It’s Reformation for a Walk on Kingfisher Jetty

Meghan wore a dress by Reformation for a walkabout on Fraser Island this afternoon.

After spending the morning apart, the Duke and Duchess took a stroll together on Kingfisher Jetty. More from an ITV story:

Meghan was glowing as she arrived by car to meet her husband, having spent the morning at their hotel recuperating.

A royal aide said: “She isn’t sick, she just had a tiring few days and we were concerned about the roads on the island which are incredibly bumpy and uncomfortable for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman.

And from the Sydney Morning Herald’s coverage:

Residents and visitors to the island ran along the beach as the royal couple walked the length of the jetty with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

A view of the beach via Felicity Caldwell of The Brisbane Times.

Back to The Herald’s story:

Meghan was handed teddy bears and several other gifts from the waiting crowd and she often crouched down to get close to those she was speaking to.

I believe the person we see Meghan speaking with above is Fraser Island’s oldest resident, 85-year-old Noeline Walk. This is from Rebecca’s Daily Mail story:

‘She asked me since I was local what I would suggest she have for tea,’ Mrs Walk recalled. ‘Seafood, of course! I told her. ‘Oh, I’ll have to give it a try’, she said.’

Mrs Walk also recalled how she had got to meet the Queen on her first visit to Australia in 1953/54.

One of the gifts the couple was given: a baby changing mat.

Next on the schedule: Fiji. ITV’s Nick Dixon is already there and he reports the country is “…getting excited to welcome the Royals tomorrow. Offices and businesses closing early to allow ppl time to get home and get ready to welcome.” You can see the banners that were being hung today. The Telegraph’s Hannah Furness tweeted that Meghan is expected to be back at full speed the rest of the tour.

It is understood that the Duchess of Sussex is to resume her full royal tour programme as of now and will undertake the full schedule in Fiji and Tonga unless circumstances change again.

Now for our glance at what Meghan wore, beginning with her dress by Reformation.

The ankle-length ‘Pineapple Dress’ is crafted of lightweight linen. It features adjustable straps, a side slit with button and detachable belt. It originally retailed at $129, but unfortunately, it is no longer available.

If not familiar with the brand, Reformation is headquartered in Los Angeles and is known for its dedication to creating sustainable fashion. From the company’s ‘sustainable practices’ pages:

We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. We invest in green building infrastructure to minimize our waste, water, and energy footprints. By providing on-the-job training and opportunities for growth, we also invest in the people who make this revolution possible.

Meghan wore her Sarah Flint Grear Sandals ($245) again. Meghan had on the same sunglasses seen earlier in the day, the Karen Walker Northern Lights style.

They remain available at Farfetch ($211), and also at Saks ($220), as well as Neiman Marcus ($220).

We also saw familiar jewelry pieces, including the Birks Flex Bracelet with Diamonds.

And the Adina Reyter Pavé Teardrop Necklace ($418), as well as the Pascale Monvoisin Cauri Nº2 Necklace ($475). 

As we mentioned, tomorrow the tour heads to Fiji; here is our glance at the day’s events. 

Fiji is one hour ahead of Sydney; we are now showing both Sydney and Fiji time on our special tour clock on the right sidebar.


This :53 video from the Royal Channel covers the walkabout.

Here is a look at the day from Russell Myers, The Mirror’s royal correspondent; it runs about 1:35.

This video from 9News Sydney runs about 3:20 and covers the entire day’s activities.


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  1. I loved the & Other Stories outfit which would have been perfect for this occasion. For me, this Reformation dress is too much – either straps or a slit, not both. A side slit often looks clumsy I think and does few people any favours: only those with fabulously long legs. Reformation wrap dresses would be more appropriate with covered shoulders and the wrap in a manageable place. Also, the stripes on this dress are too similar to that worn the other day.
    Meghan seems to be dressing as though she is still acting a para-legal or a Californian girl at weekends. Nice enough and probably feels comfortable and familiar.

