Meghan in Carolina Herrera for Sentebale Polo Cup Charity Event

Meghan wore Carolina Herrera for today’s charity polo match benefiting Sentebale, a charity co-founded by Prince Harry.  

The Duke and Duchess as they arrived at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club.

Here you see Meghan and Harry with polo player and Sentebale ambassador Nacho Figueras (center, white trousers, no glasses ) his wife Delfina Blaquier (blue print dress), and Sentebale CEO Cathy Ferrier in the cream and red dress.

Mr. Figueras and Ms. Blaquier were guests at Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Embed from Getty Images

If the athlete looks familiar, you may have seen one of his many (many) ads for Ralph Lauren

If unfamiliar with Sentebale, here is some background via Kensington Palace:

In 2006, Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho jointly co-founded Sentebale, a charity set up to ensure the most vulnerable children in Lesotho get the support they need to lead healthy and productive lives.

The word Sentebale means ‘forget me not.’ Below, Harry with children at the Mamohato Children’s Centre.

The Prince visited Lesotho last month on behalf of Sentebale. More from People’s story:

Kensington Palace just released never-before-seen photos from the 33-year-old royal’s solo trip to Lesotho, Africa, last month, where he opened a school and a house on behalf of the Sentebale charity he co-founded with his friend Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in 2006.

Harry got up close and personal with the kids of the Mamohato Children’s Centre and Mamohato Children’s Camp, even letting a little one try on his sunglasses. He sweetly smiled while gazing at the child, who held a yellow balloon and put on a grin for the camera with the shades on.

People’s Simon Perry shared a picture from the program, with a message from Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso.

It was another unseasonably warm day.

More on how the weather impacted things from The Mirror’s article:

The sweltering temperatures meant the match between Harry’s Sentebale St Regis team, captained by Sentebale ambassador Nacho Figueras, and the Royal Salute players, led by Malcolm Borwick, was shortened to protect the polo ponies and the breaks were lengthened.

Embed from Getty Images

A quick video from the match via Simon Perry of People.

There was an interesting moment during the match; more from People:

Prince Harry sent a polo ball whizzing toward a gaggle of media capturing his charity game on Thursday — and it was a close call.

The dense, hard ball flew in at shoulder height and narrowly missed a few photographers and crashed into a fence dividing the press area from the VIP’s section, making a surprised security guard nearly jump out of his skin.

The 33-year-old recognized photographer Tim Rooke and called out, “Sorry Rookie. I was trying to give you a good shot!”

Below, Nacho Figueras (l) and Prince Harry.

Emily Nash of Hello! posted a video of Meghan presenting trophies after the match.

A still shot of the trophy presentation.
Embed from Getty Images
The victors.

The match was a success from a fundraising perspective, below you see Sentebale’s tweet noting the £1million+ total that was raised through today’s event.  

Now for our look at what Meghan wore for the match, starting with her Carolina Herrera dress.

The fabric is denim, done in 98% cotton/2% poly. The frock features faux wrap styling with cap sleeves, a vee neck, front pockets, hidden back zipper, self-belt, and a full midi-length skirt.

A closer look at the pocket and belt details. We show the dress at Moda Operandi ($2190) where it was available for pre-ordering.

Some thoughts on the dress from The Telegraph’s Emily Cronin:

With polo matches now high on Meghan’s agenda, she’s mastered a casually elegant mix which works.

The Duchess carried a J Crew bag. The style is the retailer’s Fan Rattan clutch, a classic straw bag in a fan shape that is ideal for summer.

Meghan’s color is no longer available. It is still offered in citron ($29.99 with promo code FLASH), and also in a striped version ($34.99 with promo code FLASH). You may recognize Meghan’s heels, the Aquazzura Deneuve’ Bow Pump in nude. The Duchess has previously worn the shoe in black suede. The shoe features the same cutouts and bows at the heel, pointed toe, and 4.2″ heel. It is available to pre-order on the Aquazzura site ($750).

The Deneuve is offered in a lower heel (3.3″); that style is available now at Farfetch ($587) and also at Lane Crawford ($655). A sidebar tip: if you have ever wondered if a shoe is an authentic Aquazzura, or are trying to verify the brand made a pair you are looking at, here’s one way to tell. Look for the pineapple on the sole.

