Meghan Wears Givenchy Separates for Endeavour Fund Awards

For tonight’s Endeavour Fund Awards Meghan wore Givenchy. 

The Duke and Duchess as they arrived at Draper’s Hall in London, this year’s awards venue.

Here is a refresher on the Endeavour Fund and the awards.

“The Endeavour Fund, led by The Duke of Sussex and The Royal Foundation, provides financial backing and guidance to programmes and charities across the UK that support thousands of service personnel and veterans reach their full potential.”

“Since its launch in 2012, the Endeavour Fund has supported 86 different projects that have directly assisted over 5,000 wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women. Through their own fundraising, these endeavours have collectively raised over £2.5million for other forces charities across the sector.”

Meghan and Harry at a reception before the award ceremony.

Lizzie Robinson of ITV shared a lovely photo and cute quip by Harry.

Another view of the couple, with thanks to Chris Ship of ITV.

The Duke and Duchess with all the nominees. 

Harry and Meghan chaired the judging panel that met at Kensington Palace in late January to determine the category winners.  The first category announced this evening was for the Recognizing Achievement Award, given to the “individual who has best utilised their endeavour to promote and catalyse their recovery.” This year’s nominees:

Kevin Carr, who completed the 1000-mile Walk of America Expedition. 

Amy Klepacz cycled the Munda Biddi trail, one of the toughest cycles in the world.

Kelly Ganfield was the first visually-impaired athelete to claim a medal at the Invictus Games in Sydney.

And the winner for this category is Kelly Ganfield.

The Celebrating Excellence Award “recognizes the individual who has endeavoured to achieve excellence in their chosen sport or adventure challenge.” This year’s nominees:

Josh Boggi, who was nominated after becoming the world’s first triple amputee PADI Rescue Diver.

Daisy Coleman has been enormously successful in racing; since she was introduced to the sport in 2012, she has won 31 gold, 18 silver and 11 bronze medals.

Nathan Forster was injured in Afghanistan in an IED blast that ended his military career. He was nominated by ‘Flying for Freedom’ after going from having no experience of flying to flying 737s.

A video of Meghan presenting the award.

And a photo of the Duchess with Nathan Forster.

ITV’s Lizzie Robinson reported that “Prince Harry gave up his seat in a Spitfire to allow Nathan to fly in the Battle of Britain 75th anniversary flypast. Nathan said he’d had a technical fault with his aircraft and Harry was “adamant” he should take his place.”

Let’s meet the three nominees for the Henry Worsley Award, given to the person who has not only succeeded in the face of adversity, but has also helped others along the way. The Endeavour Fund describes this award as the epitome of what the Endeavour Fund is about. The nominees follow below.

Mark Brightwell helps other vets by leading an alpine expedition.  Shaun Pascoe, who had Post Traumatic Stress after numerous tours around the world with the Royal Air Force. And Darren Swift. This award went to Shaun Pascoe. He set up up the Forces’ Sailing Charity , providing more than 1200 sailing opportunities to service personnel and veterans.

Now for our look at what Meghan wore this evening, Givenchy separates designed by Clare Waight Keller.

A reminder of what Meghan wore at last year’s awards; separates by Alexander McQueen

Tonight she paired a crisp white shirt with an elegant formal skirt. The shirt has a slightly oversize collar (from what I can see) and concealed buttons on the front placket; Meghan wore the sleeves rolled up. The pencil skirt had an Empire waist and high slit.

The Duchess was in a new pair of shoes, the Aquazzura Rendez Vous style. The mule/slide is black suede and features a point toe, those distinctive metallic straps, and a 4″ heel. We show it at RueLaLa ($599).

Meghan’s pair is the 105mm, with the higher heel. The style is also offered in the 75mm height. Our thanks to Anne on Twitter for her speedy ID.

Meghan carried her Givenchy Black Satin Clutch. 

Meghan’s earrings are by Vanessa Tugendhaft, her Clover Pavé Diamond style set in pink gold.  

Meghan wore a ring from Ecksand, a brand the Duchess has worn recently.

It is the jeweler’s Cirque Ruby Cocktail Ring in 18K gold with diamonds (CDN $2135, roughly USD $1600 USD). Our thanks to Laura for her work identifying the ring.

We’ll leave you with this photo of the Duke and Duchess. 


This Royal Family Channel video runs about 3 minutes.

