The Duchess Wears Roland Mouret to Start Day Two in Dublin

Meghan wore Roland Mouret for her first engagement with Prince Harry on day two of the couple’s visit to Dublin, Ireland. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex started their morning with a visit to Áras an Uachtarái, the official residence and workplace of Ireland’s President Michael D. Higgins.

Above, Meghan and Harry with President Higgins and his wife, Sabina Higgins. Below, an official photo portrait to memorialize the occasion.

The Duke and Duchess also signed the Visitors’ Book.

You can see a touch of Meghan’s skill as a calligrapher in her signature.

More about the President and Mrs. Higgins from The Daily Mail:

Mr Higgins was inaugurated President on the 11th November 2011 for a seven year term. With more than a million votes he had the highest ever number of votes of any politician in the history of Irish election.

Mrs Higgins has worked as a partner with her husband in every campaign and in public life for over thirty years.  She is also still involved with the theatre and community arts, working with the world renowned Druid Theatre, An Taibhearc and other groups.

Harry has met Mr. Higgins multiple times before today, including the President’s 2014 State Visit to the UK.

The topic of England’s quest for the World Cup has been top of mind throughout the visit. This morning was no different, as reported in this Daily Mirror story.

At a meeting today with the Irish president Michael D. Higgins, when asked by journalists if “It’s coming home”, Harry replied “Most definitely”.

The royal backing will be a huge boost to England’s Three Lions tonight in their historic match – our first semi final for 28 years.

For those interested in watching England take on Croatia, the match starts at 2pm EDT.

The Duke and Duchess also met the couple’s two Bernese Mountain dogs, Bród and Síoda. Their names mean “pride” and “silk” and they stayed with the couples as the President and Sabina Higgins showed the Duke and Duchess the Peace Bell, located on the Áras an Uachtaráin grounds.

The Mirror reports the bell was “unveiled in 2008 by then President, Mary McAleesedesigned to mark the 10th anniversary of the Belfast Agreement.”

The foursome stood together at the bell as Harry pulled a sash to ring it one time for peace. Here is a quick video that ends with the bell ringing. Kensington Palace shared a quick video of the moment.

We’ll move now to our look at what the Duchess wore for this morning’s visit with President Higgins and Sabine Higgins. Meghan wore a classic Roland Mouret dress.

The dress has some similarities to the navy frock worn by Meghan the night before she was married when she spent the evening at Cliveden with her mother.

But Meghan’s dress today doesn’t have the different panels on the bodice, and the back has vertical darts with a concealed zipper.

Today’s fabric appears like it might be a double wool crepe. The dress also features a broad boat neck, waterfall draping gathered at the waist, and vented sleeves. It did not appear to fit as well as the navy dress worn in May. 

The Duchess carried a bag by Fendi.

It is the brand’s Peekaboo Essential in black calfskin. The Peekaboo line is a basic for Fendi, encompassing full-size bags, wallets, sunglasses and other items. Once again, Perth’s Fashion discovered the identity of Meghan’s bag; thank you, Michelle, for your fab fashion knowledge.

Meghan was in a pair of heels by Paul Andrew. The company tells us Meghan’s shoe is a custom version of the “Pump-It-Up” silhouette, done in black canvas. The style is part of the Pre-spring 2019 collection that will be available this winter. Our thanks to Meghan’s Mirror for their identification of the brand!

The British-born designer is based in New York. He launched his first women’s collection in 2013, followed by men’s launch in 2016. His own collection is offered through multi-brand retailer Farfetch.  More about Mr. Andrew via this story in Elle:

Andrew grew up in Berkshire, west of London, the son of an upholsterer to the queen. After graduating from the Berkshire College of Art and Design, he quickly landed an internship at Alexander McQueen, working with Lee himself before relocating to New York. There, he logged time at three emblematic American brands: Narciso Rodriguez, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karan.

He has designed footwear for Ferragamo since 2016. In October of last year he was named women’s design director, responsible for womenswear and accessories.

Meghan wore her Birks Snowstorm Diamond Earrings in white gold ($$12,000 CAD, roughly $9100 USD).

