Meghan’s Second Dublin Ensemble is All About Givenchy

Meghan changed from the Roland Mouret dress worn this morning to a more casual look for the rest of the day’s activities, donning Givenchy separates. First on the list, a visit to Croke Park, home of the Gaelic Athletic Association.

Here is a quick video of the Duke and Duchess arriving at the park.

There were about 200 children at the park demonstrating their athletic skills.

Harry and Meghan also met members of the Dermot Earley Youth Leadership initiative. The program seeks to “to empower GAA members aged 15 to 18 years-old to make a positive difference in their club, county, and communities through values-based leadership.” 

They met athletes participating in the Athletic Association’s Fun ‘n’ Run program, with games geared to youngsters with special needs. More from The Irish Sun:

In the centre of the pitch, children and parents involved in the GAA’s Fun ‘n’ Run — a programme for youngsters with special needs — gathered around the couple, offering hugs to Meghan

Below, Harry chatting with 7-year-old Nathan Chaney Kiely. The Irish Sun story reports that Harry told Nathan, “You’ve got more freckles than me. Lovely freckles!”

Meghan could be seen having fun with some of the toddlers.
Embed from Getty Images

Harry met one youngster one who was fascinated by his beard. More from The Mirror’s coverage:

A little gaelic football fan appeared to TICKLE Harry’s beard at Croke Park this morning. The Duke of Sussex pulled a funny face as he leant in to greet the child. Parents burst out laughing and Meghan held her hand to her mouth.
The duo also toured the Gaelic Athletic Association Museum at the Park.

The next stop: Trinity College, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I.

They saw one of the most famous manuscripts in the world, the Book of Kells.

The Book is an illustrated 9th-century manuscript that depicts the four Gospels of the Bible. It is also one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures. 

Below, the Prince signs the visitor’s book.

Meghan and Harry also visited the library at the College. Among the things they saw, the oldest surviving Irish harp in the world; it was used as a model for Ireland’s coat of arms.

After leaving the library the Duke and Duchess were scheduled for a walkabout. This photo offers a sense of the crowds waiting to see them.

They clearly enjoyed themselves.

Here is a quick video from Kensington Palace.

Trinity College also posted a video of the walkabout.

Meghan and Harry took a break for lunch at Delahunt. Samantha Libreri of RTE shared a photo of the establishment on Twitter.

Samantha Libreri, RTE News (Click photo to visit Twitter feed)

Reporter Omid Scobie says the couple shared some smoked salmon and a Guinness. He also reports Meghan had roast hake for her main course, while Harry enjoyed Irish sirloin of lamb. The restaurant posted a photo on its Facebook page of Meghan and Harry with the staff.

Delahunt Facebook (Click photo to visit page)The Duke and Duchess then visited the Famine Memorial, commemorating the Great Famine of the mid-19th century.

More from Discover Ireland:

During the famine approximately 1 million people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland, causing the island’s population to fall by between 20% and 25%.

No event in history has had a more profound effect on Ireland and the worldwide Irish Community than that of the Great Irish Famine (1845-1849).

The Duke and Duchess met the sculptor who created the statues, Rowan Gillespie. Here is a 1:30 video with Meghan and Harry at the Memorial.

The Duke and Duchess’s next engagement was at EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum. Meghan and Harry were greeted by Maria Dempsey, age 7. She gave the Duchess a bouquet of native Irish flowers. Maria was wearing a dress by Irish designer Paul Costello.

EPIC “chronicles the global influence of the Irish in the country’s only fully digital museum.” Here you see the couple as they are given a tour by founder Neville Isdell.

In this image, you see the couple with Mr. Isdell and deputy museum director Jessica Traynor. The Duke and Duchess are learning about “the achievements of pioneering Irishmen and women emigrants in the fields of science, maths, astronomy, engineering and manufacture.”

This video of the couple leaving EPIC is just :13 seconds.

The final stop for the trip was Dog Patch Labs.

It is a shared workspace hub for startups.

Now for Meghan’s second look of the day, Givenchy separates.

The trousers are a basic black style, with front slant pockets, in a cropped length with a wide leg. The double-breasted jacket is cropped, with front flap pockets, chest welt pocket, a deep center-back vent, lightly padded shoulders, and bracelet-length sleeves.

Beneath her jacket, the Duchess wore a white t-shirt. Lavender Hill Clothing reached out to us today and said Meghan wore their Boat t-shirt, £34.00 ($37.59 USD). The company offers shipping to the US.

