Meghan in Midnight Blue Sentaler for Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey – UPDATED

Duchess Meghan wore a Sentaler midnight blue coat and Philip Treacy hat to the 91st Field of Remembrance event at Westminster Abbey today.

The Duchess joined the Duke of Sussex today. This was Harry’s seventh time attending the annual event, while it was Meghan’s first time attending. The Duchess of Cornwall, Patron of the Poppy Factory, was due to join the royal couple for today’s event, however it was reported she has been battling a bad cold and was advised not to attend by her doctor. 

The Field of Remembrance, a memorial garden organised annually by the Poppy Factory in Westminster, is open for eight days starting Thursday morning on the the lawn of St. Margaret’s Church between Westminster Abbey and Parliament.

It is marked out with wooden tokens of remembrance, originally remembrance crosses, for regimental and armed services associations.

It first opened in 1928 and was organized by George Arthur Howson, an officer in the British Army  who served in the First World War and founder and chairman of the Poppy Factory.

Harry and Meghan each planted a Cross of Remembrance and one on behalf of The Duchess of Cornwall. Below, the Duke plants his cross first followed by Meghan and a member of the British military on behalf of The Duchess of Cornwall. 

Below a video clip of the couple planting their crosses. 

The three planted crosses by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

You’ll notice the crown on Camilla’s cross is different from that of Harry and Meghan’s. There is significant meaning behind each of the crowns, also used on their coat of arms. The Duchess of Cornwall’s crown is the Coronet of Heir Apparent while The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s crown is the Coronet of the Children of Heir Apparent (seen below). Some may have also noticed the same crowns appearing on the top of stationery from Clarence House and Sussex Royal.

Senior members of The Royal Family have attended the Field of Remembrance since 1928. Below, the field in 1931. 

The royal couple met a number of veterans after the service.

Meghan bends down to speak with a former veteran who appears delighted to meet the Duchess.

Below, Harry chats with the War Widows’ Association President, Baroness Janet Fookes, DBE DL and Chairman, Mary Moreland.

Meghan was also introduced to the two women.

Meghan leaving the event today.

Volunteers assist with the setup of the garden and the large number of crosses to be planted each year.

Once the field closes the Thursday after Remembrance Sunday, the wooden tokens are then collected and burned, and the ashes are scattered at the First World War battlefields in northern France and Belgium.

Now a look at what Meghan wore today.

The Duchess wore a coat we had not seen before from Sentaler. The style is from the Canadian brand’s 2015/16 Fall Winter collection — long wide collar wrap coat in midnight blue boucle alpaca. It is no longer available.

UPDATE: Sentaler is now taking pre-order for the Boucle Alpaca Long Wide Collar Wrap Coat in Midnight Blue, $1,795. The coat will ship in mid-December.

A closer look at the coat’s boucle alpaca fabric.

The brand’s current style, The Meghan or Long Wide-Collar Alpaca Wrap Coat is available in black, $1495. Thanks to Monique Jessen on Twitter for the coat ID.

Meghan wore a new pair of boots by Tamara Mellon. They are the PIC knee high in black nappa leather, $795, from the x FRAME collaboration. The boots are also available in a cognac brown colorway called Luggage Nappa.

The boots are similar to Meghan’s Victoria Beckham boots worn on Christmas day in 2018. The difference is, that Tamara Mellon’s boots are a ‘slouch’ style whereas the Victoria Beckham’s boots are a structured style. The heel is also different on the two boots. Below shows the differences between the two style of boots.

Thanks to Heaven on Twitter for the boot ID.

The Duchess’ hat is by milliner Philip Treacy from the designer’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection.

Another view of the hat.

Thanks to Gabi on Twitter for the hat ID.

The Duchess had on a black dress today that has not yet been identified.

UPDATE 8 Nov: Meghan’s belt worn with her coat is by Prada. It is the Floral Embroidered Black Belt, $1,665, from Prada’s Pre-Fall 2017 Parallels Collection. The belt is no longer available.

The belt also came in a wide straight-edge style with a gold tone buckle.

Thanks to Emily on Twitter for this great find!

Her leather gloves have not yet been identified either. They appear to be the same navy leather pair Meghan wore for Trooping the Colour back in June 2019. 

UPDATE: Dents Gloves UK has suggested their ‘Helene’ style in navy leather as a “shop the look” or #MatchMeghan #MatchMeg piece.

