The Duchess in Vibrant Red Coat for Birkenhead Engagements

Meghan was in rich jewel tones for today’s visit to Birkenhead.

The community is located on the River Mersey opposite the city of Liverpool. The Duke and Duchess visited to take part in multiple engagements. Here you see them meeting dignitaries and local officials.

Their first stop was Hamilton Square, where they viewed a new sculpture commemorating the life of WWI poet Wilfred Owen. More from The Evening Standard: “The duke and duchess visited a sculpture in the town’s Hamilton Square that marks the 100th anniversary of the death of the First World War poet, killed a week before the end of the conflict.”

From The Daily Mail’s story: “The statue, which is named after one of the Birkenhead war poet’s poems, ‘Futility’, is cast in bronze and represents an exhausted World War One solider.”

The couple getting a closer look at the piece. On a tan easel to the right, you can just see the plaque commemorating today’s visit. 

There were hundreds of people waiting to greet the royals.

They did a walkabout after viewing the statue.

Sophie McCoid of the Liverpool Echo tweeted this photo of a young lady in the crowd with a very creative sign. Sophie reports that is four-year-old Eliza Morris, her family is from Birkenhead. It turns out the sign paid off, as the Prince came to see Eliza. Here is a video shared by Victoria Murphy with the couple chatting during the walkabout.

How darling is this little girl?

In addition to flowers and other goodies, Meghan was given cardboard hearts that say “Love works.”

We learned more about Baby Sussex’s due date and a decision the couple made in terms of finding out if it is a boy or a girl. Prince Harry charming the children.

The duo then visited ‘Number 7,’ a citizens supermarket and community cafe.

It is part of ‘Feeding Birkenhead,’ a project under the Feeding Britain umbrella:

Café Number 7 is a new project developed by Feeding Birkenhead- a coalition of community organisations chaired by Frank Field MP with the mission to eliminate hunger in the UK. The shop is an innovative model of Citizens’ Supermarket which seeks to ensure that everyone can access affordable and good quality food…

Products available to members are discounted, sometimes as much 50-75%.

Kensington Palace reports that Feeding Britain “…is a coalition of churches, food banks, community groups, and other organisations working together to eliminate hunger…”. Below, the Duchess chatting with staff and volunteers.

Feeding Britain notes that Number 7 also offers “…a vital wraparound support service, which includes a wide range of professional and community services.”

Meghan and Harry spent time at the facility’s café.

The Duchess was presented with a Moses Basket while at the market, one of many gifts given to the couple during the day’s engagements.

The pair unveiled a plaque marking their visit. 

Meghan and Harry’s third stop was Tomorrow’s Women Wirral.

Tomorrow’s Women is a program for all women more than 18 years old that is “… committed to reducing female imprisonment, offending, and to provide assistance to those women who want to make positive lifestyle changes.”

The duo heard about the program from those using its services, as well as staff and volunteers. 

The organization was short-listed for one of the prestigious Guardian Public Service Awards. In this Wirral Globe story, Margaret Greenwood, the Member of Parliament nominating the organization, said:

“Tomorrow’s Women Wirral provides vital support to women from across Wirral in a welcoming and positive environment. Their work is outstanding.

The duke and duchess sat in on a flower arranging class.

Here Meghan is speaking with Carol, who enjoys the Knit ‘n Knat program. You can see some of the pieces made by program participants on the table.

A closer look at some of the knitting.

Meghan delivered brief remarks.

The final stop for the couple was the Hive Youth Zone, “where young locals have a safe place for leisure, building key skills and confidence building.” It is part of a national program called Onside Youth Zones.

Prince Harry has been involved with the charity for some time; below you see him in July 2016 when he visited the Wigan Youth ZoneAnd here you see the Duke at the annual gala for Onside Youth Zones, held at Kensington Palace Gardens last June. Rhiannon Mills of Sky News tweeted a video of the couple seeing children perform a dance set to the song “Born This Way.”

Watching some of the kids individually. 

The couple spent time speaking with program participants.

They unveiled a plaque here as well.

