The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Attend Royal Ascot

The Duchess of Sussex wore Givenchy and Philip Treacy for her first day at Royal Ascot.

In this video you see Meghan, Harry, Sophie and Edward arriving by carriage.

One month ago today the Duke and Duchess were riding in one of these Landau carriages.

Today they were in the third carriage at Ascot.

Princess Anne accompanied HM, along with Prince Andrew and Lord Vestey, who holds the honorary title, “Master of the Horse.” The Queen’s ensemble by Angela Kelly was described by the Palace as “citrus yellow.”

This video from Simon Perry offers a wider view of the carriages.

More about the event from the Windsor government page:

Royal Ascot is a highlight of the summer social season and is certainly a must-attend event of the year and a quintessentially British day out.

Ascot Racecourse Click Photo to Visit Twitter Feed

Every day of the Royal Ascot meeting – from Tuesday to Saturday – is attended by The Queen and members of the royal family. The Queen is a dedicated racehorse owner and has attended every Royal Ascot during her reign.

Embed from Getty Images

The Queen and the royal party depart Windsor Castle in a fleet of cars and travel along the Long Walk into Windsor Great Park. They change from cars to horse-drawn Ascot Landaus then the royal procession makes its way down the Straight Mile of Ascot Racecourse. The royal procession is always an iconic moment to herald the start of every raceday and it has taken place every year since 1825.

Prince Charles enjoying a laugh with Meghan, Harry and the Duchess of Cornwall. 

Meghan and Harry awarded the trophy for the winner of the St. James’ Palace Stakes to jockey Frankie Dettori.

In this video, you can see how the dress moves.

Another view.
Embed from Getty Images
Now for what the Duchess wore, starting with her shirtdress-style frock by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy.

It buttons up the front, has buttons at the cuff, a handkerchief hem and back yoke. It also showcased what looks like applied lace at the waist.

Here you can better see that detailing.

A closer look at the Philip Treacy hat the Duchess wore today, the ‘Wave’ two-tone straw hat with feather and leather knot.

The piece is from the milliner’s spring/summer 2018 collection. The derby hat is described as a natural straw with a contrast overlay. It has a turkey feather and patent leather knot detail. It is secured to the head using an elastic band and wire ribbing.

More about the look from The Telegraph’s coverage:

Fitting in with the strict dress code of the Royal Enclosure, the Duchess’ colour scheme was reminiscent of the 1964 My Fair Lady film, in which a beautiful cockney flower seller mingles with high society at Ascot before being unmasked by her coarse shouts of encouragement at the horses.

Meghan was in a pair of black heels that very much look like the Givenchy Infinity Pump.

The shoe is a classic point-toe style with a 3-1/4″ heel. It is available in very limited sizing at Savannah (€250, about $290 at today’s exchange rates) and in one size only at Marissa ($650).

Our thanks to Michelle of Perth’s Fashion for identifying the shoe in the Infinity 100 style and Laura Of Solid Moonlight for suggesting the lower heel style. It was the lower heel with the lighter soles, particularly the inner portion of the heel, that was the key clue in identifying the correct style. You can just see the bottom of the shoe and heel in this photo of the Duchess.

She carried a Givenchy black satin minaudière

The hard-sided bag has an ornate clasp and a shoulder chain that is retractable.

Her belt is also Givenchy, although we have yet to find the exact piece. It features the brand’s Double G buckle in what appears to be brass/gold.

Meghan wore the earrings we believe she also wore to the McCorquodale wedding on Saturday, the Birks Pétale Gold & Diamond Stud style ($1495 CAD, roughly $1125 USD at today’s exchange rates).

The earrings are also available at Mappin and Webb, as well as at Goldsmith’s.

And if you are wondering about Meghan’s name tag….
Embed from Getty Images
Thoughts on today’s look from Edward Barsamian at Vogue:

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is embracing her life as a royal with grace and style.

Today’s ensemble featured a delicate floral motif and was cinched at the waist with a thin belt. A tonally coordinated box clutch and sensible heels were a nice complement to the crowning accessory: a Philip Treacy hat. After all, dressing for the races starts from the top down.

The Duchess’s hair was styled in an updo.

A series of images showing Meghan today via World Horse Racing.

One more view of Meghan today.


Also today, some quick calendar notes from our Meg Events page.

  • Kensington Palace confirmed the Duke and Duchess’s visit to Dublin, Ireland. They will be there Tuesday & Wednesday, July 10 and 11. The visit is at the request of Her Majesty’s Government.


We leave you with a piece of very happy news: Zara and Mike Tindall have a new baby girl! The  baby was born yesterday, weighing in at 9 lbs., 3 ozs.

No name has been announced yet, we will let you know when there is more information.



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  1. Just wanted to make a note that Meghan’s Indian actress friend, Priyanka Chopra, appeared to wear a Philip Treacy hat, in the same style but different color, to Harry and Meghan’s wedding. This is the friend that has recently been making headlines for getting engaged to Nick Jonas. Per some articles circulating the web, the newly engaged couple apparently visited Harry and Meghan while they were in England and Meghan is said to be happy and excited about the engagement. Is it possible that Meghan or her friend were inspired by one another to choose this style?

    • Hi – yes we had been discussing whether they were the opal earrings or the Petale earrings when we first saw the photos. Without hi-res images, we may never really know. The good thing is, we know she owns both. 🙂 – Susan C.

  2. I love the element of the unexpected in Meghan’s outfits. She doesn’t have a “look” that she repeats but rather a style, a way of being unafraid of fashion. It’s refreshing and fun! I agree that this hat is the perfect Ascot hat. And I adore this dress and would love to own it.

