The Duke & Duchess Take Archie on His First Official Engagement

Day three of the Royal Tour brought a special surprise: baby Archie’s first official engagement!

The four-month-old joined his parents for a meeting at the Tutu Legacy Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa. 

We had our first glimpse of Archie this morning on the Sussex Royal Instagram account; the Duke and Duchess posted 2 videos. Below, a portion of one of the videos.

The Sussexes as they were greeted by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Archie was also welcomed by the Archbishop’s daughter, Thandeka Gxashe.
The Tutus and the Sussexes.
Embed from Getty Images

CNN’s Max Foster noted this was “a significant milestone” for Archie. 

More from his story:

“The reality is [that] this is the first experience of a lifetime of media moments for young Archie, so a big moment in his life,” Foster reported.

“We shouldn’t forget that this is a rare appearance by Desmond Tutu — this aging icon of the anti-apartheid movement here. He’s not seen very often in public so this was a historic piece of video in two senses,” he continued.

And from the NY Times:

Tutu, who has been treated for prostate cancer for years, rarely makes public appearances. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his efforts to end the system of white minority rule, or apartheid, and promote racial reconciliation in South Africa, and he has lent his moral stature to causes and campaigns around the world over the years.

Embed from Getty Images

Archie looked very comfortable as his parents settled in for their conversation.

I think he had his eye on the cookies.

The sweet treats were decorated with hearts and the words joy, hope, love and peace.  And this from The Telegraph’s story:

He greeted the royals with laughter with his daughter Thandeka Tutu Gxashe, CEO [of the] Desmond Tutu Desk campaign – which creates portable desks for schoolchildren.

The foundation is the global rallying point for the now retired archbishop’s values in respect of people and the earth.

We return to The Telegraph’s story:

The four-month-old posed with the man they call “The Arch” with proud mother and father. And Meghan, joked with the Archbishop’s daughter Thandeka Tutu Gxashe, that the little royal would have have to get used the the cameras in his life.

She said: “I have cameras in my genes.” Meghan replied: “He’s an old soul.” Harry said: “I think he is used to it already.”

Victoria Murphy reports in her Town and Country story that there “was lots of laughter this morning. More from her article:

Harry told them that Archie is “constantly wanting to stand.” Meghan laughed and described her son as an “old soul.” And Harry said about Archie: “I think he knows exactly what’s going on.”

Many noted a similarity between the Duke and Archie as infants.

Another side-by-side photo set.

The Duke has met the Archbishop previously. CNN reports that Harry met him in 2015 when “…he presented the South African statesman with the Insignia of an Honorary member of the Order of the Companions of Honour on behalf of the Queen, recognizing his services to UK communities and International Peace and Reconciliation.”
The Duke and Duchess were briefed on the Foundation’s operations and were presented with a basket of gifts celebrating South African women, children and non-racialism, including several gifts for young Archie.
They were also given a set of framed photos (one for Harry and the other for William) showing Nelson Mandela with the late Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997.

Meghan and Harry were each given a beaded bracelet, per the Foundation’s news release, ” hand-made by members of Ikamva Labantu, which works in Cape Town townships focusing on early childhood development, after school initiatives and the well being of elder persons. The bracelets, in the purple and green colours of the Foundation, were specially commissioned for the royal couple.”

There were also gifts for Archie, including signed children’s books, Desmond and the Mean Word, and Children’s Bible Stories, both written by the Archbishop.

Following the meeting the Sussex Royal Instagram post carried this message:

This morning The Duke and Duchess were honoured to introduce their son Archie, to Archbishop, Desmond Tutu,  and his daughter, Thandeka.

The Archbishop, a globally respected figure in anti-apartheid movement, is one of the world’s great champions of equality, and has spent his life tirelessly battling injustice.

Their Royal Highnesses have joined The Archbishop and Thandeka to learn more about the work of The Tutu and Leah Legacy Foundation, and see first-hand how they are focusing on global awareness of the critical issues affecting the world.

And this was also shared on the Sussex Royal Instagram page.

One more cute shot of Archie and his mother.
Embed from Getty Images
Usually we put videos at the end of posts, but thought today’s merited being higher in the post.

Following this engagement, Prince Harry departed for his solo trips in Botswana, Angola and Malawi.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore. 

The Duchess was in a dress by one of her favorite brands, Club Monaco. The Dremah midi dress ($289 currently marked down to $229) is crafted of 100% silk in a brushstroke pattern.

It features cap sleeves, a hidden front placket with fabric-covered buttons, stand collar, side seam pockets and flounce at the hem. It is lined and comes with a self-belt. Our thanks to Caroline Parr for her speedy ID of Meghan’s dress.

There have been a couple of comments about Meghan’s slip or the dress lining being dark. As best I can tell that is the way the dress was manufactured. Below left you see Meghan’s lining and in the center, the lining as shown in product photos.

