Meghan In Bespoke Erdem for Festival of Remembrance

For tonight’s Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall Meghan wore an Erdem dress.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, London.

This was the Duchess’s second year attending the event, an important date on the royal calendar. 

More about the event via the Royal Albert Hall website:

The Festival of Remembrance, held in honour of those who have given their lives in the service of their country, has been marked at the Royal Albert Hall annually since 1923.

It was not until 1971 that the British Legion were permitted to use the prefix ‘royal’, following a Royal Charter bestowed to the organisation on 29 May 1971. The festival was promptly renamed Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance, which it has proudly held every year since.

Although the festival was originally only intended to honour those who died in the First World War, it now includes tributes to the war dead from more recent conflicts.

This year marks 75 years since 1944, a pivotal year in the Allied fight for freedom in the Second World War.

The event included unique tributes to mark the 75th anniversary of the battles of Monte Cassino, Kohima, Imphal and D-Day and included a parade of some of the last surviving veterans who fought and served in 1944.

This evening also included performances by singer Louise Dearman, singer/songwriter, James Blunt, singer Leona Lewis, British TV actor, Lee Mead and actor/musician, Jeff Goldblum with his band.

Members of the Royal family arrived at Royal Albert Hall. Below The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex – Sophie and Edward arrive.

The Duchess of Cornwall looked to be feeling much better this evening as she and Prince Charles arrived for this evening’s program.

Finally, HM the Queen wearing a beautiful array of red poppies from The Poppy Factory.

Below, the Royal Box as the Queen arrives with other members of the Royal family to take their seats.

The program opened with British actress, singer and author, Louise Dearman singing ‘The Impossible Dream’ with the Tri-Service Band backing her up.

An overview look of the hall while Ms. Dearman performs.

BBC News anchor, Huw Edwards hosted tonight’s program and welcomed all those present and watching at home.

Huw Edwards’ opening remarks

“At this year’s Festival, we’ll be pay tribute tonight to the WW2 generation… and we’ll be marking some of the notable campaigns of 1944, which changed the course of the war.”

The Torch of Remembrance is carried in by 3rd Officer Sarah Stevens.

Next, Captain Rob Anders, Commanding Officer of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Mounts Bay reads the citation —

“We honour the #Commonwealth nations and our allies who joined Britain in defending its freedoms, values and way of life.”

The Band of Her Majesty Royal Marines performed Norwegian Pirate.

Colin Thackery and the choir than sang The Old Brigade for the entrance of the Chelsea Pensioners.

The Chelsea Pensioners make their entrance.

More from Huw Edwards

“It’s been three-quarters of a century since 1944 – the pivotal year in the allied effort of WW2.”

Monte Cassino veterans James Knox and Otton Hulacki shared their experiences and recollections of the Italian campaign —

“Churchill made the mistake of calling it the soft belly of Europe.”

Monte Cassino veterans – James Knox and Otton Hulacki

Actor Daniel Mays reads the Red Poppies at Monte Cassino poem as a newsreel of the battle plays.

D-Day veteran Eddie Gains spoke about landing on the beaches of Normandy.

“When you think about all the lives lost, it’s very important to remember… I’m lucky to have survived”

D-Day Veteran Eddie Gains

British actor, Cel Spellman read the testimony of Kenneth Oakley as images of the D-Day beaches are projected on to the floor and monitors of Royal Albert Hall.

Veteran survivors representing the battles and campaigns fought during 1944 were joined on the floor by currently serving personnel. It was a very emotional moment.

Jeff Goldblum performed with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra performed ‘Let’s Face the Music and Dance’ with dancers.

Another view of Jeff with the dancers.

The Royal family applauds Mr. Goldblum’s amazing performance.

Singer/Songwriter James Blunt performed and sang Monsters.

Singer Leonia Lewis sang ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ as the Commonwealth flags entered.

Lee Mead performed ‘Morning has Broken’.

“At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.”

The evening ends with a flutter of  falling poppy petals as a bugler plays the Last Post.

The National Anthem is sung and then active military personnel giving three cheers for the Queen.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore this evening, as trivial as it seems in comparison to the night’s events.

Meghan wore a bespoke Erdem dress. After a bit of confusion, brand confirmed on our Instagram. Below is a 2-piece jacket and trousers from Erdem’s Autumn Winter 2019 Collection in the same fabric.

