It’s Club Monaco for Country Wedding on Meghan’s Birthday

The Duchess of Sussex wore a Club Monaco dress for the marriage of Charlie Van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks.

This is also Meghan’s 37th birthday. Prince Harry was rumored to be the groom’s best man.

Many will recognize the van Straubenzee name. This Hello! Canada piece has more:

The royal men go way back with Charlie and Harry having attended Ludgrove Prep School in Berkshire together as kids. The groom-to-be’s brother, Thomas van Straubenzee, is also Princess Charlotte’s godfather and was one of William’s ushers at his royal wedding back in 2011. It’s believed that Charlie was an usher on Harry and Meghan’s big day in May.

William and Harry were ushers at the June 2013 wedding of Tom van Straubenzee and Lady Melissa Percy. The two are also patrons of the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, a foundation honoring Thomas and Charles’s brother Henry, who was killed in a 2002 car accident.

The bride is a successful videographer, a partner in Jenks & Co. with her sister, Kitty. The sisters make videos of weddings, parties and other events. (For more on the company, click here.)

The service was at St. Mary the Virgin church in Frensham, in Surrey, roughly 35 miles southwest of London.

The Mirror reports Ms. Jenks chose this church for the ceremony “…where her parents Phillip and Dixie got married and also where she was baptised.”

The bride and groom riding away from the church following the service.

And a quick video of the Duke and Duchess leaving the church.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore. She was in a Club Monaco style, the brand’s Shoanah dress. The color-blocked frock is all polyester, with a vee neckline, three-button front placket, elastic waist and distinctive pleated skirt. It is fully lined and available in most sizes at Club Monaco ($328). Many thanks to a Mad About Meghan reader for the tip on the dress ID, we were really stumped!

Meghan left one of the buttons on the front of the dress open; she had on what looked like a black lace camisole beneath the dress. UPDATE: From reading comments and looking at other photos, it appears Meghan intended to have the buttons buttoned, this may have just been a little mishap.  

The Duchess wore her own belt with the dress; it looks like Club Monaco noted on their Instagram account that the belt Meghan is wearing is her own and not one of the brand’s, as we originally thought, and as the post originally stated.

UPDATE SUN A.M.: It turns out Meghan’s belt was MiuMiu, the Knot-Tied Belt in black nappa leather from the brand’s a/w 2018 collection. Many thanks to Anne Young on Twitter for another fab ID!  

The Club Monaco Abasi ($149) belt remains a a great #MatchMegStyle for Meghan’s belt and is still available at Club Monaco and also at Spring.  

We saw Meghan’s ‘Deneuve’ heels by Aquazzura again, with their distinctive bow at the back. The style is available in most sizes at Nordstrom ($750).Meghan’s bag is by KAYU, a California-based brand. It is the Anna Woven Straw Clutch ($225); we show it at Shopbop, but it is also available at Amazon. The bag measures roughly 7.5″ x 4.” and the width is 2.25″. Crafted of woven straw, it comes with a concealable chain shoulder strap. Our thanks to Innominate_93 for IDing the bag!

This is another brand that makes perfect sense for Meghan. The company is owned by a woman and the bags are made using sustainable methods and materials. More from the Kayu website:

We are an all woman team which is why we are so passionate about ensuring that every woman has the right to develop to her fullest potential and earn a living wage. Our bags are made by women and mothers, and weaving allows them to work from home, look after their children and also provides them with a source of income.

The Duchess wore a new hat from Philip Treacy. Thank you to Michelle of Perth’s Fashion for the ID!

She wore her Shaun Leane Signature Tusk Cuff bracelet.

Meghan is wearing her Vanessa Tugendhaft ‘Parisienne Carrousel’ earrings, 1,180 € ($1367) as confirmed by the designer’s Instagram account.

We first saw the Duchess wear this earring back in June at the Queen’s Young Leader’s Reception.

