Meghan’s Sailing Style Includes Sustainable Sneakers

Meghan and Harry took to the water this afternoon to watch some of the Invictus Games sailing competition.

It looked like a beautiful day to be out on Sydney Harbour.
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It also looked like it was brisk.

The wind picked up in the afternoon; the flags on the bridge give an idea of the wind’s strength.
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More from The Mirror’s coverage:

The couple and their entourage took a rib out to a yacht – a 40-foot Hanse 400 model – where they met an American couple who were cheering on their son.

Despite the slightly choppy water, the couple stood up to see the race in action – laughing and smiling as they held on to railings for support.

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From the Newcastle Herald’s story:

It’s the first time sailing has been on the Invictus games bill as an open event for all competitors.

Hundreds gathered at Mrs Macquarie Chair while others lined the Opera House stairs to cheer on their nation.

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Harry and Meghan really seemed to relish their interaction with competitors, athlete’s family and friends, as well as members of the public they encountered.

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Look how excited this group was when they saw Meghan and Harry.
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Hugs for Team USA sailors.

Here they connect with Team Canada.

Now for what the Duchess was wearing this afternoon.

As you can see, she was in an Invictus Games windbreaker.That style and colorway is not something we have been able to locate online. Superdry is the official Team UK sportswear supplier.

But all of the Superdry items we have seen are in the red and navy color scheme.

Our guess is that the black and yellow pieces are for team managers and officials.  It looked like Meghan may have had on the same Outland Denim jeans worn for the day in Dubbo, the Outland Denim Harriet style ($199.90 AUD, about $145 USD at today’s exchange rate).

The Duchess was in sneakers we’ve not previously seen; we believe they are Veja J-10 sneakers. This is another brand that is a good match for the Duchess, as detailed at Net-a-Porter: “Veja is a French company with a strong focus on transparency, fair trade and social and environmental responsibility. It collaborates incredibly closely with the factory that produces its sneakers to ensure the best work practices.” Meghan’s style is available at a number of retailers, including Net-a-Porter;  as well as Zappos; and also at Fat Farfetch. The style is $140 at all three sites.

It also appears Meghan wore the earrings we believe are the Natalie Marie Diamond Sun Studs ($2450 AUD, roughly $1745) seen at today’s Invictus lunch and reception.

And we saw the Krewe Gravier sunglasses ($315) again, they were first noted when worn on the first day of the tour.

We show the sunglasses at Club Monaco

One more photo from the sailing, where today’s medalists were Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands.
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On a related note, Invictus ambassador David Beckham has arrived in Australia.

David, Victoria and and 16-year-old son Romeo landed at Sydney’s airport Sunday afternoon. He announced his role with the games in August.

There was word earlier of a private reception this evening that Meghan and Harry were expected to attend. At this point no pictures have been released. If photos and/or information do emerge we will update this post, as opposed to doing an entirely separate post.

UPDATE: There is a photo we have seen from the private reception, with Meghan in a black dress with criss-cross shoulder straps. We do not believe pictures were supposed to be released and will not be publishing it.

As of this writing Meghan is still making the trip to Fraser Island, but is not planning to do any engagements there. We’ll see you tomorrow!



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  1. Cute sneaks! Glad to see her looking so healthy and full of energy. I know the schedule change wasn’t because she was unwell; I’m just glad to have this confirmation. 🙂

  2. My bad, sorry for Victoria Beckham reference in my earlier post today…I’m confused as to the dress Meghan wore to the INVICTUS opening ceremony…Stella McCartney? I saw a photo online today of Meghan in a halter, cross over black dress at a recent gala reception and got more confused. Maybe Stella can sort this out.

  3. That top photo is the money shot and I hope Meghan and Harry use it on their Christmas card this year!

    I believe Chris Jackson took the photo. He has that shot on his twitter account with credit. And, I think that’s him and another photographer, in the third photo from the top you posted, seated in the bow of the boat. Isn’t that Amy Pickerill at the stern? That must have been a hard shoot, bouncing around on the water with clouds changing the light every second and then the wind, too. WELL DONE CHRIS!

    Isn’t Meghan wearing the same black turtleneck sweater and black jeans from earlier in the day when she attended the INVICTUS reception? If so, smart thinking on her part to plan an outfit that needed just minor changes…heels to sneakers and blazer to windbreaker.

    Yay, sunglasses!

    Welcome David, Victoria and Romeo. Victoria, please tell us what dress of yours Meghan wore to last night’s opening ceremony.

  4. Yesss! Glad we finally saw Meghan in some sneakers, I just knew she must have a strong sneaker game considering how great she looks in casual styles. And I envy her sunglasses collection!

  5. It’s great to see Meghan getting some sea breezes guaranteed to revive any flagging spirits. It’s quite a change to see her in dedicated sportswear as opposed to athleisure fashion and I’m not sure she looks fully at home in it.

    The sneakers look mighty sturdy and comfortable for boat wear though I’ve never been sure how much there can be to say about the humble sneaker. It’s good to be brought up to speed on the Veja brand, though I’m guilty of hiding a quiet smile at how the rich can justify spending when the manufacturer engages in fair trade.

    I’m also quietly amused to see Meghan has a secure updo for this casual event, whereas dressed in her lovely Stella McCartney for the games’ opening she favours strands of hair hanging all round her face. C’est la vie, c’est la fashion I guess!

  6. Not much to comment on; hope Meghan had a restful morning. Glad she wore sneakers. that are practical and comfortable. Hope she’ll choose them or flats again, at casual events.


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