The shirt is a knit blend of 50% cotton, 50% modal and we were told that the white version is made slightly thicker making it a non-see-through t-shirt. Described on the site as a classic take on the brand’s scoop-neck shirt, it is also reversible, switching to black.

Meghan carried a new Givenchy bag today. It is the brand’s GV3 frame bag, $2,250 USD.

And she wore her Givenchy Double-G logo belt, ($450), previously seen on her visit to Cheshire with The Queen.

The Duchess also wore the shoes seen in Cheshire, the Sarah Flint ‘Perfect Pump 100’ ($355)

Here are links to our other two Ireland posts:

And here are a couple of videos you may enjoy. This first one is about 2-minutes and showcases the couple’s time at Trinity College.

This is 2-minute video featuring the Duke and Duchess’s visit to Dog Patch Labs.

And this covers the time at Croke Park.


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  1. Very boring look in my opinion. An interesting necklace, bracelet, larger earrings — something to pull it all together. Otherwise it’s simply an expensive black suit with a white t-shirt on. Plus it’s summer, Ireland is green and colorful, and this outfit is black and white. I’m really struggling to understand the choice and why everyone was so positive about it. People were grousing about her nude/beige-y pink looks as bland, I think the color scheme for these outfits is equally as bland, just on the dark side, not the light. Guess I”m in the minority….

  2. Love, love the heels. If you are use to wearing them as part of your corporate look then continue. Love my heels and feel they compliment the outfit

  3. Perhaps she doesn’t wear necklaces much, because they could look odd with the shape of the boat/bateau necklines she’s currently wearing a lot of. Unless she wore a tighly fitted necklace giving a curved silouette close to the base of her neck, anything longer would hang in a vee shape – looking rather too many angles and would take away from the distinctive bateau shape.

  4. Love the trousers and jacket but not the heels. A really good edge to the outfit would have been black lace up brogues! Much easier for the first part of the day and she could always have put the stilettos on for later…

  5. Meghan clearly is very comfortable in a pant suit. She looks great in pants. I imagine she will use more of these suits in the years ahead like Queen Letizia.

  6. This is my favorite looks of hers yet! She looks comfortable, professional and gorgeous. I love pant suits! She’s fantastic.

  7. I really love everything about this look. I appreciate that she is willing to wear pants for practicality, comfort and just for a change up from always seeing dresses. The boatneck tee looks great to me and I think it keeps the outfit from looking stuffy. I guessing the fact she doesn’t wear necklaces much is just a personal preference.

  8. A couple of random thoughts…. first, Amazing job What Meghan Wore admins!!!!!! You are doing an incredible job staying on top of what Meghan and what Kate wore. I thought the internet might implode with the double whammy of Kate and Meghan at both Louis’ christening and then the RAF anniversary flyby. WOW!!! Tip of the tiaras to you.
    Second, comments don’t seem to be enabled for the “Meghan wears 3 outfits in Ireland” post, so I’m going to mooch on this thread to say that I LOVED LOVED LOVED her Givenchy separates. She looked strong, powerful, comfortable, sexy, and perfectly imperfect. She rocked that look rather than the look rocking her.
    Finally, am I the only one starting to freak out about her stilettos? I’m trying to figure out why I’m fixated on them when I barely give it a thought wrt Kate’s pumps. I think my fixation with her stilettos is a combination of the fact that she seems to look, at times, as if her feet hurt and the fact that she’s slightly shorter than Kate, so a 4″ heel in her is proportionally higher than a 4″ pump on a taller person. I’m really short and I remember getting a dress tailored while wearing a pair of stilettos and the tailor suggested that I wear a slightly lower heel because proportionally it would work better for me. So I wonder if the heels would generally work better for Meghan if they were a little lower. I dunno.

  9. Stylish, elegant and simple with a fuss free T underneath and worn with elegant heels. Love this look, really enjoying Meg’s style.

  10. Another fabulous look from the Duchess. Chic, stylish, and all pieces she can use again, together or as separates. the tshirt works under the suit because it has the same general look as a classic white shell, but is a bit thicker and probably more comfortable, and makes the outfit less stuffy – just enough to make it work perfectly.

    As an aside to the above comments – the heels on grass were clearly fine – royals wear heels on grass all the time – garden parties, Ascot – and I don’t recall post after post complaining about that…. Plus they did other events afterwards for which heels were entirely appropriate.

