Meghan In a Mix of Brands for Visit to Royal Variety Home

The Duchess wore a mix of labels for today’s visit to Brinsworth House.

The facility is the Royal Variety Charity’s residential nursing and care home.

Funds to operate Brinsworth House come in large part from the annual Royal Variety Performance. Below, the Duke and Duchess arriving at this year’s performance.

The charity “assists those who’ve worked professionally in the entertainment industry and are in need of help. The charity strives to support all those, both young and old, who’ve worked on the stage, in the wings, in front of a camera, or behind it, as well as all those who have spent their lives working in the numerous support industries dedicated to entertainment.”

At today’s engagement Meghan learned about the history of the facility.
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In these images, the gentleman you see in the suit and tie is Giles Cooper, chair of the Royal Variety Charity.

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English posted a video of Meghan meeting Richard O’Sullivan, described by Rebecca as a huge television star in the 1970s.

There was no shortage of holiday-themed goodies to nibble on. Below, Meghan speaking with head chef Stuart Jones. 
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The Richmond & Twickenham Times noted in its story that Meghan “…appeared to have an affinity with residents as she toured Brinsworth House.” Kensington Palace shared a video of Meghan speaking with residents.

The charity pointed out how proud they are of their staff, because they “do so much to assist residents and visitors.” (An aside: as someone who volunteers every Tuesday in a nursing home/elder care facility, I see firsthand what an enormous asset the staff can be. It sounds like they have great employees at Brinsworth House. -sek)

Back to the Richmond & Twickenham Times story (the individual being quoted in the last paragraph is Giles Cooper):

The talented Duchess showed her grasp of foreign languages, chatting in fluent Spanish to one of the residents.

Ms Serrano, originally from Madrid, said Meghan spoke to her in fluent Spanish without an accent. She added: “She was telling me about her life and her acting, she was talking about everything. She said she started doing a job she enjoyed then she met Harry.”

Giles Cooper told the paper that “She was chatting all the way round, great fun in the hairdressing salon, in all the areas actually, really joined in and made a real effort to speak to absolutely everybody – it was fantastic to see.”

When speaking with 87-year-old Josephine Gordon, who was a theatre actress, Meghan shared that she felt “… very pregnant.”

The Duchess took part in some arts and crafts activities, including making ornaments.
Embed from Getty Images
Some of the finished pieces, including Meghan’s on the right.

The Duchess signs the guest book.

Emily Nash of Hello! tweeted a photo of the guest book and Meghan’s signature.

Victoria Murphy shared a video of Meghan leaving after today’s engagement.

Meghan wore a coat by a label we see her in with some frequency, Soia and Kyo.

It is the ‘Adelaida’ coat in ash grey ($550), made of a wool/poly/viscose blend. The style has a slim fit, with a notch collar and self-belt. The brand describes the length as ‘maxi,’  although it is shorter than what I think of as maxi length. Our thanks to Elizabeth of Meghan’s Fashion for the coat ID.

The dress is by Brock Collection, a label launched in 2013 that is still managed by the husband and wife founders, Laura Vassar Brock and Kristopher Brock.

The dress is the Odilia style ($1480), from the label’s 2019 Resort collection. It also features a slim fit, as well as a square neckline, ruched cap sleeves and center front slit. The frock’s most distinctive element is the multiple panels in the design. It looks like Meghan may have had the dress altered to shorten the length of the slit.

Here is a closer view of the print, as well as the paneled construction. The piece is also available at Selfridges, where it is on sale for $920

If interested in learning more about the label, there is info on the brand’s ‘about page,’ including a cute video. Below, Laura and Kristopher Brock.

The Duchess wore her Aquazzura Deneuve pumps in taupe.

Meghan carried her Wilbur & Gussie Bespoke Charlie clutch ($258). 

The Charlie is the brand’s signature style, available in a variety of colors and materials. Meghan’s bag is 100% silk, has a concealed strap that allows you to carry the piece as a wristlet, and it measures roughly 8.5″ x 5″.

The Duchess wore her Birks Pétale diamond and gold earrings.

She also had on a ring we didn’t recognize. It appears to be a Hamsa ring in gold with a stone in the center. UPDATE: It looks like the ring is by Kismet by Milka.

The Hamsa Ring (AU $440 AUD, roughly USD $316) is crafted of 14K rose gold with a .01ct sapphire. This was another terrific ID by Anne on Twitter, our thanks to her for not only finding the ring but also sharing the information with everyone.

The jewelry company was started by Turkish designer Milka Karaağaçlı, with its first retail operation in Istanbul. On its ‘About’ page the brand notes that, “..each collection is a new thrill to discover the full potential of creativity. The brand speaks the same language as all women who possess this sense of discovery in their hearts.” It has become a celebrity favorite, worn by Beyonce, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Tiegen and other A-listers. Meghan’s friend Priyanka Chopra has also worn the brand (more here). It looks like the company is now headquartered in Australia. Kismet by Milka is available directly from the company, and also at Nordstrom, as well as Selfridges, Neiman Marcus and Saks. UPDATE Dec 19: The company is headquartered in Turkey, not Australia.


Our final item involves something fun, a giveaway from our sponsor, Lavender Hill Clothing Company. You’ll recall Meghan has worn the company’s tees.

Above you see her pairing the Boat Tee with Givenchy separates when visiting Dublin in July.

We’re delighted Lavender Hill is giving away £100 gift vouchers to two lucky winners. They can be used on any LHC merchandise, including goodies like these.  All you need to do to enter is sign up for their mailing list, come back here and leave a comment saying you did ! Entries will be taken until midnight on Sunday night and the giveaway is open worldwide. We’ll contact the winners on Monday. If we don’t hear back from a winner within 48 hours we will then select another name.

