Meghan in Ruby Red Hugo Boss and Joseph for Panel Discussion on Gender Inequality – UPDATED

The Duchess of Sussex wore Hugo Boss and Joseph for a roundtable discussion on gender equality and inclusion at Windsor Castle!
The Duke, President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and The Duchess, Vice-President, joined young leaders at a roundtable discussion on gender equality as part of the One Young World Summit 2019 events going on this week.

The couple is greeted by the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust chief executive Nicola Brentnall (below).

The roundtable was organised by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and One Young World, both charities support and connect young leaders to bring about change.

The couple were joined by 10 young leaders from around the world, representing youth-led initiatives from countries including Barbados, South Africa, Iraq, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, UK, Rwanda, Bangladesh an Nigeria.

Queen’s Commonwealth Trust chief executive, Nicola Brentnall, lead today’s roundtable. The discussion was moderated by One Young World counsellors, social media influencer Rossana Bee (Burgos) and Canada’s first openly gay Olympic gold medallist Mark Tewksbury.

Below Mark, Rossana and young leader, Sophie Maxwell (left) are introduced to Meghan. Sophie is the founder of of The Really NEET College, a safe learning environment for young people that gives them the tools to create stability and security in their lives that will enable them to achieve their future goals.

The young leaders led a discussion on how to drive meaningful change and empower women.

Noriah Katungwe, from Malawi, kicked-off today’s discussion. She introduced her female-led startup, Moringa Women Project, which provides training to women in the farming processing of Moringa tree by-products.

Meghan was impressed with Amanda Scott, from Grenada, who founded Firefly Inc., a women-led initiative dedicated to the empowerment of girls. The Duchess had this to say about her efforts. —

‘Redefining gender roles and being conscious of the cultural context – it’s incredible what you’re doing”

Donnya Apiggott talked about her initiative, The Pink Coconuts, an organization committed to advocating for the inclusion of LGBTQ people across Barbados through travel. The Duchess met Donnya previously at the Commonwealth Heads of Government back in 2018.

Below, Donnya walking through Windsor Castle after today’s discussion.

Lebogang Bogopane, founder of South Africa’s Motholung Network Against Women and Child Abuse, told Harry and Meghan about her project, Bake for Hope, which provides locally baked bread to women an children. She said it is something that is still considered a luxury in certain parts of South Africa.

Lebogang had these inspiring words for the group. —

Women in leadership and at the top is crucial. If you have more female leaders, we have more change, faster”.

Harry shared his comments during today’s discussion —

The Duchess delivered her closing remarks with the group today —

All the issues that we are talking about around this table are are systemic and take time to solve.”

“I can’t wait for our update in three months to hear how you are all doing. Thank you for being an inspiration”!

Below a group photo from today’s roundtable with the young leaders.

Earlier this week we saw The Duchess of Sussex attended the 10th Annual One Young World Opening Ceremony at The Royal Albert Hall. The event brought together 2000 young leaders from more than 190 countries.

Meghan is a longstanding supporter of One Young World, having first joined as a Counsellor at the 2014 summit in Dublin and attending the 2016 summit in Ottawa.

More from the Royal Family channel showing below —

Now, a look at what Meghan wore for today’s engagement.

The Duchess wore a skirt from BOSS by Hugo Boss. It is the Selrita Lamb Leather Pencil Skirt in dark red, $595. The skirt is also available in a camel color at Nordstrom, $595.

We saw Meghan wear the skirt in green last fall when she and Harry visited Sussex, UK.
Queen Letizia wore the same skirt for an engagement yesterday (see image below)! Thanks to Elizabeth of Queen Letizia Style blog for the ID.
Embed from Getty Images
Her sweater is confirmed to be by Joseph. It is the deep V-neck pullover sweater in garnet, $281.

Thanks to @HeavenQRF on Twitter for the ID.

Meghan’s shoes are by Sarah Flint. They are the Perfect Pump 100 in Cabernet Suede, $355 (available for pre-order). The shoes are currently available in a variety of other colorways.

She wore her Emily Mortimer earrings – the Hera 14ct gold and diamond studs, £595 ($759 at today’s exch. rate). We first saw Meghan wear the earrings at the WellChild Awards last week.

UPDATE: Meghan’s rings appear to be from Vargas Goteo. The first ring is the Bow Knot Ring in 18k gold, $650 from the High Seas Collection.  The second ring is the Manta Kiss Stack Ring in 18k gold, $600 from the Manta Collection. Both rings are available in gold vermeil versions, $180 – here and here.

