The Duchess of Sussex in Stella McCartney for Second Remembrance Sunday – UPDATED

Today Meghan attended her second Remembrance Sunday.

Chelsea Pensioners at Horse Guards Parade this morning ahead of the service and parade.

Another look at the Pensioners.

Ahead of the Two Minute Silence at 11am, veteran members of the armed services line up at the Cenotaph.

Another look at veterans, services members and charity workers at the Cenotaph.

Nearly 900 personnel from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force were present at the Cenotaph on Whitehall, London, to watch as members of the Royal Family and senior politicians laid wreaths after the two minutes’ silence at 11am in commemorating the servicemen and women killed in all conflicts since the First World War.

Below, an overhead view of the Cenotaph ahead of the wreath laying.

Below on the balcony at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Whitehall, London; The Duchess of Cornwall, HM Queen Elizabeth II, The Duchess of Cambridge, The Countess of Wessex, The Duchess of Sussex and Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.

A closer look at Meghan with Sophie and Princess Anne’s husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.

And a look at Camilla, The Queen and Kate.

The Prince of Wales was the first to lay a wreath on behalf of his mother, Her Majesty the Queen.

Prince Charles salutes at the Cenotaph.

Below, William and Harry at the Cenotaph.

The Duke of York, the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge (far right) each lay a wreath.

Harry salutes after laying his wreath.

The UK’s Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter was in attendance at the Cenotaph and laid a wreath alongside the Chiefs of the Royal Navy, Army and RAF.

From the BBC, General Carter, told the BBC One’s Andrew Marr show that it was important to remember that Remembrance Sunday was not only about older people and previous generations.

Gen Carter – Britain’s most senior military officer – said many who participated in the commemorations were young men and women who fought in places such as Afghanistan.

“We have to remember the living veterans as well who have a huge amount to offer to society,” he added.

In Scotland the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, laid a wreath at the Stone of Remembrance in Edinburgh City Chambers before giving a reading at the service at St Giles’ Cathedral.

From the BBC, In her address, Ms Sturgeon said of those who lost their lives serving their country —

“Their sacrifice is responsible for the freedoms and the way of life that we take for granted today.

“This is an opportunity to give gratitude, to show our respect, and to send a message that that sacrifice will never be forgotten.

“I’m privileged today to lay a wreath on behalf of the people of Scotland and I do so with the utmost gratitude and respect, not just for the sacrifices of the past, but for the courage and the sacrifices of our armed forces today.”

A closer look at the wreath.

In Northern Ireland. Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) , Leo Varadkar, laid a green laurel wreath at the war memorial in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.

And a close up of their wreath.

Ceremonies also took place in Wales including a ceremony at the Welsh National War Memorial in Cardiff.

The Royal Navy shared this image of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest warship. The 850 members of the ship’s company and embarked squadrons staged a spectacular display to mark Remembrance Sunday.

Finally, a look at the grave of the unknown soldier at Westminster Abbey.

We have a very brief look at what Meghan wore for today’s services.

UPDATE: Stella McCartney has confirmed that Meghan’s coat is from her Autumn 2019 collection.  NOTE: The stock photo below is the closest style to the coat Meghan is wearing. Meghan’s coat may be a bespoke piece based off of the double-breasted belted felt coat from the designer’s Autumn 2019 collection, $2320 shown below.

Keep in mind, that Meghan’s coat may be the same style with alterations. For example, the sleeves may have been shortened which would change the cuffs and the belt swapped out for the ribbed detail one Meghan is wearing. Otherwise, the coats are nearly identical in fabric, label and other details.

The double breasted style above is available at Saks Fifth Ave, $2320Matches Fashion, $2023 as well as My Theresa, $2,325.

As I mentioned above, the belt on Meghan’s coat appears to have ribbed detailing. Below shows a comparison between the Stella McCartney belt on the Bruce waistcoat also from the Autumn 2019 collection. NOTE: I’ve lightened up the stock photo of the Bruce waistcoat (bottom image) to show the details of the belt.

The idea is to show the details Stella McCartney incorporates into her pieces and the similarities. The d-ring buckle also matches.

Below, another wool-felt coat in beige from the Winter 2019 collection showing the ribbed style belt again.

Thanks to Gabi on Twitter for suggesting the designer.

UPDATE: Below, Stella McCartney’s post from Instagram confirming that Meghan wore her coat.

Her hat appears to be a wool felt by Stephen Jones based on the milliner’s AW2019 ‘Facetime’ style.

