It’s a Double Duchess Event at Wimbledon Ladies’ Championship Final

Meghan joined Kate at Wimbledon today for the Ladies’ Championship Final. Below, the Duchesses are welcomed by AELTC chairman Philip Brook and Gill Brook.

The pair were at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club to watch Angelique Kerber of Germany take on Serena Williams of the US.

The Duchess of Sussex has been friends with Serena Williams since 2010, when they met at a Super Bowl event.

Ms. Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, attended Meghan and Harry’s wedding. More recently they joined Meghan at a charity polo match Harry was playing in.

Meghan and Kate met some former Wimbledon Champions ahead of in the final round.

Below we see Meghan chatting with 11-year-old Tia Clarke, who represents The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Tia was selected to do the coin toss at the start of the match.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been Royal Patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club since 2016.

But before the Ladies’ match could get underway, yesterday’s Rafael Nadal/Novak Djokovic match had to be completed. It was suspended last night at 11pm.

This is the first appearance in the Royal Box for the Duchess. Below, the women are seated at Centre Court.

Seated just behind the royals, champions Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova.

More from People’s story:

Meghan has been a fixture at Wimbledon in recent years, but this year’s event marks her first time attending as the Duchess of Sussex. She attended the tournament in 2016, around the same time she was set up on a blind date with future husband Prince Harry.

Played entirely on grass courts, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, and regarded by many as the most prestigious. The first Championship was held in July 1877 and was a Gentlemen’s Single event. The event was attended by 200 spectators.

Wimbledon has many traditions, as well as regulations, including a strict dress code for players who must wear all white. Dining on strawberries and cream is another tradition, and you may have noticed that unlike most other sporting events, there is no sponsor advertising seen anywhere on the grounds or courts.

Wimbledon is one of my favorite events of the entire year. I remember watching tennis championships as a kid. The French Open and Wimbledon, the McEnroe/Borg matches, Jimmy Connors, Andre Aggassi, Stefi Graff. Many great players. For the past 11 days I have watched parts of the Championships, either on my TV or iPad. I never miss it. This year I’ve seen some of the best tennis played that I can remember.

Over the years I have attended US Open matches, including one that Meghan attended. In 2016 I was extremely lucky to see Serena Williams play Simone Halep in the Ladies’ Singles Quarter-Finals at the US Open, It was a real treat and Meghan was also at the match. Last year at the US Open was also exciting, when I got to see one of my favorite players, Roger Federer take on Juan Del Putro in the Mens’ Quarterfinals. Being able to go to Wimbledon some day is a personal dream.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore.

She was in pieces from Ralph Lauren Collection, the brand’s upscale line. I felt strongly Meghan would wear Ralph Lauren, because she has long loved the brand, and also because the brand is a supporter of the event.

Meghan’s shirt is the Ralph Lauren Collection Apparel Striped Cotton Shirt in white and classic blue ($590), somewhat similar to the shirts seen on the Wimbledon linesmen.

Her trousers are the Ralph Lauren Collection Charmain Silk Wide-Leg Pant in cream ($1690).

She carried a new hat by Maison Michel, the ivory straw ‘Virginie’ hat ($900 currently marked down, $540). Thanks to Twitter follower Anne Young for IDing the hat.

Meghan wore a pair of Illesteva ‘Leonard’ sunglasses. We first saw a similar pair on the Duchess when we caught a quick glimpse of her and Harry on their way to the Royal Wedding rehearsals at Windsor.

From our previous wedding posts, the front cover of the Daily Mirror showing Meghan in the sunglasses.

Originally thought to have been a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, the RB2180 — I had noticed that the “Ray-Ban” logo was missing from the lenses of the pair Meghan is wearing in the image above as well as the frame arm. Another noticeable detail is the the frame arm on the pair Meghan was wearing is straight and the Ray-Ban style, RB2180 or ‘Highstreet’ are tapered. I am now thinking these could be the illesteva ‘Leonard’ pair we saw today.