    • I concur with you regarding heels on the grass! Other Royals wear heels on the grass. (I tried to “Like” your post but haven’t figured out how to do that without a google account.)
      On another note, it wasn’t as if Meghan was going to play field games with the athletes. It seems as this was a simple meet and greet.
      Something I’ve been thinking about is that heels are obviously a personal choice of Meghan’s and I’m sure if she decides the heels do not go along with her role/branding/image/style/job she will make a change and we’ll be duly notified. It could be Meghan will not be the Royal we see riding the horse in the parade, swinging the bat with the children, rowing the canoe and racing against Usain Bolt. That’s up to Meghan and the Queen. I’m all for individuality and believe that her role will be based upon her skills, interests, and abilities. In my opinion Meghan is savvy and so I rest knowing that she’ll either modify her heel size and shoe size because they don’t work with her job or keep them as they do. Can’t wait to see!

  11. I don’t think the tshirt reverses to black. What they mean is that you reverse which side you wear in the front and which you wear in the back. One side has a deeper neckline than the other. So you can either have a higher neckline but dip in the back or vice versa.

  12. Great outfit! Professional and no nonsense.
    I’m commenting mostly to say I am so jealous they brought the Book of Kells out of its glass case for them! It is one of the most famous books in the world. I saw it in high school during an exchange trip to Dublin and was too young to fully appreciate its historic significance. It is kind of like the Oprah of illuminated manuscripts–it’s famous worldwide and almost anyone knows it by name.

  13. I like the simplicity of the outfit but the cropped cropped jacket does nothing to flatter her figure, it makes her look very broad. Knowing that she was going to walking on a sports field you would think she could have chosen more appropriate shoes, a classic pair of flats would have been perfect with this outfit.

  14. Great post!! This was a nice outfit for the event. Heels on grass, very brave. (Or is that a faux turf?) I always get a heel stuck haha.. looks like they had a great time meeting people, especially the children.

  15. I love the jacket!! Anybody have any ideas where I can get something similar without the Givenchy price tag? #GirlOnBudgetHere

    • I’d search around for a “double-breasted blazer” and see if there’s anything cropped looking. has one and so does Forever21 of all places.

      • Yes – I also noticed a good “Match Meghan” at Forever 21 for her Altuzarra dress that she wore with the blazer to the Commonwealth Youth Forum.

  16. Love that even this t-shirt is a boat neck, even if it’s a different sort of boat. Everything about this was chic.

  17. Cropped trousers paired with a cropped jacket is perfection. Note to self… go ahead and buy the matching jacket as that’s what the designer had in mind and the outfit will look pulled together.
    Meghan is wise to show her ankles as they are fabulous!

  18. Excellent outfit! This is a really smart looking outfit that works for all of the various events she attended. I loved her hair as well. She seemed to really enjoy herself and felt confident, something that was missing from the pictures this morning. This is also an outfit she could re-wear, pair with other accessories, dress up, dress down. Loved this look!

  19. I don’t understand why royals insist on wearing spiky heels when they know (or there’s a very good chance) they will be walking on grass! I understand the Queen dislikes wedges, but I would think a modern chunky-heeled pump would be the go-to. Like Kate’s burgundy Tod’s pumps–I love those!

  20. I was delighted to see Meghan segue into a sharp pant combo, I really thought the Mouret would be for all-da. Givenchy has delivered another winner, the cropped jacket is gorgeous, beautifully nipped in to the waist, and its smart precision tailoring doesn’t prevent Meghan from giving it a rock-chick vibe. The exaggerated lapels help with that.

    If the pants are meant to indicate a more casual outfit they are still as smart a piece of tailoring as the jacket, and worn with high heels indicate dressy rather than athletic, making the ensemble adaptable to the mix of venues lined up for the Sussex day.

    At the same time it’s nice to see Meghan’s hair down and just a bit messy, loosening things up a bit. All round class.

  21. This is a sharp look. I prefer a more traditional blazer, with full sleeves and a longer length, but this does look nice. I’d have been interested to see what it looks like buttoned up. With it open, I find myself wishing for a somewhat more formal top underneath–even just a slightly heavier knit material and/or a higher neckline. As I type this I am realizing that we hardly ever see her with a necklace. I wonder why that is?

    Anyway, she looks great; she has really been on the ball with her style choices lately.


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