Meghan Mixes Old & New Pieces for Day 1 of the Royal Tour – UPDATED

The Sussex family started its Africa tour today, arriving in Cape Town, South Africa this morning after an 11-hour flight from London. The Duke and Duchess stepped off the plane with Meghan carrying the couple’s four-month-old son Archie in her arms. 

After Archie was settled in at the family’s tour residence, Meghan and Harry headed to their first formal engagement of the day, a visit to The Justice Desk in Nyanga township.

The location of this event was embargoed for security reasons; the area has a high rate of violent crime. More from The Evening Standard

The sprawling collection of homes has undergone redevelopment to make it safer and more accessible and it welcomes tourists who can experience the authentic “township vibe” as part of official tours.

But the area has a high rate of unemployment and violence is still an issue. 

The Justice Desk teaches children about their rights, self-awareness, and safety. The organization also teaches young girls about self-defense and female empowerment. More about the engagement from Hannah Furness’s piece in The Telegraph.

As they arrived, the Duke and Duchess were greeted by local musicians and dancers under the beaming sun, holding hands as they walked passed the media to meet representatives of The Justice Desk.

A small boy held his arms up as the Duchess said “hello”, before she enveloped him in a hug. Prince Harry, meanwhile, joined in with children dancing. 

Meghan and her new friend.
Embed from Getty Images

The Justice Desk is supported by the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

You may recall Harry is president of the Trust and Meghan is vice-president.

Multiple media reports said the couple was bringing a variety of gifts on the tour, including coloring books and crayons. It looks like that could be what some of the children were playing with today. 

The children’s tees read, “Children’s Rights Matter, ‘I’m not too young to be heard!'”

Both the Duke and Duchess delivered remarks. In her speech, Meghan said, “I’m here as a member of the royal family, I’m here with you as a wife, mother, woman, woman of colour and your sister.”
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More about the engagement from this Telegraph story:

Jessica Dewhurst, founder, said: “The Duchess said how proud she was of the girls and how amazing she though they all were.“ She held everyone’s attention in that moment, the girls were just transfixed.   

“After watching the boxing class which we hold as a means of teaching self defence and self worth to the young girls, we all sat in a circle and everyone can choose to share their stories, whatever is on their mind. 

“Some of them spoke about how they used to fear growing up in Nyanga but now they have an outlet for their fears.

A group photo. 

And Meghan with some of the program participants. 

The Duke and Duchess were presented with gifts, including a hoodie for Archie that reads “Be a Voice for Justice.”
Embed from Getty Images

Hello! reports they were also given “…a framed inscription of a traditional Xhosa name they have given to Archie, Ntsika, which means pillar of strength”.

After the formal program and speeches, it was time for some dancing.

The Duchess clearly enjoyed her time at the event.

In fact, both royals seemed very much in their element.

Embed from Getty Images

Another view of Meghan.
Embed from Getty Images

Emily Nash also shared a video of the Duke and Duchess as they got ready to leave.

The next engagement was at the District Six MuseumMeghan changed into a different dress for this event, one that many will recognize from another tour. A video of the couple’s arrival from the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English.

The museum celebrates the multiracial area shattered during apartheid when 60,000+ residents were forcibly removed from the neighborhood. More from the museum site:

In 1966, the apartheid government, as it had done in Sophiatown in 1957, declared District Six “white”. More than 60,000 people were forcibly uprooted and relocated onto the barren plains of the Cape Flats. Over a century of history, of community life, of solidarity amongst the poor and of achievement against great odds, was imperiled.

An interior view.

Channel 24 reports: 

They saw an interactive map explaining the history of District Six, photos that captured the culture of the community and the music that echoed through the streets. They also met with a musician and former resident of the area.

Another view.
Embed from Getty Images

After the museum tour, the Duke and Duchess did a walkabout.

There were sizeable crowds eager to see the couple.
Embed from Getty Images

One of the cutest gifts we saw today: this little girl’s picture of Meghan, Harry and Archie.
Embed from Getty Images
They then joined a cooking event at the Museum’s homecoming centre with a variety of the cuisines that reflect the area’s cultural diversity.

More from People’s story:

They joined residents in food preparations before sitting down to sample the dishes while hearing about the residents’ experiences living in the area.

The People story notes that cookbooks were exchanged, with a copy of Together: Our Community Cookbook being swapped for the District 6 cookbook.

