It’s Martin Grant for a Day at the Beach UPDATED

The Duchess wore Martin Grant for today’s engagements at Bondi Beach.

It was an overcast, hazy day at the iconic beach, but “Fluro Friday” brightened things up.

More from The Mirror:

Harry and Meghan are taking part in the Fluro Friday session, where people of all ages share their experiences of mental health issues.

One sign held by a member of the crowd said: “Happy Fluro Friday Harry and Meghan.

Below you see everyone in an “anti-bad vibes circle.”

The Duke and Duchess were at the beach learning about One Wave, a surfing group that raises awareness about mental health and wellbeing through enjoyable activities like surfing.

On the far right you see One Wave founder Grant Trebilco. 

From The Daily Mail’s coverage:

OneWave founder Grant Trebilco said the couple had been ‘so nice, so friendly’.

‘They were so open. Harry said asking for help was not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. We need to talk about this stuff. No matter what you are going through you don’t have to do it alone,’ he said.

‘Meghan shared how yoga is her escape, she does yoga daily and how her mum is a yoga instructor. Harry talked about how everyone has their different recipe and how much sports can help with your mental health.

Meghan said that she got up at 4:30 this morning to do yoga, that it is “good for healing your mind.” 

More from a Australia story:

Meghan also spoke about the importance of being able to let go of criticism for good mental health, noting the negative impact social media can have on how we feel about ourselves.

Jessina Oakes, who spent 15 minutes in a yoga group speaking with the royal couple, told Meghan said “criticism and flattery all come through the same filter of social media”.

“She said, ‘We always hold on to the negative. There is always this amazing feedback, but we hold onto the criticism’,” Jessina said Meghan told the group.

“She talked a lot about growing up in terms of this generation and the pressures of social media because there is so much criticism we experience.”

The Duchess signs a surfboard.

The royals very much seemed to enjoy themselves.
Embed from Getty Images

A group photo before the walkabout.

A quick video.

The couple is being inundated with gifts for “Baby Sussex,” this gives you just a sampling from the morning engagement at the beach.

There was a special WMW friend at the beach today. Say hello to Hugo. He is two and he had flowers for the Duchess.

Hugo’s mom, Brooke Nurthen, brought him to the beach today to see if he could meet Meghan and Harry. You may better know Brooke as one-half of the very popular Cambridge Mums duo on Instagram. She is also a contributing editor here at WMW.

Things turned out pretty well for Hugo, because the Duchess said “hi” to him. You can see that at about :07-seconds into this video from Natalie Oliveri of 9Honey.

Here’s a better view – good for Hugo!

Now to what Meghan wore for the morning’s engagements, starting with her Martin Grant dress.

The piece is from the designer’s Resort 2019 line, the trench coat Meghan has been wearing (seen below) is from that same collection.

Meghan shoes are the Castañer ‘Carina’ wedge espadrille in black canvas, $135. The shoes are also available at MyTheresa ($99) as well as ShopBop ($135), Farfetch ($135) and Zappos ($135).

Made of black canvas set on a jute wedge heel, the shoe has ribbon ties and a rubber sole. The wedge heel is 3.5″ tall, but effectively 3″ because of a .5″ platform.

Our thanks to Vittoria on the FB Page for the ID of the shoes.

Meghan wore several pieces of jewelry. The first is a piece we saw when the couple visited Sussex, the Adina Reyter Pavé Teardrop Necklace.

The second necklace is a new one by Verse Jewelry – Love Letters Heart Necklace, $695 AUD.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our followers, Elle, who left a comment on the post, we have an ID on the earrings. They are by Karen Walker, the Temptation Studs in 9 ct yellow gold featuring a dye freshwater pearl in the center, $359 AUD (roughly $234 USD and £189).

Karen Walker posted on their Instagram that Meghan is wearing the yellow gold earrings. They also said, “We’re loving following the couple’s tour and finding out more about the wonderful organisations and community groups they’re meeting with so it was the most lovely surprise to spot our ‘Temptation Studs’ on Meghan this morning.”

Karen Walker is a New Zealand brand offering clothing, accessories, eyewear and jewelry, a label we thought we might see the Duchess wearing when in New Zealand.

UPDATE 24 Feb 2019: The coin shape ring Meghan was wearing has been ID’d as the Pippa Small Durga Round ring in 22k gold, $1190.

Our thanks to Anne Young for the ID!

