Meghan Mixes New & Vintage Pieces for Bristol Visit

Meghan wore a mix of designers for today’s snowy visit to Bristol with Prince Harry.

Bristol is located on the River Avon in southwest England. The Duke and Duchess arrived a bit behind schedule for their walkabout in front of the recently renovated Bristol Old Vic. They were originally going to travel by helicopter but that plan was nixed because of the weather. Harry joked about the travel conditions getting there; more from Bristol 24/7:

“Thanks for coming out and saying hello,” Prince Harry tells a woman in the crowd who thanks him for coming to Bristol.

“You know who you can thank. You can thank Great West Rail. They managed to get us here. We were almost guaranteed that it wasn’t going to work. It’s the only thing that works at the moment, right.”

Despite the cold temps and snow, there was a good-sized crowd waiting to meet the Duke and Duchess. Emily Andrews of The Sun shared some lovely photos of Meghan.

From The Mirror’s coverage:

Meghan told fans: “We tried our best to get here fast.” She later apologised and said “Sorry my hand is cold.”

And they made sure to greet some of their youngest fans seen waving flags – although a few were more excited by their snack of digestive biscuits than their brush with royalty.

Meghan giggled: “They are very good at waving flags.”

Emily also posted this video of Meghan chatting about the cold and Harry coming over to meet some little ones.

Harry’s sense of humor was on display. The Mirror has more.

While dad-to-be Harry joked to the nursery staff: “How do you keep them all under control?” before adding to the youngsters: “You know you guys can run anywhere you like?”

Meghan greeting people.

There was a lovely moment from the walkabout when a woman shows Harry a photo of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, when she was in Bristol 25 years ago. If I understood what was being said, the mother of the woman with the photo was supposed to give Diana flowers on that occasion, but she “was so excited she wouldn’t let go” of them.

Then it was time to head inside and learn more about the Old Vic.

From Hannah Furness’s story in The Telegraph:

As they arrived in the new foyer of the theatre, the Duke and Duchess were greeted by dignitaries who sympathised over their journey in the cold weather.

The Duchess spoke to Lord Mayor Cllr Cleo Lake, who told her of an upcoming black women’s theatre festival to be held in June, featuring the work of established and new playwrights and performers.

“That’s very exciting, wow,” the Duchess exclaimed.

The Duke and Duchess saying hello to Ocean, daughter of the Old Vic’s executive director, Sally Cordwell.

Harry and the little one really hit it off.

This is the oldest continually operating theatre in the English-speaking world. Below, a photo of the Old Vic in the 1900s.

And a look at it following the renovations.

More from The Mirror’s coverage:

The Bristol Old Vic was built in 1766 and has a unique place in British theatre history having nurtured the talents of countless famous actors from Daniel Day-Lewis and Greta Scacchi to Peter O’Toole and Jeremy Irons.

The BBC details some of the work done on the historic structure, including:

…a full-height timber and glass-fronted foyer that reveals the original auditorium facade to the street for the first time.

The internal layout has been transformed, with the restoration of the Georgian Coopers’ Hall, a new studio theatre created in the old barrel vaults and mezzanine galleries.

From The Daily Mail:

Viewing an exhibition about the history of sound in the theatre, they watched a group of young people demonstrate how things have progressed.

At the first station, which showed how sound was ‘spliced’ or mixed together on reels of tape, the Duchess asked questions about whether it was easy to do, while the Duke wondered how it compared to modern apps.

Below, the duo watching a performance by the theatre’s Young Company, a group ages 5 – 25. The group attends weekly drama sessions and also stages three events a year.  

Some of Meghan’s comments to the group via The Daily Mail:

‘There’s so much of the emphasis in after school clubs on sport. Channeling the energy you have into the creative arts and theatre and all of that is equally as important.

‘Sport isn’t for everyone, just as theatre isn’t for everyone.

‘You can know that there’s a place [here] where you can find community, and sort of explore self discovery and other things you might be thinking about.’

The couple unveiled a plaque marking today’s events.

The next stop was Empire Fighting Chance, a local program that uses boxing to help at-risk young people ages 8-21 “who are failing at school and facing bleak prospects.” Here you see the Duke and Duchess shortly after they arrived in a photo shared by Bristol Live’s Bronwen Weatherby.

