Meghan Wears & Other Stories on Fraser Island, Plus Jason Wu Private Party Dress

Meghan wore a dress from & Other Stories for Day 7 of the royal tour.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and it can be tough to navigate, according to those who have traveled on its roads before. More from The Telegraph’s Hannah Furness:

Rupert Evelyn of ITV shared this video to demonstrate what the terrain can be like in a vehicle.

Here you see Meghan arriving on the island.

Embed from Getty Images

More from Australia:

Kensington Palace said Meghan Markle would not be participating in scheduled events when she and Prince Harry touched down on Fraser Island today — but those going to meet the Duchess may still get to see her.

A spokesperson confirmed to they were “working towards” an appearance on the island today — most likely at Kingfisher Bay Jetty for the scheduled meet-and-greet with the public later this afternoon.

The folks at Hervey Bay Eco-Marine Tours shared photos of the Duchess on their Instagram page

More from The Mirror:

The royal couple left the airport in separate cars; Harry will head to Pile Valley for the day’s first engagement while Meghan will travel to a resort where they are staying tonight.

Mum-to-be Meghan will not attend public events in Queensland today after being encouraged by Harry to make sure she is getting enough rest.

As mentioned, Prince Harry carried out the engagements originally scheduled for both of the Sussexes, and he was welcomed by the Island’s Traditional Owners, the Butchulla people. Here you see him watching a traditional dance.

A group photo. 

I love the expression on this young lady’s face.

The Duke met Butchulla Elders, and spent time in the forest that is now part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC). In remarks he delivered after the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the island’s inclusion in the QCC, Harry said, “It is up to us now to protect this paradise together — not just because it looks beautiful, but because it is an essential part of our existence and will continue to be for our children and their children’s children.”

The Duke and Duchess did reconnect later in the day. We cover this outfit in a separate post here.

As mentioned, the Duchess wore a dress by & Other Stories. 

The style is called the “Waist Knot Midi Dress.” Made of 100% viscose, the midi-length dress features a button front, self sash/belt and pointed collar. The dress retailed at $129 but is now sold out.

Our thanks to The Lady’s Maid for the dress ID. She was familiar with the frock because she owns it, posting about it on Instagram just two days ago.

Meghan was in the Grear Sandals ($245) we have seen her wear before. 

By royal favorite Sarah Flint, the sandal has a vacchetta leather upper and cotton ties at the ankle.

It looked like Meghan was wearing Karen Walker sunglasses, the Northern Lights style.

They are offered at Farfetch ($211), and also at Saks ($220), as well as Neiman Marcus ($220).

Also today, an update on what Meghan wore for a private Invictus Foundation party.

The event was hosted by the Governor of New South Wales, David Hurley, and his wife, Linda Hurley. The Duke and Duchess met athletes and Foundation supporters. Below left, NSW Governor David Hurley looks on as Prince Harry greets competitors as they arrive at Government House, where the event was held. Meghan was in a dress by Jason Wu; the designer revealed that information in a now-deleted Tweet. The piece is from the Jason Wu S/S ’19 collection. The spring Ruched-Trim Day Dress ($1995) features a body-hugging fit, exposed darts front and back darts, decorative straps and a back zipper. 

The frock is also called the ‘Criss Cross Evening Sheath’ on the Jason Wu Twitter account. We do not know who made the jacket she is wearing and continue to look for that piece.

Meghan had on her Deneuve Bow Pumps ($750) in powder pink suede that we first saw at the Polo in July. UPDATE Oct 30: In seeing a pair worn by Meghan later in the tour, it’s possible the pair worn to this event are a new greyish-taupe color. Thank you to Mielle for pointing this out. It’s difficult to tell because we don’t have hi-res images to look at .

It looked like the Duchess carried her Jimmy Choo J-Box Clutch ($1100.) We show it as worn at another engagement.

Another Jason Wu note: the dress by the designer that Meghan wore to the 100 Days to Peace Concert in September is also available at Bergdorf ($1695). The “Ruffled-Front Sleeveless Evening Sheath Dress” is described as a “day-to-evening dress in fluid jersey with ruffled front” and made of a viscose/spandex blend.  


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  1. The Jason Wu dress is gorgeous and looks so good on here. There’s a photo somewhere … someone captured it and perhaps it ended up in the English papers … showing it much closer up. Most of the reception she seems to have been without the coat, and that halter top / open shoulder look is so fabulous on her, as on the Stella McCartney post-wedding dress she wore. She really rocks that look! The coat-over-the-shoulders is not a deliberate look for those that have qualms with it — I think she just got cold. The & Other Things dress looks comfy for a traveling pregnant woman, perfect for a landing on a dock, a bit fun.

  2. Well, I think the knotted, spotted Other Stories midi-dress is just right for taking it slow on a South Pacific Island. What’s more we have a touch of colour, possibly thanks to the local rugby team, the Queensland Maroons, but more than welcome nonetheless.