This 4-1/2 minute video has some great nat sound of Meghan speaking with residents.


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  1. Poor thing looks so uncomfortable in that tight dress….I feel actual pain looking at that photo of her attempting to sit to sign the guest book! She needs to embrace some stretchy materials at this point!

  2. Unfortunately I think meghan really missed the mark here. Firstly great choice of charity really nice to see megan choosing such a visit. Thumbs up. Also meghan was really grate with the residents loved how natural she was and how at home she seamed.. also grate to see the bilingual thing play into it I had no idea meghan could speak Spanish…
    On the clothes side I think meghan really missed the mark… I can’t help thing the DoS lacks appropriateness with her style choices… I love that she is willing to be different to Kate and is enjoying her own style rather than mimicking Kate’s but I really wish she would take some pointers from the DoC. I agree with other commentors the dress looks rather like a party item and certainly not wot one would ware to a nursing home… even if it was just out of respect to the more mature nature of the persons she would be visiting with…. DoS does seem incredibly comfortable in what I would describe as her ill fitting clothes which does partly make up for her choice… I really just do not like the fit of the dress especially at this stage in her pregnancy and the low cut is inappropriate for the event and really the DoS role in general. So in summary thumbs up for a grate charity and a grate visit just not such a grate wardrobe choice.

  3. Yikes. The fabric for me in it’s light and brightness would have been fine. Brightens the day so to speak. The cut of the dress for me, pregnant or not, is not appropriate or the event. Too much skin, front and back and yes in her current state it’s too tight. The temperature in a retirement home is often above the norm, but she’s not there all day, so another style would have worked and been appropriate for the event, the length of it and the residents who she was there to see. Her outfit seemed to scream “I was on my way to a cocktail party but I thought I drop in on my way”. The counter-balance to this big miss is how engaged she is with the residents.

  4. Signed up for the mailing list. I’d love to try some Lavender Hill products!
    This outfit seems so incongrous when compared with Meghan’s other fashion choices, which are often sleek and minimalist. I think the print on that dress is hideous (it bears an unfortunate similarity to my grandmother’s drapes) and the fit is quite unflattering. When I first saw it, I was sure it was another ASOS dress–it looks cheap. However, I love the square neckline; it probably would’ve been more appropriate in a solid color and slightly sized up.

    • I have to respectfully disagree about the print, because I really liked it! It seemed so ladylike and delicate. However, not everyone shares my love for florals, lol 😉
      This would be a beautiful dress for a summer cocktail party.
      Like you, I also love the square neckline for a summer evening event. 🙂

  5. I don’t understand how Meghan misses the mark so often. She is used to dressing for different occasions and different reasons: business clothes as Rachel on Suits, a star on the red carped, casual on The Teg (I’m not sure I have the correct name of her blog), and as part of the Royal Family. She is familiar with fashion so I don’t understand how she doesn’t get dressing right 9 times out of 10. I know she hasn’t been in the Royal Family for that long but but I feel I could do a better job dressing for events. Before entering the RF I would study picture of other members, not just The DoC and see what their style said about the RF. For example, Queen-bright colors, dresses, hats, Camilla-dresses, big hats, light colors, Kate-dresses, length of dresses, variety of colors. Secondly, get sound advice like Diana did with the director of Vogue, get an excellent seamstress, find designers that spoke to me. Third, decide what my royal style would be and combine it with my personal style. It would be like a map for future fashion. It would narrow down choices and make sure I stayed true to my personal style and that of the RF. I know I’m over simplyfiling it but the DoS is a beautiful woman who is used to putting her best foot forward.

      • If u glance back on Catherine’s wardrobe after her marriage it was always appropriate to the occasion and defintaly not as revealing as Rachel’s. Unfortunately the Duchess of Sussex is really missing the mark in her fashion choices. I fully agree with MBSTYLE DoS looks like she was on her way to a cocktail party. Personally highly dislike the dress and the fit! Looking forward to the DoS finding her feet in the royal family and showing us her own style that is fitting to person of her station.

    • I completely agree with you! She looked so polished oftentimes in former red carpet photos so it is baffling that she chooses to have slightly messy hair and not look 100%.
      I do seriously think that she wants to bring that down a notch by thinking “I’m not Hollywood anymore and I want to seem more down to earth and approachable to the public.” I still love her style most of the time as it is young, comfortable and something I would wear.

      Signed up for lavender hill list.

  6. Signed up to the Lavender Hill mailing list so please enter me for the competition.

    Thank you for the site which is a great read, even when we respectfully disagree either with Meghan’s fashion choices or with each other! ?

  7. I signed up for Lavender Hill mailing list. I love the dress but the fit is not flattering on the Duchess, particularly from the side. The coat is lovely. Is there a way to get to the comments or do you have to scroll through the post each time? On WKW, the number of comments is listed at the top, if you click on it, you can go right to the comments.
    I love the blog, one of my very favorites. Thank you for all you do.

    • Thank you for the kind words! We thought we had the comments at the top issue resolved, but the fix didn’t take. We hope to have a solution within the next few weeks. 🙂

  8. The dress is lovely as is the duchess, and yet, I have to agree with others that the fit is too tight. Having said that last bit, I imagine when the duchess was planning what to wear for this event — and how charming was she to those she met and spoke with — the dress fit perfectly well. Pregnancy can change a woman’s body more quickly than anticipated, and I expect that’s what happened here; what fit yesterday doesn’t fit today. I look forward to seeing the dress again post-baby because it’s very pretty.

