The Duchess in Reiss for Visit to Canada House

We are delighted to be back with a post on the Duke and Duchess’s visit to Canada House in London today.

Emily Nash of Hello tweeted a video of the couple arriving.

Meghan and Harry wanted to say a formal ‘thank you’ for the “warm Canadian hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada.”

The couple as they were welcomed by Janice Charette, Canada’s High Commissioner to the UK. More from People’s story by Simon Perry.

On the way into Canada House the couple met some of the employees who were standing outside. Harry asked them if they’d all had good holidays.

“He said it was raining a lot of the time in Vancouver,” says Jamie Weare, from Ontario — but one of her colleagues pointed out Harry laughed so he may have been joking. “Meghan said it was beautiful,” Weare adds. “They seemed really relaxed and happy.”

Here is a video from CBC correspondent Renée Filippone as everyone heads upstairs to the Columbia Room. (They stayed in British Columbia.)

The couple in the British Columbia room.

From The Telegraph’s coverage:

“I want to say Happy New Year and thank you, and as my husband said, my goodness it was just such an incredible time we were able to have there and with our son too.

“And just to be able to take in the warmth that we experienced from the people but also just to walk around and just see the beauty of Canada.

“To see Archie go ‘ahhh’ when you walk by and just see how stunning it is… so it meant a lot to us.”

Meghan and Harry were treated to a Canadian dessert, Nanaimo Bars, an unbaked multi-layer bar named after Nanaimo, British Columbia. Here’s a look at the sweet treat in a photo from ITV’s Chris Ship. (See links in our ‘Linkage’ section on how to make these delicious treats!)

(Sidebar: Susan Kelley has two different recipes for Nanaimo Bars in her recipe book.)

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English shared a video of the couple chatting.

While at Canada House, the Duke and Duchess viewed an art exhibit, Skawennati: Avatars Aliens Ancestors. More from Omid Scobie’s Harper’s Bazaar article.

Following tea, Harry and Meghan walked to the building’s Canada Gallery to view a special exhibition by Indigenous Canadian artist, Skawennati—the first to be featured at Canada House. Skawennati’s collection of art addresses the country’s history, future and change from her own perspective—as an urban Mohawk woman and cyberpunk digital avatar.

This view offers a look at one of the artist’s larger pieces. 

Richard Palmer of The Express tweeted a video.

A group photo with High Commissioner Janice Charette on Meghan’s right and Deputy High Commissioner Sarah Fountain Smith on Harry’s left (navy suit).

More from a Danielle Stacey Hello! story:

During their visit, the Duke and Duchess posed for a group photo with staff at Canada House. Harry asked diplomats assembled on the central staircase: “Anyone here from British Columbia?”

When several shouted yes and put up their hands, he told them: “What a wonderful place you live in. Thank you so much for having us – not that any of you had anything much to do with it,” he said to laughter.

He added: “But the warmth and hospitality that we were shown while there was unbelievable, and that’s exactly why we chose to go out there. So thank you.”

The Duke and Duchess as they were leaving Canada House.

This is the couple’s second visit to Canada House; they previously visited on Commonwealth Day in March 2019

As many of you already know, the Sussexes spent part of their six-week break from royal duties in Victoria, British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast.

Victoria is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest and capital of British Columbia. 

While in Victoria, the couple was seen hiking and dining out, but fortunately (and miraculously, in this day and age!), they were left to relax and enjoy themselves, with no photos emerging from their private time away.  The one photo we did see was taken by Meghan and shared on the Sussex Royal Instagram page, a lovely picture of Prince Harry with Archie. 

Now for our look at what Meghan wore for the couple’s first engagement of 2020, a Reiss coat atop separates.

The Duchess was in the British brand’s ‘Sabel’ Wool-Blend Overcoat ($350), a tailored style with a slim fit in a mix of 84% wool/16% nylon. The double-breasted silhouette also features lightly padded shoulders, notch lapels, two flap pockets, a breast pocket, and back vent.

The piece is available in black at Selfridges for just $205.

Meghan’s turtleneck looks like the Massimo Dutti ‘Plain Silk-Wool Sweater‘ in the ‘toffee’ colorway ($69.90).

The piece is 55% mulberry silk/45% wool with a straight fit and ribbed trim at the neck and cuffs. (Mulberry silk is considered a very fine fiber because the silkworms are fed only Mulberry leaves.) Many thanks to Danielle

Meghan’s skirt looks like it is also a Massimo Dutti piece, the Satin Midi Skirt in brown ($130).

