The Duchess Wears Nonie for Nelson Mandela Exhibit Opening

Today the Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially opened “Nelson Mandela: The Centenary Exhibition”  in the Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre.

Here you see the couple being welcomed by Lord Peter Hain, Chair of The Nelson Mandela Centenary Committee and Elaine Bedell, Chief Executive of Southbank Centre.

Southbank Centre is the UK’s largest arts centre. Queen Elizabeth Hall just reopened in April after three years of renovations.

The exhibit marks the centenary of the birth of the anti-apartheid leader who became South Africa’s first black president.

Meghan and Harry as they arrived today.

This is the first time the exhibit has been seen in the UK. More about it from Southbank Centre:

This exhibition explores the life and times of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918 – 2013) and marks the centenary of his birth. It provides insight into Mandela’s journey from young freedom fighter to becoming the inspiration for an international movement against South Africa’s violent and oppressive apartheid system, and an emblem of an ongoing struggle to build a more just and equitable world.

The exhibit is jointly curated by the Apartheid Museum in South Africa, the British Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives, and the Southbank Centre.

From an ABC News story:

Peter Hain, a former anti-apartheid campaigner and chair of the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition, said it was “very fitting” for the royal couple to visit because Harry does charitable work in southern Africa, and Meghan has said that Mandela is one of her heroes.

Below, Prince Harry in 2015, as he visited the Nelson Mandela Foundation Centre of Memory in Johannesburg. 

And from The Telegraph‘s story:

Harry has visited a number of sites associated with Mandela, from his prison cell on Robben Island in 2008, where he was imprisoned for 18 years, to a tour of the statesman’s offices, where he met his widow Graca Machel, in 2015.

Harry with Graca Machel on that 2015 trip.

Back to today’s event, where the Duke and Duchess looked at the “Robben Island Bible,” which isn’t a bible at all.

More from the Times Literary Supplement:

The “bible” is in fact a copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare – smuggled into Robben Island prison in the 1970s – that has long held potent anti-Apartheid associations. It is disguised in Diwali paper, masquerading as a religious text; in it thirty-four prisoners have marked and autographed passages that are significant to them. Those prisoners include Walter Sisulu, Ahmed Kathrada and Mandela himself.

A closer look. 

Harry and Meghan met 92-year-old Andrew Mlangeni, accused of sabotage against the then apartheid government in 1938. Mr. Mlangeni spent 26 years in the Robben Island prison.

The couple spoke with Mr. Mlangeni about the book.

The Duke and Duchess also met Paul and Adelaide Joseph, Anti-Apartheid activists and close friends of Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela. 

Viewing more artifacts with Lord Hain.

Meghan and Harry with Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter (in the red and white stripes.)

Ms. Dlamini-Mandela told The Mirror it was a “huge honor” to meet the couple.

The Mirror’s coverage has more on her reaction:

She said: “The thing I admire most about them is that they are activists and they go out of their way to put their name behind causes that are important to them.

“For me, I think it’s very admirable that they stand by causes and they put their name where their mouth is. They don’t just talk about it, you see them actually taking part and we are honoured that this is another one of the amazing projects that they like to support.

“They are from a family that has a legacy themselves but by supporting Nelson Mandela’s legacy it will have a huge effect throughout the world.”

Those at the special preview watched a performance by the Ubunye Choir.

A quick video.

Back to The Evening Standard piece:

The exhibition is opening as part of the Africa Utopia festival, an annual celebration of music and arts from the African diaspora, which will be celebrated at the Southbank Centre this weekend.

If you are in the greater London area, the exhibit is open from 10 am – 11 pm daily. There is no admission charge and it runs through August 19th.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore, starting with her dress by NONIE, a Canadian label. The Duchess was in the brand’s Sleeveless Trench ($1085 CAD, that’s roughly $825 USD). It features a classic trench silhouette and details, minus the sleeves in a stretchy cotton/nylon/spandex fabric.