  3. I really like this look. Love, love, love the hat and the black and white theme. Happy to see an unmessy updo. The Duchess looks gorgeous in the dress. The soft fabric, lace details and the hi-lo hem elevate the shirtdress style. I wish the dress had a different collar (shawl, or notched). But that’s just me.

  4. Naive and honest question. Do the royal family have personal stylists and are they trained in the ways of royal decorum?

  5. I love the hat Meghan is wearing so please don’t misunderstand my comment. I don’t think it’s the right hat for her. I feel it should be worn by a taller person, such as Kate. To me, the hat seems to pull the DoS to the ground. Meghan looks so small next to Sophie in the carriage and to me it’s that hat that makes her shrink. I dont know a better way of saying it. I think the taller, saucer type hats (obviousally I’m an American, I don’t know any hat terms) are more flattering on Meghan. But I’d take this hat look over the one at the wedding last weekend!

  6. Oh no, not again! Meghan doesn’t seem to understand “royal” dressing for the occasion. Her hat is absolutely gorgeous, her hair is perfection, but then the dress…and the shoes…yikes! She has such a petite frame I wonder why does she insist on the flowing over sized bottoms and ill-fitting dresses? A fitted dress would have been so much more appropriate. Something like Sophie’s lovely pink/black dress. The braided black on the sleeve adds just the right amount of interest and detail without going over the top. Personally I am not a fan of the ‘high low’ type of hemline and Meghan seems to like them. Shoes, like other posters say, too formal for the dress.

  7. PS to my last comment. I love that Meghan wore a lower heel. In that sense she is more confident and does not feel the need to look taller all the time.

  8. I’m always interested in the psychology of why people choose their clothes. Megan definitely wants to fit in with her new place in an epic family. Her easy sophisticated style has swung far to the right and my guess is that as she settles in more of her own style will shine through. Hats do not particularly suit her so I thought this was a nice choice. But I agree that the belt was more trouser suited than for a dress. A belt made of the dress fabric would have been more sophisticated with a black or gold buckle and I agree black suade shoes. I think my biggest “what is that?” Is the hem of the dress….it looks like the points or ends are pulled up and tacked under. Don’t understand that at all and breaks the flow of the skirt and makes it look a little Disney princess like. But how fortunate we are to watch a beautiful person evolve. That takes courage! It has definately made me step out of my own style modus operandi to try some new things! Cheers!❤️

  9. Epic look! Love it! Head to toe! Amazing hat. Of course it mirrors the squared off hem and the trim mirrors the belt. Perfection!

    • There used to be a lot of this “She doesn’t know the rules” and “she’ll learn in time” stuff about the DoC, as well. There still is, to some extent, but it’s gotten better. I think some of that attitude, which I find to be a sort of kneejerk condescension, has transferred over to the DoS for now.

      I don’t like everything that either one of them wears, and I don’t have any problem with fashion critiques, but sometimes I do get tired of the assumption that when either Duchess something that’s not our taste, it’s because they don’t know any better or their own taste isn’t fully formed. These are grown women, approaching 40, who have been students and consumers of serious fashion much longer and at a higher level than, I daresay, most of us. It doesn’t mean they never make a misstep, but it does probably mean they don’t do so out of ignorance. Just my two cents.

      • Well said, Jessica! Not too long ago, the DoC was constantly criticized for wearing sledges and wedges and too much lace, then dressing too conservatively. Suddenly, “conservative” has become “royal” as the DoS, a less conventional dresser, has come on the scene. This attitude makes following the fashion choices of the two women tiresome instead of interesting and fun. Even better than the DoS’s clothing selection is the way she lights up the faces of the Queen and Prince Charles, who often look so glum.

        • Yes, yes, yes. I love following both of these blogs, but what is starting to drive me crazy is the “remaking” of nearly every outfit (too big, too small; black lace, not white; no belt, sash instead; different tights; different shoes; hat; no hat). It is interesting to me that people who really *do* know what they’re talking about (Vogue, Harpers, Vanity Fair, NY Times) in general like what she is doing. It must be said that the wedding look last weekend did not garner good reviews from these sources, but they were never cruel or insensitive; they had cogent remarks to make, based on knowledge, not opinion, and left it at that.

          • Ah, but this brings up the question: why should fashion blogs with a comments section exist at all? Should the comments be filtered so that only those that read as “knowledgeable” are published? Should commentary be restricted to the blogger? What happens if that blogger is simply an admiring fan, and not an expert? At the end of the day, the blogosphere is an egalitarian and, frankly, amateur population. I gently, gently, gently suggest that those wanting the informed, knowledgeable and trained fashion feedback on the ensembles of people of note who we admire should perhaps look to those sources for fashion feedback – but there will likely be little or no comments solicited. If there’s a desire to debate a look, these blogs are the place to go, but the downside risk is that those participating in the debate rarely have fashion credentials, and I doubt it will ever be regulated to the point of “only the informed should analyze”. For me, if the debate gets too heated, unkind, etc. I stick to the initial blog and skip the comments entirely, since I absolutely agree that they can be a bummer at times.

      • BRIT0728, I think I’m actually suggesting the opposite–that we acknowledge that, collectively, we are fans and royal-watchers and not fashion professionals with some kind of superior inside knowledge that overrides the Duchesses’ own. I really *love* the thoughtful critiques–and heaven knows I have felt free to say when an outfit is not my favorite–it’s just the “she doesn’t know what she’s doing” thing that is a pet peeve of mine, even when it’s framed in a way that the commenter feels is being kind. Not suggesting anyone change anything, really, or that the moderators do anything about it–just a little rant.