The food looked just delicious. Now for what Meghan wore on the first day of the tour, starting with her arrival look at the airport, an off-white sweater/coat, white shirt, and white jeans.

It’s possible Meghan was wearing a pair of slingback flats by Everlane, suggested by ID ace Caroline Parr of the Mail Online. We’re still looking for additional photos and will update the post as soon as we learn anything more about the ensemble.

A sweet note on the hat Archie was seen wearing at the airport: it is very much like the one by Prince Harry many years ago when he arrived in 1985 when Diana carried him at Aberdeen airport in Scotland.  It’s tough to see in the Daily Mirror’s headline banner, but you can just it below.

UPDATE: Below, additional photos of Prince Diana with Prince Harry in 1985.

Embed from Getty Images

Back to the Duchess, who changed into a dress and wedges for the day’s first formal engagement at the Justice Desk. Her print dress is by Mayamiko, an ethical, sustainable fashion brand.The UK label has a separate arm, the Mayamiko Trust, that operates a number of fair trade workshops in Malawi and other parts of Africa.

Local artisans are trained in skills like tailoring; they then learn about “…basic financial and business planning skills. We connect our trainees to fantastic ethical and sustainable fashion brands and designers. This creates links to markets where they can trade their products as high-value items, according to fair trade principles.”

Mayamiko offers a broad spectrum of merchandise, including jewelry, handbags, and other accessories. As noted by Tom and Lorenzo in their post, “to no one’s surprise (no one who pays attention to such things, anyway), the Duchess made sure her fashion was thoughtful and appropriate.” Meghan’s Dalitso Wrap Dress ($80) is made from 100% locally sourced cotton and features cap sleeves, a helix print, and wrap-style closure.  You can learn more about the brand’s background here.

As many noticed, Meghan did not wear her engagement, wedding or eternity rings. Instead, she had on  a petite ring with a turquoise stone. It is the Jennifer Meyer Marquise Cut Turquoise ring ($250).The Duchess also wore a pair of Jennifer Meyer earrings, the Diamond Bezel with Turquoise Marquis Studs ($600).We are still looking for information on Meghan’s necklace, which features a mini hamsa hand in gold and pave diamonds with what appears to be a bezel set turquoise stone on the chain; we will update as soon as we learn anything definitive about the piece.

UPDATE 28 Sept: Meghan’s necklace is from Alemdara, it’s the designer’s Altan in yellow gold and diamonds, £450.00 ($553 USD).

The necklace is done in 18k gold and pave set diamonds and has a turquoise enamel and gold evil eye station bezel.

We’re thinking that the bracelet that Meghan was seen wearing at the US Open is also by the same designer. The Didem yellow gold and turquoise enamel, £275 ($338 USD).

Meghan and Harry wore matching Justice Desk bracelets. The bracelets are available online for R50,00, which is roughly $3.40. There are also Justice Desk tee-shirts and other items available that are sold as fundraisers. The items can be shipped internationally.

Meghan brought back a familiar pair of shoes for the day’s events, her ‘Carina’ Espadrille Wedges ($120) by Castañer.

As mentioned above, the Duchess brought back a dress first seen on another royal tour for the District Six Museum visit.

It is the Veronica Beard ‘Cary’ Shirtdress worn in Tonga last October.

The 100% polyester dress has a classic shirtdress profile with button front, a loose fit, self-belt/tie, and front patch pockets. The Duchess also wore a different pair of earrings to the Museum but we haven’t had a good enough look at them to see if they are something she has worn before or perhaps a new pair.

The Fug Girls pointed out in their post that while the sky blue Cary dress is long since sold out, the red version is available at Nordstrom Rack ($189.97) in limited sizes.

We also discovered it in size 10 only at The Outnet ($244).

UPDATE: Meghan wore new earrings which have yet to be identify.

They appear to be a leaf shape in some sort of stone set in gold. Susan C. thought the earrings looked similar to some Pippa Small styles, however, she has not found any that are an exact match. We’ll continue to look and update the post with further information.

UPDATE 9/24: It has been confirmed that Meghan’s earrings are by Cape Town jewelry designer, Nina Bosch. They are the The Flora Leaf Earrings, R400,00 ($26.86 at today’s exchange rate), The designer creates the earrings from porcelain and then incorporates other materials, such as glazes, pigments, 18k gold lustre and sterling silver to achieve the finished look.

Thanks to @ufonomore for the ID!