It is 100% viscose with an A-line silhouette and side zipper; it looks like it has been cut on the bias, providing the soft drape and movement you see in the videos below. Thank you to Mail Online Fashion Editor Caroline Parr for this ID.

If curious about the brand, here is more from a May 2019 Daily Telegraph story about the label titled: “Zara’s sophisticated older sister: why you should be shopping at Massimo Dutti this Spring.” (The label is owned by the same company that owns Zara.)

But for the woman who likes minimal classics with an expensive twist that she can turn to for years, Dutti should be your go-to.

Its most popular department (and the first you should head for) is tailoring, so it comes as no surprise that for its first 10 years it was a menswear-only label, with womenswear being introduced in 1995.

Below, a December 2019 Massimo Dutti editorial piece.

And from our friends at Who What Wear in a November 2019 story:

“Massimo Dutti is a Spanish brand that offers the same sort of chic and polished pieces Zara does. While their price point is ever so slightly higher than Zara’s, there is a feeling of increased quality (that’s worth the extra bucks!).

It looks like the Duchess brought back her Romy Pumps by Jimmy Choo in the velvet ‘oxid’ colorway.  We first saw the Duchess wear these for the March 2018 visit to Northern Ireland.

The Romy is a basic style for the brand, available in a broad mix of colors and materials in heel heights ranging from 2.4″ to 4″.

Meghan wore new earrings today, the Catherine Zoraida Swallow Stud Earrings (£120/$158) in gold-plated sterling silver.

The design is part of a collaboration Catherine Zoraida has done with the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds); 10% of proceeds from sales go to the charity.

The Duchess appeared to be wearing her Kismet Circle Dangles bracelet ($540) by jeweler Milka.

She also wore her Kismet by Milka ‘Hamsa’ ring in gold, $300.

We’ll leave you with this image of a radiant Meghan. 


A couple of other quick updates you may have missed over the holidays and new year from Meghan and Harry:

  • The Duke and Duchess announced on Instagram that in 2020 they will continue “highlighting accounts that inspire, and that remind us of all the good that is happening in the world,” but they will switch to showcasing just one Instagram account per month. In January, that account is Good News Movement, a page run by journalists that “celebrates acts of kindness and good news in our global community.”

  • The couple’s most recent post was on the ghastly fires in Australia, with links to donate to several different organizations. We have posted those links below in our ‘Linkage’ section.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are excited to announce that the next time you visit the site, we hope to debut our updated look for What Meghan Wore, with some new site features we think you will enjoy!


Canada’s High Commission put together 50-seconds of video with music.

This piece from Global News (a Candian outlet) offers almost six minutes of raw video from today’s visit.

This Royal Family Channel video is roughly 3:20.

CTV’s story includes an interview with Janice Charette.

This CBC News story runs a bit more than 5 minutes.

This Daily Mail video is about 1:15 of the couple as they were leaving Canada House.



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  1. I’m really not a huge fan of all that brown- the brown sweater is a miss for me. However, the skirt is gorgeous, and I love the skirt paired with the brown velvet shoes. I loved those shoes in Ireland, too 🙂 Overall, I think this outfit is a win in my opinion. I personally would choose a different top, but overall, a lovely, classy, modern look.

  2. Nice to see Harry & Meagan happy and rested. The nice color comb of Meagan’s outfit look great on her. The MailOnline has a number of photos showed Meagan perspiration with a large half moon shape. If she wore a blazer the same color of her coat that would have solved that problem. She needs a Go to Advisor to help with outfits, blouses with creases, pants too long, dresses too tight, etc. for public functions. I hope someone on her staff reads these helpful suggestions for future events. 🧡

  3. Opinions are clearly divided on this one! I’m in the “love it” camp. The shades of chocolate, tobacco and camel are just gorgeous. The fabrics are luxurious. I adore the mixing of wools, silk, satin and velvet. I like that it looks very expensive and elegant, without screaming for attention or looking duchess-y. When I look at fashion online, I always ask myself what I would think of this outfit if I saw it in person. Pictures on a computer screen frequently don’t do justice to fabrics, colors, movement etc. I think if I saw this outfit in person I’d find it very chic and flattering.

