Meghan’s Mix of Brands & Banana Bread in Dubbo

Meghan wore a mix of brands for today’s engagements in Dubbo, day two of the Duke and Duchess’s 16-day tour.

Dubbo is 300 kilometers northwest of Sydney, in a part of the country that has been particularly hard hit by a drought.

More from ABC Australia’s coverage:

Excited school children, jumping up and down and waving Australian flags, greeted the pair on the tarmac of Dubbo airport.

Prince Harry met a young man fascinated by his beard, 5-year-old Luke Vincent from Buninyong Public School.

Luke had a hug for Meghan.

My guess is that it will become one of the sweetest memories of the tour.

The first formal engagement was a visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Duke and Duchess learned more about the life-saving services the RFDS provides for people living in Australia’s rural and regional areas.

More from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Harry and Meghan dedicated a new Beechcraft King Air B350 propeller plane bought from Wichita in the US to the Dubbo & Region Supporters Group.

The group raised the money for the local emergency retrieval transport to mark the 90th year of the RFDS, which was given its royal charter by the Queen in 1955.

The RFDS posted several photos from the event on Instagram.

While at the airport Meghan posed for a selfie with Nerrie Madden, Lilly Myles, and Terri Lee Leach.

Australia’s reports, “Nerrie said that Meghan happily agreed to a photo and up close was “beautiful, just as natural as you’d expect”.

The next stop was the Mountain View farm, where Harry and Meghan learned more about the devastating drought in the region.

A quick video from Rebecca English.

The farm is owned by the Woodley family, who have farmed in this location for five generations.

When it was feeding time the Duke and Duchess helped out.

Another view.

While at the farm Meghan was asked how she was feeling. More from The Telegraph’s story, quoting Emily Carroll, a family member at the farm:

The Duchess, who is expecting her first baby in the spring, said she had been feeling “a bit tired”, but was still planning to go ahead with all 76 engagements of the 16 day tour.

“Meghan told me that she’s feeling pretty good so far, which is great, and that she’s running on adrenaline.

“She said they’re doing 76 engagements in 16 days, with maybe one rest in the middle.

“She’s made for this royal business, isn’t she?” She added: “They’re both great with kids.”

An interesting part of the day’s farm visit was learning that Meghan baked banana bread last night. She was told that part of the engagement would include tea with the family, so she baked banana bread and brought it to the farm. Rebecca English has more in this story:

The Duchess of Sussex whipped up a loaf of banana bread to take with her on a visit to a farm to highlight the plight of farmers hit by drought.

Pregnant Meghan, 37, cooked the delicious treat in the kitchen at Admiralty House, the mansion home of the Governor-General of Australia, on Tuesday night following her first full day of engagements in Sydney.

A look at the loaf Meghan made. 

From The Mirror’s story:

Benita Woodley, 20, one of the fifth generation of the family on the farm, said: “She said if you go to someone’s house you always bring something, so she did.

The Duchess also brought along a classic British gift. Back to Rebecca’s story:

The duchess also took along the perfect accompaniment – a tin of Fortnum and Mason ‘Royal Blend’ tea.

The couple as they were about to leave.

The big community-wide event today was Dubbo’s Picnic in the Park, drawing a very large crowd. Emily Nash of Hello! tweeted that “Dubbo is ready for the royal visit! An estimated 15,000 people have turned up to a community picnic and bbq in the town’s Victoria Park.” 

Unfortunately, there was a storm complete with wind, rain, and hail. The Telegraph’s Hannah Furness tweeted that “Extraordinary weather in drought-hit Dubbo, where there hasn’t been any rain for three weeks and very little for seven months. They brought the British weather with them.”

Meghan held an umbrella so Harry could deliver his speech at the picnic.

The Sydney Morning Herald has more on the Duke’s remarks in this report:

…with Meghan smiling and holding the umbrella, Prince Harry delivered a powerful speech in which he personally identified with the mental challenges faced by farmers and their families.

To wild cheers from the crowd Prince Harry said: “The best part about visiting country Australia is the people.”