Are you following us on Instagram?! Our latest What Meghan Wore Instagram posts are below:

Mayamiko dress / Jennifer Meyer jewelry / Castaner Espadrilles

Veronica Beard dress / Jennifer Meyer ring / Nina Bosch earrings / Castaner wedges


The Royal Family Channel has about 3:20 of video that covers the Justice Desk engagement.

The RFC also has a video of the walkabout.

Channel 5 has a 24-minute+ video of the District 6 Museum tour and cooking event.

Victoria Murphy has a 1:30 piece on the visit.

The AP has a 1:30 video covering the Justice Desk visit.

Hello! has a 1-minute video of the Justice Desk visit.

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  1. The first dress is nice when she is not in action when she was bending down and sitting you can see flesh that is distracting and fittings/alterations should of been made before she wore it!The second dress is a beautiful unique colour and fit perfectly the first time around but sadly this time around looked frumpy the ponytail was cute.

    admin edit

  2. Nailed it! Meghan has taken so many criticisms and hits in the media, it is inspiring to see her getting out there, looking fabulous and happy. She is winning! It is refreshing to see her carving out her own image in her own unique position in the royal family. Thank you for the post, it is wonderful to learn about the cultures and history of South Africa while we enjoy the relative frivolity of fashion, it is such a great balance. Thank you!

  3. I like both these dresses! I think Meghan would have benefited from doing a test run in both of these though. Wrap dresses in particular can often look modest when you’re standing there trying it on, but some leaning over or kneeling down can quickly reveal a few spots that a quick stitch or safety pin could help.

  4. Firstly, if we want Royals to repeat clothes to save money, why are so many people critical of how they look. We females change after having a baby, and Meghan is no different. The blue dress was before Archie’s arrival and now post baby.
    Secondly, Meghan is a young woman, appropriately dressed, in my opinion. In this day and age, why are people so uptight about showing a little flesh.
    I also didnt like the wedges, and have always thought the same when Kate wears them too. There is nothing elegant about them.

  5. The blue dress (which, BTW, I really like, especially the color) fits fine. It’s true it does not fit the same as the first time Meghan wore it, because Meghan is not the same. And that’s all I will say about that because I don’t want to violate the terms of service of this wonderful site, and because I actually mean to be supportive of Meghan. She’s back on the job, re-wearing pieces that still work for her, buying some new, inexpensive items here and there. She looks happy, healthy and beautiful!

  6. Thanks, Susans, for this thorough post!
    Meghan certainly looks thrilled to be there!
    To the fashion:
    The wrap dress that Meghan wore for her first look of the day was a smart choice and would have been a home run if a few alterations had been done. In a lot of pictures, the neckline of the dress falls open, and she is revealing more than she probably wanted to… Also, in other pictures, the skirt is opening, showing Meghan’s slip (not so terrible, but why should it happen at all?). Any seamstress could have easily tacked down the slits in the wrap dress (with perhaps a button or two to make it easier to remove and put on). So I feel that more attention should have been paid to the fit of the dress, besides for the brand.
    About her blue dress, it was very clever of her to do a repeat of a dress from a previous tour… Except that I don’t think this repeat was as successful. The first time she wore the dress, it fit her perfectly. This time, it bunched a lot on top, and it didn’t hit in the proper places…
    Someone else commented that she wishes Meghan would close one more button — so do I! And I am not even close to middle-aged! It’s just showing too much…
    I don’t mind the espadrille wedges so much — they’re a more practical choice than heels but still dressier than flats (or sneakers!).
    About the hair, I think the middle part is far too severe. In fact, most people don’t look good when their hair is parted in the middle. Side parts are almost always more flattering, and I hope Meghan realizes this and returns to that hairstyle. I also wish she’d cut her hair a few inches.
    But really, royal tours are so much fun, and we are spoiled with all this excellent coverage of each engagement! Thank you again, Susan and Susan!

  7. The Duchess looks appropriately dressed for both occasions. I am not a fan of wedges at all, but they work well here. I absolutely love the subtle pieces of jewellery, simple but refined, nice touch.

  8. I never buy clothes that Royals wear because 1) I can’t afford them, and 2) they rarely fit with my lifestyle. Reason number 3 is that I don’t want to be too much of a fan girl:-)

    However, I DO want to purchase a wrap dress from the Mayamoko Trust. Seems like an affordable, accessible way to support women in Malawi, while getting a beautiful dress. I hope Meghan keeps wearing local, ethical designers that are affordable. I think being a fashion ambassador is such an important part of the Royal Family- promoting business in Commonwealth countries, and bringing a spotlight to aspiring designers, businesses, non-profits, etc. A Duchess is great advertisement for these little-known designers, and can be life changing.

