Meghan Makes a Quick Change for Melbourne Beach Visit

Meghan was a quick change artist for today’s visit to South Melbourne Beach with Prince Harry.

She switched from her Dion Lee dress and Manolo Blahnik heels to a Club Monaco dress and flats after today’s reception at Government House. The Duke and Duchess then stopped by Albert Park Primary School to see students working on sustainability projects.

The Telegraph has more:

The couple met the school’s “waste warriors”, dressed up in cape and masks, and met some sustainability leaders who showed them their “nude food” lunch boxes, without any plastic wrapping.

At the school wormery the duke was invited to name their pet snail. “Speedy?” he suggested.

@GillCallister (Click photo to visit feed)

Meghan and Harry boarded a tram with some of the students for their ride to South Melbourne Beach. While on the tram they were quizzed by students about baby names.

As with other venues today, there were big crowds eager to see the royals; ITV‘s Lizzie Robinson shared a photo.

These students looked very excited to be meeting Meghan and Harry.

A quick video.

More from the Herald Sun:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent their final hours in Melbourne meeting school students and members of volunteer beach clean program, BeachPatrol, who help keep the bayside beach clean.

More about BeachPatrol’s efforts from a People story:

The organization dedicates itself to keeping Melbourne’s shores free of litter to reduce the negative impact of litter on the marine environment and food chain as well as provide a safe environment for the public to enjoy their local beach.

Back to the Herald Sun’s coverage:

Prince Harry was heard asking the children about climate change being part of their school syllabus as well as their efforts collecting and collating rubbish.

“What is the most regular thing you find on the beach” he said. “Straws?”

Albert Park College Melisand, 14, was among those to meet the royal duo.

“He recommended that maybe we don’t need as many straws but if we do need them we should look maybe into metal or bamboo.”

The Duke and Duchess also met lifeguards with Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA), Australia’s major water safety, drowning prevention and rescue authority.

Then it was time to head to the airport and the flight back to Sydney.

We turn to our look at what Meghan wore for the afternoon’s engagements in Melbourne. With thanks to Laura for the ID, the Duchess is wearing Club Monaco’s Miguellina dress. The A-line dress features a round neck, center back seam, hidden zipper and curved hemline at the side. Its most distinctive feature is the gold-tone buttons embellishing the left shoulder and side seam. The fabric is a polyester blend; the frock retails for $268.

Meghan brought back the Rothy’s pointed toe flats ($145) in solid black we saw on Day 1 of the tour. If unfamiliar with the brand, the shoes are made out of recycled water bottles with a removable insole, and they are machine washable.

If ordering for the first time from Rothy’s, receive $20.00 off your order by clicking here. *Offer valid only for new customers.

Meghan also received a bead bracelet as a gift. It appears to be a mix of white or moonstone style beads and about six to seven black beads. She wore the bracelet with her Shaun Leane ‘Tusk’ gold and diamond bangle bracelet.

Meghan’s earrings are by Pippa Small – the Kyanite Classic Stud Earrings,

She also wore her Martin Grant trench again. An item we saw her wear earlier in the day.

From our What Meghan Wore Instagram account, a quick look at Meghan’s style today.

We will see you tomorrow for more beachy engagements! 

Click here to see our post about the day’s earlier engagements.

Now for our list of links and videos.

9News Australia covers the entire day’s activities in this 5:35 video.

This video is roughly 2 minutes, all on the beach visit.



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  1. This dress was definitely not planned with that trench in mind. As others have said, it overwhelms the dress and, without the height of heels, looks far too big. That said, I love that she must have been cold and chose to wear the trench, knowing it wasn’t part of the look, rather than be uncomfortable. And I love the practicality of flats on the beach. (It almost makes up for those stilettos on the gym floor a few weeks ago!) I think if the trench hadn’t been worn, this outfit, while still a dark dress, would have felt much more distinct from the morning.

    • Agreed! It must have been cold and so she wore a coat – even if it didn’t make her outfit look amazing. Good for her! She’s a human being!
      But I do hope she wears that dress again soon because it looks amazing and deserves to have the spotlight all on its own without a coat. The side button details look so cool.

  2. I was expecting more style. All the clothes seem to big and really sloppy. The maxi dress is just giant in her. Capris and a great top would have been better for the beach. If Jessica is responsible for these outfits she has really dropped the ball. NOTE: quick admin edit

  3. It’s a nice dress, but the details are lost under the coat, especially compared to the white dress earlier in the week where the coat/simple sheath/shoes come together well.

  4. I love that she has reworn the same trench coat like three times I also love those flats as well. The outfit is very nice and suitable for the beach. How come we never see kate carry her own coats?