  2. I cannot fathom how this dress was selected for official duty. She’s a smart, successful woman. She has the opportunity to convey moderninity, promote sustainability, and applaud the strength of women with her clothes. She can do all of those things while being respectful to the traditions of her new family and the country she now represents.

    It’s a cute dress when she’s on her own time. I cannot help but imagine a set of work clothes for this trip and a set of off-duty attire… and she just pulled this dress out of the other side of the closet today and decided to wear it!

  3. I don’t quite think the English get the Australian heat or humidity in Qld. To be honest other than a few stuffy digniteries from down south this dress is super suitable and looks amazing. The event eas super casual strolling along the pier late afternoon. Anything more formal would have looked out of place and stupid. Hooray to Meg and Harry for dressing specific to the conditions. Love, love, love this look and just amazing.

    • Agreed! While this post will probably be ignored amid the excitement created by Meghan’s colourful Fiji wardrobe (I just clocked a vibrant pink number on the local news), I thought I’d chime in. I’ve seen far more revealing outfits on Australian beaches and find this quite a modest example of a beach dress. Sure, it has spaghetti straps, but the neckline is high front and back. Yes, it has a split (and frankly, an extra button may have been a good idea), but it’s reaches all the way to the ground. We’re very relaxed and informal here in Oz, and I think she nailed it. I also wonder if the ‘pearl-clutchers’ are aware of the occasions that prince Charles has cavorted on our beaches wearing nothing but swimming trunks. If HM was okay with that, I’m sure she’s okay with a little flash of thigh!

  4. Remember way back when a very young Diana was working at the kindergarten and didn’t wearing a slip under her skirt and the outline of legs was visible? That’s what this outfit reminds me of. Flawed, but can be forgiven.

  5. I detest linen and do not like this at all – not because she is a Royal on tour but I simply don’t like the material, how see-through it is, the spaghetti straps and the super high slit. However, I LOVE these sunglasses on her and loved the maroon polka-dot dress. I also think the black Jason Wu is fantastic!

  6. I’m shocked that Meghan would think this dress is appropriate. The spaghetti straps and the thigh-high slit are way too casual and show way too much skin in my opinion. She really missed the mark here.

    • Agree! Is she a celebrity or a member of the royal family? It’s actually relatively cold in Aus at the moment and temps in the mid 20s do not warrant a dress like this.

  7. The last photo I saw of Meghan on a beach was when she was wearing flats and a full-length trench coat on that beach in Sydney, which to me looked almost laughable. It must have been cold, but the trench hitting almost at her ankle as she walked in the sand was not an inspiring look.
    This time in warmer weather the linen dress looked cool and pretty and she kept the skirt well under control. I don’t see it as inappropriate for a walkabout on a beach.
    Has anyone anywhere worn sunglasses better than Meghan? She really rocks those shades!

    • The beach where she was wearing a trench was actually in Melbourne, just a couple of blocks from where I live and where I went for a walk myself that very morning. I can understand how the outfit might have looked odd to someone on the other side of the globe and in a different culture/vibe, but it made sense to me. It wasn’t cold, but the wind was gusting and threatenting to turn and blow off the Antarctic. And when the sun peeked out, it became very warm very quickly. What many posters might not understand is how changeable the weather is in south-eastern Australia at this time of year. In Melbourne, the maximum temps literally can be anywhere from 14C to 40C. A cool summer dress with a loose coat that can be thrown off and on as the conditions change works well. It’s a common sight in the Australian summer to see women throwing oversized layers over light summer clothing when the weather turns for the worse. The trench is a good trans-seasonl option because it’s easy to whip on an off, and looks good worn open with the belt tied at the back. I was wearing a trench coat myself that day, though I suspect I looked at little less glamorous than the gorgeous, poised and radiant Meghan-mother-to-be (the absence of any paparazzi following me was the clue).