        • Brit0728, You expressed those thoughts so well. Yes, commentators do make numerous suggestions on how to improve a look. But we should all realize that any suggestion is just one person’s opinion. We all have a right to our opinion, as long as we present it with respect. I have not seen anyone attacking Meghan’s character or personality…only critiquing her outfits. To do that one does not need credentials from the top fashion houses of Europe, or be a fashion writer for a major publication.

  10. I loved this look. It fit her beautifully (I don’t understand all the critiques about how her clothes fit, they obviously fit how she wants them to and the slightly oversized look is very in style now), the dress moved really nicely when you see it in videos*, and the hat is stellar. I liked that she went with a simple dress with that hat, since you can tell she is still a little nervous in hats. And her low bun was perfectly slicked back, so the hair haters can’t complain!
    I like the suggestions of the lace in a contrasting color, but I think I also like how the lace is so understated and subtle.
    My one quibble is – I think the black and white is really classic and pretty – but I read another comment that made sense to me, about how pretty this would have been in navy instead of black. I think that may have lightened up the outfit and made it feel just a touch more summery.

    *The big fashion mistake I see Meghan making is wearing clothes that move beautifully and look really great when you watch video, but don’t necessarily photograph that well when she is sitting down. I like this one regardless, but it definitely looks better when she walks, and both her wedding dresses looked a lot better when she was moving – it took them from pretty and simple to “wow! she’s gorgeous!” so I don’t know if that is something we will just have to expect from her – that she will always look better in the videos of events than the still photos – or if she will find a happy medium between the two.

  11. Loved the hat, her hair and makeup, but surely at some point she has been measured by the designers making her clothes? Has she lost so much weight that their measurements are now wrong? Everything (except the outfit for Trooping the Colour) she has worn since the wedding seems to be too big, literally hanging off her. She has a beautiful figure, but it’s bring swamped by fabric. And her hosiery is still wrong. The matt tights may be a better match to her gorgeous skin tone, but look as if they’ve been picked up in the local supermarket in an emergency due to a run in her good ones! And they made (definitely the wrong ones for the outfit) probably very expensive court shoes look like they were picked up at the supermarket with the tights. I think the lovely dress would have been vastly improved by being just a little more form-fitting around the torso, and the belt and shoes not so harsh a contrast to the soft tone of the fabric.

  12. I honestly think that if that black belt had a black leather buckle, and if she’d unbuttoned one more button on the bodice and popped the collar a bit, it would have made a world of difference.
    She’ll get there!

  13. Great hat. Can’t believe the dress is by Givenchy. The handkerchief hem makes the dress look dated. Meghan would look best in sheath/shift dresses in my opinion – considering she is a rectangular body type.

  14. Ok, going WAY against the grain here to say that I don’t think the hat suits her. It’s hiding her face too much from some angles, and it just doesn’t flatter her in my opinion. I’ve also never been a fan of the shirtwaist style on anyone ever, it’s always looked aging to me. But she looks appropriate and the hemline saves it a little. I’d vote for a very skinny black patent leather belt.

  15. I agree with nearly everyone that the hat is lovely but the dress too casual. In some pictures, it even looks like the dress is not quite white. It’s a miss from neck down for me.

  16. I must be the only one – but at first glance the lace on the bodice of the dress read as wrinkles to me. It wasn’t until I saw the close ups that I noticed it was lace.

  17. The hat and hair…fabulous! But not with this dress. I can’t reconcile the stiff leather points on the hat with the lace of the dress! I feel like she loved the dress and loved the hat so decided to pair the two together with a too-heavy black belt and (I hate to say it) frumpy black shoes.

    • Have to agree. I’m 100% TeamMeghan and love my girl, but this doesn’t work. Very few women look good in shirt-dresses, and the few that do have longer waists. The fabric must be luscious, but she looks much better in structured dresses, which would work better with the hat. It also seems a tad casual and not that well-fitting. Soft fabric, hard belt — just no. The only time I’ve seen her look good in a soft dress was the exquisite Stella McCartney, but that’s because the draping was divine. That dress was designed to perfection on her body. But I’m so happy for her riding in on a carriage and enjoying this quintessentially British royal event, so I can’t complain. She looks so happy.

  18. The hair and hat is absolute perfection and I very much want to like the dress but can’t. Not a fan of that hemline on any dress but especially when it’s attached to what looks like a blouse for the office. And the shoes are for a funeral. I’m not sure what’s going on lately… I usually love Meghan’s style.

  19. The Duchess is s beautiful woman, but this ensemble leaves me underwhelmed. For me, the dress and hat seem to swallow her rather than frame her beauty.

  20. I have never coveted a hat before but I covet this one. That is a wow of a hat. I wonder if she’ll ever top it.
    And I was woefully wrong that Meghan and Givenchy couldn’t put a foot wrong. The dress fabric is too lightweight to keep up with that tremendous hat. Like others, I think black lace and a slimmer belt made of a coordinated fabric would have tied the whole look together better. But the handkerchief hem did add a note of welcome whimsy.

    • The only downside is that I fear he is suffering inside all that formalwear! And I bet his brother William is relishing not having to be similarly togged up 😉 They both wear this kind of thing very well. indeed.