Thoughts on today’s look from The Telegraph’s Chloe Mac Donnell:

Visiting Birkenhead in Merseyside, Duchess appeared to be strongly referencing the city’s football heritage via the colours of her outfit.

However, football theories aside, it’s perhaps more likely that the Duchess was simply experimenting with one of spring/summer 2019’s biggest trends – colour clashing.

Now to what Meghan wore for today’s engagements, starting with her vibrant red coat by Sentaler.

The brand’s Long Wide Collar Wrap Coat ($1395) is crafted from baby alpaca material in a color called Scarlet Red. It features a wide collar, oversized patch pockets with flap detail, one-button closure at the chest, ‘dramatic’ vented back hem and a self-belt. It also showcases Sentaler’s signature ribbed detailing at the cuff. It is the same design as the coat Meghan wore to Christmas services at Sandringham last year.

Meghan’s dress is from another Canadian-based favorite, Aritzia. It is the Babaton Maxwell style (most recently priced at $49) in a color called ‘acai.’ The dress is 100% polyester, with a round neck, deep front slit on the right side, a keyhole neck in back, and hidden back zipper; the back seam looks like it is open below the zipper as well. The slit on Meghan’s dress was shortened a good bit.  

Several people pointed out on Twitter and Facebook that purple is the color of the Tomorrow’s Women logo. Natasha also noted on Facebook that the colors are almost identical to the Liverpool Football Club’s away uniforms.

The Duchess carried another of the wildly popular Gabriela Hearst bags.

It looks like the Demi Tote in ‘cognac’ leather (£1495, roughly $1930). It is available on the Net-a-Porter UK site, but not on the US site. You may remember that Meghan carried this style the Demi Tote in emerald satin when she and Harry visited Sussex for the first time. UPDATE JAN 14: On its Instagram page Gabriella Hearst says it is the larger Nina size, *not* the demi tote. Above we show the Nina in an updated photo. The bag is available via a waiting list at the Hearst site. A Tip of the Tiara to Gabi on Twitter for her ID of the bag as the Nina.

Meghan wore Stuart Weitzman heels today, the brand’s High Heel Pumps ($266) in a rich red suede. The style is a classic point toe design with a 4.3″ heel. Now for a look at Meghan’s jewelry. We saw a new bracelet (new to us), Bar Jewelry’s Wide Ripple style ($358). The piece is made from gold-plated recycled sterling silver, handmade and finished in London by local artisans.  

The brand is relatively new, launched in 2016 by former ready-to-wear designer Sophie McKay. The company notes that “positive, ethical and sustainable practices are central to the brand ethos. Even small choices are carefully considered, ensuring that they are responsible and not harmful to the environment.” That very much sounds like a good fit for the Duchess.

Meghan’s earrings appear to be the Pippa Small Nosheen ($60), first noticed at the British Fashion Awards in December. They are handmade by the “… men and women artisans of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation,” a charity founded in 2006 by Prince Charles and the president of Afghanistan at the time, Hamid Karzai.  Its purpose is to preserve and regenerate historic areas and communities with a rich cultural heritage and to revive traditional crafts, to create jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride.”

It also looked like the Duchess was wearing her Crescent Moon Ring £190 (about $245) from i+i Jewelry, shown above right.

We will see you on Wednesday for two engagements!

  • Meghan will visit the Mayhew charity, one of her new patronages. She will learn more about the organization and spend time with some of the animals being cared for and trained.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will both attend the premiere of Cirque de Soleil’s TOTEM. The evening is a fundraiser for Sentebale.

NOTE: No comments on Meghan cradling/not cradling her bump, please. We’ve been there and done that sufficiently, I think.


Here is 27 minutes of raw video from Channel 5. It covers the Hamilton Square statue event and walkabout.

If looking for more abbreviated coverage of the Hamilton Square goings-on, here is roughly 3:30 via the Royal Family Channel.