Meghan wore another pair of earrings by Birks, the ‘Bee Chic’ in sterling silver and blue topaz. Last week the Duchess wore the same style in white quartz.

Meghan wore Tom Ford sunglasses, the designer’s ‘Emma’ style. Described as a cat eye black and gold-tone frame with blue gradient lenses.

The Duchess wore her hair in her signature ‘messy bun.’

Here is an interview with Nacho Figueras that Rebecca English of The Daily Mail posted on Twitter; it focuses primarily on Meghan. (You may need to boost your audio to hear everything.)

Thanks to UFO No More and Meghan’s Mirror for their ID assistance today.

Meghan and Harry after the match.

We hope to see the Duke and Duchess at another Sentebale event in August, a benefit performance of Hamilton.


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  1. I love this look. She looks great. I love the full skirt.
    Lay off the shoes, folks! They look great with the shape of the skirt and they look good on her. Who are any of us to judge them not being practical. She’s a big girl and she looks like she managed JUST fine on the grass.

  2. Oh this is a beautiful dress! It looks so lovely on her and fits her like a glove. I know to some the fitting seems off around the shoulders and I see what they mean. But if it were any tighter I don’t think Meghan could get her arms into the arm holes (and she is already very slim) and the fabric would pinch into her armpits. It’s really not that noticeable.
    The dress isn’t 100% denim so we know she isn’t suffering in the heat.
    I’ve always felt conflicted about all denim outfits. I love jean jackets, jeans, and I even have a denim miniskirt. Dresses though can quickly veer into “oh no” territory, was it the 90s where wearing all denim became a trend? I’m thinking of overalls which I will never find fashionable, I hated wearing them as a kid in the 90s! GAP Kids sold them a lot and my mom picked out quite a few during my childhood.
    But this dress is just great! And it’s a fake dark denim too which is more timeless than the lighter colored denim looking fabrics. Love her shoes too. I know everyone wants her to wear wedges like Kate but I’ve seen that wedges are very divisive–some people love them, others hate them. I think she should stick to what she is comfortable in!

  3. Also, can I be completely shallow for a minute. Do all polo players look like Nacho Figueras?

    Because maybe I should become a fan…..

  4. a few days late – but I loved this look. She completely knocked it out of the park. I don’t mind the heels even as she was presenting the trophy and such – she wasn’t just there for fun and to spectate. Plus, all the royals wear heels to Ascot and seem to survive on the grass, so I’m sure she was fine. That clutch just makes the whole look more summer-y. Dress fits wonderfully (love how predictable the criticism is though re: fit of her clothes.) She and Harry look really happy. Wonderful pictures.

  5. I love the dress so much, but feel like it is not suited to the occasion. it looked super hot, denim would have been really uncomfortable.

    • The fabric is a cotton/poly blend. It does not look like a super heavy fabric like the average denim you may be thinking of. I’m thinking it was probably softer and more comfortable than we might imagine. – SC

  6. Love the dress, it looks great on her. Meghan looks beautiful & love her with Harry, they look so happy. Not to be a downer but once again there is a disconnect in her fashion choices. The dress is denim & less dressy while the shoes are more dressy. She’s got to ditch the high heels in the grass for more appropriate footwear, like high wedges, if she wants to wear heels. For example Meghan’s dress would have looked great with a shoe like Kate’s Russell & Bromley Coco-Nut Espadrille Wedge. While Kate has great designer clothes as well as high street clothes & frequently repeats her outfits, Kate’s overall look is very polished & appropriate to the event she is attending. There isn’t that same fashion disconnect that Meghan seems to be having since their engagement. Meghan’s clothing choices seem to be either red carpet/ glamorous 1950’s Hollywood or slapped together like her Wimbledon outfit. She needs to find a stylist who can provide fashion guidance on how to achieve a more connected polished look now that she is a royal (find a good tailor would be very helpful) while letting Meghan shine through.

  7. Meghan looked beautiful as always and love love the dress!! She really rocks the casual looks. To the posters complaining about fit, I think the wrinkles come from the bodice being a teeny bit too long, not because it’s tight. You can see the zipper humping twice, which happens if the bodice is loose but long.

