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Our ongoing collection of links and news bytes. Right now much of it is related to the wedding (which is why much of the content is also on the Wedding Central ‘Buzz’ page), obviously, that will change after May 19th.

APRIL 20: 


  • There is a lot of chatter about Meghan wearing two dresses on the big day. This is something both Susan C and Susan K have long thought would be the case; in fact, we both think she will wear pieces from two different designers.
  • Hello! has put together a video showcasing “Meghan’s Toronto,” covering some of her favorite places, an interview with her trainer and other details.  
  • Here is a look from Racked at not just the latest odds from British bookmakers on who is making Meghan’s wedding dress, but an explainer on how they even arrive at such info
  • Will Meghan wear a tiara for the wedding? Canoe looks into that question and offers some interesting background on tiaras

APRIL 18: 

  • A number of engagements have been added to Meghan’s calendar, be sure to check our Meg Events page. There is now an engagement tomorrow (Thursday), two on Saturday the 21st, one on Monday the 23rd, and two on Wednesday the 25th (those both are for Anzac Day).
  • PopSugar has a list of 25 Reasons Why We’re Excited for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding
  • Fashionista says the “Meghan Markle Effect is already all over the spring bridal runways.’
  • Hello Giggles takes a look at 12 odd jobs Meghan has held over the years
  • Paula Patton reminisces in this Us Weekly story about Meghan doing calligraphy for her wedding
  • The Telegraph says second weddings are becoming bigger than the first, calling it the Markle Effect
  • Here’s an interesting story about WindsorCastle, “a look at Meghan & Harry’s (relatively) low-key wedding site.”

APRIL 17: 


  • Prince Harry gave Meghan a shout-out in his first speech as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador today, as the weeklong Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings got underway in London. According to The Telegraph, Harry “said he was “incredibly grateful” that the “woman I am about to marry” will be joining him in his new job.”
  • CNN has some surprising names in its piece pondering who is still in the running to make Meghan’s wedding dress
  • The Telegraph also offers this story: “The Meghan Markle Effect: how second weddings are becoming bigger than the first”
  • The Chicago Tribune takes a look at Windsor, “Harry and Meghan’s (relatively) low key wedding site”
  • In this Town & Country story, Lady Julie Montagu offers her tips for Meghan; she is an American who married into the British aristocracy.
  • There is an interesting feature in the Daily Mail about a plus size couple matching Meghan and Harry’s style, what some might call “repli-Meghaning.”

  • Our final item, the darling collection Cath Kidston is offering in honor of the wedding. There are some fun, cute pieces.


APRIL 15: We have oodles of tidbits to share today, with apologies for missing yesterday’s updates. (Susan K’s desktop died, taking all data with it until Apple and the Spousal Unit performed a brief and miraculous resuscitation.)

  • The Guardian has an interesting piece looking at ‘Team Meghan,’ those at the palace and elsewhere working with Meghan to help plan and implement the many decisions facing the royal-to-be in her new life.
  • The conventional wisdom on Meghan and Harry’s future titles has been titled toward the Queen making them the Duke & Duchess of Sussex. The Independent suggests another possibility, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught.
  • This Architectural Digest story takes a look inside Frogmore House, where the early wedding reception will be held.
  • The Express offers a story on Meghan’s Ghurka Kilburn suitcase/holdall.
  • Marie Claire covers some of the hairstyles people have actually had at royal weddings.
  • A nut company hired a US artist to carve nuts into the Royal Wedding party, from the Queen to the corgis. More in this story.


  • The list of “likely dress designers” is getting shorter. Victoria Beckham told James Corden that she is *not* doing the dress. Our thanks to ABC’s Carolyn Durand for the info!
  • Meghan and Harry are clearly delighted with their engagement photographs. Kensington Palace announced this morning the photographer who took those shots, Alexi Lubomirski, has been retained to take the wedding pictures as well.

APRIL 12: 

  • Meghan is in Chicago for the weekend, according to the Chicago Tribune. The paper reports “Markle landed at the airport at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, according to a second source, who also said that she will be leaving town early Sunday evening. Chicago police provided physical security for her but not an actual escort, the source said.”
  • Be sure to check the Meg Events page on the site, it has details on the three occasions next week when we expect toes Meghan.
  • The Associated Press has a new story by Danica Kirk looking at Meghan’s impact on the economy, you can read it here at the New York Times. (Susan K is included in the story and feeling very giddy about being in the piece!)


  • French Vogue takes a look at the “8 designers in the running” to make Meghan’s wedding dress
  • The Daily Mirror offers a list of likely celebrity guests in this story.
  • Tatler takes a look at the Meghan Effect and its impact on business in this piece, saying Meghan “is a goldmine”.