The jewelry line, created by designer Alex Prijic Smith, was designed to bring awareness to wildlife conservation. Each collection contributes directly to carefully selected ocean and wildlife organization campaigns.

The Duchess also wore one of her two bracelets that we have seen a few times in the past week. Upon closer look, we have found a few similarities to US brand Kendra Scott. We will update the post with when we find more information.

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The Queen’s Commonwealth site can be found here.
The One Young World site is here.

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  1. I love this look so much! I remember when she wore this skirt in green, it was so exquisite. I love the top too but as others have noted, it is a tad too low. I would have worn it with a cami underneath because I’m just super modest and always so paranoid of showing too much cleavage. But I really love the coordinating reds, it’s nice to see Meghan in color and stepping out of her neutral palette. I also love her hair too, though I would have pinned back the loose strands, I don’t think it works too much with this hairstyle.

  2. The jewel red tones in her outfit are exquisite the skirt fits perfectly(finally)and is appropriate for the business event the v-neck is too low/distracting for such a serious message discussion!I can see what meghan/the hairdresser was going for with the beehive because it is interesting and new for her but it just doesn’t go with the outfit a high ponytail with casual but manageable front strands would of been better i also adore her shoes.

  3. What a gorgeous smile she has and such a bright spark in her eyes! she looks like such a kind woman. I liked her outfit OK and the colors today. I agree with others that it begged for something like a scarf or statement piece of jewelry to tie the two colors together. She does wear such small jewelry pieces that they are really not quite noticeable. The skirt looked great on her and the v neck looked good as well. I think that she looks really pretty with her hair up but the 2 pieces in the front look dried out and untrimmed. Don’t understand why that is a choice she likes. Over all a nice fall look on her and again what a smile!

  4. The three shades of red do clash together and are not a good combination. that said, the shoes are beautiful. I agree with most about the V neck being too low. And also the beehive is not flattering. I like it a lot when she has low tight buns.

  5. Love the outfit generally and adore those shoes. Wow! I really like her hair style. It reminds me of a French pleat but slightly higher in the back. It’s always so interesting to see other people’s reactions to the same outfit as they are often different but respectfully given. That’s why I enjoy this site .

  6. Loved this skirt in green – if I remember correctly, I called it a good Rachel Zane look. And it works well in this context as well, where the dress code is business casual. The not-quite-matching-reds make the monochrome an interesting look and I love the detail on the heels. The hair looks a bit funny from the side but quite nice from the front. Yes, the deep v is a bit dangerous, but a part of me thinks Meghan did that on purpose. Women deal with sexist comments about their clothing all the time and their views are dismissed. In this case Meghan knows the message is more important than anything she wears.

    • I also loved the skirt in green, with the slightly darker green blouse. It was a great look! Somehow the slick red leather paired with a bulkier sweater isn’t doing it for me…maybe different reds is harder to handle than different greens?

  7. I think this is a great look, but I would prefer true monochromatic dressing to the mixed reds here. I think you can fool around with tone-on-tone with muted or cool colors, but strong colors like these, to my eye, just look like they clash.

    I don’t love leather clothing either, but there’s no denying this is a sharp-looking skirt, and I thought so when we saw it in green, too (though I prefer the other green pencil skirt she wore around that time–the Givenchy with the pockets). It certainly is a flattering silhouette on her. The top is beautiful, classic and a great match with the shoes but yes, really much too low-cut.

    I think her hair looks just fantastic. I honestly don’t understand what people are objecting to. This is a classic updo, very Bardot inspired. Very flattering on her.

  8. I do like a tone on tone look and these deep jewel tones are great for Meghan. I like the silhouette also. Pencil skirts are a good style for her. The sweater is a good idea but the execution is off. The red doesn’t quite go with the red of the skirt (but does match her shoes well), the V is a bit too low, but most of all the sweater is too long/bulky to tuck in neatly. As always, I wish she wore bigger jewelry. Especially if she’d worn a top with a different neckline, bigger earrings or a necklace would have been great. The up do was a bit to Bardot with the low V neckline, but in general I like her hair up as it shows her face and nice jawline so.much better.

  9. The Duchess looks lovely. Her hair up looks so nice and suits her well. I appreciate the colour combination but personally I am not a fan of this look or leather skirts. Love the colour of her shoes, gorgeous.

