Meghan and Harry at WE Day UPDATED

The Duchess made a surprise appearance today and joined Prince Harry at a WE Day event at SSE Arena, Wembley, London.

The WE Movement is a global initiative to encourage young people to take part in positive social change.

It was started by Craig Kielburger when he was just twelve; when flipping through the newspaper one morning he came across a story about Iqbal Masih, “a 12-year-old former child slave in Pakistan who had been murdered because he spoke up for human rights.” Craig realized he could’ve been Iqbal and that he needed to do something, but he wasn’t sure what to do since he lived a world away. Craig started convincing a number of his classmates to join together to make a difference and the WE charity was born.

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Along with his older brother Marc, Craig and his team set out on a bold mission: to free children and their families from poverty and exploitation.”

Below you see WE founders Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc Kielburger at today’s event, along with singer/actress Nicole Scherzinger.

From WE Movement:

WE is a movement that believes when we come together we can create an even better world.”

“WE Charity has expanded beyond the issue of child labour to include a sustainable model of international development, called WE Villages, that works to alleviate the root causes of poverty in nine countries around the world. Through a active citizenship programme called WE Schools, young people in North America and the UK are empowered to become change-makers themselves”

In his speech today, Harry spoke about focusing on the importance of mental health and climate change, as well as the challenges young people face.

From the Duke’s speech:

To be amongst all of you progressive, motivated, open minded, change-makers, is what gives me hope for the future”

Below, a video with Harry’s entire 9-minute speech.

Other speakers and performers taking part in today’s events include model, actress and activist, Naomi Campbell and singers Liam Payne and Pixie Lott.

Below Pixie Lott performs with musician Tom Walker.

From WE Instagram, Harry and Meghan meet with students involved in WE schools.

Now we take a look at what Meghan wore for today’s unexpected appearance.

Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess wore a new blazer by Ralph Lauren from the higher-end Collection line, the Parker Cashmere Jacket in navy ($2990).

The jacket is described as equestrian-style with hacking pockets. It is 100% cashmere with a silk lining and naval-inspired buttons. American made, it combines traditional Ralph Lauren references.

Our thanks to Laura @Solidmoonlight for the ID!

We think Meghan was wearing her Rag & Bone Maternity denim skinny jeans ($225 in the ‘coal’ colorway.

The Duchess also wore her trusty Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in black suede ($625).

For jewelry, Meghan wore her Pippa Small rings again today, the Herkimer diamond Cup ring ($830) and Greek ring ($2,100) both in 22k gold.

She also wore her Jennifer Meyer ‘Mummy’ necklace ($850), a piece we first saw her wearing while in New York City with friends.

We are unsure which bracelets Meghan is wearing today. One of them appears to be some sort of chain bracelet. Possibly the Pippa Small Herkimer diamond bracelet Meghan has previously worn.

UPDATE: We’ve been able to ID several of the bracelets Meghan wore on her right arm. We are thinking she wore about 4-5 in total.

Three of the bracelets are her Pippa Small bangles – the Waijiha ($430), Omeen bangle ($190), and one other fluted cut-out.

UPDATE 3/10: Two other bracelets we think Meghan wore are the Lauren gold tone chain link bracelet (no longer available) and After looking at further images, we’ve determined that one of the bracelets is not the Lauren bracelet as previously thought. We’re still thinking one of them is the Tai Jewelry Asymmetrical circle stone open bracelet in gold and moonstone, $65.

The other bracelet is an open rectangular-link gold bracelet. Susan C. found this bracelet from Maramcs, a popular brand with celebrities and a pretty close match. It is the Rectangle Link Chain bracelet in 14k gold filled, $200.

You can see in the photo below Meghan wearing some of the bracelets.

Embed from Getty Images

It appears Meghan is wearing one of the WE Minga bracelets on her left arm – the Amazon Minga bracelet for Education, $20.

From the site:

In Ecuador, a minga is a call to action: a community coming together for the greater good.
Made on wax cord in slate grey—inspired by weaving traditions in the Amazon. Gives education.”

Each bracelet supports projects such as new schools and classrooms. Once you receive your bracelet you can enter the Track Your Impact code from the product package at to learn more.

Visit the site to find a variety of products available to purchase on the  to help support a number of programs and projects.

UPDATE 3/8: Meghan also wore the Me to We – Semiprecious Tamaa Bracelet in Rose Quartz, $28.

The bracelet is described as beaded with 24k gold-plated miyuki glass beads and a rose quartz nugget on nylon thread. It is adjustable with a gold-plated slider bead.

From the site: “features a semiprecious rose quartz stone, ethically mined in America, that symbolizes love and caring—the perfect gift to share love with someone you care about. Give health.”

Each bracelet purchased helps to support projects such as health clinics and health education.

The fashion recap with our WMW Instagram account:

Ralph Lauren jacket / Rag & Bone jeans / Jennifer Meyer necklace / Pippa Small jewelry / Manolo Blahnik shoes


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  1. I love all the stacked bracelets, particularly the Pippa Small cuffs. Meghan’s collection looks luxurious and chic, finally prompting me to click through to the website. The 18K is very buttery and a lovely gold (overlaid on silver). I came across a very striking cuff inlaid with lapis that I am putting on my wishlist for a rainy day!