  9. I signed up for lavender hill mailing list. I know Meghan is forging her on path, but I think she needs to think about who she is representing and choose more appropriate outfits. This look was a total miss for me. A outfit in red or green would look stunning on her and more in Christmas spirit. I wonder, Does she have a stylist?

  10. I just wanted to say that being 5 months pregnant myself, and living here in the New York tri-state area, I can assure anyone who is wondering that whenever I visit my in-laws, who live in a retirement community, I literally have to bring my summer wardrobe. They keep it at like a ridiculous 75 degrees year round, and yes, pregnant women run about 10 degrees hotter than usual. I’m originally from Southern California, so I am a wimp in the wintertime here on the East Coast, but whenever I’ve been pregnant, I literally don’t even need scarves or long sleeve dresses or anything; the baby makes you really hot and keeps you extra warm!! I admire Meghan for wearing whatever makes her feel good and look good, and for being comfortable enough in her own skin to disregard all the naysayers about her wardrobe choices and “fitting in.” She looks gorgeous as always and is doing great work, and I could care less about whether she is “seasonal appropriate” as long as she is happy in it.

    • I’m so glad to see someone at last who confirms how warm it can be in a retirement home! Other staff in these pictures have short sleeves and even sleeveless, Meghan’s dress is not out of place on that account, and I’ve been non-plussed by the level of incomprehension over her choice of a lightweight dress.

      I’m also one of the few who has no problem with the fit of the dress, I find the crinkling effect quite sweet around the pregnancy belly and I admire Meghan for showing off her shape. I also welcome the floral print as being a deal more successful than previous efforts where Meghan has simply been overwhelmed by such choices. I think it’s clever to choose a winter shade of grey, so again I don’t see this as an out-of-place summer dress.

      I’m not so fond of the coat when worn open with flapping tie belt, though it looks well enough when closed. I find the collar too pronounced against Meghan’s neat updo leading to another pinhead effect as per the fashion awards Givenchy.

      I’m also not a fan of the shoes, the colour is too undefined and the bow too fussy against the print above. But overall Meghan gets the thumbs up from me for turning up on a solo engagement and playing her part so well given the appalling press attacks on her right now. If there is a lack of direction or a slip in the style stakes from her I would find this consistent with someone who may be finding it hard to work out how to put a foot right. No pregnant woman should be facing such treatment. It breaks my heart that Harry is getting as bad press now as he had in his Las Vegas days and all because he chose to marry this wonderful young woman who is a credit to the royal family and her country of residence, and who can only be slowly finding her royal feet, in matters of style as elsewhere.

      Oh, and I signed up for Lavender Hill , tho heaven knows how I’m not on their list already having ordered from them twice!

  11. I signed up for the Lavender Hill mailing list! I love your blog. You put so much detail into each post and it is a pleasure to read!

  12. I signed up for the mailing list! I think this is a wonderful charity for Meghan to support. She looks like she enjoyed herself and charmed the residents! Great coverage!

  13. I want to like this dress but it just doesn’t work for this occasion. Love the print but that’s all. Too much skin showing. The poochy sleeves are awful. Strange neckline design. Darn it’s a miss for me.

  14. I agree this does look a bit like a spring dress with the light colour and floral pattern. On the other hand it is very feminine and had a good snug high neckline for an event where she will repeatedly bend over to speak to people. When meeting my future grandmother in law many years ago, I know I consciously chose a very traditionally feminine outfit knowing she would see it as “proper lady-like clothing”. On the it’s too summery for December discussion, keep in mind Meghan has been living here in Canada for 7ish years to film Suits and December weather in London is like early Spring weather in Toronto. What feels like “cold” to native Brits feels probably feels more like a welcome break from actual cold after several years of conditioning here. I got curious about all the comments about the cold weather there so I looked it up. Normal in London seems to rarely drop below 7C at any point in the winter – here my part of Canada that’s a warmth we haven’t had since back in late October. We’re in the middle of a heat wave this week and hovering around 0C. Next week it’s back to -10 and by Jan/Feb we’ll regularly be enjoying -20 to -30C. Everything is relative. I live in the Ottawa area and find the weather in Toronto vastly milder than here, so even within Canada there are milder zones that cause lots of good natured teasing about who’s toughest. Toronto doesn’t normally get the -30C weather we get in the capital but it’s certainly a good 20C colder than London’s winter weather.
    On the upside, the milder British weather means we get to see a steady parade of pretty coats. I personally don’t own anything like the coats Meghan has worn. Yes many are from Canadian retailers, but here they would only be worn in Toronto or Vancouver where the winters are milder, or by those willing to suffer for their appearance. I suppose if you are going to a fancy holiday event and someone is willing to prewarm the car for you, you could also wear a dress coat and sprint from the house to the car. A proper winter coat here is a parka with a hood and serious snow boots (Google images of Meghan in her parka and boots walking to yoga). Not particularly stylish but when your day starts with scraping your car windows or standing at the bus stop with the snow blowing horizontally looks don’t count for much. I know if I moved to London I’d be taking full advantage of spring weather all winter long. Maybe after a little more time there she’ll lose her Canadian winter conditioning and start dressing like a local 😉

  15. I signed up on the Lavender Hill mailing list. The dress is beautiful but the fit is not flattering at all, especially when viewed from the side. The coat is lovely. It was a wonderful engagement for her, given her background. I know nothing of building websites, but do you think there could be a place at the top of the post that says “46 comments” for example that you could click on and it would take you right to the comments? WKW does that, it allows you to get to the comments without scrolling through the post each time. Thanks for the blog, one of my very favorites!