    And a polka dot print is always charming. The viscose fabric has a nice hang to it and the dress clings just enough to show off Meghan’s figure without giving too much away. Above all it’s loose and comfortable, better both for the heat and the blossoming bump. Great that she has a favourite old pair of sandals for summer weather.

    I’m quite smitten by the Jason Wu lbd, in fact, the design is so striking and chic it quite makes me forget that we are back to black again. The use of the ruched fabric on the crossover halterneck is both subtle and original and gives maximum edge with minimum display. I find it quite brilliant. I see the last picture shows Meghan in what looks like a most beautifully tailored jacket which I assume is one we’re going to be left in the dark about for now.

  3. I so wish that coat-over-the-shoulders look would die already. Coats have sleeves for a reason. Wear a cape if that’s the look you’re going for. The Kardashians made this look a thing. It makes otherwise beautiful outfits look sloppy.
    I love the maroon dress, nice to see Meghan in some colour for once, and it suits her and the occasion nicely.

  4. Maroon really suits her skintone, this garment really is easy to wear and easy to dress, great and flattering choice for the occasion – breezy and seemingly effortless. The sandals are slightly too casual for my taste on a formal engagement but the rest of the styling makes up for them, and she gets a pass from me for being pregnant and being able to hold up such a schedule!

  5. The red Waist Knot Midi dress looks like a great traveling dress. Love the cut of the sleeves and drape of the skirt. Meghan’s Grear sandals with ankle ties bridge nicely to the dress. Yay, sunglasses!

    Those dance skirts are SENSATIONAL! I imagine the material is a grass or type of raffia? There’s an ombre-ish element going on that is so beautiful. Love the natural colors of the island reflected in their dress.

    Thank you, Susan, for adding the information regarding the private INVICTUS Foundation party. Whenever it took place, Saturday?, Meghan looked fabulous. Jason Wu once again brought some creative elements to this little black dress. New and imaginative details like the exposed darts and ruched crossed neckline that becomes straight straps in the back. WOW.

  6. It’s interesting, the Other Stories dress is so similar to one that the DoC just wore for an engagement, and yet I like this one so much more. It’s saved from schoolteacherishness by its cap sleeves, nicely draped top, and its more generous sash. And of course by accessorizing with sandals, a ponytail, and some shades.

    The evening look seems irreproachable. I appreciate that some would like to see more variation and/or more cutting-edge things, but I appreciate that she has a very strong sense of her owns style and sticks with it. She seems to have a real sense that she is dressing for the ages and not just the moment, which is a pretty good ethos for a highly visible royal. I love the Denueves in this blush color.

  7. I really like the red polka dot dress! Did Meghan go whale watching while Harry carried out his engagements?
    As for the black Jason Wu, yes another black dress. I’m wondering if she is wearing muted colors to minimize her bump? It will be interesting to see if she wears more color after her pregnancy is over. I definitely like this Jason Wu better than the blue one she wore a few months ago. That blue color looks great on Meghan but those ruffles–I dunno if it’s her frame or if that is how the dress hangs on everyone, but they look better on the hanger than on Meghan.

  8. Not even going to comment on the Jason Wu dress other than to say that it is black and we are so tired of black and navy. I didn’t like the nude coloured shoes with it and since Meghan had fancy, black, slingback with her, I think they would have coordinated better.

    The maroon dress is such a nice change. She could have been wearing pyjamas and as long as they had a colour, they would have made an impact. The maroon is both casual and dressy. It looks comfortable to wear and the style suits Meghan well. Her sandals are great and I wish she would wear them more often. Stilettos on grass puzzle me.

    Glad Meghan is taking some time out and that Harry can keep up with the many engagements, so as not to disappoint anyone.

    • Some people are more comfortable in dark colours. Just saying… I’m that way myself. Always feel so much more confident in black or other dark colours. Guessing maybe Meghan feels the same way….

  9. Unfortunate she had to miss part of the events at Fraser Island but I can imagine how bumpy that ride is. Heck, its not recommended that pregnant women ride the safari at Animal Kingdom at Disney due to how bumpy it is, lol, so I can only imagine the recommendations for this excursion.

    Love that dress, reminds me of the one we saw Kate in last week at KP. Something about it is vintage-y in a way that I like. And here is where I’ll admit that I love polka dots. I rarely wear them for some reason, but I love seeing them on other people.

    • I also immediately thought of Kate’s dress when Meghan appeared in this one. The color and size of the dots were similar, as were the fabrics, so they both had the same feel. It’s always fun to see how “one fabric” can be cut for two completely different looks: one for a palace tea, one for a warm, beachy day, both perfect.
      Personally, I love polka dots. They always look happy and optimistic to me – kind of the daisies of the fabric world. They do have a vintage feel. I remember pictures of my mother from the 30s and beyond wearing them. Seems I came by my fondness through her.

  10. Stunning 2 day dresses for the heat and humidity. Fraser Island is a gorgeous place and have been there a few times. The rainforest, Lake Mackenzie and sunsets on the pier are spectacular. Love the sandals as well, very Australian summer


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