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  1. I had to mull this outfit over for a long time before I could decide whether I like it or not, and I think I’m tending more towards the “yes” category. I’m actually surprised at the amount of dislike towards the look in the comments, as I thought I was being unreasonable as I was picking my way through each element. The coat is bigger, that’s not surprising, but I don’t find it as overwhelming as so many others do – especially open and tied back I find it flattering to Meghan’s current shape. I thought the dress must be maternity, it looked so thick and cozy, but upon reading the product description and discovering it’s polyester and just a few sizes larger I can suddenly see how much thinner it is. In that case I’m all the more grateful for the good quality coat as contrast. I don’t see the fuss about the slit, in the photo where Meghan is crouching down the dress would be riding up and you still can’t even see her knee! So to me that’s not a problem at all for someone in her position.

    I was so excited to see Meghan in colours, even though at first I was overwhelmed by the combination. But I actually think the coat and dress harmonize well in certain lighting. What bothers me are the shoes and bag – I usually don’t insist on shoe and bag matching but in this case it was just too much. The shoes are gorgeous but really push the red and purple combination to its limits. The bag does not match at all. For such a bright look I would have wished for neutral accessories; black or, dare I say, nude would have made for a more complete look. We are so used to Meghan’s accessories being the exciting part of her outfit when she wears so many neutral colours. Now that the clothes take centre stage the accessories should be scaled back a bit.

    But, I can’t complain too much, we finally have some colour! I just hope it wasn’t all saved up for one outing!

  2. I love purple and red together, though in some pictures it looks less well. I really disliked this coat in the beige, I think mainly because it was so oversized but I ove it in the red. It still looks too big and dominates Meghan’s petite frame but when it is open and tied back it looks better. I’d love to get my hands on this coat.
    As ever, her jewellery is lovely.

  3. The colors are gorgeous, but oh my goodness, I can’t deal with that bright red and purple together, along with the bright shoes. Somehow, the coat photographs “orange” to me. Separately, I think it would be fine, but together it seems like too much. I, however, am not a fashion risk-taker, so everyone should take my comments with a grain of salt!

  4. I immediately recognized this coat from her first Christmas outing with the royal family. I do love it in red and those shoes are beautiful! The one thing that drives me completely nuts is that Meghan’s clothes always seem to be too big for her. I know she is tiny, but there are clothes made in her size. I know she has explained why she wears her shoes a size too large as well but it looks SO DUMB! It looks especially ridiculous considering her ankles are so delicate. It makes he look like her feet are abnormally large. Stop it, Meghan! Please!

  5. As many have stated, the colors immediately reminded me of Princess Diana. Loved them on her and I love them on the DoS. I find the bold colors so striking on her and I can feel the power of the colors. What bothers me is the huge coat and small dress. The style of most of her coats are big for such a petite frame; huge collars, swing coats. They drowned her. Then her dresses are so tight for a pregnant body. Was today’s dress a maternity dress? It didn’t look like it on the models. Please, SoS, get maternity clothes, like the black dress the other day, have them altered to your petite frames. You are so beautiful, doing a wonderful job but please monitor the fit morewhile your pregnant.

  6. Purple and Red work! I like the combo…not sure about the tan handbag – but a red bag would be too much and a purple bag also hard to blend in. I guess neutral tan is the way to go. Even though the slit was removed, it’s still a bit high for a Duchess.

  7. I like this look much better than many Meghan has been wearing lately. For me, her recent outfits whilst stylish are just too much like those of a successful City worker (lawyer, even!?). In her past role, these clothes were aspirational for her character so may feel like a safe, comfort place and I can’t blame her for wearing what feels ‘safe’ with the eyes of the world on her now but I wish she had changed some of her colour choices away from the overly somber which most of us have to choose most days.

    I did think last weeks outfit would have been amazing had the coat been red and here she is in red and it is amazing – a beautiful colour on her. Last week’s accessories didn’t work with camel but with this coat they would have been spot on. It was good to see her in a maternity dress last week which I think must be more comfortable now but this dress looks very nice and I’m enjoying the colour clash. I think her handbag style is perfect and can live with the colour – one tan item in all this colour is fine.