  16. The dress is indeed for summer but I wonder how it looked in person. It must be gorgeous in my opinion and that’s why she chose it.

    I am not signing up for the lavender:( because I don’t live in the UK. Wish all the subscribers best of luck:)

  17. I signed up for the Lavender Hill mailing list. Thanks for the opportunity.
    I thought Meghan looked genuinely happy to meet the residents

  18. I didn’t follow Meghan’s personal style before she joined the royal family, and always thought all the women in Suits were tailored (chauvinistically) too tight, so can only comment on her styling in the past year or so. I’m with those who wonder how someone with a seemingly unlimited wardrobe budget (compared to mine) walks out the door dressed inappropriately or in such badly fitting clothes, 9 times out of 10.
    She seems so comfortable in her engagements and is clearly choosing her patronages to go with her passions, which is wonderful, but surely she can get some help in styling? Looking neat and professional will not detract from the work she’s doing, only add to it.
    For me this outfit is a miss. The dress is way too tight and the coat does not go with it at all.

  19. I do like the beautiful dress and I think it suits Meghan. It’s nice to see her in something so charming. However this summery dress is clearly not intended as professional daytime wear and seems a goofy choice for a daytime event at a retirement home one week before Christmas in the chilly UK. Yet this dress would work quite well in Los Angeles (where Meghan grew up) in December. Hollywood actresses (and many other young pregnant women in California) adore showing off their baby bumps in form-fitting dresses, the tighter the better, as Meghan does here. It’s kind of a free, liberated, proud-to-be-a-woman kind of thing to no longer cover up the body during pregnancy. I’m from California and I think Meghan has adopted this popular California pregnancy style exactly as she would if she still lived here. She’s wearing what she’d enjoy wearing in California.

  20. meg is young, gorgeous, pregnant and rocks her own style!! Don’t worry Meg, the naysayers want u in a shapeless bag, neck to ankle and sensible shoes, preferably flat!! Just wonder about people’s mental health when everytime you walk out your front door there is a barrage of often hurtful and insulting comments. Let’s focus on the amazing charities Meg is supporting and all be more tactful with your comments. meg is a person, with feelings and emotions and I can’t for one minute think it would be nice to be in her towering shoes which by the way look simply amazing!!

    • I think most of us are pretty tactful, and this IS a fashion blog, so we’ll probably have some polite disagreements, since no one has the same opinions about style. I think it is appropriate for people to comment on the clothing of someone representing the UK, who has a wardrobe provided by taxpayers and the Duchy of Cornwall, and who is visiting in a professional capacity. I also think Meghan is gorgeous, but when she’s out representing the UK in a professional capacity, she should wear professional clothing. My boss would talk with me about the “dress code” if I wore shorts, jeans, dresses that are too tight-fitting, anything that shows “too much”, etc. I don’t like it, but they give me a paycheck, so I do what I’m told. Most work places are quite strict about tight-fitting clothes, showing too much back/skin, short sleeves, etc. So really, that’s part of being a “working” royal. Many of us dress according to strict guidelines at our work too.
      For the record, I don’t think this dress was very unprofessional. I think the low-back, big square-cut neckline and tight fit made it just a little “borderline”.
      And Meghan needn’t wear a sack! So many maternity dresses are trendy, well-fitted and stylish.

      • Meghan’s wardrobe is not paid by taxpayers at all, Like Kate, she has an allowance from Prince Charles’s private income from the Duchy of Cornwall.

    • No one has suggested that Meghan wear a “shapeless bag.” Just something that doesn’t look like it’s going to burst if she takes a deep breath. And I think if you want people to focus on Meghan’s work instead of her clothes, you might be on the wrong website.

      • Respectfully, this is the right website for news and information about Meghan’s work and charities. When Meghan is at a charitable engagement the initial part of the post is dedicated to that event and the charity associated with the engagement. After the first of the year, when we learn more about Meghan’s patronages and charitable efforts, posts will include even more focus on non-profits and projects Meghan is involved with, much as you see on What Kate Wore. 🙂

        • Good job with the feed back. Many of the comments are petty women we are all unique and have different views of how we want the world to see us. Megan represents brilliantly. I am very disappointed with dogmatic,fault-finding , hypercritical comments on this site it is a turn off.

  21. No one needs a “stylist” to don that dress, look in the mirror, recoil, and remove it.
    Much is written about her great style and fashion sense, but I respectfully disagree. Her choices are erratic, and I don’t think it has to do with needing time to figure out how to dress like a royal. She can look stunning, pretty, professional, and elegant. Equally, she can appear in clothing that doesn’t fit properly, coats that swamp her, outfits inappropriate to the occasion, and simply unflattering.
    Her pregnancy has amplified her poor choices, and the tight fitting summer dress she’s wearing for this event is a perfect illustration of this.
    It’s time, as others have said, to move into maternity wear.
    My intent isn’t to be harsh, but to share my questioning of the fashion icon label attached to her. The fact that she was a successful actress and appeared on red carpets doesn’t automatically confer true style or fashion sense, and her dress today seems to confirm that.

  22. This entire look was such a miss for me! I’m about as pregnant as Meghan right now (18 weeks with my second) and of similar frame (small chested, petite) and would neverrrrr consider wearing something non-maternity right now ESPECIALLY for a professional engagement. It’s simply unflattering. She needs something that defines the “waist” between her bust and belly. I understand she may be avoiding Seraphine because of the comparisons to Kate but there are plenty of other beautiful brands for professional maternity wear. I wish she would embrace them or start having her clothes altered to accommodate her figure. The color was also a huge miss for me for the time of year.
    She is beautiful and is glowing in pregnancy so i don’t want to come off grumpy, I am tickled for her and Harry, but someone please get her in some second trimester appropriate dresses!