A closer look at Meghan in the dress and the Erdem jacquard fabric.

Meghan also wore her Aquazzura Devenue Bow Pumps, $632.

Their has been much discussion about which color the Duchess wore this evening as she owns the shoe in both black and ink suede. Due to the flash lighting In some images the shoes do appear to be a dark navy. In other images they appear more black. We’re thinking they are the black pair that match the dress.

We should note that The Duchess of Cornwall wore navy suede shoes with her black dress this evening. There has been much discussion around Kate’s dress color as well. Kate’s dress may be midnight blue worn with black shoes. You can see in the photo I’ve adjusted below to show the dress color – Kate is on the right.

Camilla in black with navy shoes an Kate in midnight blue with black shoes.

The Duchess wore a new pair of Jessica McCormack earrings this evening. They are the Signature Gypset Heart hoop earrings in ruby.

Meghan carried a new clutch this evening that we have not yet identified.

We’ll update the post once we find out the ID of the bag.

Finally, Meghan wore a poppy pin tonight from The Poppy Factory.

For those interested, Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore a Gabriela Hearst Isa Shearling Jacket. LK Bennett Harley Pumps in Black Suede and carried a Sophie Habsburg Lunatic Clutch in Black Caviar. We’re not sure about the details of her dress.

For details on Kate’s outfit, please visit our sister site, What Kate Wore.

We will see you for the Remembrance Sunday service at The Cenotaph. Here is the timing information for those events.

Timings for Remembrance Sunday events:
  • 09:00: Royal British Legion (RBL) detachments form up on Horse Guards Parade and in Whitehall
  • 10:00: All detachments march out from Wellington Barracks
  • 11:00: Two minutes silence marked by the firing of guns from Kings Troop, on Horse Guards Parade. Cenotaph Service commences
  • 11:25: Cenotaph Service concludes and RBL detachments disperse past the Cenotaph


  • See details of tonight’s program here.
  • The Poppy Factory is here.


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  1. Erdem dresses are always such a mixed bag. I know Kate is fond of the label and her outfits have always had mixed results too. What I love about this dress is the full skirt and the sleeves and the fabric. It reminds me of vintage Audrey Hepburn.
    I do not like the belt though. Not sure if the dress would look better than Meghan, but everyone has already commented that the dress looks short-waisted and I think the belt emphasizes that somehow. The wide collar doesn’t bother me, but I think it’s wideness is part of the problem with the top looking short-waisted. Had it been not so low, maybe the proportions wouldn’t be off?
    Apart from that I think Meghan looks radiant and happy and I love the rest of her styling.

  2. A quick comment, that I’m not sure is appropriate. It seems people prefer Meghan to cover herself up and wear clothes that skim or conceal til she gets her “body back”, but for many women this never happens. In this case, should she wear clothes that aren’t necessarily figure flattering, or emphasize her waist, hips, etc., but make her feel beautiful (a gorgeous twirly skirt, a nipped-in waist), or should she wear what pleases others? I absolutely understand this is a fashion blog and no one has made any comments that are cruel or unkind, only pointing out they feel certain outfits or silhouettes don’t flatter. I have done the same. I just feel that as women, we spend so much time trying to shrink back to our old bodies, and not enjoying dressing the one we currently have. Maybe Meghan felt confident and gorgeous in this dress, and wanted to wear it, even if her body isn’t the perfect shape for it right now. I’m all for that kind of body confidence! This is coming from me though, and I wear overalls around the house (talk about unflattering) and a few times, even to work. Yikes! So take my comments about fashion with a grain of salt.

  3. I’m very conflicted about the dress. I think the DoS herself looked beautiful, I love her hair and make up and her accessories. The dress while beautiful, was just a tad too much. I didn’t care for the bunching at the waist. I do wonder about the angle of the photographs. At last year’s program, Meghan had on her lovely Stella McCartney coat and it looked overwhelming on her but she had worn it to another engagement where the coat looked lovely.
    The neckline of the dress was fine to me.

  4. The material of the dress is too heavy for the petite meghan and made her look heavier then she is i love the 1950’s fit and flare style because it is so classy and chic but the neckline is inappropriate for this solemn remembrance event!The black diamante shoes would of been a better shoe choice the hair is too severe pulled back and the earrings were a tad tacky.

