It’s Madewell for Meghan on Day 2 of Royal Tour South Africa

The Duchess sported old and new Madewell pieces for the first engagement on Day 2 of the royal tour in South Africa.

The Duke and Duchess were at Monwabisi Beach for a tour of the Waves for Change headquarters.

The program trains local community members to provide surf therapy services for at-risk youth. More about the need for the program from Waves for Change:

On average, a Young South African from a Waves for Change target community will experience between 8 – 15 highly traumatic incidences in a year. This is impacting how children and young adults feel about themselves, in turn effecting short-term behaviour and learning outcomes and future life opportunities.

The charity notes that, “Structured free time to play, practice pro-social behaviours, and form positive bonds with their peer-group is an essential part of healthy child development…”.  Below, coaches and young program participants in a June photo.

The couple took part in some mental health exercises.
Embed from Getty Images

Below, a little meditation on the beach with Waves for Change surfing coaches and mentors, as seen in this photo from People’s Simon Perry.

More from Victoria Murphy’s Town and Country story:

Dressed casually, they joined a group of surf mentors in a circle for a Kilo (a welcoming chant, and call and response game).

“We were invited to share strengths because it’s part of the activity and identifying your strengths, you feel more positive,” Ash Heese, 37, who works as a training and partnerships manager at Waves for Change told T&C afterwards.

A quick video.

There was also more dancing today, this time on the beach, shared in a video Victoria Murphy tweeted.

A fun exchange detailed in this People story:

During a “power hand” session, in which the participant has to identify a strength and meditate about it, one of the coaches suggested to Meghan that her strength was dancing. (Meghan and Harry showed off their dance moves during an outing in Nyanga on Monday!)

Embed from Getty Images

“She laughed and said, ‘Not that,’ “ says Ash Heese, a manager for Waves for Change. “She said parenting is the new strength that she and Harry are learning.”

Heese added: “She said, ‘He’s the best dad,’ and [Harry] said, ‘No, she’s the best mom.’ “

Meghan having a giggle.

The Duke and Duchess also saw the work of the Lunchbox Fund, one of the organizations they suggested as a donation recipient when Archie was born. That campaign raised more than $31000. The Lunchbox Fund provides nearly 30,000 meals daily to Waves for Change programs and schools in South Africa’s townships and rural areas. Below, the Duchess meeting Priscilla, a Lunchbox Fund ‘Food Mama’ at today’s event.

That $31000 translates to 152,000 thousand meals for the extremely impoverished and food-insecure children the organization serves. Below, boxes from the Lunchbox Fund are carried to recipients. 

The Lunchbox Fund and Waves for Change offices are housed in shipping containers. Rebecca English of The Daily Mail shared a photo of the Duke and Duchess seeing the offices.

In the second video from Rebecca English below you will see the shipping containers.

The couple also spoke about mental health issues at the engagement. More from Victoria Murphy’s story.

When asked what was the most pressing global issue when it came to dealing with the stigma around mental health, Meghan replied, “It’s just getting people to talk about it and talk to each other, right?

“And you see that no matter where you are in the world, if you’re a small community or a township, if you’re in a big city⁠—it’s that everyone is dealing with a different version of the same thing,” she continued.

CNN’s Max Foster interviewed the Duke and Duchess. This runs about 1:15, but you will have to sit through a :15 or :30 second preroll.

Two more images via Laureus Sport, an organization that supports Waves for Change through its Sport for Good initiative. The company’s Sport for Good program was founded in response to Nelson Mandela’s challenge that “sport has the power to change the world”.

After the joint morning engagement, Harry traveled to Seal Island with the City of Cape Town Marine Unit to see the group’s anti-poaching efforts.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore, casual separates ideal for the beach-side engagement. 

Meghan brought back an older piece by Madewell. She was in the brand’s Jeans Jacket in Pinter Wash ($118), previously seen in April 2017 while on set of her TV show Suits in Toronto.The jacket is a classic denim piece with copper color snaps, multiple exterior pockets, back tabs at the hem and two interior pockets. We show it at Madewell, but it is also available at Shopbop and in limited sizes at Nordstrom.

It looks like the Duchess repeated her J Crew Perfect Linen Shirt ($32.50 with promo code GOBIG). Also available in most sizes at Net-A-Porter, $80. The piece was first noted in June 2017 when Meghan was at the Austin, Texas airport.

The shirt is 100% linen made with fabric from “from Ireland’s famous Baird McNutt mill, which is known for its high-quality, unbelievably soft linen fabrics, thanks to a special weaving process it’s been perfecting since 1912.