The dress is part of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection and is made to order with shipping worldwide. The company says to allow 4 – 6 weeks for production and delivery.

NONIE was launched in 2008 by computer engineer turned fashion designer, Nina Kharey. The label features tailored designs with an Eastern influence; the merchandise is manufactured in Canada. More from a news release:

NONIE…is a favourite among Canadian notables and has a roster of celebrity clients including Jessica Mulroney, Chantal Kreviazuk, Meghan Markle and Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau.”

This is the first Canadian apparel brand we’ve seen Meghan showcase at an engagement in quite some time. A Calgary Herald story shares Ms. Kharey’s reaction to news that Meghan was seen wearing the label:

“This is definitely a good step in the right direction, it’s definitely going to get me the international eyes that I need at the moment,” she said.

“Getting that royal stamp of approval is just huge…. It is tough doing this from Calgary but things like this, when the most famous woman in the world is wearing one of your dresses and looking amazing in it, it does wonders for a brand like mine.”

People reports “…the dress is actually a re-wear from her own closet. The duchess purchased it from the Calgary-based designer while living in Toronto, just before she moved to London in the fall of 2017.”

The bag is a Mulberry style we’ve seen Meghan carry before, the Clifton style.

It is a classic grained calf leather with three internal pockets and an adjustable shoulder chain; it measures about 7″ x 8.5″ with a depth of almost 3″. Meghan carries the bag in the rosewater colorway (originally £750/$1000, now £600, about $800). It is available in several other colors. One note, the Clifton is shown only on the UK website, but not the US site.

The Duchess wore Dior heels in the ‘Dioressence’ style. We show the shoe in a patent leather version while Meghan’s appear to be a nubuck leather.

It is a style that was introduced in 2016 and inspired by Dior’s classic heel design from the Spring 1959 collection. Our thanks to Heaven on Twitter for the shoe ID. We will update the post once we have more information on the shoe.

Meghan’s earrings are the Bee Chic studs by Birks ($270 CAD, about $205). UPDATE: The earrings are now sold out on the Birks site as they were a part of the sale.

This pair below from Amazon – the Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Cushion Cut Earring for $15.00 are a great #MatchMegStyle.

Thanks to WMW Facebook follower Jessica for the find!

We’re thinking the bracelet Meghan is wearing is one by Zofia Day – the Open Diamond Cuff, $1200.


Meghan is also wearing her Catbird Jewelry ‘Threadbare’ rings in yellow gold stacking rings, $44 and one that we discovered she has had since around 2014 which we think may be the Adina Reyter Pave Flat Bar Ring in diamonds and yellow gold, $595.

This is the last scheduled engagement on the Duke and Duchess’s calendar. We expect to hear about more engagements in the next few days.

We’ll leave you with this 2:20 video recapping today’s event.


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  1. She looks great. The collar seems a little floppy and I feel badly for her for that, but still she looks 100 times more smashing than 99% of us on our best days, so….

  2. I like the outfit but what bugs me is the hair. I like the soft tendrils but Meghan seems to find them annoying and tucks them behind her ears. So….why bother having them? This is the one thing that I couldn’t stand looking at during the royal wedding!

  3. The trench dress is fine and looks comfortable and appropriate, but the star of the show is that wonderful floor-length blue dress with the orange dots. It’s fabulous.

  4. I think the Duchess of Sussex is a pretty young woman, with a very slender frame.
    This dress did not flatter her figure. I like the fact that she appreciates clean, modern
    lines, however this dress was too bulky, it appeared to be a trench coat that the designer
    cut the sleeves off. When the Duchess selects an outfit that is spot on, she looks amazing.
    This is not one of those times. I think in time, she will settle into her comfort zone sartorially.

    NOTE: Quick Admin Edit

  5. Although some of Meghan’s clothing appears a size too large, I think the issue of her looking ‘swamped’ by her clothing comes down to proportion: she has very, very slender lower legs. So even a normal amount of fabric can appear voluminous and/or heavy in comparison. The incredibly high stilettos only exacerbate the contrast. She looks more in proportion in slender sheath dresses. But oh, the shoes — on a practical level! It so often looks as if she is having to walk very cautiously, particularly on cobblestone streets and lawns. Surely her ability to move easily is part of the job?? Why not wear stylish but less perilous heels? (Even professional catwalk models are known to stumble in such sky high heels!)

