It’s Carolina Herrera for the Duchess of Sussex at Trooping the Colour

The Duchess of Sussex wore Carolina Herrera and Philip Treacy for her first appearance at Trooping the Colour. 

It was a warm, sunny London day for the Queen’s Birthday Parade.

Below, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Andrew.

This is the first year Prince Andrew has ridden in the Parade. He is now Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, taking took on the role from Prince Philip, who was Colonel for more than 42 years.


A quick video from the day’s ceremony.

The parade officially gets underway as the Queen’s carriage leaves Buckingham Palace.

More from The Evening Standard:

Crowds eager to capture a glimpse of Harry and Meghan cheered as the couple made their way from Buckingham Palace along the Mall in the famous London thoroughfare.

Another view.

Back to The Standard‘s story:

The royal couple was greeted by the sight of hundreds of Guardsmen in their scarlet tunics and bearskins lined up on the parade ground – Henry VIII’s former jousting yard – as the event began.

It is always a remarkable display.

Following the parade, everyone moves to the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined the other members of the UK Royal family on the balcony for the traditional flyover.

Prince Harry pointing out something for Meghan.

The flyover included RAF Typhoons, Spitfires and Hurricanes.

The view above London from an RAF plane.

The Duchess was in bespoke separates by Carolina Herrera.

Meghan’s hat is by Philip Treacy, described as a “slice with buntal swirls and rosettes.”

Buntal is a type of straw made from palm trees; the rosette is crafted in a silk satin material, as seen in these photos from Les Trois Souers. You can also see the headband and comb used to securely attach the hat. It retails for £1185, roughly USD 1600.

The Duchess carried a new clutch, also by Carolina Herrera.

The style is the Metropolitan Insignia retailing for around $1,238 USD.

Meghan’s appears to be white or off-white shade with gold trim. We have not yet found a stock image of the actual color combination, however below we show bag from the designer’s current collection in what looks like a bird print with gold trim.

Meghan wore her Birks Iconic Stackable ‘Snowflake’ ring in 18k rose gold and diamonds ($4995 CAD, about $3700 USD), as well as a new ring from the brand, the ‘Bee Chic’ in 18k rose gold and diamonds ($2995 CAD, roughly $2325 USD).

Initially, it looked like the Duchess wore the same earrings seen at the engagement announcement photocall in November. Looking more closely at pictures we are not convinced that is the case. We are searching for high-resolution images that will better show the detail of the earrings.

We will see you back here on Thursday, 14 June, as Meghan joins HM for a full day of engagements in Cheshire. (You can see an overview of the day’s activities on our Meg Events page here). This will be an exciting day as Meghan has her first official outing with the Queen.


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  1. ALL this talk about the shoulders, She looked beautiful but did any else notice that the fitting was off across her bust? I am always so surprised with this that it would not have been altered correctly. It is clearly pulling and throws you off when looking at the images, plus I think it would be uncomfortable. I loved everything about her outfit. Too bad we could not see her shoes and the rest of the dress. Well done except for the fit.

  2. I thought of this outfit as a direct response to all the people who claimed her first outing as DoS was “safe” and that she was now “falling in line.” This was her reminder to us that she is still her own woman. And honestly, I think if the Queen or the rest of the Firm had a real problem with it, they would have asked her to change anyway – or at least her training-person would have advised her to do so. You KNOW that woman wants to keep her job. (On a personal note, I thought it looked great, even if I was initially surprised by the lack of coat-dress and the bare shoulders. MM clearly wants to keep us on our toes.)

  3. Hi I am new. So glad I found this blog. I thought the bare shoulders stood out too but I didn’t mind it because Meghan’s natural style is so different than the Royal Family’s that I think there is a real danger of her looking as if she were being forced into a “Royal Wife TM’ plastic mold if she sticks too closely to the rules. This dress, though, did make me wonder if her style advice is coming mostly from Harry, who perhaps was more interested in the fact that the dress made her look gorgeous than in whether it fit with the tenor of the event. She probably needs her own British stylist who can help her translate her unique and lovely personality into the British sartorial language.

    • Hi Laurie, We have had several followers mention Birks. As well, we are aware of the Birks opal earrings. What has us “fact checking” for a better lack of words, is that the close up, hi-res images that we have now looked at have us questioning if they are indeed the Birks earrings. The beaded detail is not predominant in any of the images we have reviewed. In one, it seems to be a possible, very faint, beaded look. The other detail is that the earring oval shape is slightly off from the ones that Birks is showing. The opal earrings Birks has available and “confirmed” them to be look larger than the ones on Meghan’s ear. The opal looks much much smaller in comparison. Our feeling is that we want to bring the absolute BEST quality content to our followers and when it comes to IDing any items, including the small danty ones, we would like to be sure we’re providing the best most accurate information. It would be disappointing to hear that someone purchased a pair of $800 earrings only to find out the ID was incorrect and the correct ID of the earrings was a pair that might be a fraction of the cost. Thank you and to all of our followers for always mentioning/suggesting IDs on items. It really does help! – SAC

  4. For me a large part of the appeal of all things Royal is the way traditions are maintained, while very occasionally tweaking things to reflect the changing times. Can you imaging Harry and Megan leaving the church in a convertible for a drive around Windsor? Or course not. The spectacle of carriages, horses, formal ceremonies and traditions are a huge part of the appeal. I think Meghan has and will continue to do a spectacular job bringing her own brand of freshness to the royal family, while still honouring centuries of tradition. Not an easy task to be sure. Particularly for someone who didn’t grow up in Britain and is learning it in real time under the glare of the world’s media. Most of the “dress code” rules are not written down, they are just the standards and norms of British etiquette and the nuances may take a little time for her to nail. I think we can all agree she has great style. I loved her outfit for today, but like many felt it would have been better at another event. I have to say I’ve been amused at the shock of young women who’ve been surprised that stockings/pantyhose are considered standard fare at many events. I was surprised that bare legs are now considered proper dressing by many women. If I’m wearing sandals and a sundress then bare legs are fine. If I put on proper heels and a dress I automatically wear panty hose. Just like a man in a suit would look a little unfinished without a tie. Of course the tie serves no purpose it’s just part of proper dressing and most people don’t question it.
    The younger royals are inevitably going to shake things up a bit, and the skill will be in doing it without completely steamrolling over centuries of tradition. Yes we all look forward to watching the fashion spectacle but it’s certainly possible to do it with tasteful elegance. I understand the sentiment of some posters saying she “looked fabulous”, and what’s wrong with showing shoulders and she’s a strong woman good for her to wear what she wants. I get that sentiment, but there is a time and place for making statements. Like it or not Meghan married the man and took the job that came with him. It’s a package deal and written or not there are rules. I think she’ll be a fabulous addition to the family on a professional level and as a huge gift to the PR team. Combining her personal style with the unwritten dress code intricacies of the royal family of a foreign country may take her a few more minutes 😉