Meghan’s shoes are her Manolo Blahnik BB 105 pumps in navy suede, $665.

We’ve had questions about Archie’s outfit. He was in H&M’s Dungarees (0-9 mons, $20,  and 9m-4y, $25) an unidentified tee shirt (not the bodysuit seen in the product photo). The piece is from the brand’s sustainable ‘Conscious’ line and made of 100% organic cotton, worn with a pair of Bonpoint Ribbed SocksOur thanks to Mail Online’s Caroline Parr for this ID as well, and Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for the sock ID.

The Duchess wore her hair up and accessorized with the Jennifer Meyer turquoise ring and earrings we’ve seen throughout the tour.

One more photo from this morning.

Are you following us on Instagram?! Our latest What Meghan Wore Instagram posts are below:

Club Monaco dress / Jennifer Meyer earrings and ring / Manolo Blahnik shoes


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  1. She looks perfect the dress is beautiful and feminine the shoes are appropriate but comfortable and i’m in love with her hairstyle!Also that photo of nelson mandela with princess diana is amazing harry looked very happy and it was so sweet to see archie looking at his grandmother too.

  2. I am catching up on this tour late but I have to say this is absolutely my favourite outfit so far. The dress is flattering, I love the sleeves, and the slip is such an interesting detail that is also effective at keeping the whole look from being see-through. Archie is a treat to watch!

    The gifts from the Tutus are also incredibly thoughtful and I like the detail in the cookies. What a wonderful event all around.

  3. The dress is very pretty, and Meghan looks lovely. I like her hair tied back in that sleek bun. However, most of my attention was on gorgeous Archie. What a cutie! He looks like Harry, at least from the pictures shared online. He also has a very cute alert, focused and sassy face- you can tell he’s going to be all sorts of adorable and mischievous once he hits the Terrible Twos. 😉

  4. This darling Club Monaco dress came as a complete breath of fresh air to me after the relative heaviness of duller colours, longer hems, and full skirts. This silhouette is much closer to a classic feminine fit-and-flare, and in its sweetness and decorum the dress seems admirably suited to a visit to the archbishop.

    But being Meghan it was never going to be fully conventional floating feminine print, instead there is an interesting undertone from the dark lining which makes for a great and eye-catching contrast. It’s such a pretty, while unusual, print, and collar, soft tie belt and hem flare are all most becoming. Meghan’s updo is immaculate and the tiny Jennifer Meyer earrings really come into their own here.

    Above all, the outfit is ideal for showing off what must surely be the world’s bonniest baby right now. Such a huge treat to see Archie!

  5. This dress was both beautiful and flattering. It also looked comfortable – something that is important when one is carrying/holding a young child. The jewelry was beautiful as well. This is the first dress worn – post pregnancy that really seems to highlight her petite figure that is still regaining its pre-pregnancy shape. Some women are fortunate in that their bodies “snap back” in a couple of weeks while for many, it is a process that takes several months if not a year or more. It is always difficult if one is of the latter rather than the former group to adjust and find clothing that fits as those changes occur.

  6. Love this dress! The color combo and the cut are very flattering on Meghan. Archie is just adorable and looks like his dad. Also love that the family was color coordinated in different shades of blue.

    My favorite part of this event was the photos of the Bishop with the Princess of Wales given as gifts to William and Harry. I’m glad I came here to read the post because I didn’t catch this on social media at all. Thanks to Admins for all the great tour coverage!

  7. Harry and Meghan are so in love with their son and can’t take their eyes off of him — I love it! And how enchanted both the Archbishop and his daughter are with him too! Meghan’s dress is perfect for the occasion and the way it flutters and flows is so beautiful. It fits her well and looks comfy and practical for holding a baby. And now I really, really want one of those cookies.

  8. Love Meghan’s look. It was appropriate for the occasion and I love the floaty feel of the outer dress, which gave us random glimpses of the slip dress underneath. I think that gave the outfit an added interest. I also think she chose the perfect outfit for a mom with a busy baby.

    Archie is sooo adorable, looks so much like Prince Harry! My favorite part was when Harry was talking to him and he answered back. I agree with Harry he looks like he wants to walk already. Archie is just wonderful.

  9. Meghan’s fashion sense is so on point. She looks so beautiful in this outfit. The movement of the skirt is really the highlight for me. It makes her appear like she’s floating. Which she may have been holding her sweet bundle of joy. I so wish Diana was around to see how well her son married and how happy he is.