  9. Her hair is gorgeous, and she looks thrilled and engaged. The wrap dress with the relatively high scoop in the length was a terrible choice for bending over, squatting down, and all the activity required for that event. I am puzzled. The blue dress is fine, I guess. The color and movement/drape of the fabric kept it from being utterly dull.

  10. I like the choices but think the execution on both, unfortunately, falls flat. I think that fit on both was questionable and while I like the wedges with the first dress and they seem to fit the “look”; with the second they feel out of place. I also disagree on the hair. I think it could use a trim and I find the middle part/ slicked back look she often goes for severe and unflattering.

  11. Two lovely dresses to start off an exciting tour. I am quite pleased with a re-wear, the blue dress from last tour was a good choice. I wish for more lovely frocks to be worn on various occasions. Seems sensible and cost effective to me.
    I do like those wedges! I prefer the ankle ties on wedges to the ones that just seem to platform up on their own.

  12. I think she looks great in both dresses. Understated, one dress a repeat (that I loved when she wore it in Australia) the other inexpensive and from a Malawi designer. I’m fine with the wedge espadrilles which give her a little height and are appropriate for the setting. The focus here isn’t on glamour, rather the engagement/event. A smart move, imo.

  13. I actually like the wrap dress better than many of her more expensive designer looks. Like many wrap dresses, though, it “falls apart” or comes apart in places, like the thigh, bust, etc, inadvertently showing a little too much. That has happened to me more times than I’d like 🙂

    I also loved the Veronica Beard dress when she first wore it, and I like it again now. I think it is casually elegant, and the blue with Meghan’s coloring is just gorgeous! I do hate those wedges, though. She has slim ankles, and those wedges just look so big and clunky on her delicate legs! Surely there’s another option besides wedges and heels ( I hate wedges when the Duchess of Cambridge wears them, too).

    • I always think it’s fun when High Street out-distances high-end. The Mayamiko is sweet with its fresh print, but then as you say struggles a bit with fit. Overall I thought it a surprisingly neat shape over Meghan’s present figure.

      I also agree with you about that classy Veronica Beard, but I am also no fan of these clunky wedges. I like having a touch of black at her feet for balance against the bold blue, but heavy espadrille straps end up shortening and thickening the leg which I don’t find flattering. I thought the dress sat better in its previous more formal incarnation so fit is a problem again.

      Wedges remain obstinately popular, to my mystification as I find them so dangerous to wear if on an uneven surface. Perhaps I’m more inclined to go off-road than some! Looks like a matter of getting used to them, if they must be worn, I’d prefer them without the untidy laces.

    • Hi Mika, We do not have any information on what Archie was wearing. The only photos that appeared were quite blurry. Thanks, Susan C.

  14. I’m glad I watched some of the videos; the reception they are getting is almost deafening in enthusiasm. Harry and Meghan appear to be matching that enthusiasm. It’s a joy to watch them interact with each other and the public.
    I was struck by Meghan’s hair… she is almost rivaling Kate’s hair! (Not that it’s a competition. )
    The black and white dress is lovely. It shows more skin than I’m used to with a royal so I was a bit distracted by that, but she looks comfortable and fresh. I think she looks amazing in that color blue, but there was a bit much happening for me… the bunched torso, the sloppy sleeves, the slit and then the strappy sandals.
    Thanks for the wonderful post! I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

  15. Has anyone considered Helen Ficalora for the hamsa? It’s tough to see the dimensions but she has a store in NYC and has a mini hamsa with pave diamonds.

    • Hi Jen – thanks for that suggestion – I had seen that designer/jeweler while looking. It does not appear to be a match based on the photos I’ve gathered and looked at of Meghan’s necklace. Hoping we get a better and clearer shot of the necklace this week if she continues to wear it. The chain has a bezel set turquoise on it as well. Thanks, Susan C

        • Hi Megan – thanks for the suggestion of Adina Reyter. Meghan’s hamsa hangs off a jump ring from the chain itself. Where as AR’s version hangs through the hamsa. Agree though on the thought of it being two designers – one for the chain and the other for the hamsa charm. thanks! SC

      • I think it might be a combination of two styles or two brands. I’m not sure about the turquoise bezel on the chain, but the hamsa pendant looks like Adina Reyter’s.

