Meghan Wears Prada for Queen’s Young Leaders Reception

The Duchess of Sussex wore a Prada suit for tonight’s Queen’s Young Leaders Awards ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Harry and Meghan joined HM at the event. Below, the Queen greeting guests.

Here is a video from Hello! magazine’s Emily Nash; it gives you a sense of how Meghan’s skirt moves.

The @QueensLeaders award winners arrive in the ballroom:

More about the program from the Young Leaders website:

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, in partnership with Comic Relief and The Royal Commonwealth Society, launched The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme in 2014 at Buckingham Palace.

In 2014 a search was launched to find exceptional young people to receive the first ever Queen’s Young Leaders Awards. Hundreds of applications flooded in from incredible young people all dedicated to making lasting change in their community and beyond. The Programme is now in its fourth and final year and has formed a unique community of 240 influential change-makers, who represent 53 Commonwealth countries.

Others at the event included David Beckham. More from Marie Claire:

Though it’s Meghan’s first time at the event, Beckham attended in 2015 and 2016 to present an award to the young leaders. He didn’t present tonight, but he still showed his support.

As well as Olympic Gold Medalist (boxing) Nicola Adams.

Below, the Duchess, the Duke and HM at today’s event.

Prince Harry addressed the group.

From Harry’s remarks via People‘s story:

“I guess you can say you’re stuck with me. I, together with my wife Meghan, look forward to convening young people from around the Commonwealth to hear your ideas, work with you to build platforms for you to collaborate and form partnerships, and continue to meet with many of you as we travel around in our work on behalf of the royal family.”

HM then presented the awards. This is Elizabeth Kasujja of Uganda receiving her award. 

Earlier, she tweeted a photo as she and other winners arrived at the Palace.

Here is a look at one of the awards.

Another recipient.

A group photo.

The Duke and Duchess spent time with award winners after the presentation.

Another view.

Kensington Palace advised the royal press that the Duchess was wearing Prada. We’ve not yet found any designs that resemble Meghan’s outfit. The ensemble features a double-breasted jacket with short sleeves, bateau neckline, and matching belt.

The skirt has an asymmetrical hemline, with a draped element on the right side.

More about Meghan’s choice of brand today in a story from The Telegraph’s senior fashion editor, Charlie Gowans-Eglinton :

Prada is an Italian fashion house that dates back to 1913, and one of the main players at Milan fashion week. While Meghan’s choice was classic, the AW18 collection focused on black nylon and rave-inspired sportswear: this is an agenda-setting brand that dictates trends, rather than following them.

The suit has been described as blush pink, taupe, and other colors. It is very difficult to tell precisely what color it is from the photos and video we have seen.

Meghan was in a new pair of shoes by Aquazzura.

The Deneuve Bow Pointy Toe Pump is suede with cutouts on the side, a bow at the back and a 4″ heel. The style is available at Nordstrom ($750). Our thanks to Laura (@Japanese_Ginger) for another fab ID.

Meghan carried her Prada Saffiano Clutch today. The bag is leather, with a detachable chain; it measures 9″ x 4″ and is available at Neiman Marcus ($1690).  We first saw the Duchess carry the bag at the Endeavour Awards in February.

Meghan’s earrings are the Parisienne Carrousel in pink gold from Vanessa Tugendhaft and retail for 1,180 € (about $1377 USD at today’s exchange rates).

The Duchess did wear the still-unidentified cross bracelet first noted in Birmingham.

And our graphic showing the rest of what Meghan wore for today’s reception.

Here is a quick video the Royal Family posted on Instagram from this evening.

And here is today’s entire 40-minute awards program.


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  1. Everyone keeps saying the tailoring is off, but it’s NOT. People seem to forget a person’s natural body shape when it comes to clothing. Meghan has a short, thick, rectangular torso, with long, skinny arms and legs. She’s always going to look like she didn’t get her bodice tailored, because her waist is wide and thick compared to the rest of her body.

    I didn’t love this outfit. The top seems too old-fashioned, while the skirt is modern with the asymmetrical lines. The color also washes her out. I think she looks better with warmer colors.

  2. I find the more I look at this ensemble, the more I like it. I think the tailoring is really quite wonderful and the fit is perfect. I LOVE the side sweep/gather on the skirt and think it adds an interesting dimension. I think this outfit would be beautiful in Navy. I keep seeing comments that the fit/tailoring must be off because of gathers/bunching etc at times in Meghan’s clothing but this is quite normal. I think we get used to seeing advertisements of clothing or retailors websites that have all been photoshopped to remove any wrinkle or movement of the clothing. I remember when I was getting my wedding dress fitted I kept fussing about a small gather at the waist that wouldn’t lay perfectly flat and the tailor explained to me that given the fabric and style of the dress it just wasn’t possible to expect the dress to lay perfectly flat at all times. It was a good reminder that edited images can really warp our expectations!