The Duchess donned separates for the rest of the day’s engagements; we will be back shortly with coverage of those events.


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  1. For those of you commenting on her undergarments wrt the Roland Mouret dress, in dresses of this price, the undergarments are built into the dress by the fashion house. So the DofS is not to blame here. I understand that she is being advised again by Jessica Malroney of Toronto wrt her wardrobe. Perhaps the DofC should take note.

  2. Well I will be the outlier and say she looks stunning. this dress works for her, her hair looks great, earrings are great, I love the bag. she’s professional but chic – perfect for a working duchess.

  3. Harry and Meghan did brilliantly in Dublin. But… Oh dear, this dress. As others have noted its very badly fitted. But it also looks like a simultaneous undergarment failure. As if she wore a strapless bra or none at all. For the amount of money these clothes cost, these disasters are pretty unacceptable.

  4. I think if the dress had been another colour we would not have noticed the bad fit at the chest nearly so easily! If you look closely at the navy version she wore before her wedding you will note that it has the same problem. I don’t know if she is wearing a strapless “bandeau” bra or if the dress has a bra element fitted but the style is giving her definite “droopy boob syndrome”. I don’t dislike the dress but am getting bored with the look, bateau neck and ¾ sleeves are getting stale for me.
    Some have criticised the size of her shoes. I heard that lots of people who stand a lot, especially actresses and models on red carpets, wear a half size larger to keep from getting uncomfortable when their feet swell with heat or tiredness.

  5. This dress fitted like a lot of her suits tv show costumes did. Long before she met Harry, I remember discussing with my friend the fit of her outfits on the show and we both wondered why we could see her bra and the indents of her skin whenever they showed her back. The last few weeks, I figured she was purposely tailoring clothes looser to avoid this issue.

  6. I really want to love this dress but like other commenters I prefer the navy Roland Mouret she wore the day before her wedding. The color looks great on her but not sure I like the vented sleeves (I learned new fashion vocab today!) and the bodice seems to be so tight you can unfortunately see the outline of her strapless bra.
    I love that picture with the dog looking up at Harry, as if it is begging him to continue petting him. 🙂

  7. Can’t imagine how she walks in heels of that height, noticing that her shoes are always too large for her feet.
    Does she have consultant? Her bras do not fit properly and are too breast revealing through the fabric of her garments.Her bag was way too large for the occasion. Disappointing details.

  8. The Snowstorm earrings come in two sizes. Are you sure Megan is wearing the mini? The non-mini size is listed on the maisonbirks website as 19mm high, while the mini is only 12.7mm high. Looks to me like Megan is wearing the larger size.

    • Jen – we were discussing this today and I did not have a chance to compare actual measurements etc. It would appear that she did wear the larger of the two pairs available from Birks. The larger Snowstorm is about 3/4 of an inch long/high while the mini version is about 1/2 an inch long/high. We will adjust this in our post. Thanks for bringing this up and reminding us to double back and check this. – Susan C.

  9. As a What Kate Wore follower, I was so excited when this site launched, but Meghan’s style choices are really hard to find favour with. I should have known when her bridal gown was so ill fitting. She has gone from clothes that are way too big to much too tight now. Yes, that’s her bra I see. I also heard that her friend Ms. Mulroney was in England to help her. Seriously?! You can’t tell. Is it that difficult to choose seasonal colours, instead of the fall (navy that almost looked black to a RAF celebration!/olive/black pants) of the past week? She would do just fine with some basic well fitted dresses in lavender, rose, yellow (that one was a good one), or some lighter shades of green/blue/brown. The large shoes are also off putting. I understand that the Hollywood types like to wear their shoes a size larger to help with swelling perhaps and comfort, but she is a royal now. Too big shoes really makes her look so non-put-together. I may sound harsh, but she should stick to the safe choices—Kate did this at the beginning and then started taking more risks…she gets it. I think Meghan has a ways to go.

  10. The bag looks like a briefcase – completely excessive for carrying a hanky and some mints. I like the neckline of the dress, but the bust is awful and the way the fabric hangs off the waist makes it look like it is pulling it down. Lovely earrings, and her hair looks fab.

