Meghan wears Chloe Gosselin and Stella McCartney for rare night out in Montecito – UPDATED

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Parents’ night out!

Just hours after news broke that Katharine McPhee is expecting her first child with husband David Foster, the couple was spotted out with Harry and Meghan celebrating their good news at Lucky’s Steakhouse in Montecito, where the couples had dinner.

This is not the first time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been seen since moving to their new home in Santa Barbara – there have been plenty of shots of them at home – but it is the first time the couple has been seen out and about since their big move.

Meghan kept her outfit neutral with a pop of color on her feet, wearing a camel-colored sweater with one of Meg’s favorite looks – a trench coat by Club Monaco – thrown over her shoulders, cropped black faux leather pants, a bag by Stella McCartney and, the scene stealer of the outfit, tangerine-colored mules by Chloe Gosselin. Harry, for his part, was California cool as well with a white shirt, dark trousers, and brown shoes.

Meg’s hair was down and curled, and, though her face was mostly obscured by her simple white mask, her eye makeup was stunning.

Meghan and Katharine attended the same school growing up, though they weren’t friends at the time. The two couples met in London and hit it off.

David Foster and wife Katherine McPhee on their wedding day, June 28, 2019 – @KatherineFoster – Instagram

The pair is so special to the Sussexes that they stepped out to celebrate them – because of the pandemic they’ve mostly kept to their new home. But, hey, every quarantine needs a break sometimes, especially if it’s for such a happy occasion.

Congratulations to both Katherine and David!

Some updates on upcoming events for Harry and Meghan —

On Saturday, 10 October, Harry and Meghan will drop a new Podcast to mark World Mental Health Day.

On Sunday, 11 October, to mark International Day of the Girl, the couple will appear in a talk with Malala Fund which can be streamed on YouTube (link below).

On Tuesday, 13 October, Meghan will appear at Fortune MPW to talk about “chasing her convictions with action”.

And now, our What Meghan Wore fashion recap!

While we’re not sure about the brand of Meghan’s leather trousers, here are the pieces that were identified.

UPDATE 9 October: It has been suggested that Meghan could be wearing a sweater by Cuyana — the Cashmere Crewneck in Camel with exposed seams, $145.

UPDATE! Meghan’s trench is from Club Monaco – the Reissue Trench in Khahki, $359. There are limited sizes available on the Club Monaco US site. The trench is available in more sizes on their Canadian site here.

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative trench look, try one of these options from Banana Republic – the soft trench in oxford tan, on sale – $69 or J. Crew Factory – the Classic Trench, on sale – $84.

Meghan’s shoes are by Chloe Gosselin – the Kasia mules in tangerine calf suede, $605.
UPDATE 11 October: Chloe Gosselin has reached out and said that they are currently taking pre-orders for the shoes.

Here are some lower price point alternatives for a great #MatchMegStyle —

The Mule Slide from Banana Republic Factory, $40 or this pair from Marc Fisher – the Zala Block Heel Pump, on sale – $64.

Her bag is by Stella McCartney – the Stella Logo Cross Body Bag, $890.

Here are some fabulous choices to get the look – #MatchMegStyle — Madewell – The Micro Sydney Crossbody Bag in Leather, on sale $104, Madewell – The Small Transport Crossbody, $128, Kate Spade the ‘Teagan’ medium satchel, on sale $129 and finally from Coach Factory, the ‘Tilly’ top handle satchel, $139.

With much thanks to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for the shoe and jacket ID!

We will update the post as we find out additional information.

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  1. So I guess the post was edited before I read it, but this does not read like a tabloid post? I believe Harry and David Foster knew each other before he and Meghan met. And Katharine and Meghan went to the same school though I don’t know if they were friends while they were both students. But they must be pretty good friends since David Foster revealed he was the one who arranged for Harry and Meghan to stay in the mansion on Vancouver Island while they were in Canada (he never said it was his house, just that he arranged it meaning the house’s owner is probably a friend of David’s). Anyways it must have been fun to have an adult date night out catching up!

    The shoes aren’t my favorite though I do like the pop of color. But from a practical standpoint, how does one keep slip on heels on?? I have such flat, narrow feet and my heel slips out of normal heels. If there’s no back, it would be impossible for me to manage. Not to mention the annoying “slap-slap” sound of your feet hitting the slip ons!

    I do quite like the Club Monaco trench coat, though it does seem pretty wrinkly on Meghan (but then the picture isn’t the best quality). She really does love the “coat over the shoulders” look doesn’t she? Also faux-leather/leather pants seem to be another of her go-tos. I think I’ve learned more about her fashion in lockdown than I ever did in her two years in the UK (I didn’t watch Suits so I had no idea who she was until she became Prince Harry’s significant other!).

    • Hi Amelie – we did edit the post and removed some verbiage we felt was too much and based on some feedback. Thanks, Susan and Rachel

  2. I hate those shoes. I’ve seen similar styles on senior citizens in Florida. The coat is too much for her stature. I like the bag well enough. Just not a good look for a 30-something year-old beautiful woman.

  3. I do not think any apologies are due your readers. They have forgotten coverage in the early days of date/pub nights for Kate and William.
    A little light hearted coverage is appreciated during what has been an ongoing stressful and downcast news cycle.
    Thank you for your ongoing comprehensive coverage. Always good to shake it up a bit.

    • Hi Holly, Rachel and I so appreciate your kind words. We are both sensitive to what Meghan has endured in the headlines. We only chose up-beat things to talk about here on WMW. We both felt this was a positive and upbeat moment and at the same time realized we should’ve both been more careful editing the post. Thanks again! Susan and Rachel. 🙂

    • Hi Charlotte – there is one photo where we could see the “sheen” of her trousers and tell that they were leather/faux leather. I can’t drop any other photos into the post because no other photos were available via the agencies we use. Thanks! Susan C.

  4. I am in love with the jeans length and I wish I could pull off these shoes as well. However, as great as the overall outfit looks, can someone please explain how the trench coat got so wrinkled? She has dressed quite nicely, but I can’t take my eyes off the wreckage.

    • Hi Kate! – I love this entire look! 🙂 Even the pop of color with her shoes. I had a pair of tangerine pumps that I ended up selling because they were too high for me and I didn’t have a chance to wear them much. I now want to get another pair of bright shoes. I have a gorgeous tomato red pair with a lower heel in a sling back from Stitch Fix though. I will add some alternative choices for her faux leather trousers. I’m not sure why the coat is showing so wrinkled other than from being in the car. The fabric content of the trench is 60% cotton; 40% nylon; lining: 100% polyester. Perhaps it has to do with the fabric content. I have a fabulous trench from Soia and Kyo that does not wrinkle. It’s a cute trench, but I would expect better from Club Monaco at that price point. Susan C.

  5. This writing reads like a tabloid (& it’s not helped with the DM grainy photos). I’ve been a fan of WMW and WKW because the Susans avoid that. And the speculation that Meghan is trying to get pregnant again. I hope you’ll reconsider this approach moving forward.

    • Hi Lindsay, We’ve edited the post as that was an oversight. Apologies for the approach on the post this time. We’re trying different angles and have a new writer on the team. It’s “trial and error” and we will rethink it carefully for next time. Thanks for the feedback. Susan C.

        • Hi Melissa, We’ve edited the post this morning. It was very late when the post went up. Apologies for the initial approach on this one. We have a new writer on board and it’s all “trial and error”. We appreciate the feedback.


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