  23. Meghan is so self possessed, I can only think there is some reason she chose this dress. She likes to send subtle messages through her jewelry, so I’m trying to figure out what this dress and the hamsa ring are saying. I love the soft lavender color of the dress with the soft grey of the coat.

    • Hi MARY –

      I agree 100% with you.

      Meghan’s words at the recent British Fashion Awards would support your comment about her deep connection – personal or emotional – to what she wears and her overall idea of supporting, empowering and understanding each other (my paraphrase).

      It would be so interesting to know all the reasons behind Meghan’s wardrobe choices! I can only imagine two reasons… Meghan is delighted with being pregnant and looking forward to Spring!

  24. I agree the print would be better for spring or summer but I like the style perhaps in a solid jewel colour for winter. I thought Meghan’s hair looked better. Her hair is away of her face. A much better updo for greeting/meeting people. Sophisticated too.

    • Swooning at the thought of this dress in a jewel color. I’m still not sure the low back would work well for a day engagement, but I think it would be a great dress for a cocktail party.

      • I agree! A rich jewel tone would be great for a cocktail party. I actually really love the dress as-is, just not as a maternity dress, and not for a visit to a retirement home.

  25. This is a beautiful dress that just doesn’t fit her at this stage of pregnancy. I honestly don’t know how she left the house wearing it, it appears painfully tight through her chest and belly, and from the back view it looks like the seams are genuinely in danger of splitting. It’s baffling to me that she must have access to some of the best tailors and fashion houses in the world, and yet we keep seeing ill-fitting clothes.

    On the positive side, I adore that coat! And her hair looks wonderful as well.

  26. Several people mentioned that Meghan might be someone who, due to pregnancy or simple body chemistry, runs hot. However, the temperatures at nursing homes are often very high. Perhaps her choice of dress was dictated by that fact. She certainly didn’t look cold.

  27. I am happy to see Meghan in a print, and I think on the right occasion, this dress would be just gorgeous. However, it is the wrong season, way too tight, too revealing, and in no way flattering to her pregnant figure. I think it’s time for maternity clothes. As for the summery dress, I don’t understand how she can wear a warm and cozy dress, tights and coat to the Hubb kitchen, looking perfect for the winter weather, then turn up a week later in a summer dress, no stockings, and strappy shoes. I am also a person who feels warm at all times, but I still wouldn’t wear a summer dress with such a low-cut back and neckline to a professional engagement. Part of professionalism is dressing for the occasion. I have sympathy for her, though, because she’s adjusting to “royal” style at the same time she’s adjusting to maternity style. Yikes! That’s a double-whammy, and here I am, putting her under the microscope. She’s a trooper, that’s for sure!

  28. Wow I love this dress. I get what people are saying about season appropriateness and fit, but if you remove all that it is such a lovely dress. I’d love to see her in it non-maternity. It’s so Jane Austen-y and the paneling and straight neckline to those sleeves is so beautiful. She’s got to be warm in pregnancy so I’m going to give her a pass. She must know she can’t get through an indoor visit without roasting these days and it’s simply safer this way. Anyone who’s experienced this during pregnancy or hot flashes later on knows that you simply have to go light or you’ll completely wilt into a puddle. And she has to look fresh and poised and not sweating 🙂 I think she looks darling. Yes she’s bursting out of it, but it’s still cute and I love how she’s interacting with the residents. It must have meant the world to them to have her understanding ear and caring heart there.

    • You nailed it, Tessa. Watching her home in on every single person with whom she spoke, making them feel like there is no one she would rather be with at that moment, completely makes up for any misstep with this dress. It’s a polyester taffeta, which I always think of as a party dress fabric. And this was a party for the residents. Best? No. But she was definitely at her best, and it was so appreciated.

  29. I might have loved this in the spring, but it’s a miss so close to December. That said, I loved her engagement with the residents–a great match of royal to cause.
    Also signed up for the Lavender Hill mailing list. It’s so hard to find basic tees that aren’t transparent!

  30. With so many cute and stylish maternity clothes out there…this dress, on this day, at this event with how it fits…very much a miss.

  31. I wonder if Meghan is someone whose body temperature runs on the warmer side which is why she tends to wear outfits that sometimes do not match the season. Notice in many cases she is wearing sleeveless dresses or shirts which I would feel cold wearing. Pregnancy will only magnify this issue. If this is true, hopefully over time she will be able to find lighter-weight fabrics in the colder months that by color and style still are in keeping with the colder season as I agree with many posters that this dress seems out of place for England in December. PS Many thanks for all your hard work and for offering this contest to us to break up the week. I have signed up for Lavendar Hill’s mailing list.

  32. I think Duchess Meghan is looking her most beautiful and fresh in this look and the black velvet gown. I love the coat and when she took off her coat….I immediately thought spring. This is a Spring Summer dress in the middle of Winter. I have to think it was deliberate. Meghan said in her speech at the BFAs that fashion was deeply personal. Going with that I think she is definitely looking to spring and the birth of her baby, but also Winter with its short days and dreary weather can play havoc with the mind of the elderly. Many of them get what is called “sundown” I wonder if she was attempting to focus them on brighter days to come, renewal, Hope and even brighter days that have passed. I have to think that these elderly people loved looking at the beautiful pregnant Royal in the Spring/ Summer dress. Nevertheless the dress was a tad tight, other than that it was a cheerful dress to brighten up what can be a very monotonous existence.

  33. I definitely agree with everyone about the dress. The fitting is terrible, looks like she’s going to bust a seem. I like the coat. I signed up for the Lavender Hill giveaway. Warm wishes to all.

