It’s an Everlane Jumpsuit for First Solo Engagements

The Duchess wore an Everlane jumpsuit for her solo engagements this afternoon.

Following the big morning, when we saw Archie join his parents for his first official engagement, Prince Harry headed to Botswana, Angola and Malawi for solo engagements the next several days.

And the Duchess had two solo engagements, the first at a tech hub called the Woodstock Exchange. The Exchange is located in an area considered “…the creative heart of Cape Town, filled with galleries, studios, street art, and artsy types galore,” per the Afar travel site.

The Duchess as she was welcomed this afternoon. On the right, Shirley Ann Gilbey, the director of the UK – South Africa Tech Hub.

The Bournemouth Daily Echo reports Meghan “…met several women who have set up their own businesses in industries such as technology, conservation and fashion and praised them for “empowering the next generation” of creative minds.”

Today’s event was called Ladies Who Launch. Below, the Duchess and Lara Rosmarin, CEO of Cape Innovation and Technology, during a panel discussion.

More from People’s story:

Meghan highlighted the importance of networking between aspiring female entrepreneurs and successful female role models.

During her chat with some of the women, Meghan opened up about being a working mom, saying: “We’re only at five months right now…being a working mom and to be traveling as well with a baby, it’s a lot, but my goodness, it’s all so exciting.”

The Sussex Royal Instagram page carried this post following the engagement.


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Ladies who launch! This afternoon in the Woodstock district of Cape Town, The Duchess of Sussex joined inspiring female entrepreneurs who shared their passion for ideas, technology and making a positive social impact. Each of the women shared amazing stories of how they started in business, the journey they’ve been on – successes and struggles – but also their ambitions for the future. Female empowerment and championing women’s rights is a key focus for The Duchess. By taking small actions we can make a big difference. Thank you to the inspiring women The Duchess met today, who are setting this example every day through their dedication and determination. #RoyalVisitSouthAfrica Photo ©️ PA images / Sussex Royal

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One more image from the Woodstock Exchange, this one by Samir Hussein.
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Meghan’s next engagement was at mothers2mothers. Below, a video from Hello’s Emily Nash as Meghan arrived.

More about the organization via its website.

We train and employ women living with HIV as community health workers. These “Mentor Mothers” work in local communities and at understaffed health facilities to ensure that women and their families get the health advice and medication they need, are linked to the right clinical services, and are supported on their treatment journey.

Meghan was welcomed by Limpho Nteko (seen below), a 29-year-old m2m Mentor Mother from Lesotho who manages 16 health facilities and leads a team of 90.

On its Facebook page, Mother2Mother shared the following:

What a day we had welcoming HRH The Duchess of Sussex in Cape Town, South Africa! During her visit, The Duchess heard from three of m2m’s “Mentor Mothers” – the women living with HIV employed by m2m as frontline health workers who are providing vital health education and services to other local women and families.

Meghan spent time with clients, staff and mothers with their little ones.

More about the event from People:

Meghan also came with books, pens and other gifts for the mothers2mothers group that works to help families with HIV in the South African city. The royal mom sat on the floor with the other mothers as the children played.

“The Duchess decided to bring a number of his presents to hand on to South African children and families most in need,” a royal source says.

ITV’s Lizzie Robinson reports that “Meghan encouraged the group to sit on the floor saying: “I just think if it was Archie and we had all these toys in the middle and I made him sit in the chair, it would be so unfair.”

A video from this afternoon’s engagement via Roya Nikkhah.

The Duchess was clearly in her element.

We return to the People story:

“She sat down and within a few moments, she saw that the babies were all being held by their mothers. She saw the play mat, she said, ‘Let’s get these babies on the ground.’ She sat on the ground with us. She pulled us down and she just engaged with the children,” says Frank Beadle de Palomo, President and CEO of the charity.

A video as the Duchess leaves the mother2mother engagement.

Now for what Meghan wore.

We’ll start with her Japanese GoWeave Jumpsuit ($120) from one of her favorite retailers, Everlane.