Over louder roars, he said: “You are the salt of the earth. Honest, hardworking and as tough as they come and that resilience, sense of humour and commitment to the land are the qualities that make you unique. You are the backbone of this country.”

Photographer Chris Jackson shared the couple’s reaction to the downpour.

Today’s final engagement was a visit to the Dubbo South Clontarf Academy at Dubbo College. The school’s focus is on improving educational opportunities and outcomes for young women with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders backgrounds.

Emily Andrews reports the school visit is considered Meghan’s first solo engagement because Harry and Meghan separated after arriving and did different things at the school. UPDATE: Joan points out in a comment Meghan has already done a solo engagement (opening the Oceania exhibit in September), so perhaps they’re referencing her first solo engagement on the tour….? 

Now for our look at what Meghan wore in Dubbo, starting with her jacket from Serena, the label her friend Serena Williams created. The Duchess wore the Oversized “Boss” Blazer, done in a poly/rayon/Spandex blend with notched lapels and patch pockets ($145).

Meghan’s shirt is by Kitsuné. It looks like the Maison Kitsuné Oxford Fox Embroidery Classic Shirt.Crafted of 100% cotton shirting with an exaggerated shirttail hem, the piece hits at the low hip. Thank you to Michelle at Perths Fashion for the ID on this piece.

The Duchess wore denim by an Australian company called Outland Denim. Our thanks to Sylvia Jeffries of 9News Australia for filling us in on the company’s background.More from a recent story by The Kit:

….each pair, says company partner Lauren Purkis, is hand-crafted in Cambodia by a woman diverted from the sex trade.

Designated a Certified B Corporation company, which ensures certain standards of social and environmental performance, Outland Denim employs at-risk women, giving them an education, transferable skills and paying them a living wage, Purkis says. “To us, sustainability means you can bring premium European denim to the market and no person or the planet is exploited in the process.”

Outland says Meghan was wearing the Harriet style, made of organic cotton with a touch of polyester and Elastane. It is a classic five pocket design with a high-rise cut and skinny silhouette; we show it at Australian/New Zealand retailer The Iconic ($199.90 AUD, about $145 USD at today’s exchange rate). 

Outland shared its reaction to Meghan wearing their jeans in an Instagram post.

Originally many of us thought Meghan was wearing the Isabel, but since that is not the case they do make a great “Match Meg’s Style,” with a five-pocket design, mid-rise waist and skinny silhouette. In addition to being available at Outland ($195), the Isabel is also offered at The Iconic

The Duchess was in boots from a favorite retailer, J Crew.Meghan Markle J Crew Sadie Ankle Boots The Sadie Ankle Boots boots are suede with a rounded toe and 2.5″ heel ($178). They are still available in most sizes  as of this writing, but appear to be selling at a quick rate.

We saw the return of Meghan’s Cauri N°2 Necklace ($475) by Bijoux Pascale Monvoisin, first noted at a September Coach Core event. The other necklace is by Natalie Marie Jewelry, an Australian brand Meghan has worn previously. It looked like the Precious Initial Necklace, a classic initial style with a raised border ($500 AUD, roughly $360 USD.)

Meghan was wearing her Adina Reyter earrings, shown below at another engagement.

The majority of Meghan’s ensemble today came from small, independent brands founded and owned by women and/or with a strong social consciousness.

  • Serena: founded by Serena Williams, part of the company’s credo is “Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”
  • Outland Denim: based in southeast Queensland, Australia, the brand was started by James & Erica Bartle. Its products are made in Cambodia by women the company trains and employs after they have been rescued from human trafficking and other exploitative situations
  • Pascale Monvoisin: based in France, the company’s founder still selects every stone by hand that is used for her jewelry
  • Natalie Marie Jewelry: its founder is originally from the UK and the company is based in Sydney
  • Kitsuné: often described as offering “French preppy style,” the company’s co-founders, Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, also produce records

J Crew is really the only company that doesn’t fit the profile of the other brands worn by the Duchess today.

Our graphic representation of what Meghan wore today. 