  5. I think this was lovely. The portrait neckline is very flattering on her; I didn’t find this or anything else about the outfit inappropriate. The earrings are sweet.

    The blue shoes are puzzling, particularly with Duchess of Cornwall’s blue shoes, and the Duchess of Cambridge similarly mixing blue and black. Is it possible there is some significance there?

  6. I love the vintage flair of this look, and don’t mind the heaviness as a result. I don’t think the neckline is inappropriate, per se, but it made the poppy placement difficult and THAT drags the whole look down for me… it looks tacked on at the last second, which is very much not in keeping with the evening’s theme. I don’t care for the earrings, as I find heart jewelry hopelessly twee, but the color of the gems is a lovely fit for the occasion. I am unabashedly pro-stockings, and I think they could have lent a bit more polish as well…all the other ladies seem to be wearing them (perhaps not Sophie? But I think it looks like sheer hose).

  7. I think Meghan looked stunning! She had a very Grace Kelly/Audrey Hepburn look about her for the evening. I love a vintage style like this. I don’t think their was anything inappropriate about it.
    Both Sophie and Kate wore boatneck dresses which showed quite a bit of skin and there was nothing wrong with that. In 2018, Kate wore a neckline that revealed quite a bit of neck and chest area when she wore Roland Mouret – As a matter of fact Sophie wore a very low-cut v-neck dress to Festival of Remembrance 2017 – you can view the photo of her here: In 2015, Sophie wore a v-neck outfit on Remembrance Sunday on the balcony and she was standing next to Queen Maxima. Again, Sophie of Wessex – Sophie who is a Senior Royal, who has been around longer than Kate and Meghan. If anyone would know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate, I would think Sophie would know. I would also think that Kate would know as well. If the necklines were so inappropriate for this type of an event, then why have they all worn them?
    We could also look at a few of the performers from last night as well – Louise Dearborn wore a gown with a very low-cut v neckline. Leona Lewis wore an off the shoulder gown for the program. Granted, they are not a part of the Royal family, BUT they are a part of the program. I didn’t give it a second thought.
    – Susan C.

    • Hi Susan. That is what makes the blog so interesting. Different opinions. Your answer though sounds quite defensive and almost dismissive of the other opions. Almost as if you spoke and now it is the end of story or anyone thinking the dress was not appropriate. This is your blog obviously but I always expected ladmin to be rather neutral and make sure all comments are tasteful sithout inhibiting discussion. All royals make fashion mistakes, even now. Maybe Sophie and Kate decided now less skin is better. I read all comments about Kate’s dress and none thought there was too much skin. I also did not think so. Sophie’s was deep and Kate’s sort of wide but Meghan is deep and wide. With Sophie and Kate there was still more than enough matetial to wear the poppy in an elegant way. Meghan’s poppy is nestling against bare skin and I think this what makes the look inappropriate. All the best anyway.

      admin edit

      • I actually appreciated Susan’s “defense” of what is ‘appropriate’ for this somber event. I think Meghan gets critiqued far too often for not knowing *protocol*, when there is precedent from other royal ladies dressing in a similar fashion. I think citing similar examples puts Meghan’s dress in context.

      • I appreciated Susan’s comments and did not take it as “defensive”. As for me, she was simply stating that Meghan is quite often criticized for similar styles other royals have worn (they do not receive high criticism at the same level Meghan gets it. IMHO Meghan will always be criticized because she’s Meghan). Everyone has an opinion of course, but in reality what really matters is that Meghan like other royals, care about the causes they support. I come from a military family and we only care that leaders show up for support, not what they wear, or how they wear it. I enjoy fashion but at the same time I live and let live.

      • I agree with Maryn. Sophie’s and Kate’s dresses had a V neck but Meghan’s is very wide. They can’t even compare! I think Meghan wears what she wants and/or feels good in without considering what the event is all about and the fact she represents the royal family.

    • Very true, and a good point to make about all the other ladies. I also liked the vintage vibe of the dress, and think Meghan absolutely suits these vintage silhouettes with flared skirts and a nipped in waist. She looks lovely in Erdem, and I am usually not a fan of Erdem.