    I wonder about the price tags too though. Kate spends money on coats, which I think are a better investment, but then a few years ago (coincidence with Harry dating Meghan?) she stepped up her game to wearing famous haute-couture house frocks more regularly. Those designer frocks Kate wore were also pretty questionable in their fit, so I wonder if they get them sort of gifted under the radar from the sample size and that’s why they’re not always so well fitting. I would imagine her Birks jewelry is her own purchases.

    Anyway, long discussion but love this look! Can’t wait for Australia tour!!

    NOTE: Admin Quick Edit

  8. The dress is pretty, but I think the full skirt overwhelms Meghan’s small frame.
    The shoes are big miss for this type of venue.
    The handbag clutch is really nice. An unexpected material!
    The messy bun has really had its moment….ugh.

  9. What, no kissing pictures??! 😉
    In any case, Meghan got this just right. It’s a casual dress, so the fit doesn’t need to be fitted to the millimeter. No one’s got time for that, not even a royal duchess.

    • It’s not that we didn’t want to include the “kiss” photo in the post, it’s that each photo we license costs $$$. 🙂 I have to agree, I don’t think the dress needs any adjustments. If it were taken in anywhere, it would be too tight and uncomfortable. – SC

  10. Beautiful! The midi is a great length on Meghan. The shoulders balance the skirt well, and the buckled belt is so much more flattering than a tied belt. Wonderful for the weather and the event.

  11. I like the dress quite a bit, I’m just not in love with it being denim. I’m not sure why, I have nothing against denim, even on a dress; but for some reason I don’t like this particular dress in denim.
    The clutch is super cute for an outdoor summer event.

  12. I really like Meghan’s style, but it is so hard for me to justify the amount of money she spends on each outfit. The fashion is great and I understand she represents Britain, so she needs to look professional and polished, but it seems like one long parade of pricey designer outfits. Before her marriage she wore more affordable labels, and I still loved her style. Does anyone have any opinions on why her style has changed to strictly high-end designer brands? Do you think this is necessary for her role?

    NOTE: Quick Admin Edit

  13. Dear Admin: Thank you! I just logged back in to see if there was anything new and behold! The comments are now scrolling from most recent at the top on down. How kind of you to acknowledge and honor my request, I am certain everyone will enjoy the slight format change.
    Most kindly,
    Dani Rogers

    • We aim to please Danielle – and actually hadn’t noticed that the comments were in descending vs ascending order. 🙂 Slowly we are working to make more and more improvements to the site. We will get there, as long as Harry and Meghan take some time off with the other Royals perhaps we can get a bit more done to the site! 😉 – thanks, Susan C.

      • Would you consider switching the order back to descending? Or perhaps a preference poll? The comment order is actually one of the things I love about WMW vs WKW.

        • KT – thanks, I was going to ask what everyone here prefers. Descending order or ascending order of comments? – SC

          • I wrote yesterday, but it didn’t seem to make it into print. I prefer that the comments go in order that they are written…earliest comments first and the newer ones at the bottom. That way if something has already been asked, or answered, you know. The way you have reorganized, I now read from the bottom up…as I have to do on WKW.

          • Susan C- When I initially read the comments I prefer the older comments first, posted in the order received, to understand the historical train of thought (like KT and Bonnie noted).

            After I post I come back for updates and scroll the comments looking for any “Likes” and “Replies.” Since these stay attached to the original thread, I have to scroll through all the comments to find them, so ascending or descending order doesn’t matter for that. The date/time stamp is helpful for this pass through, don’t ever get rid of that!

            Truly, thanks for a fabulous blog. Really enjoy the background info you include such as the program message from Princes Harry and Seeiso. These extra articles and photos assist me in realizing what the message is behind Sentebale and appreciate Meghan and Harry’s appearance and support.

      • Actually, I really liked that the newer comments, until very recently, were at the bottom. That way you got a sense of how the discussion was developing and what had already been said.. It was in order. Now I need to read from the bottom up. But there is no way to please everyone. You are doing a fine job, Susan, so thank you.