Our best guess at Meghan’s nail polish is CND’s ‘Uncovered #267’ color, a semi-sheer pinky-peach color. She has been known to use the brand’s Shellac UV gel polish in a few shades from their Nude Collection. The Vinylux version of Uncovered polish is available at Walmart.

The Duke and Duchess after the service. We have not yet identified Meghan’s sunglasses. 

UPDATE: Holly Eyewear in Canada has confirmed that Meghan is wearing Linda Farrow sunglasses, style 512 C3 Oval Sunglasses $970 CAD ($750 USD).

The sunglasses are available in the US from Linda Farrow $750 or with gold lenses from Farfetch.

Below, Holly Eyewear Instagram’s account thanking the Duchess for stopping into their shop. Meghan’s friend and stylist, Jessica Mulroney also frequents the eyewear store.

Our thanks to Anne Young on Twitter for the original ID.

We hope Meghan enjoys a lovely rest of the day for her birthday!

NOTE: An earlier version of the post said this was Meghan’s first wedding as a member of the royal family, obviously a mistake on my part. The first wedding she attended after marrying Prince Harry was Celia McCorquodale’s in June. (Bashes head on keyboard. Lifts, repeats.)


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  1. this is another ill-fitting dress. Her official wardrobe usually fits like a glove. Her off-duty wardrobe, not so much. The colors look wrong for a wedding as well. She’s such a petite lady that anything flowing will overwhelm her figure. I do like that she’s wearing more hats.

  2. A lighter colour hat would have made the outfit even better, I agree. But I still like it. Or lighter colours for shoes, clutch… – but she wears this well, and her dress is lovely. Also, must mention: I like how more balanced the remarks on this site are compared to some of the others (where my guess is ‘English Rose’ is the measuring stick, no room for anything else).

  3. I’m very late to the game here. I like the dress very much, but it looks more like a summer day-in-the-office frock than wedding garb. I think it’s possible the Duchess is still in the process of adjusting from American celebrity-level weddings–at which people are generally in quite formal evening wear–and has maybe overcorrected.

    The hat, bag and shoes (I continue to love these shoes) are all lovely and go well together; they just look a bit like they belong with a different outfit. I don’t understand the belt with this look at all.

    Her hair is beautiful, just beautiful. Such a romantic look for a wedding. She looks like a Botticelli.

  4. Yesterday I happened to be in the vicinity of the Club Monaco shop near where I live. I popped in to see if they stocked the “Meghan dress ” and sure enough they did. In person it is very floaty/ airy/ swishy – and therefore in my opinion, entirely appropriate for a summer wedding. It was lovely . Eugenie’s dress on the other hand , even thougha lovely summer shade seems so heavy by comparison a heavy fabric made more so by the jacket.( love her shades though). I would choose Meghan’s ensemble in a heartbeat over the many mid length mundane ” floral tablecloth” dresses worn by many of the guests Boring ! The wedding seemed to be full of fun and happiness – regardless of the fashion of the guests. Just as it should be !

    • Casey – Your comments after viewing the Club Monaco dress in person are very helpful! Thank you!

      Studying photos on a flat computer screen just doesn’t provide a true reality. Always love the video snippets Susan C. provides in these posts like the one above by Isabel Togoh. Her video footage shows the color blocks and transparent hemline moving like a whiff of pastel, just as you observed, “very floaty/airy/swishy.”

      • Actually, that’s Susan K. who added those video clips 😉 so all credit goes to her! 🙂 I tend to add graphics and additional ID info after the fact or during. It all depends on timing. – Susan C.

  5. I would agree with some that black is not the best for a summer wedding – but for some reason, I think this totally works on her. Partly, its because of the flowy casual style and partly because of the fun color blocking. Also, I think because of her hair and coloring, black just looks so good on her. The light pastel colors ‘pop’ more on her, and perhaps not the look she is going for when she is trying to wear more low key dresses as to not steal attention. I really really love her choices of shirt dresses. I’m sure it must be hard to find Duchess appropriate dresses that don’t SCREAM Duchess. So many things out there are probably too low cut, too short, too tight, etc.