  3. Like some other posters, I thought the makeup was overly strong, especially the blush and/or bronzer. But I’ve felt that ever since the first post-wedding appearance (Prince Charles’ garden party), Meghan has begun using a darker foundation or more contour or more bronzer. Not sure why as the previous light touch was so fresh and appealing.
    The outfit is pretty dull unfortunately, and I am increasingly surprised at the repeated use of the boat neckline. It suggests a lack of imagination which is odd given the range she displayed prior to the wedding. It may be, as others have speculated, that she wants to project a more conservative image in the short term until she finds her feet in the new role. Her family’s ongoing bids for publicity could also encouraging her to play it very safe in terms of her choices for public appearances.

  4. I think the DoS looks fine in the outfit but not amazing. I wish she would change colors and necklines more often. There are many spring/summer colors that would look wonderful on the Dutchess. This neckline has been worn many times by the Dutchess and I feel a change is needed.

  5. 2 hits : her shoes and her hair
    misses : the fit, the colour, the up/down hemline
    I do not understand why Meghan’s clothes are not tailored properly. Sure, they may be Givenchy or Prada,but that does not guarantee a proper fit, nor does that mean one foregoes a tailor. I don’t think her weight fluctuates that much. I can appreciate Meghan’s love of fashion and taking risks, but her choices are just not that great.
    I truly want to like her choices, but I have yet to see a full outfit that’s well put together from head to toe.

  6. Q for fashionistas, about fit… Meghan clearly knows clothes, and has access to the best, as does Kate. (I don’t see a problem with fit of her clothes myself). My question: Kate, and now Meghan, buy clothes well in advance of events, no doubt with custom tailoring. But after they’ve got it, It must be so very very difficult to stay Exactly Exactly the same size! I’m guessing they can get last-minute adjustments, but still!! Any fashionistas care to weigh in on the rigors of staying the same size?

  7. The only real problem I have with the outfit is the asymmetrical draped skirt. It would have looked so much better to just go with a straight hem, perhaps a pencil skirt. And the shoes, I think, were not appropriate. However, Meghan does, as always, look lovely. One thing I see in Meghan is that she likes a bit of flair. I expect to see this trait in most of her outfits in the future. She likes a spot of drama, just a drop of the unexpected, while still trying to abide within the rules. I don’t expect her to ever hold too tight to the standard classic dress code that Kate does. I could be wrong, but this is what I suspect — and it will be interesting to watch!

    • I’m so glad that you posted that. It describes what I was trying to articulate as my pet peeve a couple of posts ago.

  8. While I’d prefer a straight skirt, I confess I really love everything else about this look. Personally, I’m glad she doesn’t wear things skin tight, but I do understand that this isn’t the standard way to wear such things. I usually think, about anyone in the tight look; “She looks great, but doesn’t look comfortable.” Megan does look comfortable! And I continue to love her taste for small, beautiful earrings.

  9. This look is a big win for the Duchess. The it’s very pretty and flattering as well as professional and appropriate. The shoe is simply outstanding with that bow detail.

  10. I’m calling this look a 8.5/10. I’m honestly surprised at the comments saying that the fit of the jacket is too loose.I think it is tailored to her frame perfectly and you can see that especially in the photos where she is sitting down. Any tighter and the buttons would be pulling across her chest while sitting. I agree with the other commentors that perhaps the viewer perception of what “fits” may be slightly distorted, especially when jackets are involved. I personally would have preferred if the jacket was absent of the buttons – a simple hidden size zip would have been lovely – but I think the belt is absolutely necessary to keep the garment close to her slender frame. Those shoes are gorgeous and I think the bow adds a cute, feminine detail to what would otherwise be a simple style. The Duchess seems keen to mix structured and flowy elements, as we saw with her green dress with the structured blazer as well as with her Royal Ascot structured shirt dress with the handkerchief hemline. I see the skirt hem as a continuation of that mix of styles. Regarding the comments about her love of neutrals, all I can think about it is that she knows what works on her and is probably playing it safe until she gets more comfortable in the magnitude of her new life in the public eye. I look forward to continuing to see the DoS’s style evolution in her new role and reading all of the interesting opinions on it!

  11. Would love to see this outfit with a pencil skirt instead of the flared one. It would then balance the top portion of the outfit. Seems many of her outfits are heading towards 50’s couture. Very feminine…..but abit old fashioned.

  12. Meghan is always going to be understated when in the presence of the Queen. Her job is not to outshine the Queen nor the guests. But because she obviously enjoys shoes she has fabulous taste in shoes and she wares them well. Her shoes only play a supporting roll to what ever she is wareing at the time but they are an expression of her fashion. I think she was most appropriately dressed for the occasion and I liked the Prada she wore. The asymetrical hem was wonderful fashion statement but also understated as well.