  11. I’m almost at the point of wondering just who is trying to lead Meghan astray? Does she not have a (literal) dress rehearsal before heading out for a multi-day series of appearances? I can certainly understand that once she’s several hundred miles away from home base and finds she doesn’t have the proper undergarments, there’s not much she can do. The question is, did she never try on the dress before with this bra? If not, why not? I do like the dress very much, even given the ubiquitous bateau neckline, and those earrings are simply gorgeous (and so much more impressive than the tiny ones she usually wears), but between the bra issue, the humongous shoes and the equally humongous handbag, the cons outweigh the pros on this one. But easy enough issues to resolve – if only there was someone on her staff who cared!

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing — you can arrive somewhere and oops, you haven’t got the right bra. But seriously, did she try it on the first time without a mirror and alone? This can’t be possible. It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes. Does no one have the courage to say “Let’s get you some grown up undergarments” or that doesn’t work on you? I absolutely adore the dress and am convinced it’s simply what she’s got on underneath.

  12. I am not put off by the proportion of Meghan’s Fendi bag in relation to her Mouret dress. In fact, I think the bag helps ground the dress so the ensemble doesn’t seem so light and airy with the waterfall draping. The bag seems to balance the drama of the dress (hope I’m making sense). The size and style of the bag, paired with the dress also gives a more business/meeting vibe which is fitting since I read they did discuss some important issues during their time with President Higgins. I’d also like to imagine that Meghan needed a little bigger handbag to carry a gift or two to the President and his wife… perhaps some dog biscuits for Brod and Sioda as well?
    Thanks for including the photos of Meghan and Harry signing the guestbook, what a lovely time honored tradition.

  13. Meghan has a short torso (and a very short waist) which is making the fit on these clothes a little “off”. A good tailor will be her best friend when it comes to getting the fit right.

    Is anybody else tired of the boatneck yet?? ?‍♀️ How many boatnecks can you wear in a week? There are many other necklines that she will look stunning in (although she looks great in a boatneck too). I would just like her to throw in a little variety in her working wardrobe.

    Such a disappointing week -the same McQueen coatdress for Kate and another boatneck (Or 3) for Meghan. {sigh}

    • I fail to understand why Meghan doesn’t comprehend the difference between a good fit and a bad fit. Furthermore, why is no one bringing this to her attention??? This dress is too long for her as well. I am also completely over the boatneck. The too large shoes make it look like she doesn’t understand how to shop. It’s kind of dingy behavior really.

  14. Ok. Why did the Duchess bring a suitcase to the Prime Minister’s house? Not a fan of the dress. The fit is awful and the designer should apologize. The Duchess is tiny and he/she managed to make her look big. I do want to compliment the Duchess on her fashion choices, demeanor, and smile over a very busy 2-3 days. Well done.

  15. Nothing is impressing me so far, except she does seem to be wearing better jewelry (no so “ditsy”) I am confused as to why she is wearing so many colors that are better suited to the fall. She should be in more summer colors. I am sorry, but she just doesn’t impress me at all !!

    • Yet you are still reading here! She dresses to her tastes so uts the color and design she likes. She isnt parading outfits to please us.

  16. This is not good. The bodice of that dress is too tight and too long and she has the wrong undergarments on (which is clear because we can totally see their outline). I don’t like the giant bag and as usual, her shoes are way too big.
    On a positive note, I love the earrings,

    • Totally agree with your comments. The bag made me laugh, it looked so out of place as part of the outfit and the event.

  17. I agree with most of the other posts. When I first saw the color and look of the dress, I had a huge smile on my face. When I took a closer look, I couldn’t believe that I could see the outline of her bra. Such a shame because the dress could have been so perfect. Other than this one mistake, all of her clothes have been stunning. With all this world wide attention, she does need someone to carefully check her fittings.

  18. Worst darts ever? A shame about the fit and this detail, because the dress was lovely in theory and its wedding eve incarnation was superb. Still, everything else about the look was great. Looking forward to more pics of the afternoon!