  6. I’ll fully admit that this isn’t my favorite outfit that Meghan has worn, however these comments have me in stitches. If Ralph Lauren Collection separates are light gardening attire and a sleeveless trench dress is painting attire, then I’d love to see what that commentor wears whilst working about their home! There are comments on the back of the collar being popped – this appears to have been done intentionally on both this dress and her Wimbledon shirt in order to provide some structure and it frames her neck and face beautifully! To suggest she’s under dressed for a daytime exhibit opening seems overly critical – Ms. Dlamini-Mandela is wearing a shirt dress and I doubt she was viewed as being disrespectful to her grandfather’s memory or the exhibit.
    I think Meghan looks modern and fashion forward – that’s who she is. I have to imagine it’ll take time to figure out how to take who she’s been for the past 36 years and evolve into who she has become now without a few hiccups along the way.

  7. When I saw first saw the initial pic in this post, I thought, “Is she wearing a sleeveless coat over her dress in July? That’s an odd choice.” While there is never a time that she isn’t strikingly beautiful, I feel that the dress fits Meaghan more like coat and is poorly executed. Amal Clooney wore an Oscar de la Renta trench inspired dress at the end of June that was to die for. Impeccably fitted and executed (as well as her killer Givenchy pumps with treads ?). Admittedly, Amal’s shape and height is made for displaying clothes, but I agree with others that Meghan could really up her game with better tailoring.

  8. This seems to be one of those polarizing looks! Personally, I’m really not a fan. The weight of the fabric and the trench details make it look like she’s literally wearing a coat with nothing underneath, and the lack of sleeves throws everything else out of proportion. I will say I like the color, she’s worn a lot of blush pink but it does look great on her.
    Meghan is slim but has an undefined waist — I have the same body type — and unfortunately the loose, tied-in-the-middle looks she favors don’t do much to flatter our shape. She has a lovely figure and looks amazing in sleeker styles, I’d love to see her wear more tailored dresses like that yellow sheath or the white Givenchy she wore for her outing with the Queen instead of bulky silhouettes like this.

  9. She needs a real stylist to get clothes and lingerie that fit her, also a hair stylist to do something so she stops fiddling with her hair all the time.

    NOTE: Quick Admin Edit

  10. Give me this dress in every color and I’m in heaven! Gosh Meghan looks absolutely stunning ❤️ Honestly I don’t understand comments about her dresses not fitting properly? She likes and did say in the past her dresses to be loose and it makes her feel girly the feels of fabric swaying ! Not everybody likes tight fitting outfits. I totally get Meghan’s visit in clothing choices she’s makes. Well done ??????

    • It’s not that her clothes need to be tight, just better tailored. Loose fitting and flowy fabrics are available that fit correctly. A good tailor is a god send for looking completely put together, and unfortunately, Meghan hasn’t really done that yet.

  11. Not bad. Not my favorite, just a middle in the road “okay.” The color looks great on her!
    I don’t know why but I find it funny her pocketbook/clutch is so big!
    Harry also looks great in his light suit.

  12. I think this dress looks great on her. I’m not sure it’s something I would ever personally choose but the trench details give some personality to an otherwise possibly bland dress. I REALLY wish she would have worn some contrasting shoes and carried a brown bag. I think the monochromatic chic look doesn’t work as well with this dress as with some more formal looks. The khaki green shoes she wore at Louis’ christening would have been very complimentary. Sigh, still lovely though.