  13. I love reading everyone’s comments, I feel like I learn so much. My comment is not about the outfit as much as it is the way the DoS is sitting in the group photo. Everyone else’s legs look so natural and hers are so slanted. I know about the “Duchess Slant” but it actually looks as though her legs are crossed, then slanted. It’s very jarring. I wonder if she will notice too?

  14. I enjoy this look on her a lot and like it more than any of her recent outfits. To me, this is more tailored and looks better than her previous looks. I think her hair is fabulous– love the part off to the side. I like that she has a bit more makeup on, and she looks beautiful. And. . . I love her accessories and jewelry. For me, this look is a total win!

  15. I think she looks wonderful. My one issue is that I think the belt and buttons together are a little busy, but when she is sitting down you cant notice that. I also am not a fan of buttons like this in general but I think here it does add some interest to the dress. I love the cut of the skirt. I think a simple pencil skirt also would have looked nice but I think this hemline provides interest and movement and makes the look a bit fancier. Those earrings are very pretty. Meghan’s jewelry style definitely seems to be understated and classic.

    I am ready to see her in more color but I wonder if she feels that since all her post wedding events have been with either the Queen or Prince Charles and have been events where she is not the main attendee (like they were not engagements arranged for her, or tonight the queen is hosting, not harry and her) she goes out of her way to dress in more muted colors.

    I love the shoes. Love love love them. They add interest and a touch of “vamp,” if you will, to the overall look. I was getting worried we were going to see Meghan in boring heels for the rest of her days. No need to worry!

    • Becky, as you suggest, perhaps Meghan is wearing muted colours so as not to stand out, when others are meant to shine. Her constant repeat of cream and blush, however, is getting mundane. Meghan could wear a soft blue, light yellow, mint green, aqua, mauve, peach, grey…muted colours but offering more variety.

  16. This look is by no means terrible, but I think that the dress (or separates?) could be vastly improved. I completely agree with everyone who suggested that the dress has too many competing design elements, and the only ones that really stand out to me are the neckline and shoulder seaming. Removing the buttons and replacing the full, asymmetric skirt with a sleek, knee-length pencil skirt and maybe adding a contrasting belt would make for a 8-9/10 outfit, in my opinion. I do really love the interesting shoes and contrasting accessories. I’m getting a little bit tired of the blush pink that Meghan has now worn three times in just over a month, and at this point would be thrilled to see her in anything else. She’s shown in the past that she’s comfortable with and skilled at taking risks with color (the outfit from a few months ago with the green skirt and orange-y heels was superb) and I wish that we were seeing more of that. I know that I’m more comfortable with more of a wintery color scheme (burgundies, reds, darker blues and greens, and neutrals) and sometimes struggle with more springy/summery outfits, so I almost wonder if Meghan isn’t going through some of that and defaulting to blush and cream.

    I’m also a little bit confused about the general dress code for this event. Most of the award recipients appear to be wearing evening/cocktail attire and the event seems to have taken place in the evening, yet HM and Meghan are very much wearing daytime dresses. To be completely honest, it’s a little disappointing seeing Meghan in a mash-up of what she wore to Trooping the Color and Ascot and the Queen in the same style of dress she wears to nearly every daytime event next to all of the guests decked out in incredible evening clothes. I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how that happened–was the dress code communicated to guests poorly? Was it intentional? Is this a (very) rare gaffe by the Queen? I’ve definitely seen royals overdressed in comparison to guests at similar receptions, but never underdressed, and I would be curious to hear others’ thoughts.

    • Ellis, I also was confused by the mix of evening wear and daytime looks. Harry, David Beckham and most of the men seem to be in daytime suits, not formal wear. Nicola Adams and other women are wearing business/daytime attire. It seems to me, that the female awards recipients were the ones in gowns, or dressy outfits from their respective countries. Perhaps the female recipients collectively agreed to come in finery, or else they were told they could be as formal as they wished. It was their evening to shine! But I do agree with you, that the overall look of the event, as far as dress goes, is rather eclectic.

  17. I really wanted to like it but I have the same thoughts as most of the others…just too much. Off shoulder, double breasted, large buttons, belt, asymmetrical skirt, flowing skirt, details on the shoes.
    Would have loved the top with a straight skirt, would have loved the shirt with a plain blouse or sweater/jumper. I feel like she’s trying too hard, too many detailed pieces, too much hair, too much makeup. I appreciate that she’s trying new things.

  18. Although I am usually sensitive to too much going on, I didn’t feel that way about Meghan’s outfit. I think cream and blush pink must be her summer neutrals, as black and navy were in the winter. I love the shoes and jewelry, and don’t feel that the suit needs to be more form fitting. She looks elegant and beautiful. I wish her Trooping the Color outfit had this neckline and sleeve.