One other note: we have an update on the Brandon Maxwell dress worn by the Duchess yesterday.

The piece is now available for pre-ordering.

It is exclusive to Moda Operandi ($1895), where it is described as: “Cinched at the waist, it’s detailed with flattering pleating and a cape-effect back. The Duchess of Sussex wore this exclusive design with nude pumps to complete a regal look.” We will be back shortly to update with more photos, links and information.

Photographer Tim Rooke shared some wonderful images on Twitter.

Here’s our look ahead to the schedule for tomorrow.


This video runs 3:45 and has Prince Harry’s speech at the park.

Coverage of the arrival and Royal Flying Doctor events are included in this 3-minute video.

This gives you about 4 minutes coverage of the airport events.

7News has roughly 7 minutes covering the farm visit in this video.

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  1. I like the idea of this outfit but it doesn’t quite work. I think its the blazer – too wrinkled and badly fitting. I’m not keen on the idea of publicising a mate’s brand either. The idea is there but a good quality Scottish tweed would showcase a proper skilled industry, crease a lot less and last for many years! A better wardrobe basic in my opinion. That said, its early days and she has a lot of new experiences going on.

    • What I like about this outfit is that it was appropriate for the day, is relateable for many of us and has a level of economy that makes it realistic for followers to consider it for their closet. I think the fit is fine and the sizing allows her to wear it again in the next little while. I too am not a fan of the publicity one of her besties is receiving for the blazer selection. Not saying she can’t wear brands by her friends that also have fashion lines but they are appropriate befor private and not public events.

  2. I have been a long term follower of What Kate Wore and have followed What Meghan Wore since day one and have commented countless times but this morning I had one of my comments denied for the first time. May I ask what I wrote that was wrong? I do know that my comment stated that today’s ouftit was not one of my most favorite ouftits she has worn. I noticed that I seem to be in the minority with my opinion when looking at the other commitments written today. I apologize bothering you with this, since I know both of you are sleep deprived from all the hard work you have been putting into these posts.

    • Hi Elizabeth, and thanks for commenting. We don’t know what was happening with your comment. Some have gotten lost in the shuffle this week, and we’ve also had some technical gremlins we’re trying to deal with. 🙂

  3. Wow I love learning about the Outland jean company and am SO glad Meghan brought attention to them. Work to combat sex trafficking is a special interest of mine and the company must be getting a huge boost by this exposure. Overall, such a happy day with a comfortable, casual outfit just right for the occasion. Her untucked blouses aren’t my taste, but it’s a look she loves and I think the blazer added just enough “formalizing” of the look to take it up the right number of notches. And the ponytail and her smile — divine!

  4. Absolutely fabulous look for the engagements in Dubbo and it rained which was most welcomed due to the ongoing drought in Eastern Australia. Loved the Banana bread touch and every good Australian kitchen would have these basic things ingredients. Bananas are a year round staple in the majority of Australian homes so she would have just grabbed them from the fruit bowl.
    Have just seen the gorgeous blue Dion Lee dress that Meg is wearing for the next function in Melbourne. Just stunning.

  5. The idea of the jeans/shirt/blazer is perfect for the kind of events of the day, but I think this would have looked more polished with the shirt tucked in. That was the second thing I noticed, however. Her smile and the care she and Harry have for each other just shines through more brightly than the clothes in the pictures.

  6. I know we are all supporting Meghan as she has had many “first” since becoming a royal; however, a subtle clue from her sister-in-law Kate about planning to dress down appropriately with rain boots and a proper all weather jacket would have looked more appropriate in my opinion. The blazer was a hot mess…very sloppy and the untucked shirt and baggy jeans at the ankles just looked overall sloppy. She does always seem to have a genuine smile and is plugged in to what Harry is saying or is well versed in her own speaking engagements. Time will tell.

  7. Although I don’t love the outfit itself, this is a rare occasion in which I love what the outfit did. Meghsn looks polished but approachable, royal but familiar, and wears fashion by women-driven businesses while visiting a school that provides opportunities for women…wow! And in the rain, and jet-lagged, and pregnant! She is a natural and was perfectly outfitted for the engagements today. Side note: Harry looks at her like he still cannot believe he really found her. It’s beautiful and I know his mom is proud!