Below photo of Meghan wearing the gloves for Trooping the Colour 2019.

We will update the post with more information on these items once we have it.


Also, yesterday, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised families of deployed service personnel at Broom Farm Community Centre in Windsor with a visit.


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Yesterday, The Duke and Duchess surprised their neighbours in Windsor at a coffee morning for military families in a community centre located in the heart of the Army housing estate. Every year during the month of November we pause to remember and honour all those who have served their country here in the UK, across the Commonwealth and around the world. Their Royal Highnesses also wanted to show support for the families of service personnel who are currently deployed overseas. As we lead up to Remembrance Sunday, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will join Her Majesty The Queen and other Members of the Royal Family at various commemoration events, including the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall and the Cenotaph. During the visit yesterday, Their Royal Highnesses met with young families who shared their experiences as parents and as couples who are often apart from their loved ones for months at a time. A reminder that a life of service does not simply describe the person wearing the uniform, but the entire family. #Remembrance #Lestweforget

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

We will have a separate post with more information on this surprise visit shortly.

We leave you with this adorable photo of 2 year old Florence looking at the crosses laid by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Field of Remembrance today.


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  1. I think meghan should of worn midnight blue in a sea of black because it stands out in a chic way i don’t like the coat it is too casual and too big for her which does look uncomfortable the hat is both too small to be worthy of such a solemn occasion and also does not go with the coat!The hat she wore to the trooping of the colour 2019 along with the streamlined coat she wore to eugenie’s wedding would of been an incredible combination the boots were totally the wrong choice for this event i would probably wear them for a walk in the park the hair was also too loose and not well styled her face was just beautiful though.

  2. Yikes, I hate to be a negative Nelly on my first post, but this coat looks too small, it does not cross over her torso as much as a wrap coat should. I really love wrap coats and they can definitely be worn for more formal occasions. I wore a wool, taupe-coloured one from Reiss on the way to my wedding this past January. I also love Sentaler wrap coats, I live in NYC now but I’m Canadian and I love that a Canadian company is finally making stylish winter coats. But with wrap coats there is a fine line between “wrap coat” and “house coat”. This boucle fabric is not well suited to a wrap coat, it looks like something you’d wear while sitting on your couch, having tea and reading the paper. She clearly tried to mitigate this by using a different belt, but this belt is too thin for a coat in a thick fabric, she needed something wider. The slouchy boots with the coat makes the overall look borderline sloppy. I’m not sure why she wore these slouchy boots when she has another pair that are similar, and would have looked elegant.

  3. What an absolutely brilliant hat! I really like that Meghan went with navy instead of the traditional black – this is the first of several Remembrance events and I think it’s perfectly appropriate to wear a different dark colour instead. It’s also a nice nod to Harry’s uniform.

    The coat is Meghan’s usual wrap coat but it’s been truly elevated by having the tie belt swapped for something more fitted, and that has the added bonus of breaking up the monochrome colours of the outfit with a pattern. I don’t like when dresses and coats are so long they cover knee-high boots but I think this time it doesn’t detract from the overall look.

    And wow, I don’t know what Meghan did differently with her makeup, or if she is just glowing more than usual, but she looks absolutely phenomenal here. Her eyes pop, her jawline is lovely, the whole look is good in my book!

  4. I love the look overall. However, I really wish for a different belt. I adore the hair, but I also have an impression that there are some extensions added for the volume. If that’s the case, I think it was slightly overdone. I also believe that a wearing her hair up (like the hat model does) would be prettier.

  5. It’s all a no for me.
    The boots are too casual for this event
    The jacket is a size too big at least.
    The hat is too formal with the outfit.
    A coat dress would have so much more appropriate.
    The makeup even looks too done up for this event.
    I am fine with the navy blue (as it is a very flattering colour for Meghan)
    But it’s a miss overall.
    She also looked extremely uncomfortable and nervous in the video of the event.

  6. I love her hair and make up today. And the boots. I admit to being a bit puzzled about the comments on color–while not black, the color of the coat is dark and seems respectful to me.

    Having said that, I do wish she would wear a fitted coat which I think would read as more streamlined and professional compared to this coat where the belt (while a nice belt) looks more like an afterthought. This is definitely her type of coat and her preferred styling of it, though.