  19. Once again the DoS is so close but still so far from the perfect look. The execution of outfits continues to let her down. In this case for me it is the asymmetrical nature of skirt that completely ruins the look, a simple A-line or pencil skirt would have elevated this outfit. In addition we have the too big shoes, pantyhose that are an entirely different shade to her arms (or at least photograph that way) and the heavy handed makeup…yikes!
    I do have positives though – I love the colour of the outfit, it suits her complexion perfectly and I really like the top, the button details are divine. Oh, and her hair looks gorgeous today!

  20. I’m starting to wonder if Meghan thought she might be pregnant at this point and ordered clothes in a size up just in case? Other than trooping and her engagement with the Queen, everything thing she’s been photographed in has been baggy.

    My favorite part of this ensemble was the shoes, I love that she picks interesting shoes.

    • No, that bracelet, the cross is much smaller than the cross on the bracelet that Meghan is wearing. The dimensions of the Vanessa Tugendhaft cross is shown on the site as well the model wearing the bracelet gives a visual idea of how small the cross actually is in comparison as well.

      • Ahhhh. Well, I figured it unlikely that anyone would have gotten ahead of you on that id, just thought I would share!

        • Thanks Danielle for sharing either way! We really do appreciate it! You never know – sometimes we are so busy we do miss things. 😉 I should’ve said that last night when I replied to you. Running on full speed all of the time and sometimes with not much fuel left by the end of the day! 🙂 – Susan C.

  21. Her hair looks absolutely lovely tonight and I’m one of the few that likes the increased makeup for a night event, as much as I love her usual natural look. I think the outfit is lovely — she loves that neckline as do I, and I think the color is beautiful on her. I think the three blush or white outfits in a row is simply because all three events were with the Queen and she’s taking the directive to not stand out seriously. Her next event with Harry and without Her Majesty will surely involve a different colored outfit. I need to see more of the skirt to make an assessment, but I love the concept of asymmetrical :). Unusual with a double-breasted jacket but it seems to work here. I agree the belt may not be necessary but it doesn’t bother me. I think the whole look is polished and lovely.

  22. She did it again. Elegant and classy outfit, pretty hair and makeup.. those shoes are adorable but WAY out of my budget! She must have a closet full of things in this color family of blush/nudes but hey it works!

  23. I’m surprised to find myself saying this, since I usually agree with most of the posts, but I like this very much. The buttons, side skirt, and belt *could* be too much, but in the soft color and lovely, rich Prada fabric I think it works. And I love the detail on the shoes. My only quibble, and here I do agree with the other posters, is that it’s remarkably similar in color and overall look to her other recent outings. It will be interesting to see what HRH chooses when she is next not in the presence of The Queen. Perhaps she will wear something brighter?

  24. The garden party ensemble and this one are the best I’ve seen for Meghan. I agree clothes should be better tailored.

  25. Meghan looks radiant and I guess it’s appropriate to wear more makeup to these formal events, but I so prefer her natural beauty without the heavy eyeliner and blush. She looks happy. Maybe because I’m American and from the west but I also prefer her hair more natural and not with the curls. But again, for such formal events, that might be appropriate. The outfit is beautiful. She looks beautiful in everything.

    • For those that thought Meghan was wearing more makeup today, in some photos it appeared that way, however, she wasn’t wearing anymore makeup than she was at Trooping, Ascot, the Garden Party or Cheshire with the Queen. I have now looked at several more photos of Meghan, close up, from today in various lighting and she looks no different. I only noticed when the flash was going off in some of the images the shimmer in the highlighter she wears causes more contrast. It’s why I like to wear less highlighter and tend to go with a more “matte” finish when I know I’m going to be photographed for an event, party, etc. I learned this years ago from some great top makeup artists. 😉 If I can grab some photos from our agencies to use, I will try, otherwise, I will provide some links. – Susan C.

      • thanks Susan.

        Even in this post, when you look at the pictures of her at the actual reception, talking to the guests, and walking into the reception (when presumably there was more flash photography) you can see the difference and see how she is not wearing as much makeup as it appears in the latter photo.

    • If Meghan’s hair was to be “more natural” it would be very curly. She has had her hair straightened and then added back some curl.

  26. These shoes are adorable! I like the flirty touch of the bow. They are not walking shoes, but in my experience, a good design goes a long way in a higher heel. For me, it helps to have a strap to secure the shoe–I own the Jimmy Choo Vamp, an early favourite of The Duchess of Cambridge, and I love it–but depending on the last that isn’t always necessary. My closet is not packed with high-end shoes, but it can be fun and informative to try them on.
    I am not wild about the asymmetrical hemline on this suit; a lot of the current Prada RTW has the same shape, and I think Roland Mouret did it better.