    • What a lovely post Jenny, thank you, you put it so well — wish I had your gift!! I wonder if the truth of the situation might be that there are those in the US who are not ready to let go things they find familiar – like not wearing tights, bare shoulders for formal wear — and adjust to what Meghan is doing. I sense there are those who feel she may be restricted or overruled in some way and no longer the old Meghan, who they now want back.

      But new Meghan may welcome changes to her style which mean she can leave behind the skimpy outfits an actress can feel obliged to wear, she seems more than ready to take on a serious global campaigning role which means business-like clothes with more fabric, less skin, and more comfortable fit. And I think you’re so right about those British norms which those of us who live here have naturally imbibed, which mean we know instinctively when off-shoulder is ok and when not. It’s nothing to do, as you say, with what is bold in fashion , especially when you’re in the company of several thousand men and women kitted out in heavy buttoned-up uniforms. I fear those who want the messy hair, no tights and bare shoulders on parade could be in for a long disappointing ride. I wouldn’t want to end up seeing Meghan’s royal efforts met with a constant stream of criticism as a result of changes from her old life.

      • Fair enough, but there’s a wide middle ground here. I don’t speak for all Americans, of course, but I think that few of us who follow this site and WKW would want any kind of fashion face off between British and American style. British style wins–that’s literally why we’re here. I think it’s important to recognize that there’s a difference between people saying, “Eh, the bare shoulders don’t bother me” and people saying “All bare shoulders all the time! No stockings ever! Hats should be outlawed and hair always worn down!” Most of us *adore* proper British fashion; the fact that some small things expose different levels of cultural tolerance should not suggest otherwise.

        I am reminded of how the reverse can be true, too: recently an American comedian was vilified stateside for using a word that Americans find very taboo, and I gather that across the pond the general sense was that we were all doing a lot of pearl-clutching about something that struck others as relatively normal. I doubt that many Brits would argue that the word should be used as frequently and indiscriminantly as possible; they just didn’t see what the big deal was. That’s where I’m at, I guess, with the bare shoulders. I can take them or leave them. She looked nice at Trooping the Color. I’d like to see her in a proper hat. Next!

        • Thank you for standing up for the middle ground, Jessica. I appreciate a timely reminder of what a good place that is to be. It’s the respectful exchange of views that make this blog a pleasure to come to, and hopefully that exchange can keep us on a secure trans-Atlantic footing.

  5. The bare shoulders don’t bother me, I’m sure Queen Elizabeth has seen bare shoulders in her presence before. For me it’s the buttons I don’t like. I feel like the outfit would be amazing without the button detailing. Not to compare the two but Kate has a penchant for large round buttons (in fact you probably could do a fashion post on Kate’s love for buttons and no I’m not exaggerating, if you go and look at pictures of Kate through the years her love of buttons is very obvious), I really hope Meghan is not following in the same fashion direction. And maybe if she had added a simple pendant around her neck it might have tied the look together a bit more. Otherwise the look is fine to me.

  6. Taken in isolation, Meghan looked fantastic. Taken in context, she was wearing a rather sexy, look-at-me outfit at a highly traditional event celebrating the Queen. When every other adult, man and woman, is wearing long sleeves, why choose bare shoulders for yourself? I would assume she did seek some style advice for the occasion, but from my perspective, she didn’t get this one right.

  7. Meghan looked beautiful, loved her hair, hat & dress. However that outfit was out of step with the other royals on the balcony. If you notice Kate & Sophie dress differently when they are around the queen than they do on their own. They wear longer sleeves, their hems are much & are more conservative. Yes the Queen wore strapless & off the shoulder dresses in the 1950’s, but she was going to formal events not events like garden parties or trooping of the guard. Meghan’s outfit for the garden party was perfection. Most of the time it looks like her clothes are wearing her not the other way around, she does need a tailor to make her clothes fit her better. Just like Kate did Meghan will find her way fashion wise when doing these formal events with the queen while retaining her own sense of fashion. Yes it is an outdated set of rules but as long as the Queen is on the throne then it’s what the younger generation needs to follow.

  8. I am American and love Meghan. Like others, I think it wasn’t a good dress choice for this occasion. I would have loved to see the hat with the embellishment and I did think initially that it was the same hat as at the garden party. Hopefully, she will make choices that suit her and are appropriate for the royal occasion.

    • Hi Jill – this was a new hat. The one she wore to the garden party was a little different – wider brim on it/bit bigger and was more structured around the center. – SAC

  9. I love the dress that she wore today! Please believe it…if it was inappropriate in her stylist’s eye it would never have made the final round. I will breathe in the fresh and gutsy choices that Meghan makes! She is her own woman and I can’t wait to see more of her stunning selections. .

  10. I wish I liked this look but I just don’t. I think the color is frumpy. The cut is too revealing given the choices the other women in the royal family have made year after year. I think a 2/3 sleeve with the neckline would have been stunning. She has beautiful and fit arms so the 2/3 coverage would have been very chic. Also, it looks like maybe this is a two piece? Some of the photos make it appear that way. Her make is wonderfully done though and she just glows.

  11. Where are the details/analysis on the outfit? There is lots on the accessories but just missing the usual level of blogging in this post. 🙁

    • We did not have a lot of information on the outfit other than it appears to be separates – top and skirt. We have not received confirmation around whether or not the outfit is bespoke as well. As we find and or receive more information on Meghan’s outfit worn, we will continue to provide updates.

    • Yes, why did she change the fold on the collar? That is what is contributing to the bulkiness of the collar. You can see the crease line where it was before.