The charity’s mission is described this way: “Empire Fighting Chance aims to fight the impact of deprivation on young people’s lives through boxing.” Below, 7-year-old Aziah Selassie has his gloves on and he is ready to spar.

The organization works with around 250-300 children per week, using programs that “…help instill discipline, self-control, and respect, whilst building self-confidence, life skills, and improving both physical and mental health and fitness.” Below, a terrific black and white photo shared by Empire on its Twitter feed

ITV’s Richard Payne posted this photo of the Duke and Duchess at the Empire facility. 

The Duke and Duchess spoke with some of the girls in the program.

More from The Bristol Post’s coverage:

Meghan asks the girls: “Do you feel strong and confident”.

The young girls replied ‘yes’ and Meghan said: “That’s great.”

Another outstanding B&W image. There was a poignant moment while at the boxing facility. Hannah Furness of The Telegraph explains in this tweet.

The couple as they were leaving.

The Duke and Duchess were presented with personalized boxing gloves at the engagement.

The couple then had a previously unannounced engagement at One25, a charity focused on “helping women to break free from street sex work, addiction and other life-controlling issues.” Below, the couple in a van that is used to deliver food, hot water bottles, blankets and other things to sex workers. 

The Duke and Duchess heard from staff, donors and volunteers. One25 provides women with practical and emotional support; from basic needs (such as a hot shower, free clothing, or nutritious lunch) to expert advice and crisis care from a caseworker or visiting professional.” Its name comes from its location at 125 Cheltenham Road.

From the website: “We work with an extremely vulnerable group of women. Our values guide and influence all our work: person-centred, justice, unconditional love, non-judgemental, compassionate, truthful, willing to see things through.”

Meghan helped pack meals for delivery later today. While doing so she had an idea – why not write messages on the bananas that were going in the lunches? 

In this video you’ll hear the Duchess ask for a Sharpie marker.

A few of the affirmations the Duchess put on the fruit.

More from The Daily Mail, quoting Meghan: :

She explained: ‘I saw this project this woman had started somewhere in the States on a school lunch programme. On each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation, to make the kids feel really, like, empowered. It was the most incredible idea – this small gesture.’

NOTE: The caption on the Royal Family Channel Tweet saying the bananas were going to children is incorrect. Combined with Meghan’s quote above, it may appear they were for children. That is not the case; they were part of the meals being delivered to Women the program serves.

And from Australia’s

A volunteer named Sam (not her real name) said the women would appreciate the gesture.

“I think they might not eat it. I think that banana would be at home until it is rotten. Because I would do the same,” she said. “It sounds really cheesy, but little things like that when you are out, especially tonight with the weather – just to get that little thing (means the world). Meghan took her time out to write that one.”

Now for our look at what Meghan wore, starting with her coat from William Vintage.

While not what I would call a trapeze cut, it is a loose, roomy silhouette in a single-breasted design. Hitting Meghan at the knee, the style has a yoke at the front (I haven’t yet seen a good pic of the back), on-seam front pockets, and a broad diagonal cut “scarf.”

The Duchess was in an Oscar de la Renta dress, the Enchanted Forest Silk Chiffon style (most recently sold at $1245). From the Fall 2018 collection, the frock features a black background splashed with colorful “flora and fauna of an enchanted forest.” 

There is also a self belt and a detachable black slip “so you don’t need to worry about the sheerness of the floaty fabric.” The midi-length dress is all silk with a deep v-neckline, pleats at the waistband , sheer balloon sleeves with extended fitted cuffs and a concealed side zipper and hooks. 

Meghan’s boots are by Sarah Flint, one of her go-to footwear brands. They are the Marina style in olive crosta leather with a 3.3″ heel ($695). Crosta is a premium leather often used for footwear like hiking boots. They are available in limited sizes at Sarah Flint, as well at Orchard Mile.

Our thanks to Michelle of Perths Fashion and Laura for their speedy identification of the boots.

Meghan carried the olive green clutch we first saw at Prince Louis’s christening.

It is a Ralph Lauren piece; it looks like the Ricky style crossbody. The suede color is ‘loden,’ and the bag features the signature Ricky push lock on the front flap. Below you can get a sense of the color from the photo of a bucket bag in the same suede; we also show a  current style Ricky alongside Meghan’s. (Meghan’s does not have the exposed key fob, the flap shape is slightly different, and there are other small distinctions.)