  27. Meghan continues to teach me about fashion and I thank her, and this blog which gives me a platform to think through her choices. Her Prada suit is professional yet youthful. I have never seen a hemline like that before and I think she looks edgy yet classic. And, just like the “Young Leaders” in the room receiving awards, willing to take a risk! The cut of the outfit was incredible, the construction of the sleeves…wow. The photos of Meghan and Harry greeting the young entrepreneurs show how they stood out in a palace ballroom among swirling patterns, textures, and colors. She knew what to do, wear a lovely soft solid shade and let the tailoring and exquisite covered buttons be the details.My eyes were instantly drawn to her silhouette, very calming.

    • Christina, totally agree with you. I have a dress with a hem like that, it is a Karen Millen brand which I have had for some years but just love it. I wear to races etc. Yes she is taking simplicity to the next level, elegant tailoring, fabulous fabrics and textures and not allowing colours to overpower her. Simply stunning

  28. I’m wondering if this is a thought out theme that Meghan has going on – before the wedding she wore mostly dark neutrals and since the wedding she’s been in creams and pinks. Is she still dressing as a bride??
    Ok look today little heavy on the makeup/blush/bronzer though.

  29. Hi all, my first time commenting! And it so interesting to read opinions that are such polar opposites!
    My take is Meghan’s outfit strikes the right balance between “daytime event, I’m on the job here” and “festive event everyone is getting dressed up for”. The suit is a little business-like but the asymmetrical skirt and cute bow on the heels adds a festive touch. I think the suit looks tailored just fine but it could be more form-fitting. It makes me wonder if she lost a bit of weight with all the stress of the wedding and that’s why her clothes seem a bit loose lately?
    The best is the smile on her face. Whatever she is feeling on the inside, she certainly seems like she’s enjoying herself and adapting quite well to an enormous lifestyle change.

    • I agree with your comments that the outfit strikes the right balance. I think the fit as is allows her to move about and greet the attendees. Any snugger and I think she would have come off looking stiff. I also agree with other commenters that outfits being worn look different than when on a mannequin that doesn’t move.

  30. she has knocked this one right out of the park, looks stunning, elegant and understated which I think she is trying to achieve. Love the bias on the skirt to add some interest and lovely neutral colour. I am a big fan of high heels which compliment the outfit. I am not really sure what people are expecting her to wear but irrespective I would imagine that someone would find fault. Women doing what they do so well, ripping each other apart about their clothes.

  31. I’m not sure about the dress but I love her accessories- those shoes are amazing!!!!
    What a great night for everyone.

  32. Meghan looked nice, and her hair was lovely, but it was a bit of a boring ensemble overall, IMO. It looked more daywear to me than evening wear, and I’m not loving the late 80s/early 90s double breasted, oversized button trend–which Nicola Adams was also sporting–and all of the components, buttons/belt/side flare/asymmetrical hem. I realize this was not a gala, but her dress was a bit lackluster when compared to the lovely ensembles of the award recipients behind her and even the Queen’s floral frock and pearls. I agree the dress could have been tailored a bit more, especially in the bodice. Something about it looks a little ill-fitting–perhaps the belt was pulling on the top just underneath the buttons? The neckline cut into the sleeves may have been a bit large and that could have been the case, too. I’m guessing because she was in the presence of the Queen, she likely felt she had to be more restrained, but a little more color would be refreshing.
    All that said, I really loved her shoes and would buy a pair myself. I thought they were playful and girly in contrast to her reserved and buttoned-up ensemble, but I probably would have chosen a lighter color shoe to match the dress. I wish the shoes would have driven the choice of dress! Personally, I wish she would wear some larger, statement pieces of jewelry, especially for her earrings. I think that could help balance all of the neutrals, minimalist makeup, and sleek silhouettes she prefers while adding that magic touch that comes with being royal and also a honored host. She strikes me as someone with a very bright and happy personality, but I’ve been left feeling a bit underwhelmed post-wedding with all of the neutral color tones. I know bolder choices will come in time, but she and Harry are young, newly married, and don’t have kids yet. I feel like some of that energy is absent from her official wardrobe.

    • “I wish the shoes would have driven the choice of dress!” – excellent observation, fingers crossed for the next time these shoes appear, they are lovely!

    • The poor fit of the top is due to the armhole/bust line construction. It’s surprising it’s so off on a piece of couture, particularly from Prada, and I wonder if she has both a) lost weight and b) gained weight/is wearing some padding in the chest area since she was measured for the suit, which combined create the fit wonkiness.

      The armhole/bustline issues are why the top looks both too big and too small at once (In general I like that her stuff is not skin tight, but she needs a tailor/seamstress on staff and/or some more experience in re how her clothes will sit when her weight fluctuates)

      • I think you have it right on the construction and possibly cause for the slightly off sizing. Overall, I appreciate that the Duchess doesn’t go super skin tight with her clothes and clearly wants the clothes to skim her figure, much like Jackie Kennedy had desired in her fashion choices. I agree: the cut of the top of her dress looks like one that would have to be perfectly tailored to lay right on any woman’s figure.