    A win from me and I like this look overall and hope Meghan adopts more red into her neutral wardrobe

  8. I love these colours! Red and purple have always been favourite colours of mine, but I would never have thought of wearing them together until I saw The Princess of Wales wearing them at The Taj Mahal. As soon as I saw the photos of The Duchess of Sussex today, I had a flashback to the Taj Mahal photo. I adore the shoes! What struck me about today’s event was how happy and relaxed Prince Harry looked. I love seeing him looking happy. He is such a lovely person and thoroughly deserves the happiness he has found with Meghan.

    • Perfect merge of colors in her outfit! It all “works”. Yes, I also remember Diana in that Taj Mahal photo! Harry and Meghan look happy and glorious together. Her handbag is divine….she loves non clutch bags!

  9. The color of the coat and shoes is classic and fabulous. Although wearing the red and purple together is an unexpected and fun combination, I don’t think it is chic or classic. It reminds me of combinations often seen in clothing at very, very inexpensive stores. I know many people are bored with Meghan’s neutrals, but this was a time when a navy, black or taupe dress would have allowed the brilliant red coat and shoes to be the stars. To me, the most stylish women usually have one standout feature in a look, whether it’s color, design, a unique accessory, a quirky print, a statement piece of jewelry, etc. Today, the Duchess’s “show” had all stars and no supporting characters. Well, I correct myself. Her jewelry, as it almost always is, played a supporting role. Her bracelet is beautiful and one I’d love to have in my own collection. Like several others, I did not find the color of the cute bag to work with the red and purple. The tan appears to have an orange leaning, which many cognacs do and, in my opinion, it isn’t right with the two bright colors. Meghan looks so happy and seems to love being pregnant. That is a joy to see. I so wish someone who understands how to fit her short waist and her pregnant body was there to advise her on fit and to see that things are tailored properly. Her clothes, even the bespoke ones, often look like they are bought “off the rack” and worn without a trip to the tailor. Even the fit of this coat seems wrong. I understand that it is not designed to be a close-fitting coat but in several pictures it looks like the shoulder seams are way down Meghan’s arm.. In one photo when she has it untied and is casually leaning forward it looks like it is literally about to slide off her shoulders and down her back. These coats swallow her and make her look sloppy, when they should be just oversized enough to give that nonchalantly chic vibe. It always appears she is wearing a coat a size or two too big. I just don’t understand that about all of her clothes. She has such great taste and a cool, hip modern style. She is gorgeous and has an enviable figure. Why doesn’t she have assistance with sizing and tailoring? Is this the fault of her stylist? Despite this issue, I again applaud the Duchess for the way she interacts with people and the positive energy that seems to surround her. In the end, that’s what really makes her beautiful.

    • I agree with every single word. I even wrote an article ( I’m an Italian journalist) with the exact same considerations.
      Don’t get me wrong: I like the lady a lot and I think she wears beautiful pieces, but most of the times it seems that something is wrong with sizes and total combination, especially with coats.
      Maybe I am too severe, but you know, Italian are just fixated with fashion. :-))

  10. Those shoes! I am amazed she moves so elegantly and easily (pregnant or not) in shoes that high. I practically broke my leg thinking about them…
    Also impressed that she took her coat off at an event; it seems we so rarely see a royal do that. And the charities…grateful for her (and Harry’s) work for good causes. A great say for the D&D of Sussex!

  11. Maybe the photos poorly reproduced the red and purple but… they are the wrong tones and simply don’t go together. The red skews to the orange end of the spectrum, and the purple actually has a bit of yellow in it. And I disagree with characterizing these as jewel tones. Again the photos could be off, but a jewel tone red is garner or ruby and purple woukd be amethyst. Clear, tending more blue, tones. The style of the coat is unflattering even with it open. It’s hard to pull off a wrap coat because the bulk (overlapping fabric from the sides and a big heavy fabric belt tied in a knot) is right in one’s front. Add to that a wide, over large collar and it’s a lot going on. Finally my father in law the tailor and clothes manufacturer always said clothes need to hang well on the person. Even an unattractive outfit that fits well will look fabulous on the person. I think that sums up what I think about this outfit.

  12. As a person who wears red and pink together, I really like this look. And those shoes…. I love a high heel, but Meghan never ceases to amaze me with her sky-high footwear. I appreciate your blog and how you always focus on the engagement first and then take a look at the clothes. I know this is a fashion blog, but I am always so amused by the comment section. I can’t imagine people critiquing my clothing and how I look in them. I always say if 50% of the people love you and 50% of the people hate you, you’re probably on the right track.