  8. It was nice of Meghan to boost her friend Serena’s brand; however, I thought the jacket swamped her tiny frame and the look wasn’t helped by the long shirt tail hanging out. I have liked the other outfits on the tour, but this one is a miss in my book.

  9. I remember when I finally announced my pregnancy and it was such a relief to stop holding it in! I kind of popped at that point and I think she has too. Also my maternity clothes looked kind of huge at the beginnin which is why the shirt looks so big right now. It’s an awkward inbetween phase. Just give her a chance to fill out a little and imagine with a bigger bump. She will be adorable when that happens and proportions will be better.

  10. Ok, not a fan of the oversized shirt and blazer, and I don’t love that she tends to wears her friends’ brands (it seems like merch-ing to me, though some kinder people would say it is just what friends do for each other). However, I love her ponytail, I love her boots and jeans, and I love the engagement itself. What a great message to a small town suffering from a drought! No doubt a very big deal to Dubbo, and it means a lot that people in the royal family care. And bringing the tea and banana bread was sweet and thoughtful. Lots of sweet, happy interactions between Harry and Meghan, and I loved their reaction to the rain, and that she held his umbrella so he could give his speech. 76 engagements in 16 days, or whatever the number is, sounds exhausting! Traveling is tiring in itself, and with jetlag, clothing changes, and constantly needing to be “on” for cameras, I don’t envy Meghan her schedule. Kudos to her for looking so excited, pleasant and fresh when she must be feeling tired!

  11. Dubbo has had one of the worst droughts in Australian history, as with literally most parts of our nation right now. The royal visit has been a huge boost to the farmers. Harrys speech was incredible. The suicide rate amongst farmers has been very worrying and to speak of the mental health impact as Harry did, was powerful stuff, it was so pleasing to hear his positive words. The royal couple did amazingly, there visit was just what the town needed. He really is his mothers son. Just watching him interact with the crowd, the little children, the beautiful 98 year old war widow in Sydney he has made time for on his last 3 visits, who he singled out in the crowd, speaks volumes for the man he has become. Megan is doing fantastically, baking the banana bread, so kind and thoughtful, no one is past that, no matter what your station in life, just me when I say the farmers would have appreciated that so much. they are a great team.

  12. Love this casual look, but agree with the others that a more tailored shirt under the blazer would have been best. I think my favorite part is the boots. I get so tired of seeing her in those tiny, super high heels that make her look like she will fall over at any second with the slightest breeze. The sturdier look of the boots balanced her out, and was perfect for today’s events.

  13. I am thrilled that Meghan wore a Serena brand piece!!! And I had no idea about the company that made her jeans – that is fantastic. I think her entire shirt/jeans/boots combo was a real winner here today. And what a busy day they had – so many events they went to!

  14. For a woman who has (likely) just entered her second trimester, who was going to be feeding cows on a farm, visit a school, get caught in a rainstorm and attend a picnic, I think her outfit is spot on! I love the oversized jacket and shirt with skinny jeans as it provides a nice balance of proportions. It’s a practical, comfortable style with her burgeoning bump that still looks fashionable. I’m a year younger than Meghan and 14 weeks along in my first pregnancy, and all I want to do is sleep and wear leggings and a sweatshirt. I really commend her for sticking to the rigorous tour schedule and doing it all with grace, poise and style.

    Speaking of commendations – Admins, thank you for providing such quality content on this tour! I can’t imagine how hard it is to put these pages together with the time change while still balancing your daily lives. Cheers to you!

  15. I agree Kiara. I think the white shirt looked too loose, and as you say a more tailored white shirt would have looked a little more balanced with the oversized blazer – I feel like it’s too much going on with both together. Perhaps she is trying to conceal the bump or just be comfortable, but strictly from a style perspective I think a tailored shirt would have been more polished. Love the skinny jeans/boots and the fact she took the time to make banana bread, what a sweetheart.