  6. I like the dress and how it looks on Meghan but, I’m not sure this is the right choice for a wedding. It comes off as very casual—I actually think this would have been perfect for Wimbledon. Doesn’t Ralph Lauren own Club Monaco? Also, I would have preferred the olive shoes, hat and purse from Prince Louis’ christening to give a nice pop of Summer color instead of the black accessories. I think the belt that came with the dress would have been just fine.

  7. Meghan looks super beautiful and I love the sunglasses and jewelry and that she wore a hat. Her face has the same softness that I saw at the polo match. The shoes continue to make repeat appearances and are always feminine and sexy and I don’t think I will get sick of them. This dress is such a big no for me, however. I agree with many people that it just doesn’t seem to translate to a logical choice for an English summer wedding. Maybe if it were later in the day — maybe. But to be honest I’m not sure I’d like this dress in any setting. I’m not a fan of polyester, and heat set pleats with color blocking seem like too much going on. Add the woven straw clutch and the leather belt (really stumped by this choice), and there are just too many elements and textures. The V-neck is flattering, though, and I continue to be grateful for a break from the bateau neckline.
    The bride and groom exude such happiness and fun, and the bride’s whole ensemble is so beautiful and joyful!!

  8. I really like the outfit and its very flattering, but it’s too dark for this event. However, I do like that she went for color blocking and pleats instead of a predictable floral pattern. The lace underneath is evidence that she hasn’t had to entirely forfeit sex appeal since marrying into the royal family. The lower price point on some pieces is a good PR move because her clothing expenses have started to enter the conversation.

  9. In the beginning of the summer The DoS wore many pastel dresses which I feel would have been more appropriate for a summer country wedding. As the DoC has worm repeat outfits to weddings as not to take attention from the bride, I think this would have been the perfect opportunity for a repeat. I’m not saying she took attention from the bride but it’s a concern in her position.

  10. Would have loved to see this dress with pink as the accent color instead of black but I understand her selection of black accessories if Meghan is trying to keep attention on bride and not be a distraction.
    I love the dress, I agree a belt was much needed just not so sure of the style of the tie belt and everything else was a nicely matched.

  11. This is another stellar ensemble from the Duchess!! I like the color blocking on the skirt and the accessories Meghan choose really make this look. I wonder if Meghan, like myself, is getting a bit tired of summer and is starting to gravitate toward more fall/winter colors in the hope of hurrying the arrival of cooler temperatures? Whatever the reason I’m thrilled that Meghan has keep her own unique style and wears what she likes.

    Happy Birthday Meghan!! I hope this year will be one your best yet and that it will be filled with love, laughter and peace!

  12. Meghan is a very special woman. She is charming and personable, caring and fun. For the most part I like her clothes, but that said, I don’t think she always wears the right thing for the occasion. She was criticized for having bare shoulders in the pink outfit for Trooping the Colour. I think that dress would have been perfect for this wedding, (although some people may have said bare shoulders are wrong in church.). My main criticism with this Club Monaco dress with black accessories is that the look is too somber for a summer wedding. Perhaps if Meghan had matched the pink in the dress with pink accessories, instead of black, it would have elevated the look. She has two pink hats, one from the 70th birthday, garden party for Charles and one from Trooping the Colour. Had she worn one of those hats, along with her pink/nude shoes and clutch, the outfit would have been more festive for a wedding.

  13. I love that a bride named “Daisy” went all-in on her big day — daisy petals covering her dress, daisies in her bouquet, and most of all, riding off on the most wedding-appropriate version of a “bicycle built for two”. Not sure if I’m the only WMW follower old enough to know the lyrics to that song… Happy birthday to Meghan.