  12. I would just like to quickly remind everyone of our comment policy (can be found at the top of the site) – we understand this event has encouraged quite a bit of commentary around likes/dislikes, but would like to remind everyone to be mindful of other’s opinions. It’s ok to agree to disagree but please do so respectfully and gracefully.
    We’re doing our best to monitor the site through our various electronic devices… thanks, WMW

    • There have been some very rude replies to commenters who are just expressing a polite opinion. I’m surprised you’ve allowed them to be published.

      • Hi Nancy, and thank you for commenting on this. We couldn’t agree more. The site is set up to have all comments approved manually, each must be looked at and then specifically approved. Unfortunately, our software hiccuped and reverted to the ‘automatically approve all comments’ mode for reasons we still don’t know. We *think* we have deleted the inappropriate comments that should never have been published, and the software issue has been rectified. If there are any we missed *please* let us know, we don’t want anything of the nature of the unacceptable comments deleted this morning. -susan & susan

  13. Colour of the outfit is spot on for her skin tone, she looks radiant and glowing and elegantly flawless. I agree that the occasion called for something a little more conservative than the open shoulders and short sleeves combined but I’m not mad about it at all, I’m sure her style will evolve over time and I am absolutely excited to watch it happen!

  14. When I saw the first pictures all I could think of was, “Yes, Meghan. Yes!” This is how the Duchessing thing is done. I never thought that anyone would think that this outfit is in any way inappropriate. It is a classic look in a beautiful color that complements her skin tone. She even made an effort with a little curling of the hair, too. I usually err or the side of conservative when it comes to dressing and I would call this outfit pretty conservative. Bare arms?? So what. One of the most classic looks of all time is the simple sleeveless sheath dress. My goodness, what could possibly be wrong with bare arms? And her shoulders are not even that bare. If she had showed up in a little strapless number then we would have something to complain about but this outfit is not disrespectful in any way. Just my humble opinion. That being said, I do find those rings she wears a tad bit annoying. I have no idea why but they bother me.

  15. I think this is a perfect illustration of something which would work in one setting but not another. I agree with the majority that bare shoulders are just not appropariate for a daytime event, with full military regalia on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the Queen. Its a huge learning curve for Meghan from actress to duchess and rather than a stylist, she needs someone to advise her on appropriateness. Her natural sense of style is good and with a few tweaks, she’ll be there – its very early days yet.
    That said, a nice look in the right setting and I love her hat and jewellery.

  16. Ugh, such a busy week and have hardly had a time to enjoy pics from TtheC. I just wanted to pipe up and say how beautiful I think Meghan looks; that gorgeous blush color looks amazing against her skin and dark hair, which I love loose and flowing like this. I don’t find the open shoulders inappropriate at all. The only tin note here for me is the hat, which I don’t dislike, but I feel like it looks incomplete. I was the one who said that the garden party hat looked to me like a blank hat form, and in this case even more so, since there’s literally a gap where she removed the ornament. Nothing wrong with minimalist hats, but there’s got to be a better way to do it.

    Anyway, lovely–and no real complaints for me. I love the freshness and modernity that she’s bringing to royal fashion.

    • Hi Jessica, great to hear from you, I was missing your input. I’m so interested to hear you have no problem with the exposed shoulders that have brought some of us up short. The more I look at the outfit the prettier it looks and I have to keep checking back with myself over whether I still mind about it. What I like best is when posters are happy to respectfully disagree and keep this page a pleasure to return to.

      I agree with you about the hat this time, it looks as if it’s just crying out for Meghan to discover how much fun there is to be hat with some frou-frou decoration. It’s only royals who really get the opportunity to branch out in that direction and we can but hope Meghan might start casting her eye over some fancy embellishment some day.

      • Well, I’m American, and we got quite used to bare shoulders in the Obama era, so that may have something to do with it. 🙂 As for hats, I don’t know that I’m necessarily angling for Meghan to go frou-frou; what I’d really like is for her to find a way to reinvent the ornamented British hat in her own minimal, modernist way. I think maybe the hat designers just haven’t caught up with her yet!

        • Did Michelle do off-shoulder on parade?? I don’t remember that! She did plenty for evening wear, certainly. I agree with you about Meghan and hats. If there’s to be embellishment she will do it in her own way and in her own good time, and I’m just enjoying watching her work within the royal formula and still come out being true to herself.

  17. Let me first say that Meghan is a beautiful young woman with an elegance about her that will stand her in good stead as the years go by. I also think she needs time to develop her style in her totally new surroundings and society that is the Royal Family and Great Britain. It’s a far cry from California and Hollywood. She favors certain styles like the Bardot neckline and that in of itself is fine, however there are times and places as a member of the Royals that the neckline is not so appropriate. I think the Trooping of the Colour is one of them. The Royal Family is quite conservative and there is the expectation they dress more conservatively. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is. Meghan’s dress is a lovely colour that suits her well. But the neckline could have altered to sit higher and also I think some sleeve length, say 1/4 sleeves would have balanced out the look. In the one photo where we see just her right side I thought the dress looked sleek and elegant and then I saw the buttons down the left side and was not as thrilled!! I notice that there’s gaping at the bust too so there are some tailoring issues. I know I want to see Meghan have her own style and not be a carbon copy of Kate or anyone else. She’s intelligent and quick and I’m sure she will figure it all out. She already made great strides, all the more so as she wasn’t born in England or grew up seeing the royals all the time.

  18. I want to agree with the comment above that the tailoring was not great. There is a pull between the top and second button that shows the lining and it looks like a pin between the second and third buttons.

  19. I adore Meghan as a person and her clean, modern pre-wedding style. I didn’t like the Goat dress at the event honoring Charles as I felt it was matronly and unflattering. But to me the trooping dress veers slightly in the other direction. If she wore this at an event only she and Harry were attending it would be different, but in comparison to the other ladies IMO this shows a bit too much skin.

    Bare arms are fine and I love off-the-shoulder or a boat neck but as others have said, if this dress came up just 2 inches higher it would have been perfect. The truly bare shoulders, combined with her lipstick color, also felt a bit too Hollywood to me for this particular occasion. And I live in LA!

    • Wait, her lipstick color? How is that Hollywood? It’s an unassuming neutral, I feel if she had worn a true pink or red that would have surely been called out. So, what’s wrong with a neutral?

  20. That’s a good point about Letizia, she’s quite a fan of off-shoulder styles at a variety of venues. She also lives in a country at least as warm as Meghan’s native California and climate could have a lot to do with this, especially as to why it feels an unusual choice to us Brits with our changeable weather.