    • The same reason we shouldn’t see Meghan carrying her coat: when greeting crowds and shaking hands, it’s unnecessary clutter. I can’t believe her staff haven’t taken it from her the moment she slips it off!

  5. I LOVED the dress for the early engagements. This one just strikes me as a similar, but more boring version. I’m honestly not sure what the point of changing was, especially for a beach trip where pants and loafers or slides would have been more appropriate and still chic. Kinda scratching my head over this one. And while I love the trench and thought it looked phenomenal with the white sheath, I think it overwhelms this outfit.

  6. It’s great that Meghan wore flats to the beach and elsewhere. Its something that Duchess of Cambridge rarely does which always perplexed me since she is much taller. Love Meghan’s clothes so far – very her and very appropriate for this country. Australians are not into much fuss and bother as far as clothes are concerned. They are the masters of smart casual.

  7. Let’s see if I’ve tallied this correctly: white; olive; white/black/beige-y plaid; navy; black. Beige topper. Black, blue, beige, cream shoes. So disappointing. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll end up following this tour the whole way through after all. Meghan looks happy, her hair and makeup are lovely, but the fashions are just dull/boring/shrouded in trench coat. 🙁

    • I agree 100%. Very boring to me. I don’t understand the change of dress today. Both navy midi. She looks wonderful and happy but the fashions are a disappointment.

      • Buckle up for the Friday dresses, unfortunately the theme continues ? – and I’m with Christina O: though I have no doubt the Susans are crazy busy, there seem to be a dearth of comments for an extended period of time, which also makes the moderator’s defense of no British brands being represented seem odd, since hardly comments on this topic have actually hit the comment section. I’m fine if my disappointed comments are censored, though I don’t think I’ve said anything inappropriate, but the comments section hasn’t been very lively. ?

  8. Hi Susan C –

    I’m one WMW follower who believes Meghan’s support and allegiance to the UK, her adopted country, is best seen in the causes, patronages and assistance she gives to the many programs she is now involved in. Her actions of changing her Church, residency and citizenship speak volumes to where her heart lies.

    While she has embraced UK designers, although not to the degree some bloggers would like, I think it would be boring, and in a sense limiting one’s creativity, if the Queen, Camilla, Anne, Sophie, Kate, Meghan, Beatrice, Eugenie, Zara, etc. all wore the same UK designers. And, how far would you want to take this…jewelry, handbags, shoes, hats, dresses, pants, sweaters, sunglasses, make-up, hair products? Where would you stop? I’m also afraid it would look self-serving,

    As I’ve posted on WMW before I do think the Queen is very interested in building the UK fashion industry as seen from her appearance this year at the QEII Award for British Design and the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange for example. But foregoing other design houses from the Royal’s fashion choices would be a loss in my estimation.

    In regards to Amy Pickerill I haven’t been impressed with the two pant/cropped jacket ensembles I’ve seen her wear the last two days. The photos I’m talking about are the one’s where she’s assisting Meghan in the crowds for the meet and greets. They seem identical, except for the color, and the fabric… is it a cotton knit? It clings very unattractively to her backside and legs and the high heels don’t seem to work with the outfit.

  9. All these clothes are lovely and Meghan wears them well. However, as a member of the British Royal Family and a representative of the UK, she should wear more British brands. Sadly, that’s the only thing I’m disappointed in.

    • GM Devoted WMW followers!! 🙂
      She is wearing some Australian brands and designers mixed with sustainable / ethical brands/companies. As most know, Australia is a part of the Commonwealth, so wearing Australian brands/ designers falls into that category.
      Club Monaco, while it started as a Canadian company, (forgive my rough memory this morning) is now owned by Ralph Lauren Polo (NYC based) – so yes, this would not fall into supporting the Commonwealth but I wouldn’t want to give up all my favourite brands I love and I know Meghan loves and has loved for a long time Ralph Lauren. 🙂 #RL50 (so do I!) The trench coat (Martin Grant – Australian born designer) and Rothy’s flats (company uses all recycled goods even in their packaging) reflects both Commonwealth and Eco-friendly brand support.
      For the beach clean-up the flats were more than just wearing the flats, they were a symbolic representation of Reduce-Recycle-Reuse. “Keep Our Beaches Clean” effort. At least this is how I see it.
      I was speaking with Susan K, in the wee late hours of blog posts, that I would like to compose a complete list (with all info) on the Eco/Sustainable/Ethical brands Meghan has worn during the tour (and prior) to include somewhere on the site. I know some of you are interested in more Eco-Friendly companies (like myself). This would be likely after the tour has commenced but we have included some lists of info in posts already. (Thank the blogging goddesses for SEK thinking of this!!)
      I will say, I do echo you when I read “I wish she would wear more British/UK based brands” – I’m in agreement with you! We both are. If I had more time I would look behind the “Great Oz-Designer Wizard curtain” to see why the heck she chooses some brands that has us scratching our heads. One day!
      Do keep an eye on Amy Pickerill and our What Amy Wore page – see What They Wore on home page menu – (as I try to keep up on her style!). I believe she may have a bit of influence (UK’s Shaun Leane jewellery was worn by Amy first!) on what Meghan wears. I’m hoping we see Jessica fade away in the near future to be honest.
      – Thanks for the continued support here at WMW!!! – SAC