  19. I think the Roland Mouret is absolutely exquisite on her — she looks perfect in it EXCEPT for her choice of bra. People aren’t liking the bodice fit but it is simply the bra. All she needs is a structured, padded strapless bra and you wouldn’t see a thing. I have three and they are miracles of engineering. The dress would be amazing but for that. She’s an incredibly attractive woman — put her in a dress like that and it’s all ooh-la-la. But right now I have WAY too much information about her anatomy. It’s a pity because the dress is stunning on her. The black bag and shoes are the perfect match for it and the updo is professional and sleek.

  20. I think more than the tailoring of the dress being off, I think she was just wearing the wrong undergarments.
    And as for the shoes’ fit: I bet she’s still wearing many pieces from her pre-Duchess days… days before she had a personal tailor and stylist. Some of these pieces may have been bought because they were on sale, or passed on from a friend, or maybe she just loved them and bought them in the closest size available at the department store?

    • Carlene, your comment reminded me of the days when the Lingerie department was called “Foundations.” I agree with you that here the right foundation garment could have made all the difference.

  21. The dress was a good idea but it’s a smidge too close fitting. The bag is also way too big and looks empty and sad. My first thought was she looks like she’s trying to “recycle” her private bags in her royal duties. The dress is going in the right direction, though.

  22. The dress is lovely in itself, but poorly fitted in the bodice. The color and weight of the fabric also seem wrong for July. I do love the idea of a statement bag and in “real life” it would be a showstopper! For this occasion, however, it ends up feeling distracting, mainly because I know it must be almost empty inside!

    The afternoon look is perfection. I love when Meghan wears slacks with heels!

  23. Love this dress (the blue one she wore was better though). The fit of the bodice sags only because of the bra she is wearing. It does not seem to support her well. It perhaps needed straps which could be anchored to the dress. Good undergarments do the trick. I notice she likes to wear shoes half size bigger. It must be a ploy to be comfortable. Must try it:)

  24. I do agree about the fit of the bodice but overall another elegant and chic look. I love that she wears Birks jewellery, a Canadian icon. I’ve needed a bib to catch the drool when I went into a Birks

  25. the dress is just bothering me more and more. perhaps wearing no bra but having cups sewn in would have been a better alternative considering the tightness of the bodice? just thinking out loud …

  26. The Duchess might consider wearing different undergarments. The straplesss bra does not do any favours for this outfit.

  27. I love the dress–by all means, yes, let’s bring back vented sleeves–and wasn’t noticing the fit issues until others pointed it out, but I do see it now. It’s interesting that she’s been criticized so much for wearing things that are too big, and now this. I wonder if she isn’t just rather hard to fit–a short torso, a straight up-and-down figure–and therefore looser garments are a way of hitting the easy button. Though she certainly didn’t go that route today.

    I am pleased to see her circling back to her tried-and-true uniform of neutrals with black accessories, which I think suits her so well, and yes–a bateau neck. She’s got wonderful style.

    I like her outfit from later in the day, too, though I’m not sure about the boxy jacket and the tee underneath. I’ll wait for the post/pics, but I think I’ll probably be saying that I prefer the black McQueen pantsuit she wore for an earlier engagement.

  28. The dress is very nice but the fit is off. It’s way too tight in the bodice. You can see the outline of her strapless bra. The Fendi tote is a fantastic bag but too large and heavy for this look. And boy, those shoes are just plain too big. The black suit….perfection.

    • As a What Kate Wore follower, I was so excited when this site launched, but Meghan’s style choices are really hard to find favour with. I should have known when her bridal gown was so ill fitting. She has gone from clothes that are way too big to much too tight now. I also heard that her friend Ms. Mulroney was in England to help her. Seriously?! You can’t tell. Is it that difficult to choose seasonal colours, instead of the fall (navy that almost looked black to a RAF celebration!/olive/black pants) of the past week? She would do just fine with some basic well fitted dresses in lavender, rose, yellow (that one was a good one), or some lighter shades of green/blue/brown. The large shoes are also off putting. I understand that the Hollywood types like to wear their shoes a size larger to help with swelling perhaps and comfort, but she is a royal now. Too big shoes really makes her look so non-put-together. I may sound harsh, but she should stick to the safe choices—Kate did this at the beginning and then started taking more risks…she gets it. I think Meghan has a ways to go.