  21. I’m surprised that so many commenters have mentioned the fabulous fit of this dress because, like almost everything Meghan has worn since the engagement, adequate tailoring was definitely missing. Whether she was seated or standing, the buttons pulled which is simply unacceptable in a bespoke piece of clothing. It’s such a simple thing to correct and I hope she takes the time and makes the effort to engage a good tailor.

  22. I’ve been so excited wondering what the Duchess was going to wear for her first big BRF event and wow, she did not disappoint!!! I absolutely love the color, fit and style of this dress (or jacket and skirt), it’s a very fresh look and totally keeping with Meghan’s style. I also love her choice of accessories, the color of the clutch is a nice contrast to the dress and hat and I’m thrilled to see her continuing to wear her right hand rings, imho they are very Meghan and I’d hate to see her lose her little bits of fashion fun.

    I’ve read several other blogs that are having the same appropriate/inappropriate discussion regarding her off-the-shoulder look today and I have several thoughts about this discussion. First, thoughts on wither or not a look is appropriate or not can depend on a person’s culture, age, personal sense of style, etc so what is fine with one is anything but to another. Arguing back and forth is unlikely to change anyone’s opinion. Secondly, we have all gotten rather used to Kate’s style over the last 7 years and some people, unconsciously or not, tend to think that it’s the correct way for a younger Duchess to dress. I think it will take a bit of time for people to separate their thoughts regarding the correct way for a younger Duchess to dress and remember that Kate too dresses to fit her own personal style and what she believes is the way a Duchess should dress. Thirdly, Meghan might be looking elsewhere, other than the BRF, for royal fashion inspiration such as the royal houses of Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands or Sweden. Personally, if I were a new Duchess I’d totally look to Queen Letizia or CP Mary for fashion inspiration as their fashion sense is most like mine but with a bit more panache. Again, these are just my own personal thoughts on this issue, one that we’ll probably encounter again as time goes on, so thanks for listening 🙂

  23. I hear a “Hollywood” theme emerging in these comments, and I think it unfortunate. Is every outfit that she wears which is “different” from what the public is used to seeing going to be attributed to Hollywood and all the negative style issues implied in the label?
    I hope not.
    She looks gorgeous. The color is great for her, and it’s a chic and lovely bespoke Herrera.I especially like her unadorned hats. Both times she has worn them they look both spare and elegant, and I hope she continues the trend. It appears to be her take on a British tradition. It suits her style. The hat she wore at Xmas felt very wrong for her, did little to flatter her, and looked like an attempt to copy styles her in-laws wear.
    I can’t imagine she had a dress made for this event without plenty of input from the Royal household.I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all — what it is is different, and the reaction to something new and different can often be “inappropriate” because people are unused to seeing it.
    She likes that sort of neckline. It reminds me of the plaid Theory top she wore on a trip with Harry. It’s flattering.
    Everyone seemed so pleased that she’s a strong woman, and a feminist, and a breath of fresh air, and as soon as she takes one step away from “tradition” as a Duchess, people seem to want her to dress more like Sophie, or more like Kate. Too bad!

  24. Personally, I loved the hat without the rose embellishment. I tend to like streamlined fashion, and the drama of the hat as Meghan wore it was striking to me. That color is lovely on her.

    From a close up photo I saw somewhere else, it looks like she’s continuing to let her charming freckles shine through. Love it.

  25. Meghan looks beautiful as always but she missed the mark by choosing this style for this event. I think she looks very Scarlett O’Hara meets Audrey Hepburn, meaning she looks like she is on a movie set. And, IMO if she had left the rosette on the hat, it would look even more like that. So good she removed it. She’ll soon get it right though! I can’t wait to see what she’ll wear for her outing with the Queen. I wonder how long she has known that was coming!

  26. I wish her hair had looked this good for her wedding. Enough with that neckline. First it was the engagement with Harry last fall, the wedding dress and now this. Can we get a different neckline please ?

    • I agree with you Faith, this is a bit soon for a repeat Bardot after the wedding dress. Maybe Meghan ‘s only just coming to terms with how many outfits she’s going to need and how many style ideas might come in handy. Meantime she may have stuck with what she knew. I’m loving coming here to follow her style journey with the rest of you all.

  27. Everyone, let’s also remember – Kate dresses very conservatively. I do not mean that as any sort of “Kate vs Meghan” commentary so I hope this gets approved bc it is so tiring seeing “X must be inappropriate, Kate doesn’t do that.” Kate has a very different style from Meghan. That’s fine. That’s okay. The queen herself used to often go strapless or sleeveless. Nothing was “inappropriate” about Meghan’s outfit today.

  28. Meghan looks lovely, this shade of soft pink suits her so well and her makeup is very pretty too. I thought this was the same hat as the garden party at first then realized it was different. I wonder if she had planned to wear it with the flowers then changed her mind? Otherwise why not wear the garden party hat. Maybe we’ll see them repeated again one day. As far as the dress, i think she looks very pretty and seasonably appropriate however as an American I thought it was quite different (But NOT scandalous) that she choose an off the shoulder style since thats not typically the ladies tradition. I think she still looks tasteful and lady like. Today is about the Queen and the service members and I dont believe Meghan would do anything to disrespect them or take away from their moment.
    Happy Weekend all! ?

  29. I’m not sure I agree with her choice to bare her shoulders, but if it was completely inappropriate the palace would have stepped in. Everything Meghan does in these first events will be closely watched, both inside the palace as well as outside in public. I think that all of us fashion/Meghan watchers need to prepare ourselves to see things that we are not used to seeing. If this were Kate, we would never see exposed shoulders at this event or rings on index fingers, ever…but she is not Kate; she has her own style, and it will take time for all of us to get used to it. My style is the same as Kate’s, but I’m actually excited to watch her do things differently. It will be very interesting to see how far she takes it. She will likely make some mistakes, but she’s really smart and she’ll figure things out quickly. I’m sure she won’t do anything completely inappropriate, so let’s cut her some slack for now and just hope we don’t see the ripped jeans again, or at least anytime soon. ?