Austin Airport – June 2017

The shirt is 100% linen made with fabric from “from Ireland’s famous Baird McNutt mill, which is known for its high-quality, unbelievably soft linen fabrics, thanks to a special weaving process it’s been perfecting since 1912.

Her black jeans are a pair we’ve seen the Duchess wear before, the Mother Looker style in a color called Not Guilty black.

We show them at Mother Denim ($196); they are also in stock at Shopbop.

Meghan brought back her Brother Vellies Huaraches ($195) in the ‘whiskey colorway’. The style was previously worn to a charity Polo match in July.

Embed from Getty Images

Meghan carried a new tote bag today, also by Madewell. It is the brand’s Canvas Medium Transport Tote in British Surplus, $78. Many thanks to Heaven for her ID on this!

The Duchess wore the Jennifer Meyer Diamond Bezel with Turquoise Marquise Studs ($600), again today.

UPDATE 28 Sept: Meghan wore her Hamas hand necklace again today. The piece is by jewelry designer Alemdara — the Altan necklace in yellow gold and diamonds, $553 USD.

Meghan also wore her Le Specs ‘Bandwagon’ Sunglasses in black tort and khaki mono polarized lenses, $69. The sunglasses were first spotted on the Duchess during the October 2018 Royal Tour Australia when she and the Duke were leaving Fraser Island.

Later today we’ll see the Duke and Duchess visit the Bo-Kaap area where they will visit Auwal mosque, the oldest mosque in the country and mark Heritage Day, a celebration of South Africa’s diversity of cultures, beliefs and traditions. Later they will attend a reception at the British High Commissioner’s Residence.

A quick note about Meghan’s engagement ring, wedding band and eternity ring: we’re not sure why the rings aren’t being worn and have not seen any specific or official explanation. Below, you see the rings worn yesterday, a turquoise Jennifer Meyer ring, and a gold band.

We’re thinking the gold band is her original Welsh gold wedding band.

Are you following us on Instagram?! Our latest What Meghan Wore Instagram posts are below:

J. Crew shirt / Madewell jacket (here and here) and tote / Mother jeans / Le Specs sunglasses / Jennifer Meyer ring & earrings / Alemdara necklace / Brothers Vallies shoes


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  1. Just wanted to let you know… I purchased the Madewell denim jacket, and it arrived this weekend. I think it will be one of my favorites!

  2. Very approachable and down to earth look, obviously this was not a day where fashion was at the top of mind but rather connecting and building relationships in a fun and casual way. My only concern here is that by being so casual and approachable, it may inadvertently make some people too comfortable such that they end up saying or doing something inappropriate to the royal couple. But perhaps they wouldn’t be offended anyway, who knows. In my opinion it is much easier to put people at ease when the situation feels too formal, than to encourage more formality when someone has been too casual.

  3. The gold band she is wearing is her wedding ring. The engagement ring is not being worn on this trip as they have come to work and don’t want to flaunt to many expensive items (South Africa is a very poor country), hence many cheaper clothing. There was an article in a british mag but I can’t remember which one

  4. I am not a fan of denim jackets but think that Meghan really nailed her outfit for this very special occasion. Casual, down to earth, just one of the girls going to the Waves of Change event. Nothing overbearing and making her stand out which is just fabulous.

    note admin edit

  5. Meghan is wearing her welsh gold wedding band, just not the other 2 rings. I’m torn on this look. I get why she went casual but this just isn’t as cohesive as it should be. I wonder if a knit top or even a dressy tee would have worked better here as the blouse looks a bit unkempt. I do love the denim jacket just wondering whether it would have worked better over a midi length sundress for this event.

  6. Want to like this, want to like this… not happening.
    I think that any member of the British Royal Family must remember that they are representing royalty at all times, especially when they are on official engagements on behalf of the Queen. To this end, I feel that the denim jacket does not cut it.
    A duchess should always look just a cut above. So while they can dress down to make it easier for others to relate to them, they should never be able to be confused with most of the commoners. To me, this denim jacket puts Meghan into the “every other person” category. If I was meeting a duchess I would feel pretty disappointed if she showed up in a light denim jacket. It’s just not dignified enough for a duchess.
    Of course, I see the vibe she was going for here — I just think she went a drop too far.

  7. My favourite outfit of the trip, Meghan at her ease in familiar clothes is a delight to see. She wears simple classics so well and looks so chic, the sweet updo is the perfect finishing touch.