      • While the defense of Aussie/ethical/environmental choices is admirable, the disappointing reality is that there is no ‘wow factor’ to any of these items, except for the cost-to-impact ratio. I was shocked to read the frank comment about Jessica M at the end – for two staunch supporters of Meghan, I wouldn’t have expected that assessment, since she and Jessica are so close. Not that I disagree, if she’s the one who’s pushing this color/style palette.

      • I looked at the May 18 post on Amy Pickerill. Like you, also hoping that Meghan relies on Amy more than Jessica for fashion influence. Don’t get me wrong- I actually love Jess’s sleek, modernist style and color combos but in my opinion, it’s rather sexual for a professional spokesperson role of a senior member of the Royal Family and it sometimes seems to come over in things like that blazer dress Meghan wore.
        Just for an ID, I think Amy is wearing the Whistles eyelash lace panel dress from the 2018 season to the royal wedding. It’s still available on Asos in pale green. My other comments don’t seem to get approved for whatever reason, so I’m hoping this one gets by!

        • Marie, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I have been looking and looking for that dress and trying to figure it out with Brooke and Susan. We were baffled over that one! I will certainly credit you for that! 🙂
          As for comments not being approved, please understand, we are working to get them approved but trying to catch up on sleep and I am working full-time during the day. I have enlisted the help of someone to give us a hand with approving the comments to help push them through as they are coming in so quickly and it’s hard to get to them. Apologies for delays everyone. Please know, we are working very VERY late into the night with only a few hours of sleep and then bogged with all sorts of items between the two of us. Thank you for your patience! We appreciate all of you so much for supporting and following us here at What Meghan Wore! – Susan C.

          • Yes,I think we all understand the time crunch you’re under but sometimes it takes days for my posts to get through editing. The stream of thought is loss and readers have moved on to the next post.

      • Susan I was somewhat surprised to read that you are hoping to see Jessica fade away. But that said, I agree with you. Jessica is Meghan’s good friend and apparently Jessica and her husband, Brian Mulroney, were said to “hide” Meghan and Harry in the privacy of their home, during the early days of the courtship. This is the mark of a committed friend, but not necessarily an amazing stylist. I am Canadian, so have more opportunity to see Jessica in action. I said, a few blogs ago on WKW, when someone wondered if Jessica was now offering Kate styling advice, that Kate didn’t need her advice and Jessica has hits and misses. Jessica does PR for Kleinfeld’s Bridal, at Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Company and appears on CityLine a magazine TV show. Although she has some worthwhile fashion ideas, she does not create the magic that some people seem to think she has. So like you, Susan, if Jessica fades away, it won’t be a huge loss. Someone based in the UK is more likely to get things right. And if Jessica is the one suggesting all the endless navy and black dresses, it is time for her to go.

  10. It wasn’t until I was told that I realized Meghan had changed her Dion Lee dress at all – in my defence I would say it is well hidden under the flapping trench. Closer inspection reveals it does indeed have an identity all of its own, but it seems a shame to have such a limited style palette that Meghan ends up with such similar consecutive styles.
    It’s actually quite a fun beachdress and there’s something of the sailor uniform in those rows of flat gold buttons. It’s a simple, elegant, flattering style, nicely cut at neck and shoulder, and loose enough round the middle to accommodate a thickening waistline.
    I’m glad she has sensible flats for the beach, no running along the sand in cork wedges for this duchess. I don’t think the trench works as a jacket substitute, with so much extra fabric it tends to verge on the messy rather than sophisticated chic. A shorter cover-up might have worked better and then it might be possible to see some distinguishing features of the dress.

    • Nicely said. The dresses are a bit too similar for me and the trench idea doesn’t work. Nice dresses, a bit too similar and a different cover-up needed. Good shoe choice though.

    • A lovely pashmina wrap (similar to those Doria favors) would have looked great with this dress. I think the weather was a bit cooler than expected so she just went with what was handy.