  4. Love the gorgeous tones of colour and weight of fabrics which I think blends well and looks so on trend at moment in the fashion mags. The camel coat was spectacular.
    I just love Vancouver Island and Victoria. My son was at Uni in Vic, now in Vancouver and I was lucky enough to visit for a month. Absolutely stunning and loved it

  5. Her bra is visible through the blouse and the sweat marks aren’t flattering. I get it that you can’t control sweat that much, but just how hot was in there? And if so, shouldn’t there be some info beforehand so that she knows what to wear according to the temperature inside. I mean, it can happen, but it very unflattering. She should have kept the coat on, at least when leaving the premises. And the bra being visible… I mean, if it were just one of the two things, maybe it wouldn’t have been a problem, but add to that the really wrinkly skirt and it just looks like a disaster. Though, I am in the minority in saying that I like the colour and material combinations, just not for a royal event.

  6. It’s great to see the Sussexes back and looking happy and healthy. Those gorgeous shoes of Meghans are my favourite and it was great to see them, too! Thanks for the links to the donation sites for the Australian wildfire crisis. I have donated.

  7. Yes! I thought no one else was going to mention it but I agree- the under arm perspiration marks are a bummer, and now I see them I can’t ‘un-see’ it in any photos- totally ruins the look. I suffer the same prob and usually wear black/navy on top to keep it less obvious and I think that would have worked better with this outfit. Love the shoes and coat though!

    • I think it was just one of those unfortunate things – where you go to something and don’t realize how “blazing hot” its going to be indoors. The next thing you know, BOOM! Your perspiring like it’s a heatwave in August! Clearly you can’t predict these things and perhaps don’t expect them. It can just…. happen. – SC

  8. This is another case where I like the individual pieces on their own but not together. Kate does this sometimes too with mismatched shades of the same color and I say the same thing over on the other board. The different shades don’t entirely mix well and the fabrics don’t mix well either. I do love the color of the turtleneck. I think it’s a great color on Meghan and I’d love to see it paired with black or navy in the future. I do hope we see the gorgeous coat in the future as well.

  9. I think I’m some pictures I’m okay with the all tonal browns, but in one or 2, or maybe it’s the more I see it, I don’t like the sweater and the skirt together. I think it would have worked better with one other color introduced for the sweater like a navy (on the model) or a winter white.
    I adore the shoes and her hair and make up look great.
    I am also really really jealous that they got to take 6 weeks of in British Columbia for some much needed family. Sometimes when life is bummer I dream of an escape to Canada. The fact that NO ONE released pictures of them just shows the kindness of the Canadian people.

  10. There’s too much brown! but for some reason Meghan looks chic anyway. The coat is the best thing about this outfit. Nice to see Meghan and Harry out and about again.

  11. Well I have to say they both look really happy! Her coat is absolutely beautiful and a piece that would be welcome in any of our closets! Those shoes are positively drool-worthy, and I have loved them on every outing!

    I do like the separates, and I like them together. I’m not sure the top was the most flattering on her though. A common theme with Meghan is poorly fitting undergarments, and unfortunately that seems to be the case here. I do understand, as a new mom myself I had to replace ALL of my bras because the fit just wasn’t the same. I also think black or nude would have been a better choice (camera flashes and white bras hardly every turn out well for any of us!) i do applaud her for choosing more affordable brands and I think the skirt will be so lovely and versatile.

    This is also a little off topic but I’m also loving her spotlight on sustainable brands and I am hoping she will choose more in 2020. With the horrible fires in Australia, I’ve seen conversation regarding “fast fashion” and the fashion industry as a whole regarding climate change. Meghan is so influential and I’m looking forward to seeing more brands like Rothy’s, Outland Denim, and Room 502. Id never heard of any of them until she wore them!

    Delighted she and Harry are back and looking forward to seeing them a lot is 2020!

  12. Well, I see I’m in the minority here, but I have to admit that I’m not in love with this look…
    I just can’t get on board with an outfit comprised of four different shades of brown. To me, it appears that Meghan just decided to wear anything in the brown family, and that resulted in an outfit that (to my eyes) looks haphazardly pulled together, not carefully planned. I much preferred the way the model styled the coat in the Reiss photo, wearing a turtleneck that is exactly the same shade as the coat.
    Also, I’m not sure the structured coat was the best match for the floaty, shiny skirt Meghan wore… I probably would have capitalized on the coat’s straight lines by wearing an elegantly tailored pair of pants or a properly-fitted pencil skirt.
    Love to hear everyone else’s opinions — that’s what makes fashion fun!