  7. This is a very nice colour coat and suits Meghan beautifully. I’m not sure about the different elements together though and although individually, they could work for a different occasion, I do think where the military are involved, its right to try to match the level of smartness. I don’t think this outfit passes muster.

  8. The Duchess looks lovely, the coat is really nice. The total look does not come off well. The opening of the coat isn’t a good look, not with this type of coat, enclosed as worn by the model gives a streamlined, polished and elegant effect. Belt the model is wearing, perfect. The boots are sloppy adding bulk to the overall look. The hat is divine, beautiful colour, just enough netting and the subtle sprinkling of sparkles gives added interest looks lovely. The Duchess’s makeup is gorgeous.

  9. Why doesn’t she wear clothes that fit properly? The coat is way too small. The pockets aren’t angled on the coat. The sides are supposed to cross over and the pockets sit straight. It’s not a suit jacket that barely meets in the middle. Wearing it with the belt on the very last hole does nothing but emphasize its poor fit. The boots are too casual. The hat might be fine on its own, but the velvet with the too-small coat and casual boots is a stark, strange contrast. I don’t understand how she keeps missing the mark given her resources.

  10. I love the color on her, however the belt is a miss. I would have liked to see the original belt with it. Also, I love the boots but not with this outfit. She wore these boots before with a dress and it was a miss at that time as well. A sleek, tight boot would have been much better. Love her hair and hat!

    admin edit

    • Hi Tara, the boots are different from the ones she has worn before. If you are thinking of the Victoria Beckham pair from Christmas, I’ve included those in the post for comparison. These are a new pair of boots. Thanks, S

  11. The stars of this outfit are the hat and Meghan’s beautiful face; her makeup, always nice, is especially gorgeous today. I happen to love how Meghan combines black and very dark blue, but, even if that is not to everyone’s taste, I’m really puzzled by any suggestion she’s being disrespectful by not wearing all black. From the photos, the other participants appear to be wearing various shades of black, gray and blue — all of which are perfectly appropriate for a somber occasion. Because the hat is the sartorial showpiece here, I do wish the rest of the outfit had been more streamlined. I’m finding the slouchy boots, textured coat and belt — while nice pieces on their own — to be a bit busy together. To emphasize, I would use the word “busy” or maybe “fussy”; I very much disagree that the look is “sloppy”. In terms of the fit of the coat, once again Meghan appears to be making do with existing pieces while she is at this temporary stage in her life, or maybe she bought the coat recently in her normal size in anticipation of how she will look 6 months from now. Either way, I find her approach very sensible, and I’m not going to nitpick clothing fit on a woman with a 6-month-old infant.

    • Vicky – you are correct – there is no Royal protocol or rule on what color to wear when. These “rules” around fashion have changed over the years. Much like wearing white after Labor Day is perfectly acceptable and fine for example. The dark midnight blue complimented the military – Royal Air Force, US Navy and so on. This was not Remembrance Sunday or Festival of Remembrance. She wore black to both of those last year. I tried to include as many photos as possible in the post to show the details and color of the coat. Particularly the close up of the coat fabric from Sentaler to give everyone a better idea of what it might look like in person. I’ve seen Sentaler in person – the coats are gorgeous. The fabric is beautiful that they use. I think she either had the coat or sometimes past season items are available from various fashion houses and therefore she may have been given the piece recently. I don’t recall her ever wearing this coat.
      Her boots are right on trend – the “slouchy” boots are very much on trend / in-style currently. Thanks, Susan C.

  12. I like the hat (although I think Meghan has something similar in a darker/navy blue which perhaps would have been better for the occasion?). This royal blue maybe not with the navy coat/gloves….. I also agree with others in that the VB boots would have been a better, dressier choice. However, my main gripe is the coat: why does it seem impossible for Meghan to find a coat that fits her properly and does not swamp her? I cannot think of any she has worn that has flattered her.