  21. A great look for Ascot! Absolutely agree that the hat is “epic.” It is almost like a beautiful piece of architecture and it suits Meghan and this dress superbly. What I love best about the dress is the delightful surprise of the handkerchief hemline combined with the tailored shirtwaist bodice. I love handkerchief hemlines and have worn many over the years. They have all been cocktail/evening wear with spaghetti straps or sleeveless. So is anyone else as intrigued as I was by the combination of these two style elements?
    I agree with Elizamo that without the black belt the hat would be lost floating in a sea of cream. I think this dress is perfectly accessorized and a fun outfit to ware. Meghan looks a modern Duchess!

    • I think you’re so right about the unusual combination of hemline with the shirtwaist bodice, that must be what is giving the design extra energy and interest. The handkerchief edge, along with the drapey fabric, really takes this out of standard shirtwaister territory and into something special. Also the uneven hem helps someone shorter wear a midi length better. As I said earlier, Givenchy rules!!

  22. I love the idea of a shirt-dress, love the hat and especially love the shoes – they are not stilettos, and seem to be more appropriate for the event as Meghan had to walk down lawn, not tiles or asphalt. However overall look of the dress is not impressive, although it is appropriate and color is flattering. The most disappointing thing is the belt – for several reasons. Meghan is not tall enough to divide her torso in such a manner, the embroidery on the dress is a pretty romantic accent itself, and the belt on the opposite side adds some rigidness and interferes with the lace.. and finally it’s the second time Givenchy logo is so rudely inserted to the outfit. We all after all now who is the designer… I hope they have a finite number of dresses prepared in advance and then will see something new.

  23. I initially read the lace at the waist as bad creases. I agree with whoever suggested black lace instead, or a crisp white dress like the one she wore with the Queen (loved that one) with a black belt, to let that fabulous hat really sing. The black belt here is too harsh against the soft dress. Shoes are always tricky at Ascot with the grass, but not a fan of these. The hat though is amazing, and her hair is great with it. And her make-up, as always, is on point. I’m excited to see what she wears to RA in another 3 or 4 years once she has had time to learn.

  24. just gorgeous, elegant, simple, unfussy and makes a statement. This girl is really rocking her own style and unfortunately there are a group of negative nellies who for whatever reason will criticise. My personal choice for the day was Sophie. Again elegant, simple and gorgeous.

  25. Ugh! This look is awful. From a distance the lace work looks like creases. The shoes are practically office wear, and too heavy for the handkerchief hemline; and the branded belt and collared top is also more business than Royal Ascot, where one could really have fun. The hat is too formal for this style of dress. So another “miss” for me. It will be an interesting time watching Meghan’s style evolve, especially if she sticks with Givenchy – not a fan!

  26. Not a fan of this dress. From a distance and with the shoes, belt and the purse, it looks very much like something you might wear to the office. The delicate lace and hem of the dress seem at odds with the shirt dress style and the harsh black belt and shoes. Love the hat.

  27. Loved the hat but not the dress and shoes. The dress has too much and not enough–the embroidery, the handkerchief hem, the shirt style collar and buttons with the drapey fabric… Just a miss. The shoes are simply boring. She’s carrying her nametag instead of wearing it as everyone else is, which would be another point in the negative column for the dress being not quite right.

  28. Hat and hair – LOVE. But don’t think they work at all with this dress – a complete mismatch. And I don’t even like the dress itself on Meghan. IMO the lace reads as a wrinkle and the length overwhelms her. Belt all wrong and agree with the poster who called them ‘office shoes.’ If she’d worn a white sheath dress with sleeves to the elbow and a thin black belt – then swoon. And maybe carried gloves! But Meghan still looks beautiful and so charming.

    Thought so many members of the family looked great; Charles, the Queen, Harry and even Anne!

  29. It might just be the light in the pictures, but it almost looks like her hat is stark white and her dress is slightly off white? For some reason the colours are standing out to me as not quite meshing. Other than that I like both, and of course the hat just knocks it out of the park. I’m also not overwhelmed by her shoe choice, especially when she usually wears something so fantastic – but grass is hard and I personally wouldn’t wear suede when the grass could be damp. I also don’t think a strappy sandal would have worked, since she and the other women are wearing tights (hose). And as others have said, those stilettos are tricky and she quite literally just had an issue with them.

    • You’re right, Erika – I watched the trophy presentation video and there’s no question that the hat is black and white, and the dress is most definitely cream.

  30. Hat, hair, clutch, and makeup are perfection but the rest is disaster, baby. She look like she’s someone’s personal secretary who blew her budget on the hat. The dress is too casual; the belt is a weak attempt to add structure and instead makes it look cheap, and the shoes are a cry for help. Sorry. At least the Oscar de la Renta was a coherent look. I hope she’s not giving up!!! Don’t give up, Meghan! You can do it! We’re rooting for you and your awesome self!

    • Molly, you’re hilarious and agree 100%. Meghan is a goddess and I’m confident she’ll find her footing. But not in those shoes.

  31. Lovely and very flattering hat! Also liked the handkerchief hem on the shirtdress, which adds a modern twist to that classic style.

  32. I mean, she looks great. Like ElizaMo said, the hat is epic. (Such strong shades of My Fair Lady, in all the best ways. I want to say that she looks “loverly.”) THIS is what I mean when I say that I really want to see Meghan take that British hat tradition and put her own modernist spin on it (I guess I can’t really say that this is minimalist). So very, very well done.

    I like the dress a lot, too, especially the applied white lace detail, but I do agree with some that the hat and dress were maybe not the perfect marriage. Not tragic by any means, but the hat is serious and fierce, and the dress is kind of summery and easy, and there’s just a little bit of a mismatch there in my mind. I think the accessories are perfectly nice and well chosen–nothing to get super passionate about there one way or the other.