  29. I know this has been discussed extensively in the comments, but the close-up photo of Meghan’s shoes in this posting has me mystified as to how she’s keeping them on her feet as she walks? Not only are her heels significantly forward of the back of the shoe, the base of the shoe is clearly larger than her foot as well. I just don’t get it. Anyone more educated on shoe fashion, please do enlighten me on the mechanics of walking in shoes this much larger than the feet? On cobblestones, that seems downright unsafe.

    • You can’t walk in those shoes without some serious long-term damage to your foot structure (bunions!), hips and back. I’ve read previous reasons why “celebrity” women wear shoes too big — something to do with standing and feet swelling — but standing still in shoes too big is easier than trying to walk around in them. I don’t know how she is able to walk without the shoe flying off especially on uneven surfaces.

      • I read that it is common in celebrity circles to use body tape (ie double backed tape) on the soles of their feet to keep the larger sized shoes bolted on.

    • I have seen it reported that this is common amongst celebrities who do a lot of standing and waking in heels, for instance red carpets, because the extra space accommodates foot swelling. Not sure if that’s really true.

      • I also wonder about the shoes. And lord help her if he feet swell that much! But I also read an article somewhere were they said some stuff the toe of the shoe with cotton balls. Still no idea how she walks in them!

        First time commenting so just want to say love this site, love the articles and info!

    • Maybe Admin can look back through the archives and find the picture where the sizable scar on her left foot appears. It is clearly from surgery, and may be the reason she wears roomy shoes.

      • I actually did not know this or do not recall this about Meghan. I’d have to fact check? Then again I suppose there are some bits and pieces of information I was not aware of about her.

    • I wonder if she is buying a larger shoe to accommodate her foot in width. I have wide feet so I understand sometimes going up a size can help with getting width. She does not seem to have wide feet but perhaps she has bunions that need the room. Her previous photos in sandals seemed like she has a bit. But she could also ask a cobbler or the shoe makers to widen the toe area to accommodate. I certainly wish I had more of that available for my hard to fit feet!

  30. Mouse color dress: don’t love the color, but it’s ok, I very much like the boat neck, not crazy about the fluff and ruffles, too much cloth and makes the dress look heavy. I like the accessories, make up, hair (although I think she looks better when her hair is down, but I understand the occasion called for an updo)— what is it with the over-size shoes?? I can barely keep my balance in heels that high when they are the right size! Could someone please explain the logic behind wearing shoes that are a size larger?? Oh, and the Fendi bag: I love the bag, but more appropriate for going to the office, for this event.
    Black pant outfit: I like it, some earrings would have been great though.

  31. This grey dress has a great structure and design, however there is a problem with it. After months of Meghan wearing outfits we feel are too big, the top of this dress is much too tight. You can clearly see the outline of her strapless bra, which greatly detracts from what is otherwise a polished look. I find the purse much too big and business like for the occasion, although it is a beautiful bag. The earrings are certainly stunning, but perhaps a bit much for a morning engagement.
    They say that dogs are good judges of character. There are photos elsewhere showing how these two beauties latch on to Meghan and how she responds to them.
    The pant suit worn at Trinity College and Croke Park was fine, but surely a flat shoe would be more appropriate and practical on the cobble stones and at a sports park.

  32. that shoe looks huge on her. there is at least a 1 inch gap at the back and at least a 1/2 gap between the front rounded side near the toes and her foot. not sure how on earth she walks in shoes that are clearly several sizes too big. also, the bra showing underneath the dress indicates the dress is way too tight

  33. Love, love love that she wore those cute trousers instead of jeans or a skirt or dress. I wish she had ditched the stiletto for a block heel or wedge but even with that I hope she wears more pants of all kinds when appropriate, She looks great in them!