        • Hi Megan – thanks, we’re still looking for the pieces and additional hi-res images. I’ve spent a great deal of time sorting through and searching and found a number of similar pieces an items. The hamsa has pave set crystals or diamond and what looks like a larger one set in the “palm” of the hand. We’ve had a lot of good suggestions on designers/brands which have been very helpful. 🙂 SC

  16. I love when Meghan wears her hair in a pony tail. It looks sleek, comfortable, and yet somehow so professional! I like both her looks here, though I’m not a fan of the wedges with the blue dress. The dark black with that light blue color isn’t the right combination. And I also can’t decide if I want her to button one more button on the blue dress, or if that’s just me being a middle-aged prude! Generally it looks fine, but there are one or two poses where it gapes a bit. Overall, though, I think the looks are perfect for a sunny day and she looks so happy and so unbelievably refreshed and lovely, for someone who spent the night on a plane with a baby!

  17. I would like to wear both these outfits please!

    Wow, her hair looks so nice in those waves… it seems quite long these days.

    Loving it so far!

  18. The first dress I thought was a perfect choice. I’m not sure if anyone else thought this, a black slip might have covered the ‘Oops’ of it being shown. I do have to disagree with the majority on the wedges. I think they were the perfect choice for the printed dress.

    The blue dress very pretty, but not with those clunky wedges… perhaps a tan pair of heels or what she wore on the first run of the dress.

    All in all it was a great first look, miss for me on the second. Can’t wait to see Archie though.

    note: admin edit

  19. Although I like the pattern of the black/white one; both dresses are a miss for me. Once again I think the fit is what the problem is for both outfits. The B/W is too high waisted for her figure and the front slit and v neck are not in proportion somehow. The wedges are a big NO from me. They just weigh down the whole outfit.

    note: admin edit

  20. The tour seems to be off to a good start. I like the black and white, fluttery sleeved dress that Meghan is wearing. The print is representative of ones you frequently see in Africa. That said, I don’t think the dress is especially flattering on Meghan. It is showing a tad too much cleavage in many photos and the fit is not correct. The blue, repeat dress is a lovely colour, but it does not fit as well as the first time she wore it.
    The shoes look very heavy, although the wedges are much more practical for walking than stilettos. Meghan’s hair can go from bun, to pony tail, to down and wavy and it looks good each time.

  21. How much skin is too much skin? Megan is 38 years old and a sartorial omnivore. It would strain common sense to believe that she was unaware of how the neckline and hem of Mayomko wrap dress would move while she walked, stood, leaned over, and sat. And it moved a lot. So much so it came to resemble a beach cover-up. So why wear it?

    note: admin edit

  22. Off and running. Good for them! I like both the dresses. These dresses both flatter her and colors and patterns stand out and look fresh. The shoes, however, are not a win for me. Too clucky and thick and heavy. They take away from the over all lines of the dresses.. With the ankle strap it cuts the legs off and you loose the elongated look. But they are most likely chosen for comfort. A cute flat with open detail would have looked nice with these dresses. Her hair I like so much better in a bun or pony tail or parted off to the side. It flatters her face so much more instead of the harsh middle part and her hair just hanging forward that makes the face look drawn and not nearly as pretty. I cant wait for the style to be out of vouge!
    So look forward to your wonderful posts and seeing their adorable little one. Hope there is an outing that includes him with his parents.

    note: admin edit

  23. Love the black and white dress on her! Wish it fit a little better though. Enjoyed how the pattern really made her stand out in the group photographs. For the second dress, I adore that shade of blue on her! She’s keeping it all very flattering and simple; true Meghan!

  24. They’re both really pretty dresses, well chosen for the events. But the wrap dress needed to be tamped down a bit–you can see her white slip in one image and just a bit too much thigh in another where she’s kneeling. I’ve learned this one the hard way! Wrap dresses look so great when you’re standing and walking, but they need a little infrastructure if you’re going to be moving around more than that. I’ve found double-sided tape to be pretty effective.

    I am sure there will be complaints about the wedges, though I like them–even if they do look a little clunky on her admirably slim legs.

  25. First, her hair is amazing. I could never go from a bun to a high pony to simple waves without all kinds of weird crimps. I know she has a hair dresser, but there is some magic there too!

    Anyway, she looks beautiful and happy and effortless.

    NOTE: admin edit


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