  • There will not be any political guests at the wedding according to a statement released today by Kensington Palace. Michelle and Barack Obama will not be attending, nor the Trumps; even PM Theresa May will not be in attendance. As explained by Richard Palmer of The Express, “Essentially, it’s been decided that there’s no need for official guests, as Prince Harry is not likely to be a future King. Everyone inside the chapel will know Harry and Meghan personally.” More details can be seen in this Daily Mirror story.
  • We do know that Alex Lubomirski, who shot Meghan and Harry’s engagement photos, will be at the wedding. The photographer told E! News that he and his wife, Giada Lubomirski, have been invited to the wedding. Read the photographer’s description of what the engagement photo shoot was like in the E! News story.
  • Apparently Meghan’s decision to wear the Ralph & Russo gown seen in the engagement photos was not set in stone, nor even as planned out as many of us thought. That’s according to an interview Alex Lubomirski did with Entertainment Tonight.
  • Kensington Palace has released the names and background stories of some of the 1200 members of the public who are attending the wedding. They include 12-year-old Amelia Thompson, a survivor of the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester; Reuben Litherland of Derby, who was born deaf and started teaching lunchtime sign language lessons at his school; Pamela Anomneze, manager of Studio 306 Collective, a program using creative arts to help people recover from mental health issues; and Philip Gillespie, who lost his right leg in an IED incident in Afghanistan and works raising awareness and funds for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.
  • If you’ve wondered just who Meghan’s closest friends are, this Us Weekly piece has the answers.
  • Here is a piece of memorabilia you probably won’t see everywhere: a commemorative Royal Wedding Plate showing Meghan and….Ed Sheeran. The company making the place says that was not a mistake, they did it on purpose. It is being sold for $36.50 at etsy; from the amount of publicity the plate has received, I think it may well have been a deliberate decision by the seller. More in this Evening Standard story.

APRIL 9: Meghan and Harry have released a statement asking that people who are considering sending a wedding gift instead donate to one of seven charities. Here are links to the charities and their associated social media accounts:


APRIL 7: As speculation continues that Ralph & Russo are designing Meghan’s gown, London’s Financial Times asks Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo point blank: “So, Tamara and Michael, are you designing Meghan Markle’s wedding dress?” Seated across from me on a silvery satin chaise longue, the pair “politely decline” to comment, and I’m forced to draw my conclusions from their body language. Russo crosses his arms defensively and grits his teeth, while Ralph gives a nervous laugh and awkwardly swishes her long, treacle-coloured ponytail. I have no industry intelligence about it, but based on their reactions, if Ladbrokes hadn’t closed bets then mine would be on this duo.”



  • Town & Country’s etiquette expert explains why some wedding invitations only include half a couple; it turns out there is a reason plus-ones have not been included.
  • Erdem continues to be touted as the likely designer of Meghan’s wedding dress. Many think a move the company announced this week is just another sign pointing to the likelihood he is “the one.” Elle has more in this story.
  • However…Ralph and Russo made a similar move this week. People has more on this development. (If needing to do a speed read, scroll down to the 5th paragraph for the salient section.)
  • Metro has a piece looking at dress designers, with “all of the potentials from Ralph & Russo to Sarah Burton.”
  • An old Tostitos commercial featuring Meghan has surfaced; click here to watch the spot, shot in 2009.
  • If planning to have a proper tea while you watch the wedding, you might want to consider today’s wedding whimsy, the Royal Wedding Biscuit Tin from England’s Biscuiteers. The cookies are handmade and decorated, they retail for £45, that’s about$63.


  • Omid Scobie, who has accurately broken a number of stories about Meghan and the wedding, tweeted that Meghan appears to have been in Los Angeles for the weekend. Click here for the Twitter thread.
  • Metro has an article on one of the first members of the public who has received an invitation
  • Unrelated to Meghan and Harry, but a fun read: the Daily Mirror’s piece looking at possible wedding gown designers for Princess Beatrice.
  • It’s another People cover for Meghan! The accompanying story is titled How Love Changed Harry


APRIL 2: Meghan and Harry have selected a florist and chosen the kind of flowers they will use for their wedding. Here are some links: florist Philippa Craddock’s website is here (where you can see her work at weddings she has done); the Kensington Palace news release is here; a Vogue story is here; SkyNews story is here; a BBC piece is here; the Daily Mail’s article is here. 

APRIL 1: Meghan is getting her own figure at Madame Tussaud’s; this Hello! story has more.


  • The Sunday Times Magazine’s cover story this weekend is an exclusive by author Andrew Morton titled “Meghan: her true story“.  Meghan is also featured on the cover of Tatler’s May issue. Susan C notes both magazines use previously seen photos; Meghan did not pose for either cover.






  • Click here for People’s story titled “Meghan Markle’s Royal Wardrobe: Here’s Who Pays for It, and Why She Can’t Accept Free Clothes”
  • A HuffPo UK story on Meghan’s new assistant, Amy Pickerill, may be read here
  • Lyst’s annual Wedding Report with The Meghan Effect at #3 may be seen here

MAR 14: