It’s Givenchy & Emilia Wickstead for Duke & Duchess’s First Overseas Trip

The Duchess wore a dress by Emilia Wickstead for tonight’s party at the British Ambassador’s residence in Dublin.

A 30-second video shows the couple arriving, shared by The Independent’s Kirsty Blake Knox.

More about the event from the Independent’s story:

The 300 guest list included people from the worlds of arts, sport, culture and charities. Artistic director of The Gate Selina Cartmell, director of the national gallery Seán Rainbird, enjoyed canapes on the sun drenched lawn alongside actress Caitriona Balfe, CervicalCheck campaigner Vicky Phelan.

Here is a look at Glencairn, the Ambassador’s residence.

Another view of the Duke and Duchess as they arrived.

The Duke delivered remarks at the reception.

Here is a snippet of the speech posted on Twitter by Kensington Palace.

Meghan speaking with Sinead Burke, an Irish writer and broadcaster.

The Duke looked very comfortable mingling and speaking with guests.

Senator Catherine Noon speaking with Meghan.

Now for a quick look at what Meghan wore this evening, starting with her Emilia Wickstead dress.

She wore the designer’s Cloqué dress in black.

It features a square neckline, shoulder straps, front flap pockets, multiple gores in the skirt, and a wide self-belt.

We saw the return of Meghan’s Givenchy black satin minaudière clutch, originally carried at Royal Ascot.

Meghan wore her hair down for the party.

She debuted a new (to us) pair of earrings from Birks, the jeweler’s Citrine and Diamond Drops.  The earrings showcase a central stone set in 18K yellow gold, surrounded by a diamond border, suspended from diamond studded hoops.

The Duchess wore her Aquazzura Deneuve Bow suede pumps, with the cutouts on the side and bow at the back. The style has a 4″ heel and is available at Nordstrom ($750) and also at Farfetch ($587).

The shoe is also offered as a flat. We show it at Nordstorm; it is carried at Farfetch as well.


After the morning’s RAF 100th Anniversary events Meghan and Harry flew to Dublin, Ireland. It is the Duke and Duchess’s first overseas trip since their May wedding.  

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English tweeted a quick video of the couple arriving.

The couple was greeted by officials and dignitaries.

After the official airport welcome the couple traveled to Government Building and were greeted by Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister).

Back to The Independent’s article:

The first port of call for the royal couple after touching down in Dublin was Government Buildings where they were welcomed to Ireland by the Taoiseach.

Although their brief encounter last less than half hour, Mr Varadkar and the Duke of Sussex managed to discuss family, rugby and of course, the weather.

Th foundation stone for the government buildings was laid by Harry’s great, great, great grandfather Edward VII. Simon Vigar, royal correspondent for 5News, shared a photo of the plaque on Twitter.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore. She was in separates by go-to brand Givenchy, a knit top and skirt. The Patch Pocket Pencil Skirt is done in a knit viscose-blend. It features a high waist, flap pockets at front, raised seams and center vent at the back.

The skirt is also offered in a vivid red

Meghan accessorized with another bag by Scottish brand Strathberry, a label that is clearly becoming a favorite for her. 

The Duchess was carrying the Midi Tote in Tan Bridle Leather ($675). Made in Spain, it measures roughly 12″ x 9″ x 5″deep and comes with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. Meaghan’s color is currently sold out, but the bag is offered in a broad range of other colors. This is the third Strathberry bag we have seen her use.

Meghan’s earrings are from Vanessa Tugendhaft, the designer’s Clover Pavé Diamond style set in pink gold. 

We’ll see you tomorrow, when Meghan and Harry have a full day of engagements, including a trip to Trinity College where they will see the Book of Kells.

UPDATE: Meghan’s shoes are by Paul Andrew. The company confirmed with us that she wore the designer’s custom cuoio suede ‘Pump-it-up’ heel, a signature design featured in the Pre-Spring 2019 collection — available this Winter.

Until then, we’ll leave you with a look at Meghan’s three ensembles today. Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I absolutely adore this green ensemble. The lines are so clean, modern, simple yet sophisticated. Absolutely adore it!

  2. I love everything about the Wickstead dress!! This whole ensemble is perfection. I also really love the green skirt/top ensemble. She wears it nicely, the color looks great on her. I am in love with this look on her. What I am not in love with is the ill fitting on the green top and skirt. It shows so many drag lines that it is off putting. With proper fitting this would be perfection.

  3. Just realized one of the reasons I love this look – her hair! So pretty with the side part instead of straight center part! And yes, what a relief to see a square neckline for once instead of bateau. But these last few days have been great, so many good looks. We are being spoiled.

  4. I am so glad to see some different necklines. I know a boat neck suits her shape but that square neck is gorgeous and I was getting really rather bored of the same shame being wheeled out again and again.

