Meghan in Dion Lee and a Pasta Necklace in Melbourne

The Duchess wore another local brand for Day 3 of the royal tour, sporting a dress by Australia’s Dion Lee.

Here you see Meghan boarding the flight from Sydney to Melbourne, located more than 400 miles south of Sydney.

It was a temperate day with the temperature at 63℉ when the couple landed. There were enormous crowds waiting to see the royals as they did a walkabout. 

The Duke and Duchess were ready to dive right in and meet the well-wishers.

Emily Nash of Hello! shared a photo with a sign referencing Harry’s brief song after the performance of Hamilton he attended with Meghan.
More from a Australia story:

ROYAL fever has peaked in Melbourne as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex embarked on their meet-the-people walk through Melbourne.

Excited Victorians chanted Harry and Meghan’s names as they hugged, accepted gifts and shook hands with thousands of delighted fans lined up along Government House Drive.

One woman who was lucky enough to get a hug from the Prince got so overwhelmed she immediately broke down in tears.

Emily Nash reports the young lady is 19-year-old India Brown, who “..was overwhelmed when Harry hugged her after spotting her sign saying: “Been here since 4am, loved you since I was 8.”.

Emily Nash noted the “Meghan-mania.”

Another view of India.

Prince Harry working the crowds.

One young man had a special gift for Meghan.

Rohan Smith Twitter (Click photo to visit feed)

More from The Age:

He took the morning off school as he was feeling “a bit sick”, but found the energy to make a special gift, fit for a Duchess.

It was a necklace made from pasta that he dipped in gold.

If you look at this next photo you can see the Duchess donned the gift from Gavin.

Back to The Age piece:

“It was my idea … [but] Mum helped a bit,” Gavin said.

“I did the pasta with gold paint. Mum helped me thread through the necklace”

A closer look.

Good for Gavin! Susan C pointed out that today is National Pasta Day, but I think that is a US-only observance.

The Governor General of Victoria Linda Dessau (the first female in this position) and husband Anthony Howard joined Meghan and Harry.

A final walkabout video from Emily Andrews.

Rebecca English of The Daily Mail tweeted photos of the Duchess. On the left, you can see Amy Pickerill, Meghan’s Assistant Private Secretary.

If wondering what happens to all of the gifts handed to royals, here is a brief explanation from Australia:

According to the royal family’s official gift policy, one of a few things can happen. It can be accepted and used, provided it’s worth less than £150 ($A276), or it could be kept in storage for up to five years. Curators of the Royal Collection may choose to incorporate it into their displays, or it may be donated to an organisation or charity, or — unfortunately — it can be destroyed or thrown out.

They will be among the thousands of items catalogued by staff. Back to the story.

Every year, the royals releases itemised lists of every gift they’ve received, including details about who it’s from, where it was given, what it was, and who it was for.

After the walkabout the Duke and Duchess met ambassadors from the This Girl Can campaign, who  were demonstrating a selection of sports on the grounds of Government House.  

This Girl Can was initially developed by Sport England to encourage and promote sporting activities among women. The endeavor is designed “to help women overcome the fear of judgment that is stopping too many women and girls from joining in.” The important thing is that women are getting up, moving and active. Meghan and Harry both took part in the games.

The royals were welcomed officially by the Governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau at Government House, followed by a reception.

From The Daily Mail:

They attended the official reception, meeting a diverse group of young Victorian leaders and community members.

Harry greeting guests.

While at Government House the Duke and Duchess saw a scaled, miniature Formula 1 car designed and made by Trinity Grammar students. They met some of the students today; more from The Mirror’s coverage:

The youngsters have been involved in the F1 in schools programme, and were showing off two miniature cars.

Harry and Meghan had a chance to race the cars, and were given remote controllers and shown which buttons to press when the lights changed.

They also met representatives of Guide Dogs Victoria, including the four-legged kind.