  8. The outfit is cute, but I feel too casual for a royal visit. Prince Harry also looks a bit too casual. Jeans and flats are fine. But tuck in the shirt properly, wear a belt and a better jacket. This is too “running errands” of a look for me.
    Was happy to see the blue dress rewear. Different shoes with that though. The nude pumps from last time were much better. I would also like to see more groomed hairstyles, especially for these windy days. Have we seen her with a half up hairstyle?

    • Originally I was not a fan of the denim jacket, thought it too casual but in seeing the pictures of her and Harry interacting with the people it seems to fit the occasion. A blazer, which I initially thought should have been chosen, may not have worked as well for this event.

      • A denim material blazer would’ve been a good compromise. The smart and chic cut of a blazer with the casual fabric of denim. Even a regular blazer wouldn’t have gone astray for me, the jeans really pull a blazer, especially an oversized blazer with a turned up cuff into casual territory.

        I’m not the biggest fan of this outfit. It’s ok… but I don’t think it’s really that nicely put together. You’ve got black jeans which don’t always fit that nicely when you’re being active, white shirt, blue denim, brown shoes, drab olive bag.

        You can be casual and appropriate while still looking slick. And when you’re the guest of honor you can afford to be dressed a little more formal than others. Not too formal. But just up a notch.

        It’s not a terrible outfit for me.
        But it’s… fairly low on the scale.

  9. I believe the gold ring is her wedding ring. From an article I read earlier, it seems this tour is supposed to be low key. So she’s not wearing any couture and is just wearing affordable brands. I guess the engagement ring is a little flashy? It looked like it was her wedding and eternity bands yesterday. The 3 carat engagement ring must have stayed home. It makes sense for sure, from a security standpoint as well.

    • I’m suspecting leaving the engagement ring off is a security issue, given what all the reports say about the areas in which they are traveling.

  10. She looks terrific. This is basically the kind of look I’m trying to pull off every day but can never seem to get all the elements in place at the same time. And I’m constantly searching for a perfect jeans jacket–this would be it, if I had some confidence it would fit me as nicely as it does the Duchess.

  11. I think she looks very nice for a casual engagement at the beach. I remember last tour she visited athletes for Invictus wearing skinny jeans, a blazer and sky-high heels. I think she looks adorable in flats, and hope she continues to wear them on casual, outdoorsy engagements. Way better than wedges (in my opinion). The linen shirt and skinny jeans are look great, and she looks lovely! Not sure about the denim jacket for an official Royal Family engagement, and it adds a lot of bulk and fuss to her look, but I don’t know what else I’d wear instead. Maybe a sleek athletic zip up or shell jacket?

    • I love that jacket, so neat and unlike those that are over-long. It’s a tricky problem for royal dressing, trying to judge the balance between sensitivity to local economic conditions against the need to uphold a royal status. But for my money Meghan simply looks a million bucks here, and that’s do for me!

  12. I am of two minds regarding the denim jacket and rumpled jeans look. I realize that this is a casual occasion, with youth, at a beach, in an area that is not affluent. So I totally understand why Meghan doesn’t want to be overdressed, or wearing expensive designer clothes. However, I feel she could accomplish this and still look more polished. She is representing the Queen. There is nothing refined in her appearance and her fly away hair echos that.

    There is no denying, however, how much Meghan’s enthusiasm, full engagement and sense of fun added to the occasion.

    note: quick admin edit

  13. A tiny oops – I think you left the word “linen” out of the sentence just below the catalogue picture of the shirt. “The shirt is 100%…”. Also, is Meghan not wearing her engagement ring? Did she wear it yesterday?
    Thanks so much for this coverage!

    • Thank you, Karen! We’re not sure why the rings aren’t being worn and have not seen any specific or official explanation. It’s possible it is a security issue or perhaps there is another reason she’s elected not to wear them.

      • The lack of rings has been discussed on other sites. The reasoning seems to be 1) The jewels are too ostentatious in a country with poor economy; 2) The rings are a safety/security issue. I question these reasons. A South African woman stated that her country is the second richest in all of Africa and that women is SA wear their engagement rings with pride, no matter what the size or value. As far as safety goes, the security would be very tight. There is no way that someone is going to storm the royals, with the sole intention of ripping off Meghan’s rings and making a get away.

    • We’re not sure why the rings aren’t being worn and have not seen any specific or official explanation. It’s possible it is a security issue or perhaps there is another reason she’s elected not to wear them. 🙂


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