Meghan wore the illesteva ‘Leonard’ Round Frame sunglasses, in matte black acetate, $177.

Finally, Meghan’s bag is one we saw previously, back in March on International Women’s Day. It is the Altuzarra ‘Ghianda’ top handle mini bag in navy from the Pre-Fall 2017 season. Similar available here in suede.

We’re thinking Meghan may be wearing her Sarah Flint ‘Perfect Pump 100’ heels ($355) today. I saw a photo that revealed the tip of a black pointy toe leather show that matched the style she has been wearing recently. The lower heel version, ‘Perfect Pump 85’ is available here

Thoughts on Meghan’s look from The Telegraph’s fashion story by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton

This outfit proves that Meghan plans to forge her own style within the borders of what is deemed appropriate. While the high-waisted cut of the trousers was unmistakably feminine, the overall look was quite androgynous, and topped with a panama hat the twin of the one she wore to Wimbledon two years ago.

And there is more than an element of nostalgia here. In 2016, Meghan attended Wimbledon as a guest of Ralph Lauren – the brand’s PR was rumoured to have introduced her to Prince Harry. Wearing the brand to revisit the championships, now as Prince Harry’s wife, shows she hasn’t forgotten the connection.

It was a delight seeing the two Duchesses at Wimbledon.

Angelique Kerber defeated Serena, 6-3. 6-3. It was a bittersweet moment for the two women on centre court.

Angelique is the first German to win a Wimbledon singles title since Steffi Graf in 1996.

Below Ms. Kerber meets the Duchesses —

From Serena’s interview after the match via Twitter @Wimbledon

I was really happy to get this far. For all the moms out there, I was playing for you today”

Serena’s daughter Olympia on centre court taken last week from her Instagram @olympiaohanian 


Ralph Lauren continues to do the official uniforms for ball boys and ball girls at Wimbledon.

Some of this year’s styles remain available through the Wimbledon online shop. Below, we show the Ball Girl’s Polo Shirt ($107) and Ball Girl’s Skort ($107) in misses sizes.

And the Ball Girl’s Jacket ($124), also in misses sizing. Susan C. has owned this one for a few years now and can attest that it has held up well. The Ball Boys’ uniform pieces are also offered online, including the Ball Cap ($62), a price that seems to Susan K to be firmly in the ‘silly season’ zone. If interested in headwear with more fiscally friendly prices, there are plenty of options.

Post by Susan C.


UPDATE: Bonus Gallery — click on the images below to view.


  • For details on the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit, please visit our sister site What Kate Wore.
  • For more information on Wimbledon, visit the site here –
  • Information on the Wimbledon Foundation is here.

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  1. I think the concept of this look is to die for – slightly oversized collared shirts and big trousers, AKA Katharine Hepburn – so stylish. but the one rule that I cant get over is mismatchy blacks…and mismatchy white and creams. It irks me. And I think a belted pants would work better for the look.

  2. I love that she isn’t afraid to wear the occasional trouser, but why can’t Meghan seem to match her shades of white? This is the second time I’ve seen her pair ivory with something stark white and it drives me NUTS!

  3. I wonder how this outfit would have been viewed if the fit of both the shirt and pants fit better (agree both are too big). The pants pooling on the ground made me go ‘yikes’! While the pants may be on trend, I don’t see them as a plus for Meghan’s size and shape. It’s just reality that trends don’t look good on everybody. For me the outfit is an illustration of what not to wear.

  4. A good look but not for the Royal box at Wimbledon. Compared to what the women were wearing, the look was too casual. A pencil skirt would have elevated the outfit. Or a solid colored shirt and tidier hair. The striped shirt looked large and awkward around the waist. For me the effect was a bit unkempt.