  13. I like this look, ‘tho admit to slight blush colour and messy hair fatigue. To me this clearly referenced “trench coat” and not “safari jacket” at all. While there might be slight fit issues still, an updated coat dress is always a professional look – Diana wore them almost exclusively for a while there, or so it seemed.
    And I’m sorry, but to suggest someone as slim and healthy as Meghan should always dress in items that make her waist appear smaller is just not acceptable in 2018. I hope we have reached the point where we can appreciate or not-appreciate a dress based on something other than how well it camouflauges “figure flaws”.
    Anyway, off my soap box. Overall this outfit pinged as a win to me.

    • The messy hair is not professional for me, but overall the look was smart although not my favorite. I think the blush colour is pretty on her, and the monochromatic looks polished to me.
      I do disagree with your comment äbout appreciating a dress based on something other than how well it camouflages figure flaws though. Perhaps not quite so necessary to get on the soapbox and lecture about what is acceptable in 2018 because I think people are taking issue that her clothes are often too large or shapeless, despite her lovely frame, and not that they want her to create a better figure that isn’t there. There’s a line between expecting a woman to wear a corset/Spanx/belt at the waist all the time vs expecting a woman to wear clothes that flatter her natural features. The idea of fit is subjective indeed, based on the era, but I think streamlined and tailored is timeless and classic.

      • Thanks for your input, Dana. TBH, I personally didn’t take the comment as ‘lecturing’ at all. I enjoyed hearing the perspective that was offered. One of the joys of the site is the sharing of opinions and viewpoints, we all learn from one another. 🙂 – SC

  14. So close! The dress itself is gorgeous, but looking at the model shots compared to the DoS it appears as if the skirt has been altered so as not to be so full – this plus the messy belt and collar ruin the proportions of the outfit. I would have loved to have seen this dress with black shoes. Her hairstyle was perfect for this dress I just wish it was a little bit neater. Once again I feel like the DoS is so close but let down by the execution of the outfit.

  15. I don’t like it. Whilst it seems the game plan is for Harry and Meghan to provide a more casual foil to the Wills and Kate formality, are they taking this too far?
    I felt for the Wimbledon bosses: no doubt they are trying to maintain a standard the host wore a formal dress with an orchid coursage and Meghan turns up in an outfit that looks as if she is about to do some light gardening. It was the same at Ascot: a style just slightly below the normal range. Again this trench outfit looks more as if it is a doctored overall ready for some painting or DIY. I’m all for a fusion Stateside style and I was looking forward to some new couture based on that but so far it’s been more miss than hit.

    • Bee, I don’t know that there is a “game plan” as you call it, to have Harry and Meghan casual and William and Kate formal. I do think that W&K are just more reserved in their personalities, along with the knowledge that one day they will be King and Queen. H&M have the luxury of knowing they will not rule one day. Meghan is wonderful and I do believe that this past year has been a huge learning curve for her. I agree with you, that Meghan doesn’t always get it quite right in her choice of outfits. I think with time she will come to learn and understand what is appropriate for Ascot, Wimbledon and other assorted events.

  16. IMHO the dress is a no, it looks uncomfortable to wear and is unflattering on both the model and the duchess. As a South African extremely proud of her country & Mandela, and grateful to the UK for joining in celebrating his life, I wish the duchess had shown a little more respect and put in the effort the other ladies attending had. Compared to them she looks like she had 5 minutes to get ready and ran out the door with her hair half done wearing the first thing that was easy to get on.

    • I so agree with you Kay. Many other Royals, (Not just the British), pay a lot more attention to the nature of the event and dress accordingly. You are absolutely right to suggest that more effort was needed.

  17. I’m trying to decide whether or not I like this dress. I am leaning more toward a “no.” As a few others have said, it looks like a trench coat with the sleeves removed. Because it so resembles a coat, that protects one from the rain, it makes the material look heavy and stiff. Not sure that is a good summer look, when there are so many lighter, pretty dresses out there. Once again, this dress/coat swamps Meghan. I do like her choice of purse and shoes. For me the monochromatic look is always appreciated. The faux diamond earrings look too formal and gold earrings would have looked better with the gold bracelet.