    • And let’s not forget, for those that may not know, Meghan is undergoing training with the Queen’s former private secretary and personal assistant, Samantha Cohen. Samantha was seen arriving at the Royal Wedding as well. – sac

  30. There is nothing this woman will ever wear that will please everyone; however, I think Meghan looks stunning. The subtle color, tailoring, clutch, jewelry, and hair create a polished look, in my opinion, even if the hat isn’t my favorite. I must be missing something because I don’t see anything that screams Hollywood or is attention seeking. On a different note, am I the only one who got a little thrill seeing Harry wearing his wedding band?

    • I love seeing Harry with a wedding band! Can someone please remind me why he doesn’t ride in the parade like Charles, William, Anne, and Andrew?

      • Tessa – it’s because he’s not a Colonel. Andrew was just made a colonel (of one of the guards) so this was his first time apparently.

      • I absolutely LOVE seeing Harry wearing a wedding band. Being that he stepping outside tradition by wearing one, it comes as no surprise to me that Meghan is stepping outside tradition with her wardrobe.

        • So was Kate also overstepping tradition by wearing super short unweighted flyaway skirts when on official engagements. This discussion is really getting icky. If wearing dresses that expose knees and atleast an inch of upper legs is ok why doesnt it apply to exposing shoulder bones??? Anytime someone does t like an outfit its deemed too Hollywood now if she had been a doctor in her previous life would such outfit choices be considered in a similar vein.

          NOTE: Quick admin edit

  31. The hat/outfit colour are lovely. But I agree, longer sleeves and more tailoring. Its 2018 but still Trooping the Colour!

  32. Meghan looks beautiful! The color really suits her and I’m glad to see her branch out to pink from all the white, navy, black, beige and green that she seems to favor.
    Meghan is an American who favors simple lines, choosing hats must be a nightmare for her. British women are pros at it by the time they are in their 20’s so she has a steep learning curve.
    I don’t the the shoulders are a big deal this is the third time she’s worn a neckline like this representing the family. I think it echoes back to her wedding dress. Kate has become so modest in her dress since having kids it is pretty shocking to see Meghan with bare arms, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. The Queen was young once and she certainly didn’t going around in long sleeves Day or night.

    • I think it’s simply context. If you were visiting a mosque she’d wear a headscarf. If she was visiting a Middle Eastern country where showing the bottom of your feet was considered insulting, she wouldn’t let them show. If she were in Africa and a certain expression had a very rude meaning even though it was harmless in America, she wouldn’t say it. There are just certain times and certain places where things that are appropriate elsewhere are not respectful. Her outfit could be worn to a BAFTA cocktail party, but this is the Queen’s parade and it deserves and requires a certain decorum out of respect for Her Majesty.

      • I agree with what you’ve said, Tessa. Meghan wore a sleeveless dress to a memorial service and that wasn’t appropriate either. As you say, it is about context. I think she looks beautiful today…but not right for the occasion. What works in the entertainment world does not work when representing the Royal Family at an event. I can’t believe that nobody is advising her. Obviously Meghan is not figuring it out correctly by herself.

        • I doubt very much there are advisors involved and each royal lady has to follow her own style journey. In Meghan’s case, this is the second time she’s worn her hair away from her face, and I would think that was simple practicality. Funnily enough, I could live with the sleeveless dress at church, but have more trouble with full-on bare shoulders around a parade of men in military uniform who are being honoured because they are prepared to lay their lives on the line. What Meghan is wearing is undoubtedly a beautiful modern outfit but the whiff of sensuality from bare shoulders seems a tad out of place, certainly to a British sensibility. I don’t doubt her capacity to adapt to a new culture while retaining her own lovely individuality.

      • There are lots of other occasions to wear an outfit in this style. There doesn’t need to be rules written out for one to get the gist of what works where and when. It’s a nice outfit, just not the best for this occasion and I agree its the military feel for me that brings me to that conclusion. I also agree there are lots of people to get advice from, so I am surprised this was the choice for this event. Is it terrible, no. I agree that hats are not part of Meghan’s normal dress and it makes sense to me that she is going with something she feels comfortable and not some gooey confection. Enough of the other Royals have been crucified for their over the top hat choices.

        • MBStyle I could see this being nothing more than a minor misstep on Meghan’s part as she adapts to a new culture and royal way of life. I agree with you it’s far from terrible and also see nothing wrong, nevertheless, in having a civilised discussion about any discomfort we feel over this neckline. It’s in line with the stated purpose of this blog.

        • Please accept profound apologies MBStyle, I may have hit the wrong Reply button! It wasn’t you that was talking about the breaking of rules

  33. DoS is such a gorgeous woman with incredible resources, so I have a hard time understanding this look. It almost looks like a blend of her wedding dress and the garden party look from a couple weeks ago. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy were all about clean lines and simple elegance, but never looked boring. I think Meghan can keep true to her natural un-fussy style while upping the oomph! This outfit overall did not look thoroughly thought-out. At the very least someone must have told her the hat was far too similar to the last one.

  34. This is a lovely outfit on Meghan and fits her like a glove, the neckline is very attractive with the folded fabric. It’s just a bit soon for me to see her repeat an off-shoulder look after the wedding, and given she has repeated the colour from her last outing and a near identical h at, I’m beginning to wonder if she’s running out of ideas already.

    The other problem of course is that bare shoulders seem out of place in the midst of a buttoned-up military parade. I think perhaps we have a touch of Hollywood coming to land in the west end of London. The slice hat is a great shape on her, thanks for all the details about its construction, there’s always that bit more info on this well-run Meghan page. I fear her ruthlessness in disposing of all decoration might be heartbreaking for a creative milliner, but it still looks well.

    The broad hat rim certainly complements the wide neckline and the loose curls in her hair are most attractive. I love the clutch and jewellery is nicely discreet. I don’t myself like these multiple skinny rings, but that’s just me being an old stick-in-the-mud. Thanks for a lovely post.

  35. Meghan looks gorgeous. The buttons make it a little too 80s but it’s still a good look.

    I am sure the outfit was approved prior to the event – or that she sought advice, knowing how high profile this event is – so I think the claims that the bare shoulders are not appropriate are misplaced.

  36. She looks stunning. Dress is great and looks fabulous with a matching hat. Not sure why everyone us getting so hot under the collar because the dress sat off the shoulders and doesn’t fit rotal protocol. Do the naysayers know what the dress code is or just a perceived view. I think she rocks the dress and it looks stunning. Go girl

  37. Meghan is so gorgeous but the outfit is a bit disappointing, particularly the way the buttons don’t seem to sit right.

