Meghan Keeps it Crisp and Casual for Surprise Visit to Luminary Bakery

The Duchess of Sussex made a surprise visit earlier this week to Luminary Bakery’s new Camden, London location wearing a crisp white and blue stripe button down from With Nothing Underneath.

The all-female London-based bakery provides disadvantaged women with an opportunity for employment and training, as well as a safe and professional environment where women have the chance to grow and build a future.

You may recall reading about Luminary Bakery in Vogue’s September 2019 – Forces for Change issue in which the Duchess was guest editor.

Luminary‘s blog had this to share about their Commercial Director, Rachel Coulson and the direction of the bakery. —

Building a future takes time, opportunity, and most of all, support! This is what Luminary offers and the inspiring direction that Rachael has added to our vision in growing a business that’s making that impact — aka. #PurchaseWithAPurpose. It is not just about cake, but engaging with a wider societal issue.”

“And what an impact it has been, with 66 women already supported, 25 women moved into work and 10 women starting their own business! We love that we get to be a part of their journey – whether in our own business, in a partner company or helping them to reach their dreams of having their own enterprise. And with a team full of women like Rachael helping to guide our vision, the influence is far reaching!”

Meghan sat and spoke with the group of women who have participated in the bakery’s training programs. 

The women shared how Luminary Bakery has made such difference in each of their lives.

From Bryony Gordon’s article in the Telegraph, Meghan had these encouraging words for the women —

“One of the things I have realised since being here [in the UK],” begins Meghan, “is that people have an expectation when I’m coming somewhere, so I’m like, let’s just be really relaxed, keep everyone nice and chilled, because at the end of the day we’re all just women. We all have a story to tell, and I feel honoured that I am getting to hear yours.”

“I find that when you strip all the layers away, as people, and especially as women, we can find deep connection with each other, and a shared understanding,” she says.

“Our lives may be different, our backgrounds, our experiences, all varied, but I find that in these moments of connection it becomes abundantly clear that our hopes, our fears, our insecurities, the things that make us tick…. well, those are very much the same. And there’s comfort in that.”

Meghan stopped to speak with Halimot who started her own business, Haliberry Catering, after graduating from the bakery’s courses.

More from the Telegraph

“I’m a child of nobody,” says Halimot. “And you are a somebody. It means so much that I can meet you.”

Meghan smiles at the woman. “Oh no,” she says beaming widely, and taking the woman in her arms. “It means so much that I can meet you.”

The Duchess met former bakery student, Sarah, who started her own baking business, Bake Yourself Better, which promotes mental health, self-love, hope & kindness!

Sarah gave Meghan a box of her empowering cupcakes (below) with words of encouragement written on each of them.

You may remember seeing Sussex Royal’s Instagram post in August featuring the inspirational cupcakes.

Meghan assisted Sarah in putting some final touches on a delicious looking cake!

Below, from Bake Yourself Better Instagram, previous posts of Sarah’s empowering cupcakes and cake showing the inspiring messages.

The cake completed with fresh fruit and rosemary is ready for the celebration!

The Duchess takes a group photo with the women.

A moment of laughter before cutting the cake.

Below a video of the bakery visit from Sussex Royal.

For the visit to Luminary Bakery the Duchess kept her look casual and relaxed.

Meghan wore her J. Crew – Juliette Collarless Sweater in Heather Dove, $148 – still available. We first saw the piece worn to the US Open in September.

She wore a shirt from With Nothing Underneath – the Poplin White & Midnight Blue Stripe Shirt, £80 ($103.72 USD at today’s exchange rate).

With Nothing Underneath noted on their Instagram post today that they have pledged a donation to Luminary Bakery.

We first saw Meghan wearing the label’s Linen Sky Blue & White stripe shirt, £85 ($103) back in August for the Smart Works photo shoot.

Meghan’s belt is from Madewell – the Leather Crisscross Skinny Belt in English Saddle, $45. The belt also comes in true black.

Meghan brought back her Stella McCartney – Stella #Stansmith Adidas sneakers, $365

The similar style of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers’s in white and navy are available at Macy’s, $80 and ASOS, $80

She first wore the shoes during the New Zealand visit to Abel Tasman National Park, October 2018.

UPDATE: Meghan wore her Natalie Marie earrings – Sun Stud earrings in yellow gold, $695

The Adina Reyter earrings are a nice style as well that Meghan has previously worn. Adina Reyter – Three Diamond Amigos earrings, $600. The earrings are also available at ShopBop, $598.

Meghan had on a pair of denim jeans which have not yet been identified.

Upon closer look at additional images, they do not appear to be her DL1961 or Outland denim – the stitching and jean rivet (button on the front) do not match that of the pair Meghan is wearing. After searching through a number of brands, the closest match I’ve found is from Pistola jeans. I’m actually wearing a pair and noticed the rivet is the same as Meghan’s pair as well as the stitching and change pocket shape. This wouldn’t surprise me as I tend to wear many of the same brands of denim jeans Meghan wears. – Susan C.

We leave you with this piece from Byrony Gordon of the Telegraph, who spent the day with Meghan at Luminary Bakery — read the full article here: Behind the scenes with Meghan Markle: Duchess tells Bryony Gordon how vulnerability is one of humanity’s greatest strengths.


  • Luminary Bakery’s site is here and their Instagram account is here.
  • Bake Yourself Better Instagram is here.
  • Haliberry Catering Instagram is here and the site is here.

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  1. I always love Meghan’s casual style. The women at the bakery look so happy to have her there and she looks thrilled to be with them.

  2. Meghan always looks exhilarated and so very happy and comfortable at these types of community events, especially the cooking ones! I love seeing it. Super cute outfit for the occasion. I love seeing the royal family in their casual outfits. It’s such a fun change from the typical formal outfits they have to wear all the time.