    • Lee – I agree with your assessment. Each of the pieces is lovely on its own, but together just miss the mark for me. The coat needs to be longer, and the skirt needs to be a heavier fabric, maybe a nice wool or tweed. The clothes aside, the DoS is glowing and it is lovely to have her back!

      • The satin skirt just didn’t really belong in the outfit today. It’s not the right material for a day engagement, especially not against the textured turtleneck, and it’s the wrong length for the coat.
        I like the coat, but the tacking stitch wasn’t undone, and again, not great with the skirt. The turtleneck looks nice on her, she looks good in that shade and in that style top, it looks chic on her, long neck and slim through the body. The shoes are lovely.
        But the outfit just didn’t really gel for me. Meghan looks refreshed and like she’s had some well placed injectables.

  13. I loved the picture of Prince Harry and Archie, and am thrilled to read that folks on the island gave the family their space. I live in the interior of BC but have several family members on the island that I know would respect the royal family as well.

  14. I love her monotone look with different textures. She did more eyeliner and lip color than she normally does which I really like for this time of year.
    Her ankles look to be a strangely pale color of skin, not sure if it is just photos or if she is having a hard time finding the right color tights.

  15. I. Love. That. Coat.
    But since I’m a whole lot shorter and weigh a good deal more than the Duchess it probably would not look that great on me.

  16. Welcome Back, Meghan! Such sumptuous caramel browns! The Duchess is indeed radiant. Beautiful combination of shades and textures. I’ve missed seeing her!

  17. My only issue is with the coat. I appeared wrinkled in some pictures and I never see this happen with other wool coats on royals. Is it the fabric?

  18. I live in Victoria, BC and it is a gorgeous place to be – unfortunately, it rained a lot while they were here! We knew they were here, but also that they wanted privacy. There were a few local news stories about folks bumping into them on the hiking trails, but no photos were taken or shared. We were thrilled that they chose this beautiful spot for their getaway!

  19. They both look great & it’s wonderful to see them back in action. I love the color combo of Meghan’s outfit. If I was going to quibble with anything it would be that I wish her coat were longer, almost the same length of the skirt.

  20. I really missed this lovely couple, so I am glad to see them back and looking so well!
    These colors look great on Meghan and the color of her lipstick coordinations so well with the entire look. The silk/satin skirt is all the rage so I am excited to see the Duchess wearing it and especially in that lovely chocolate color. I have loved those shoes since the first time I saw Meghan wearing them on one of her engagement tours with Harry. Not sure what color the shoes are but they compliment the outfit wonderfully. Well done.
    Harry looks very handsome as well. Welcome back to the Sussexes!

  21. She looks great! I like the mix of brown-spectrum neutrals and textures. And those shoes are amazing (it all makes me wish I could wear brown without looking like a washed-out schoolmarm, but alas).
    I also really like the colored lip, it seems like it is a bit more noticable than what she usually wears during the day. I think it makes her look a bit more polished than when she wears a more nude lip color, a bit more daytime elegant. Her makeup is always nice, but the lips are important for bringing a look together, IMO.

  22. Aw, Meghan looks so good here! Both her and Harry look so comfortable and refreshed. It’s great to see them looking so good.

    I really love this outfit of Meghan’s. Despite brown being a neutral color, I think wearing all browns is a bit of a risk and I think this risk majorly paid off. I really love it. Elegant and sophisticated and very Meg.

  23. I really love those shoes. No small challenge to make brown pumps interesting and elegant! I have liked them in every appearance. Here, they are a great part of this interesting (and very successful, I think) tone-on-tone thing she’s gotgoing on with all the browns.

  24. I really like the various shades of brown that Meghan is wearing. They are warmer and softer tones than the black or navy that she often wears. The beautiful camel coat is a classic and is at a price that many could afford. The shoes really compliment the skirt. I find the skirt to be too fancy for this occasion. It looks to be made from a shiny satin, which is usually worn for a more formal evening event. The satin of the skirt, with the more serviceable look of the turtle neck sweater, is not a good match to my eye. I would have preferred a brown, wool skirt, in the same style.

    Meghan and Harry seem happy to be at Canada House and grateful for the time spent in my country. I wish them well in 2020.

  25. I really like how tonal today’s look is – all those lovely, seasonal shades of brown. I’m equally as enamoured by the shoes, skirt and coat, but I’m not as keen on the top. The minor perspiration patches are an unfortunate side effect of the (possibly quite thin) fabric and strong flash of the cameras, but it happens to the best of us. Otherwise a solidly stylish outfit!


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