  38. Wow….unbelievable how so many are commenting about the “bare” shoulders. We are in 2018 – her outfit was not revealing or inappropriate. Why do people suddenly seem so conservative when it comes to being in the presence of the queen? The queen didn’t seem to mind the outfit, or the other royals. Meghan looked very elegant and polished, definitely not inappriate.

    • Absolutely agree. She looks fresh, modern & stunning. If the Royals want to continue to connect with the public, stuffiness about shoulders & sleeves needs to stop.

      • Kate Ann I don’t think shoulders are “dirty” and I don’t suppose any other women commenting here does either. I have not read a comment in which Meghan was criticized personally. We are critical only of her choice of clothing for this particular event. No one said she was awful or a disgrace or should have been banned from the balcony. She simple had a miscalculation early on in her royal life, nothing more. Trooping the Color is steeped in decades of tradition and is more than just a military parade. It is about paying respect to the Crown and the armed forces. It is not a cocktail party. Meghan’s outfuit was more suitable for the latter in the opinion of a lot of her own supporters. It does not mean we no longer respect and support her. I, for one, am rooting for her to get it right everytime and I am sure she will eventually. I think she is a very smart woman and it is no easy task to fit in, sartorially or otherwise with the BRF. But I am a big Meghan (and Harry) fan and rooting for her all the way.

  39. Could the earrings be the Bee Chic mother of Pearl Hexagon earrings perhaps? I’ve had my eye one those for a while.

    I don’t think the Duchess looked inappropriate, though I have to say I’m getting rather bored with all the boatneck and off the shoulder necklines! I really appreciate Meghan’s sophisticated menswear-inspired signature look, its a nice contrast after years of watching Kate’s prim feminine silhouettes!

    • Nice suggestion Carlene – they are actually an oval shaped earring. Birks had said back at the engagement photo call that they were one of their current styles. However after studying many images over time and now today’s photos, the earrings really do appear to have a clean, smooth gold edge. We were wondering if they might not even be Birks. Recently Birks had mistaken the Cartier earrings for their Bee Chic earrings. I hope to look at more images tonight if not tomorrow. – SAC

  40. I’m an American, and yet I knew as soon as I saw Duchess Meghan’s outfit that it was not appropriate. I wish someone in the Royal Family would sit her down and explain the Rules and Regulations for dressing. She is a beautiful woman and needs to get some advice on how to dress like a Royal. Duchess
    Catherine made a few fashion faux pas early on, but now she has found a style all her own, and almost always looks amazingly well put together. I wish I looked that lovely 6 weeks after giving birth to my last baby, as Kate looked today.
    Thanks for the pictures!

  41. Another perspective on her sleeves/shoulders: I can’t really imagine that Meghan would have had a bespoke piece made for the Royal Family’s biggest event of the year and her first major event as a member of the family without being briefed by somebody (a Buckingham/Kensington Palace aide, Angela Kelly, Kate, Camilla, Natasha Archer, etc.) on what is and isn’t appropriate for the occasion. I also don’t really agree with the narrative that her outfit is taking attention away from the Queen–there was going to be a huge amount of attention on Meghan today regardless of what she wore, and possibly even more so if she had looked too conservative (see: Kate Middleton at Pippa’s wedding). Furthermore, I think that Meghan continuing to embrace her personal style and “breaking the rules” (to some degree) is good PR for the Royal Family and that any indication that they were controlling her clothes beyond reasonably outlining dress codes would be pretty bad PR.

    In terms of the dress itself, this is BY FAR the best of the more “Royal” looks she’s worn so far. It’s conservative but not overly so, visually interesting without being too busy, and the colour looks amazing on her. She looked just a little bit like she had been playing dress up with Kate’s clothes at the Commonwealth Service, and I’m not getting any sense of that here–the dress doesn’t wear her at all and she looks wayyy more confident here. The jacket and clutch give off the perfect “American actress turned princess” vibe, which is obviously perfect for Meghan. I would love to see the skirt/dress and know what shoes she chose to wear with this outfit.

    As far as the hat goes, I was really, really hoping to see her in something less plain. Her dress and accessories are so stunning, and then the hat kind of makes the outfit fall flat. I would love to see her embrace showy British hats with flowers and feathers and netting and whatever else, but if that doesn’t happen I think that there are much better ways to go than simply removing decorations from Philip Treacy hats (someone on here said that her garden party hat looked like a hat form, which is exactly the sense I get too). Philip Treacy has some fairly minimalist hats that would fit Meghan’s style well without looking like someone forgot to add decorations, and I could also see Lock & Co. being a good fit for her. That being said, I think that this hat is better than the garden party one (probably because it’s smaller) and that she looks phenomenal overall.

    • I agree with you completely. We know she’s been given Royal advisors, so it’s safe to assume that she was made aware of expectations beforehand. Unconventional doesn’t necessarily mean inappropriate.

    • I came here to say these exact same things. It will be a joy to watch her personal style evolve with her royal role. She is allowed to experiment, isn’t she.
      Also, I love that she is a career woman, that she has had a life, and a very successful one, before becoming a royal. Anything less and being sister in law with Kate would have been devastating for her.

  42. Gorgeous outfit, gorgeous color on her. Beautifully modern and simple. For appropriateness to the event, just 15 degrees more of an angle on the collar would do it I think … so that the sides would be higher up on the shoulder. It would still be modern and fresh, but less of an issue at such an occasion. What we’ve got here is a fashion-forward California girl who could wear this to any formal daytime event in Los Angeles. A few steps more towards conservatism on the collar would make it perfect. Agree that the hat could use a little adornment perhaps. Love the clutch and wish we could see the shoes. Her hair looks lovely. Also wish we could have the full list of who was on that balcony! So many people I didn’t recognize.

    • I agree with you that the shoulder problem would be solved by just a fraction more fabric on the collar. This really is a very pretty style.

  43. Beautiful look! Dress/suit is tailored to perfection and makes her skin glow. The hat is lovely and her hair is bouncy. She looks happy and serene, polished and confident.

  44. I think this was a completely wrong look for this occasion. Off the shoulders, hair down, diamond rings – looks like a Hollywood starlet going to a cocktail party. Sorry. Although hard to tell, the Herrera doesn’t look well tailored for her. Often the case with her clothes… she needs a good alterationist.