Thanks to UFO No More for finding the hat.

Meghan wore a pair of black leather long gloves today. We are not sure of the brand.

We saw a glimpse of Meghan’s dress or top under her coat as well today. It appears to be black lace.

We will be updating the post as we receive more information.

A look at Meghan on Remembrance Sunday in 2018 and 2019.


On behalf of What Meghan Wore, “The Susans” would like to thank all Veterans today and everyday, around the world for your Service, Sacrifice and Support!


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  1. I really love this look on Meghan and I prefer it to her outfit from last year’s (which was fine but you can tell she is finding what works for her and what doesn’t). Hopefully we get to see the dress/top she is wearing underneath the coat, I like the bit we can see sticking out. I know she and Harry are on break now for the holidays but I can’t wait to see her style evolve next year.

  2. Simple, elegant, appropriate. Checks all the boxes.
    I wonder if the 5 ladies in the balcony coordinated their outfits for this event. 5 black coats, 5 black hats – and yet all 5 have variety and nothing repetitive between them. It MUST have been coordinated!

    • Hi Maluhia – they always wear black on Remembrance Sunday. Sometimes with a bit of white and red (the poppy pin or other bits of red) but that’s it. I don’t recall any other color worn on the balcony through the years. Thanks, Susan C.

      • I think Maluhia´s point was quite the opposite – despite wearing black and being elegant and solemn, each of the ladies pulled off a different look in terms of style and styling/accesorizing it. Be it shape of the hat or cut and fabric of the coat etc.

        Maluhia, I do think royal aides are notified by others about what each royal is going to wear, but I believe there is no special need to coordinate (mostly), as the ladies all have very distinct styles. They tend to prefer different designers and brands, too. This/ Order of the Garter/Trooping the Colour etc. are actually very good opportunities to notice and observe the distinction. Each of the ladies has some characteristic features that can be seen in most of their outfits (just off the top of my head: Camilla – rather big, wider than taller and elaborate headwear, Kate – fitted A-line silhouette coats, Meghan – more winter-y wrap coats and simple updos, etc.)

  3. The hat makes her face look rather full and looks too big for her the eyebrows are a tad dramatic the coat from the little i can see of it is fine but the belt should be properly fitted&belted for this serious event!

  4. Would love to see a pic of last year at same event next to this years. Don’t know if this is something you can easily do, for side by side comparisons.
    Thanks for all the work you do, this is a great site.

    • Hi Felicia, We’ve updated the post to include a photo of Meghan on last year’s Remembrance Sunday at the bottom of the post. Thanks, Susan

      • Thank you, Susan! Meghan is experimenting more with hats (as Americans I’m sure hats are all new to her), and it is fun to see her trying new styles- from the tiny, “play-it-safe” berets and cocktail hats she wore right after her engagement to the bigger, bolder hats she’s wearing now. As the years go by, it will be fun watching how she adapts and mixes her California-girl style with traditional British style.

  5. Please note: if you are waiting for your comment to be approved it may take extra time. It has now taken 6-8 hours or more to get through the amount of comments (some lengthy ones) from the weekend. Reading through and determining what is appropriate based on our comment policy can be a very lengthy process. Thank you. WMW

  6. A wonderful, educational post thank you. The Duchess looks lovely. Coat looks good on the Duchess, but would leave the belt out. Not a fan of the hat. Her makeup looked perfect.

  7. The coat is great. Not sure I love the hat, though I wonder if it would have been helped by a looser hairstyle and some earrings? As is, it’s creating a really strange perception that she has no hair on her head at all.

  8. Looking at the neckline, might she be wearing a lace-knit sweater, rather than fabric lace? Someone also commented on no earrings, but I thought she was wearing flat gold ovals…
    Whatever, I thought she looked very chic and appropriate.

    • Elizabeth – she could be wearing a sweater. It’s possible. As for earrings, Meghan was not wearing earrings at all. If you look at the side profile view, where she is talking with Sophie, you can see that she doesn’t have any on. Thanks, Susan C.

      • This would have been a great opportunity for Meghan to wear the beautiful diamond stud with a pearl, earrings that the Queen gave to her as a gift. I often go out without a necklace, brooch or bracelet. I wear no rings other than my wedding and engagement rings, but I feel almost naked without earrings.

  9. Such a poignant event, remembering all of the sacrifices made by so many so we can have our life as we know it today. Meghan looked lovely, respectful and appropriate. I actually liked the no-earrings look. It kept focus on her face and on the event itself. The Stella McCartney coat looked snuggly and warm, but somehow sleeker than her other tie-belt coats. I like the ribbed belt she chose better than the one in the product photo.