  18. The dress is a miss for me. I don’t think it does anything for Meghan’s shape; just a rectangular block.
    I absolutely love a classic trench, but as a sleeveless dress it’s a pass for me.

  19. Terrible. It looks like a trench coat, poor shoe choice, too boxy on her frame. I can’t find one thing I like about it.

    I am beginning to think Meghan does not know what size she is.

  20. Total win from me. I loved this trench dress on Meghan!
    I thought it a really fun twist on a coat dress 🙂
    Summery, stylish and polished.
    She continues to dress like Thoroughly Modern Meghan.

  21. A couple of commenters pointed out the collar not laying correctly. That was the first thing I noticed as well. It happened with the Wimbledon shirt also. I’m afraid her low bun is the culprit.

  22. Um, wow, no. The first thing I noticed was the extra flap of fabric on the shoulder. The only thing I can think of is that this dress is meant to be a take on a safari or gun jacket that has extra padding on the shoulder for the gun butt. In which case, considering the occasion and venue, seems a bit of a diplomatic miss. I hope you will tell me I’m wrong.

  23. I like the outfit well enough, while not a hit, it’s not a miss either.

    But,Harry’s outfit was fab! Loved the colour combo in the first picture. Harry stole the show IMO

    • Hi Grace, it looks like she may be wearing the Zofia Day Open Cuff diamond bracelet. I haven’t had a chance to update the post and am about to with this information. thanks, Susan C.

  24. Just love this look. Professional, fun, unique with a feminine color. I can see it in a Vogue article “What to wear to work this summer.” The shoes and bag are perfection with it — the shoes give the boxy trench a delicate, feminine counterpoint and the bag is just right. It’s so Meghan, and it hits all the checkboxes — professional, summery, practical, but still feminine and fun.

  25. Thank you for such an informative post! I think this outfit is lovely, and appropriate without being stuffy or fussy. Is there any reason why so much of her jewelry comes from Birks? Meghan seems much more brand loyal with her jewels that even Kate with her Kiki earrings.
    Also, would it be possible to identify the bracelet I see her wearing in these pictures? Is this the bracelet given to her by the Queen, for her baptism?

  26. Long time lurker – maybe Meghan’s team read this. 🙂
    Meghan desperately needs a tailor and to figure out dresses for her body type. It gives me the sense that she’s a kid in a candy shop, splashing out on luxury goods with 4-digit prices now that money is no longer an issue, but like a child, doesn’t understand that the foundation of style is good fit and tailoring, rather than designer labels.

    I prefer Meghan’s elegance, minimal aesthetic to that of Catherine’s, but Catherine at least more often than not looks as though her clothes fit and accentuate her assets, even when she is being frugal and not buying luxury labels. For Meghan, I find the fit on almost every single outfit not flattering on her. Her clothes have a lovely masculine meets feminine undertone and strive towards minimal elegance, yet lack the sharp tailoring that would really pull it off convincingly. Her pre-royal, casual clothes looked flattering on her figure because it was mainly slim/skinny pants and a blousy, oversized top that complemented her boxy, athletic figure. Or at least didn’t draw the eye to her lack of waist.
    This outfit looked literally like someone cut the sleeves off a coat. I would have expected that the trench be interpreted instead of so literal. Like, a softer fabric or a smaller collar to fit her proportions or skirt with seams that lay better. I would bet my money that the person who founded this clothing line doesn’t know how to sew or tailor. And the dress hits her at that awkward point that gently allude to chicken feet, i.e. skinny stems on oversized feet (although, her shoes look like they fit normally and not the size too large as before). Also, the way that hem is sewn…
    Either her clothes are too tight or too loose…I cannot

    • Marie, You are absolutely correct! She is not in Hollywood anymore— where you can be risky and everyone will applaud you. She has the right idea for a lot of her choices, but always ‘short’ of flattering on her.