This 4-minute videos offers a terrific look at the Celebrating Excellence nominees.

The Henry Worsley nominees are covered in this 4-minute video.



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  1. Great idea, poor execution on the designer’s part, should have paid more attention to the tailoring. A pregnant woman already doesn’t feel her best, no need to rub it in by sending her out in an uncomfortable outfit that doesn’t fit nicely. Luckily those divine shoes stole the show and saved the day!

  2. Is this shirt the same one she wore to Wimbledon? Is it suppose to cross in front or is it not centered? Not a fan but admire the causes they support.

  3. I’m trying to be positive about this look, but I can’t say much about the clothing itself. She is daring with her fashion choices, and I admire her for it.
    However, I WILL emphasize that Meghan looks lovely and glowing, and her fresh, dewy makeup is spot on, as always. I wish I knew more about what she does in terms of skin care to achieve that gorgeous, youthful, dewy glow. Her naturally beautiful clear skin shines through, even when she wears makeup. I love the hair, and I adore her accessories, especially her shoes! She seems to have a very warm and genuine rapport with the people she meets, and is so poised, warm and gracious.

  4. Not a great look. The tailoring seems to have issues and the whole design just doesn’t work.
    The button down top with the asymmetrical, doesn’t tuck in well to the skirt and the tailoring across the bust doesn’t seem to have enough darts to allow the fabric to bend. The skirt has a sheen which shows the tucked in shirt and doesn’t flatter the shape of any midsection. It also isn’t evenly ruched or it is just bunching but accentuates the bad fit.
    Meghan wore a menswear inspired design for the event last year so it seems that is what she thinks is appropriate for the event, I think the black chiffon she wore earlier this week would have been a better choice.
    I think that Claire Wright Keller is not familiar with designing for pregnant women and it shows with this design. Givenchy isn’t known for maternity clothing.
    Meghan needs to consider other designers who can offer her better tailoring.

  5. I’m not sure that a menswear style shirt was the right look for this event. It seemed too casual given the type of event. That skirt with a dressier top that fell over the waistband would have been a better fit

  6. As a small person myself, i carried my son quite large for where I was in pregnancy, too. I cannot imagine being on the world stage knowing everyone is looking and judging. Someone commented a few weeks ago that she wished we could bottle Meghan’s poise and confidence…and I agree! To be mere months into marriage in the Royal Family, expecting a first baby, and still carrying on public duties with such grace is truly remarkable. I think she wears this outfit beautifully, and she looks incredibly healthy and happy.

  7. I think this is a Claire Wright Keller issue. If you look at her Givenchy designs, the tops are not at all flattering, having rigid shoulders, weird tight caping, asymmetry or being big and blousy.

  8. There are so many things going wrong with this look, I’m afraid. The main issue here is that there just seems to be too much fabric at the front of both the top and the skirt. While the outfit certainly does show off her bump, it’s far from a body-con look. It looks bunchy and wrinkly and ill-fitting. The cuffs could have been rolled better or better yet, tailored to half length. The shirt front is open too wide and looks like its pulling or strain, even though its not. The shirt material is also too sheer and would have looked better if it was made from a stiffer fabric, especially given the crossover at the front. It really could have worked if the whole ensemble had more tailoring and yes, hugged her body a little tighter.
    As for the rest of the look, well…I come here for Meghan’s accessories! It’s the one thing that she always hits out of the park. I have rarely seen a shoe, handbag, or piece of jewellery on Meghan that I dont covet.

  9. The DoS has been a fashion icon so I don’t understand her choices while pregnant. The choices lately aren’t flattering and look uncomfortable. The top is huge on her and casual, especially with the rolled up sleeves. Skirt is just strange looking. Since this was custom made, shouldn’t it be a little unique, flattering, and fitted to her body? I understand her body is changing quickly but she should have the best seamstress money can buy? As most commentors have stated, Megan looks healthy and happy which is the important thing.

  10. Kudos to anyone trying to dress their pregnant figure in the public eye. I say wear whatever makes you and the bump feel great. This seems to be a miss for some but I think once again she looks fabulous! Im loving the shoes too, not many could make a gold toy slinky wrapped around the foot look so dang chic but the DoS does ?
    I love how Megan can take simple wardrobe staples like a white shirt or pencil skirt to the next level. Its very classic ❤

  11. Kudos to Meghan for making such a bold experiment with Givenchy and her maternity wear, I’m not a hundred per cent convinced it worked though repeat viewings are helping it grow on me. At first it looked like a skirt that had ridden up too high, but eventually I saw that it was designed to smooth over the bump, as Meghan continues with her body-con style maternity gear rather than the full tent, which is the fate of most mums-to-be.

    The shirt style top tucked into the high waisted skirt is clearly beautifully crafted, but the collar seems to flop open too wide and loose to be flattering. Perhaps it counts as a Meghan take on casual/smart. The skirt would be beautiful worn by a slimmer Meghan, the slit is wonderful with its vamp vibe. I love her hair like this, but on this occasion I think it makes her head too small above the wide shirt collar and all the loose white fabric.

    But the star of this outfit has to be that fantabulous footwear. I think I count my first sighting of those Aquazzura mules as one of the major high spots of my modest royal spotting career, they are utterly sensational. Such a genius pick when your tummy is in the business of expanding as they take the eye straight down to that killer gold strap detail with its glint of the sensual and exotic, neatly subverting the businesslike decorum of the outfit above.

  12. I love how she wears what she wants without a thought to what the comment sections of blogs have to say! Brava, Meghan! I’m a big fan of form-fitting clothes during pregnancy mainly because I was pregnant back in the day of voluminous maternity dresses with ridiculous prints. I felt like a sofa! She’s carrying high which might make tradition maternity clothes look weird anyway. Whatevs. I love her style. She’s beautiful and comfortable, and that’s all that matters.

    • Can I just say while I’m sure you did not look like a sofa during your pregnancy your comment that you felt like a sofa made me laugh out loud!

  13. This is a very Carolyn Bessette Kennedy inspired look for Meghan which is not a surprise given Meghan has said she uses her as a style inspiration. CBK by no means invented the white button down with a formal skirt as that was big in the late 90s (when Sharon Stone also wore the same look to the Oscars). Allison Janney wore a similar look to an Oscars afterparty last year:
    I like this look on Meghan though the outfit looks different to me depending on the angle. From far away it looks great but close up you can see the shirt is a bit wrinkled or getting untucked. I think if the shirt were a bit more structured like in Janney’s take on it I think the outfit would look a bit more pulled together. The shoes are great! Very fierce. Also I’ve seen some comments on Meghan’s neckline being too low but I don’t agree. Not to invoke Kate at every turn but she has worn lower necklines than that, let’s be real. Anyways nice to see Meghan supporting Harry honoring these stellar people.

  14. As we all stated Meghan looked radient and spoke so well! I wonder why she chooses such small earrings? This was screaming for a stunning drop earring. Her hair and makeup she is getting right with it in much better control and her makeup is lovley. The shoes were killer but all I can think of is how uncomfortable she must be. The classic look of the outfit is a win for her but could have been accomplished in appropriately fitted skirt and blouse. A mystery for sure. And I also agree that she is due earlier. I think it is a boy!

  15. I think I am in the minority here, but I actually like this look. I do have some issues with the fit, and that seems to be a struggle Meghan has had with her maternity wear. But overall I like this look. Its very 90’s minimalism with the slick back hair and I am so about it. I think its elegant and appropriate for the event judging by the other attendees. I would have gone the full 90’s and worn a bright red lip and hoop earrings 😉 I also LOVE the shoes! They give the illusion of bracelets on her feet and with a simple dress that really dialed up the look. Also loved Harry’s grey suit, I think they looked good together tonight. It seems to me that Meghan did not want to buy into maternity wear and instead wear regular clothes that could be altered. Maybe to be a bit more economical? I think I recall Princess Anne doing something similar when she was expecting. Nothing wrong with that, totally a preference, but I think she is struggling with fit.

  16. No need to repeat the obvious missteps with this outfit, but I do want to add one thing. If Meghan insists on wearing her sleeves rolled up, will someone please give her a 30 second guide to cuffing sleeves? I love the look of rolled up sleeves, but do not think it is appropriate for a dressier look. This one aspect of her attire seems to say, “I hurried out the door” or “I just don’t care.” A tiny bit of effort would go a long way!

  17. Doesn’t sound like too many of us were happy with this look-
    Maybe next time when she has a large open neckline, she should drape herself in some real jewels, large, so large that it would be all everyone would be talking about!!