  34. Bravo Meghan!!!
    the bag is too big and heavy and the bra.. but… Meghan’s look was perfect and she looks like goddess:)
    Go girl!

  35. The dress isn’t my favorite, but I don’t hate it. I definitely prefer the navy Roland Mouret. The major issue with this gray Mouret is that we can clearly see the outline of her strapless bra. I’m embarrassed for her! I’m also a tad confused about why her shoes are oversized. It appears that they are one or two sizes too big. With all of this said, however, those earrings are stunning, and I love her sleek bun.

  36. I’m less than smitten with the bodice of the dress.
    From the waist down the dress is perfectly fine, although I find the drape excessive and not to my personal taste. From the waist up it is less than a delight to behold. Her bust line appears to be flattened in an unnatural manner and looks uncomfortable, and the eye is continually drawn to it. Between the bust and waist of the dress the fabric is a waterfall of wrinkles and rolls.I don’t care to opine about a tailor, since it appears that a mirror might have been sufficient in this case? And the colour is somewhat drab for Ireland in July, and as much as I admire her neutral choices, this isn’t a good color for her. This dress is a mess.
    Her second outfit of the day is smashing. She looks so chic.
    Interesting to see, side by side in one day, a fashion faux pas and a fashion delight.

    • I know this has been discussed extensively in the comments, but the close-up photo of Meghan’s shoes in this posting has me mystified as to how she’s keeping them on her feet as she walks? Not only are her heels significantly forward of the back of the shoe, the base of the shoe is clearly larger than her foot as well. I just don’t get it. Anyone more educated on shoe fashion, please do enlighten me on the mechanics of walking in shoes this much larger than the feet? On cobblestones, that seems downright unsafe.

      • It helps to wear the shoes a size bigger, apparently. It makes them more comfortable for walking especially if your feet tend to swell over the course of a day.

    • “Her bust line appears to be flattened in an unnatural manner…” – agree 100% and frankly, that was the case with the Dior dress as well, though the depth of the navy shade made it less obviously. Meghan is not “flat chested”, but that Dior dress showed little or no evidence of a bustline. The bodice of this dress seems to be longer than her torso, resulting in the bunching from beneath the bust to the waistline, and giving the effect that she’s leading with her ribcage in some of the photos. Too bad there wasn’t another option to wear instead.

  37. Long time WKW follower and now WMW, but first time commenting! Thank you for providing such delightful and articulate posts with so many interesting historical tidbits!
    On to Meghan. I think this dress could have been another hit after a series of amazing styles the past few days, but the fit of the bodice and the awkwardly large handbag were a little disappointing. Yesterday’s Strathberry bag was lovely and perfect for the disembarking occasion, but I feel like something a little smaller would have been much more appropriate today. I agree, the May dress fit her much better – I don’t know if it’s the lighter fabric that highlights it here, but the bunching below the bust and the seeming tightness across the chest makes it seem very ill fitting. I happen to love the drape on the skirt, it looks very elegant on her and she has the perfect height to pull off the midi length. The vented sleeves were a nice touch, too! Love her earrings and sleek bun, but I’ll admit it, I’m missing that signature messy bun! All in all, a lovely design that could have worked well if those bodice issues were worked out.

  38. I love the earrings and hair, but have not been impressed with the fit of Meghan’s garments on this tour. Everything seems too tight in the torso (whether the Emilia Wickstead belt on its last notch, the visible bra on the front of this dress, or the large ripples on the green sweater-top from arrival). Perhaps because she is so slim, designers assume a particular measurement ratio and plan the waistband accordingly, but Meghan’s relatively ‘straight’ figure throws them off?
    I also can’t believe how she can keep those shoes on her feet, they look a full size too big to me!

  39. It is a beautiful dress, but poorly fitted in the bodice. I think it would have been a homerun if not for the fitting. The same goes for the teal/green skirt and top ensemble on the previous post. The fitting is just poor.
    P.S. why am I not able to comment on the post with the green/teal skirt and shirt? I don’t even seen the comments.