  10. I thought the skirt looked familiar. I loved the green one she wore last year. I really like this tone on tone monochromatic look again. It always looks classy and put together on her. Just like the purple from the other day, these deep jewel tones are really flattering. Meghan’s makeup always looks fresh, the lip color is really pretty. Any ideas what she uses?

    • Hi Brandi – she is known to use a lot of Dior and Chanel products – lipstick and when she did the Vanity Fair issue she wore all Chanel. Thanks, Susan C

  11. I love the reds together! I always find monochromatic dressing very chic. I really like this outfit and it fits very well, but I feel the sweeter was the wrong choice for a business meeting where she center stage and speaking, to say nothing of representing the Queen. Because it is close fitting and the neckline so deeply cut, it draws attention to Meghan’s physical assets and thus would tend to distract from her message, especially with someone as attractive as Meghan. The earrings are gorgeous but the hair is an utter fail. Are beehives back in style?

    • Hi Donna, I’ve seen a few others mention the Beehive or B-52 hairstyle verses Meghan’s hairstyle for the engagement. I hadn’t really considered that a thought, but was thinking it was more of a stacked up-do with loose tendrils (I am fond of loose tendrils and like to do that with my hair in the front since I have pieces that are never quite long enough to pin back). Anyhow, to answer your question, the Beehive/B-52 hairstyle has never gone out of style. What you see today is considered a “Modern Beehive”. Here is a link to a recent article, Vintage-Loving Girls! Here are 71 Beehive Hairstyles You Can Wear to Match Any Occasion, with photos of various examples of beehive styles: I hope this helps. Thanks! 🙂 Susan C.

      • Thanks for this link Susan. I looked at all 71 beehives. While some of the less exaggerated ones were better than the extreme ones, I have to say that none of them impressed me. They are so contrived and some are goofy looking.

      • Thanks for that link, WOW! Some gorgeous hairdos in there, I had no idea this style was making a come back. I had a great time checking them out and I learned a lot! I remember by mother and aunties (her sisters) teasing the bejesus out of their hair and spraying with gallons of Aqua Net hairspray!

    • Donna, that too was my first thought! Yes she is a young beautiful woman but I really don’t think such a low cut top was appropriate (especially when considering the focus, the content, of this particular engagement; its like a bit of a backwards step?) Collectively its a beautiful, striking outfit & she absolutely looks fantastic in this colorway, but nope, its a miss for me.

  12. I love the color combo, but the deep b in the sweater is pretty low. I think a more modest look is more becoming and professional. Which then leads to the hair. An updo is great, however Megs looks dated and somehow out of place for lack of a better description. It’s oddly high and “fussy” in the back and those tendrils in the front are just plain messy, distracting and sloppy. I do love these colors on her, is leather an appropriate choice however??

    admin edit

    • Hi Karen B from Karen D in Hawaii. I agree with you. Meghan is such a pretty woman but I do wish she would keep the hair off her face, especially at a business meeting. I don’t mind the beehive but I think the sweater, while beautiful, is kind of low for a business meeting.

    • I kind of agree, I don’t know if a real lambskin skirt is the best option considering her stance on animal rights. I also don’t love how deep the shirt is. Other than that- the outfit is a win!

      • Hi Indiana, Hugo Boss does have a sustainability policy – I haven’t read anywhere that Meghan ever declared herself as an “animal activist” or any other statement. I do know her to be an animal lover who promotes pet adoption, and her former manager has said Meghan does NOT wear real fur. We also know she joins Harry in the protection of Elephants and Rhinos, for example, in Africa. Meghan eats meat and tries to eat a plant-based diet. She has worn both faux and real leather and her shoes and bags are suede and leather. People wear leather because it is considered a byproduct. – I hope this helps. Thx, Susan C.

        • People also wear leather for environmental reasons. All of the alternatives to leather (“vegan leather”) are polyurethane – plastic. Real leather decomposes once its discarded. Leather alternatives leach micro plastics into the soil and water.

    • If the same leather skirt was appropriate for QL when on a state visit then surely it is appropriate for Meghan as she participates in a panel discussion.

  13. Love the different pieces, but not as a whole. I would prefer a blouse with that skirt or a tight turtleneck body. I like her hair, but not for this occasion. I would love to see a slick ponytail on her. But she’s a beautiful woman, not matter what she wears.

