The Duchess in Valentino Gown for Misha Nonoo’s Wedding

The Duchess of Sussex wore an elegant evening gown tonight for the wedding of her close friend, Misha Nonoo. 

Just days away from their upcoming tour with son Archie, the Duke and Duchess are in Rome, where the wedding of Ms. Nonoo and oil heir Michael (also called Mikey) Hess took place. A quick video of their arrival via Christin (@PackhamGown) on Twitter.

As many readers know, Ms. Nonoo is a longtime friend of Meghan’s and owns the Misha Nonoo fashion brand. Below, several images from Meghan’s Instagram page show the duo at various locales. 

Meghan and Ms. Nonoo at New York Fashion Week in 2015.
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Previously married to one of Harry’s closest friends, Alexander Gilkes, many believe the designer helped introduce the Duke and Duchess. The first time we officially saw Meghan with Harry she was wearing the brand’s Husband Shirt

The designer and fiancé at the Duke and Duchess’s wedding.

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The Duchess has been featured wearing Misha Nonoo designs on the brand’s Instagram page.  

Misha Nonoo is also one of the four retail partners for the Smart Set clothing collection benefiting one of Meghan’s patronages, Smart Works. Below, Ms. Nonoo and the Duchess at the launch of the collection last week

The setting for tonight’s wedding was the renowned Villa Aurelia

The 17th-century property was built on land that belonged to Pope Paolo III and it offers stunning views of Rome. 

The 6 pm wedding was a star-studded event with a guest list that includes Princess Beatrice; Princess Eugenie; Katy Perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom; Karlie Kloss and her husband, Joshua Kushner; Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner; James Corden and his wife, Julia Carey.

What did the bride wear? We don’t have photos yet, but People’s story has details:

Obviously, you want your husband to think you look beautiful and you want your respective families to as well, but otherwise you can do whatever you want — you can have short sleeves, long sleeves, high neck, low neck, open back, no back. It makes it much more challenging. I like to design with a set of parameters. It took awhile for me to come to what it was going to be in the end. I had some ideas initially. I knew I wanted it to be traditional. So I’ve opted for two dresses, so I can tick both boxes!

The three-day celebration started with an elegant rehearsal dinner last night. The weekend wraps up tomorrow with a gala party at Cinecittà film studios, Europe’s largest film studio. According to this Hello story, “The dress code states women should wear full-length dresses and men should dress in tuxedos for the star-studded nuptials.”

It looks like the Duchess wore a gown by an iconic Italian brand, Valentino.

The Embellished Tulle Evening Dress ($13,500) is semi-sheer tulle embellished with sequins in a spiral pattern. The gown has a surplice neckline with a nipped-in waist and wraparound fastening.

Our thanks to Mail Online’s Caroline Parr (@CarolinePParr on Twitter) for the dress ID. The Duchess also wore what looked like new earrings in gold with diamonds. If additional photos become available we will update the post.

Meghan’s shirt worn in the image with Misha Nonoo is The Smart Set shirt ($125) and can still be purchased.

Below is the The Smart Set capsule collection with links to the pieces.


Also today, word that Meghan and Harry have made a donation in Archie’s name to Love the Oceans, a non-profit agency dedicated to marine preservation. The organization was raising money on a Go Fund Me page to build a pool in Mozambique where local children can be taught to swim. The fundraiser was still short of its goal when swimming coach and Love the Oceans partner Adam Knight noticed a big donation. More from Omid Scobie’s exclusive story in Bazaar:
BAZAAR understands that Duchess Meghan came across the page after browsing their most recent Instagram posts and wanted to help them reach their goal.
Some wondered whether it was from the Sussexes after the couple pledged support for the charity on their Instagram account in August. “I said to my colleague, ‘That has to be Harry and Meghan,'” Knight says. “We made some calls and were able to verify that it was from them, which is just incredible. Without that donation and support this would not be happening.”
In this screengrab from the Bazaar story, you can see the donation made in the name of “Archie HMW” in the lower right.
He adds, “Now that we’re able to go ahead with this, we will all be thinking of Archie when we open the pool next August. What started out as a passion project is now transforming a community and beyond.” 
You can read the entire Bazaar story here.
We’ll see you on Monday for the start of the tour, if not sooner. For the latest itinerary details, visit our Events page here!

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  1. I would not wear black to a wedding but this is giving me sicilian dolce vita vibes and i’m loving it her hair make-up, and expression is so cute too.

  2. Is this actually a slip dress with an entirely separate overlayer? I see thin spaghetti straps through the sheer shoulder area. Just wondering if the top layer is meant to be removed or if the bottom layer is really just a slip for under the shear layer and never meant to be worn on it’s own.
    Like others, I hope at that price it’s going to be worn to some future state dinner or the like.

  3. This is utterly dreamy. What an exquisite confection of fabric that seems lighter than air with sparkling accents elevating it to fairytale territory. I love when Meghan goes full glamour! I am hoping we get to see this gorgeous gown again. Imagine it with a sparkling headpiece….

    • What a lovely description, LL! It would be great to see this one again so we can get a proper look. It comes across as pretty fascinating from these small glimpses 🙂

  4. The Duchess looks lovely, but I am not a fan of this gown, too whimsical and a lot of fuss on the gown, but personal preference only.

  5. Beautiful gown. Question… In the photos from the designer, it looks like it is actually a pant suit with the sheer embellished fabric above it. You can see an outline of the models legs. Am I mistaken? I would love to see a fulllength image of the Duchess. At that price point I hope that she wears it again!

    • Hi Carol,

      It’s an illusion created by the model’s legs making the gown appear to be a pant suit. On the Valentino site there are additional images showing the evening dress.
      Thanks, Susan C.

  6. I’m afraid I don’t like it. It’s just too voluminous on petite Meghan and although it’s somewhat sheer I find it matronly. I picture an older woman wearing it to some charity function in Manhattan. That said, I love the earrings, and she looks happy and glowing, her hair and make-up very pretty.

  7. The Valentino looks wonderful on the model, though I don’t know how flowing it would be to wear IRL with all that embellished tulle, it might kind of stick out in some funny places, maybe.

    I was puzzled about Meghan apparently wearing gold earrings given the dress sequin embellishment looks silver, but then I saw a runway pic with a model also wearing gold earrings, and also Meghan’s have some pale embellishment, maybe diamond, which might bring them into two-tone territory and so adaptable. It certainly looks a first rate glamorous evening outfit overall.

    • ElizaMo, I thought as you did, that the earrings should be silver. And like you, observed that the models earrings were gold. I don’t care for the model’s earrings with this dress; they are much too gold and too heavy with the delicate tulle. I would have chosen some spectacular diamond chandelier earrings set in white gold or platinum.

  8. I am in love with this Valentino gown!!! It looks like so much fun to wear! I hope we get to see a full frontal pic.
    Great choice Duchess Meghan! 🙂

  9. Well, if the label says, “Valentino” you know the dress is going to have a major WOW factor! This gown is very feminine and both dramatic and whimsical. I come from a time when women did not wear either white or black to a wedding. White was reserved for the bride and black was seen as too sombre and funeral like. Times change and today anything goes. So while I would prefer a dress in a vibrant colour, Meghan’s dress in black is beautiful. And isn’t the location and venue for the wedding spectacular?

  10. Love, love this gown, and the Duke and Duchess look incredible. I can’t wait to see the entire look on Meghan. Just beautiful.
    Such a great gesture with donation. Archie is one to watch !


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