Royal Recap: A Summary of Harry and Meghan’s Transition and More

On Saturday, 18 January, statements were released from the Queen and Buckingham Palace regarding Harry and Meghan’s future.

In an effort to clear up some of the confusion and define what the above actually means, we’ve created this bullet pointed summary based on what we understand.

  • Royal Duties: The couple will step back fully from all royal duties.
    — Meghan and Harry will still attend engagements for the Queen — for example,
    Trooping the Colour.
  • Regarding the use of HRH or Their Royal Highnesses: Harry and Meghan will retain their HRH title, however come Spring, they just won’t use HRH and simply go by Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
    Palace officials are currently reviewing a previous incorrect statement made around how Harry and Meghan shall be addressed come Spring. It has to do with the placement of the comma – “Harry, Duke of Sussex” and “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex” are both incorrect. The comma is the key as it has been used to indicate divorced spouses, ie; Diana, Princess of Wales and Sarah, Duchess of York.
  • Regarding Harry’s military titles: Harry will no longer be Captain General of the Royal Marines, Hon Air Commandant or Commodore-in-chief.
  • Youth Ambassador: Harry will no longer retain this title or position.
  • The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust: The couple will remain President and Vice President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.
  • They will both keep their patronages including;
    — Harry: Invictus, Sentebale
    — Meghan: Mayhew, Smart Works, The National Theatre, The Association of
    Commonwealth Universities. (this could change, but as far as we know, it
    remains as is.)
  • Sovereign Grant (public funds): The couple will not receive Sovereign Grant funds but will continue to receive private financial support from Prince Charles – however, it may not be Duchy of Cornwell funds. This is still unclear.
  • Frogmore Cottage, Windsor home: Harry and Meghan will keep Frogmore Cottage as their home, however they will payback £2.4 Million (roughly $3.13M USD) public money spent on the renovating of Frogmore Cottage. They will also pay any running costs for the home, going forward, privately.
  • North America: The couple will reside mostly in North America.
  • Transition Period: The entire transition period will be complete in the Spring 2020.
  • ‘Sussex Royal’: Information around the use of the ‘Sussex Royal’ name to be shared over the next few weeks.
  • Security: Details around security have not been shared.
  • Review 2021: The Royal Family will review this situation in 2021.

We’ll continue to update the above summary with any new information as it becomes available.


On Thursday, 16 January, Meghan was spotted on Vancouver Island at Victoria airport picking up a friend. We will not post photos of the Duchess from this day as we feel the images are too intrusive. Here is the breakdown of what Meghan wore.

Meghan wore her black Soia & Kyo ‘Saundra’ coat, $695, which was first spotted in 2017 while leaving her trailer on the set of the TV show Suits, Toronto, Canada.

Her beanie or toque (as it’s called in Canada!) is ‘old’ and possibly from the company Hat Attack. It is the label’s Slouchy Cuff hat in black, $87. She was seen wearing this hat previously in 2017.

She’s wore her Le Spec ‘Bandwagon’ style sunglasses in black tort and khaki, a pair she has previously worn a number of times including Fraser Island, Australia in 2018 and Wimbledon, July 2019.


Once again the Duchess was seen on Sunday, 19 January, walking with Archie and the couple’s dogs, Guy (a Beagle) and Oz (a black Labrador) on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Meghan wore her Kamik ‘Sienna’ Boots in dark brown leather. She was seen wearing the boots several times in December 2016. The style has been updated to the ‘Sienna’ 2, $119.

A great boot, I own a pair and they are really warm, waterproof and comfortable. The boots run in whole sizes so I would suggest sizing up a size. For example, if you are a 6.5, order a 7.

Archie’s carrier is the Ergobaby – Omni 360 Baby Carrier Cool Air Mesh, Raven, Blue, $180.

Nordstrom has the carrier in midnight blue now on sale, $142.

We’re unsure about the brand of Meghan’s beanie. It is a knit beanie in a khaki color. This one from Madewell looks similar and had been available in fern green, now only available in black at Nordstrom, $38 or pink, $25 at Madewell.

Meghan was also wearing black leggings and what appears to be a half-zip active-wear top two-tone or color block in black and blue possibly.

We’re thinking the leggings could be her Lulu Lemon black ‘Align Pant 28″‘, $98.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a pair of these leggings they are well worth it. I own them in the black and they are super soft, comfortable and hold up well in the wash. I air dry mine, then toss them in the dryer for a few minutes.

We’ll continue to update this post with further information if it should become available.

Once again, this is an extraordinary set of circumstances and we would ask that any comments be respectful and constructive.