  18. I had a thought about Meghan’s beautiful new ring. Isn’t the ruby gemstone meant to ward off negative energy and evil eye in some religions and cultures? And in the Middle East, I believe it’s a stone often worn by expectant mothers. Maybe with all the negativity swirling in the media around the Duchess, this ruby ring is a talisman of sorts. Just a guess. Regardless of the meaning behind it, it is a very elegant ring and I am so grateful to have a positive place to follow Meghan’s sartorial and royal adventures. Have a restful weekend, WMW friends!

    • The ruby is my birthstone. I don’t especially like the gem that Meghan is wearing. Compared to the beautiful, rich, red stones, this one looks like a chunk of pink plastic. My only hope is that it looks better in reality than in photos.

  19. Does anyone remember that Diana didn’t tell the truth about her due date for William? She made it later than it actually was, so she could have more breathing space from the public, so to speak.
    I wonder if Meghan has done the same thing with her late April comment?
    Perhaps I wonder about it because most of her fashion choices now make her look as if she’s due much sooner.
    This outfit is particularly unflattering. I want to fix her shirt, straighten it somehow, so it looks less rumpled and sloppy. The skirt hurts. I mean, it looks uncomfortable, as if it’s cutting into her right above her stomach. Plus it’s very wrinkled, something that rarely bothers me, but does in this case.
    There’s no point in trying to figure out what Meghan is trying to “say” about herself with her choices, because none of us knows her. Her fame may give the illusion that we do, but we don’t.
    So all we can do is look at what she’s wearing and react to it. Like many others, I wish she would wear maternity clothes at this point. It would be much more — fashionable.
    Love the shoes.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself! I do wonder if some day she will look back at some of her fashion choices and ask herself, “What in the world was I thinking?”.

  20. I love the look. The hi waist skirt fits perfectly. The over sized shirt with cross over front fits over sized and boxy as it should. Her hair and make up are stunning and her shoes are to die for.
    This is one of my favorite maternity looks of the Duchess. Shorten the skirt, add a more professional pair of shoes and add a brief case and she would be headed for the board room. Love it!

    • Yes I agree. This outfit fits better than previous ones that were over tight. It was minimalist but the shoes were the focal point. Hair & makeup great. Reminiscent of what she wore last year.

  21. I love the shoes though I don’t think I could wear them. Maybe the lower heeled ones. Unfortunately the rest of the outfit is a miss for me. I’ve looked at photos of Meghan from several angles and the outfit just doesn’t fit right. I also think the white blouse is a bit too casual for the dressier black skirt. I really wish she would get a new stylist as she consistently wears items that just don’t fit properly or flatter her body type. I said this before the pregnancy as well.

    • I wonder if she is “renting” many of her clothes and they can’t be altered to fit. Before Harry and Meghan married there was some discussion about the money she could take in an allowance without subjecting Prince Harry to US income taxes. Renting clothes would cost a lot less than buying them and may be the way around the tax issue.

  22. For me this just didn’t work in any way. The proportions, fit, and styling all seemed off. It felt quite awkward. I, like many others, wish she would wear maternity. She has such an amazing pregnant figure, I wish she wore clothes that celebrated it.

  23. This ensemble looks great in the video clips. It just doesn’t photograph well. Two things to make it perfect: A WOW!! Necklace with a coloured stone and a decision on sleeve length. Amazing shoes!!

  24. Very classic, although I’d like the shirt to be slightly more formal, possibly in silk or even chiffon overlay on a silk camisole, or exaggerate the collar more? HRH’s swept back hair with this shirt would also really look stunning with statement earrings, although that may not be her style. Absolutely love the shoes!

  25. Head-desk. I’d say 90% of the clothes the beautiful Duchess of Sussex has worn while pregnant we might see again on her when she isn’t pregnant, and let’s hope they fit as designed to fit when she does. Maternity clothes, please Duchess…are they really so horrible? She consistently looks as if the clothes are wearing her. She isn’t wearing them. I can only guess that perhaps she and Harry are not planning a large family, and she doesn’t want to buy maternity specific clothes because she does not intend to have more than one or two. I’m grasping at straws, aren’t I? Loved the new cloudy ruby ring, and the new shoes are marvelous for evening events. I hope we see them a lot. There…ended on a positive note.

    • I’m wondering if the reason Meghan is going for a body-con maternity look is because she’s short and might feel she simply turns into a dumpling shape if wearing roomy A-line shapes.

          • She’s listed as 5’7″ but I think that must be inflated for Hollywood purposes . . . Kate is listed as 5’9″ which I can believe and when she and Meghan are next to each other (with both usually wearing comparable heels) there is definitely more than a 2 inch difference. I do think Meghan’s short waist/long legs proportions have dictated a lot of her fashion choices more than her overall height.

    • Honestly I think her choices emulate the North American celebrity style of wearing skin tight clothes while pregnant. Tent like maternity clothing went out a long time ago and lot there are lots of great choices and styling in modern maternity wear. I don’t recall her wearing clothing this snug before becoming pregnant, so why now? The white shirt could stay with some alterations and a flowing black skirt would have made it. Although I can agree with other posters that the white shirt may reflect a more casual look than the event warranted. I do love the shoes and agree that they draw the eye downward in a good way.
      NOTE: admin edit

  26. I actually this loved this look. The shoes are fabulous and I didn’t mind the loose fitting shirt with the snug skirt. It’s definitely not a traditional maternity look but that’s not a bad thing as long as she’s comfortable. When my mom had me in the 60s she wore hideous flowing tent tops. When I had my kids 20 years ago my maternity wear was considerably more fitted but nothing like the form fitted fashions worn today. I would have much preferred the stretchy fitted office dresses available now instead of the panel fronted dress pants and loose blouses I wore to work. Maternity fashion now is actually still fashion instead of just fabric generous enough to cover your growing midsection and disguise what’s going on there.

  27. Her outfit is gorgeous in the videos; still-life photography does not do it justice. It is classic, chic, and very Carolina Herrera. I love her simple jewelry and outstanding taste in shoes. As always, her kindness and warmth are palpable through the screen…

  28. Outfit concept seems good, but the fit just didn’t play well for me. I think the waist seemed really high. And the shirt a bit boxy. However, those shoes are amazing! I’m super Impressed she can walk confidently with those open backs. I couldn’t do it, let alone someone who is massively pregnant. Either that baby is co,I guess sooner than thought, or there might be two! Regardless of the clothes, both her and Harry are glowing!

    • I’m thinking twins! Wouldn’t that be marvelous! She’s looking radiant, I love her glowing complexion and he simple makeup.

        • I too thought twins for a while and then possibly that she was due a month earlier than reported but if she is traveling to Morocco at the end of this month she can’t be on the verge of delivering. I think it’s her short waist that is making the bump look more prominent, and then perhaps, as Harry said, this is a big baby!

  29. I love the concept of a high waisted pencil skirt and crisp white blouse…however, I agree with others that the execution is way off, which is a shame given the high end designers. ASOS has a cute black maternity skirt like this for $29 that would have probably fit better. Embrace actual maternity clothes Megan!! Love the shoes, even though I have no idea how she is staying upright in them at this point!

  30. She is literally glowing and looks phenomenal but I agree that this outfit is a giant miss. I wish she had embraced maternity friendly labels in her pregnancy. She looked her best in the H&M maternity dress. She keeps wearing non-maternity clothes that just don’t flatter the beautiful figure she currently has. She’s just so stunning and whoever is dressing her is doing her a huge disservice. I almost feel like she wanted to avoid comparisons to Kate so much that she won’t wear any styles Kate did while pregnant. Problem is, Kate had phenomenal pregnancy style and avoiding the same cuts and designers has been to Meghan’s fashion detriment.
    She is beautiful and I adore her, so I hate to be down on her clothes, but that’s why we are all here – to discuss her fashion choices!

    • Kate has the advantage of being both taller and possessing a longer torso, Meghan knows her proportions are shorter. Hence I think it would be easier for Kate to wear fuller maternity shapes without sacrificing style, for Meghan it might be more of a challenge to avoid looking like a small dumpling. I think it’s brave and bold of her to experiment with these body-con outfits, it takes maternity into a whole new realm which I find refreshing.

  31. Her shoes are gorgeous. Continually impressed that she can wear heels so far along in her pregnancy.

    But once again, Meghan is drowning in her clothes. That shirt looked huge on her and she kept tugging on it and the skirt. Too open around the neck and too bunched at the waist. I felt uncomfortable watching her. I know for most women, dressing up at this late stage would be a challenge, but she has money and resources the rest of us can only dream about. Why is she making such poor choices? Are maternity clothes for the wealthy really that horrible?

  32. This just looks uncomfortable. Givenchy obviously does not know how to design for a woman who is pregnant. The Duchess is a beautiful expectant mother and deserves better than this.

  33. I think it’s so chic!! It’s modern, yet classic She looks incredible, confident and I love how well spoken she is. The shoes and bag are incredible!

  34. Strangely I like this look better than most commenters, which is surprising because I feel like I’m sometimes overly critical of Meghan’s fashion choices. I have always loved black and white and any styling that looks Carolina Herrera-esque is bound to be a favorite of mine. This is no exception. The shoes I do not care for, I think a simple sling-back would look better—but I do not care for detailed shoe designs in general. I DO, however, see the points that many commentators are making: she is quite pregnant at this point (like myself, currently) and this outfit does not appear to flatter or highlight the best features of a pregnant body. Also, there is one picture that shows quite a bit of rumpling that is unexpected when considering the relative price of the labels she’s wearing. I like her hair sleekly styled as it was today, and I like the wrap detail of her shirt too. In some photos, the skirt looks too long, but one of the short video clips I saw showed their entrance to the event and the skirt looked perfectly hemmed in that clip, so I assume it was a proper length. Overall, this may be one of favorite looks of hers.

  35. I think she looks smashing. Not all the photos capture the outfit at its best. Some news outlets have some photos that are particularly flattering. The slit is gorgeous and the shoes sent me over the edge of to-die-for. I’d love a pair like that. Overall I think it’s really chic, and says “Here’s how to look sexy at six months pregnant.” But I agree that in a number of the photos it doesn’t look good at all.

  36. I think it is evident by now that Meghan has no wish to camouflage her pregnancy in any way, which in my opinion is why she eschews maternity wear. And, that is her prerogative. However, one would think that with all the access she has to the best designers, stylists and staff, she could have come up with something better than this ill-fitting outfit.

    • I’m as pregnant as Meghan is currently, maybe I’m a few weeks behind, but maternity wear really doesn’t camouflage the bump if you don’t want it to! I love and pretty much exclusively wear form fitting clothes and enjoy “rocking the bump”. For some reason, someone helping Meghan make her styling decisions just doesn’t understand her body right now. She can – and should! – wear form fitting but it has to actually fit. It often feels like her garments are just sized up rather than utilizing maternity friendly cuts and finishes to make them fit. And that’s just not how to dress a pregnant woman, just because her stomach is bigger doesn’t meant you start dressing a size 2 in a size 6 and calling it a day.

      • I agree, Lauren! I’m about 12 weeks pregnant now, but with my second child so I’ve started showing much sooner – I’ve been wearing form-fitting maternity shirts for a few weeks now, to showcase the bump so that people can tell I’m pregnant and not just super bloated. 😉 There are well-designed maternity clothes everywhere on the price spectrum that are stylish, flattering, comfortable, and emphasize the bump. Meghan would look better in basically anything designed as maternity wear than she has in her last several outfits.

    • Donna, You are correct, Meghan has no wish to camouflage her bump. The reality is, no pregnant woman needs to disguise her pregnancy. What she needs to do is accommodate it.
      This is done by accepting the fact, that your body is constantly changing and there is a need to wear clothes designed for that very purpose. Wearing a size or two larger is not the solution. Nor is wearing designers who do not create for the pregnant body. Meghan is an intelligent woman, as you say with financial means, staff and every resource. Not sure why she is resisting maternity clothes, that fit, are comfortable and today, stylish.

      • I agree with you Bonnie! And, ‘camouflage” was maybe the wrong choice of words. I am not THAT old that I would ever, ever suggest a woman should try to hide or disguise a pregnancy. I think, as you say . . . accommodate it . . . . show it off even . . . in well fitting clothes! Especially if you have the ability to do so!
        Your question concerning WHY Meghan is resisting maternity wear is a most interesting one.

      • I would have thought this had been designed with Meghan’s maternity in mind. The top of the skirt has been cut in a curved shape which deliberately covers the bump almost up to the bosom, the shirt top then tucks securely inside and won’t float out. It only shows in occasional side views, the photographs are making it quite hard to evaluate the outfit. I think the result is quite a visual challenge for many of us, but I’m happy to have my boundaries tested!