  13. I was shocked and equally delightly to see the Duchess in such bright colors. These two colors ( the brightest red I ever seen and purple ) which I would never be bold enough to put together in my own wardrobe looked great on her. What a special moment it must have been for everyone in the crowd when the duchess stepped out.

  14. Meghan’s fun use of color is exciting to see and beautiful on her. It’s also a sweet nod to the purple and reds used in “Tomorrow’s Women” logo.

    Other WMW commentators recalled Diana wearing the Catherine Walker red and purple ball gown in Thailand in ’88 and the red and purple ensemble at the Taj Mahal in ’92. Colorists say red and blue make purple… so red is purple’s mother. With that equation, pairing red and purple is noted as harmonious and pleasing. And, daring and unexpected!

    May I add that Harry looks very well dressed. His charcoal grey top coat over his navy trousers and sweater looks put together and professional. Always love crisp white shirts and his looks super smart.

  15. Diana paired red and purple several times.
    I remember all the negative remarks about Kate when she paired the lilac Wickstead dress with a red clutch on the Germany and Poland tour.
    I think red and purple are a smashing mix.
    My problem with the outfit isn’t color, but fit. Once again she’s swamped by her coat, and the dress is ill-fitting.
    There’s something about the whole look that’s just plain sloppy.

    • See, for me it’s not so much the colors themselves as the saturation. The DoC’s lilac dress and burgundy clutch in Germany (or was it Poland?) worked for me because the colors were muted. I did not like Diana’s brights at the Taj Mahal. I do acknowledge it’s very subjective and just personal taste.

  16. It’s a delight to see Meghan venture into such a bold experiment with colour, I’m only sorry I can’t feel as positive about the outfit as a whole. Being this far on in her pregnancy it’s perfectly understandable that she should tend to look bulky, but I regret that there are so many loose ends over the whole, from her coat to the slit in her dress skirt, and, of course, her hair.

    I’m tired of seeing her apparently swamped by oversized great coats and also of loose fitting dresses, both of which are probably inevitable for maternity. But the flapping coat front and loose tie belt, plus the slit in the dress skirt, all add up to a lot of movement and not enough structure. The long bangs hanging down beside her face just add to the overall effect of droopy, and stand out all the more since she has recently favoured some very smart updo’s.

    But I love the colours, and am fond of this classic combination of warm red against deep purple, so well showcased earlier by Princess Di when in the East. I think the shoes are fabulous, but I can’t get on board with the bag. The tan colour seems dissonant against the other brights, though her earrings seem to reflect the same dull tone. The whole comes too close to being messy without the necessary chic to pull it off. At least Meghan herself looks well and glowing as one would hope at this stage.

    • Is it more of a deliberate “unstructured” look for the more informal visits? She has shown she does dress for more formal events (even though sometimes the pitch has not been perfect). I just think as time goes on she isn’t going to attempt the regal elegant look. Instead, she’s going to do the unexpected and in a way just “get down” with the people in a natural way. I’m glad of the continual hope it’s not going to be black or navy and of the surprise when it’s not!

      • Well said ElizaMo. I agree with everything you wrote. I just don’t get the hair in her face. As pretty as she is, it is distracting. She does look happy though and that’s a plus.

  17. This color combination immediately made me think of Princess Di. She often wore bold combinations like this.
    I didn’t realize it was the same coat — I think tying it in back, as opposed to tying it shut in front, makes it sit better on her small frame. And although there is nothing wrong with those heels, I cringe thinking about walking in them at 6 months pregnant! I’ll give her a pass on wearing heels for the third trimester!

  18. I’m thrilled to see such a bold, colorful look for a change. However, I’m not sure why Meghan wore yet another non-maternity dress in a woven fabric so far along in her pregnancy. The dress had to be purchased in a much bigger size to accommodate her bump, and no amount of good tailoring is going to be able to avoid the issues at the bust, especially with a set-in, long sleeve. There are so many great maternity labels with very fashionable clothing that there is no excuse for the ill fit on this dress.