A ‘thank you’ to UFO No More for their help on the bag!

Meghan also carried a pair of gloves we haven’t started to look for just yet, but hope to shortly.

The Duchess had on a necklace we have not yet identified, and her Pippa Small Herkimer earrings.

We’ll leave you with one more of the black and white photos shared by Empire Fighting Chance

Here is a 4-minute+ video chronicling the day’s events from ITN’s Royal Family Channel.

Here is 50-seconds of the couple doing the walkabout.




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  1. I am quite late to the party on this one but I still feel the need to gush over Meghan’s outfit. There are several elements to it that I don’t usually like in fashion – boots disappearing under a dress or skirt, baggy coat sleeves – and yet somehow everything works together. I think the sheerness of the dress at the bottom makes it work well with the boots. And the print is just so fun! The coat looked a little crazy to me at first but by the final photos I came to appreciate the interesting scarf addition. Glad that Meghan kept her hair down, I think it would have looked a bit too formal if she had had it off her shoulders.

    I really love all of the additional stories that come out of events like this. The banana tale made the rounds on German TV and was mentioned on Kensington Palace’s Instagram, but I hadn’t heard about Harry speaking with the boy at Empire Fighting Chance or the lady whose mother was meant to give flowers to Diana. How heartwarming!

  2. While I thoroughly enjoy this site seeing the DoS fashion I am truly disappointed by the continued pettiness of the comments they are mean,crude and judgmental. They border on out right bully mentality. I am not sure if I will continue viewing which would be very sad ( I totally dig her style, her style). Thank you.

    • Disagreeing or flat out not liking is not BULLYING. I am so tired of that word being thrown around completely out of context and just to justify and pass as an excuse when people dont like that other people are not fawning all over their comment.

  3. I really liked this. I’m over measuring Meghan’s style against royal norms. Meghan is different and she is represented by her choices. I thought the dress lovely. It was appropriate. I love her buying a vintage coat from a web site: that’s a sound ecological decision. She matched bag and boots. I have no problem with the dress appearing below the coat. That gave interest to the look between coat and the boots. She seems spontaneous and genuine. I liked all the choices she made.

  4. I adore the boots, I adore the coat, but like a few other people said, Meghan is in her third trimester, and I feel like she would really benefit from wearing maternity clothes at this point. It’s difficult to get ANYTHING to fit right at this point, but it would help if it was at least made to flatter her belly. That said, as always, Meghan and Harry are lovely and gracious, and Meghan’s idea about the bananas was so amazing. You can just see her always thinking about what she can do to make women’s lives better, and I think that’s to be commended.

    • I’m the opposite. I think this dress was a better choice among her non-maternity wear as maternity-wear choices. I prefer her experimenting with something like prints or flowy, chiffonesque fabric, rather always than the skin-tight or architectural pieces she wear. Having worked in non-profits before switching to the private sector, there is the opinion that celebrity endorsements/celebrity walkarounds are both a blessing and a curse, which makes sense as nothing in life is 100% good or perfect.
      NOTE: admin edit

  5. She’s gorgeous as usual, despite the poor fashion choices. There are some basic fashion rules that she violates and it seems nobody dares tell her. 1) There are certain colours and fabrics that more appropriate for each season, 2) people wear stockings in winter, 3) coats should generally be longer than whatever is worn beneath them, 4) all clothes should look that they could close, even if worn open (re. her black coat the other day at the university visit)…etc. But she has no proper advisers it seems. She is gorgeous anyway though. Lovely eyes, skin, hair.. But is because of that that she could do so much better though.

    • Barbara, your comment speaks of “basic fashion rules.” Ask yourself who made these rules and do they really matter. It’s nothing but someone’s opinion. Men and women can make their own choices. Maybe stockings aren’t comfortable to her. I would agree with that. However, she does wear them at times. Her color choices are fine too and who the heck cares if we can see the dress poke out from underneath the coat? To say that someone needs to follow “basic fashion rules” is to diminish her own personal choices as a person. She looks well put together and polished every time I see her. I think we all need to get past old-fashioned rules such as these.

