The Duchess Wears A Floral Brocade Dress for Palace Reception

Meghan wore a metallic floral brocade dress and repeats for today’s 50th Anniversary of the Investiture of HRH The Prince of Wales reception.


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Below the Royal Family enters the reception at Buckingham Palace.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex follow behind The Queen and Prince Charles.

The event marks the fiftieth anniversary of Prince Charles’s investiture as Prince of Wales.

The Prince was actually created Prince of Wales in 1958 when he was nine years old with the investiture taking place 11 years later.

The formal investiture was July 1, 1969, at Caernarfon Castle in Wales.

Below, a scenic view of the Castle. 

The regalia from that ceremony was on display at today’s reception, as well as other items, like the letters patent for the creation of Charles, Duke of Cornwall as Prince of Wales. There were five pieces of insignia used at the ceremony: the coronet, mantle, gold ring, rod and sword. The mantle and coronet were made specifically for the 1969 ceremony.

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His Royal Highness is the 21st to hold the title of The Prince of Wales. For several months leading up to the investiture, the Prince of Wales website reports “…The Prince had spent a term at the University College of Wales at Aberystwyth, learning to speak Welsh.”

From the BBC:

Much of the ceremony was designed by Lord Snowdon, a photographer and the husband of Princess Margaret. He rejected many of the older ways of staging royal events.

The BBC story also notes:

It was a television event. A world-wide audience of 500 million people (including 19 million in Britain) watched. (There were 4,000 guests in the castle and 90,000 on the streets of Caernarfon.) This was the largest TV audience ever gained for an event in Wales, so for many people it would be all they knew about the country.

Today’s function is not the formal event celebrating the investiture; we expect we’ll see that closer to, or on the actual anniversary in July.

In 2017 HRH became the longest serving Prince of Wales in British history. In terms of the duties associated with the title, the “main part of The Prince of Wales’s role as Heir to The Throne is to support Her Majesty The Queen.”

This video (it runs about 9 minutes) shows the ceremony.

Representatives of The Prince of Wales’s Welsh charities and patronages were in attendance for the reception. Below The Duke and Duchess meet Simon Weston, a Falklands veteran and Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns (R).

The Welsh band, The Stereophonics were also in attendance.

The band received grants from The Prince’s Trust when they were first starting out.

From the Telegraph, Kelly Jones, the singer and lead guitarist, said:

“We applied for a couple of grants from the Prince’s Trust. We needed some money for some speakers. Prince Charles came down to Pontypridd, and we met him. We had some funding from them. It was lovely to meet him, and nice to get some speakers.

“It was the first time we could afford to buy some speakers. My dad was a singer, so I stole a lot of his equipment. I think they gave us one grant for 500 quid and one for 800 quid. At that time it was a lot of money for us.

“Unfortunately the speakers got stolen by a bunch of builders a few months later, so we had to get some new ones. But yes, it was a very helpful start.

Below a video of Royal Family members meeting guests – from The Royal Family Channel, YouTube:

Hiut Denim Co. was also at the event today:

You may remember Meghan wearing the Hiut Denim jeans in the Dina style while visiting Cardiff in January 2018.

Also speaking today, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

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Here we see Archbishop of Canterbury with the Queen at today’s reception.

You can read the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech for HRH The Prince of Wales’s 50th anniversary here.

Now a look at what Meghan wore for today’s reception. Her dress is new and is a metallic floral brocade we have not yet identified.

Embed from Getty Images

She also wore her Amanda Wakeley cream sculpted ‘Crombie’ coat ($1190).

We first saw the Duchess wear the coat at the Commonwealth Service 12 March 2018 and again recently at the Wider Earth Gala on 12 February 2019.

Another view of Meghan in the coat today.

Embed from Getty Images

Meghan carried her Wilbur & Gussie ‘Charlie’ build-a-bag clutch in Oyster, £205 ($270).

We also saw her wearing the Pippa Small, Wajiha Bangle, $430 and the Crystallinity Herkimer Diamond Cup Ring, $830.

Meghan also wore her Birks, Plaisirs de Birks gold bar earrings, $375.

Another repeat item Meghan wore was the Paul Andrew ‘Pump It Up’ suede pumps first worn while visiting Dublin in July 2018.

We will continue to update the post throughout the day.

Our WMW fashion recap montage from our Instagram account @whatmeghanwore:

You can read more about today’s event and what the Duchess of Cambridge wore over on our sister-site What Kate Wore.

We leave you with this video clip from The Royal Family Channel today:



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  1. Just beautiful! In my opinion, this is the Duchess’s best pregnancy look to date. Not sure why the coat; perhaps she was just cold, or perhaps she wanted to dress the brocade down a little. (Most of the other women in the crowd, Royals included, seem to be wearing suits or day dresses.)
    To enhance the Jackie Kennedy feeling, I picture dress with a bolero top and perhaps a portrait collar, similar to Melania Trump’s on Inauguration Day.