  5. Wow, Meghan has really killed it in the fashion department during the past week. Classic styles really work for her. Plus switching to the royal milliner has helped pull her looks together. But beyond being gorgeous and elegant, Meghan seems like lovely, friendly person. The video of her making a point of shaking the little boys’ hand is adorable.

  6. Another two successful outfits in my opinion! That Strathberry bag is to die for. I love the duchess’ sleek look on their arrival in Ireland; she looks incredibly sophisticated and ready to work. Her evening look was perfect for the occasion, and her hair looked amazing. Two thumbs up!

  7. All three looks were wonderful. But the Dior was perfection. Who wouldn’t want that dress? Loved her hair, earrings and shoes at the garden party. I like the dress but I am distracted by all those eyelets in the belt.

  8. What a busy time for the Duchess and for you Susan, as you reported the details. It was a great day of fashion for Meghan. I’ve already commented, that I thought she looked stunning at the RAF related events, but I didn’t care for the light shoes and would have preferred a more celebratory colour over the navy, almost black Dior. Her green travel/arrival outfit was fine, although a gold necklace would have perked things up. Her LBD for evening was perfection. I’m surprised that Meghan wore Emily Wickstead, after all the nasty things EW said about Meghan’s wedding dress. But obviously Meghan took the high road and moved on. These shoes are fabulous with the dress and I like the belt detail. The only thing I would change is the earrings. Although these topaz ones are beautiful, with the gold detailing on the belt and the gold trim on the clutch, I would have opted for gold earrings. But all is all, this has been a very successful day.

  9. The Dior was the clear winner for me, but all three looks today were terrific.

    I suppose it’s more or less obligatory to wear green upon one’s first official visit to Ireland, and the Duchess has chosen a wonderful, rich hue. The skirt is just terrific–the slanted placement of the pockets is very sharp, and the length and cut are very flattering. I appreciate seeing the photos of her walking in it, because you get a sense of how it loosens up and moves a little from the knees down–very polished. Some are unhappy with the top, but I’m just not seeing it–it’s a perfect color match, and its simple design lets the skirt be the star of the outfit. Hurrah for the shoes–as nearly perfect a nude as the DoC’s Rossi pralines.

    And hurrah for the reappearance of the Aquazzura Deneuves for the evening look. LOVE THOSE–as well as the other embellished black heels we’ve seen on her. The dress is very nice–I quite like the bodice, with just a hint of modest decolletage, and those wide straps. I’m not sure about the weirdly military/cargo elements–the patch pocket, the wide trench-style belt–they just seem unnecessary. But that’s a minor critique, and of course the belt could be swapped out for any future appearances.

    Her hair looks nice in a tidy updo, but I do enjoy seeing it down. It’s nearly as mesmerizing as the DoC’s. They are both such beautiful women.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous today. She nailed all three looks. My favorite is definitely the green Givenchy. Its chic, elegant, and professional, and looks to be relatively comfortable as designer clothes go, ha. I am rethinking my opinion of her neutral clothes earlier in the summer because it seems that it just worked out that way as a coincidence (that she wore a few neutral outfits in a row) and that she isn’t going to abandon color and “chic-ness” for nothing but neutral couture. So now I like the Prada, for example, a lot more as an outfit by itself.

    She is really nailing the working Duchess outfits and I am here for it. Flawless.

  11. So no one has mentioned it – is anyone surprised that Meghan wore an Emilia Wickstead dress after the designer’s comments about Meghan’s wedding dress? I know Wickstead said her comments had been misunderstood or misreported, but truthfully commenting on the poor fit of a woman’s wedding dress and her choice of hairstyle on her wedding day is a pretty bad thing to do when you have been such a trusted and go-to designer for the royals – I wouldn’t think it would help get more business. Personally very surprised by the Wickstead choice.

    • Actually, her comments were indeed “misunderstood or misreported” – in fact, she commented that the dress looked like one of her own creations, which doesn’t seem to be a rude or unkind thing to say unless Wickstead doesn’t like the dress she designed. She also referenced looseness through the bodice – again, not a rude thing to say when it was clearly the case in the photos. I LOVE that Meghan wasn’t so thin-skinned that she would blackball Wickstead dresses forever because of the pretty benign comments she made about the wedding look. Meghan is a class act, and definitely not looking for offense where none was given.
      I really need to swear off the comments section going forward, as it increasingly comes across that the only acceptable comments (here or by anyone in the public domain) are those that declare everything as stunning, epitome of chic, perfection, home run, etc. Every. Outfit. Every. Aspect. People who express a critique – and not even on the overall look! – have been labeled “negative Nellies”, etc. which is too bad for a blog that purports to be about fashion. I wish the group well, and many more lovely outfits to discuss – I’m sure Meghan will continue to wear them, and I wish her the best far beyond the fashion realm, but the board has tipped into breathless fangirl territory for me, and it’s time to say farewell. Susan, thank you so much for all of your efforts on this site, it’s been fun to read the posts and get “the rest of the story” in addition to the fashion.