      • Mine is kind of a late comment, but I just had to say how much I agree with you, Teresa. I’m not sure how these fashion ‘rules’ came about in the first place, but most read as outdated and unnecessary. Women come in all heights, shapes and sizes, so it has never seemed logical to me that one uniform set of rules would suit every single woman. And if I was pregnant, I would wear whatever the heck I felt comfortable in – fashion ‘rules’ be dam*ed. So thank you, Teresa, for your very articulate reply that (hopefully) all judgy-judgersons will read before posting their own comments.

  6. Love the coat. Like the boots. Have no problem with a chiffon dress. Pregnant women often feel much warmer, so I don’t think she was worried about being cold. My only beef if that dress looks like a regular dress with a very pregnant woman stuffed in. Which is the reality. Her whole figure is changing now. Time to wear clothes designed for third trimester. Doesn’t need to be a matronly tent. But that just looked like she didn’t have a proper fitting dress to wear. Take the coat – gorgeous tailored for maternity but super stylish, worked amazing. Loved her hair and jewelry though.

  7. Above all else I admire this beautiful young woman’s dedication to important causes. Her fashion is not always spot on, but it is always interesting and even controversial- and to me that is ” fashion” I thought her outfit today was wonderful- and also that perhaps the boots were a last minute addition due to the weather. And in the interest of ” interest” she chose something other than black !

  8. I have a question. Does the Duchess have a full time stylist, hairdresser, and personal assistant/lady in waiting? I had assumed she has three different people fulfilling these roles and helping her choose and dress in appropriate ensembles for each engagement but perhaps she is relying on one person and doing a lot of this herself. My apologies if this has been asked and answered before.

    • Hi, Barbara, no worries about asking, it is always a timely topic of discussion. To the best of our knowledge the only styling assistance she is receiving comes from her personal friend, Jessica Mulroney.
      As far as hair, it’s likely she has someone do it for specific engagements; there would not be anyone on staff filling that role. As far as I know, George Northwood continues in this role. He was part of the tour entourage. None of the senior royals has a full-time staff person for hair, with the possible exception of the Queen. (And I don’t believe she does either. If I recall correctly, she receives part-time help.) Kate’s hairstylist, Amanda Cook-Tucker, is used for specific events and also travels with her on tour. Meghan does have a position for a personal private assistant. Hope this is helpful! ?

      • Thank you! Good information. Must be difficult to jump into royal life, immediately take on tours and engagements, and be in the midst of your first pregnancy.

  9. This is such a fun look! Cozy, yet whimsical. The print of the dress is pretty. I know some might find it odd paired with the green boots but I think given the weather conditions and the season, this is how you make it work. I could see her wearing this dress in slightly warmer temps with a different shoe too. She looks pretty and cozy today and I love seeing her involvment in these different events. I swear if they could bottle up and sell her poise and confidence I would by stock in it! I just think shes so cool ?
    And the banana notes.. that was a sweet spur of the moment idea. Ive seen something similar before but it was more of a prank or secret message thing.. very gently scratch a message into the banana peel and as it ripens the message appears. ‘I know what you did’ or ‘Eat more apples’ ?

    • Hi Penelope, We have a page on the site dedicated to What Harry Wore (under the drop down menu: What They Wore) You can also find What Amy Wore (Meghan’s Assistant Amy Pickerill) and What Doria Wore (Meghan’s mother). I have been updating as time permits. I will look into the coat, it’s possible I may have something on it already. Thanks, Susan C.

  10. Not a favorite of mine. The dress looks more appropriate for a spring day not a snowy day in Bristol. The boots are appropriate for the weather but are too heavy looking for the dress. I think the color is a miss also. Meghan is so pretty and seems to be very charming and engaged in all her activities. Even when I am not fond of her clothes she still manages to look radiant.

  11. I must say that The duchess really improved her hair and looks this week. She looked just beautiful. Hair off to the side is so lovely on her and the dress today was a super fun and vibrant pattern. Loved it. I agree that is was not tailored to her well and I was not a fan of the swede boots with the silk sheer fabric in the dress. Too heavy, But I loved the boots separately. They seemed to have a great time at these wonderful events they are supporting.
    Beautiful post and coverage. Thank for all your hard work.