    Agree with

  2. Now that is one fantastic oufit! I just knew she had it in her! Pure class and style and… Just lovely.
    I keep wondering, though, about the shoes. I’ve read about the bigger shoes being comfier and blister-free and all, but simple soul that I am, I always wonder – how do you keep tham from flapping? If I wear heels that high, and have them not be my size, I will 1)kill myself spectacularly and 2)look like a 5-year-old in mama’s shoes while I do it. And she just glides. There must be a trick to it – sticky heel inserts?

    • Hi Jayne – William Vintage was contacted about the dress and they said it wasn’t one of their dresses. Apparently the dress was made by a private dressmaker. – SC

      • Oh thank you. It’s intriguing isn’t it? What a lovely dress. I hope that the private dressmaker makes a few more beautiful pieces.

  3. I’m wondering if the DOS lucked into a little treasure trove of vintage mat wear? This is gorgeous and makes my top 10 favourite Meghan outfits.

    • That’s a great point! I think it almost has to be vintage…perhaps even some kind of modification dress. Perhaps a label that is no longer around to take credit,as I imagine few would pass up that opportunity! I’m surpised William Vintage didn’t chime in. There have been interesting articles about how Amal Clooney does/may be helping Meghan with vintage wear. Is it an interesting coincidence that Meghan was just in New York with a big vintage debut and is doing it here again, and that she also was at the Ralph Lauren Polo Bar in New York and just wore a new Ralph Lauren blazer to We Day? Maybe she picked up some wardrobe pieces in Manhattan, from friends or from stores!

  4. This dress/coat combo is a really flattering fit and style for Meghan. I’m not sure if it was a bit too dressy, but the shimmery fabric and light neutral colors gave her a beautiful glow. I think she looked fantastic!

  5. Like the dress; doubtful about the shoe color, but I don’t know what else she could have worn without being too dressy. The coat no longer fits her around the shoulders and upper body.

  6. Yes, Meg is beautiful and she wears gorgeous clothes. But IMO, this outfit was a mistake; she looked like she was dressed for a cocktail party and found out when she got there that the venue required a jacket, so she had to borrow something. The coat does not fit her! It did not fit her the last time she wore it. I think the coat is incredible, but this wearing just looks bad. I just don’t get why she keeps wearing something that is obviously does not fit.

    • I agree with Donna. I’d go a step further. Meghan is an attractive and very hip looking young woman, but she always looks a bit sloppy, often not quite in fashion synch with the occasion especially during this pregnancy where she is always resting hands on her belly so that it’s even more noticeable how a dress or top doesn’t fit quite right. And, always, always, her shoes are gapping in the back. Sorry, but I just don’t see why she would consistently present herself in this way except that I guess she’s comfortable with this look.

  7. Stunning from head to toe! I think this time she takes the prize for best dressed. As many others have said, it’s funny that there is such a variety of types of dress we see among the women. Perhaps Meghan is over-dressed? Oh well, better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. She looks incredible.

  8. Just looks stunning and I would love to see the dress with the coat just so we could see the detail etc. Love the winter white coat though, think it just spells style, style, style. Love the whole look.

  9. Meghan looks stunning. Her dress is beautiful and fits without clinging. The coat has served her well. I think the tone of the clutch is a little harsh against the white and soft gold/silver of the brocade, but that is a small quibble. Like others, I wish she would up her game in her earring selection.

    As has been observed by many, there is a real mixture of dress styles, so it is hard to know what was appropriate. The pboto of Meghan in metallic brocade beside Pincess Anne in tweed, provides quite the contrast. Where are Charles’ brothers, Andrew and Edward? I would have liked to see what Sophie might have worn. Given that this was a 50th anniversary of a very significant event, it is pity that Prince Philip was also not in attendance.

  10. She looks terrific. The dress is perfect for the occasion and perfect on her. That clutch! Oh my…(fans self). Too adorable for words and great with the dress. Head to toe superb.

  11. Meghan worw a metallic cocktail dress to a day reception. She frequently wears cocktail and gala dresses when the others are wearing morning dress or business casual. Odd.

  12. Knock it out of the park gorgeous! That brocade is a show-stopper, and the clutch and shoes just right with it. Beautiful and so appropriate professionally and for this event (at least, according to the memo she got!). Hands down her best pregnancy look. I want to dive into the pattern and sheen of that dress — it’s like Narnia in winter! Bravo Meghan!