    • I actually love the hat. It’s so beautiful! As for the coat, this one is a perfect example of a beautiful coat that’s just too small. Puzzling, since we all know she has an amazing coat collection to choose from. Her black Sentaler for example, or even the Club Monaco Daylina in black (she looked amazing in the burgundy version last year). I’m also postpartum and get wanting to squeeze back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. But for a heavily photographed event such as this I would have selected something better fitting.
      I’m probably also going to get roasted for this comment, but am I the only one who suspects her hair is a wig? It looks like she suddenly has twice as much. Postpartum hair loss is real (I’m still feeling quite thin and my baby is almost a year).
      Her face and hair do look beautiful though!
      NOTE: admin edit

  13. Love the coat, hat, colors and solemnity of the occasion. Not crazy about the boots and belt but that’s my preference. She looks beautiful. Her hair is gorgeous and the hat perched right there…and the wide netting on the veil is stunning. Well done, Meghan.

  14. I feel as though this material which can make one look bulky would have been better used in a more tailored style coat. I also think the belt does not help the situation and maybe something with more heft would have held the coat better as I think the uneven open hem helps contribute to making this look a little sloppy. I do think the hair makeup and hat look really good. Although, I agree with some comments recently that she could use a haircut although being that she is post-partum there could be other things at play.

  15. That hat is everything! The color, shape and fabric are all so flattering to the Duchess. I love the netting too. The coat looks very nice in the pictures from the designer, but didn’t photograph well at the event. I wasn’t even sure it was the same coat at first. The boots and gloves accessorize nicely.

  16. I agree with many people. I love the hat! The boots , gloves and dress, again lovely too. I also really like the coat and dress but think the coat would have hung better with it’s original belt. Really like the dark blue overall. She looks lovely here.

  17. A few points:
    She was not attending a funeral and there is no law or requirement to wear black, therefore the navy blue is perfectly fine.
    I like the individual pieces but not the ensemble. The coat is a great colour but the styling makes it look like a too-large bathrobe (why does HRH) favour this so much, it swamps her dainty figure? I personally can’t stand these style of half falling down boots which were popular in the 1980s. Love the gloves
    All in all, not a style win for me…

    admin edit

    • Thanks Elizabeth – I didn’t catch that while proofing the post. Exhaustion and spellcheck etc. did not help me. 🙂 – SC

  18. Meghan looked lovely today. Her hair looked shiny and bouncy with the full curls. Her makeup also was beautiful. This beautiful coat bunched and didn’t lay straight nor was it flattering on her figure. The sleeves also looked all twisted and very uncomfortable. The belt looked odd. The boots did not look right with all the gathering at the ankles. A nice black high heel pump with a thicker heal would have looked better to me. I loved the navy with the black especially with seeing the close up of the coat fabric. I just wish she had worn it its original way. Not flattering at all. The hat was nice and gloves also. But she did not look comfortable in the outfit. Oh Well!

    admin edit

  19. Love the color, love the hat. The belt is a miss. Would have looked better either with the original belt or with no belt. Tightly cinched throws off the fit.

    • This outfit is a miss for me. The hat is lovely, but the rest of the outfit is slouchy and a mess. The coat is bulky and in disarray. The boots, while pretty, are too casual looking, I think. The occasion is solemn and deserves a neater and more dignified appearance. Aren’t professional people helping her with her appearance?

    • Agreed. Don’t get me wrong the Duchess still looks stunning, it is simply that with this belt it doesn’t photograph terribly well.

      admin edit

  20. The coat looks too much like a bathrobe to me. But I just love the leather gloves. They look so sleek and polished on her.

  21. Meghan looks so pretty today. The hair and makeup are gorgeous! So fresh! This style of hat really suits her too. When I first saw the coat I thought it had that sort of ‘teddy bear’ texture to it, fuzzy and plush. Dark blue looks good on her and seems to the appropriate ‘pop’ of color for when black seems a bit harsh, but still works and looks good just the same.
    Little Florence looks adorable too!

  22. I disagree with those saying the color was not appropriate for a funeral. Midnight blue is very dark and if you look at her pictured with the crowd, she does not stand out in any obvious way. I love her hat, the color is fabulous, and I’m glad that she wore her hair down. I like the coat, too, though I agree with many others that the belt was a miss and caused too much bunching! She does tend to wear coats that overwhelm her.

  23. I love these events because I feel it brings the country together and it is nice to see the Royal Family honour the sacrifice of the fallen and the living as well.
    Now to the less important things. She looks absolutely exquisite! What is her skincare and makeup routine? I do agree the coat is not the best fit, but it still works, it would’ve been better with a wider belt. I know some people have mentioned (nitpicked almost) that she is wearing blue and not black when she wears so much black, this is still appropriate and ‘not breaking protocol’ as some fake news person might say. The hat is amazing! maybe, just maybe the ensemble would’ve looked better with her hair tied up but then we wouldn’t see the shiny, wavy, pretty hair. Overall, this is a big win for me. I’d buy everything she is wearing in a heartbeat.