  33. I’m not sure about the dress but I will say Meghan looks pretty and happy. I love her accessories- those shoes are amazing!!!

  34. I feel like we’re in a rut with the neutral/bland color palette, black accessories, Jackie-O inspired elements (incl covered buttons), and boatnecks. Really, how many boatnecks can we see? That said the shoes are gorgeous and I do like the self-covered belt. Among so much sartorial exuberance in this group, she gets utterly lost. That said, the Queen looks splendid as usual and I do love her undying embracing of florals and color.

    NOTE: Admin edit

  35. I’m still waiting to be wow’d. Everything she’s worn to date has been nice enough, but doesn’t have the fit and feel that is really impressive. I agree with Maureen, too much going on: covered buttons, self belt, ruffly hem. Where do I look? She will sort it out soon enough!

  36. Almost. I like the idea of a suit and the neutral color, but agree there was too much going on. I disliked the skirt and its tailoring and feel a slim-cut, straight skirt would have been a home run. Also thought the bows on the shoes didn’t work with the tailored suit.
    But Meghan is beautiful and we should all learn how to sit as she did in the group photo. Also thought the Queen looked lovely. What an inspiring occasion and a wonderful gathering of young people from around the globe. Am sure they were thrilled to meet Harry and Meghan.

  37. Could she be any prettier??

    Kate has her blue coat dresses and Meghan has her neutral toned separates. Her ‘Royal Events wardrobe style’ is very gentle and fluid. Soft colors, elegant construction and muted styling. Simply beautiful.

    A common refrain I keep hearing is “her clothing needs to be more fitted”. I do *not* think her clothes are too big and I have no issues with the tailoring. Perhaps our eyes need to adjust to her preference of a softer silhouette.

    [That blue toile dress was the exception and it’s best left at that ]

    I like that she wears a variation on a standard black heel. Those little details really add a fun element. Gorgeous from head to toe.

    • I so agree with you about the tailoring. The less than skintight fit is simply more ladylike, you can still see how fabulously slim she is.
      And I can’t help thinking Meghan might welcome being allowed to be more ladylike. As a working actress she was obliged to fit in with an industry view that skimpy is sexy and somehow original despite the desparate attempts of so many to achieve it. Meghan no longer has to sell herself in that manner and can concentrate on serious issues which she seems to welcome with open arms.

    • I agree with you on the fitting. I think our modern eyes have gotten too used to thin, loose weave fabrics with stretch. We’ve forgotten what structured clothing made in stiffer fabrics looks like. The side drape feels very vintage couture, to me (although I confess I don’t actually care for it). And she looks so lovely in this color, I can’t find it in me to object to it regardless of the number of times she wears something in a similar shade.

      • I thought the whole suit reflected a vintage theme. The short-sleeve tailored pink jacket has echoes of 50s Chanel though some are claiming it’s too ’80s or ’90s — whatever, it was meant to be that way and not a mistake. I perfectly respect those who simply don’t like it, but it seems odd to criticise it for achieving what it may have set out to do.

        • I actually went searching for an image of a couture vintage suit with a side drape because I was certain I had seen one before on a sewing blog, but, alas I was unsuccessful in my search.

          For the jacket, the bound buttonholes are so classic vintage couture you can practically feel every great designer from the 50s and 60s nodding in approval. The bateau neckline distinguishes from vintage or vintage reproduction since vintage suits tended to have collared or jewel necklines. In terms of fit, if you look at it, every seam and dart sits exactly where it ought, the neckline is smooth against the body, there’s no pooling above or below the bust, the fabric doesn’t buckle in the middle of the buttons, and the jacket hemline is even. I could quibble a bit and say the front bodice could have maybe benefited from a small tuck of fabric taken out at the armscye, and just perhaps a small tuck taken in the waist at the back, but I suspect that would have removed too much of the ease and restricted arm movement.

    • I will admit that the refrain re: how her clothes fit is really starting to irk me because it feels so condescending, or almost like thinly veiled….something. Its like people are trying to find ways to prove that she’s not “royal” enough and when they cant complain about her hair, its the fit of her clothes.
      she wears Prada, bespoke Givenchy, etc. I think we can assume her clothes fit the way they are intended.
      Admins, maybe a good idea for a future post would be to discuss general tailoring, etc?