  34. For me, this is just an odd choice. A tight Summer dress on a pregnant lady in December. I hope Meghan invests in some maternity dresses in some Wintery fabrics and colours soon.

  35. What a great engagement for Meghan to partake in! Especially since the residents are all people who have worked in the arts which was Meghan’s former line of work.
    I want to like this dress but I don’t. It is very summery looking though I’m wondering now if maybe Meghan runs hot all the time due to her pregnancy and that’s why she chose a breezy dress? A lot of women have mentioned they were always hot while pregnant. The close up of the top makes me think it would be a cute corset style shirt. But it’s not working for me as a dress and it does look tight on Meghan. It’s probably meant to be form fitting but with her burgeoning belly it’s not working (also pregnant women can wear form fitting dresses! I’ve seen some do it. But this dress does not look like it was tailored for her pregnancy). Also even on the model the dress looks wrinkly so not sure anyone would want to wear it.
    Her coat and shoes are great though!

  36. I signed up for the Lavender Hill mailing list! My youngest will be going on a school trip to France in the spring and I’d love to get her a cozy scarf or pajamas to take with her. 🙂

    As for the Duchess’s look: I like both the dress and the coat, if not together. One seems wintery and cozy, the other downright summery. And my goodness–she must be cold! Bare legs, slingbacks, bare back and decolletage, short sleeves.

    I agree with others that it looks tight, too. I’ve never really understood the resistance some have to proper maternity clothes. I always found them so much more comfortable and flattering than trying to adapt non-maternity styles. But then, I’m short, so I had nowhere to go but out, and if I’d tried to just size up in regular clothes I would have looked clownish. The DoS is managing in this standard-size dress and coat much better than I would have.

  37. Signed up for the mailing list!
    Not a fan of the dress, it does not fit well and is too light and summer for this engagement. But the coat is smashing!

  38. I love the coat. This is a great color on Meghan. I am not a fan of this dress at all. I’m sure it must be quite difficult to figure out dress fits and whatnot when you are pregnant but this dress seems like one you might avoid when you are pregnant. It also seemed more of a summer look. Meghan looked very happy to partake in this event today!
    I signed up for the mailing list.

  39. I have signed up for the Lavender Hill mailing list.
    After reading all the comments here, I feel somewhat vindicated in thinking that though the Duchess looks happy and relaxed, her dress is ill-fitting and ill-suited to the occasion. Otherwise, lovely hair and accessories. Kudos to anyone who can wear heels that high anytime, let alone when pregnant.

  40. I signed up for the Lavender Hill mailing list. Like many who have commented before me, the dress just does not seem to suit the occasion and season. I think Meghan is either getting poor advise or not following advise given to her regarding fashion choices. I hope there are fewer misses.

  41. This dress choice baffles me. I feel uncomfortable looking at her in such a tight squeeze of a fit. She even commented that she felt very pregnant, so why is she not taking advantage of all the cute maternity wear options out there? The dress she wore to the Hubb Kitchen before Thanksgiving comes to mind as being totally appropriate for today. Also I understand that she wishes to wear short sleeves, but this dress would seem more in line with Easter time. That said, she always exudes warmth and a sense of genuineness during her interactions.

    I signed up for the Lavender Hill mailing list – thank you!

  42. This dress reminds me of the regency era gowns in the movie Pride and Prejudice. I like the intricate seaming and ruching but as others have pointed out, it doesn’t fit well and seems more appropriate for a warmer time of year. The coat is lovely.

  43. I like the light floral dress for a trip to see seniors in a home, but the fit is too tight, time for maternity wear. Would be nice to have a couple of pics of previous Soia and Kyo pieces she has worn, since you mentioned it.

  44. Signed up for the mailing list. 🙂
    Not sure about this look – I like the coat and the dress, but not together. I’m also not sure the dress is seasonally appropriate – it’s too spring/summer, especially with the puff sleeves and lower-style back.
    I also agree with other commenters who said the outfit would’ve looked better with loose hair. The large lapels of the coat combined with the updo leave quite a lot of space around the neck that looks like it’s… missing something? Am I describing this right? Maybe a scarf would’ve been a good accessory to add.

  45. I dont know what to make of this look.. it seems sort of out of place for the event but if she was comfortable in it, then ok.. i think the neckline and sleeves would drive me nuts, I would constantly fidget with that sleeve if I felt it slipping at all. The coat seems cozy and the shoes are nice.
    A big thank you to you, Admin! For being so giving of your time here and elsewhere. ?

  46. Well, I like the dress for a different time, season and event. It just doesn’t seem to work here. It screams summer to me, and doesn’t work with that coat at all. Also none of the colors of the coat, dress, shoes, and clutch work together. Each element is fine on its own, but not as a whole. Would have loved to see the Duchess in a sweater and slacks, or in something more festive for the holiday season.

  47. While I think this is a pretty and interesting dress, I found it was too tight on the poor girl, especially when viewed from the back. Not really suitable during pregnancy I’d say.

  48. This sounds like a great contest: thanks for bringing lavender Hill our way. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Queen matched Meghan’s entertainment background with her patronages.

  49. Meghan’s coat is a classic and her hair is under control. The shoes and purse are okay, but the dress is a total miss. It is time, Meghan, to embrace maternity clothes, that are cut to accommodate the changing body. Rather she has chosen to squeeze into a non maternity dress from Brock’s Collection, Odilia resort wear, no less. The dress is described on the designer’s site as “tailored for a slim fit with a panelled bodice and coordinating pencil skirt” hardly suitable for a pregnant body. Also the wide open neckline and back speak of summer or time at a resort. The colour and print of the dress are quite drab and I likely wouldn’t care for it even in warm weather.