Meghan and Harry visited Charcoal Lane, a social enterprise restaurant providing “guidance and opportunity to young Aboriginal people in need of a fresh start in life,” according to a Kensington Palace news release. They saw a cooking demonstration that focused on native Australian food.

A quick video.

Now to what Meghan wore in Melbourne, starting with her dress by Australian designer Dion Lee, the “Folded Sail Dress.” 

The sleeveless midi-dress is made of Italian double weave wool, a blend of 94% wool with a touch of polyamide and Lycra. It is fitted at the waist, and features an A-line asymmetric fold detail skirt and just one lapel on the fully lined bodice. 

The dress also comes in black; both colors may be pre-ordered on the Dion Lee site ($873). A major Tip of the Tiara to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion. She lives in Melbourne and called Dion Lee to get the details on the dress.

More on how Meghan came to be wearing this piece via a Herald Sun story:

Lee said he was thrilled that the Duchess chose to wear one of his designs and said she perfectly embodies his brand’s ethos.

“I think Meghan brings a sophistication and ease to the designs; she is relatable to people and that relaxed sophistication is at the core of our brand.”

Lee said the classic design was made at Meghan’s request after seeing another of his designs that she admired.

“We custom-made the gown at her request and it’s so special to see the product on Meghan. “She looks beautiful and we are so grateful for the worldwide exposure she has given the brand.”

Embed from Getty Images

More about the label from the Dion Lee website:

Renowned for experimental construction combined with traditional tailoring, the brand has pioneered a modern identity for Australian fashion.

Below, current Dion Lee styles as shown at FarfetchThe brand is well known in fashion circles. Last year Mr. Lee was named the 2017 Australian Fashion Laureate, the youngest recipient to ever be given the award. More from WWD:

The Laureate is the latest in a string of accolades for Lee, who launched his business in 2008, after graduating from Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio and quickly garnering a following for his deconstructed tailoring and signature dresses with complex surface treatments.

“[The Laureate] is a bit of a landmark moment for me — knowing that it is voted by your peers,” said Lee, who is now a New York Fashion Week runway regular and boasts over 70 global wholesale stockists.

Melissa Singer shared the reaction from designer Dion Lee.

Dion Lee: “It’s a whole other level [of attention]. I can’t say our website has ever crashed as a result of anyone wearing our clothes,” he said. Meghan’s custom dress was made “based on a previous dress of ours that she really liked”.

The Sydney Opera House just unveiled its new uniforms, they were designed by Dion Lee. More from a Sydney Morning Herald piece.

This is the first time in the Opera House’s 45-year history that it has commissioned an Australian designer with an international reputation to dress its staff, and the first time staff have been able to have a design input into their outfits.

Meghan also brought back the Classic Cotton Straight Cut Trench Coat by Australian designer Martin Grant seen the first day of the tour.

The piece is from the designer’s s/s 2019 collection and called the Classic Cotton Straight Cut Trench Coat. It retailed at $1690 when available for pre-ordering from Moda Operandi. It is currently shown as sold out, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it become available again.

It looked like the Duchess was wearing her Manolo Blahnik BB heels.

The heels are a classic point-toe pump in navy suede, with a heel just under 4″. The style is available at Bergdorf and also at Barneys ($625).

Meghan carried a new handbag by Gucci. The petite style is called the Sylvie Mini Chain Bag, and it measures 6.5″ x 4″ x 1.5″ deep. The bag is described as being made of white leather (although it looks cream or ivory in the photos) embellished with blue & red web material that is topped by goldtone metal chain and logo buckle; it is carried by a goldtone metal link strap. The piece is available at Gucci, as well as at Net-a-Porter and also Farfetch. It is $1200 at all three retailers. Our thanks to Sylvia Jeffreys of 9News Australia and Vittoria on the FB page for the speedy bag ID.

Meghan had on her Shaun Leane Signature Tusk Bracelet with Diamonds ($1214). She also wore what appeared to be new earrings that we haven’t yet identified.

We will update if we discover more information about any elements of the post. Here is our graphic look at Meghan’s ensemble for the day’s engagements.