  16. I will probably voice an unpopular opinion, but the fit of every piece she wore today was pretty bad. The jeans were loose in all the wrong places, the shirt made her look disheveled, and the blazer also looks to be tailored poorly. I think this same outfit with better fitting pieces would have worked much, much better. I also agree with Kiara that tucking in the shirt might have made Meghan look more put together and less casual. It’s so odd to me that with all the resources Meghan has, that she, or her stylist, didn’t pick better fitting pieces.

    • Agreed – I’m a bit mystified as to why she’s styled the shirt with the bottom button undone, and the hem untucked, when just the day before her changing shape was minimal at best? I’m all for mums-to-be going for comfort, but here she’s dressing more like she’s 5-6 months in. Still willing to cut her miles of slack, but this look wasn’t stellar.

  17. Well if you didn’t already love Meghan and Harry, this post will make you fall in love with them. Between the homemade banana bread and the sweet umbrella holding in the pouring rain, they are now solidified as the most thoughtful and sweet of all royal coupledom.

    As always, Meghan looked beautiful. I don’t care for the oversized blazer, but did like the jeans and shirt. If the blazer had been tailored, I think the look would have been more successful. With her obvious warmth, kindness, and thoughtfulness, she could have worn almost anything though. 🙂

  18. I love that she went back and baked banana bread at the end of the day!
    I like a lot of the elements of this outfit, but the whole ensemble isn’t working for me. The oversized blazer is a great piece, but pairing it with an equally oversized white shirt makes it look too casual and isn’t very flattering in my opinion. I would have much preferred it paired with a tucked in shirt or a more fitted blouse. Serena posted a photo of herself wearing the blazer with a bodycon mini-dress and it looked amazing! I’m also not a fan of these boots with the outfit. I think a simple ballet flat or yesterday’s Rothy’s would have worked better to create a more streamlined and chic look. The delicate jewelry is just right and her hair and make-up are lovely.

  19. Honestly, there’s not much about this outfit that I like, but that’s not all that important. I’ve realized that I just have a different sense of style from the Duchess. What I can say is that I think she is just fabulous. She is so warm and inviting to people. She seems genuinely happy to be at events and meeting people, and she is so thoughtful in the small details — like bringing a dish. I will continue to visit the blog in hopes of seeing new and different ways to update my style. Who knows, it may grow on me! But, I’ll also visit to keep up with the comings and goings of a lovely person making the world a brighter place.

  20. Glad The Duchess is wearing this very casual look to visit a rural area. I like the big shirt and black skinny jeans. The oversized jacket keeps it from being too casual, but allows for her to remove as needed for hands on moments. The hair and make up is beautifully done. This entire look is very much a win for me.

    • Yes to everything you said! They were at a farm, with hay and animals, and kneeling down so children had access to them. The untucked shirt, the casual oversized blazer, and the sturdy-heeled boots were not only appropriate, they were necessary. She. Nailed. It.

    • I agree with everything you said! This is a very appropriate look for a rural farm visit. When I go back and look at the pictures of her with the farmers she doesn’t look like she would rather be any place but on the farm. Yet she still manages to look very smart and professional.

  21. Day 2 with Meghan and Harry continues to inspire me as I watch them reaching out and bringing a positive message to children, farmers, pilots, life saving medics, young women and crowds of 15,000 in Dubbo.

    Thought both Harry and Meghan were dressed suitably for the day and their looks complemented each other. I imagine the visit to Mountain View Farm would have been the starting point in putting an outfit together, Meghan’s denim and short boots were a given.

    Loved her crisp white tailored shirt with the shirttail hem paired well with the oversized Serena WIlliams blazer. This look transitioned nicely to Meghan’s visit with the young women at the Dubbo Academy. Mixed well with their classic uniforms and high topped sneakers.

    Reading the info regarding Outland’s background and story by The Kit, I did a double take when I saw the words, “premium European denim.” Excuse my ignorance but coming from the USA I thought all premium denim was American! Well, kudos to Outland for their initiative in using quality materials while employing women out of human trafficking and other horrific situations. Thanks Susan for including your listing of social conscious brands.