    Meghan looks uncomfortable and the dress is stretched and so ill fitting. Today there are stylish maternity dresses that are not tents, do not have puffed sleeves and Peter Pan collars. Let’s hope Meghan soon discovers them.

    I signed up over on the Lavender Hill site.

  50. Hi! I love the dress: the style, colours and floral pattern. I just a little bit uncomfotable with the fact that it looks good tight on Meghan, especially looking at her back.
    I must say I am not a huge fan of Meghan’s style. But we can see her style evolving, Just like kate’s did. And I think Meghan is improving on the way she chooses her pieces regarding those things that makes her more elegant and gracefull. The neckline of this dress, for example, was a great hit for her wide shoulders. She looks very delicate on it!

    Now for the giveaway, thank you very much for the great opportunity!
    I did subscribed to the mailing list and I am now comenting here 🙂
    Congrats for the page!

  51. I signed up for the mailing list 🙂 Thank you for this great giveaway.
    Meghan looked very happy and her coat and earrings are beautiful.

  52. Signed up for Lavender Hill mailing list! Happy Holidays to Susan and all the “Meghaners” ans “Katers” of this family!

    About this dress – meh. I think it has fitting issues, the color is not great – especially for winter… Not terrible, though.

  53. On a non-fashion note, it’s great to see Meghan participating in an entertainment-related charity like this. It’ll be interesting to see how she continues to incorporate entertainment and acting into her charity work–I could see that being akin to how Kate has integrated sports into much of her work.

    While I do love the pictures of her with the coat on and open and it’s exciting to see a printed piece on here, the busy, satin dress makes this is a pretty big miss for me. I do love the print of the dress and wouldn’t hate seeing a similar print on a different item of clothing (even at this time of year), but the dress itself is too glam and revealing for the occasion and the fabric is pretty unforgiving for someone this pregnant. A simpler, more casual dress in the same print (but a different fabric) would have been stunning here!

    Her accessories are okay here, but with maybe a little too much not-quite-matching. I would have loved to see this with shoes that matched the coat better and a contrasting bag–burgundy would have been pretty and more seasonal and added a bit more contrast than the blush.

  54. Happy Holidays to all,
    I agree with the others, this dress wasn’t fitted properly at all. The print and style of the dress was nice but just way to tight. It’s time to bring back the great designers that know how to fit a dress properly.
    NOTE: admin edit

  55. Love this engagement; seems like a great fit. Love the grey coat, and am trying to love the pretty cream dress but am distracted by how uncomfortably tight it appears. Finally, I signed up on Lavender Hill’s mailing list 🙂 Seasons’ Greetings, everyone!

  56. Hi. I signed up for the mailing list. I am in love with the cashmere hot water bottle covers! Keep your toes warm on a cold night!
    On the fashion front, I loved the coat and the updo–the dress was a no for me. Seemed a little summery and incongruent with the wooly coat. I will end on a positive. Her hair was gorgeous and her glow is megawatt!

  57. This is a truly awful look for Meghan. It did not fit, the colour washed her out, and seemed simply the wrong thing to wear for the event. Sorry.

  58. Not a fan of this look. The fit of the dress is off although I know it can be difficult to manage fit during pregnancy (especially a first one). While I like the overall design of the dress, I’m not a fan of the pattern, and this seems like a better design for summer.
    I do love the coat and shoes. She seems to be a fan of looser coats compared to the more fitted ones we seem to see from the other royal ladies.
    Having said all that, I’m so happy to see this event at a nursing home, especially near Christmas, and hope it raises awareness of the facility.

  59. hhmmmmm #2 …. Like Kathleen, I felt it seemed a little too summer’ish. I was longing for a nice wool tweed or comfy sweater, or …. 🙂 Also, to me, taupe accessories don’t really work with grey garments. Or are both just my own idiosyncrasies? Yes, agree, she seems to be well poised, happy and confident.

  60. I’m very underwhelmed & disappointed in this look. At the sake of sounding harsh, I hope she sticks it in the back of her closet and not wear it again. Like ever. Such a tight “un-royal-like” fit. (Kate has spoiled us with how amazing & graceful a pregnant royal out at work with the people, can appear!) Also I totally agree with Kathleen above, this dress is completely inappropriate for today. And btw I too signed up @Lavendar Hill, thanks!!

  61. She looks beautiful, but this doesn’t feel seasonally appropriate. It seems better suited for spring. That said, I think this was one of those decisions you make when you’re pregnant, tired, constantly hot, and nothing ever seems to fit. I just wish I looked this beautiful when I made those decisions.

  62. While i don‘t dislike the dress, i do think it wasn‘t a good choice cosindering the christmas season (it just doesn‘t go with the vibe of the engagement) and it was literally not a good fit. What baffles me: Meghan Markle was always a fashionable and stylish woman. I get that her wardrobe needed adjusting after becoming a ducchess, but somehow she lost her fashion sense or at least hasn‘t found her Ducchess-style. She doesn‘t need to be Kate and there were definierest gorgeous outfits but i think there were more misses. At an engagement like this i could have seen her in a modern pantsuit by eg Victoria Beckham. I hope She will find a mix between her own style and the royal requirements sometime soon. Or maybe just a better stylist.

    • I agree–I just don’t think she’s found her duchess style yet. Her choices often seem “off” for the event and/or not well tailored. I think she’ll get it down in the next year as she repeats some of the events and settles in.