  24. I don’t personally like boucle (looks too bath robe-y to me) or slouchy boots, so this is a miss for me overall, but I do love the hat and Meghan looks happy to be meeting the veterans and they her, which is what matters.

    • I have to say, I feel like the whole outfit looks messy in a way. The hat is beautiful though, I really like that.
      But the coat material and the fit of it and the way it bunches up when secured by the belt looks a bit messy, especially when coupled with those slouchy boots. The Victoria Beckham structure boot would’ve looked nicer I think, I don’t think there is a need to own both pairs of boots as the shoe part of the boot and the heel are so very similar.

      I like the belt from the little piece we saw, it looks like an interesting piece.

      So…. hat and belt I like as pieces, the rest is a bit of a miss for me.

  25. Meghan’s best hat to date! I love the retro feel with a modern twist. Navy and black is a chic combination and those boots are fabulous.

    I thought the coat didn’t photograph well with the skinny belt and looked a bit rumpled in photos.

    But overall lovely!

  26. That hat! Meghan has really found her style of hat — it looks perfect on her, both color and shape. That veil is lovely — I love the wider spaces of netting and the shortness of it. Doesn’t overwhelm. The coat is exquisite, but the original wide belt would have been better. The silhouette is too clumpy — but through it all her beauty still shines. She looks particularly beautiful today. The hat, the hair, her makeup — lovely.

  27. As someone else mentioned, the individual pieces were fine but the look just did not come together. The boots were too casual and the hat looked “cocktail” rather than sober day event. The coat was both too small (or just not closed correctly) and also swamped her smaller stature. The self belt would have made it even bulkier, but the thin (also too small) belt didn’t go with the coat and it bunched up oddly where it was belted. I am also disappointed that she wore blue and not black to what is essentially a funeral. The hat in particular was too bright although I do like the style and the netting. Hopefully she wears it again for a more appropriate occasion.

  28. I love the pieces but I wish she hadn’t worn the belt, it just didn’t photograph well at all. The boots are OK but would have preferred a non-slouchy style with this particular outfit, with the bulk of the coat, especially bunched up with the belt, the slouchy boots kind of gave it a sloppy look.

  29. What an amazing hat! Megan looks lovely. The coat also great but there was some untidy bunching with the belt which spoilt the line of it. It was a very cold day today so I am glad the coat was so warm and cosy.

  30. Well, I adore the individual elements of this outfit. I love the coat and boots, but I feel that Meghan has gotten this outfit so wrong! The coat is gorgeous, and is the kind of cuddly, yet stylish, coat Meghan could wear to any of her more casual engagements, any walkabout, visit, an engagement with children, etc. In most other contexts, the coat, and the casual, fashion-forward boots would look absolutely fabulous!

    Another issue is that the coat swamps her and that, together with the clunky boots, make her look boxy and bulky, and a little sloppy, which she absolutely isn’t. The belt is also killing me, because it lumps the coat up around her waist, causing it to pull and bunch. I can see from the product images that it’s supposed to tie around the middle, but since it isn’t formal enough for the event, Meghan belted it instead. The skinny belt, with the bulky material of the coat, especially with Meghan’s dress billowing out through the “crack” in the coat where the two sides fail to meet, the “teddy bear” texture of the coat, the bulky boots, the loose hair (though lovely, it added more volume to her look)… all combine to make Meghan look a bit messy, and much, much too casual.

    Like I said, the hat, coat and boots are all absolutely lovely, and I covet them myself. Her hair looks beautiful, and she participated in the service so gracefully, despite looking a bit nervous. Sometimes it just seems like Meghan is dressing for a completely different event from everyone else. I think Meghan would look wonderful in a Catherine Walker greatcoat, or a fit-and-flare silhouette that nipped in at the waist. High street brands like Ted Baker, Guinea London and Reiss have sleek funnel-neck coats, overcoats, double and single breasted pea coats… so many choices! I also know Meghan has great boot game, but I feel that these wreath-laying ceremonies are the time to go ultra traditional and conservative, even a little boring. Leave the fabulous boots for other times!