  3. I am fine with this casual look, and I think Meghan looks great here. I love the striped shirt tucked in to jeans with a simple brown belt. So simple, but so stylish! For those commenting on how it looks like “weekend style”, I wish I looked like this on the weekends. 🙂

    I’m not sure how “Royal” the look is, and I agree with some that if you want your royalty to look and act like Queen Elizabeth, Meghan’s outfit is not appropriate for a professional engagement. Royal ladies have to walk a very fine line between being overdressed unapproachable (wearing Chanel or Gucci to a homeless shelter) or being accused of looking “sloppy” or unprofessional. Honestly, I come out on the side that says Meghan hits the right note here- just perfect for a casual, informal visit. A dress would be overkill.

    I also really like seeing Meghan in sneakers. We never see her wearing them, even for sport events, and I think she looks adorable when she wears them. It really emphasizes how petite she is.

    • Hi Jeanne, No Meghan does not have a stylist. She has never had one other than when her friend Jessica Mulroney has sent her some items that she has requested, etc. thanks, Susan

  4. She looks fine, but there’s nothing interesting about this outfit. It’s just regular weekend wear around here. A nice blazer rather than the super casual sweater would have elevated the outfit a bit. As a few others said, i do wish she’d worn her hair back, at least when she was in the kitchen.

  5. I am thinking that she might have worn tennis shoes, because if the floors are anything like the floors of a restaurant, she would have been slipping everywhere. I liked the outfit – it was cute and fun!

  6. I followed Meghan’s style, her “street style” mostly, before she became a Royal and what I loved most about it was it’s continuity and authenticity. Slightly preppy but cool and casual. I loved this outfit today because it was in keeping with her authentic style.

    I was surprised to see these last couple of engagements with her hair down! It looks so long and luscious, I thought maybe she had extensions 🙂 But maybe it’s just that during the Africa trip, her hair was up a lot?

  7. Meghan looks polished in these classic wardrobe staples. And very chic with the sweater draped over her shoulders like that. HOW in the world does it not fly or fall off? Haha.. I love button down (button up?) shirts. So comfortable, so many ways to wear them.
    Happy late Halloween everyone! Im off to bake a fresh apple cake. Hopefully it doesnt stick to the pan and turns out half as pretty as the treats pictured above. Those ladies did a great job and its awesome to hear that some took the opportunity to start their own business.

  8. This is a great look. I really love that J. Crew sweater. The Duchess legitimately seems like she’s having fun and like she really is invested in these patronages.

  9. I think that The Duchess was dressed appropriately for the event, although I would have preferred her hair to have been worn in a ponytail.

    • She looked lovely and gave credit and attention to another worthy cause. I agree that when working around food, it’s best to avoid touching one’s hair (and hair should be pulled back). A neat trim to the ends would provide a “lift” as well.

    • I agree it is too loose and wavy around the food!A sleek but fun ponytail would of looked and been better and would of added a duchess element to a overly casual outfit.

  10. I love Meghan. Seriously, she has a heart as big as the universe and I wish I had the compassion for people she has. I’m more of an animal person to be honest. They’re the most honest of us all. As for her wardrobe, I thought it was perfect for the occasion. She has a way of presenting herself in such a way as to be present without overwhelming the people around her and in that….. they are better able to see her genuine nature and she is more relatable.

  11. I love the outfit even if I wished slightly she would’ve worn those cute back flats with the bow in the back. That’s just me and my dislike for too casual shoes though. She does this look very well as we always looks chic regardless of what she wears. She is confident and in her element when doing a lot of these visits. Huge congrats to the bakery – now I really have a craving for cake.

    • Amanda – by the time I wrapped up the post, I wanted to dive into some of the images and try a slice of that cake an those cupcakes! I had to settle for some Godiva chocolate chips. LOL! 😉 – Susan C.

  12. The duchess looks happy and caring but I don’t like anything about this outfit. I used to work in a homeless shelter and I remember the women would comment how they felt better because I dressed up when I came to work, as if they mattered. I’m not commenting on Meghan’s intention because I am sure they were the best, only that we should dress respectfully and as if it matters, not like we are going to spend the day making cookies in our own kitchen.

    • CLK, I tend to agree with you, that this outfit if overly casual, for a public engagement. I am trying to imagine HM the Queen in jeans and just can’t. I would never wear jeans to church…as you say, it is a matter of showing respect. I suppose I am showing my age. Also, a pet peeve of mine is the way that Meghan rolls up her sleeves with no care taken to do it neatly. However, there is absolutely nothing but wonderful words to be said for Meghan’s enthusiasm and dedication to causes that involve making women feel good about theirselves. I admire her hands on work.

    • If she were at a homeless shelter I might agree but she’s not. She’s at a place of business that is literally a bakery so I’m not sure why she should be dressed any other way. And her position is unique in that she didn’t HAVE to be there like she would a job, she CHOSE to be there in support of the women and the cause and they know that, so I’m pretty sure they didn’t care how she looked but definitely cared that she was there.

    • I don’t agree with you. She is showing respect in the way she is behaving. I think those women would have felt very uncomfortable if she would have shown up in a Chanel dress…

      admin edit

      • Nobody is talking about a Chanel dress. Just something nicer and more tailored than jeans and a casual shirt. I remember when she went to cook with the ladies involved with the cookbook she wrote and she has on a pretty dress that was very appropriate. there were so many options she could have chosen versus today’s outfit.
        I also agree with the fact that loose hair in the kitchen is not really appealing! and touching it is even worse.

      • Fabienne, A Chanel dress would have been way over the top and nobody is suggesting that. Casual is fine for this occasion, but I feel that someone representing the Queen needs to do better than jeans.


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