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  1. I think this is my favourite outfit from the tour so far! The dress is stunning. I’m not a big fan of the bag but we didn’t see much of it, and it at least made for a nice contrasting colour when Meghan had her coat off.

    The story about Gavin is just darling! I know the article says he wants to be a pilot but I think he has a real eye for jewellery. Great choice of pasta shape, an inspired decision to colour it gold, and the ribbon as a chain is divine. I’m not surprised Meghan put it on right away – it worked well with her outfit!

    • Hi Jenn, and thanks so much for commenting! Unfortunately, they are not the Bee Chic, the Mail is mistaken. Meghan did wear the Bee Chic at her second engagement today, if you are interested, the post includes a good photo of the earrings. We both appreciate the input, thank you again. 🙂

  2. LOVE the blue and the dress. Not sure why she insists on wearing such oversized jackets/coats/blazers!??!
    I have hear d that 2019’s colour of the year is that exact shade of blue.

  3. What a fantastic Royal tour here in Aussie land so far. The Duchess looked beautiful, her dress is lovely. So wonderful to see yet another Australian designer. Megan is so naturally engaging with the crowds, it must be overwhelming. Prince Harry what can I say, he is a star. The way he hugged the young 19 year old lady, he really is his mothers son, his kindness, he was so patient and caring to the little downs syndrome boy in Dubbo, letting him stroke his beard and rub Harry’s head that melted my heart, that is kindness personified, that comes from within, nothing staged it all comes from the heart. You either have these qualities or you don’t, and Prince Harry has them in abundance. How lucky are we here in Australia to experience there visit. Bless them. Thank you WMW for such an informative and interesting page. I have learnt so much!

  4. This is so beautiful! How crazy (in the best way possible) is it that the pasta necklace actually works with this?! I mean the ribbon color matches. And the gold pasta really sort of works! It’s the small things in life, really… Faith in humanity is restored.

  5. Love this dress and the heels that match perfectly! I think Diana’s bracelet from yesterday would have been a good fit with this outfit, but perhaps nothing can beat the charming pasta necklace.

  6. Oooh — Yummy Mummy! The dress looks beautiful on her and really fits her figure nicely. She’s somehow made pregnant look professional and sexy all at once. It’s always hard to tell in photos, but you can really get a sense of the beautiful fit in a few of the photos. This is one of her signature styles — deconstructed, asymmetric, with a bold modern take on the “handkerchief hem.” Just the right outfit for todays events and lovely color. The bag is gorgeous and a nice classic color contrast to the dress. Harry and Meghan seem so happy to be married, to be expecting, and to be doing the work they do. The love of the crowds and their love OF the crowds is so powerful. They are going to do a lot of good as a duo (and trio!)

  7. Dear Santa…. I’m crazy over the chunky chain and buckle on Meghan’s “Sylvie” Gucci bag. The handbag would be great as a clutch or slung on my shoulder with the link strap and yes, I’ve been very good!

    Congratulations to Dion Lee, 2017 Australian Fashion Laureate, designer of the Sydney Opera House staff uniforms and creator of Meghan’s “Folded Sail Dress.” The dress has such beautiful flowing lines with an edge.

    • Dear Christina – please let Santa know I’ve been extra special good this year as well and this bag would also go with everything in my closet… 😉 – sac

  8. This Dion Lee dress is marvellous in its design. Shoes match well and the purse is unique. Harry’s hug to the girl who claimed to have loved him since age eight, was touching. Meghan’s wearing of the pasta necklace shows her kindness. What a thoughtful couple on so many levels!

  9. Meghan has happily returned to a signature style of hers with asymmetry at neck and hem plus waterfall fold feature. I like the handling of the single collar lapel and the fit of this dress is wonderful, though it may be that Meghan is filling out a little since she first tried it on, there’s just a hint of stretch in there.