The piece is described as having an “elegant double-V neckline neck, easy wide legs, and a removable tie belt to create a more feminine silhouette. Plus, it’s made of our drapey, wrinkle-resistant Japanese GoWeave—a surprisingly breathable fabric that’s lightweight and travels well.”

The jumpsuit was initially noted when seen in a British Vogue video about Meghan guest-editing the magazine’s September issue.

It looked like Meghan wore her Manolo Blahnik BB Pointed Toe Pumps ($665) in black suede.

She also repeated her Gas Bijoux Gourmette earrings ($200) and the Zofia Day Open Diamond Cuff bracelet, $1300



eNews Channel Africa has roughly 1-minute on the Woodstock Exchange event.

The network has about 4:40 of the mothers2mothers engagement.

This Eyewitness News piece is almost three minutes.

Are you following us on Instagram?! Our latest What Meghan Wore Instagram posts are below:

Everlane jumpsuit / GAS Bijoux earrings / Zofia Day bracelet / Jennifer Meyer ring / Manolo Blahnik shoes


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  1. Appropriate neckline smart without being too business like but also not sloppy looking either i like it just one negative the pants could of been a bit longer.Loving the hair the shoes,and the earrings i think duchess kate has even worn the same pair too!

  2. This is a terrific pick from Meghan, entirely suiting her style, her present figure, and the engagement. It’s a relief to see her in something which accommodates the post-baby shape so effectively and she’s kept the playful aspect of a jumpsuit in check with that superb updo and the wonderful statement earrings. Gold and black are such a classic combo, and we even have city-heels for added sass. Win, win!

  3. While the jumpsuit is just a medium look in my opinion, it looks very Meghan to me, and I respect that she has such a strong personal style and she is consistent with it. She really looks like herself! I do think it was very appropriate for the event, and I am so pleased she wore something where she could easily get up and down on the floor and interact with the kids without worrying about a skirt showing off more than intended. The neckline is also tastefully conservative, so no child could tug and shift it, and wrinkle-free.

    • The neckline might be safe from small hands — just — but I’m not so sure about those earrings! My first thought on seeing them was that Meghan had switched to outsize drops as soon as she had Archie off her hands 🙂

  4. When I first saw a quick image of the day, I thought ‘OMG is she wearing a JUMPSUIT?!’ Then I immediately thought there was no way a jumpsuit would be Queen-approved. BUT – it WAS a jumpsuit and I am thrilled! She is glowing and looks fabulous. First time all tour it seems like she is wearing the clothes and not the other way around.

    Just of course one complaint – I wish she didn’t have her hands in the pockets. Looks ::too:: relaxed.

    • Hi Kathleen, It’s so refreshing to see Meghan in a jumpsuit and this one is so versatile! Just to point out, once again, their is no official royal-protocol, rule or approval by the Queen and so forth, on what the royals can or can not/should or should not wear. I know that this is something that has popped up from time to time in discussions. There is a photo of Diana in a green jumpsuit and bright pink Converse All-Star hi-tops at an engagement. Imagine if social media had been around for all of Diana’s outfits? I think the internet would’ve surely crashed! What Diana Wore (and yes, if I get some time, for anyone interested, I could add this to our What They Wore section of the site). 🙂 Thanks, SC

      • What Diana Wore????? Don’t play with my heart! Oh yes, I hope you get the time you need. I was in my early teens when Diana was taking the world, and would love to look at her outfits, and the events of the world at that time, with your, the What They Wore community and myself as a 46 year old.

        • Ülkü – it may only be a few pieces here and there when they come up as part of Meghan’s items. Followers on Instagram have asked about Diana’s jewelry for example when Meghan has worn it. We will see what happens. thanks, Susan C.

  5. Just stunning! Professional and pulled-together, but just the right thing for sitting cross-legged on the floor. Love that she has let the earring shine by keeping the whole look simple and pulling her hair back.

