a fan of boxier and over-sized silhouettes though.

    • Chlo – we posted a dress this morning that is a great #MatchMeg style from ASOS. Be sure to check it out! – Thanks, Susan C.

  31. You know, all it needed was the belt. I am sure like all new mothers she is feeling self-conscious about her waistline, but it can’t possibly be that bad; we saw her at Wimbledon looking quite trim. I think olive is a great color on her, and her hair and makeup and sunglasses were all terrific–but the dress looks like a tent. The belt looks like it would be very forgiving–broad, long, and eminently adjustable. A misstep–a rare one, in my estimation.

  32. I had a baby in September, and come on, two months postpartum is the worst. You’re far enough out people expect you to be together but you’re not. Your body takes a beating. You feel and look sorta fat. You’re at your most tired. Especially as an older mother, which Meghan is. Yeah, she could have styled her hair more. Yeah, she has tons more resources than any of us do. No, I don’t feel particularly sorry for her taking a press beating because she does have so much more than all of us. But most of us would be thankful to look this good. I know I would.

  33. How nice to see a new mom looking like a woman who just had a baby and hasn’t had a full night’s sleep or a hot meal in months. Totally relatable, and how beautiful.
    She’s a confident woman with her priorities straight and a lovely family, I wish I had had such a role model after my babies were born. The pressure on new moms to “bounce back” can be crushing.

  34. Unfortunately, Meghan’s fashion style is usually a miss for me. I am all for comfort and not everything has to be fitted, but this just looks sloppy and the color unflattering. It is great to see the little family out and about together though!

    Note: Admin edit

  35. Wow. So many snarky comments when Meghan was pregnant about how she didn’t wear “maternity” looking dresses, and then when she does wear a loose-fitting dress, people don’t like that either! Can’t she be allowed to wear something comfortable? Who knows what her day was like before she had to go out to this event, and maybe this was what worked…She does not have to be red carpet ready 24×7. Surely she is allowed to still be Meghan and be a real person, not turn into some plastic version of herself just because she married Harry. I thought she looked happy and comfortable and that was fine by me…

  36. This is the first time I’ve felt uncomfortable with the comments on this site. Does Meghan always have to dress as if she’s on display in public? Is this a public or a private event? Perhaps some people think she has no right to privacy. I admire her independence of spirit that is allowing her body to take its time to revert to post-baby shape. If this dress was comfortable for her, who are we to say that this is just awful? Thank you to those who have been discreet, polite and kind, and even appreciative. Sections of the UK press have been shameful in their pillorying of her, including how she looked at this event. What a price to pay for falling in love with a royal!

  37. I love ‘bag fashion’ as I call it. I lived in South Korea several years ago and it was all the rage. It says: it’s not about your figure, even if you have a great one, it’s about the style. Granted, the picture with the belt is quite nice and I hope she wears that at some point, but for now I think, let her breathe. It’s a surprising look, for sure but I applaud the DoS for breaking away from a Duchess uniform!

  38. After the very limited christening photos, it is nice to see so many natural shots of the Cambridge and Sussex families. The dress that Meghan is wearing is not at all flattering. The colour is so drab, especially for summer and the shape has no definition. I find it odd that Meghan sometimes wore very tight maternity clothes, but now after the baby, she is wearing something so baggy.

    The dress does look somewhat better with the belt. Linen is a beautiful fabric to wear in summer. It breaths so well and therefore is cool. But one of linen’s greatest drawbacks is that it wrinkles terribly. Today is no exception. Between the colour, shapelessness and wrinkles, Meghan’s outfit is a huge miss.

    NOTE: admin edit

  39. I am sorry, but Meghan looks very unkempt in this outfit. I also don’t understand why she is hiding her body here when just a few days ago she was in skinny jeans at Wimbledon?! and looking very styled and put together.
    The dress is unflattering in all aspects…the colour, the baggy-ness, the lack of a belt.
    I feel terrible for leaving such a comment, but for a Duchess this is a big no ., even if it’s a family type of event and you are 2 months post partum. A nice sundress would have been perfectly acceptable for this event…

    • Rachel, I don’t think that The Duchess is “hiding her body”. I suspect that she just felt more comfortable without the belt during the warm weather and when cradling Archie. I would like to see the dress worn with the belt sometime as I really love the photos of the dress worn with the lovely, wide belt. There does seem to be a lot of fabric in the skirt though, and perhaps some could be removed so as not to swamp a petite person like The Duchess. I find this colour suits The Duchess very well. It’s not a colour that many people can wear.

    • As you said Rachel, exactly, she is 2 months post partum and how her body reactsto motherhood are unknown to us. In summer a baggy dress is probably a comfortable choice. Dressing for herself and for her baby is the best think a new mom could do to feel good.

      Note: Admin edit

    • I agree with you. I normally like her outfits and her post baby outfits have looked very nice so far. I wonder if Meghan took the belt off at the last minute. Maybe it would have looked better if it was several sizes smaller? I really do like her hair and love her sunglasses here though.

      NOTE: Admin Edit

  40. This was a sweet treat. A great day out for the entire family. Meghan looks great, but more importantly comfortable. Leaving the belt off turned this dress into a caftan which makes it ideal for dealing with a squiggling two month old.

  41. It’s lovely to see the family out and about and I hope they had a nice day. But.. From a style perspective, This is just awful. There is just nothing positive to say at all.


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