    I love the royal navy colour on her and that she has showcased another Australian designer. This is giving us all an insight into the fashion scene Down Under. I continue to be mystified how anyone can walk on grass in such spikey heels but the courts look great with this outfit. Very touching that she took to wearing the fun pasta necklace. The bag is fun too with its tiny pop of red.

  10. I really thought Meghan had somehow found some unknown funky independent label that did very edgy jewelry lol, I didn’t realize the pasta necklace she wore briefly during the walkabout was from a little boy until I read this post so thanks for the funny title! How adorable of Meghan to just put it on immediately. I saw pictures of this dress before I went to bed last night and I wasn’t 100% loving it but today I like it a bit more. Still not totally on board, I think some pictures I saw last night depending on the angle were very unflattering and in some pictures today it looks amazing. I think it’s just a dress I’d have to see in person to make a final judgment. It reminds me a lot of the dress she wore to that event she attended earlier this year with Kate, Meghan, and Harry for the The Royal Foundation, I feel like it has a lot of the same design elements. She really likes deconstructed clothing and the one lapel look! Her trench coat also has that feature. Great to see her to continue to showcase Australian fashion. I know people like to give her a hard time for sticking to neutral colors but as someone who has a lot of neutrals in her closet, I totally get it. And now that she’s pregnant, she may feel she’d rather just stick with them.

  11. Wow, I just love this dress. It’s like a summer version of the dress she wore the day before the wedding. It’s a beautiful color, and the lines are so elegant and interesting. It looks terrific with the trench. I am always looking for a classic trench that doesn’t look like I’m in an ’80s movie about stockbrokers, and I can never seem to find one–this one would be perfect if it was at my price point.

    Accessories are on point, as usual. The bag is splendid, and the pasta necklace is the cutest thing ever. It actually looks really good with the whole ensemble!

  12. Love that dress! It reminds me of the one she wore the night before her wedding. Is it navy or more of a royal blue? It’s hard to tell which in some of the pictures. Regardless – she looks great and the dress moves very nicely. The pasta necklace is the perfect accessory!

  13. The pasta necklace was a great contrast to the dress and until I read further into the post (the post’s subject line went over my head pre-coffee) I didn’t even realize it wasn’t real jewelry in the cover image. Nicely played! Love, loved, loved the asymmetrical neckline and hem of the dress and its color. Lovely and lovely on Meghan. Must’ve been a great commission to get!

    Thanks for the hard work, admin! It’s fun to peak in at the first news stories from their day late at night and better to wake up to the best recounting of the day from WMW!

  14. I loved the little boy’s poster announcing that he had made the Duchess a necklace and loved her response even more…wearing it immediately. And it went well with her outfit. Love the dress. Some pictures show it as a bright blue and some others as a dark blue. I like it better as a bright blue. This dress looks very closely like the one she wore when she and her mom went to meet the Queen for tea. I just love the accessories the Gucci bag, shoes and that trench. Hair and makeup perfection. I must say considering she is in her 2nd trimester she is doing fabulously. Truly I am impressed!

  15. love the pasta necklace and was watching on TV this morning when this all unfolded. Love the dress as well, elegant and draped beautifully. Scene stealers!!

  16. this Dion Lee dress is sensational and it looks fabulous. I have a dress from the Dion Lee range and whenever I wear it I always get really nice comments. Beautiful fabric and drape and looks a million dollars. A great Australian brand who now has their brand elevated to a higher level.

  17. I had an instant emotional reaction to Harry’s hug and to Meghan immediately wearing her pasta necklace. Both such warm, sweet gestures! I really want Meghan to keep her pasta necklace FOREVER! I can certainly understand donating certain items to charity after some time has passed (don’t we all do that). I know I have to with all the stuffed animals my children receive.
    Her dress is really lovely. I think blue is her best color even though she seems to enjoy black and other neutrals. And I love her minimalist jewelry. She really does that very well.
    I don’t know how she’s doing this in 4″ heels everyday. From the very first minute I’m pregnant my sense of balance shifts greatly and heels of any height are out of the question from then on. Brava Meghan!


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