  5. It’s not often I have an opportunity to join in the comments with all of you wonderful followers here on WMW, however, I try to interact as much as I can as I enjoy the discussion. I loved Meghan’s look at Wimbledon – it reminded me of a classic look from Katherine Hepburn, Jackie O and other past fashion icons. Being that I love Ralph Lauren and know that Meghan has long loved the designer/brand herself so the outfit doesn’t surprise me. I knew she would wear RL because they are a supplier/supporter of Wimbledon and Meghan is clever with paying tribute to events, groups, people and so forth – in this case, tennis. I think it was a fun fresh look for summer. You can pair that shirt with white jeans, shorts, navy pants, denim. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box or in this case lines and throw in a bit of a twist to your outfit. You might be surprised! – Susan C.

    • Very positive and interesting comment, Susan. At times I agree, that Meghan has the Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O look…but I don’t feel that the Wimbledon 2018 outfit was it. Audrey and Jackie never looked sloppy, with clothes that did not fit properly. It is the too big shirt and pants so long that tripping is a hazard, that had many of us saying the look is a miss. Who doesn’t like Ralph Lauren? He is a national treasure and his clean designs are wonderful! Meghan should wear RL or any designer she wants, but she does need to get the right size and/or employ a tailor to make the clothes fit…not tight, but most certainly not so baggy/draggy.

      • Yes, I agree with Bonnie. I’m sure you’re right that Katharine Hepburn was a look Meghan was channeling, but Katharine Hepburn’s trousers would have had a waistband, and the cuffs would never have dragged on the ground. You are absolutely right that this is “a look” in our day–in fact, I’d argue that the floor-skimming pants, completely covering the shoes, have been an off-and-on celebrity look since the late ’90s. But I am not a fan, and I do not find it a successful nod to old Hollywood glamour.

  6. Wish we could see a full view of Meghan’s pants all the way down to her shoes. Were they over the shoes? Love the outfit

    • Hi Liz – I’ll try to get another photo to add. As we license our photos, it’s sometimes difficult based on what’s available via our agencies. Thx, SC

  7. I love the idea of this look. I just don’t feel it was executed like it could have been. With black sunglasses and shoes, I would have loved to see the shirt in a black stripe instead of blue. Then a bag in a pop of color like red. Then she and Catherine would have coordinated, the whole outfit would have matched and had interest without sacrificing Meghan’s style. Perhaps I like matching too much and that is old fashioned. But I love black and white and think that would have made for a more striking look altogether.

  8. Love the post!
    Just incidently, if you have prescription sunglasses you may not have manufacturers logo on the frame. My optician had to explain this to me when I bought a pair of Ray Ban wayfarers. Once they had my prescription lenses the logo on the glass was no more.

    • Hi Lady Lotus – Yes, I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses. However, I do own several pairs of Ray-Bans including the ones in question and they have the logo on each arm of the frames in silver. I even photographed the sunglasses in various lighting to test it and it should show up. It’s possible they could be a second pair though. I had looked at a few other possibilities for the ones that are similar to Ray-Ban. I’ve seen a few.

  9. The cream trousers do not have the proper kind of waistband to tuck in a blouse. The shirt belongs with different trousers and vice versa. I’d pair those trousers with a coral scoop necked summer weight knit top. Also the white with cream hurts my eyes and the trousers are a tripping hazard. Other than the sweet handbag, this outfit is a miss for me.

    • Believe it or not, the wide-leg super long trousers are a big fashion trend currently. Emma Watson also had a pair on yesterday. Ralph Lauren carries a few pairs in other colors and shows them super long on the models. I don’t think I would like them to “sweep” the floor like that. I’d rather have mine just a hair above the floor to cover the shoe. SC

  10. Meghan will find her balance between dressing like a royal & dressing like Meghan. I love her minimalist style & looks her best when she dresses for her shape & height. I think she looks better in dresses & fitted pants rather than full skirts and full legged pants. Sometimes she wears clothes that overwhelm her small frame & she looks lost in her clothes which make her look tiny. On to Wimbledon- loved the shirt, loved the pants but not together it was a disjointed look. The shirt would have looked better with fitted trousers & the pants with a button less more fitted blouse not tucked in to the pants. The pants swallowed her & were way too long (even the model had some of her feet showing). . Meghan also needs to find a good tailor one that can fix some of the sizing/fitting issues she seems to have.