  19. It’s great to see Meghan in these colours which really suit her. I do hope she takes confidence from them. I would die for those shoes! The colours are similar to those Diana wore at the Taj Mahal. It’s a pity the dress did not fit. Wonder if it was bought for an earlier pregnancy stage, but she is just so realistic she wore it anyway.

  20. The Vibrant Colours Meghan wore today, I am sure reflects how happy and excited she is as an expectant Mother-to-be.This stunning colour combo is lively and makes her natural complexion shine more than neutral colours, ( though I like her in these too) I did see another website showing a couple of pictures of Diana wearing the same colour combination which I had forgotten about.. Simply Loved this outfit!

  21. I thought there was something familiar about the coat and then I kept reading to see it was the same style from Christmas 2017. While I do like the vibrant red I think I would prefer it against another color other than purple. The tan coat remains one of my favorites and I just love the way she styled it that Christmas! I agree with the couples choice to let the gender reveal remain a surprise, thats going to be so exciting for them! (And us royal watchers!) Meghan looks great in this last leg of her pregnancy.

  22. LOVE that she is wearing such vibrant, energetic colors today! I’m not one that thinks the usual neutrals are a negative, but the boldness of these colors communicate her authentic energy and enthusiasm for her work and the people she impacts. I have a feeling that in real life she has a non-stop energy, full of ideas and lists of things to accomplish. For some reason these colors just bring that out!

    (I have to add I’m not a fan of this shade of bag with the colors of the clothes, but perhaps in person it worked better than I can see In photos! ☺️)

  23. The colors are beautiful! I’m not quite sure about using them together only because the color combination reminds me of the Red Hat Society, which I associate with grandmothers. The red and the purple both look gorgeous on her separately. But again, her dress does not fit! This one isn’t remotely close to fitting. (The photo of her sitting down without her coat shows it best, but you can see the fold in the fabric above her bust and the one below where she is walking with the coat open as well.) How can she breathe?

    • @Anna Pritchett:
      Forgive me, but are you aware of the fact that grandmothers — my gosh — read and comment on this site and on WKW? Feeling like a broken record sometimes, but this attitude toward older women is really ageist and maybe sexist. Why would older women choose red and purple? To stand out, to fight invisibility and dismissal of them because of age.
      NOTE: Admin edit

      • Anna’s comment makes perfect sense to me. You may not be aware, but membership in The Red Hat Society is only available to women who are 50+. Associating the society’s colors with grandmothers is not unusual; it is a logical conclusion for many. I don’t think Anna was being ageist, and most certainly not sexist – as far as I know, men are not members of the group.

        • @WMW:
          I’m aware of the age membership, and know several women who are members of a Red Hat Society group. Knowing the age group of the society is precisely why I made the comment. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this matter. I do interpret it as ageist, and I think it fair to say that remarks about things looking like a grandmother’s curtains or bedspread or robe which are frequently made –perhaps more in WKW — are certainly not intended as compliments.The unkind stereotype of a grandmother appears often and it makes me sad. Which is why I mentioned 78 year old Nancy Pelosi, which was edited – to counteract granny stereotypes.

  24. I love the bright, bold color combo. So refreshing and fun. The coat is beautiful (although I still don’t get her attraction to tie coats). The shoes are SO FUN! I absolutely love the quirky, fun bag, just not with this outfit. She needs something that picks up the fun color vibe, not cognac. But other than that this is all such a fun outfit. The constant buns (messy or not) are always surprising to me since before she was with Harry there’s almost not a single photo of her with her hair up …. her hair was down every single episode of Suits except for one pony tail, and every single interview or red carpet appearance I ever saw. It fascinates me that she’s shifted so whole-heartedly to hair up! I love her happiness, her smile, her love for the people she’s meeting and the causes they are helping. Great outing all around.

