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Today we’re taking a closer look at the shoes worn by the new Duchess of Sussex on her wedding day. Brooke Nurthen, a contributing writer for our site and What Kate Wore, was thrilled to take a closer look at the heels worn by the woman who once, now famously, talked about “glass ceilings, not glass slippers”!

The press release about the day featured the following details about the chosen footwear —

The wedding shoes are based on a Givenchy refined pointed couture design made of a silk duchess satin.”

We caught only scant glimpses of the shoes, a simple, high heeled white pump with a pointed toe. They made for a classic bridal style, perfectly in step with the dress.

On close inspection of the above detail shot, we can see what looks like a silver chrome or mirrored finish on the inside of the heel and the sole of the shoe. It isn’t dissimilar to the finish of the Givenchy shoe below.

Givenchy’s pointed toe style in metallic silver leather —

Givenchy metallic leather point toe pump silver

The same style in nude leather —

It’s possible, if not probable, that one day we’ll get a good look at Meghan’s wedding shoes in full. The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding shoes (along with her dress, tiara, earrings and veil) went on display in an exhibit at Buckingham Palace after the wedding, and Kate herself inspected the look together with the Queen before it opened (read about that engagement at our sister site here). I am certainly hopeful we will get the same opportunity with the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding look!

Many sites wrote about the potential shoe designer before the big day, throwing up the possibility of shoe-lover Meghan stepping out in a pair of Manolos or similar. Susan C, Susan K and I discussed the possibilities at length in our pre-wedding discussions. My speculation (and it is purely that) was that Meghan would stick with one designer for dress and shoes solely in order to keep the circle tight. As we know, the dress designer was successfully a tightly held secret. Having shoes that matched the dress perfectly, made by a different designer, would’ve meant increasing that circle, and therefore, the chances of information leaking.

Another label thrown into the ring of potential shoe designers was Aquazzura. We’ve written about the brand over on Meg Loved Labels, Meghan has been a long time fan. Those who suggested Aquazzura were (half!) vindicated when Meghan stepped out for the reception wearing a pair of blue-soled pointed pumps by the brand.

In the evening’s press release, the palace detailed —

The Bride is wearing shoes from Aquazzura made in silky satin, with nude mesh, with soles painted in baby blue.”

Below we show the illustration of the shoes from Aquazzura —

Aquazzura Bespoke Royal Wedding shoe illustration by Edgardo Osorio

It’s quite possible these were intended to be the evening’s ‘something blue’, overshadowed of course by Harry’s gift of Diana’s aquamarine ring.

Below from the brand’s Bridal collection, the ‘Sexy Thing’ style booties and ‘Matilde’ d’orsay pumps (Meghan wore the style in nude suede for the engagement photo call) both showing the blue soles—

‘Sexy Thing’ Bridal Booties, $595 USD

‘Matilde’ D’Orsay Bridal Pumps

Here we see the Aquazzura white silver nappa leather mesh studded court shoes, a style that may be the inspiration for Meghan’s wedding shoe, particularly in the toe-box shape.

The young bridesmaids also wore custom Aquazzura shoes for the day, embroidered with their initials (a gift from Meghan), and her mother Doria Ragland wore the brand as well. Aquazzura is renowned for comfort, a huge benefit for a long day and likely a factor in Meghan choosing the brand to wear at night after a full day on her feet.

Make sure you didn’t miss our extra details on Meghan’s wedding dress over here.

More styles from the Aquazzura Bridal Collection —

‘Portrait Of Lady’ 105 Slingback Pumps, $950 USD and ‘Lily Of The Valley’ Sandal 105, $895 USD


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  1. I love taking another peek at Meghan shoes, thanks for all the close-ups. Good to spit the distinguishing mirror finish on the inside heel of the wedding shoe.

    But the shoes of the day have to be those dreamy Aquazzura evening shoes. Love the contrast edging on the mesh upper 🙂

  2. Great post, the shoes are absolutely stunning! Interesting that they called the mesh “nude”, as the version Meghan wore looks more white, whole the retail ones look like they actually incorporate nude mesh? Either way, I love that her new ring matched the sole of the shoe, it was yet another example of the level of detail that made the day so flawless!

  3. Great post! These are the first detailed pics of the reception shoes Ive seen. I never noticed the mesh detail before, I thought it was just another white heel but with the blue sole!

  4. Thank-you for this interesting article. One question – where would the initials on the bridesmaids shoes be? On the inside of the shoe or the outside of the heel? I don’t see initials in this picture.

    • We don’t have any additional images of the bridesmaids shoes showing the monogrammed initials – we’re unsure. Perhaps at a future exhibit this will be revealed.


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