  11. I was blown away by Meghan’s outfit today! Fresh, modern, stylish and totally on trend ! A total win ??❤️??❤️

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE… modern fresh chic. A lot of thought would have been put into achieving this overall look. The ‘oversized’ shirt and ‘long’ wide pants is in trend. ❤️

  13. After looking picture perfect in Dublin with every look a winner, Meghan falters at Wimbledon where the look is a big miss. First the messy bun is just that— messy and distracting. Second the blouse is too big and looks sloppy, and third ithe trousers “puddle” on the ground in a very unattractive manner. The idea of the outfit is fine, but Meghan looks like she hasn’t consulted a seamstress or tailor for the Lauren pieces. Certainly the pieces should be soft and flowing, but they shouldn’t be overwhelming Meghan herself. And they do. Still it was great fun to see the two duchesses together and enjoying tennis and being with each other. Thank you for the post.

  14. At first glance I liked the DoS outfit. But at second glance, not as much. She looks very fresh and ready for a fun summer day. I don’t understand white in the top and cream pants. The pants and top seem too large on her. The pants are so wide (which I realize they are suppose to) they engulf her. In the US, I’d wear the pants for an evening event with a dressy top-not tucked in. I don’t mind the bun part of the “messy bun” it’s the hair hanging in her face.

  15. Pictures on other sites show a full view of the length and width of the pants on Meghan – and I winced. Pants that don’t just drag, but *pool*, on the ground are never a good look.
    The striped shirt, while chic at first glance, was not meant to be paired with these particular pants – first, because of the unfortunate puffing around her waist and second, because I’m just not sure that white and cream go together in that way.
    This version of her messy bun is much more controlled and attractive – perhaps she’d been doing her hair herself prior to the wedding, but she obviously uses a professional hairstylist now.
    All that said, I’m glad she wears pants so often and puts her hair up so often and hope she continues to do both.

  16. Ace!!
    Meghan’s managed top spin, drop shots and everything stellar about fashion and tennis.
    The crisp and classic blue and white shirt is perfect and eye catching for center court.. Admire the casual look of the rolled sleeves. The cream silk pants flatter her slim figure and shape; she is a pants-person, as her recent Givenchy ensemble showed. The way the wide leg silk pants “puddled” on the green grass worked in the summer, as it didn’t work in the winter.
    The journalist who called her look “androgynous” found a great term to describe why this is such a stunning outfit. She looks so feminine but she’s wearing pants, rolled sleeves, no jewelry, no fuss, and her signature messy bun. Her
    bag is an addition to the outfit, and the hat is terrific. (Like the way it has MM on the band, even though they’re the initials of the designer.)
    Figure there’ll be lots of “inappropriate” comments, criticism for lack of jewelry, her hair, and her general disregard for what is supposedly “royal.”
    But what I see is a 36 year old woman with a strong personality, years of political commitment/work, who knows who she is, navigating the delicate balance between expressing Meghan, while adhering to the expectations of her new role.
    The contrast between Meghan and Kate is stark, and that’s good. They are two different people, and they actually have two different roles to play. Kate looks lovely and like herself today, and so does the Duchess of Sussex.
    (Oh, I want Meghan’s hat.)

  17. love Meghan’s look. As a long time tennis fan of all locations I have seen many different outfits worn but this one just screams style. Of course the self confessed style police will find fault but this is an extremely fashionable look. What a great day and lets celebrate the fact that two amazing women have played tennis at the pinnacle of the tournament. Let’s get our priorities right

  18. Well, I like the idea of this outfit…but do not totally love the execution. I think my only hang up is the blue/stark white with the cream pants. I just don’t love it. I think I would’ve preferred a different blouse with the off-white pants. She does seem to really favor the looser tailoring for her clothing. Whatever is comfy for her!