  13. Loving that we get to see this Amanda Wakeley coat again, showing that she can wear it at all stages of pregnancy and non pregnancy (though I’m guessing she probably can’t close it but it looks nice open too). She’s definitely getting her money’s worth!
    And this pretty brocade dress is so lovely not to mention the golden tones match the decor around her lol, though I doubt that was her intention. The shoes and clutch go great with it too. As for Meghan wearing her coat indoors (something we have seen Kate do multiple times), I have no issue with it. Anne is wearing a tweed coat and no one is complaining. My guess is either it’s a sleeveless dress and Meghan decided to be appropriate and not wear a sleeveless dress around the Queen and such a solemn occasion. Or it might have to do with her being self-conscious at how she looks at this stage in her pregnancy so she is using the coat as a “cover up” of some sorts. Her hair looks very pretty swept to the side.
    Not to compare Meghan with Kim Kardashian (because the two are very different in every single way) but KK also wore coats throughout her second pregnancy because she was very self-conscious about the way her body changed. She got very wide and well, her… shall we say assets got very wide too and with the paparazzi constantly following her she kept wearing long coats to cover up, even though she was pregnant in the middle of the summer. Meghan does not have the same body as Kim but for whatever reason she might have decided a long coat was the way to go as well.

  14. Quite honestly, I am not usually a fan of Meghan’s clothing choices, but this I LOVE! Winter white is such a beautiful color on her…almost wish she’d worn that color on her wedding day. This goes down as my new fave!

    • My thoughts exactly. I love Meghan and can’t fault her as Duchess of Sussex, but previously have always preferred Kate’s dress sense and have really disliked some of Meghan’s outfit choices. But here she looks lovely. I’ve been wanting her to wear this style instead of clinging or gathered ever since her second trimester; now she’s done it and looks fab!

  15. The dress is beautiful and it’s *such* a relief to finally see her in clothes that are properly cut for a pregnant figure. I like this coat a lot, and I don’t have a problem with it being worn indoors, but I do wonder if it’s *exactly* the right choice to go with the dress.

  16. A beautiful dress! Would like to see it without the coat. I wonder if it is sleeveless and Meghan felt, given that everyone else had long sleeves, that she better keep the coat on. Several posters have commented about the widely different outfits on the women. I noticed that too– like some kind of miscommunication had occurred or they all came from previous engagements and had no time to change!

    I remember watching the Investiture on TV. It was quite the event and it was especially moving when the Queen presented Charles to the 4 corners. I was lucky enough to go to Caernarfon Castle in the early 80s. That brought a very special connection to my memories of watching the Investiture.

  17. Entire look is an overwhelming win! I am consistently amazed by Meghan, her enthusiasm for her assignments, her work ethic and her ability to look this good a few weeks before giving birth. Well done.
    The lead up to this engagement made it seem like a really major happening….celebrating the 50th year of the future king’s investiture, yet only Meghan’s attire suited the formality of such an occasion. Very disappointing.

  18. I am really in love with this dress and hope we get to see it without the coat sometime. The fabric is gorgeous — sumptuous and yet understated. The fit including the length are also perfect. The fabric has good body to it and doesn’t cling, but it also helps that the dress is cut just large enough to cover the bump and close enough to flatter. Her accessories (including those beautiful shoes) are wonderful too except for those earrings which make me cringe. The teeny tiny earring thing, especially ones that are angular like this are out of context and not in balance with the ensemble. Overall Meghan looks amazing and I would guess in about a month Baby Sussex will be here!

    I, too, am wondering how the invitation was worded to elicit so many different women’s styles being worn today. It seems it was very much open to interpretation. Maybe it just said, “Wear your favorite look,” haha!

  19. I can only echo what’s already been said, this is such a lovely look on the Duchess today!! I never would have selected a brocade dress for her but wow the gold and silver tones with the cream background really work on her. While I love her neutral color outfits, I’m thrilled that she’s experimenting a bit during her pregnancy and having some fun dressing her beautiful bump.

  20. This is absolutely stunning, and even more so when set against the rich interiors of Buckingham Palace. Meghan looks phenomenal in white and gold, and the dress fits perfectly. In particular, the knee-length dress and slightly longer coat balance out her bump perfectly (something that I think her coat/jacket and dress combos haven’t done at times). I gain a new appreciation for the Amanda Wakeley coat every time I see it, and this has to be its best showing yet.

    I’m not crazy about the orange-y nude shoes with the rest of the ensemble (a blushier nude would have been better here), but that’s a fairly minor detail for me. I would have loved to see matching burgundy leather accessories here, but the pink clutch is pretty with the rest of the outfit even if it does feel like more of an evening bag.

    This event was definitely interesting from a style standpoint and I get the sense that there wasn’t really a clear “uniform” outlined, but Meghan knocked it out of the park here.

  21. Beautiful look. Great fit and color. Meghan looks so glamorous. But I am not sure the suede shoe matches well with fabric of the dress. Patent leather or fabric shoe may be a better choice for this outfit. Like her clutch.