    NOTE: admin edit

  31. I really like the hat but the coat, not so much. The original self-belt that goes with the piece may have been a better fit. Also, the material does not photograph well, it gives the appearance of terry cloth

  32. A lovely coat! Not sure I love the leather belt with it – it’s a little thin and underwhelming against the coat’s rather dominant silhouette and fabulous texture – but overall, I really like the whole look. Her makeup looks so radiant, too.

  33. Love, love, LOVE that hat on Meghan! Her best hat ever! I really like the whole outfit as a whole – the coat looks dressy and cozy and the boots are great.

  34. Love the velvet blue of the hat and the material of the coat. I really love the fish net over the hat as well. Honestly when I walked into work this morning Meghan’s hat was the talk of the office. Even people who don’t follow Royals loved it.
    The coat was too small and I like the boots but not for this event. For me boots that are more fitted and with a thinner heel are dressier.
    Overall I think she looked beautiful ( this woman looks so young! )and did a great job at the event.

  35. I love Meghan’s hat as it really suits her. Her desire to wear navy and black together has grown on me. The coat is a miss for me. Somehow it manages to look somewhat like a bathrobe, with its fuzzy texture and the way it is bunched in at the waistline. Also, the belt doesn’t quite do what it is meant to do and I prefer the belt of the same fabric, as worn by the model. I also don’t like the way the coat gaps open at the bottom.

    Looking forward to the next few days. Although Remembrance is a somber occasion, with conservative dress, there are several events to view fashion.

    • Hi Jenny, We added the information from Sentaler about pre-ordering the coat. It will ship in December. Thanks, Susan C

  36. I like the actual pieces in this outfit but as often happens, I really dislike the styling. The half open coat just looks sloppy and unprofessional. Had it been styled as per the middle photo on the model (fully closed) it would have been lovely but it simple looks like it’s a size too small.

  37. I am a big fan of this colour on Meghan, and coat, boots, belt, gloves, hat all on point. I am just not sure about the veiling on the hat. For some reason I associate it with weddings and not days of remembrance. I see the veiling has been trimmed up and is a more open weave than the stock photo. Is there a protocol for where and when to wear a hat featuring a veil?

    • Janice, I’d say that historically it was more common to wear veils to funerals, than to weddings, with the exception of the bride’s veil. If you Google a photo of the funeral of King George VI, you will see the Queen, the Queen Mother, Queen Mary and Princess Margaret wearing veils. Jackie Kennedy wore one to JFK’s funeral. Of course, these were longer and heavier than the one Meghan is wearing. Here is a website about the wearing of veils at funerals and weddings.

  38. She is a beautiful woman. The hat is fantastic on her, and I think it is one of the most flattering she has ever worn. The boots are also stunning. However, that coat! Firstly, she should be wearing a black coat for such a solemn occasion, and then the fit! It is obviously way too small for her. I understand that her body has changed since 2015 when she probably bought the coat, but she has to buy some clothes that fit her! The thin belt just makes everything worse since there is so much bunching at her waist. If you look at the coat from the manufacture, you can see how the coat should fall. We have all tried to fit into clothes even though our bodies have changed, and I cannot imagine how uncomfortable she must be. However, dressing for the body she has now would, I believe, make her feel more confident. It must be awful wearing something that you know is too tight. Investing in a black coat that fits well is a must since there will be so many occasions when she can and will wear it. I really hope she buys some clothes that fit her much better than this coat does.

  39. I love everything about this look except for the belt on her coat. I think the coat either needed to be left open or Meghan should’ve used a more substantial belt. The coat is bunching in a weird way in some photos, making it look somewhat bulky. That hat is stunning though! The color! The drama! Just gorgeous!

  40. It’s hard not to perceive a certain contrariness on Meghan’s part when she owns multiple black coats and yet, for a Remembrance Day observation, wears a totally ill-fitting navy one. The way the coat falls on Meghan and the way it’s intended to close (as seen on the model) are like night and day. I’m not a huge fan of navy and black together but the major issue here is that the coat simply does not fit properly. The hat also seems far more dressy than either the coat or the boots requires; one of her simple berets would have been more appropriate to the overall look. Hoping for better choices during the rest of the week.

    admin edit


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