    I *am* so excited for more Givenchy collaborations; it really does seem like that’s in store for the future. My girls and I just re-watched Funny Face this weekend, partly in Meghan’s honor, and agreed that Meghan would look amazing in that entire wardrobe.

  33. The hat was great, amazing actually, but the dress and the accessories badly let it down. To echo the earlier contributor (but with a different slant) why spend thousands on a hat only to wear below it an outsize shirt with a black leather belt slung around it with office shoes and bag?. Mr Treacy must be weeping for his creation! The dress would have done for the visit to the Chelsea Flower Show or Wimbledon with pretty accessories and no hat. Ascot is the showcase for the prettiest most elegant in day wear. That hat and the event needs some serious tailoring to do them justice. It’s another miss for me. A disappointing misjudgement from the Sussex HQ.

    • I would imagine the thinking behind cream/white dress and black belt was simply to echo the same contrast in the hat. I think Meghan is making a play on ‘businesslike’ in a feminine way, as Brenda says, rocking the crispness of black and white.

    • I have to stop reading the comments section, I’m getting pushed into the “No Go” column, aargh! Bea Mc D, you make a very good point about Ascot being a showcase for fashion, and I was going to counter by saying that Eugenie’s ensemble was minimalist but fabulous too – but I looked again at both ensembles and yes, Eugenie’s has the structure and lines that are “major occasion”, and Meghan’s dress is more “easy, breezy” (though both hats are VERY Ascot). The suggestion that this dress would work for CFS and Wimbledon is great, hopefully she’ll bring this back in one of those venues, because I still do like the dress, it definitely has potential to be even more chic than here, especially if lawn isn’t involved.

  34. She is finding a right balance here between her desire to look relaxed (her natural style) with formality (new role). Dress is relaxed but more structured with a fantastic whimsical hat. I actually think she is rocking a 1930’s retro that is updated to be fresh and modern. Would have loved to see a more fashion forward spectator pump (which is really a backwards I guess) to complete the look versus Givenchy pumps. After the overwhelming negative press on her toile she played it safe so cannot fault her for that. A red lip would also have been he cherry on the sundae. A lovely set of pearl ear drops to continue the classy no? A sexy leather clutch under her arm too? Maybe in a cerise? Lots of room to grow and making great progress.

  35. I adore that hat! And I truly like the whole look, though I agree a different belt would have worked better. But the overall look makes me feel like she’s stepping out of an Agatha Christie novel (I mean that in a good way). It’s modern, and yet evokes a very vintage British lawn party style.

  36. Another pretty look for Meghan! The first pic I noticed was the hat and thought what a cool shape! And then from another angle it has that big mesh part. I like it. I hope we’ll see it again, it would be killer with a LBD. ?The dress looks cool and comfortable. I think the lace touches make it a little dressier. Curious, does anyone know how tall Meghan is? Im 5ft3 and feel like I cant pull off the midi dress without looking shorter but I really like this length on both her and Kate.

    • Meghan is 5’7″ and I feel like she pulls off the midi look beautifully – it makes me wish for a few more inches on my own height!

  37. Vast improvement from the wedding outfit this past weekend, not a fan of the shoes, however, stilettos and grass do not mix. Maybe after her “almost” fall she went too far to the other side. Live, love, love the hat, I wish we had more of a “hat culture” in the US. A backward baseball hat does not count.

    • I’m smiling here about the backward baseball hat that is a staple in many wardrobes in America. Yes, the British hats are marvellous, although nobody should think they are standard wear for every woman, every day. They are worn mostly be royalty and aristocrats at gala occasions. The average woman in the UK doesn’t often wear a hat unless going to a wedding, or she has the good fortune to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace. As for me, I am Canadian and our most frequently worn hat is a wool toque that we pull down over our ears in the brutal cold of our winters.

  38. For a day at the races, Megan was channelling Eliza Doolittle of My Fair Lady, in this black and white attire. I absolutely love Meghan’s hat. It is the most “statement” hat that she has worn thus far and shows that she has what it takes to make it work. The shirt dress has some wonderful elements to it…the material that falls so eloquently, the beautiful lace detail at the waist, the small self covered buttons, the interesting handkerchief hem. But I think the accessories, although fine in black, are too heavy for such a delicate dress. The black, leather belt with prominent, brass, logo buckle overpowers the pretty lace overlay. A self tie or structured belt in the white fabric would have worked better to my eyes. Also a softer looking, strappy shoe would better compliment this romantic dress. And I do wonder, if the dress would have had an even bigger impact, if the lace insert had been black.

    • I’m with you on the black lace idea, Bonnie – that would have been terrific! The shoes and belt did nothing for me, but the clutch and wonderful hat were winners. I like the dress, the hemline keeps the dress from looking too casual, though the bodice seems a touch businesslike for a fun, frothy outing like Royal Ascot. Minor points though, since her hair and makeup look lovely, and not a wrinkle in sight!

    • I’m puzzled by how some of you thing the outfit would work without the belt, for me it would cease to have definition and the fancy hat would float away on a sea of cream. I think a slim belt is necessary to balance out that striking spike on the hat, I think it could have been tad slimmer but it might have been impossible to do up then. I’m not sure black lace would tone in with complementing the hat.

      The shoes are just fine with me as the skirt is full enough and long enough to more or less shade them out and again I think they give necessary definition to such a skirt. I’d agree if the dress were shorter and just a plain shirtwaister the black accessories would be too much. It’s obviously just me but I find they work fine here. Love seeing all the different views here and mulling them over, I like being challenged!