  12. I love the boots. I love the dress. I love the boots with the dress.
    I love the coat. I don’t like the coat with the dress.
    I think Meghan’s hair looks unkempt.
    NOTE: admin edit

  13. I’m so happy with this look! I have to admit that in terms of Royal Fashion I am more partial to the classic highly tailored looks that the Duchess of Cambridge wears. I appreciate that Meghan has a completely different look, but I often don’t find affinity with how casual her looks can be. I loved the look she wore yesterday too, in terms of styling and tailoring, except I find the all black look to be too stark. But this is just right! A playful print, a touch of colour in her accessories, and an absolutely classic hairstyle. I even like the loose flowyness of it all, being true to her style.

  14. Quite daring! Although this quirky, whimsical look is not something I associate with her, she wears it well. The coat was beautiful and looked warm and cozy. The dress was dramatic and theatrical. The boots were to die for and were a creative and fun pairing with the dress.
    My only qualms were that the dress was not cut for a pregnant belly, and, while the chiffon looked pretty, I would think she’d be quite cold. This look would be great with a chunky cardigan, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Royal in that look.

  15. I’m a bit confused — we’re the lunches for children or the women of One25? I read it as for the women, but the palace’s tweet seems to say otherwise.

    • They were for the women One25 serves; the caption on the Royal Family Channel tweet is incorrect. We inserted a note explaining this because of the understandable confusion. -sek

  16. The banana messaging made my day. I now won’t ever pack a banana for someone without an encouraging inscription! Loved her hair, the boots, her smile, and the good they did today.

  17. I find this whole outfit very haphazard, messy and mismatched, like she pulled these disparate items out of her closet and tried to make them work together. The dress is also too big for her, and it gapes around the shoulders and bust. All that extra floaty chiffon bunched around her waist makes her look much thicker and broader than she actually is. I like the whimsical print, but the fit ruins it for me, and paired with the bulky boots, the look is too messy for me. Again, I really think that re-purposing regular clothes as maternity clothing is not working for her- all of her issues with fit could be solved with maternity clothes. It’s such a shame, because this Oscar de la Renta dress is so expensive, and if you pay that much for clothing, it should fit perfectly, in my opinion.

    • I totally agree. The fabric and details (like deep neckline, billowy sheer sleeves) of the dress seems totally out of place with the boots and coat. And the fit is all wrong, so it looks very sloppy. It’s crazy to me that she’s wearing such expensive non maternity clothing that aren’t fitting well.

      What if this fabric were used to make a tunic style blouse, fully lined and she wore it with slim ankle length maternity pants (black or a gray or gold the coordinates with the tones in the blouse) and booties. I’ll help you spend your millions, Meghan!!!!

      • And I only suggest a tunic because I think it would best showcase this particular fabric. I have no problem with pregnant women wearing fitted clothing, when it is designed for a growing chest and belly. ?

    • Totally agree. This really beautifull dress is ruimed by her figure. When She wears iT again next summer iT Will be beautifull. Why is she not wearing maternity clothes?

  18. Please, DoS, start wearing maternity clothes. They don’t have to be tents but they would look so much better and I imagine be more comfortable. I’m glad the coat can be closed as it is cold. To me the dress is the best fitting one lately, which isnt saying much. At least it isn’t skin tight. Alterations could make this dress acceptable. Her hair and makeup are wonderful as always. Most importantly, she looks healthy and happy

  19. I know most are here to discuss the fashion but I visit your blog to read your post! Love it! Also, it’s such a stress free environment. Zero negativity just truth from both you and those that comment.

  20. Accentuate the positive: love the coat and really love the fact that it closes over her belly.
    She looks third trimester chic in it, and the attached scarf is a cool design element.
    As to the dress underneath the lovely coat — look at Harry first. He’s donned casual pants and a crewneck sweater.
    Then look at the sheer sleeved, floaty silk chiffon cocktail dress Meghan is wearing.
    They look like two people attending completely different events.
    I doubt I’d like the dress much in an appropriate setting, but it’s so wrong and unprofessional for these events it’s almost painful.
    She’s a fashion conundrum.
    Sometimes she looks spectacular, every choice and element works and flatters her, and is appropriate to the occasion.
    But she also makes many unflattering and inappropriate choices.
    NOTE: admin edit

  21. The coat is superb on her. The scarf makes it interesting and it covers her properly. Squeezing a pregnant body into clothes meant for a non-pregnant body seems like an unnecessary losing battle. The boots are excellent. Really like how she is mixing up hairstyles lately, and most of all she just looks healthy and glowing. Thumbs up!