      • Thanks for the magnificent local insight! I’m glad to have the enormous trench explained, having been critical of it I can fully understand it now 🙂

  8. I really loved the maroon, polka-dotted dress and think it would have been entirely appropriate to wear for this occasion. This Reformation dress is far too casual and the slit was really high – up to mid-thigh when she crouches down. I realize it’s hot there and she’s on a beach, but this is an official event. I’d also say that, while the crowd is dressed in t-shirts and shorts, they are coming to see a Duchess – a woman who is married to a prince. It’s a bit disappointing when she doesn’t look the part. Tiaras every day! Just kidding – but my point is, she should look a little fancier than us common folk. I feel like I could have found this dress hanging on a rack in my flat, Midwestern town.

  9. This is a beautiful, summery dress perfect for a personal beach vacation, but not for a work event, which this is. Since Meghan and Harry are on tour to work- to represent the RF- this dress is not appropriate, even for a walk-about on a tropical island. I don’t think it is prudish to say that an unlined (transparent in the sunlight), spaghetti-strapped dress with a slit that goes up to midthigh is not appropriate work attire. I personally think substance is more important that style in the Royal Family- dressing like this is a job, rather than dressing in a way that is cute, trendy, sexy, etc. I don’t want to turn this into Meghan vs. Kate at all, but I’m thinking of the delicate eyelet lace dresses, floaty chiffon or classic day dresses, etc that Kate wore on the South Seas tour or the India tour. I don’t want Meghan to turn into Kate, since she’s obviously got a great style of her own. I just think it is possible to dress in a polished, professional way even while she’s in a tropical place.

  10. What a nice dress to wear at the beach, on an island, in a country very much known for their casual dress code and life style. Here, in the cooling northern hemisphere (though I live in Turkey), its hard to visualize the season there. I found Meghan’s dress daring, yet still appropriate. Its 2018! (…and the official Kensington Instagram page used her crouching photo today, so they must be ok with it). Also, I loved the Reformation dress more than the & Other Stories polka dot dress. I like the neutral tones suits her, compliments her wonderfully, and I really dont think Meghan “should” add more color to her wardrobe. Color is personal preference, and I respect that, very much like her preference in wearing pant suits.
    And, a note to The Susans 🙂 , what a great job you’re doing here, thank you so much I very much appreciate it. Both WMW and WKW have been like my secret club (since the topic of Meghan’s and Kate’s sartorial choices rarely come up as a discussion topic in my friend circle).

  11. I love the Reformation! I have two of their midi dresses and can confirm the fabrics are so cute. While cute in the still standing shots, it seems not so practical while walking, as there’s a photo of her holding the slit closed with her hand when walking.
    It seemed to be overlooked that Harry and Meghan were met and guided by the Premier of Queensland and the Minister for Trade, Annastacia Palaszczuk, i.e. the woman who managed the temperatures of mid 20s in the lovely sleeved white dress and closed-toed shoes in the photos. If she could do that, I think they could have dressed more formally, as this wasn’t just a meet and greet of the crowds. Also, if the sun’s beating down on you, longer sleeves are more practical anyway as protection, especially if you’re pregnant and might be more sensitive to the heat and sun. Seems like her stylist didn’t think about that so much.
    The Royal Family represent the Queen as Head of State. While the younger Royals are important to modernize the face and show that the UK must become a more inclusive society, I still think they should respect the admittedly sometimes ridiculous pomp and formality that form the mystique and magic of the Royal Family as well. It’s a role that is bigger than their individual personalities and rather formal. Otherwise, it feels too much like Hollywood celebrities to me, who have arbitrary, undue influence just because they are beautiful or wealthy.

    • Agree completely, and I’m not going to let Harry off the hook either – his untucked shirt is also disrespectful to the Premier of Queensland. It seems apparent that neither Harry nor Meghan was given sufficient training to prepare them for this trip. I wonder who’s running things back at Royal Headquarters these days.

  12. Love love love these two casual dresses (especially the maroon one), and also the return of these fabulous sandals. And she does seem to have an abundance of really flattering sunglasses. Overall she looks cool and comfortable. I do agree with many, however, that the striped one is more appropriate for a beach vacation than an official royal walkabout. There is pushing the boundaries of / modernizing royal protocol and then there is blowing right thru it. It is puzzling that Harry doesn’t seem to be a final weigh when a stylist and/or Meghan fails to realize something won’t be appropriate (and I don’t mean wearing too many navy dresses, or pairing nude shoes with a black dress, I’m talking about a thin sundress with a high slit and how that is going to fall when she crouches to talk to someone). From his smitten gazes my guess is he’s probably not a very objective element at this point.