  63. Signed up for Lavender Hill. 🙂
    I do think this dress is a miss for me. I like the shape and cut of it but think the color is dull and seems quite spring/summer like. It does seem baffling to me that Meghan seems to consistently wear short sleeved or sleeveless dresses in the winter. She is still gorgeous and looks amazing despite my liking of the style.

  64. I liked the coat and colours, but not the dress. I agree with Kathleen about the fit – the side view especially looked very unflattering and the style was rather summery for December. But she did look happy and smiling.

  65. Just signed up for Lavender Hill! I’m a long time reader of WKW and WMW, first time commenter, happy to be here with y’all. As far as today’s look, I’m not loving it for a winter engagement. It’s a tad too “Spring-y” for a Christmas visit – however, I think I like the dress in theory. Maybe a different print? Would also love to see something other than the beloved center part bun, even if it is her “signature” hair style. Here’s to see this dress again, post baby, with her hair down and loose!

  66. Wow. Does she not have anyone on whom she can depend to give her an honest answer regarding her clothing choices while pregnant? That’s a beautiful dress, and Meghan is a beautiful woman, but now is not the time for her to wear it. It’s so ill-fitting. I’m not a fan of the tablecloth-draping maternity dresses of the previous generation, but neither am I a fan of clinging to regular sizing well past time to switch over to maternity clothing.
    NOTE: admin edit

  67. Hmmm. This was a huge miss for me. Fit issues aside, the color and style appear incredibly out of place and inappropriate for the season, setting, and event.

    That being said – she looked happy and confident 🙂

  68. I think it is lovely to vist the Senior community as there are so many lonely seniors.
    Sadly I feel that this was a poor dress choice for the duchess. The dress looked painfully uncomfortable and way too small for her. It seemed to pull at every angle. She must have been very happy to get it off. The length with her thin legs hit at the wrong place on her legs. To me she looks better in shorter dresses. The print was nice but too thin a fabric for the coat at this time of year. She is past ready for maternity clothes. Her hair was a good but I think a bit larger earring wourld have been a better balance for the dress. Sorry to be so Grinch like but this was a sad choice for her!

  69. Meghan’s ensemble worn to Brinsworth House is youthful and refreshing and must have brought joy,energy and a bit of fresh air into the residents life. The dress has a bit of a toile decorating pattern going on and the design a tad of “quirky Regency.” It’s probably outside of the box for what many would envision is appropriate for this time of year, or proper maternity wear, but I am happy Meghan looks so healthy, encouraged by her talking about and proud of her blossoming figure. But, from Meghan’s remarks at Brinsworth it could be we’ll see Meghan in more traditional pregnancy attire very soon, who knows?

    As a side note, “Mad About Meghan” site included an interesting quote reported by Emily Nash. Apparently Meghan had mentioned, after the Royal Variety Performance, a similar facility in Los Angeles that she had known about and had contact with at some point. I’m quite certain Meghan was referring to the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital on Mulholland Drive, in the San Fernando Valley, just outside of Los Angeles. During college in the early 70’s my sister worked at the Motion Picture Hospital (as it was called then) and enjoyed her job especially interacting with the residents. I recall hearing about Larry Fine – one of the “Three Stooges” – who was a favorite resident to many on staff.

    I can’t wait to hear about more plans for Meghan’s involvement at Brinsworth.

    • I agree on the regency feel and the fact that the sleeve and neckline details are in tune with the place she was visiting today.
      I love the fact she is being a role model to pregnant women that maternity wear is not the only option available.
      It is to me a very British and clever choice.

  70. This is a definite miss for me.
    The dress is nice, but too tight and ill-fitted on her pregnant frame. The low back seems a little inappropriate and casual. It’s too summery for the cold weather and it looks entirely odd with the heavy winter coat.
    The cut-out back shoes are also not seasonally quite right.
    London is COLD right now – I’m here. She must’ve been freezing without a scarf, gloves or proper tights! I’ll admit, I cringed a bit at this outfit.

  71. I love the print and the overall lines of the dress, but sadly the fit is quite snug. I can empathize though – I’m 23 weeks along in my first pregnancy (which I’m guessing is about how far along the Duchess is as well) and dressing this changing body shape has been a daily challenge. I have tops and pants that will looks great one day, be too tight the next, then back to fitting the following day. Perhaps the dress fit appropriately last week and the baby went through a bit of a growth spurt in the past few days? In any case, I’m surprised that Meghan is still wearing non-maternity wear at this stage. Hopefully she’ll embrace something a little more forgiving and comfortable going forward. On a positive note, the coat is lovely and the overall look is quite soft and feminine.

  72. I love this outfit and how it’s is a lot lighter than the normal winter wardrobe. However, I ish she chose something that fit her figure better. The photo from the side profile makes the dress look just too tight and uncomfortable to me!

  73. I cannot imagine what she was thinking wearing that dress. Wrong season, too tight, and not suited to the occasion. She’s not in California anymore where you can wear a summer dress in the winter. In England and Europe, you dress for the season and if you don’t, people don’t think you know, maybe she’s got a point, our dress code culture is needlessly restrictive, they think you don’t know how to dress yourself properly. This doesn’t come off like a welcome breath of youthful style for the RF or as a statement about personal freedom and empowerment, it comes off as having no interest in dressing for the dignity of your position.

  74. I love the joy on Meghan’s face as she meets with the residents!

    Joined the mailing list. I’d love to try some of Lavender Hill’s products!

  75. Coat on, hair up, this is a fantastic outfit. I love it.

    Coat off, hair up… I think it might have served her better to wear her hair down. It’s all just a bit tight and the up-do contributes to that.

    But always wonderful to see Meghan. Always so happy and radiant. 🙂


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