  22. I love the pretty, floaty dress and its quirky print, but it’s a shame seeing such a gorgeous piece poorly repurposed into maternity wear. If the waist and neckline were both raised a couple inches and the bust and shoulders were impeccably tailored, I think that this would actually look fabulous on Meghan at this stage of her pregnancy, but as it stands the fit is fairly awkward. The coat exudes the casual elegance that Meghan does so well and I love its unique construction! I do wish it was long enough to cover the dress, but that’s a fairly minor issue.

    I’m a big fan of Sarah Flint and I love the boots on their own, but they’re way too bulky for the chiffon dress and I’m not sure if I like the green suede with the rest of the outfit (I’m also incredibly burnt out on khaki suede right now, which probably doesn’t help). Meghan’s glossy black Givenchy pumps and clutch would be divine with this outfit, although I don’t blame her for wanting something warmer for today.

    Today’s engagements yielded some absolutely wonderful photos and it was great to see Meghan and Harry together. I always love seeing Meghan put her own spin on engagements, so I think the bananas have to be the highlight of the day for me!

  23. I want to start by saying how much I respect the work that Harry and Meghan are doing. They truly engage with people and with causes. Harry’s alone time with the boy who was grieving his father’s death, was most touching. The Sussexes are both wonderfully caring.

    Meghan’s coat, in style, is a good choice for a cold day. It actually buttons up and covers all of her. Like the previous day, it is too bad the dress hangs below the coat. Then there is the dress. Nothing says it is snowing, therefore very cold, like a dress with a low neckline, sheer sleeves, made out of chiffon. It is like Meghan doesn’t know it’s winter. A chiffon dress is also overly fancy for the occasion. While the print could be called whimsical, I think it is too big and too wacky, with birds, deers and random flora and fauna. I do like the olive boots, although the colour does nothing for the dress and I don’t think suede boots go with chiffon.

    I’m going to focus on Meghan’s good heart, because her fashion baffles me. But Harry looks smashing today.

  24. Love the accessories, not so sure about the dress but her hair looks Amazing! I prefer her hair down and today she looked gorgeous. Since I love vintage, the coat is my favorite part of her outfit. Amal Clooney has borrowed from William Vintage many times although I would think Meghan probably bought her coat.

  25. Meghan’s personal style inspires me and I enjoy her creativity.

    The combination of the Sarah Flint boots, wait, are those like frog fasteners on the boots? So beautiful and unexpected. William Vintage website makes me happy and Meghan’s coat with tie scarf incorporated into the design is a true find. While I don’t know if this is officially documented I read on another site that the print on Meghan’s “Enchanted Forest” Oscar de la Renta dress was inspired by the Cloister’s in NYC. The print was surprising – we don’t see Meghan in bold prints usually – AND I thought this print was magical and decorative just like medieval artwork.

    Thrilled to see Harry and Meghan’s infectious energy and positivity, what a team. Their surprise stop at One25 must have been a huge support to that organization, it was to me.

  26. Meghan’s hair and makeup look beautiful today. I love the dress and the boots, but don’t think they pair well together. This dress needs the black strappy heels like the model. The sheer fabric of the dress seems a bit light for a cold, snowy day, and I’m surprised a button wasn’t added to the top (or the top altered in some other way) to show a bit less cleavage.

  27. Wow, kudos to the people of Bristol. They and their young ones braved the elements to greet the Sussexes. Can’t say enough about the messages Meghan wrote on the bananas and I hope she heeds those messages herself because I think she is brave, strong and much loved.
    Well today’s look is my least favorite of the past three days. This look reads expectant mom trying to look fashionable while the Duchess’s other looks says I am a fashionable woman who happens to be pregnant. What the coat lacked in style it made up for in function. It warmed my heart to see the Duchess well protected against the snow and cold. The boots I love, but with jeans/leggings and a chunky cowl neck sweater or at the very least a dress made of more substantial material. The dress I like for the design and it’s whimsical feel, but the top was slightly too big and the neck line a tad too deep. Hair and make up was perfection..pregnancy glow and all.
    I have enjoyed these three days watching Meghan go about her royal duties. The Duchess gave us three different looks and gave us a glimpse of someone evolving into a Royal. The Duchess is coming into her own in more ways than one.

    • Here, here for your comment on these boots with jeans and a chunky cowl neck sweater in this shade of green. That’s a look I’d love to wear!