    • What is wrong with her hair down? She wasn’t the only one on the balcony with this hairstyle. In fact, Kate wore her hair down in 2011 for Trooping the Colour.

  45. I do not think this dress is appropriate for the Duchess. Even with someone mentoring her now, I don’t understand how this choice was approved? She can be fun and fresh without looking ‘hollywood’ all the time.

  46. i don’t think i have a problem with the off the shoulders. i have a problem with off the shoulders and button up. the two looks just don’t seem to go together. love the hat. i’ll be very curious to watch as her style progresses each year that she attends these functions and learns more and more what is considered “acceptable” and whether she goes with it or cuts her own course.

  47. I thought she looked beautiful and I love that she dresses more modern and fashion forward but bare shoulders for such a traditional occasion didn’t feel entirely appropriate.

  48. I love it! She seems to have the young flair that My dear Kate is missing! (Not comparing the two- just an observation)

      • I have to agree to a certain extent. I love both ladies style but I feel Kate can tend to look matronly despite being quite young, in shape, and beautiful. However, Meghan’s style tends towards casual. I’m from the US West Coast where this is perfectly acceptable as day formal wear. I think she just needs time to adjust to the different standards. What confuses me is, doesn’t she have advisors or help? If it was truly inappropriate wouldn’t someone have told her?

        • Meghan has the Queen’s former private secretary and personal assistant working with her for the next 6 months. However, as for dress/style – a published protocol on dress code has not existed. Kate has a stylist – Natasha. Meghan may or may not have a stylist working with her – I would presume someone is in order to help her choose some items to wear for specific events. She may also be asking Kate and Eugenie (who she’s become close with according to reports) – so I’m sure she’s asked plenty of questions.
          I, personally, think she looked spectacular and didn’t see anything wrong with what she had on. She was in a classic Carolina Hererra “look”, simple hat that didn’t distract from herself and or others on the balcony and it all reminded me a bit of Diana when she would push the fashion styles. As well, I seem to recall Princess Margaret’s fashion forward styles as well. To me, this is refreshing. I love Kate just as much, but I’ve been enjoying a refreshing change with Meghan in the mix. – SAC

          • I was wondering where does this dress code exist that everyone keeps referring too. Is it written down for us commoners to read? I know based on observation people can draw conclusions on what royal protocol is. But do we really know that her dress went against the royal protocol? I have been looking but have been unable to find a source that states specifically that her dress broke with protocol. On other forums I have seen people calling her trashy and that she was trying to draw attention to herself. If you look at the pictures she is standing in the back while Prince Harry points things out to her. She looks very demure and she is hardly upstaging anyone. I also feel as if Prince Harry wouldn’t let her step out in an outfit that would be deemed inappropriate and that would embarrass her in front of the Queen. I am sure he is guiding her and trying to keep the media from attacking her. This is an all new experience for her and I believe she is walking it with grace and dignity. She is not Kate, she is her own person so she is bringing her own individuality to her fashion choices. Thanks to What Meghan Wore for having a respectful forum for us Royal Fans to discuss this without having people make derogatory comments! I love your websites!

          • Jessica — This is what Debrett’s says about the dress code:
            Morning Dress: Women
            – Smart daywear, such as a dress or skirt worn with a jacket.
            – Dresses should not be too short or too revealing. They may be worn with no jacket in summer but if so, should be modest with sleeves or at least not narrow straps.
            – Shoulders may be covered by a bolero, shrug or pashmina but a tailored jacket or coat is better for the races or smart weddings.
            – Avoid very high heels or evening-style shoes – wedges are sensible if it may be soft underfoot (eg around churchyards, marquees or racecourses). Tights should be worn.
            – Daytime jewellery; pearls are a good choice.
            – Hats are usual, especially at weddings, but not always required. They are essential for certain Season settings, such as the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. It is best to choose a hat that may be kept on throughout the day and which is securely fitted.
            You can find the dress code here: and other etiquette items here: .

          • I’m afraid I’m a little worried when I see this outfit of Meghan’s being assessed in solely fashion terms. I would be the first to agree that it is a lovely outfit in itself, with a fashion edge many of us here welcome. But I feel that is missing the point a bit as it seems hard to convey to some from over the water that things are sometimes simply done differently here, and the Trooping of the Colour is one of those occasions where fashion alone is not enough. The problem with emphasising the fashion over the occasion is that it begins to look as if things British and traditional are to be set aside in pursuit of some fashion sense.

            I feel there’s a tendency to assume that when Meghan does the royal thing she is somehow having her identity suppressed, but I think this may be far from the truth. Inside Meghan there could well be a fully fledged royal duchess just waiting to hatch out. I think she is capable of embracing a whole new culture and the anachronism of a royal life, context in which she is free to set aside the kind of outfits an actress may feel obliged to wear in a sexist entertainment industry. In embracing a more serious global platform where she can pursue causes dear to her heart Meghan could be more than happy to leave skimpy red carpet outfits behind and embrace more serious and comfortable clothes.

            I fear anyone who wants the old Meghan back is in for disappointment and I’d be loathe to see this blog become a place for constant criticism of her choices as they depart from what goes down Stateside

          • Jessica, I don’t think there is a dress code or a protocol written down, that Meghan has betrayed. But I think what is right for an occasion is often just known. Nowhere is it written that you can’t wear a bathing suit to church, but we know instinctively that would be wrong. Meghan wore a sleeveless dress to a memorial service and got criticism. She wore bare shoulders to Trooping the Colour and again got criticism. I think the problem is a cultural one. Meghan is not British; she was not raised Royal. She is a Californian girl and a former actress. Her mistake is that she obviously is not asking “those who do know” for advice. You suggest that Harry could guide her. Harry is wonderful—but he is a guy. My husband wouldn’t have a clue what I should be wearing. Meghan did look great, but wrong for the occasion. Hopefully with time she will work out the glitches. She is a smart woman and for the next little while she needs to run her wardrobe choices past someone who truly knows the ropes on royal expectations.