  27. I really want to like this, but its a bit too ‘blah’. The collar doesn’t look right, as Katherine said. The colour is boring and insipid and with the tone-on-tone-on-tone dress, bag and shoes, its just a wall of beige-blush. I think she was inspired by her friend Priyanka Chopra’s killer trench coat inspired dress for the Met Gala, but this version was not as cool. But huge props to Meghan for the subtle hint that she is not forgetting her pre-royal life, similar to how she wore Ralph Lauren for Wimbledon at the weekend. I really respect that.

  28. This dress is wearing the Duchess which is what always happens when she makes these choices. Clean unfussy lines and a classic silhouette don’t detract from her presence and enhance her beauty.

  29. This is very Meghan–the pale blush color (which I continue to think looks fantastic on her), the tie belt, and the trench detailing, which reminds me both of the Givenchy skirt from Ireland and the sleeveless navy blue dress (was it Jason Wu?) from pre-wedding, with the epaulets. I think she looks quite nice, though I find the oversize collar and trench flap a little cluttered-looking up top, especially on someone so slim. The shoes and bag are a nice color match. I was just thinking that the DoC’s bag from Wimbledon would have looked smashing (as it were) with this outfit, too! Wonder if they’ll ever borrow from each other? Wouldn’t that be fun!

    I’m a defender of the messy bun in general, but I prefer the more elevated version–what we saw at Wimbledon, for instance–to today’s look. But altogether, very pretty, professional summer look.

    • Jessica – yes you are correct, it was the Jason Wu navy wrap dress from the Royal Foundation Forum back in February that you are thinking of. I too have wondered if Meghan and Kate might borrow items from one another. We will have to wait and see. 🙂 – Susan C.

      • I don’t think Kate and Meghan will borrow from each other. At this year’s Commonwealth Service at Westminster, Princess Anne wore a striking white and navy outfit. Within minutes the media produced photos of her wearing it at Ascot in 1980. So if the two duchesses exchange items the press would have a field day and show numerous photos of what item belonged to which person. Since there would be no discreet way to borrow from each other, I don’t think it will happen.

        • But would it be important for it to be discreet? I remember the DoC borrowing a dress from her mother some years ago, and yes, it was noticed and reported on, but not in a negative way. Also the DoC frequently borrows jewelry from the Queen and that’s always seen in a positive light. And in fact I wasn’t aware of Princess Anne’s recent re-wear being seen negatively, either, but perhaps I’m wrong about that.

          The two Duchesses are different sizes/body types, so I doubt they’d even be in a position to borrow dresses, but it might be fun to see some accessories and/or jewelry shared between them. And we can also look forward to the day when we see Princess Charlotte borrow from her mother, too!

          • Jessica, some of the tabloid media takes a poke every opportunity they get. They abound in negative stories. As for borrowing and sharing the royal jewels, they are in a totally different category than clothes and accessories. Many of the gems have historical significance and were acquired centuries before the current Queen was born. Many are gifts from other countries and foreign dignitaries. Although they are technically the Queen’s, in fact they belong to the British Royal Family and will still be a collection to be used after her Majesty dies. So that puts then in a very different group from purses and scarves.

          • I followed the Princess of Wales and Duchess of York in the 80s and they semi-regularly borrowed clothes as well as jewelry (usually Sarah from Diana). I found several examples (1, 2, 3) while trying to find the instance I was thinking of, which I still haven’t found! The major reason I don’t envision Kate and Meghan doing this is that I think of their styles as so different. I’m open to being surprised, though!

          • I think this may be a cultural disconnect, or else I’m just a rube. I am just not understanding why borrowing would be seen in a negative light.

          • @Jessica the only potential negative I see is the inevitable “who were it best?” columns.

  30. Although I didn’t really mind the outfit, I would have liked to see her in something more appropriate for the event. This was an event celebrating Mandela and South Africa. It would have been great to wear something that was a nod to Africa. The outfit reads too much like safari which I think it’s the absolutely wrong thing to pick as if Africa was only about safaris instead of vibrant colors and patterns.