  13. Terrible choice.
    The fabric, the cut, the stripes, all look like something you could find in a basic department store…ugh.
    The slit is inappropriate for a working royal.
    Meghan missed this one by a long shot.

  14. I really don’t get the fuss over appropriateness of this dress. Would she wear it if the Queen were there? The Queen isn’t there! It’s too beachy. Well, her husband has his short sleeved sport shirt untucked, and he just unrolled the cuffs of his khakis and put his shoes and socks back on after playing in the surf! They are at the beach, on a pier, in summertime.
    I look at the two of them and see a new and fresh vision for British royals. And, frankly, I think they are the best thing to happen to the royal family since William married Kate.
    In other news: I just looked at’s coverage of everything Meghan has worn on this tour. To those who insist she has worn primarily navy and black: I encourage you to take a look. I think you will be surprised.

    • DALE –

      Yes and yes again. I noted in my reply to ELIZAMO below that Alyssa Bailey at Elle addressed whether or not the Reformation dress broke any royal rules and the other issue bounced a lot on WMW regarding Meghan’s advising team which Bailey tackled that too. She noted what Meghan’s team, along with Prince Harry, would have to say on Meghan’s fashion choices. I appreciate hearing from others in the know like Vogue and Elle, their p.o.v. is valuable.

    • This is a terrific comment, and when the monarchy fades into a republic, this will be a very concise reason why. The mystique is gone, the Royals are “just folks”, and the citizenry simply won’t support the cost and privilege of The Firm under those conditions. People always point to the massive tourism draw of the Royal Family, but in taking things down to “ordinary celebrity” status, the draw lessens. Those who don’t believe that’ll ever happen, consider the ever-shrinking British Empire, and the fact that more than one of the countries they’re visiting are considering breaking out of the Empire/Commonwealth. People will still visit England to tour castles, etc. but you don’t have to have a Royal Family to have castles to tour (see most of Europe).

      So yes – the dress is cute, she looks happy and well, it’s perfectly appropriate for a beach stroll with your untucked husband, who also looks chill and appropriate for the beach – but that’s not why they’re in Australia at the moment. For a family who’s regularly accused of having a jolly on the taxpayer’s dime, overtly appearing to do just that is not wise.

      • Hi BRIT0728,

        Thank you for posting your thoughts about the importance and sustainability of the monarchy. Hopefully “the mystique” of the Royals is not all that will keep the monarchs on the throne.

        Mystique is highly subjective. As Alyssa’s Bailey’s noted in her article yesterday in Elle, there are rules and traditions, or as you say “mystique.” Rules should govern choices and should not be broken. (In Meghan’s choice to wear the REFORMATION dress she was not breaking rules, but perhaps she was breaking some people’s ideas and opinions of traditions.)

        I believe it is adherence to the rules, not mystique, that will enable the monarchy to flourish and ultimately the people.

        • I’m not referencing the specific dress in my comment, actually, but the seemingly obvious interest to be “regular people” in their dress, demeanor, etc. – frankly, given that Meghan is American, it makes complete sense. But it’s that very perspective that levels everything, and makes a monarchy, which is a mandatory hierarchy, irrelevant and obsolete. I disagree that the monarchy remains because of attention to the rules – the power is secondary to Parliament and is largely ceremonial (and dare I say sentimental). The biggest missteps and downright disasters occur when Family members let down the facade/mystique. But even if you believe that the monarchy will continue/flourish by virtue of adherence to the rules, consider for a moment how many of those rules have been tossed on the rubbish heap over the years: heirs not traveling together; limited PDA; no political views expressed; the list goes on and on, and the rules continue to fade away. Keeping up with the times and melting into the populace are two different things, and I suspect The Firm’s days are numbered after Charles is on the throne. I also suspect the both William and Harry would be fine with that. ?