We are off to work on a new post about a previously unannounced visit to a high school. (Meghan is wearing blue Roksanda Ilincic.) We’ll leave you with a video posted by Kensington Palace.


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  1. I think the full length sun dress with large pellets was perfect for being on beach with espadrilles and bare feet. I have said before, someone needs to tell her she needs a tailor/wardrobe person to advise her that when you have large pellets they will open up when walking and the length will be longer in some places. No matter, this sungown needed to be hemed even with the espadrilles and bare feet. She can spend a lot of money or little on outfits, if you to not have a tailor on staff, you will always look like the outfit was put on last minute. Should not be done in the public eye.

  2. I believe she is waxing that surf board, not signing it. An article about their visit in the Guardian today noted that she and Harry had a go at waxing a surfboard.

    Also, just putting in my preference that I personally LOVE that she sticks to neutrals and darker colors. She wears things that I could imagine wearing myself, which is kind of amazing. I can’t say I often feel that way about Kate or the other Royal ladies, even if I really enjoy following what they wear too. Meghan’s style is such a nice contrast/complement to the super brights that some of the other Royals wear, and I think Meghan just looks great. More dark blue and black outfits, please!!!

  3. Given the considerable restraint shown by Meghan in her colour palette, I suppose this maxi dress amounts to a blaze of colour. It is certainly a relief to see a print after non-stop block colour. In fact, I think it’s the prettiest beach dress I’ve seen.

    The subdued tones on the Martin Walker print reference an ethnic vibe and the colours are wonderful against Meghan’s own enviable skin tone. The design concept comes across as fresh and original while at the same time looking as if it could have been round for the odd millennia or so. The espadrilles, earrings and necklaces are all fun as is the welcome return of the pony tail. My favourite look of the tour so far.

  4. Well, obviously the winner here is the dude with the cabbage-rose suit and the pink fisherman’s cap. That is a SWEET look.

    But I think the DoS looks great here, too. This is a wonderful beachy look, the square neck and straps are very flattering on her, I *love* a good stripe, and the long, full skirt is appropriate for all the sitting and stretching and meditating, given that at 13 weeks pregnant she probably doesn’t want to do yoga pants. I do agree with some others that it’s just a *skotch* too long–to my eye, it would have been nice to see this hit right above the ankle–and then we could have seen more of those cute shoes, too.

    I adore the earrings! Nice ID, ElleLLElle!

  5. I LOVE maxi dresses and pretty much wear them throughout the summer. I think I own at least 6! Not kidding. It’s great, just throw on a long dress and off I go! Plus I think for pregnant women maxi dresses are ideal since they are so flowy and if you are heavily pregnant in the dead of summer, it’s just an easier style to wear and more comfortable. Meghan fits in with the crazy colors the rest of the group is wearing, Prince Harry is the one that sticks out like a sore thumb haha. And look, Meghan is wearing a pattern! You guys who keep hoping she’s going to wear lighter colors are going to have to let that go. She clearly prefers darker tones!

    It’s great they are highlighting mental health during their trip and Meghan sure is a dedicated yogi! I’m imagining with the time difference that’s why she was up so early but they say prenatal yoga can be very beneficial. I’ve seen pregnant women in yoga classes and I think it’s great some women use it as a way to center themselves.

  6. This dress is beautiful and top part did fit perfectly but, I also think it’s a couple inches too long on her. It must have been full of sand after the event. I kept thinking that this would have looked great as a Capri length romper instead. Loved the wedges and hope we get to see them again. So far I like that she’s been repeating pieces on this trip—very practical.

    • It is a great dress for the beach but does seem too long. The espadrilles are great, and the circle of anti bad vibes circle is a great idea. Love the other outfits/characters in the circle!

  7. this seems like the perfect event for them – beach, surfing, mental health. It seems the less formal environment allowed them to have a real conversation with the group (as real as you can have with cameras everywhere.)

    I love this dress, and it seems perfect for the occasion, considering she was sitting on the sand and such. No worries with “overexposure” or anything. Sometimes a longer dress is more comfortable because of that if you are going to be sitting or in any “odd” positions (lots of bending, etc.) And I think her ponytail here is super adorable.

    I don’t love the shoes, but I don’t love espadrilles in general, almost regardless of who wears them. (When Pippa wore them to Wimbledon this summer I just cringed, ha.) But at least here you cant really see them so that makes them more palatable, lol.