  31. Megan nailed it. First she something from her closet so no can balk about the cost. Second it is effortless chic. The back collar stands up perfectly. The length lends it elegance. The sleeve less trench makes it sexy. She accessorized it to perfection and notice how thoroughly she and Harry compliment each other. More and more I realize that the clothes don’t make the impact but woman wearing the clothes. That’s why Megan outfits work that why less is so much more on her!

  32. Thought it was clever how the designer of the NONIE trench dress kept just a few details usually seen on a trench coat and let the others go. With the double buttons, front flap, tie belt and back storm shield you got the idea of a trench coat without it being fussy. Preferred how Meghan tied her belt in a bow with one end a tad longer. The model wearing the dress, above, seemed too loose and sad with very long dangling belt ends.

  33. She looks cool and comfortable on a hot day. Wish she’d ditch the sky-high heels (as a surgical nurse I’ve seen what they do to women’s feet and low backs). Remember Steve Martin’s wonderful skit, Cruel Shoes, which challenged women to quit dressing in ways that were physically detrimental? She and Kate have so many years ahead of them standing/walking in public appearances, and their husbands certainly choose comfort over style in their shoes.

  34. I agree that the model’s version has a fuller skirt but as it’s made to order, I would assume that there are all sorts of options that can be made when ordering. I also prefer the model’s version and the model’s styling with the adorable short boots; the heels Meghan is wearing don’t really seem to go with the general informality of the dress. I do sometimes wonder if she second-guesses her choice of the “messy bun” when she’s actually meeting the people who have so obviously been waiting for the opportunity to meet her and Prince Harry; for me, it seems almost disrespectful of her to a degree. I feel like the unofficial motto of the Royals is “best foot forward” and when Meghan chooses the messy bun look, I don’t feel that’s her – or anyone’s – ‘best foot’.

  35. That midi length is not east to pull off but there she does it again! It draws attention to her legs and away from her waist and elongates her. Very flattering on her.

  36. love this look, elegant, stylish and understated. This design is so ontrend at present and would not look out of place on the New York and Paris catwalks. She is really rocking a new style royal that wears garments that are fashionable but still retains the elegance of a royal.

  37. Nope. It’s a “no” from me. Apart from the colour, there was nothing I liked about this look. It was like a too big trench coat she just simply took the sleeves off of. Perhaps it was the fabric – it was too thick and stiff or that the collar did not sit right. I didn’t like it I’m afraid.

  38. I have to say, I did not like this look. Not one bit… OK, the colour was pretty but that’s about it. There was something about it – the collar just didn’t sit right. It looked like a too big trench coat she just simply the sleeves off of. Perhaps it was the fabric – too thick and stiff. I can’t put my finger on it, but it was just wrong.

  39. She looks lovely. I love how the collar frames her face. It’s an elegant, appropriate outfit without being too stuffy.

  40. I keep trying to figure out how to improve this — it’s clearly too long for Meghan’s build. A structured belt, and a shorter, fuller skirt could have made it more dress like. It’s not a complete fail, just not as spot on as it could have been.

  41. A girl can’t go wrong with a classic shirtwaister and this is a perfect low-key choice for an exhibition outing. It’s fun that it’s a Canadian company referencing a quintessential English trench coat style, even to the point of naming it Sleeveless Trench. Maybe this is the ultimate coatdress?

    The buttons and other styling give a businesslike edge and the pale pink keeps it feminine. Another tie belt and wrap-over make it comfy for hot weather. It’s great to see Meghan’s hair up again, plus some loose ends for chic effect. All the better to showcase some lovely earrings

    Love the classic Mulberry bag – can’t get more British than that – and the court shoes keep everything royally grown-up, though given the weather there might have been scope for something more summery. But since they’re by Dior I can forgive!

  42. The Duchess’ dress looks different from model’s. Model’s seems to have a fuller skirt, which to ke makes it look more dress and less coat. I feel loke the Duchess’ is too much coat and not enough dress.

  43. at first glance, I loved the outfit. Upon inspection, I felt that better undergarments (padded bra?) were in order on top. There’s just a little too much on show :(. If not for that, perfection


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