        • I don’t mind either way – descending or ascending – but I’ll say that I would like it to be consistent between here and WKW. I think many of us read both sites and when I go back and forth sometimes it takes my brain a minute to make the switch for the comments.

  14. What a great look. Of course the obvious happiness and love between Meghan and Harry is the best thing that anyone can wear, but we do have to look at the clothes too!
    There are only two things I’d change: I’d have loved to have seen a necklace with this though, just a simple diamond pendant or something with that beautiful v neck. And wedges/flats/block heels – anything but a stiletto I guess when walking on grass.
    But overall this is one of her best outfits yet IMO.

    • You’re wish is my command Theresa – I actually had that on my list to circle back to and look at again. 😉 The bag is by Globe-Trotter. I have added it to our What Harry Wore tab along with information on the polo shirts worn for the event – you can read up on the details here —
      Thanks for bringing this up! – Susan C.

      • So Harry’s team received the bag as a gift or part of the winners package? I don’t think I am understanding this correctly.

        • We’re thinking that Harry has had the bag for some time – it is an older style from Globe-Trotter (circa 2013) – however I haven’t looked to see if it was given to all as a gift of some sort. I may have been part of the participants package.

      • It’s interesting to note that Harry’s jersey doesn’t have any ads on it. Is that because he is a royal and can’t align himself with any particular “brand.” I have really never noticed before.

        • Jessica – this may be the case. I hadn’t noticed before and I don’t fully recall the protocol off the top of my head, but that sounds about right with regards to not having a brand stamp “ad” similar to Nacho’s and the other jerseys. – SC

  15. First, let me say that I think Meghan has really rose to the occasion and has made some lovely fashion choices as the Duchess of Sussex. I am a bit curious, though, as to her selection of clothing by very expensive designers. Kate seems to be conscious of the cost of her wardrobe and I wondered why the difference in the two womens’ clothing budgets. I’m not trying to compare them. They each have very unique styles. I’m simply pondering why Harry’s wife would seem to spend more on clothing than William’s, the future King.

    • Rachel – Kate’s McQueen coats and pieces are pricey as well. I’m sure when stepping back and looking at some of the pieces and learning of the actual cost, we’d be surprised at the grand total. That said, I will say, I know there is a “discounted” price for pieces they wear. I’ve read over and over about this. I have read a number of articles and one in particular recently about fashion houses admitting “gifting” pieces and doing so in a round about way – via stylists and slipping items in collections to choose from. Yes, we know that they are not “supposed” to accept gifts, but I personally, don’t believe that and when I hear an interview from a fashion house stating they gifted such and such to so and so’s stylist and the item is then chosen to be worn, well, then there you have it – Meghan and or Kate ends up wearing said piece. So when it comes down to spend/cost – I’m sure it would be interesting to know what the bottom dollar amount actually really is/was. Plus, Meghan has her own money as well. That’s my two cents on it. No pun intended btw. lol Susan C.

      • Thanks so much Susan for your perspective on the matter. It makes sense that designers would be dying to get their clothing in these ladies’ hands since everything they wear flies off the shelves. I do enjoy seeing Meghan’s variety of designers. I, too, am a big fan of Ralph Lauren’s upper end lines. I thoroughly enjoy both this site and What Kate Wore. I admit to having purchased a number of Kate’s fashion pieces thanks to you.

    • Rachel I have been thinking about the clothing costs as well. I remember Kate wearing Reiss and LK Bennett in the beginning of her marriage. The dress she wore to meet Michelle Obama and her first outing with the queen I think were from those labels.
      Not that it really matters since both women have different tastes and styles.
      I love Meghan in this dress – she looks gorgeous

  16. Perfect dress, purse and hair for the occasion. The cut of the dress nicely accentuates her figure. Denim never looked so chic. However, it would be great to see her in a block or wedge heel when on grass, especially for a less formal event like this one. It is completely impractical to wear stilettos on the grass. Not sure how she moves so elegantly in them. I bet Meghan could navigate the beach in stilettos!