  37. Sorry, Meghan, this is a huge miss. From the knees up, the black skirt, white shirt, severe hair style and minimal jewellery make this look like a day at the office. The longer skirt and the slits do kick it up a notch and the shoes add a wow factor. However, the fit is most awkward. The outfit appears uncomfortable, misses the classic Herrera look and makes Meghan look boxy.

    Harry’s attire is great and together he and Meghan add enthusiasm and warmth to this special event.

  38. I think she looks great, happy with where she is, with her pregnancy and with her partner… ithe babe will be beautiful and have great parents!

  39. Why has Meghan seemed to be overdressed in her last 4-5 outings? She looks formal here with others in cocktail or dressy wear and she was very formal at,Cirque when I could find no other women in the many pictures dressed formally. Her Oscar de la Renta from last week looked like a cocktail party
    NOTE: admin edit

  40. I’ll start with this – Meghan is an excellent speaker. Her voice is warm and melodious, and her delivery is clear.
    Now, to the ensemble: I see the look she was going for, but it fell short. The proportions seem all wrong. The top looks baggy, instead of crisp, and the skirt is way too tight in the wrong places — that cannot be comfortable! I do wish Carolina Herrera would have designed this outfit for Meghan, as this look is her forte. Claire W. Keller usually does a fine job, but this ensemble is not one of the more successful ones.

  41. Ooof. Meghan looks great because she’s Meghan, but the dress shirt/long skirt combo is a huge miss and even more so on someone who’s seven(?) months pregnant. I think most of us are probably on the same page there, so I’ll avoid going into more detail. I have been eyeing these shoes as something I’d love to see on Meghan for months, so I can definitely get excited about that if not the rest of the outfit.

    I do think it’s interesting how much Meghan seems to lean towards more business-y looks for events like this. Her interpretations of that haven’t always been stellar (and I imagine it would be difficult for her to really pull off a tailored look right now), but there is definitely potential there and I’m curious to see how that trend evolves over the next few years.

  42. I don’t see much to love about this outfit. As a concept, a white button-up shirt and a long black skirt works well. But Meghan‘s proportions look off in this outfit. The skirt looks awkward worn over her bump. It was obviously made for her, but in some pictures, it’s bunching at the waist line. I’ve never really noticed Meghan’s broad shoulders before, but I felt like they (along with her bustline) were accentuated because her bump was somewhat camouflaged by the black skirt. I do love her shoes, and as always her jewelry is on point. I hope she’ll consider switching to maternity clothes sometime soon. Harry looks great (is that a new suit?), Meghan really is glowing, and they both look so happy.

  43. I am no sartorial professional but I can see that the look “seems” awkward, but I have to ask myself why? This is what a pregnant body looks like in elegant form-fitting clothing. Maybe we need to just get used to it. Brava!

    • I’m feeling the same way as you. I thought it was a bit odd at first but then I realized it’s just not a conventional maternity silhouette. I think there are some pictures from the side in which the curve of her belly look really beautiful. You just don’t normally see things pulled over the belly in this way.

    • Brava Robin –

      Very well said and while many won’t be comfortable with the look, Meghan is and I’m okay with it too.

      Town&Country posted an interesting article last week, “The Reason Meghan Markle Holds Her Gloves But Doesn’t Actually Wear Them” which included insights from Elizabeth Holmes, commentator on royals’ sartorial choices. Holmes suggests each part of Meghan’s ensemble choices are, “…very thought out and purposeful.” This leads me to believe Meghan has purposed to pretty much forgo traditional maternity wear and has her reasons. Unfortunately we aren’t privy to her reasons. Sadly, there isn’t a forum for Meghan to verbally communicate her purpose.

      But, I like your reason!

    • I’m so happy to find a whole bunch of fans of this experiment in maternity style from Meghan, I’m right in there with you all!! Brave Meghan 🙂

  44. I love this. It seems to be a good fit between her style and the style of the event (which seems to be a mix of workwear and dressier styles). I would love to see a statement earring or bracelet, but that doesn’t seem like her style – in some ways me saying she needs one seems old fashioned…as Sharon Stone had a similar minimalist look – although she had the red lip. That said, I would love to see some sparkle or color around her face. The shoes are amazing and I love she’s ventured into statement shoes. This just seems so modern and fresh and different for a maternity style (even if it’s been done before by others).