  10. I haven’t posted on any of the tour posts but it’s so great to finally see clear shots of little Archie! My initial reaction was “omg so cute!” I didn’t really pay attention to what Meghan was wearing. He does resemble Harry a lot as a baby but those little almond shaped eyes are all Meghan (if you google young Meghan you’ll see the resemblance, Harry didn’t have that eye shape or color as a baby). Doesn’t look like he inherited Harry’s red hair but his hair could change as he grows older.
    As for Meghan’s dress, her love of wrap/shirt dresses continues. Even if we don’t agree with all her fashion choices, it’s nice to see her stick to her staples! I like this dress a lot on her, even if I also noticed the black slip in the videos of her walking holding Archie. Not sure if it’s part of the dress’s design or something she added. This is why I’ve always been a bit wary of wrap dresses though I like them in theory because I’ve noticed some of them shift awkwardly in movement.
    I saw on People there’s an article about why Meghan chose not to wear wedding/engagement rings in South Africa (really did not merit a whole article and could have been summarized in one sentence): Meghan wanted this tour to be more casual and she didn’t want to go around flashing expensive jewelry. Which honestly did not take a detective to figure out since this is what I assumed. But who knows if it’s the truth, I’m not really all that interested in that mystery but saw people kept commenting on it.

    • Hi Amelie – the dark navy lining is what you are seeing showing under her Club Monaco dress. Close up images have been included in the post. It’s actually a navy blue slip dress that can be removed as it’s held in with snaps. On the Nordstrom website there is a video clip where the stylist speaks about the construction of the dress.

  11. The Duchess looks lovely. This is a pretty silk dress, it falls perfectly, it would feel lovely against the skin to wear. Love the subtle earrings again just right. Little Archie is a lovely little baby. A fantastic choice in what he is wearing, lovely.

  12. Oh My……. What a beautiful moment. The duchess wore the most beautiful flowing and flattering dress! Perfection. Archi was the star of the show and soo beautiful. So happy for them. He looks like a perfect mix of them both. The duchess is a natural mother! Prince Harry so proud and happy. I shed a tear that Princess Diana could not hold her adorable grandbaby. She held such a special place in all our hrearts. Thank you for such wonderful coverage.

  13. Love this look! The dress, hair & accessories are spot on. But the star is definitely Archie – he looks SO much like his Dad & looks to be a happy baby.

  14. Lovey dress! And, perfect for the engagement, I think.
    The baby . . . so beautiful, I have no words. The three of them together are sweetness itself.

  15. Perfect look for the Duchess, everything spot on for a glorious, touching first engagement for Archie. What a good baby to hit all his marks and knowing his audience! This post made my day! Thank you.

  16. Great coverage of this event, thank you! When I saw the photos on Instagram this morning, I was cooing over how adorable Archie is and how much I love Meghan’s dress. But it wasn’t until reading your coverage of this engagement that I realize how important and significant it was!

    By bringing Archie to this particular engagement with Desmond Tutu, who is rarely seen in public, they were ensuring that this event would generate the most media coverage and benefit to the cause. That’s very smart of them! Plus, it’s a wonderful photo op of a memorable moment in their son’s life that they can cherish forever!

    This dress of Meghan’s is my favorite of the tour. (So far! I did see a pretty amazing jump suit coming up later today….!) She looks wonderful! Totally perfect.

  17. It’s taken awhile for me to adjust to her more casual take on dressing. I’m from the much older only dresses, stockings and heels generation. Except for some of the fit issues I’m really liking the outfit choices so far on this trip. This dress fit and was appropriate for this event.

  18. These photos fill me with joy, and I admit that I got a bit emotional seeing such a historic meeting filled with laughter and sweetness. What an impact these two (now 3!) royals are making. Archie looks so much like Harry, it is uncanny.
    Not nearly as important, but Meghan’s look is lovely – pretty and polished. I love that silk dress.

  19. Well first of all, Archie was the star today. What a sweet boy and how much he has grown. His parents seem to adore him…..which is totally understandable.
    Meghan looks lovely today. Her dress is youthful and fresh and the fit is good. I do wish she had worn earrings with more prominence, but I accept that minimalism is her style. All in all the nicest outfit so far on the tour.

  20. OMG- cuteness overload! I can’t believe how much Master Archie looks like Prince Harry. Duchess Meghan looked beautiful- loved the dress, hair everything! Just wondering if her slip is showing or is it part of the dress? Would be odd to be black. Those cookies look scrumptious. Beautiful day for the Sussex’s.

    • Hi, Lisa. We updated the post with photos providing a closer look at the lining, which is dark blue, as best I can tell. – sek 🙂

  21. OMG. Archie is THE CUTEST and he looks SO much like Prince Harry!

    I think this dress looks wonderful on the Duchess; the styling was spot on. Clever of her to wear a tone-matched underskirt to make it more opaque and to avoid mishaps with what looks like a slip or wrap effect in the front.

    • Hi, Jessica. You’re spot-on about the slip/lining. We updated the post with photos providing a closer look at the lining, which is dark blue, as best I can tell. – sek 🙂


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