  14. I like the look very much – Meghan looks great, and also powerful. I applaud her courage in championing potentially controversial issues. But the deep v-neck of the sweater troubles me. It doesn’t reveal too much in any of the photos but it looks as if it might do so anytime – and thus it creates an unwelcome distraction.

  15. Awesome colors, awesome skirt… but a fitted leather skirt needs a more modest top to keep the whole ensemble classy (I.e. Queen Letizia’s outfit.)

  16. Meghan looks great but I agree the colors clash… I assume they’re meant to in an attempt to be new. Thrilling that Queen Letizia wore the same skirt, though I’d say Meghan wore it better. Mostly though, I’m here to say I LOVE those earrings!

    • BLESS the colour in this outfit. I love seeing deep colours on Megan, it looks beautiful – and her makeup is very pretty.

      I like the tone on tone too. I dont think they clash. I think this is a great silhouette on her – a long pencil skirt with a bit of structure to the material and a high waist. It’s so flattering on her body type, and she always looks good in those thin heeled shoes because she has very slim ankles.

      The V of the shirt may be a little deep for some.

  17. I like these items separately, but I cannot handle the different reds together. I’m not a very daring person, color-wise, so they clashing reds just look messy to me. I felt the same way when the Duchess of Cambridge wore her olive green culottes with a berry red sweater.

    I do not like leather! Especially bright red leather. To me, it looks cheap, and sort of slippery. I DO love the pencil skirt, and Meghan looks fabulous in this slim, structured skirt and shirt combo.

    I love the Joseph sweater- so flattering, and the deep red is just gorgeous on Meghan. I hope Meghan keeps wearing these jewel-like colors because they really make her glow. Sometimes her color choices tend toward the muddy, dull or drab. I liked her purple Alitalia dress, too.

  18. I like the sweater a lot. I am not a fan of leather skirts but saying that, Meghans figure is perfect for a pencil skirt. The jewel tones really look good on her too.

  19. Not sure I would dare mix those shades together, but it makes a simple outfit interesting. And there is no doubt that Meghan can rock a pencil skirt.

  20. I quite like this look on her. The colors certainly suit her, and it’s lovely to see her in a fit that flatters her figure. I admire the bold pairing of the red shades, and like the execution more than when she wore a similar outfit in green, but cannot quite put my finger on why.

  21. As much as I love the colour and appreciate that the clothing did fit Duchess’ current figure I can’t shake off impression that it didn’t really fit the engagement – to me everyone else seems to be dresses more formally and that hits me like a sore thumb…

    • Hi Sisi, if you look at the group photo and some of the additional photos I’ve added to the post, you will see that some of the other participants are dressed more casually. One had what looks like a sweatshirt and jeans on. The other person is wearing what looks like either a sweater with a logo on it or sweatshirt. I think Meghan blends right in with all of them in her outfit – business casual, not too business formal. This is an outfit I would wear to the office. Thanks, Susan C

    • To my knowledge the highest ranking member of any meeting sets the tone for the dress code of that meeting. In other words Meghan and Harry as Royals set the tone for the dress code of this particular meeting, not vice versa.
      The same goes for Board meetings. If the CEO holds a meeting and comes in teeshirt and jeans it doesn’t matter if everyone else is dressed in 3 piece suits, it a tee shirt and jeans meeting!

      • Jackie, I’m baffled by your statement and logic, that the highest ranking member of any meeting sets the dress code. Let’s say a factory owner calls a meeting of his staff. The owner might well be in a suit, shirt and tie and the workers would obviously be in much more casual/practical clothes. I think people wear what is appropriate for their position, within the context of the meeting space. Members of the clergy often wear robes, but their congregation doesn’t. High rank really has little to do with dress code. The purpose of the meeting, however, is set by those in charge.

  22. I think when words like hate have been used in comments it’s time for the moderator not to post the blurb. This is just bullying and nasty and not required. The poor girl is being harassed enough without comments stating they hate her hair. Will be interested to see if my post is released.