    • I think Sophie and Kate understood that one cm more or less fabric can make an enormous difference. Sophie’s dress was deep but not wide on the chest . Kate’s dress was wide but not very deep. (the only criticism she got was for wearing the poppy on the ‘wrong’ side, due to the cut.) Not Kate or Sophie showed breast roundings. They looked elegant and glamerous and ‘festive’ but within the mood of the occasion. There was enough fabric- covered chest left on them to place the poppy well. Half of Meghan,’s poppy rests on bare skin. In fashion there is a few milimetres between enough and too much. In my opinion Kate and Sophie stayed safely within’ enough’ and Meghan crossed the line into ‘too much’.

      • I think traditionally, people wear poppies on the left side near their heart, but the Royal Legion says there is no correct side, just wear the poppy with pride. That said, the only pics I have seen show Kate wearing the poppy on her left side. And just to weight in on the debate regarding Meghan’s dress, I tend to think that she needs “help” in dressing for these occasions, both for what’s appropriate for the occasion itself and what suits her. Being short-waisted myself, I would not have selected this dress silhouette even though I love it on other [long-waisted] people! And on that note, I was pleased to see the waistband on Kate’s dress sitting in the “correct” spot, rather than too high, which is a frequent problem for long-waisted people like her and an issue I have had in the past with Kate’s dresses! And yes, royals are entitled to make sartorial errors, but they do have “people” that we mere mortals don’t have, so finding the appropriate attire shouldn’t be that difficult! Aren’t the men fortunate they just need to wear a suit or a tuxedo that fits!!

    • For me, I feel like the examples given don’t compare to Meghan’s dress. Yes, they’ve shown some skin in the past, but this was completely open chest. Not a “V” of one side or deep “V” and everything else covered. However, it wasn’t something that I necessarily noticed, other than the neckline leaving little room for the Poppy. I don’t think she was inappropriately dressed. The neckline really suits her, and she is absolutely glowing. I really want to know her secret to always glowing skin, because it’s the first thing I always notice. While I love the retro vibe of the dress, I feel like it overwhelms her tiny frame. I think she looks better in a sheath or in silhouettes similar to the Dior dress she wore to the Centenary RAF last year. I also think those are her navy shoes, as opposed to the black. I think they were worn by mistake, same as Camilla, which is easily done when you have the same shoe in navy and black. I’ve found myself on occasion having a hard time distinguishing the two. I’ve resorted to finding some piece of clothing I know for a fact is navy or black and comparing it to the item in question, because there was no other way to tell. A mistake anyone can make, and probably wasn’t noticeable in person, just with the flash of the cameras.

    • I don’t read this as defensive. I feel a lot of comments both here and other places like to say how Meghan is breaking some sort dress code (last years sleeveless dress comes to mind) and she should look too *insert royals name here* for guidance, when as far as I’m aware no such code actually exists.

      It reminds me of Kate in her coats and people saying she wears coats indoors as some sort of rule or what not. Or the few times she’s worn a deep V that some said wasn’t appropriate or against some rule.

      Fashion will be subjective as what one deems inappropriate may not be entirely so. It’s simply a preference. Which doesn’t make it against the rules. Unless they’re entering a venue or attending a event with a clear dress code posted somewhere. I don’t mean the journalist and they’re varying articles about what’s right and wrong in the Royals house.

      I think some forget her majesty’s necklines use to be just as low back when she was the same age as Kate and Meghan. So comments that they need to dress more like the Queen are quite confusing to me.

      Anyways… that’s all from me.

  8. Well of course, the event is more important than the fashion, but this is WMW. Erdem is often controversial. I usually find their clothes are too much…too much print, too many flounces, too much material, too exaggerated. This dress is no exception. The skirts is voluminous and with the embossed design adding to the heaviness, Meghan is drowning in it. The neckline is all wrong for this occasion and makes it awkward to place the poppy…which is a necessary consideration at Remembrance time. I do hope Meghan’s shoes are black, as navy would be a very odd choice. Her hair looks neat and the earrings are pretty.

  9. I do not like this Erdem dress at all, it looks very mumsy. If this were done in a pastel fabric it would look very “mother of the bride”. I don’t think the open neckline is too much décolletage for the event as some have commented, for me the issue is that the neckline is not something that one can easily wear a poppy with, so the poppy looks very much like an afterthought, which I think is disrespectful. If you know you’re attending a Remembrance Day event, wear something that you can easily pin a poppy to.