  14. I’m always fascinated by the supposed “rules” I read about here, and on the WKW blog.
    It’s a summer wedding, so she should be in a floral print, or pastel colors.
    Black isn’t appropriate for weddings.
    I remember Kate with a red purse against a lavender dress, and all the fuss about the “rule” that red and purple hues clash and should never be worn.
    Etc., etc.
    Meghan looks very chic and she stands out among all the typical, unimaginative florals.The colors in the skirt are interesting and fun, and the skirt portion of the dress looks lightweight and summery to me. Black is worn at weddings all the time, both daytime and night time weddings. I’ve even seen bridesmaids wearing black.
    Sometimes I think comments are more about what people “expect” her to wear, rather than looking at the outfit with an open mind.
    I’m not sure the hat was necessary, but I think the rest of the outfit is terrific.It says Meghan, not rules.

    • Totally agree! I think that following so-called “rules” is so limiting and boring. I think that breaking the rules can actually really elevate someone’s fashion. It’s not about being like everyone else.

  15. This is a nice dress nicely accessorised. I think its dark for a Summer wedding which is perfect occasion for something lighter or flowery. This looks a little severe for this occasion but would be great for many others.

  16. This is a miss. Who is advising Meghan on her wardrobe? There are so many gorgeous and elegant dresses out there that she would look stunning in. I feel like she is purposely making odd selections to differentiate herself from Kate Middleton. It’s not working! Please Meghan select dresses that are beautiful and appropriate for the occasion. Stop worrying about making each one unique.

  17. This is a miss. Who is advising Meghan on her wardrobe? There are so many gorgeous and elegant dresses out there that she would look stunning in. I feel like she is purposely making odd selections to differentiate herself from Kate Middleton. It’s not working! Please Meghan select dresses that are beautiful and appropriate for the occasion. Stop worrying about making each one unique.

  18. This look is a major miss, it’s really not the right look for a summer wedding. The skirt is lovely, but would have been better worn to a work event. The blouse is also more corporate than wedding. The belt is off, but I quite like the shoes, hat and clutch. It’s a shame about the flash of the bra too.

  19. Looks stunning, love the block colours and pleats. So stylish and elegant. Fabulous hat and heels. This woman is really rocking the fashion world and love the hint of lace.

  20. Overall I really like this look. Yes, it’s dark on top, but it really suits her and looks very elegant. And I like that it’s so much more affordable than what she usually wears. The belt makes it bunch a bit in the back, but I can forgive that because the belt really brings this dress up a notch (as opposed to the version the model wears).

    Yes, the hat is a tad too low, but overall the look is a win to me. Her hair looks fabulous like this.

    I feel sorry for her about the button coming undone. Who hasn’t had this happen though? At least she was wearing something fabulous underneath!
    Also, this is a private event, not a public engagement so I think it’s not fair to judge too harshly.

    • I agree with you that as this is a private event we should not judge to harshly. She is “off duty” and dressing according to her personal style preference. She can dress according to the rules when “working”. I am glad to see her embrace the “hat” culture.

  21. once again Meghan misses the mark for me. I cannot understand what goes on with her thinking for these events. it’s a summer wedding…this is far too dark and drab for such a fun upbeat occasion. the other guests , from what I can see, are wearing floral or lighter, brighter colours. does she have anyone advising her? if so, something is not working!

  22. Lovely look for Meghan. What a fun mix of color blocking! The light fabric of the pleated skirt keep this summery enough for an English summer wedding. Accessories all had a whimsical touch – fluttery touches on her hat, cool texture on her purse, and those darling bows at her ankles!

    [I googled Aquazurra pumps and even their sale prices are beyond my reach. I shall live vicariously through Meghan’s wearing of this stunning brand of shoes.]