    • Hi Karen, The word “hate” is not in violation of our current comment policy and therefore does not qualify as an automatic deletion or editing of any comment. Of course if someone were using it in a negative tone or way, such as, “I hate Meghan.” or in direct response to another comment/author – “I hate your comment about…” – that is something we would delete or edit based on the remaining content of the entire comment itself.
      Upon searching our comments we’ve only found one or two occasions where someone may have used the word in describing how they feel about an item – “I hate that type of shoe, hat, glove… etc.” or “I hate her hair or hair style”. Really, in our opinion, “hate” is a strong word and it would be better to rephrase a sentence dropping said word and structuring it as, for example; “I am not fond of her hair today / I dislike her hair today / I am not a fan of her hair style” – and so forth. The other times the word “hate” came up in search was when someone said “I hate to say it” – which is a common phrase. Thanks for your input! – “The Susans”

  23. Really love this outfit. It has a nice mix of texture and I am a sucker for a monochrome jewel tone look. If I wanted to be really picky, I would say that I do think the skirt is a bit high waisted for her. I also think the hair looks oddly…dated is I think the right descriptor. I do tend to like her better with a side part particularly with an updo.

  24. I love the head to toe variations of red ! I love all of Meghan’s updos as well as her hair loose and flowing. Such a treat to see the Duke drive his wife to her engagement. Such a “husbandy’ thing to do.
    Queen Letizia is my other favorite Royal. Love her style and I am glad that her and Meghan have this skirt in common. Queen Letizia does love her leather. I hope one day Queen Letizia and Meghan meet, I think they would really like each. Both very strong women.

  25. It’s like she heard the color love from her previous purple outfit! Love the deep reds on her.

    Sidenote: the 2016 photo of her seems oddly arranged. Why is she so far apart from the others in the photo?

  26. Wow, this is a beautiful outfit for the Duchess. She shines in those colors. She has always looked fabulous in high-waist pencil skirts (no doubt why the Suits stylists always put her in them) and this is no exception. Her hair looks fabulous up high like that — it’s a great silhouette for her, and looks better than low buns on her. The two pieces in front soften it. I wish it was neater in the back, but the whole thing is so sleek and lovely. My preference would have been for a neater top, but this is a good expression of the look she likes — sleek with a little “off kilter” to go with it! The shoes are to die for. Just a wonderful all-around color and shape combo. And she looks so happy it makes me happy.

  27. Omg this outfit is AMAZING!!! Definitely my favorite thing she’s ever worn! She looks powerful, confident, and beautiful!

  28. I love it! She looks incredible, it fits her so well. It is sexy, sophisticated and professional at the same time. Would buy every single thing she is wearing. Such a great cause too, and this is where she truly shines. What a wonderful ambassador and role model for women.

  29. Love a monochromatic look but the top and shoes have a purple undertone and the skirt has an orange undertone – should have all had the same undertone. Beehive is not a good look….

  30. How lovely to see Meghan in such a rich colour. The purple of a few days ago and the red today give hope the she has given the neutrals a rest. I am having a bit of an issue with the three different shades of red, but am wiling to overlook this as she embraces these vibrant tones. I follow the blog about Queen Letizia of Spain and noted the same skirts on both women. I prefer the contrast of Letizia’s white blouse.

    Meghan’s skirt seems too tight, as it creases in the front, but leather has no give, so that could be the problem. I agree with Amy about the hair. In videos of this event Meghan is constantly brushing the hanging pieces out of her face.

  31. At first, I didn’t like this color combo but upon further review of the photos, I think it works. The fact that the shoes and sweater are the exact same color is what makes it work. I don’t think this would have worked with black or tan shoes. I will say I do think the V-neck is too deep. It needs to be an inch or two higher. Meghan is representing the Queen and that must be taken into account first and foremost. I like the earrings a lot.

    Too funny that Queen Letizia wore the same skirt yesterday. I’ve always thought she was the best Royal for Meghan to emulate fashion-wise since they have very similar body types. Meghan also has the skirt in green I believe. She wore it to an event last year.

    • Hi Heather – yes Meghan wore the skirt in green last year when she and Harry were in Sussex, UK. I’ve added it to the post. thanks, Susan C

  32. Honestly- and finally- something that fits! And she looks beautiful. The purple dress she wore earlier in the week fit better than most of what we’ve seen her in as well, and the color was gorgeous in her, but for me this fits even better. Leather skirts and pants look good until you wear them at which point they get creases or bunched up so I can’t fault the fit there. Her hair is a bit confusing. Instead of “business in the front and party in the back” you get with a mullet, it’s the opposite here. It’s not horrible, it’s just different. Overall I think she looks gorgeous.

  33. I hope pencil skirts make a comeback because they look so cool. I lpved the green version and I’m in love with the red one too. Perfect styling. Even her hair looks more powerful. I’m happy to see both of them smile.


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