  12. The belt holes on the Wickstead dress are distracting – it’s a shame they couldn’t be black. The belt must be absolutely tiny considering she is wearing it in the biggest hole!!
    This day was a trifecta of fabulous!

  13. What a day for the Duchess! Three beautiful outfits and she looked happy and confident, as well. The Givenchy skirt was perfect; I love when she shows off her fabulous figure. The top seemed a *tad* too casual, but overall it was a wonderful look especially with the bag and shoes. I think her evening look may be my favorite Meghan moment to date. Her makeup looked natural but not half-done, as it sometimes seems to be. Her hair was absolutely flawless.

  14. Don’t make me choose, I adored all three of today’s outfits! Look #2: The Givenchy two piece outfit was a perfect traveling ensemble, Meghan looked ready to hit the tarmac and get to work. Look #3: Her evening look was dressy but not glitzy and thought she looked beautiful. I admire her restraint.

  15. I haven’t loved a lot of Meghan’s looks post wedding but today was a tour de force. She looked amazing in every outfit and she seemed so confident in her new role. My favorite was the dress from the RAF ceremony. That was a timeless, elegant look that she will be remembered for.

  16. Too hard to pick a fave, but I will admit my relief that those new Birk’s earrings aren’t Kiki McDonough!

  17. I found myself running out of superlatives for the earlier Givenchy, being the third sensational outfit in a row. The forest green is fabulous on Meghan and she is quite right to showcase her fabulous figure in form fitting separates, albeit the tee-shirt top has some comfy loose folds.

    The super-slim skirt boasts a businesslike edge with its button flap patch pockets, its fit is immaculate and I love the seaming detail at the back waistband. The tan tote has a hint of serious briefcase and I like the classic combination of tan with the green along with the praline courts.

    I’m so impressed Meghan can keep a sleek updo going through a whole day and I love the earrings with their clover-cum-shamrock symbolism.

    And it seems today is patch pocket day, having had a pair on the earlier skirt and again for evening. I confess after three consecutive stellar designs from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Dior and Givenchy, I’m in danger of finding Wickstead a shade lacklustre.

    But giving myself a little shake and paying more attention, I can start to see the positives. This is like a basic schoolgirl pinafore dress, but upped into sophisticated by going black. I like the angled neckline and the bodice fit is lovely, even with a relatively wide belt which could be less than flattering in terms of bulk. Curious how it’s studded with the buckle holes.

    Her hair is lovely loose and appears to be holding more smooth body than pre-duchess. I’m delighted to see these fabulous Altuzarra pumps again, they were made to be worn with an LBD, much better than with the earlier pink Prada at the Palace reception. Tonight’s drop earrings are gorge.

  18. I was afraid for a moment those new Birks earrings were a pair of Kiki’s–so relieved they’re not!
    Too hard to pick a fave. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  19. Sometimes I wonder how bored the Irish get with every official female visitor wearing green. On the other hand, I suppose if Meghan wore another color, there would be criticism for that. I think this skirt would have been more successful with a body suit rather than the ill-fitting top she did wear. It was kind of neither here-nor-there for me, but I do love the handbag. The earrings are so tiny as to be almost pointless. For the evening garden party, it looks like all of the female guests took the “garden party” description more seriously and Meghan took the “time of the party” as her cue. This is a pretty dress but I think having had this morning’s gorgeous Dior to compare it with, we see that a very narrow belt is far more flattering for her than a wide belt. I loved those new citrine and diamond earrings — I so hope she will adopt a taste in larger jewelry as time goes by; I realize she’s petite but she can definitely carry a larger earring. All in all, a very successful day for the new Duchess; looking forward to tomorrow’s fashions!

    • I think the earrings are beautiful! I myself favor small studs rather than statement earrings. And remember, she’s dressing not just for the cameras but also for those who will see her in person. This four-leaf clover design in rose gold is a really gracious choice for diplomacy in Ireland.

      • Lee mentioned that they were quite tiny, not that they weren’t beautiful. I do not understand why numerous people reply with “I favor small to statement/huge/giant/etc” – surely there’s a middle ground? I think many of us would like Meghan to select earrings we can actually see without a zoomed-in photo, but that doesn’t mean we want earrings that can be seen from space. She has a growing selection of delicate-but-not-microscopic earrings, and I applaud that she’s wearing them more often!

  20. Stunning, graceful, professional; I want to be her when I grow up ?. Every ensemble has been spot on the past couple of days – even the lovely olive green.

  21. This has been a day of flawless fashion from the Duchess! She looked modern and fresh in all three of her ensembles today. The tailoring/fit has been spot on, the colors are gorgeous and rich against her skin, and her hair and makeup have been perfect. I can’t wait to see what she pulls out of the bag tomorrow!

  22. Both outfits are lovely, but the navy Wickstead (not a label I usually care for) is absolute perfection. The dress, shoes, hair, everything!,


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