  23. I love this outfit for her! It doesn’t really scream “summer wedding” to me but it’s such an improvement over the messy Oscar de la Renta dress she wore to Harry’s cousin’s wedding (as far as I’m concerned I hope she burns that dress it did her no favors!). It is kind of a casual dress but I saw other wedding guests who were dressed far more casually so I’m guessing the dress code was pretty casual. Eugenie was there too with her fiance Jack Brooksbank and she just had a pale colored dress on with no pattern.
    As for never wearing black to a wedding, that isn’t a real rule. I’ve done that now on two occasion with a very pretty black lace dress and nobody criticized me for it. I also liked seeing her hair down in a structured ponytail, I thought it complemented the hat well. It doesn’t seem like she had to wear a hat in this case since the wedding attire was so casual, I saw quite a few women in attendance with no hats on.
    And the bride and groom seemed super happy! What a fun wedding dress, love the picture of the husband on a bike biking away with his bride.
    And happy birthday to Meghan! Can’t believe just last year she and Harry took a 3 week or so vacation to Botswana. Times have changed!

  24. There is a 25% off full price coupon code at Club Monaco that works if you buy via send sale if the dress/belt is sold out online. You can call stores – I did! – SHMONACO is the code or 25BOUNCE

  25. I was taken in at first by Meghan’s demure dark blouse top only then to find myself confused by a skirt swirling in block colours; this is certainly an off-beat choice for a wedding outfit. I can understand her adopting muted tones in deference to the bride, though the other quirky elements are quietly eye-catching in their own right.

    I’m not a fan of pencil pleating myself but this chimes with the casual dress code of other guests and copes nicely with the unusual shades of colour splashed across it. I love the mix of soft pink with white, olive and navy. However with the loose fit that Meghan currently favours I’m not sure the whole quite pulls together, especially with a heavier belt than originally intended, and one which sits a little high for a short torso.

    I think the shoes are perfect and the clutch is as chic as a straw one could ever be, a clever pick. I don’t think loose hair works with the hat, the decorations seem lost against the loose strands of hair. Overall it’s an intelligent, diplomatic outfit rather than a stand-out success and thereby suits Meghan’s role at the occasion perfectly

  26. I don’ t like the dress at all. It doesn’t say ” summer wedding ” at all to me. It doesn’t look like it was bought for this event! I absolutely love the bride’s dress, veil and flowers. Wow! Now that says Summer!

  27. Best and warmest HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Meghan!

    I’m not taken aback by the dark hues of Meghan’s Club Monaco dress. We’ve been seeing Meghan use a specific color palette and I’m finding it refreshing, sophisticated and sexy. Remember the deep indigo dress Meghan wore to the Sentebale Polo Event? How about the grey Roland Mouret dress in Dublin, and Navy Dior to the 100th Air Force Anniversary Celebration? I’m sure we’ll see Meghan out and about here and there in pastels but until then I appreciate the direction she’s going and hope she continues although many won’t approve.

    Always love a photo with Meghan in shades!

    How appropriate was Daisy Jenks wedding dress embellished with what looked like hundreds of daisies and daisies sprinkled on her veil! Fresh daisies in her bouquet, too. I wonder if her sister was “on duty” shooting wedding video! I bet a fun time was had by all.

  28. I’m not against wearing black to a wedding. I’ve done so myself. A black dress, especially at an evening or more formal wedding, can be an elegant choice. However, this outfit–whether it’s black or navy–just doesn’t say summer afternoon wedding in the English countryside to me. And the dark accessories certainly don’t help. I’m actually more interested in the bride’s gown. Do you know who the designer is? I think it’s very pretty and unique.

    • Tanya, The bride’s dress is by Mira Zwillinger, a designer based in Tel Aviv. This look is named, “Gigi.” but some modifications were made to the neckline. The price tag is $12,500.

  29. Love those sunglasses and the hat is very nice. I would like to see the dress in a different color block. I like the style and flow of the dress. Not fond of those particular colors together. Happy Birthday to the Duchess.

  30. I’m really happy to see Meghan move away from the boatneck but this outfit was a miss for me. The dress looked much lighter on the model. I think pairing it with a leather belt, thick clutch, and heavy hat (that was worn way too far down on the forehead) just weighed down the entire look. It didn’t look like an airy summer ensemble. The shoes were cute and I’m glad the open button seemed to be a mishap that they later fixed! I really want to love everything she wears but the attention to detail seems to be missing!