    It was fun seeing both Duchesses together enjoying themselves. Lots of smiles. Love that. And enjoy their different styles. Sure would be boring to see them both in the exact same outfits!

  19. Not a fan of this look at all, particularly the pants. The seemed to swallow her and actually looked like they were puddling on the ground in shots of her talking to the ball girls/boy’s. Just a disappointment all around.

  20. Lovely to see the two Duchesses together. I live the Ralph Lauren background information, thanks for that. The outfit is a miss for me though. Yet again, great idea, poor execution. The shirt is too big, I really dislike the way it bunches at the front. The length of the trousers just looks silly to me, bring them up so you dont trip over!! I’m also not a fan of the hair, too messy. I still love that bag though!

  21. Wowed by Meghan’s Ralph Lauren striped shirt paired with the wide leg pant! Her choice to go with the flat front pant, instead of pleats, was stellar. I’m inspired.
    Happy moment for me is when Royals wear sunglasses, thank you! Loved the lens tint on Meghan’s round black frames and appreciate you identifying those for me. It’s always curious to me why Royals don’t wear sunglasses more often when out and about. I don’t enjoy seeing anyone squint. It’s quite common to wear sunglasses in the States – not just as an accessory, but more importantly, for eye health.

    • I think a lot of the US love of sunglasses as fashion statement is due in part to Jackie Kennedy Onassis making them a fashion statement.

  22. Fun and fresh outfit, the only thing I would change is the “messy bun.” Seems a little too unpolished for any work outing other than one involving her actually sporting. Those trousers and Catherine’s dress, ?.

  23. Meghan has picked a stunning outfit, I can’t get over how she can rock such huge wide-leg pants. I tend to think they only work on someone with the stature of Amal Clooney. The Ralph Lauren shirt is a knockout, very sporty and summery and quite androgynous – very Meghan!

    I hit a problem though when I see the length of the pants. I’ve never liked very high heels with such a full trouser leg, they convey something tacky to me for some reason. I can’t help wincing at the thought of expensive silk hems left dragging on the ground. I also can’t help feeling the overall effect makes Meghan look more prepared for boarding an expensive yacht than going ringside to cheer on a friend.

    I’m delighted to see the messy bun return, it goes perfectly with the casual shirt, and I admire her ability to skip elements of jewellery when she doesn’t feel like it, it’s refreshingly uncluttered. Thanks so much for reminding us when we saw that bag before, I think it was good to stick with something smaller scale against such dramatic separates.

    It was wonderful to see the two young women together, and I was so touched to see a picture of Kate laying a comforting hand on Meghan’s arm when her friend lost the match. It could have been a lonely moment for Meghan in her new life.

    • It is not a surprise that Kate would be caring and supportive towards Meghan. I don’t think the Duchess of Cambridge has a mean or jealous bone in her body. Meghan is lucky to have Kate, who has already been through the initiation and adjustment phase, that Meghan is now going through. As William and Harry are so close, it must be pleasing to them, that their wives seem to like each other. I’m sure we all anticipate, that the foursome will work well together and enjoy each other’s company.

  24. love the shirt. I saw some better pics of the pants on the daily mail and, unfortunately, they were just swamping her from the knee down and were too long as well. imho, the same pant but cropped or in a shape similar to the black pants worn in ireland would have looked amazing

  25. Excellent choice, brand and styling is on point. The expert tailoring around the shoulders and waist really made this outfit for me. A perfectly high-end and fresh look! What a treat to see both ladies out together, showing their respective unique style and having a lovely time.

  26. I don’t have any objection to pants at Wimbledon (forgive my US usage); I’m just not sure I like these pants. I want a waistband. I think pants like these, with a totally unstructured top, are made more for wearing with a knit top that comes down over the waist, not for wearing something tucked in. Also, they’ve creased somewhat unattractively. I get that it’s unavoidable; I mean, she’s human–but still, for an event that involves sitting for a prolonged period of time, maybe just–not silk pants.