    Loved the repeat sighting of the cowrie-like Bijoux Pascala Monvoisin necklace, freshly paired with the Natalie Marie gold charm.

    Did some research to what “CWA Wongarbon” meant as seen on the plaque set on the table by the tea goodies. Seems the Country Women’s Association (CWA), which serves as an advocate for women and families, sponsored the tea and Wongarbon is a village just east of Dubbo. Meghan’s banana bread looked delicious and I wonder if the recipe is from the “Together” cookbook?

    Meghan, please take a good nap and then get a good night’s rest tonight, for you and the baby!

  22. First off Susan, how busy this tour is keeping you. This is a great post featuring the events, the clothing, the videos. Thank you so much for your attention to detail.
    I am so impressed with the warmth that Meghan exudes. She is such an asset to the public relations side of the job. Her support to Harry is so evident. She is simply a natural for this work and years of training and experience were not necessary to prepare her.
    The outfit is fine. It is a practical choice for the work of the day. There is no WOW factor, but not everything has to be at that standard. The jacket is really nice and reasonably priced. The boots are great for a farm visit and the pony tail is most suitable. I hope she will use this hairstyle often, because it allows us to see her beautiful face.

  23. I love this outfit! Chic, casual but appropriately professional. Most of all, it looks comfortable for a working pregnant woman. I also love the sleek low ponytail. I would love to know what her stylist put in her hair to keep it looking flawless through a downpour!

    That video with the little boy hugging Meghan and Harry made me cry. So sweet. Also, I’m now craving banana bread!

  24. Sadly, I think today’s outfit was a total miss and maybe my least favorite outfit on her since joining the royal family. I can very much appreciate a casual look when you look at the engagements they had planned for today, but this was not tasteful at all. I have seen several engagements where the Duchess of Cambridge or the Countess of Wessex attended more low ley or causal events, but they always seem to still look polished and their outfit well styled. It seems that not much thought went into the total look and appearance of today’s outfit. It reminds me of on the kind of outfits you will look back on years later and say “what was I thinking wearing that?”. The facric of her shirt was already severely wrinkled by the time they arrived at only the second engagement and and way she folded up the cuffs of the blazer did not seen to enhance the total look. I also think her black boots were a poor choice for this outfit. I did so enjoy her new necklace today. It is a piece that will serve her very well in months and years down the road. Just wondering…. was not carrying a purse for the second day in a row now?

    • No need to compare women. You may identify more with Kate or Sophie’s style it doesn’t mean meghan’s style is tasteless or not polished. Its just not something you like. Its ok to dislike an outfit but not ok to associate an intent in terms of its not polished or appropriate or tasteless. Thats just insulting Meghan. A lot of thought goes into these outfit choices as is evidenced in her selection of clothing why the unnecessary meanness.

  25. I thought Meghan already had her first solo outing when she opened the Oceania exhibit on September 25? Not sure why they would say the school visit was her first solo outing. She is always so thoughtful — the banana bread was really sweet.

    • That’s a good point, Joan. Hmmmm. Unless they’re thinking first solo appearance of the tour….? I think I’ll update the post. Thank you for pointing it out! ?

  26. Woke up to this post, so naturally decided to wear my black skinny jeans, suede black booties, white J Crew shirt and a pony tail. Nailed it! (Sort of) It’s great when Meghan and Kate wear casual separates because they are easy to replicate.

  27. Oh and I meant to add the little boy Luke who was fascinated with Harry’s beard has special needs. I read an article on that had the principal of the school explaining Luke is obsessed with Santa Claus and beards and most likely had no idea Harry was a prince, just a nice man with a beard. They did not expect him to touch Harry so much but obviously Harry didn’t mind!