  8. Meghan looks great. I just love having daily Meghan updates!
    Regarding the lei, when I was 7 months pregnant I wore one in Hawaii in an public place and someone stopped me and said that it’s not good luck for a pregnant lady to wear a closed lei. It should be open (like a long rope) when you’re pregnant. I took it off to honor that tradition.. maybe that’s not the case in Australia.
    Anyway, she looks wonderful and is doing an incredible job on this tour.
    Also, I’m inspired to do some yoga in the morning!

  9. I’m a huge fan of darker colors, and this one shows that a darker color dress does not have to mean dull. It’s a fun dress! And the extra length must have been very comfortable while sitting on the beach, since it would not produce any odd angles for the cameras surrounding her. She did a great job walking in them, I’d just step on the hem and fall.

  10. Just loved this dress. The combination of stripes, double waist, and pleats just make it so special. The bodice area fit her so well. I wouldn’t think it would be very easy to walk on the beach at this length, but she didn’t seem to have any trouble. With the wedges and ponytail she really nailed the beachy vibe.

    • Hi, Anne, and thank you for the suggestion. This is a very similar style to Meghan’s earrings. It turns out they are Karen Walker (99.99% sure) as suggested in a comment. We are lucky to have so many fab suggestions and links! 🙂 -sek

  11. I love the shape and length of this dress (very beach goddess), but I do wish it had been a more cheerful color, perhaps yellow as one of the stripes.

  12. I really like this dress. It is flirty and fun and the change of direction with the stripes adds interest. That said, I find it an odd choice for a beach event. It is dragging in the sand, making tripping a real possibility. A shorter dress or even capri pants would have made much better sense. It was a good move that Meghan removed her shoes. The event is so upbeat and colourful and Meghan is wearing the lei of flowers. This makes it less noticeable that this dress is yet again lacking in colour.

  13. Just love this Martin Grant dress. it is simply stunning and oh so right for the event this morning on Bondi beach. Long casual dresses are so on trend this Australian summer and Meg has nailed it with this look. Lots of similiar dresses in store to choose from but no doubt many will try and emulate Meg’s look. But let’s talk about the cause One Wave foundation is an excellent organisation who are support mental health and every Friday morning the Fluro brigade meet on iconic Bondi beach for yoga and a chat. Excellent cause and so glad that Meg and Harry were able to stop by and help celebrate the wonderful work they do. Fashion is really secondary when they are championing so many great causes.

  14. Heartwarming to see Meghan and Harry embraced by OneWave at Bondi Beach!

    Interesting to read Meghan’s comments as reported by Australia and posted above. Her personal insights regarding letting “go of criticism for good mental health” and noting the impact of social media on how we feel about ourselves was a timely reminder. It’s always good to hear that physical activity can improve mental health…saw some surfers out in the water improving theirs! Encouraged to hear Meghan was up at 4:30 am to get her yoga session in.

    Pleased to see another stellar piece by Martin Grant. The design was so interesting with the vertical and horizontal elements and the combination of colors and patterns was lovely. The pleating work took it to another level.

  15. It looks like I’m alone in this so far, but I loved this look! Beachy and very California. Love that the stripes make her stand out but she’s still in her comfort zone of neutrals. I can see her wearing this in her spare time. Her ponytail is perfect and she looks so happy. And the guy in the gold leggings is the bomb!!!

    • Marykate, love this look. Beachy and so very Australian down on the coast. Not sure what people expected her to wear, high heels and corporate clothes perhaps…..

  16. Much to.long and not appropriate for the event. The earlier dress with the block of light blue on the hem was perfect on her. Best dress next to the white shirt dress.

    • LR the blue Roskandra dress was worn to an event after the visit to Bondi. The Martin Grant gorgeous frock was worn to the early morning walk on Bondi beach with the blue dress worn to a late morning visit to a girls school in Parramatta.

      • before / after …lol does not change my thoughts ….lol the maxi dress was too long and ill fitted and not the right dress for the beach. A paid of capri and great top would be more appropriate.

  17. Wow! She looks fabulous in this dress. It’s hard to see with the flowers on her, but the Daily Mail has lots of photos with her prior to putting on the lei and the dress fits her perfectly and looks stunning. She often has trouble with fit between waist and shoulders but this is just right for her. Admins may want to post a few photos without the flowers because you can really see how nice it is. Just beautiful.

  18. I fins this dress to be an odd combination of color, vertical stripes, and the double waist doesn’t look like it could possibly be flattering on anyone. I do love the shoes and her hair looks great.


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