      • I think the majority of the posters are remembering the ultra fitted sheath dresses from the DOC in her first two years as a royal. And while I think comments about her weight are certainly inappropriate (too thin etc.) this is a fashion website and commenting on aspects of her fashion choices (which does include the fit) should be OK. Some people may look at these outfits and think, my what a lot of fabric! Others have commented that the tailoring is impeccable. It’s a discussion board and I don’t think the readers here are looking for reasons Meghan isn’t “royal” enough. When Kate became DOC, they tailoring of her clothes was fair game as well! The two women just have different styles!
        As for my own take on her outfit, I think the pink is very flattering on her and she looks beautiful with her hair and makeup. I do think some of her outfits have looked a little looser, but then I watched her on Suits and her clothes were always tight fitting there. One other poster mentioned they thought she might be enjoying NOT having to dress like a Hollywood star anymore and maybe these softer styles are a part of that!

      • I wouldn’t worry too much about the fit comments, just people expressing their own preferences in most cases. This was/is a common harping point on WKW as well, she’s frequently called out for bad hems, prints that don’t line up on seams, peplums that don’t pass muster, etc. I don’t think it’s a hit against Meghan. Not sure a post on general tailoring would be helpful, frankly, since all of these comments, with the exception of a handful of expert seamstresses on here, are simply personal views – this is the difficulty of the blog format, and if we start down the slippery slope of “comments are welcome, but yours aren’t correct”, or “all are invited, but only some can comment”, people will most definitely bid farewell.

        • But, my point is – the people are saying the clothes don’t fit her. That’s simply inaccurate. That’s different from saying they don’t like the overall look. I’ve been active on WKW for years so I understand the comments section.

  38. Meghan is beginning to make elegant and chic look effortless. I think this Prada is one of the best pieces of tailoring I’ve seen – since the last one that is, and until the next one that Meghan pulls out. I love the three Meghan trademarks of wide neck, asymmetric hem, and, yes, more pink. It’s what she does, for now at least.

    The double row of buttons with belt on the peplum top give a touch of the businesslike, consistent with the occasion, and I love how the asymmetry of the hem has been achieved with a well-judged side-pleat of fabric hanging down almost like some sort of sash and preserving the lines of a classic skirt suit. The short sleeves on the jacket are neatly judged.

    I can’t get over how glossy Meghan’s hair is tonight, or how well it’s holding its shape. There must be some serious product keeping the straggly ends in check, maybe they are having to be contained out of practical necessity. I’m fascinated by the bracelet.

    If I dared to quibble when Meghan is clearly looking so wonderful it could be over the shoes. I find the side straps and twee bow at the back unnecessary detail on top of all that’s going on with buttons, belt and hem up top. They are beautiful shoes and perfect for the cocktail hour, I’d like to see them with something sleek and black maybe. I love that the accessories are black; the contrast gives a whiff of wickedness to offset all that sugary pink.

    • Thanks for pointing out the fit on the sleeves! It’s tricky to get that right, but well worth doing so they don’t cut into the upper arm. That fabric is substantial, and probably “rigid” (i.e., no stretch), so there’s nothing but superb tailoring and fit to make it work.

  39. Oh heaven, the shoes! I didn’t realize how deeply I was desiring interesting royal shoes until the Duchess of Sussex came along. I adore them, and I adore that asymmetrical skirt, and I adore that delicate, understated cross bracelet. I really like her habit of combining near-neutrals with black accessories–I think it’s a very sharp look, and it suits her, and it’s well on its way to becoming a kind of trademark look.

    The top I like it well enough, but I guess you could say I have some notes. I don’t want to redesign it, but let me just say that the royal fondness for statement buttons is one that has long escaped me. And the buttons together with the belt seem a bit like gilding the lily. One or the other, I think.

    Overall a lovely and very Duchessy look. Beautiful.

    • I agree! The Duchess does shoes well. I think you are correct too about her developing a signature look: the blush color, the buttons, the black accessories all seem to be in the running in terms of motifs she will return to time and again. I hope she reconsiders the buttons. They are not my favorite and remind me very much of the 80s…although they also (pleasantly) remind me of Princess Diana whenever I see them. The color, I think -and as others have noted here, is an attempt to minimize attention in certain situations where others should be the focus. Overall she looked lovely and the best part for me is just following her new style journey.

      • I love this look. Very classic, but with the edge of the asymmetric skirt – which I suspect looks a lot better in person, rather than caught in a split second of bunching as she moves. We are accustomed to seeing clothes photographed after hours of pinning and fussing so they hang perfectly. Pictures of Meghan are candid; big difference!
        My absolutely favorite detail of the jacket is the bound button holes. Nothing wrecks a gorgeous jacket or coat for me more than stitched button holes.
        I think this outfit is on the “blush pink” side, and the pink detail on her purse may support that. I love the color.