  31. Well to start, two comments: Happy Birthday Meghan! and How sweet for the bride to be named Daisy Jenks! Now on to what Meghan wore. This is a total miss for me. There are online debates as to whether the top of the dress is navy, or black. If it is navy, I wonder why Meghan wore black shoes, purse, hat, belt and camisole? She does own navy accessories. If it is black, well that is always controversial for a wedding. Whatever the colour, from the waist up the look has a funeral vibe. It is so sombre and this is after all, a summer wedding. The colour blocking and all those pleats are somewhat gimmicky. The dress makes both Meghan and the model look thick through the waist. Meghan has been to two weddings this summer. At the first one her toile, Oscar de la Renta totally swamped her in the voluminous use of material. This dress is minimally a better choice for a wedding, but in my opinion, it still misses the mark. There are so many pretty, colourful, summery dresses out there, I wish Meghan had chosen one.

  32. Love this look. The different colors in the skirt lighten the whole look. Perfect for a wedding. Shoes, hair, accessories – all great. She looks gorgeous.

    • We will work on the sunglasses Mary. Susan K and I have prior commitments today and had to run out. Originally thought to have been her Mykita sunglasses but upon second look, I noticed that they are not the pair. Once I am settled at this picnic we are attending I will sneak a look. 😉 – Susan C

  33. Lovely outfit. Meghan looks gorgeous. It goes to show that the price of the dress does not indicate how good a person may look – or not or how well it fits. The dress is affordable and chic. If one has to spend thousands on an expensive designer dress then it has to fit perfectly – no excuses.

  34. It is a lovely dress but is it quite right for a country wedding on a beautiful summer’s day? That said, it really suits (!) her and she looks lovely. Light or brightly coloured accessories and shoes may have picked things up.

    • Just replied to Mary on the sunnies – I’m on my way to a party and when I have a chance I will look again. 🙂 – SC

  35. The dress is ok, but the dark colors look more like fall to me. Small correction, I believe Meghan and Harry have already attended his cousin’s wedding together, so this would be her second as a duchess.

    • Ann – I was thinking that too – Susan K and I were on a time crunch today for the post. 😉 thanks for pointing that out. SC

    • I mentioned the June wedding of Celia McCorquodale in my comment too. Who can forget the voluminous blue print dress she wore to that wedding!

  36. I definitely don’t love this look. For an English summer wedding – on one of the hottest days of the year! – it could have been so much more colourful and vibrant, like the other women in attendance seem to be wearing (as shown in the images on news websites). I’m also not keen on the visible lace bra, although it seems she did up the top button later on.

  37. This is a lovely overall outfit, but not my favorite. Honestly, I’m thinking the open button was unintentional based on some of the other photos, where it appears to be closed. I’m sure we’ve all had something similar happen at some point. If it was a mishap, she will likely make changes to prevent something like that in the future.

  38. Thank you for getting a post up so quickly!!! The bride looks beautiful and her dress is perfect for a country summer wedding. Cute photo with the groom on the bike pulling the little wagon! However this is not Meghan’s 1st wedding since becoming a member of the royal family. There was the June wedding of Celia McCorquodale.
    Meghan looks lovely as always but I don’t care for the dress. It seems too dark for a summer wedding even though it is navy and has the light colored sections on the skirt. The black accessories make the ensemble look even more sombre rather than festive. Perhaps accessorizing with one of the lighter colors from the skirt?This would be a fun and edgy dress to wear to some other type of ocassion–perhaps something related to the arts or to entertaiment. The shoes are cute and I like the nail polish!

    • I believe the dress is black not navy. The Club Monaco website only says “multi” for color but it definitely looks black.

  39. Lovely outfit, but I don’t understand the choice of colour. I love those Aquazurra stilettos and the bracelet is chic and affordable.


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