      • I agree, ElizaMo, this dress needs a belt, and it needs to be a contrasting color – which today had to be black, and also must be skinny. But agree with others who felt this was not the one to choose. And oh my yes, if it was a straight-hemmed shirtwaister, it would have been a disappointment – there needed to be an Ascot-y element to it, and she accomplished it with the lace and hem (and hat!). Everyone has different tastes, we all like different looks, but I’m sure no one means to imply you’re wrong in what you liked – I’m sure I speak for most of us in saying that your posts are great to read here and on WKW. 🙂

      • ElizaMo, I and others didn’t say the dress doesn’t need a belt…only that it doesn’t need this belt. For me this black leather belt, with a prominent logo buckle is too heavy for such a delicate dress. As I said previously, I’d like to see a self tie, or structured belt in the same material as the dress. I do understand the reason you think it should be black. But perhaps a black belt in a satin, grosgrain, or velvet would just give a softer look. The stiff, leather belt is going through a field of white lace overlay and to my eye that is not a good balance. It is not as exaggerated as a black leather belt on a wedding gown, but I still don’t think it goes well with lace. I’d wear this belt with jeans, or a wool skirt, but not this dress that has such a soft and gentle look.
        As you say, ElizaMo, different opinions are fine and much of the time I agree with your ideas. Thankfully we always disagree in a civil and respectful way.

      • Thanks so much for your responses Brit0728 and Bonnie, I’m very sorry if I sounded like I was spoiling for a fight. I do love all the different views here and just wanted to ask if I could explore them a bit more. There’s certainly no right or wrong on the matter and both of you have helped me see where your objections lie, thank you. I get that the belt buckle might look clunky and the stiff leather on lace overlay might seem a shade off-key. I find your posts great to read as well, I attach no special value to my own. I do love Bonnie’s use of the word ‘eloquently’ to describe how that fabric falls!

        • Aha, ElizaMo, I just had a lightbulb moment! You feel that a black belt is necessary to create some definition and tie in with the hat. I feel that the black leather belt is too harsh against the lace and would prefer a belt in the same white material as the dress. So how about a compromise? The belt could perhaps be just a tad wider and be structured with the belt and the buckle in the white dress material AND running along the middle of the belt could be a ribbon of black…a black and white striped belt to compliment the black and white of the hat. Oh if Givenchy only had us on staff. 🙂

        • Bonnie, how kind of you to come back to me, I’d be mortified to think I’d gone and opened my big mouth and it all came wrong like I never meant it to! You are quite right, I was trying to say that the black lines of the hat were being echoed via the belt. It’s most diplomatic to suggest a compromise and I hope I’m not about to cast myself further out into no person’s land by asking; would it be ok if we both stuck to our preferred individual options?! I did think the belt Meghan wore is a teeny bit wide and I can understand that the buckle might seem intrusive to some, but I would think a white belt would be best served as per your original suggestions – either a tie belt or structured white – and who knows that we may not see Meghan follow your advice some day soon?!

          It’s a lovely dress and cries out to be seen again. I find its long lean line quite vintage 1940s, with even a touch of Wallis Simpson, though I’m wary of dropping that name on here. I suspect the feeling of dislike you get on seeing the black belt over the lacework is what I’m receiving as edgy and thereby acceptable. It’s good to be different and I thank you most kindly for your considerate discussion.

          • ElizaMo, you never overstep your boundaries or come across as overly forceful. It is good to be decisive and stick with your opinions, which are well thought out and valid. There are no right or wrong ideas on this blog, ever. We all have different styles and tolerance of diversity is vital in all walks of life. We shall agree to disagree with the utmost respect for each other. And isn’t Susan kind to let us dialogue away about this? As for Wallis, well tolerance is needed for her also. If nothing else, she brought an element of excitement and drama to the British Royal Family. In today’s world, with an evolved society, she might have been accepted

  39. Hmmm so there are things I like and dislike about this outfit.
    Things I like:
    1) The hat! This is probably my favorite Philip Treacy hat I’ve ever seen (and there are a lot of good ones) and my favorite Meghan has ever worn. She is rocking the heck out of it! Great seeing her embrace crazy British hatwear.
    2) The flowiness of the dress. I like the idea of the “Tinkerbell” hemline (I don’t actually know what that style is called)
    3) The color looks great on Meghan.
    4) Her hair looks great! No one can harp on the messy bun.
    What I don’t like/am iffy about:
    1) The belt. I know Meghan wore the belt to give herself a waistline sine the dress is loose and hides it. But I don’t know if I like this belt on her or with this dress?
    2) The shirtdress aspect. Shirtdresses tend to be shorter and I am not a fan. I always think women who wear them look like they forgot to wear pants. Obviously the length of this dress is fine but I don’t like the buttons running down all the way (a look I don’t like in general). It just gives the dress a more casual vibe. I think if only the top had buttons I’d be okay with it, not the entire skirt of the dress.
    3) I feel like it’s still too much fabric (the skirt part) for her slender frame?
    So I’m half and half, don’t hate it, don’t love it.

  40. I would love to know what the fabric of this dress is — I don’t think I’ve seen it noted anywhere. The lace on the bodice does make it more formal and I don’t mind a more casual style – i.e., shirtwaist – in a dressier fabric. But I do think the whole look would have been improved immeasurably by a suede belt — perhaps in a charcoal gray — and suede heels. The black leather is too jarring and doesn’t seem to go with the lightness of the fabric of the dress. I couldn’t love the hat more — I’m so happy to see Meghan embrace the idea of an honest-to-goodness hat, and who better than Philip Treacy to do the honors? For once I can say I loved her hair and I would hope that she would realize that not having to play with it constantly to keep it out of her face is actually preferable and makes life so much easier! I think it’s possible that she is seeing how flattering that general shape of a hat is for her face, especially with the side chignon, and will build on her collection. Overall, it’s definitely in my top three looks she’s ever worn. Not perfect, but she’s getting there!!