    Everything else is great–the shirt is a fantastic look on her, I enjoy the continued understated jewelry, and I love the bag. But the best is the hat! It’s super-cool, to begin with, but then I LOVE that the MM logo matches her initials. I’m not usually a fan of prominent logos, but this was really fun.

    So sorry that Serena couldn’t pull it out. I was watching. But what an amazing feat to have made it this far, after all she’s been through, and so great that Meghan and the DoC could be there in the stands cheering her on.

    • Interestingly enough Jessica – Meghan’s version are called “pants” – so you aren’t off when using the term this time around! 🙂 SC

    • Exactly my thoughts … a knit top pulled over the top of those pants would work. But a front buttoned shirt doesn’t work with an unstructured pant waist.

  27. Terrible choices for Meghan today. White and navy with cream trousers?! Ugh. The trousers look unfinished. Can she not just wear a stylish summer day dress?! There are so many wonderful designers out there. Ted Baker UK has a lovely white dress that would have been lovely.

  28. Blue and white always looks fresh and crisp, especially in summer. I do like this Ralph Lauren shirt, although it is too big for Meghan, with the shoulder seam off the shoulder. Various media are commenting that Meghan looks like a Wimbledon line judge, as they also wear blue and white striped shirts and white pants or skirts. These white palazzo pants are not a favourite of mine. They drown Meghan’s small frame being so long, covering her shoes and dragging on the ground. I see the messy bun has returned and this results in her pushing her hair out of her face, while meeting people, or when talking to the ball boys and girls. In my opinion this is an all round too casual look, especially given that Meghan is sitting in the Royal Box, where men are required to wear suits, shirts and ties. I looked up the dress code for the Royal Box and women are asked not to wear hats, as this could make it difficult for someone sitting behind to see. It was a shame that Meghan carried a hat but she couldn’t put it on.

    • Bonnie – thanks for the dress code information. I had not had a chance to look that up and include it as well, I had a quite a bit of information included in the post as it was. I thought maybe she just chose not to wear it as the roof was closed at the start and then it didn’t seem as sunny later during the ladies’ match. – sac

    • Hi Jackson – we aren’t entirely sure. I saw a photo of the tip of her shoe poking out and they were black leather pointy toe. Thinking most likely Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 100. I will update the post with that information. thanks, SC

  29. Meghan is very comfortable in trousers and they suit her very much – being a rectangular shaped body type. I personally feel like Queen Letizia she will include lots of pants in her wardrobe while on official duties. It’s a good thing. Perfect.

  30. Beautiful, crisp, fresh, very Meghan. Lovely look. Great pants. Love the wide leg. Love also the Ralph Lauren call back to Wimbledon in 2016 and meeting Harry!
    I understand it’s not a belted pant but something in me either wants to have some kind of button or decoration on the top of the pant or to have a different top. Is it me or do button-down shirts cry “belted outfit” and pants like that cry out for a non-button down shirt? Seems like you need either one or the other perhaps?

  31. She needs to control the blousiness of her tops. This is the second time this week she’s having this issue. There are trick to make sure shirts remain tucked as they should

  32. Those slacks…to die for! Meghan looks beautiful! I love the outfit when viewed all together, but I do feel the shirt doesn’t stand alone well when she is seated and the slacks can’t be seen. But I do love seeing the Duchesses together! Thank you for a lovely post!

  33. It’s a miss for me I’m afraid. The shirt is way too big … It looks much better on the model. The trousers are too long . The whole outfit looks like it’s been thrown together and doesn’t fit her. Such a shame as Kate looked lovely. It seems as though Megan wants to “stand out” rather than ” fit in”.

  34. I love the look Meghan is going for here and I love the fact she wears pants. The two pieces on their own are fab, but I can’t get over white with cream. If only the pants were white! Overall it’s a hit despite my bemoaning the colours


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