    • I’m amazed at the controversy this simply summer dress has stirred up. I’m sorry there are so many who don’t find it appropriate. I continue to find it charming and completely in context on a Pacific island, and all part of how Meghan is defining her own style of royal daywear. I think that’s a whole category of its own and remember thinking Kate had a struggle coming to terms with finding dresses that were both smart and comfortable. She had a penchant for shapeless shirtwaisters for a while before settling on more tailored silhouettes.

  15. both dresses are nice but I would have worn them in reverse order. the red polka dot for the walkabout & the sundress for the plane trip

  16. This is too casual and the split is far too high for a Royal walkabout, it looks more like a beach cover up or a dress for a casual summer lunch. Not appropriate for representing the Crown, especially given that she had to hold the split closed when she walked.

    For those commenting about the weather, yesterday’s temperature on Fraser Island was in the mid 20s – not hot enough to warrant this sort of dress by an Aussie girls standards.

    • She’s wearing a beauty dress to the beach. Gasp!
      She’s hardly the first to have to hold her dress in place because of the wind. I’ve seen Kate’s bare bum a couple of times (while representing The Crown, no less!).

  17. Does Meaghan have a stylist? I Like the dress for a personal holiday, but feel it’s not appropriate for a working trip where she is representing the Queen. The same for the shoes.
    I do applaud her for wearing Reformation but feel a wrap dress would have been a better choice.

  18. Im sorry but I fail to see how the slit is “inappropriate”. Its fine she can wear what ever she wants to, I also fail to see out spaghetti straps are “inappropriate”. I think thats it is a very nice outfit and since it is very hot this outfit is very suitable. I think that its is a very nice outfit perfect for this weather and the event. I love that unlike kate she wears casual things.

  19. I think Sydney has been quite considerably cooler than 26C recently, especially when the huge storm swept through on Saturday – the one that caused the delay in the opening of the Invictus Games. We considered lighting our wood heater! I am surprised that comments on this page have not taken into account the very considerable temperature and cultural variations that the Royal visitors are adapting to, as well as time variations. They have been wonderful at recognising they are not in a little travelling UK/US bubble – for example, Harry putting up with Aussie jokes about budgie smugglers. Sundress and sandals is ENTIRELY appropriate for Fraser Island!

  20. Two delightful sundresses in one day – we are being spoiled! I’m so glad we are able to meet Meghan’s inner beach babe on this trip and also that she’s featured this popular label, Reformation. The translucent fabric of the Pineapple dress is right on-trend and the wide stripes work nicely to preserve modesty while she is moving. Her old sandals remain in place – many of us must have a favourite pair like that for the very hot days.

    A tie belt in a slightly bulky fabric is never going to sit well, but then this is built for comfort rather than looks, and Meghan carries it offnotwithstanding. And it’s good to see a strategic button helping to reduce the impact eye-watering side-slit.

    Always good to see her hair up and out of her face. Love her use of delicate jewellery, the flex bracelet and two pendants finish off the look perfectly.

  21. I am not sure, but if the walk on the pier was a planned official event then that sundress was not appropriate. The people around Duchess Meghan must give her proper advise and that includes Prince Harry. Now I am hoping she was just out and about and attracted attention in which case, what can you do?
    I do feel that she may have people around her that do not tell her hard truths. For instance that she should add more color to her official working wardrobe and that certain clothing are not appropriate. I LOVE Duchess Meghan and this will not tarnish my love, but it is simply the truth.
    I love the polka dot dress!

    • They did indeed meet a Queensland official (the woman very respectfully turned out in the white dress in the photos), unfortunately. Your comment about needing proper advisors, including Harry, is spot on.

  22. This dress is a perfect example of what a breezy beach vacation dress should be, and she looks amazing in it. That being said, I feel like it would have been better suited for a personal vacation than a royal tour. She looked just as cool and comfortable in the polka dot dress from earlier in the day, and I wish she would have worn that again.
    I understand why she changes outfits during the day when the type of event calls for it, but this was the same sort of casual moment. I think not changing in a case like this would be more relatable and less like a fashion show. I definitely don’t mind the extra does of fashion personally, but wonder about this choice for optics.