    On a side note. I could see Sophie rocking the non maternity version of this!

  45. Meghan looks very happy… but for the amount of money this outfit must of cost, I think her stylist really dropped the ball!
    I am currently pregnant with my second. I know how difficult it is to dress a growing body… especially when you’re growing so quickly. Her measurements are changing weekly and it must seem impossible to get the perfect fit!
    For that reason, though… I think she would have been better off selecting actual maternity wear that grows with you. You can pull off regular clothes in the first few months, but especially in the third trimester, it’s time to make the switch! Her clothes look all wrong. I don’t mind the style itself (dress shirt, long skirt) but the fit is not flattering whatsoever… and honestly the skirt doesn’t look very comfortable!
    I can only imagine how stunning an empire-waist gown would have been tonight… or even something more form fitting from Seraphine. Those shoes are fabulous, though!!

  46. This is a classic Catherine Deneuve-inspired look that works surprisingly well on a bump. I wish I would’ve thought about it when I was pregnant! And the shoes are fabulous too.

  47. I think she looks nice, the bunches up oversized crisp white shirt it’s not flattering at all maybe if the shirt wasn’t oversized. I think this is supposed to replicate the outfit that Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy’s(JFK Jr.’s wife) she wore with him to a gala in 1999. Which makes like when Meghan is taking risks and not wearing what we all think a royal wife is supposed to wear. I don’t personally like the choice but I admire her for not caring and the style icon that she is.

  48. I love Meghan but this is just such a miss for me. Quite frankly, it looks extremely uncomfortable and it isn’t super flattering either. The only positive I really see are the accessories — they are very nice and I particularly like the shoes. But overall this is a big disappointment and is yet again, another chance for me to lament that HRH hasn’t embraced true maternity wear that would really accentuate and flatter her during this pregnancy. *sigh*

  49. I think she looks nice, the bunches up oversized crisp white shirt it’s not flattering at all maybe if the shirt wasn’t oversized. I think this is supposed to replicate the outfit that Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy’s(JFK Jr.’s wife) she wore with him to a gala in 1999. Which makes like when Meghan is taking risks and not wearing what we all think a royal wife is supposed to wear. I don’t personally like the choice but I admire her for not caring and the style icon that she is.

  50. Hmmm. She looks beautiful. Her skin is just glowing and you can tell she is really happy! Which is great! I do take issue with the clothes… and not even necessarily with the fit. It’s a white button down shirt, similar to one I own from Banana Republic. I remember reading with Kate years ago that royals can’t take free clothes, they always have to pay. It’s not like celebrities who wear clothes for free so the designer gets recognition. So in my mind I can’t figure out why she would buy the Givenchy label for what is a very basic capsule wardrobe piece especially since she is fitting her pregnant shape. She won’t even be able to wear it in a few months, it will be too big! Her outfit last year was very “suit-y” and Seraphine makes great maternity wear to fit that style aesthetic.

  51. Hm. Well. I’m here for the _concept_, even if Sharon Stone is clearly the innovator here. But as with many of the DoS’s maternity looks, I’m just not convinced she’s thought through how it’s going to look on a pregnant figure. The high waist and high contrast between the top and bottom is just–well it’s not hitting the most flattering part of her figure right now. And I know, I _know_ that maternity clothing is not about making you look thin or deemphasizing the bump. But still. Still.

    You know, it’s sort of odd, because pre-pregnancy, and in early pregnancy, she wore some unstructured dresses that would look glorious on her right now–the navy blue caped Stella McCartney, and the turquoise gown from New Zealand. I’m not suggesting that she actually wear those know; I appreciate that they may no longer fit. But I can’t help thinking–why wear caftans when you are slim as a rail, and then try to squeeze into separates when you are…not? This just looks uncomfortable to me–if I were wearing it in her state, I’d be worried about popping out of the top, about the skirt riding up into my underboob area, about the slit riding too high. It’s all I can think about when I look at her.

    The shoes are fantastic!

  52. My Mom taught me not say anything if you can’t say something nice. Therefore, I won’t comment on her clothes. I will just say that Meghan looks radiant, healthy and happy. That’s about it.

    • My mother’s voice has been in my ear for months too. Instead i just read what everyone else writes! She does have a beautiful glow that any woman would like to have at any age.


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