  11. Both dresses are fine and the Dion Lee one has an especially beautiful and unique design. But Meghan is most certainly on black and navy overload. Many of her outfits of the last few months are starting to look the same. Changing into flats for the beach was a smart idea. I am having a bit of a problem with the trench coat. It is looking so thrown on, so last minute and seldom compliments her dresses. I get that she might be feeling chilly, but surely there must be a few tailored blazers or jackets that she could wear. They would look neater and more professional. I greatly admire her energy and how she engages with every activity and so many people.

    • I’d been hoping against hope that the South Pacific might help Meghan break out into some more sunny colours. The continuing dull tones are a bit depressing and I’m not looking forward as much as I would like to the rest of the tour. Comparisons are distinctly bad news, but I do miss the colour and variety Kate brought to her trip Down Under, though that was at a different time of year.

      At the same time I try to caution myself as the one time Meghan really went for print and a touch of colour we ended up with the OdlR maxi dress. It’s difficult, and I suppose I must just be working on adjusting to a new duchess who is on a steep learning curve right now.

      • I am hoping we see some fun island colors as well Elizamo! I do know that Meghan keeps it somewhat neutral from past island trips (years past) – whites, blue/white striped Zara dress, Linen Reformation dress, embroidered Forever21 dress – but you never know. If she wears something local we may get a bit of island fun. Or a bright solid colour. 🙂 sac

      • ElizaMo, You and I made our initial comments two minutes apart, so didn’t see each others words before posting and yet we are are on the same thought process. Many of Meghan’s dresses are looking the same, black and navy have become too repetitive and the trench coat just isn’t doing the job. Like you, I don’t want to draw comparisons with Kate, but really all the females in the Royal Family dress with more “joy” especially during tours. I adore Meghan but don’t understand the rut she seems to be in with her fashion. Let’s hope that we will soon see colour, or print, or something far less solemn.

      • I agree with you Elizamo. I was hoping for brighter color or pattern. And to wear two navy dresses in one day is poor planning to me. So far the dresses (except for the white sheeth) are blending together in my mind. I think I read it’s spring there and I wouldn’t think she’d wear bright Easter colors but these colors are drab to me. Her lovely hair doesn’t stand out. These fashions aren’t a stand out to me. Having said that, the DoS looks happy and healthy which is the important thing. It must be exhausting for her. I hope she gets a chance to relax and put her feet up.

  12. Haha had I been Meghan I would have just removed the flats and walked around barefoot. She probably didn’t want to track sand around at her other engagements which makes sense but sand probably got into those flats anyways. This dress is nice too. Nothing special but then she probably just wanted to be comfortable walking around on the beach and this was perfect for that. Thanks so much for your dedicated coverage!

  13. Good call on the Rothy’s for the beach. I have a pair, and I can confirm that they are great on the beach–just shake ’em out afterwards; the sand falls right off.

    The dress looks a little late-80s to me–not in a good way, in a sort of blah way–but it certainly serves its purpose as the base of the outfit. I *WANT* that trench.

    That black-and-white pic from Kensington Palace–they look like rock stars! If I didn’t know she was pregnant I’d never have guessed it from today’s appearances.

  14. I love this dress. Like really love it and am thinking of rearranging my budget so I can get it, lol. The buttons add some nice shape to it and it looks really great on her. It’s a basic black dress, but those can be real workhorses and I would not be surprised if we see this one on Meghan often in the coming years. Also I clearly need a pair of Rothy’s. I’ve had my eye on them for a while but this just confirms it, ha. This tour is not good for my wallet.

    • Thank you, Lydia! It looks like a Lokai, but apparently in other photos you can see that it has more than the one black bead. I will take a look later today if I can. Thank you for the tip! -sek

  15. I kind of like she’s more into wearing nice flats than Kate is. I’m always impressed that Kate can wear wedges on surfaces like fields and beaches, but it’s nice to see Meghan wear something I’d actually do. (I know Kate has pulled out some plimsolles on some particular ocassions)

  16. Not a fan of this dress. The non descript style combined with the color and material dragged it into the drab column. Love that she is wearing flats and still love the trench! Wondering when the Duchess is going to get a day off on this tour or is she? The energy of the people is contagious cutting across different time zones and continents.

  17. That trench coat from Paris based Aussie, Martin Grant, might prove to be Meghan’s workhorse this tour! It appears very lightweight and the color a soft and pleasing neutral. Without epaulettes, sleeve straps and excessive buttons, and with Meghan wearing it open, the trench becomes more back row.

    Martin Grant’s website is beautiful, saw a striped green and white color dress that is “royal” lovely.

  18. Love the change in dress. Simple, elegant and beautiful tailoring. Shame the day was a little cool as would have been spectacular to see in more detail. South Melbourne is a lovely suburban area.


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