  28. Wow thanks for all the info on the brands Meghan is wearing. She truly did a lot of research and put a lot of thought in what she is wearing for this tour since she knows people are going to talk about the clothes. Might as well get people to talk about ethically sourced clothes or labels that were started to empower women. And how nice of her to give a shoutout to her bestie Serena! I also love how Meghan gamely held the umbrella for Harry, I feel like a lot of royal spouses would have let an aide do that! Also the banana bread Meghan made looks bomb. FYI if you’re ever looking for an amazing banana bread recipe try this one (I’m not advertising my own recipe I just found it one day surfing the web while I was trying to look up gluten free banana bread recipes because my sister has Celiac’s and everyone who has tried this banana bread has always raved about it.):
    I really like this outfit. I myself wouldn’t wear the blazer, I always try to wear oversized clothing and end up feeling I dunno… a bit silly! But that entire outfit reminds me of something my sister would wear, my sister would definitely wear that blazer and rock it since she is the one with the edgy fashion.

  29. Sorry – this outfit looks sloppy. She is only 3 moths pregnant its the size of a lima bean there is nothing to hide at this point. She needs to tailor the clothes and bring some colour to the event. A more fitted shirt and jacket would be so much more polished and professional.

  30. I love the boots and pants but I think the shirt is too casual and I’m not a fan of the oversized blazer.
    She looks gorgeous in the Brandon Maxwell dress.

  31. I love a royal outfit that I can recreate out of my own closet. Black jeans and black suede booties, check; white button-down, check; casual blazer with a subtle plaid, check. If only I could recreate her glow and harness her energy!

    I love the anecdote about the banana bread. In that I see Doria’s influence as well as the Duchess’s Americanness. In many circles here, it’s just understood that you never arrive as a guest without bringing something for the feast, ideally something you’ve made yourself.

    I think it’s kind of adorable that she’s wearing the shirt untucked. She’s made her big announcement and she’s ready to be seen in maternity wear, God bless her!

    • It is an Australian way of like especially in rural areas that you bring something for the host whether it be baked goods to share, flowers or a small thoughtful gift hence the caddy of tea. It is just custom and never over the top?

  32. She baked banana bread for the picnic! How cool is that? The Duchess is dressed perfectly for the day and assorted events in Dubbo. Love the jeans, blazer and shoes. I don’t like this particular shirt, which looks like it doesn’t fit due to her pregnancy. (Understandable) Her hair is wonderful. So nice to see her beautiful face.

  33. She looks so pretty in a pony! I imagine the untucked shirt was making room for her growing belly. I found that I would suddenly expand, and the clothes issue was just that: an issue. Imagine Meghan and Kate having to figure out the changing fit of clothing in real time, on tour, in the public eye! No thanks! I don’t know how she has so much energy. BANANA BREAD?? I love this couple! I didn’t know about Meghan at first. Her engagement performance must have been affected by her nerves (an American marrying into That Family, the press ready to shred her etc…). However, after seeing her speech at the GTower Cookbook gathering, she won me over. She rang true. She’s going to do really wonderful things for Britain, and That Family.

  34. Meghan would have finalized her tour wardrobe choices in the past few couple of months knowing she was pregnant and might be just starting to show. While she isn’t really ready for full on maternity clothing, I’m sure this outfit in particular was planned so that the shirt could be tucked in if that was still possible. Since these aren’t maternity jeans I’m assuming she may be doing what lots of pregnant women have done and has undone the button (and perhaps held it with an elastic) and left the shirt over the top to cover the fact that the pants don’t close properly. Dressing for this stage of pregnancy is awkward. You don’t really look pregnant, but you are just full enough around the waist that nothing fits quite right.
    On the outfit itself I generally like it but find the pant legs are so tight they don’t fit over the boots which are loose around her very tine ankles so there is a gap and you can see either bare skin or her socks in several of the videos. Love the sleek ponytail for a casual day, but dainty diamond earrings seem a little odd for visiting a farm. I can’t recall if we’ve seen her wear small gold hoops but a simple option would be good for days like this.