    • I’d love to know more about that fabric too, it can’t involve much in the way or silk or viscose as Meghan has just emerged from being seated in a coach with barely a crease to be seen! I’m assuming a synthetic mix but of course designer bods can get their hands on some amazing synthetics these days which have all the comfort of silk or linen without the creasing drawbacks.

      • It also moved beautifully, which is probably a combination of the material and the cut (that hemline will allow for more movement and flow.)

  41. The hat was fantastic. This is why you go to Philip Treacy (and spend $1,500 or more). With a hat like this, you want an understated dress. Meghan certainly accomplished that. I understand the criticism of the belt, and I could see a white self-belt, perhaps trimmed in the embroidery. However, I do like the crispness of black and white for the races. It’s a nod to the Ascot Gavotte scene in the film version of My Fair Lady, as designed by Cecil Beaton. The hemline was just a little long, but long hems are on trend, and Meghan seems to like them. Also, Ascot is a long sit/stand. You want to be comfortable. This is a modified win for me.

    • Brenda – when you said “comfort” that’s exactly what I was thinking – she would want to feel/be comfortable. I did not check the weather today. It’s 85 where I am today. So yes, I believe that Meghan is thinking in terms of what she feels comfortable in – what any one of us would feel comfortable in first and foremost. I love the My Fair Lady references as well in these comments. 🙂 Classic. – SAC

  42. Oh dear, once again. From the neck up she looks fantastic, the hat is major and I love the sleek hairstyle. And of course she’s a beautiful woman. But the dress is unflattering and too casual for both the hat and the occasion. So close, but so far.

    • Yes – from the neck up, this is completely divine.
      I wonder if she bought the hat first and then tried to find a dress to go with it? I don’t think this was the right choice. The whites don’t match and the belt is too structured.

  43. Gorgeous!! She knocked another one out of the ballpark! Fantastic and stunning. She looks great and so so chic.

    Cheers to the Tindalls on their new baby girl but omg that birth announcement makes me sick. “Mrs. Michael Tindall delivered a baby girl.” Mrs. Michael? How archaic and sexist can that announcement be?? I appreciate royal traditions but they need to be updated with the times so that women aren’t completely erased in favor of their husband’s names.

    • That is standard though. For Kate the announcements were “the duchess of Cambridge” which is just the feminine of her husband’s title. I don think her first name was included at all.

  44. And I’ll third this. EPIC HAT. This is exactly the style I was hoping Kate to embrace: effortlessly chic, elegant and yet with a modern twist. Thanks goodness we can move on from the Oscar de la Renta and admire this masterpiece. I, for one, love the lacework design because it adds sophistication to a dress that might have looked plain without. Everything works together to perfection, and the black and white look totally works with Harry’s elegant outfit. How cute it is to see Charles laugh at something Meghan says. She looks like a lot of fun to be with.

    • Also, I live in France and was Googling Amiens to see if I can go there in August. French sources say Harry and Meghan will be there on August 8… Since I want to plan a trip, I’ll keep a close eye on the exat date(s). Since the commemoration of the Amiens battle lasts from 8 to 11.

  45. I let out an audible shriek this morning when I first saw pictures. I’ve been eyeing this hat as a possibility for Meghan for weeks and she looks absolutely perfect in it. Would love to see her continue in this direction hat-wise.

    I think that this dress is a perfect example of how to pull off a flowy look without drowning in it like she was on Saturday, and I love the lace detailing near the waist. The fabric looks absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t mind a more delicate (and un-branded) belt and slightly more tailored shoulders, but those are pretty minor things for me. A stunning look overall!

    I know this isn’t “What QEII Wore,” but she looks particularly phenomenal today. It’s a huge treat whenever she wears yellow, and I love the blue accents.

  46. I completely agree, and especially loved your use of the word “mischief” for the hat. I have no idea why people are up in arms about this being too casual, or out of sync with the Royal Enclosure rules. It is completely in line with them.

  47. Love, love, love Meghan’s look! How cool to combine the traditional lines of the classic shirtdress with the flirty, unexpected hemline. And as ELIZAMO said, “Epic hat.” A win for Meghan at Ascot!

  48. At first glance I liked the dress, but the more I look I am unsure. I’m not sure it’s in keeping with what the other women are wearing – that is, quite structured pieces. The shirt dress here feels almost too casual. I also don’t think that Meghan suits these looser styles, being so petite in size; she looked much better in the tailored dress by Givenchy which she wore out with the Queen. In regards to accessories, Ana’s comment above hits the nail on the head – the belt, in particular, is too harsh to complement the lightness of the dress. I do, however, think that Meghan’s hat is exquisite, and her hair looks lovely.

    • Darn – I’m waffling a bit on the dress too, ha! I really like the handkerchief hem, delicate covered buttons, and lace balancing out the business-like collar, but the sleeves end up being a conundrum – standard wrist-length would tip the balance too far toward office attire, but this quasi-bracelet-length is a bit wonky with the classic cuff finish. Still, she looks very nice today!

  49. I think this is a win. Dress is lovely, hat is gorgeous and she carries it off well. Meghan has only been subjected to this type of scrutiny for the past four weeks and it is not really very fair. Her former stylist lives in Toronto and will not be familiar with British designers so understandbly she is sticking at present to designers she is familiar and comfortable with. At least she is sticking to her style but is ramping it up now she needs to and it will take a while for her to find her feet. She is intelligent and will incorporate more British designers you will find as she is exposed to them more. Unlike us,she has the resources to experiment with her look.