  40. From afar my first thought was wow! Then up close I could see her bra and even a hip bone, and the fabric looked like it was piling? Such a disappointment from an otherwise stunning look!

  41. Meghan is certainly establishing her signature look as a Duchess–tailored, sleek, and simple. I think it suits her beautifully! I just hope that every now and then she will surprise us with some statement accessories, I always love an unexpected accent piece!

    Big thanks to the WMW moderators for keeping us posted during these busy couple of days!

  42. This look was so close to being great but ended up just being good. Love the dress but not the fit of the dress. Way to tight and makes her bust look like chicken cutlets. She needs a taylor! And why does she need a business size bag? Clutch would have been better. Love the classic hair bun. And the earrings just perfect with this look.

  43. Meghan continues to rock the bateau on another beautifully poised outfit. It’s fun to see her re-visit this Mouret style and this give it a businesslike twist with the muted grey
    I”m not a big fan of waterfall styles in generall, but this one is not overdone and keeps the asymmetric hem in check. I like the subtle tailoring details of angled waistband, cuff slits and bracelet sleeves.

    The Fendi bag is magnificent and black is right for accessories but this particular tote seems a mite large and heavy looking here. I love that she’s keeping to a polished updo for these occasions and the earrings are perfect, bringing a necessary touch of bling without being oversize – apart from the price-tag perhaps…

    • Elizamo your diplomacy and restrained criticism always makes me smile! I am a little late to this tour but I have to agree that Meghan has looked spectacular in everything she has worn from Prince Louis christening ’til today. And I do really love this dress on her, but, I have to say when I saw the bag I guffawed! A mite large … it looks like she is moving in! What do you think her thinking was on carrying this piece and what do you suppose she has in it?

      • I do wonder what she was thinking when she selected the Fendi handbag because, frankly, it looks like it has no more in it than the usual clutch would carry.

    • In a million years I wouldn’t have expected ElizaMo to not only give this look a pass, but applaud it. Even Susan noted that this dress does not fit as well as the navy version she wore the night before the wedding, very diplomatically stated. Personally, I’m flabbergasted that Meghan went ahead with this dress – it had to have been clear as day that her strapless bra was clearly outlined in the front and back, and that does not come across as beautifully poised to me. I guess it’s just a difference in personal taste.
      I do like the drape/fall in the front on these Mouret dresses better than the side drape on the pink number recently, but the putty color is just dreary, and she must sort out her undergarments if she’s going to go with a bateau neckline – this problem did not happen with the lovely yellow dress, so perhaps go with that bra in the future?
      The bag/satchel – oh goodness. It is beautiful, and I love it. But not here. At all. Not sure what she’d be carrying along on a walkabout that required a bag that large.
      Yes to the earrings, hoping she’ll wear them with the yellow dress on another occasion, but they couldn’t save this dress.
      The black suit worn later was an improvement, but today was a disappointment after yesterday’s fashion fun – but hey, even Meghan can have an off day.

    • In agreement with everything you’ve said, ElizaMo. I like the bag a lot, and am fond of a large satchel myself, but this was better suited to a board room or an airport.

  44. Well done to the Duchess on her tour of Dublin, she is doing Harry proud. She looks well groomed and accessories are lovely. Her makeup is very subtle and refined. Love the colour of her dress, but not a fair of the design at all. The piece hanging down not for me, but obviously that is personal preference.

  45. That dress fits so poorly I’m surprised she wore it. You can see the outline of her strapless bra in some of the pictures! She’s had so many fashion wins this week, this one is a letdown. But I love the oversized bag and those earrings are adorable!
    I do like the slacks, nice to see her in a more casual look although it seems flats would have been more sensible for walking around on a sports field.

    • Yes, if she looked in the mirror before she left for the event, it must have been a very quick glance. I think she’s going to be very unhappy when she sees how dreadful the bodice looks in the photographs. Such a shame, it could have been a lovely outfit.

    • Completely agree with your comments regarding fit. A simple look in the mirror should have stopped her wearing this one. If she was wearing some other undergarments at the initial fitting, she should have worn the same one in public. It’s a beautiful dress but very poorly fitted/tailored


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