    I really can’t follow Meghan’s propensity for teeny tiny jewelry (some that can barely be seen with the naked eye, haha) and these occasionally bursts of really robust and visible pieces. But perhaps that is the whole point of fashion that Meghan embraces . . . you can always mix things up depending on your mood so why not enjoy it all?

  2. Meghan looks appropriate for this occasion with young people. I am not one to favour navy and black together, but she certainly makes it work. I prefer her hair down, as some of her pulled back updos can look very severe. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like her messy buns could be a thing of the past.

    Harry speaks very well. He doesn’t appear to be using any kind of a prompting device. Without notes, I am certainly impressed by the length and thoughtful content of his speech.

  3. Meghan looks great! This is such a smart looking oufit, classic pieces that go together so effortlessly.. The blazer is very nice, I like the gold buttons at the sleeves. (Tip: ever want to update a piece in your wardrobe? Just change the buttons!?) I agree with what another reader said about black and navy being an unexpected color combo but it totally works! Her hair is simply gorgeous.

  4. Terrific casual chic from Meghan, the fabulous navy Ralph Lauren blazer giving a perfect lift to the all-black ensemble. I don’t generally like heels with skinny legs but she even rocks those on this occasion. Love the bangles, always admired those who can wear multiple bracelets and make it look good. Her hair looks great just loose and wavy. Nice one.

  5. Thank you for the bracelet update!

    I love the layered bracelet look. I enjoy seeing Meghan’s many rings and bracelets that she wears in many variations and rotations. It feels fresh and youthful and lively.

  6. I like the look but not the jewellery. I really, really don’t like the trend of wearing so many bracelets. Also the “mummy” necklace seems a bit childish to me, especially worn for an official occasion. The only jewellery I like is actually the WE bracelet, wearimg it is very thoughtful.

  7. A super-duper surprise to learn of Harry’s attendance at WE Day, hear his inspirational speech and then to see Meghan on stage lending her support. Happy to get another version of Meghan teaming black and navy together – the color combination hits me as modern and still unexpected. Skinny black jeans and that RL blazer definitely works.

    Meghan’s hair looks beautiful and I’m so happy to see her wearing that sweet necklace.

  8. Great speech Prince Harry and I swooned when he brought Meghan up on stage!
    The Sussexes looked like a young and in love couple who are well able to connect with young people. They were both dressed casually, but in a way that young people can identify with. Nice job.

  9. Meghan looks smashing. I like the jacket and especially the gold rings and bracelet/cuff. It’s lovely to see her and Prince Harry so smitten. She must be very tired, I really admire her working so hard when she’s so heavily pregnant. She looks so chic whilst doing it too.

    • Wearing jeans and a pretty expensive blazer and just show up in an event would in no case be considered as ”work”. Let alone ”hard work”… The only difficult thing she does is that she wears heels while in advanced pregnancy, and that only because she wants to. What would anyone say then about real hard working mothers-to-be?

      • At age 11, her successful campaign to get Procter & Gamble to change a national television commercial she viewed as sexist . attended Northwestern University, where she joined Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and participated in community service and charity projects. She also served an internship at the American embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina,and studied for a semester in Madrid, Spain. Meghan received a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern’s School of Communication in 2003, with a double major in theater and international studies. Meghan worked as a freelance calligrapher to support herself between acting jobs and the list goes on. She knows what it means to work and has a great appreciation for women being one her self 🙂

    • Meghan does indeed look great. And nothing against Meghan, but most women work a lot harder than Meghan does. Some of my female friends had fulltime jobs (8 hours a day and 5 days a week) and they worked up until a couple of weeks before their child being born. Now that is working hard…

  10. Haha I think you mean 9 minute video, not 90 minutes! I was so impressed for a second there but confused, kind of wondering is Harry giving a State of the Union speech on the state of the world?? LOL. Also at the 8:45 mark is when he ends the speech and says “Now I’m going to try to drag my wife on stage” and then he helps Meghan with his hand as she comes up on stage to join him. That wasn’t planned I don’t think, that was very heat of the moment and very cute. And Meghan is such a good sport, she came up on stage to join him (I would be so mad had I not been warned!).
    As for what she wore, it’s perfectly fine! She’s in her late stages of pregnancy, she can wear whatever she wants at this point. Very annoying (in a good way!) that she somehow looks so great and fashionable even now and that she is still somehow walking around in heels! I love that blazer, I would get it if I could afford it. Loved her minimal makeup too, I dislike it when she overdoes the bronzer.
    Random observation but it seems her natural hair texture is growing in (the one you see in her childhood pictures before she started straightening it). I could be wrong but it seems at the roots her hair is a different texture (not messy!). I’d been wondering if she would continue to straighten her hair while she was pregnant or if the chemicals in the treatment would force her to stop for a bit. Not sure if that is new growth but it does look like it.


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