  10. This is an elegant and appropriate look. I love that style of hat! It works well on the DoS. I wish hats would become fashionable in the USA. Currently they seem to be popular only in the African American community. (I think overall Americans are too casual for hats to fit into our usual looks, such as they are.) The shoulders of the coat do seem to be a little large for MM–you can see the indentation on either side that is not filled out by her shoulders. And I agree that the belt seems high and perhaps she most flattered by unbelted designs. However, overall I believe this ensemble is a success. Really, having come from a completely different background and life experience, she has done very well in adapting and presenting herself in a demanding new role. I wonder if that’s one reason she has been criticized—people expect her to mess up and are frustrated again and again when she doesn’t!

  11. Well of the three looks we’ve seen on Meghan for events around Remembrance Day, this is the best. I really like her hat and the neatness of her hair. Earrings would have been helpful to make the look less severe. The coat has merit, but I find the D loop on the belt to be rather casual for this occasion. Also, to my eye, the belt is being worn too high. It curves upwards rather than going straight across.

    I find it odd that Harry is not wearing a poppy, whereas photos show all other men, whether in uniform or a suit, wearing a poppy.

    • Harry does have a poppy, it’s tucked into his hat. There were comments elsewhere that the poppy placement depends on the regiment, and this is how his always wears it.

  12. This look is everything wonderful and Royal ! She looks so very beautiful. I actually keep looking at her. Her hat makes the look even more complete and significant! Finally I feel Meghan is owning her role as a duchess.

    This remembrance weekend has been a triumphant one for Meghan. The day after the field of poppy at Westminster I went into work and the topic of conversation was how beautiful Meghan looked in her blue velvet hat with the net Which completely over shadowed the coat being too small. The Erdem dress for the festival ( a joyous celebration of our glorious war dead ) brought such glamour and grace to a celebration for those who sacrifice all for our freedoms. The Queen in her sparkly dress also added some much needed glamour and Royal style to the night’s event. Now this look! Outstanding look by the Duchess.
    The Duchess wrapped up the weekend look with this most appropriate look and it’s a job well done.

    • As an American, I appreciate you pointing out that the evening festival, while part of the remembrance weekend events, was a “joyous celebration” as you put it. I have no experience with the event, of course, but from Susan’s text and pictures it seemed to me to be a celebration of life, including the musical performances and tributes to veterans. So, I was confused that some commentators were faulting Meghan’s Erdem dress for not being somber or respectful enough, for one reason or another. If the Queen is sparkling, a bit of glamour can’t be wrong footed!

      • Hi Vicky, The program was a mix of of moments. I watched it on UK Player. I would describe it as mostly an “upbeat” program. Jeff Goldblum’s portion of the program was my favorite part with all the dancers. There are moments that honor surviving war veterans that can be really heart warming moments and some that may bring a tear to your eye. It’s a “Festival” – with bands and drum corps and all the pomp and pageantry. So I would not call it a completely somber evening. The end of the program of course with the fluttering poppy petals and silence is a beautiful, special ending. I really enjoy the entire show. SC

      • My thoughts exactly! Also the entertainment was anything but somber. I even noticed one of the Royals sitting in the Royal box was wearing a deep red ( red is not usually seen as a somber color ) satin blouse.

    • Hi Cecile – Meghan’s coat was most likely altered and she had the sleeves shortened. The stock photo I used in our post is the closet style to Meghan’s coat. thanks, Susan C.

  13. Elegant and very chic. Somber and respectful. Thank you for an educational post. Very meaningful.

    Chris Jackson has a shot of Meghan on his twitter feed that is breathtaking. She looks so much like Audrey Hepburn with her delicate and dramatic features. (Not sure how to link in comments)

    • I also actually really like the hat. I know others don’t, which is part of the fun of a fashion blog and it keeps the discussions interesting. I think the wide-brimmed hat emphasizes her beautiful face, perfectly applied makeup and sculpted eyebrows. She looks serene and glowing, if a little nervous standing up in front of the whole world.

  14. This is the best of her Remembrance Day outfits and it’s fine, it has a NYC chic funeral vibe to it. I don’t care for the D ring belt, I think it is too casual for a more formal coat in a heavy material. I think it is maybe a little big in the shoulders for her? It’s hard to tell with only a couple of photos. Her Sentaler coat looked a little too small and was overall not well styled with the boots and belt. I was also not a fan of the Erdem dress. Here’s hoping for better fashion inspiration in the future. Megan does casual looks very well, and that’s were she really shines, but she seems to struggle with the more formal looks. It’s a process and she’s learning, and she just had a baby so she’s also learning while dealing with the way one’s body changes after having a baby.