    • Exactly my thoughts. It’s a very cute dress (and I love the sandals), but she’s representing the Queen in an official capacity rather than on a private vacation, so this choice feels inappropriate. The polka dot dress, especially with the sandals, would have worked fine.

  23. Thank you for your tireless dedication in posting all of these events and outfits! This one was a miss for me. I love the outfit and the styling for personal time but not on a formal engagement. Too much leg, the material at the bottom of the dress didn’t hold up, and the sandals were far too casual. However that being said, she still carries herself flawlessly like the duchess that she is, pregnancy and all!

  24. I just can’t help but feel that this dress is just not appropriate for an official royal event, even if it is just a walkabout on a pier. The thigh high slit and spaghetti straps are simply inappropriate. I really wish she would have worn the maroon polka dot dress (which I LOVED!) to this event, still casual but elevated to the level of a royal event.

  25. Hmm, this was a miss for me. The top doesn’t appear to fit properly (or maybe it’s just too stiff?) and the slit is inappropriate — in the photo where she is crouching in particular, you can see the slit is stretched all the way up and the little button is straining.
    I do like the sandals.

  26. I feel like this dress might be a bit too casual for representing the Queen. I wonder if Meghan would have worn this if the Queen were there too? At first I thought it was fine but then upon seeing the additional photos, I noticed the high slit and that it’s a bit see through in the sunlight. The slit seems most noticeable when she squats down to talk to people. I really liked the polka dot dress from earlier in the day and think that would have looked perfect for the walk about too.

  27. Well this is super cute. That slit is a little racy by royal standards–especially in the pic where she is squatting down to talk to a child–but since this is essentially a beachwear occasion I’m inclined to think it’s appropriate. I think she looks really good in belted looks. And I love those sandals.

  28. I love this. I can’t imagine every woman wouldn’t want to put on a dress and sandals like this and look so effortlessly beautiful. Perfect dress for walking on the beach with your hubs. I can see how some may think the slit is too high, but otherwise it seems nicely lined (others have said its see through but I don’t see that in the photos) and appropriate. She looks comfortable and approachable too.

    I do think she is in a little of a no win situation. When she doesn’t wear black, it is still too neutral. When she wears a British brand (eg Winser), the focus is on the American celebrity who co designed the collection. When she wears something affordable, it’s referred to as too casual or cheap. I think if anyone had to put together this many outfits, there are bound to be some that people don’t like, but overall, I like how she has a strong sense of style.

    • I can’t help thinking it must be quite a slog lining up all the different outfits, to the point where the mind just glazes over and it’s tempting to go for an easy option — like half a doenz in navy for instance. These are early days for Meghan and it will take a while to adjust. I’ve no doubt her style palette is too limited to cope with that strangest of wardrobe styles, formal royal daywear, and changes are only likely to come through trial and error. But like you I admire how much she has stuck to her style.

      It ‘s definitely no-win where all the different comments come in, and I’m surprised to see how quickly the tone has shifted from seeing her as edgy and contemporary to predictable and borderline dull. I think a lot of that comes from the online mind-set, always looking for the next novelty. To my mind Meghan continues to keep her own sweet funkiness intact, especially in these sundresses which I’ve never seen worn like this by a royal before.

      • ELIZAMO-

        I’m not sure what you mean by”formal royal daywear” but there’s an interesting online article by Alyssa Bailey at Elle that addresses whether or not the Reformation dress broke any royal rules. Another issue bounced a lot on WMW is regarding Meghan’s advising team and Bailey tackles that too. She notes what Meghan’s team, along with Prince Harry, would have to say on Meghan’s fashion choices.

        Speaking for myself, I don’t see Meghan’s style as edgy and contemporary or predictable and border line dull but as classic, timeless and environmentally conscious looking for sustainable options in fashion. While some of the fashion houses she uses might describe themselves as “edgy” I wouldn’t describe her as edgy. Navy, black, beige, grey and white are timeless and classic so I imagine we’ll continue to see those continue even on a royal tour.