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  1. Thank you for continuing to shed positive light on Harry and Meghan the truly wonderful parents of Archie. They really are a fantastic couple as I hope and pray that nothing but the best comes their way!

  2. I join the other posters here by thanking you for continued respectful coverage of our dear Duchess. I can only imagine the strain Meghan & Harry have been under and I hope this is the beginning of a more peaceful life for them.

    Maureen, your analysis rings true to me.
    Dale, hearing Harry’s speech was very enlightening.

    Like so many of you, I have so many thoughts and feelings about this huge change. I’m grateful for this kind corner of the internet and all of the commenters cheering this family on.

  3. I hope I may be allowed to put forward an analysis that I haven’t seen anywhere else. My reading of the Palace documents shown here and of Harry’s speech is that Harry had hoped to work ‘part-time’ for the Palace which would free him to be financially independent at other times. Sadly, the Palace has decided that part-time is not allowed. To quote Thomas Woodcock, the senior heraldry officer at the College of Arms, ‘You’re either royal or you’re not’. I can’t see that this is a viable position in the twenty-first century, and is demonstrably untenable. I could write at great length on this but won’t! I’ll simply say that some of the press speculation and discussion commented on here is because the Palace’s position (even given the documents reproduced here) is far from clear. There are several ‘Royal Family’ figures who are already only working part-time, but Harry was given an ultimatum – complete commitment or none at all.

  4. I absolutely agree with Dale. This site is sanity among chaos in the media. I, too, am disappointed in the traditional media because of its speculative and/or inflammatory editorial comments.

  5. Just a brief note to thank the admins on the fact-based nature of this post. Primary documents are referenced, and it’s always evident what’s been officially stated and what is reasonable opinion or is currently unknown/unclear.

    I’m rather frustrated with the mainstream press at the moment–there’s too much speculation rather than reporting of facts. And that speculation and gossip can become quite harmful.

    • This is precisely why we did a post such as this. To recap facts vs. what has been floating around out on social media and publications. thanks, SC

  6. Hmm, the Sussexes stepping back from all royal duties is not what I expected. Unless it is just a misunderstanding on my part of the difference between “royal duties” and “engagements for the Queen.” It was my assumption that they would be in the same position as other royals such as Princess Beatrice and Eugene, and I thought that those other royals did do “royal duties.” But maybe they don’t, and they only do “engagements for the Queen.”

    But regardless, this seems to clearly be for the best for Harry and Meghan, and to be what they wanted, so I’m all for it! I will just be sad to not see as much of them anymore.

    • Beatrice and Eugenie seldom do engagements with the Queen and never for the Queen. They are part of the Royal Family and therefore appear at events like Trooping the Colour, Jubilee or birthday services and other family events like weddings. The have occasionally appeared at Garden Parties, I think generally when the party theme is complimentary to one of their charitable interests or patronages. They each have a small number of charities and organizations to which they lend their support, often because of a connection with their own lives Eugenie – scoliosis and Beatrice – dyslexia). They have never been full time working Royals.

  7. With everything that’s being said and speculated right now, I want to take a moment to thank you for the thoughtful and respectful coverage. I didn’t expect any posts on the matter on WMW, and I’m grateful for your decision to make such informative posts that helped me navigate the amount of info and rumors running around.

    I still don’t know how I feel about the Duke and Duchess’s decision, but I do wish them all the best as they begin a new chapter of their life.

  8. I received an excellent article from Vanity Fair Royal’s online newsletter regarding Harry’s comments at the Sentebale event he attended this week. He directly and candidly addresses the decisions he and Meghan have made in the past few weeks. His remarks are compelling, touching, and ultimately (at least to this reader) somewhat comforting. He makes a point of talking about how this was far from an impulsive decision.

    My apologies if it is improper to direct Admin as well as WMW readers to another site, but the article is out there in the ether, and I thought you should know about it. Well worth the read.

      • Oh, good! I found it so helpful to hear his actual words.

        I so hope you can find a way to continue this blog, Susan. The fact that they have stepped out of the most intense royal spotlight does not mean their impact will lessen, particularly in terms of their charity work. In fact, it may well intensify. Meghan’s fashion is always interesting, and a great starting point, but I’ve always found it to be most compelling in the context of the work she does for the causes she believes in.

    • Thank you Dale, for mentioning that article. I just looked it up and read it online and found it to be just as you described. I am grateful for his explanation, but he certainly didn’t owe us one. I certainly wish Harry and Meghan all the best, and hopefully this new freedom and outlook will help.


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