    • +1 to all of Berry’s comment. I do like the hat, agree with others that earrings would have been a great addition. I’m not fond of the d-ring, too casual, and also the gold buttons with the silver ring in the original is a bit jarring. As a whole though I thought she looked very nice. As others have said, she seems to struggle some with proper attire for these types of events. Not likely the types of things she’s had any experience attending in the past. In the US veteran’s day and even memorial day events tend more toward loud cheerful parades it seems.

  15. Great post, as usual!
    Regarding Meghan’s outfit, I like the hat but not the hair. The scraped-back-from-the-face look does her no favors, although the hat somewhat mitigates the severe effect.
    The coat is fine. It’s rather minimal, but not offensive in any way, and that’s the main thing. I think the belt is sitting too high on her waist, but that’s an old issue. If I was Meghan’s stylist, I would advise her to stick to structured coats with clean lines (no belts!).
    She definitely looks appropriate. Wish we could see the outfit from the waist down….
    It’s funny to see her choosing such a minimal look for today when last night there was no minimalism to be seen anywhere in her outfit choice. She really goes for it sometimes!

    admin edit

    • Hmmm, I thought Meghan’s look last night was elegant but, very minimalistic. She may have had a flared floral dress but, it was entirely black. The scraped back hair and practically invisible jewelry brought severity to her look. I’m certainly a fashion failure compared to Meghan, but I found myself thinking that her neckline practically begged for a choker or necklace. Alas, that is not her style.
      Regardless, she is a beautiful woman who takes fashion chances and I applaud her.

  16. I think she looks fantastic today. Love the hat, her make-up is perfect. Like the coat very much as well. The lace dress is a lovely touch; softens the look. I know some think the coat isn’t formal enough for the occasion but I think for Meghan it is fine. Get why Catherine would want to be more formal and tailored.

    • I agree, Kathleenvv, I think Meghan’s coat was fine for the event. Nothing too fancy or dressier, but the lace shirt really added a touch of glamour. I think if she had dressed in a coat as elaborate as Kate, she would have been accused of trying to “steal the limelight” or making the event all about her. So, diplomatically, Meghan chose simplicity and minimalism, while Kate, standing in a more prominent position on the balcony and with a more prominent future role in the family, wore something much more dramatic and tailored. I think on very formal occasions such as this, the Royal Family sticks very carefully to protocol and tradition, so Meghan is smart to go with the flow, style wise and precedence-wise, just like Kate dresses very conservatively when she has an outing with the Queen. This is nothing against either lady or to say either one is more “important” or better, just a comment on how appropriate Meghan’s look was for this specific event, when veterans, the Queen, and heirs to the throne take precedence. Part of marrying into one of the most traditional families in the world, which must feel very odd, as an American. It feels odd for me too, but I think Meghan is respectful and a good sport.

  17. Leo Varadkar is not the Prime minister of Northern Ireland!!!! He is the Taoiseach (Prime minister) of the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the UK (i.e. Its a separate country to the Republic).

    • Apologies Jill – however, the article from which I quoted information from – the BBC – stated “In Northern Ireland…” I’ve updated the post to include the verbiage “Taoiseach”. I must’ve missed it in the second article as I’m exhausted from being up at 6am working on today’s post and we were not able to proof the entire post before publishing. Thanks – it now reads: In Northern Ireland. Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) , Leo Varadkar, laid a green laurel wreath at the war memorial in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.

  18. Meghan looks lovely. That hat is a total win, and although we can’t see the entire coat, the silhouette of the top looks good on her. The neckline works as does the buckle. Can’t really tell without seeing the whole thing, but she looks polished and appropriate for the occasion. Such a lovely, strong ceremony to remember the measureless sacrifice made by so many to ensure freedom.

    • Tessa, I agree. She looked polished and appropriate for today’s service. Her coat was nicely tailored and the sleeves were shortened. The belt was neatly looped. I actually loved the way she looped and tucked the belt on her coat and I want to try that as I own several trench style and wrap coats and I am petite – so this would work well for me. I loved her choice of hat this year. It reminded me of similar styles that Kate has worn. Over all a win-win look in the books for me. Thanks, Susan C.


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