  50. Epic hat. It has poise, mischief, dignity and femininity all combined. It looks like Meghan got the memo about hat embellishment. This is a Treacy masterpiece with its sensuous curves, piercing contrast spikes and cunning use of stiff dark trim suggestive of a traditional veil. The black base under the cream top is a masterstroke; the man is a magician.
    And the finishing touch of a smooth, secure updo. Bliss. And then the dress, the heavenly dress, with its insanely wonderful drape transforming a standard shirtwaister into a thing of fluid poetry, showcasing Meghan’s slender frame. The deep asymmetry on the hem is a neat Meghan twist. I’m only surprised at the lacework detail, simply because I’m used to thinking of Meghan as going all-out for sleek and chic, but it is a classic regal touch and blends into the outfit, complementing the delicate long row of small buttons
    And the whole thing worked in black and white too. With design as superb as this I hardly miss colour though I hope it might be held in reserve as a future treat to explore. Black accessories are perfect by being kept small scale, neat clutch, slim belt and black pumps balanced by the elegant midi-length.
    Last weekend, it seems, is history. Givenchy rules.

    • I so fully agree about the hat. The American in me just doesn’t get the British hat thing and usually it’s a part of the outfit that I have to kinda ignore in order to appreciate the outfit, but this hat MAKES the outfit! It’s one of the very few hats that I actually like.

      • The British hat thing is pretty crazy, I agree. I think much of it here must stem from respect for the Queen as she has always worn them in distinctive shapes with all manner of decoration. It’s kind of old-fashioned but but I think there’s respect simply for how long she has stuck to her post in her own style.

        • I was reading the comments and got a few sentences in and scrolled back up to check…yep, it’s ElizaMo! I love reading your comments. Interesting, fun, witty turns of phrase. Keep it up, it’s a highlight.

          As for Meghan’s outfit I feel the same as you. Love the hat and the hairstyle today.

  51. When I saw the first pictures of Meghan from the waist up, I thought this look was a complete win. However, once the full-length images came out I realized it was all wrong in the execution, once again. The dress by itself is absolutely gorgeous and this shade of white goes so well with Meghan’s complexion. However, the accessories really hurt the overall look— the belt being the most major reason. The dress is delicate with the exquisite embroidery and the leather and metal belt is just so different in style and tone. It does not belong on this dress at all! Also, because Meghan doesn’t have as defined of a waist, this style just emphasizes that fact. If she wanted to have a more structured outfit, she should have asked Givenchy to use a different fabric (or possibly create a similar, but different look altogether). I can’t help but notice how everyone else is in more “structured” dresses or coats, and this makes Meghan look like she’s wearing a shirtdress… which she is. The clutch and hat are alright, but I personally would have gone with something a bit “softer,” maybe caramel (like Kate did in the Epsom Derby), gray or navy. My final complaint 😉 are the shoes!! This dress deserves suede, not black leather. I think Meghan tried to combine a very elegant and sensual dress with harsh accessories, and it didn’t quite work.

    • I had the opposite reaction! When I first saw it from the waist up, I thought it looked too plain and office-like, but once I saw the full ensemble, I loved it! The hat is wonderful, I adore the lace on the dress, and I think Meghan has always slayed when it comes to choosing purses. She looks elegant and beautiful. A perfect look.

      On a side note, isn’t Camilla ever hot? She always wears these thick coat dresses and today she is wearing gloves too. Seems like a heavy outfit for June!

    • I could have written this myself in every respect.
      I particularly dislike the choice of shoe. Not only is it my least favorite silhouette in any material but this black leather model? No. Don’t even get me started on the belt.
      I will give her cudos for goongbsll out of the hat. If you can’t do that at Ascot where can you? A sleeker silhouette with have made that hat star of the show; instead hat and dress are in competition for which ones bigger.

      • For a woman who has brought out some killer heels since her engagement, it’s a bit sad to see these nearly nondescript pumps at this event…come on Meghan, we all know you have a stocked shoe closet, you can do better than this pair!

        • I’m thinking this time perhaps, because of the grass and all – she went with the simple black pumps. Just my two cents on that – 🙂 – SAC

          • Considering she almost had a spill on grass at that wedding, she may have decided for something safer on grass today.

    • That belt is all wrong! The belt is on top of the beautiful lace accents. If she wanted a belt, then a belt from the dress fabric would have been a better option. I also do not like that the white on the hat is whiter than the off white if the dress, either match the whites exactly or don’t do it. I would have preferred a dress without a button front, that seems casual for this event. The hat has leather accents so I think she tried to pull that in with the belt and shoes.

  52. What a lovely look for Ascot! I have long been a fan of shirt dresses, and this one is especially beautiful with the lace at the waist. I like the black accessories and especially love the stunning hat–one of my favorites I’ve seen from any royal. Two thumbs up!

  53. The ” shirt” style seems a bit casual and out of line with the fabric and decoration on it. The hat also seems ” out of sync” with the dress. It does fit well in comparison to previous outfits though. What a lot she is having to take on board though…..and managing to look calm and confident.

    • Agree! I think it’s the shirt-collar and yoke across the shoulders that is so “jarring”. Perhaps a fit & flare day-dress with plain rounded neck and black lace instead of white, would have worked better? The other thing, hasn’t anyone else noticed that her shoes nearly always look too big for her? You can often see quite a large gap between the shoe and her heel?!


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