      • Hi Christina, thanks for commenting. The formal daywear thing for me is all those tailored dresses that have to be repeatedly found, rather more than for lesser mortals, especially when we get into the matching hat and coat territory. It has to have class as well as some contemporary feel despite being far from what most of us wear that often. For the rest of us it’s the kind of outfit that can be months in the creating! I think it’s a special challenge to build up a royal wardrobe of that nature.

        • ELIZAMO,

          Thank you for taking the time to replying and explaining your definition of “formal royal daywear.” I appreciated Alyssa Bailey’s article yesterday because she defined the difference between traditions and rules. Traditions become subjective and open to interpretations which I believe is the case in many of these discussions.

          Take care!

  29. Yeah actually I was wondering about the temperature on Fraser Island? Is it unseasonably warm or is there a huge temperature difference with Sydney? There must be since you can see in other pictures people wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts (especially in the picture of the people running to see Meghan and Harry). Anyways I think the dress fits in with the beachy island, she looks like she just got off a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean. I think the casual dress is fine to meet these people, they’re all wearing shorts and T-shirts, it would be weird if she was wearing a formal dress and heels. I did notice she had to hold on to the side of her dress while walking on the pier with Harry since that was the side with the high slit and it was pretty windy when they were walking up there. Glad to see her still championing eco-friendly fashion!

  30. I think this is an adorable dress and like the outfit as a whole. It would be great if she were there strictly for a personal vacation. That being said, I don’t think it’s appropriate at all for the occasion when she’s there in an official capacity. The dress she wore earlier in the day would have been better suited for this in my opinion. It would have still fit the location’s casual vibe but had just a bit more substance than this dress.

  31. Quite an interesting day for Harry and it is good that Meghan rested, but was able to join the prince later.

    This Reformation dress looks really nice on Meghan. If the dress were mine I’d be modifying the slit to show less legs, but Meghan seemed to deal with it okay. I would have loved the dress to be more colourful, but at least we are getting a break from the navy and black. Again it is great that she is wearing sandals. Not only are they right for an island setting, but they also must be so much more comfortable and make walking easier. Diana’s gold bracelet would have matched the necklace(s) better than the Birk’s diamond with white gold did.

  32. Wait…a Pineapple Dress, sunglasses AND my favorite cowrie inspired necklace? HAPPY MONDAY!

    We grow pineapples so I was quite curious about Meghan’s dress. Reformation website is magical yet edgy with
    bold statements regarding fashion and sustainability which they seem to deliver with their “effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure” and materials they use. Love the woven texture of the fabric and the over sized belt paired with the ultra thin spaghetti straps of Meghan’s sundress. Harry also looks appropriate for Fraser Island in his charcoal grey shirt with sleeves rolled up and beige trousers. Happy Meghan could meet up with Harry at Kingfisher Pier and meet the residents, visitors and Premier Palaszczuk who looked equally cool and comfortable in a light beige, wrap dress.

  33. Is it significantly warmer on fraser Island than it was in Sydney? Just wondering because she was wearing coats frequently in Sydney and Melbourne and now is in sundresses. I assume there is a temperature difference but wonder how significant.

    I like this dress, I know there has already been some criticism over the spaghetti straps but I think she looks lovely and appropriate for the occasion (I know I say that a lot about her, ha, but I really do think she dresses very well for the events themselves.) excited to see what she wears on the next leg of the tour!

    As an aside- I am so tired from just keeping up with all the events and outfits. I cant imagine how you all at WMW are handling it, and I cant imagine how Meghan feels, ha. Also, that clock on the side of the page is helping my sanity so much lol.

    • At this time of year the daytime temperature on Fraser Island is about 30 degrees Celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Sydney is slightly cooler at 26-ish / 79-ish and Melbourne is cooler again at 19-ish / 66-ish.

      • I’m from Sydney and the temps are quite similar at the moment actually – Low to mid 20s.
        Totally inappropriate dress for representing the Crown agree with all the sentiments expressed above.


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