  40. First of all…after seeing all the other Meghan sites on Instagram I will say that your site Susan is unbiased and straightforward. You report the event without added personal commentary. This sets the tone of the website – formal but friendly. Hence people comment frankly without getting vicious. Thank you.
    Now my comment on Meghan’s dress. It’s lovely and a classic. “A” line dresses suit her figure and she seems to have opted for this style.. Meghan is a small person with a rectangular shaped figure and skinny, long legs. While she wore fitted skirts in “Suits” – I do not think she is comfortable wearing such clothes under great scrutiny – yet. I like it that she wears black shoes with all her light coloured dresses. Perhaps a nod to Queen who always wears black shoes – no matter the colour of her dress.

  41. I agree with others who’ve said the color was bland and the fit seemed too big. I also was concerned at first that the skirt had shifted and the bias/drape should have been in back. I think this is a miss overall.

  42. Meghan looks elegant and very happy to be at the event. I would have preferred that the skirt on her Prada outfit, just hang straight on both sides, rather than have the drape on the one side. But I suppose that element is a designer’s touch to take the outfit away from the ordinary. I might have liked the drape better if the top had been plain, without the double breasted buttons and belt. Meghan’s shoes are lovely and their bows add a pretty, feminine look. Although the dress has been described as pink, it looks white to me in all the photos. So I was thinking, that Is three white dresses in a row. There have now been three pink dresses mighty close together. I am finding Meghan’s minimalist style and her aversion to colour to be a tad boring.

  43. See looked gorgeous today, but again – the tailoring is just off. The picture of her and Prince Harry walking in (where she has one foot up) shows this – the skirt is baggy. The jacket also needs to be tucked at her waist.

    I agree with a previous poster that ther were one too many things going on here. For me, she could have ditched the belt.

    This reminds me of her trooping the color ensemble (which I actually thought was impeccably tailored). I was hoping to see something new from her – maybe a new color or something other than a two-piece suit.

  44. More makeup than I’m used to seeing on Meghan, I hope she’ll quickly return to her more natural face, the blusher is quite a dark bronze and isn’t well blended or is heavily applied. I wish the suit was a bit smaller, the drape effect in particular makes it look overlarge on her slender frame, particularly in the profile photos. The putty-pink color is pretty ho-hum, but I do like the neckline through the shoulders here, and lovely shoes! She’s likely trying to blend into the background in deference to the Queen, but I’m looking forward to a few more pops of color (other than black) in future engagements.

    • Brit – see my comment further down under Robin – I mention how she isn’t wearing anymore makeup than other engagements. It’s just the flash from the cameras and lighting in the room. I looked at a number of hi-res images last night. I’ve included one today that is a little larger when they were mingling with the recipients. You can sort of see that she is wearing the same makeup she normally wears lately. I hope this helps. – susan c.

      • That’s so interesting Susan C. I didn’t know flash could affect make-up that much tho I know it does strange things to colour

      • Looks like we’re forging a blog friendship here, haha! I appreciate your attention to my comments, and interest in replying, it’s nice to get additional admin perspective. On this particular comment we’ll have to agree to disagree, however. Pre-wedding, she and Harry were at multiple events that occurred indoors and her makeup was barely noticeable, which I absolutely loved. She has skin that needs very little enhancement, and I’m definitely a fan of the freckles! These past few events it has become much more noticeable, imo – viewing articles in photos beyond WMW. I don’t even mean it as mean-spirited criticism – how I would love to look as lovely as Meghan with little to no makeup on my face, ha!

  45. Sorry underwhelmed. She keeps wearing the same colour. Maybe that is intentional. I think she might be doing the blush thing to stay out of the limelight and let the queen or others shine it it could just be her favourite colour I guess. It does look lovely on her. Tailoring is off. I think she was going for business formal with the swag skirt. It would have been amazing without buttons or maybe just the belt. Her hair is amazing! Makeup polished!

  46. Oh dear, too much going on and it doesn’t fit her properly. She’s overwhelmed by the skirt, and then there’s the belt, and the buttons, and the peplum effect. Despite her seeming poise, her clothing choices since marriage say to me that she’s not poised or comfortable inside, at least, not yet — the only exceptions being the hat she wore at Ascot, and the Givenchy dress on the outing with the queen. That was pretty cool, and it fit.

  47. The blush. She’s gotten so heavy handed with the blush. This outfit overwhelms her slight figure with so many elements: asymmetrical skirt with draping, peplum, belt, bateau neckline, buttons. Then the heels have bows. And the hose ☹️

  48. This one was a total miss for me–too much going on (double breasted jacket with belt and a bias-cut skirt), and the color is bland. I continue to love the boatneck on Meghan though.

    On another note, Ms. Kasujja’s dress was stunning! 🙂

  49. I was just reading the Daily Mail article and it said Meghan was wearing sensible shoes! lol They are beautiful but pretty high, I wouldn’t call them sensible. I love the skit of her dress, but again I feel like the tailoring is a bit off and too big for her.


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