    • Yes, to all this. I have to say I’m finding the tone of some of the tailoring comments the past few days a bit much–often not a hint of slack for a new and first-time pregnancy and the unpredictability that entails. It feels as if Kate was given more understanding here.
      I myself liked the look in theory and mostly in practice. The Serena jacket might have been better with a bit more weight and structure. But everything else was just just right for the variety of potentially messy activities.
      Meghan’s fun to watch in her royal life because of things like the banana bread–things like any of us might do and interesting to see brought into the scope of royalty. Does anyone know if she knits or otherwise crafts or sews? It would be so much fun to have her turn up wearing something she’d created herself!

  35. I’m sorry, I cannot believe that with such a jam-packed tour schedule, Meghan found time to make banana bread! How does she have so much energy? What an amazing woman.

    Her outfit looked great too. And it’s so great that she is highlighting such worthy designers.

    • Seriously, banana loaf is not that hard 😉 Imagine, though. a woman who never travels without her favourite banana loaf recipe…

      • Not to take anything away from Meghan, because her banana bread gesture was so kind. But ElizaMo is correct. Banana bread makes up very quickly. I can’t imagine that the ingredients were just sitting there at Admiralty House. I read somewhere that the recipe included chocolate chips and ginger. So likely someone on staff had to make a grocery run. I would imagine the house has an amazing kitchen. Personally, I’d be more thrilled with the tin of tea, than the banana bread. But both together show wonderful thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit from Meghan.

        • It’s likely she had the dry ingredients pre-mixed and on-board with them (done that myself). The bananas would have been requested. A sweet and thoughtful gesture yes, and with planning it can come off quite quickly and would need to be in these circumstances! The recipe was probably on her phone or in her assistant’s computer as part of the planning. Nothing is left to chance for these tours.

      • THIS x 100. Not to mention the good fortune that suitably ripened bananas were available in the kitchen ?. Definitely was part of the tour planning to do this, and still a cute gesture to reach out to the locals.

      • I’m thinking she just downloaded it from her cloud 🙂 or pulled it up on her email because she emailed it to Jessica Mulroney once or something 🙂 I was more impressed that there were ripe bananas hanging out at the Admiralty House.

  36. I love this outfit. It is perfect for what she is – a working, professional woman in her mid-late 30s (as someone who will turn 37 in February, I still consider that mid 30s, thank you very much!) – who has a day of less formal events on the calendar. I don’t like the boots with the jeans, to be honest, but that’s personal preference, but because they are the same color it creates a nice look and I almost don’t notice. Shirt and blazer are great. I LOVE that she baked banana bread.

  37. It’s such a relief to see Meghan deliver some casual chutzpah after polished high-end choices. We are allowed a mix of her favoured earth tones rather than uniform colour block and I welcome the break into the multi-coloured textured tweed jacket. Turning up the cuffs to get the black lining to show finishes the ensemble off nicely.

    It’s also fun to have just a hint of high street via the J Crew boots and most especially to have a cute pony tail. The Maison Kitsune shirt looks to be a good classic standby and I like the diplomatic nod to the host country via the Oz jeans. Hair and make-up are spot-on and she con

  38. This is my first comment on this wonderful web page however I have been following it since at least last winter. And of course I also follow the other one featuring the Duchess of Cambridge. I will start by saying that to me Meghan has this ability to look great and natural in everything she wears. Some of the outfits are true perfection and I really really enjoy following her fashion choices. Today’s look is in my opinion very appropriate to the occasion. Maybe it does not have the typical wow effect, but I really like the white shirt-black skinny trousers combo. I think I am not a great fan of the blazer itself, but that its just my personal dislike of the checker. I really like the hair today! Both Duke and Duchess look very relax and seem to enjoy the trip!

    • Welcome aboard Sylwia, good to hear from you. Thank you for your comments of appreciation for Meghan’s style, I find them helpful as I find myself tempted to get bored by the black/white/olive/sheath/shirtdress code. It’s good to be reminded how good the individual outfits can look. If the outfit suits her, then let her wear it!

  39. What a busy day! The oversized blazer and skinny jeans are a great modern-casual style, and I love the ponytail; however the fit and texture of the shirt seam to lean a bit too casual. Perhaps a tucked in classic white shirt (or a sweater) would have balanced the proportions a bit better and looked more crisp.


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