  10. I absolutely love this outfit, particularly the neckline and the luscious fabric. Once again, Meghan showcases her makeup skill: she achieves an amazing glow, whether she’s in a natural look or, as here, a glamorous evening look. (Maybe Meghan could help Kate with her makeup? I often find Kate’s makeup ages her, which should not be the case because she’s a beautiful woman in the prime of her life!)

    Many of the women in attendance appear to be wearing cocktail style dresses — even the Queen seems to have some sparkles in her dress — so I actually think it is Kate who is a bit of the odd woman out for this event.
    NOTE: admin edit

  11. She is lovely, but I’m not wild about the dress. She is too short-waisted to wear thick belts and full skirts. They make her look shorter and sort of stuffed into her clothing. I’m always in the minority here, but I just wish she would get the style help she so desperately needs. On a more positive note, those shoes are always lovely.

    • I agree that this dress needs someone longer waisted to pull it off. I also think there’s too much of this heavy fabric for her being so petite and that combined with very open neckline makes it look all skirt overwhelming her. A less full skirt and a less open neckline, both ln the shoulders and the front, would have been a better proportion for Meghan.

      • I agree! I kept looking at the neckline and thinking it is not quite right. It does make the dress look even less proportional.

    • I agree. She is shortwaisted (as am I), and as much as one may want to wear something, certain styles will never work. Meghan needs to accept that. A simple fix for this dress would have been to square off the neckline at the widest point and add a third button to the bodice, giving the bodice more balance with the skirt. Then the portrait collar could have just ended at the sides, and been slightly wider to accommodate a poppy. In a higher squared neckline, slimmer belt, and a more uplifting undergarment for “the girls”, Meghan’s upper torso would be lengthened, although perhaps not enough to balance the skirt. And the skirt could have been a touch shorter. Always love these shoes…however the lighting captures them.

    • I agree completely BethR. This dress does her no favors and looks like it’s wearing her. I’m also not a fan of the blue shoes with black. Her feet looked cold if that’s possible. Meghan is such a pretty woman, I just don’t understand her style choices sometimes. She does look happy though, and her makeup was lovely. I thought Sophie and Kate’s looks were beautiful and respectful. The Queen, quite fittingly, took top honors for style at this event.

    • Totally agree. I’m similarly short-waisted, and one reason I follow Meghan is to benefit from her access to style ideas that will look good with this body type…but I’m not getting anywhere recently. Maybe I should share some tips… 1) No wide belts ever, unless low-slung. 2) Recognize one’s ribcage does not taper, thus the Dior New Look is out, unless the fullness starts at hips. No dirndls.

    • You may be in the minority, but you’re not alone! As a fellow short-waisted lady, I’ve been baffled by her insistence on wearing precisely the details that aren’t flattering to the short-waisted. Bespoke gives you the chance to customize to highlight your strengths and downplay the rest, so I’m puzzled by this dress. People can agree to disagree re the appropriateness of the neckline, but the shape of it contributes to visual boxiness. A narrower vee would have created a more elongating line that would have been more flattering.

  12. I think the dress is very beautiful but not right for the occasion. All the other ladies were wearing simpler, more sober outfits, and Meghan stands out in my opinion.

  13. “Now for our look at what Meghan wore this evening, as trivial as it seems in comparison to the night’s events.”

    This is a blog about Meghan’s clothes. We come here to read all about that. No need to apologize for it or minimize that part of your posts.

    • Hi Megan, thank you for your kind words. We said that because of the events taking place today and know that the focus should really be on our Veterans, all those that have served and for those that we have lost. Of course, here in the States, our Veterans Day is observed tomorrow. 🙂 Again, thank you, Susan C.

  14. Meghan looked lovely. The dress fit well and flattered her figure. She just seemed to glow. It was strange, but, to my eye, the dress appeared to be a crushed velvet in the first couple of pictures. I guess that was just the way the jacquard fabric picked up the light.

  15. I love this jacquard print! Elegant and swishy, what a beautiful retro dress. I’m glad she pulled her hair back so we could enjoy the portrait collar and showcase the poppy.

  16. I think Meghan looks glowing and absolutely lovely- these vintage-y 1950s silhouettes suit her. I’m remembering the navy Dior dress she wore to some event right after her marriage. Hair, makeup and jewelry all look exactly right. I think the neckline shows a bit too much skin- not cleavage, just skin- for such a somber event, but that’s a minor quibble.