          • I disagree that Harry would not know what is appropriate for a royal outing. Harry leads a different life than an average man and I believe he would have stopped Meghan from wearing something he thought would downright disrespect the Monarch. I just think Meghan will get criticized on whatever she wears. Catherine is often criticized because she looks “too dowdy” or “too matronly.” I think we all need to allow the royals to evolve and move forward. I don’t think the traditions should be lost but perhaps allowing Meghan to wear what she wants, within reason, is a new fresh start for the royal family. I am sure she is receiving guidance but also putting her own spin on things. Her dress to me wasn’t inappropriate. I guess perhaps opinions can be swayed by ones cultural lens. I do not think she looked “Hollywood.” If you go back in the archives of her fashion when she was an actress she definitely wore things that were more risqué. She hardly looked like Kim Kardashian walking down the red-carpet. And yes I realize you can’t really compare Hollywood fashion to what is worn for royal occasions. I am just saying she could have worn something way more revealing and out there. Even Queen Elizabeth has been known to wear an off the shoulder dress in her day. Oh well Meghan will stir the pot on her fashion choices just as Diana did in her day. It will be fun to watch! I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions and at the end of the day its fun to debate on what goes on behind the castle walls.

  49. To start off with a positive, I think her hair looks lovely, which is something that has frustrated me in the past! And the outfit (hat included) would be absolutely perfect at a less formal occasion, such as the Ascot or a garden party. A miss for Trooping of the Colour, but I hope she re-wears at a more appropriate event!

  50. I look forward to seeing the hat again once she adds back the roses. It will give her a whole new look. Today’s look was perfect. She really did look gorgeous!

  51. The new Dutchess is lovely. I do have to agree that the off-the-shoulder just seems off during the day, but it’s her choice. Hope she didn’t catch any flack for it. The hat, though… It just looks unadorned. Please, Meg, please. Even a little trim would help. Love ya anyways!

  52. Inappropriate attire compared to the rest of the family at such a traditional event. The hat is excellent, however.

  53. The outfit is beautiful but an odd choice on this day to celebrate the Queen. I agree with Ana, the shoulders should have been covered today.

  54. I adore the outfit. Meghan looks fresh, sophisticated and modern. This shade of pink suits her complexion, and I love the hair.

  55. While I love the outfit in theory, I don’t know how appropriate the open shoulders and open arms are for such an event, especially as it was an event honoring the Queen, it wasn’t at all hot today, and every other female (not including the children) on that balcony was wearing a dress or coat with long sleeves…

    • Why is Meghan’s dress not appropriate for honoring the Queen? I don’t understand how baring ones arms like Meghan’s dress does is inappropriate. Not trying to be snarky…just interested in others reasoning. 🙂

      • I guess wearing something so “open” at a formal, daytime event is just… showy? A similar design for evening could be an excellent choice! The dress reads to me more like “sophisticated movie premiere,” rather than official royal function. And I don’t think the problem lies in the open arms so much as the open shoulders combined with the open arms. I can’t help thinking that it would be like having a guest come in khakis and a navy blazer to a black tie event. As far as the Queen is concerned, it’s an event to honor her birthday; this outfit is screaming for attention, and “detracting” from the point, which is to focus on Her Majesty. The dress Megan wore to the garden party would have been much more appropriate for this occasion.

        • I think she looks beautiful, shoulders out or not. Last year The DoC wore bright bubblegum pink to the Trooping. No one accused her of screaming for attention or overshadowing the Queen on her birthday – I still can’t help feeling that for some, Meghan will never do enough right. And let’s keep in mind that this is only her 2nd official event as DoS – let’s give her some leeway as she figures it all out. Who knows what’s to come fashion-wise!

        • I think the Bardot neckline is more appropriate for casual summer wear or else cocktail in the UK, but perhaps the style is felt to be smarter when one is over in sunny California.

          • I think Sophie, Countess of Wessex probably played it safe with her outfit. Her shoulders and collarbone were covered, but the top of her outfit met around the neck and showed a bit of bare back (how much was hard to determine from the photo in the carriage. I think you can get away with showing skin in a garment such as this as more of you is covered, but I also think that her outfit could have been seen as pushing the limits.

            However, with Meghan, I feel like it was pushing the limits a little too far. I agree that this outfit may work for a less austere daytime event, and as Kate has shown before, for evening events. Although, I have noticed she has bared shoulders before in public, but several occasions when she has been out in private (dinner at Pippa’s after Pippa’s engagement announcement and the Horsetrials a few weekends ago) Kate pulls the arms up to the tops of her shoulders – odd.)

            I digress. I don’t feel that this is scandalous. But I do believe that Meghan will not make the same choices next time. It’s about knowing the difference between a celebrity public appearance and a royal appearance. It’s something that will take time. She is still learning and hasn’t been at it for nearly as long as everyone else. Had Kate worn it at this stage in her life as a royal, I believe a bit of a “gasp” might be warranted. Although – Meghan does consider herself a feminist. Perhaps this is one of the ways she plans on showing that side of her – by pushing the boundaries.

          • Why did she fold the collar down more than what was intended? You can see that the fold crease is in the wrong place.

      • It’s not just the arms; it’s the low off the shoulder style. It’s inappropriate and not suited to a military parade and I’m certain that she won’t make this mistake again.

    • I agree that the off the shoulder look is not quite in keeping with what the other women are wearing. Meghan has a knack for looking stunning, but not quite appropriate for the occasion. This hat is so similar to the last pink one she wore at the garden party, that I wonder why she didn’t just wear the same one again.

      • That’s the difference between strong women and weak ones. You don’t do things because other are, you do them because you are comfortable with yourself

      • Bonnie, I think it’s largely a cultural thing, something that’s more ok over in sunny California but not the norm for formal wear here in the UK. Not least, of course, is the question of comfort, and open air carriage is by definition a draughty way to travel, and a balcony on the side of a high building must have similar problems. I imagine Meghan was well served by being able to step back behind the others while on balcony duty.

    • Wow! I might be a tad conservative but I wouldn’t consider myself naive. I am also a California native so I think that might qualify me to address a few things. California is extremely casual but if you are living and representing another country, I think it would be welcomed if you matched their culture instead of insisting on the one you left. That being said, I think the casualness of the bare shoulders paired w the tradition of wearing a hat don’t match.

      • I think the pleasure of coming to a site like this is being able to take part in a respectful exchange of views. I enjoy seeing a variety of input and having my ideas tested by the conclusions of others, that way I learn more about style in general and not just Meghan. Thanks for a great post.


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