  6. I’ve been aware of Everlane for awhile so the Duchess did not introduce me to it but I’ve always heard good things about it. I own two jumpsuits though they are for summer wear (never quite understood how to adapt them for fall/winter) and absolutely love them. Sure, they are annoying when you have to go to the bathroom but it’s the same with a one piece bathing suit.
    This jumpsuit is very classy and versatile and can be casual or dressed up which is great! I’m guessing Meghan wore her hair up here so the little babies would not pull on it. Love that it has pockets! It’s just such a classic staple and Meghan can wear it to numerous engagements for years to come. I might have to see what Everlane has to offer in the jumpsuit department (I’m just going to assume this one is sold out already).

  7. Meghan has her groove back! Truly beautiful in the black jumpsuit and the blue silk dress and perfectly tailored and appropriate for each event. Ease of motion meets the Duchess’s own brand of chic without missing a beat.

  8. Love both outfits today. By far the best she has looked on the tour so far. They fit and look wonderful on her. Her hair is beautiful, no strands flying around nothing to keep putting back behind her ear. When she wears clothes that actually fit (not too long or sized too big for her frame) she looks beautiful.

  9. Far and away the best outfit I have seen on Meghan for months. This pared back look is ideal for her and I have no issues with fit for once. Gorgeous

  10. Love this jumpsuit! The pant length is perfect for Meghan—I much prefer over the maxi dresses. The earrings are pretty but I feel like they may be a bit too big for Meghan. I would have loved to have seen a nice statement necklace with the V-Neck instead.

  11. Absolutely stunning look on the Duchess! I love that she is choosing more affordable options, as well, mixing high street with designer. This is my favorite look of the tour thus far!

  12. I have this jumpsuit by Everlane in the blue color!!! I think this is the first time I have seen one of the Duchesses in something I actually have already worn – to a job interview!! I paired it with a very dark navy LK Bennet blazer and a pair of maroonish Sledge pumps! I had to put a little modesty tank underneath because it was a bit low for me for that occasion.
    Anyway… blog about her 🙂 She looks great and I love the earrings! Curious…. did she actually order the jumpsuit online or did she make it to one of the brick and mortars that they have in NYC now (I think ?).

    • Hi Melissa, Great style idea for your jumpsuit! 😉 I hope you got the job if it was something you wanted. Meghan has had the jumpsuit for a while now as she wore it in the behind the scenes clips for the September Vogue photo shoots. I know she does order various pieces online from shops or Jessica Mulrooney has had things sent to her. – SC

  13. I adore all of Meghan’s delicate jewelry and yet WOW! Are these earrings fabulous, or what?
    I love her hair pulled back so we can see her beautiful features. Super outfit and fantastic event. She is glowing with purpose.

  14. FINALLY! Well done Meghan!
    Love the jumpsuit, trendy, but not too flashy.
    A nice choice for a visit involving children.
    I would have had a hard time not using the pockets…I see Meghan feels the same. 😉

  15. She looks fabulous, and it was a perfect outfit choice for sitting down with the moms and babies. The earrings were a great choice for this relatively simple outfit choice. One of my favorites that I’ve seen from her.

  16. The Duchess looks so glamorous! Which is interesting because she is essentially sporting the same hairstyle she had earlier in the day, but the style of the jump suit, jewelry and make up has really elevated this look. Lovely!

  17. Wow. I love this jumpsuit. It’s so stylish and well-cut. The belt makes a very feminine silhouette and the heels take it to another level. Meghan’s jewelry choice also makes this outfit really stand out. Today’s looks are my favorite of the tour so far.

  18. I mean, perfect. Unimpeachable. I have a jumpsuit very much like this (in blue though), and I feel sort of bulletproof when I put it on. Add a pair of elegant heels and some power earrings, and you’re good to go. The way the styling here goes from super-sophisticated Vogue guest editor to mom sitting on the floor–without changing a single thing–is kind of amazing.

  19. Meghan has managed two great outfits today. Both the silk dress and this jumpsuit fit, which makes a major difference. She looks stunning, elegant and sophisticated. I would have opted for a bright colour when meeting with children, but that’s my choice not Meghan’s. The earrings are spectacular and make a statement, which is needed, as there is no other embellishment in this look. Well done, Duchess!


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