  25. Absolutely gorgeous! I was surprised to see Meghan going with such a bold pairing for what I believe is her first brightly-coloured outfit since the blue shirtdress she wore in Tonga in October, but very pleasantly so. These are such cheery colours and perfect for January. I love that she paired the shoes with the coat (it reminds me a little bit of Crown Princess Mary’s stunning ice-blue ensemble from a few months ago), and think the Cognac bag ties in well with the red and purple and mutes the overall look a bit (which, as much as I love the red and purple, is a good thing). Gabriela Hearst is such a great fit for Meghan, and her accessories generally strike the perfect balance between interesting and “royal-appropriate.” Not crazy about the slit on the dress (not because of any sort of decorum issue, but because I don’t generally care for slits that aren’t otherwise incorporated into the structure of a skirt), but I think that’s my only quibble with the outfit, and it’s a relatively minor one. It’s great to see Meghan out and about and looking healthy and happy, and I can’t wait to see her (and Kate) later in the week as well!

  26. I really like this color combo! I know people are going to be very divided over it and I would never be brave enough to attempt this myself because my wardrobe is allergic to color. I actually am wearing a muted dark purple dress today but that’s adventurous for me. But you all were complaining about her lack of color so there you go!
    I think I was in the minority liking the brown version of this coat (minus the “dramatic back vent”) when she wore it for Christmas, I just love it in the red. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a maternity coat because it does look slightly awkward belted empire-waist style to accommodate Meghan’s bump. I hope she rewears it at some point when she is not pregnant.
    I’m not sold on the dress though, not because of the color but because we didn’t really see Meghan standing without her coat over it. There’s one picture of her sitting but it’s hard to tell from that angle how it falls on Meghan. Love the matching shoes and ethically sourced jewelry too. Not sure about the bag, it’s fine but I rarely get jazzed by royals’ handbags.
    I’m honestly just waiting to see pictures of Meghan hanging out with dogs. I won’t really care what she wears. It would be fun if she brought her own dog too but that might be asking too much haha.

  27. Wow! Fabulous outfit! She looks beautiful in that shade of red and combined with the purple dress, it was just inspired. It reminded me of the color combination Diana wore when her picture was taken in front of the Taj Mahal. Had I been in the crowd today, I would have felt amply rewarded for my wait by seeing Meghan in such a beautiful outfit. She looks so great in bright colors I wonder why she gravitates towards neutrals so much. Harry looked wonderful too!!

    • I thought of the Taj Mahal photo as well–so I googled it. It is the same color combo, and Diana wore purple heels that matched her skirt! I think Meghan looks great here! It was a risk that I believe worked. She has such a narrow line to walk and I love that she just went for it with this outfit.

  28. I had an instant positive reaction to this outfit. I think she looks INCREDIBLE! A lot of people wouldn’t normally think to paid red and purple together but this is gorgeous and quite fashion forward. I love the shoes, I love the bag. This is a 10/10 for me!

  29. Oh my, I’ve been bemoaning the boredom of Meghan’s endless black and navy outfits, but then she wears bold, vibrant colours and I still have problems with her look. I truly love everything about the style and colour of this red coat. Also the dress is fine, although I don’t see the need for the slit. My quibble is combining red and purple. The combination is frequently controversial and people are usually divided. If Meghan had worn a black, navy or grey dress with the red coat it would have looked spectacular.

    I like that the shoes match the coat, but the purse baffles me. The cognac colour of the purse, doesn’t coordinate with anything else that Meghan is wearing. Imagine navy dress, shoes and purse, or black dress, shoes and purse with this beautiful red coat.

    After seeing a neat chignon over the past few engagements, I am disappointed to see the return of the messy bun. It makes Meghan look dishevelled. Thinking of the look of many other women in the Royal Family, Meghan just doesn’t look polished or professional.

    I love her warmth, enthusiasm, kindness, confidence and work ethic. I think I just have to resign myself to seldom liking her style.

    • I think the colours relate to those worn by the Liverpool city football team. They wear red on the pitch in the UK and branch out into purple when overseas.

      Agree with you about this messy bun. A little bit of mess goes a long way with me, I can manage up to a point, but these heavy long bangs definitely overstep the mark for me. Too much like a teenage schoolgirl trying too hard to look sophisticated.

  30. What a super fun mix of red and purple! Two colors I wouldn’t normally think to put together, but it works so well here! I love it!