  17. Meghan has her groove on in this ensemble! I think the dress is saved from swamping her by the beautiful neckline detail which shows enough to showcase her neck and face, and not so much as to showcase her cleavage. I get a lovely “old” hollywood glam feeling from this outfit.

  18. This dress is absolutely lovely and not at all appropriate for the event. The neckline really showed too much decolletage. I also feel that again the design and fabric swamped her smaller frame. I really wish she’d chosen a different dress for this event and saved this one for something else, especially once some of the volume in the skirt was taken out.

  19. You are right about the discussion of the clothing seeming trivial in comparison to the event itself. Thank you for providing so much detail on the Festival of Remembrance. About the clothing, I love the dress but Meghan absolutely glows. What a beautiful woman.

  20. Fashion can make a strong statement. This dress was a total miss on many levels. It was inappropriate that Meghan wore a cocktail dress with a low cut neckline to an event held to honor fallen soldiers. The fitted waist was not flattering for her, as she does not have a well defined waist. The fabric is so heavy and voluminous that it overwhelms her.

    admin edit

    • I come from a long, long line of service members (my dad is retired Army) and I have worn a deep v-neck (that did not show my breasts in the least) and a neckline similar to this many times to events. I’ve worn a small cut-out back for crying out loud! You can show some skin!

      admin edit

  21. I’m not sure I can say something flattering about that ensemble, unfortunately. The Duchess looks radiant as usual, and that’s about it. The dress is a bit too low-cut for my taste, and looks even more baffling in the context of a war remembrance event. The line looks wholy wrong for the petite Duchess, who is very visibly not as slender around the midsection as she used to be. It frankly looks as if she has not learned yet how to dress her changed body. A fresh new stylist looks almost imperative at this point.

  22. Lovely evening in honor of our troops. Having said that, this is more of a party/cocktail dress vs a formal dress to a formal occasion. Which makes it inappropriate dressing for the occasion. Maybe American vs British take on formal dressing….

  23. It is nice to see Meghan in a dress that fits properly, I think that ‘ballerina’-style suits her because she does not really have a very defined waist.

    She looks elegant, my only caveat is the decollete neckline – a tad ‘cocktail’ for the occasion? Still, at least it should get a few more wears as it too nice to be a ‘one off’ outing dress.

    admin edit

  24. Sorry, doesn’t work for me. The dress itself is gorgeous and the material sumptuous, but the two together are too much for me. Maybe fit/flare would have worked better but all the gathers at the skirt make it seem very heavy.

  25. I lovd Meghan’s look for this evening. The 1950’s vintage vibe of the dress, with low heart-shaped neckline, really suits her. I personally wish she would wear more substantial jewellery, but obviously she prefers the delicate look and these ruby heart earrings are an excellent choice with the black and red colour code of the evening. Brava!

  26. A Beautiful and sexy look. Lots of bare chest and nice cleavage. Perfect for opera or balet. A solemn Remembrence occasion though…? Not so sure. Although it is called a ‘festival’ it is also a very sombre and respectful event, (why else would all be dressed in black?) In my opinion the dress is too low in the front, exposing too much chest to be fitting for this event. Beautiful yes. Appropriate not.

    admin edit

  27. I’m not a fan of the fullness of this shirt, it looks heavy for her small hips. I do like the neckline but not for this event, it makes the placement of her poppy awkward.

  28. This outfit was a miss for me on many fronts. First, too much skin and the choice of a bespoke dress and new earrings seems wrong for this event of remembrance. Then, the fabric was too heavy and didn’t drape well resulting in a silhouette that wasn’t flattering. Then the shoes – which I normally love – seemed too cocktail party for the occasion. I adore Meghan and think she does tailored and understated well, but I’m just not feeling this outfit.

  29. What an incredible programme to honour soldiers. And yes, to the more trivial things… I love this dress on Meghan, I literally gasped when I first saw it as it looks vintage and I adore these dresses. Sometimes a girl just needs a dress she can twirl on and this is it. I only wish it was an inch above in the chest area, but overall it is a huge win.

  30. Love the entire outfit! The hair, make up and dress was perfection. I would have liked her diamond snowflake earrings with this outfit also, but the ruby earrings did support the poppy theme well.
    I did think the shoes were ink blue which would have been a theme among the duchesses of blue and black, but guess not 😫.

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