  17. First, the Duchess looks lovely. The dress is a flattering silhouette for her and I love the skirt and pockets. Something about the bodice is not right. It’s pulling around the bust, even on the model. When you pay that much for a dress, you shouldn’t have problems like that. Love the straw bag. Wish she has chosen sandals rather than the Aquazurra’s.

  18. This is a delight. Completely pulled-together and completely comfortable-looking–and so unfussy. I would love to have this dress (though I wouldn’t fare as well as Meghan with such a wide belt).

    Anyone may know how much I love these Aquazurras, and what a treat to see them in this blush colorway–but I do agree that they were not the best choice for walking on grass.

    The handbag is adorable, and I love that she’s mixing high-low. $30!

    That picture of her and Prince Harry holdings hands, from the back–it looks like the end of a romantic movie, doesn’t it? They do look nice together.

  19. I love this dress and the style and colour suit Meghan beautifully, a really good choice of casual chic. Great choice of bag, hair and earrings too. I like these shoes but think a block heel would have been better on the grass but the colour is great.
    I’m really enjoying watch Meghan’s style develop, this is another perfect choice.

  20. The denim dress looks great on Meghan for an informal occasion, maybe a bit more tailoring at the shoulders / bust but I guess that she feels more comfortable in looser fitting garments. I like the handbag and hope to find something similar in South Africa for myself. Love the shoes but not with this dress and for the occasion. I am definitely going to take inspiration from this look for my Meg inspired look.

  21. Here is a style that fits and flatters Meghan perfectly. She looked very comfortable and hit the day’s vibe beautifully. I hope she orders versions of the dress in different colours. She also accessorised well.

  22. I love this dress. It looks fabulous on her. I think she shoes are a mistake, though. Aside from the impracticality of wearing stilettos on grass, they are just too “businesslike” for a denim dress. A pair of sandals or wedges would have been better and would have fit the more casual nature of the event, her dress, and her bag. Although I will say this may be the first pair of nude pumps I have ever liked, because they are really interesting and not just a boring plain pump.

  23. Finally!! I loved it. I think a fuller skirt flatters her trim stomach and gives her curves where she (luckily) has none.

  24. I really like the style of this dress. Meghan looks great wearing it. But I do question the shoes, which look so formal and elegant for a denim dress and wicker purse. Given that Meghan is walking through grass at a sporting event, a lower heel and a more casual shoe would have worked better. I find the earrings also overly formal to wear with denim. But there is no denying how terrific the dress looks on Meghan. As for the messy bun…well maybe it goes with denim, but I still think it is very unpolished.

  25. I think the dress looks very nice on her and fits her well. Is it me, or is the cost of her wardrobe post-wedding about to enter the stratosphere? Lots of public appearances, yes, but wow.

    • AC – Please see my earlier response regarding photos. We purchase copyrighted photos from a few agencies. The selection of photos varies as well as the cost associated with each photo we use. It adds up quickly. We try to include as many photos as we can to each post. At times, a particular photo, ie; “kiss photo”, may not be available at the time when we are ready to publish a post. Also, some agencies that may have certain photos charge a lot just for one photo. Otherwise, if $$ were no object, we would certainly include a lot more photos like that adorable “kiss” photo! 🙂 – SC

  26. absolutely stunning look and love the design and cut of the dress. A very stylish look for such a great event and cause. Meghan is doing a fabulous job and cannot wait till she comes to Australia, weather will be great and her clothes will be magnificent.

  27. Meghan’s profile is amazing. It reminds me of the iconic image of Virginia Woolf in profile, with her own messy bun.

  28. I love this outfit! The full swing skirt looks amazing when Meghan walks and those heels look perfect with it. The pineapples on the soles are adorable! I love the gold tone glasses and that wicker clutch is perfect for a hot summer day. I love her bun and the one, long tendril left to curl around her ear! This outfit was lovely for the polo match!

  29. I love how she always seems to choose the right handbag. It looks perfect for the occasion and for this event!
    Also, I really hope Meghan inspires a return to cap sleeves! I like that look so much better (on her and on me!) and wish there were more clothing choices that had cap sleeves.