  22. I like the brocade dress. Lovely! Not thrilled about wearing the coat indoors and why wear a coat you can’t close? I wish she would wear larger earrings. That said she looks stunning. I agree as a whole all of the royal ladies looked as if they were attending separate events! Even the Queen is not dressed her best. Strange.

  23. She looks stunning. Also loved texture and color of Queen’s ensemble. Wide variety of fashion on display (would love to see how invitation was worded). Camilla wearing an oft-repeat, Anne in her serviceable tweeds, Kate in a Victorian tea gown.

  24. I love this outfit. I love brocade anyway but the colours are lovely and the fit of the shift dress is spot on. Lovely with the coat too. I enjoy looking at the style of both the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge and it is lovely to come across your site and your sister site (What Kate Wore) which focuses on the fashion choices of both women and that doesn’t include the sniping that is all too common in the UK press. Many thanks!

  25. She literally shines. To look this chic and elegant this far along in pregnancy shows impressive style and great tailoring. This metallic brocade brings such a gorgeous texture to this ensemble.
    I loved seeing this coat worn 3 ways – the mark of an investment piece is when you can wear it with a number of outfits.

  26. This is one of Meghan’s loveliest maternity looks. I do feel that not all of the ladies of the royal family received the same memo regarding the dress code for today’s event. Normally everyone seems to be dressed pretty much equally in terms of formality but they were all over the board today. Her Majesty, of course, was right down the middle with her silk dress and jacket, but Anne and Camilla seemed less formal and Catherine and Meghan more formal. That said, and with this being a Meghan-centric site, I think her dress was both beautiful and well-fitting and looked very nice with the coat and accessories. It looks like a good time was had by all.

  27. I love this look so much that I’m going to look past the whole “wearing an overcoat indoors” thing. At first I thought the shoes might be a shade off, but when I saw the picture of Meghan with Princess Anne, the shoes look like they tie in nicely to the pinkish-nude shades of the brocade. I love the side part and voluminous bump in her hair, but most of all, I love the protective way Prince Harry has his arm around her back in the Royal Family channel video.

  28. I love how versatile this coat has been. Meghan has been able to wear this pre-pregnancy and through every trimester, that proves it was a good investment! She looks great today, I do like that she and Kate chose soft or muted colors, it lets Charles shine as he should. Today is about him so.. Meghan’s hair and makeup are pretty as ever. ?

  29. This is one of Meghan’s best looks, it quite took my breath away on first seeing it. I simply love that ornate brocade and the creamy gold colours are just gorgeous on her, especially with the metallic sheen. It’s such a smart sheath and so clever to pull it off as a maternity frock.

    It’s wonderful to see the Wakeley Crombie again, that’s one which can take plenty of wearings. I find this context underlines for me the cleverness of the construction with the inlaid satin belt adding a quiet hint of opulence in tune with a baroque palace surrounding. In fact, I liked it all so much I quite forgot to be cross that she’s wearing yet another full-length coat over a dress.

    I like the quiet contrast in her shoes, the subtle shading of neutrals has been expertly worked, along with the oyster Charlie clutch, the satin fabric of the latter echoing the Wakeley detail. Given her preference for neutrals, it’s intriguing to see how differently she has worked each of the coat’s outings, with accessories ranging from navy to olive and on to soft blush tones today.

    I love seeing her hair up like this, with a side part again. The only thing I’m not quite on board with are her choice of earrings, these odd angular shapes she favours sometimes look to me as if she’s wearing paper clips. Possibly I could do with updating my style sense a little in that department. She looks simply lovely.

  30. Love the richness of Meghan’s shimmering brocade dress. Nice length!

    I wonder if Meghan’s silk clutch has a broach clasp? In the photos above she seems to be holding the clutch with the opening side towards her and I can’t tell. Wilbur & Gussie’s website has the option to “build-a-bag” by adding one of several clasps. I hope it doesn’t, as I prefer the unembellished clutch with Meghan’s ensemble.

    Have to say how much I love the silk ensemble worn by the Queen in 1969. Enjoyed reading about Norman Hartnell’s dress design and the Tudor-style headgear by French milliner, Simone Mirman. Lots of interesting coverage on the web featuring fascinating details from 50 years ago.

  31. This look is beautiful, fits lovely. I really hate the skin tight dresses worn by pregnant women, especially when they show the protruding belly button. Wish Meghan had embraced a beautiful fit like this throughout her pregnancy, its far more flattering on her, you don’t need to wear a tent, just a lovely fit such as this.

  32. This dress. It’s a stunner and it’s styled perfectly. The fact that Meghan looks this put together this late into pregnancy is astounding. Oh. And winter white near her face is her best color IMO. love all of it!


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