  31. The color of the coat is absolutely fabulous! I feel like the fit is better now than when she wore the tan coat previously. I like the dress but I’m not particularly fond of that shade of purple. Overall, it’s a bright, cheerful and appropriate look for all of the days’ events. I have a feeling her belly will be very large by the time she gets to the ninth month due to her shorter torso. One of my friends had to this happen too with people asking if she was having twins when in reality the baby had to grow out because of her petite size. I’m amazed that she can wear heels that high and not loose her balance!

  32. What a colourful breath of fresh air today! Love everything about this purple and red combo. Not sure I’d have gone with brown for the purse but the style is adorable. The only thing I didn’t love were the earrings. They just look like flattened copper discs. I love the idea behind the organization but the earrings themselves didn’t do anything for me.
    Unrelated – is anyone else doubting the suggestion of a late April/early May due date? Seems like an attempt to put everyone off guard so they can quietly get to the hospital unnoticed when she goes into labour well before that. Maybe it’s just the way she’s carrying, or that she’s tiny and there’s nowhere for the baby to go but straight out, but she appears to be more than 6 months along.

  33. Love the vibrant purple and red together, and love, love, love these shoes. The Duchess’ focus on ethical, sustainable jewelry is always wonderful to read about, and I appreciate the writers mentioning these details.
    I’m not a fan of this particular coat style (preferring a more fitted coat), but at least the red looks less like a bathrobe than the taupe.

  34. I think she is simply gorgeous in neutrals and absolutely dazzling in brights.
    Love the dress, the coat, and her hair.
    And what a cheerful and fun color combination!
    [I’m very curious about the upcoming comments…hoping those bored by the black and navy palette will be delighted!]

  35. I just love her jewelry choices. The wave bracelet and moon ring are so pretty, simple, and delicate.

    The outfit is a mixed bag for me. The combination of purple and red, while I appreciate the female subversiveness vibe (Google the Red Hat Society), kind of makes my eyes bleed. That said, I do love the coat, even if I prefer it in taupe. The dress, I think is beautiful, and wouldn’t necessarily work badly as a maternity choice, but I think that the DoS is either just to0 short-waisted to wear it that way or is too far along in her pregnancy. I’m not one to harp on fit issues as a rule, but here over and over again you can see how it is pulling up and creating that weird fold across her breastbone. But the purple color is lovely on her.

    • Although I liked the purple and red more than you, I have exactly the same quibble regarding the fit of the dress. I wonder if a tailor could have helped or if the cut of the dress was just wrong for the DoS.

    • Yes I immediately thought she looked like a member of the Red Hat Society as they wear red and purple, only tines I’ve seen those colors together, so a big miss for me as well.

    • I love that bangle, simple, contemporary and effective. I’m just wondering if this month’s budget might stretch that far! 😉

      • Agree! Only thing I liked here. I’m amazed at how many people like this look. In my mind these colors do not go together at all. The pieces are fine. I just don’t like the way they are forced together. Nothing works for me in Meghan’s outfit except the bangle. This is so rare. Normally I really like her style and love her accessories.

    • I love all the pieces separately, but I, too, absolutely hate the red/purple combination. I appreciate that the combo was explained for the context of the visits today, at least. And I’m really thrilled to see the Duchess in colors beside black, navy, and nude, so that’s a win.

  36. I like the unexpected cognac bag with this bright ensemble, and I love the shape and color of Meghan’s tabasco shoes. I also admire her messy bun updos (including this one), although I believe they sometimes verge on being a little casual for public events. As far as the overall ensemble, I am not a big fan of this color combination. But that is only personal preference and I have never been fond of the color purple for clothing. The bright tabasco/fire engine red with the purple is decidedly not my favorite combination. I would think a navy dress or even praline or fawn colored dress would look better with this bright coat. But Meghan does look well in jewel tones, just as she does neutrals. So I will not complain too much.

  37. I absolutely love that she wore such beautiful colors. They suit her brilliantly. As someone who also tends to favor darker colors in my wardrobe it is nice to see her is something so comfortable. I think she glows in this outfit.


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