  30. Oh my gosh I loved this dress and outfit so much when I first saw photos of it on Instagram and now I come here and see better photos and realize that it’s denim!? Fantastic!!! I think this is my favorite outfit that she’s worn so far, second only to the tuxedo pantsuit which will always be my favorite. She really looks like she’s getting more and more comfortable at each new event. I’m loving it.

  31. The silhouette of this dress looks lovely on the Duchess and the denim fabric and accessories makes the whole look modern and refreshing. Excellent look from head to toe. I love that she did a messy bun with the dress because with how windy it was, ANY hairstyle would’ve quickly become messy!

  32. Perfect summery look! She looks relaxed, cool, and lovely. The silhouette is complementary to her figure, and the neckline brings attention to her face. I want this dress! The shoes could be a little more practical, but they’re gorgeous.

  33. Duchess in Denim!

    I agree with you, Becca 🙂

    [I think my phone ate my comment.]
    Had to try to post again, because this is just so fabulous!!!

    I adore this breezy, fresh, summery look.

  34. I like the silhouette of the dress and seeing this style in denim is refreshing. The shoes, though, impractical for the event (look at the grass stains on the heel) are cute.
    The fit on the bodice is really off though. It’s puckering in the front by the shoulders and at the back too.
    She should have bought a size larger and had it altered.

    • Oh my goodness Lady C, I think you have it, those grass stains prove the laws of physics do apply to royals as well as the rest of us! Stilettos really do sink into turf. I wonder if Kate adopts wedges where she can because they won’t get the same giveaway stains 😉

    • You are exactly right. She is short waisted and needs to have her bodice altered so it will drape properly. The picture when they were walking holding hands, really shows how much extra fabric is in the bodice on her back. I see two options: she start tailoring her bodices so the sewn waist hits her natural waist, or we (the readers/her fans) need to just get used to seeing the fit being “off”- which is probably the thing we should do.
      BTW, this is the opposite problem Kate has, She has a long waist and many of her dresses seem to have a raised (slightly empire) waist to them than hitting at her actual waist.

      • So that’s the issue. I knew something was wrong with the fit, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what. I’m surprised she’s not having her clothes altered. When you drop that much money on a dress, it’s definitely worth getting the fit right in my opinion.

  35. Great dress for the event. Fitted waists work best on her, and the fitted, wide belt really looked great. The right mixture of cool, chic, casual and not-too-casual for an important polo event where she had a role. The very top — bust and shoulders could have fit a tad better (bra issue? tailoring? Not sure) but it really didn’t detract. She looked lovely and the accessories were perfect. Love those shoes in nude! Just a note — it’s not a small matter that there’s a woman on the team! Bravo! It took women a long time to be accepted on the polo field and there are still battles to fight on that front so it’s lovely to see.

    • I agree with you, Tessa – very nice to see a woman on the team.
      I first thought Meghan’s dress was a little sombre and formal for polo – but then I realized it was denim, and had a complete change of heart. Great look!

  36. A denim dress fit for a Duchess! A charming summery clutch! I love this whole look so completely.

    Meghan is just magnificent. That adoring smile and graceful poise. It makes me so happy to see Harry & Meghan so absolutely in love.

  37. Such a pretty dress and looking very well on Meghan, with fitted bodice and full skirt. Neutral pumps are just right, though I suffer from mild irritation at the little bows on the heel though that really shouldn’t matter with such clean lines in the dress
    I love the uncluttered v-neck and sweet cap sleeves, the deep belt and pocket and double seaming details. I quibble a bit over the fabric being described as denim when it’s tailoring is so sleek, and the skirt is so full and hangs beautifully. Jeans denim can’t do this, it’s more like a quality chambray to me.
    The straw clutch is great for a casual vibe and at least a nod to High Street while Meghan continues to stock up on high end. I was happy to see some hair escaping from the updo, giving elegance with accessibility. An all-round win and a great treat to see Meghan again.

  38. Always happy when cool sunglasses are involved and Meghan’s did not disappoint. The smokey grey lens tint and black frames complimented Meghan’s hair and sophisticated style.

    Meghan’s denim dress with over sized matching fabric belt showed off her slim waist while the slash pockets kept the skirt from looking bulky and old fashioned. The design is a great updated take on a classic denim dress which manages to keep things casual yet unique.


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