      I also agree on your comments on the dress. It’s a fun dress but needs a bit of altering and would perhaps a different event would be a better choice.

      • I am wondering if the boots was a stand in for her olive heels she wore over the summer, to Prince Louie, christening. I think the snow perhaps made the Duchess change her foot wear?

        • You could be right. Makes sense. How many people would have an olive pair of boots to substitute for olive pumps in the event that it begins to snow???

  28. Well, doesn’t she just look like an angel in the snow. It’s so much fun to see them interacting with kids as they are looking forward to having their own. They both seem like naturals–I love how Harry goofs with the little ones, and I thought Meghan’s idea of writing on the bananas was adorable.

    I like today’s look a lot–I appreciate a properly fitting coat, and I like the details of this one, with the integrated scarf. I also like the dress and I think it fits reasonably well even though it’s not maternity wear. The pattern reminds me of the McQueen My Small Obsessions dress that the DoC wore to Wimbledon, and my sense is that it may be similarly polarizing. I wouldn’t like it for myself, but I feel like a Duchess can pull it off. And it’s actually kind of a nice choice for a day spent with little ones–there’s a lot to look at there.

    The sideswept hair with the loose, smooth curls is my favorite on her. Very glamorous.

  29. I adore her hair loose and wavy like this. It’s my absolute favorite way she wears her hair. I really like the coat, with what appears to be an attached scarf. The colors she chose look nice too: navy with military/olive green. I do not care for the hanging chiffon hem below the coat, and the dress as a whole is not my favorite either. I’ve been commenting a lot recently, and this is the second chiffon/voile dress she has worn recently that seems to be ill-suited for winter weather and especially snow. I also don’t care for the scrunchy, bulky boots. I think she wore this style of boot during her very first public appearance with Harry and they did not look bad with that ensemble; it was on the whole sleeker and simpler. But this look, with the varying hem lengths, mix of textiles and textures, just looks incohesive and slightly messy. As I’ve said before though, Meghan strikes me as being somewhat unplanned with her choices of outfits, which I love. I like imagining that she doesn’t have a stylist and chooses her outfits on the fly before her events… like me!

  30. I really do not like that dress. The belt does not sit right, the top of the dress is too big for her, and I just don’t like that print. I also think it is a little too low-cut, and in some photos we can see part of her breast which I do not think is appropriate for a royal engagement. I wish she would wear some beautiful maternity clothes, but if she doesn’t then I think she should tailor her clothes so that the top isn’t too big. I do like the coat, the boots and and the bag. Also, as always, her make-up and her is perfect.

  31. Love the coat, boots and accessories! But, oh my, the dress will be polarizing. I personally do not care for the print, the cut or the fit. Meghan is bold to wear it and she does so with confidence. Kudos for that! She looks beautiful as always, but I hope that dress never has a repeat performance!

  32. Perfection. Really, I think this is how every woman wants to dress – interesting, unique, somewhat comfortable. I love the green boots and accessories with the blacks. I love that she has opened the door to vintage (which is perfect for pregnancy even though I assume not maternity). And the pattern on the dress is stunning. Even though there might be some fit issues, I don’t care! I am realizing she has the shortest torso and I can only imagine how that’s making it extra hard to dress. I hope she wears this again!

  33. She looks beautifully fresh in this understated makeup. Looks better on her than the heavy bronzer she’s been favouring for evening events.

  34. My little heart sank when I saw we were back to black once more, but it soon lifted when an interesting print emerged from underneath. The coat is a good length and also broad enough in shape to smooth over maternity without creating another stretched garment.

    Love the Sarah Flint boots, but I thought it an odd colour to pick out of dress print with so many other more readily identifiable shades, I haven’t found a khaki in there. Otherwise the dress is a joy, such a fabulous print, I love the whole oriental vibe of exotic images on a black background, it gives a sultry edge. The neckline and translucent sleeves are very pretty, but it’s a shame that not being intended as maternity wear it means there’s a belt which slides away from the waist seam. Otherwise it works well over the bump and the floating silk chiffon is dreamy.

    I greatly admired Meghan for walking in the snow and allowing it all to land on her hair, I assume she was risking an attack of frizziness, but all survived. As for bananas, all I can say is they are something I learned never, ever to be seen handling in the workplace, much less on camera.


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