Meghan & Harry’s Christmas Card Photo & Other Updates

We are back with several very quick updates to share. We begin with the photo the Duke and Duchess are using on their Christmas card this year. 

Kensington Palace released the photo this morning. Taken at Frogmore House during Meghan and Harry’s evening wedding reception, you can see the couple watching the fireworks show that was part of the celebration. It’s a beautiful picture, taken by portrait and fashion photographer Chris Allerton. In his bio, Mr. Allerton notes that he “developed his first roll of film at the age of 8 and has been hooked on photography since.”

The image offers just a glimpse of how Meghan’s Stella McCartney gown looked from the back. Here is a refresher on how it looked from the front that night, as the pair headed to their reception. 

Stella McCartney launched a bridal line a few months ago and the gown is part of that collection.

The Sussexes weren’t the only royals releasing Christmas card pictures today. The Cambridge family also released theirs, as did the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. To read about these cards, click here for our WKW post.  For our specific post on What Kate’s Kids Wore in the new photo, click here.


Also today, a quick update to Meghan’s calendar:

Tuesday, December 18: The Duchess will visit Brinsworth House, the Royal Variety Charity’s residential nursing and care home. Meghan will hear about the history of the facility and also take part in Christmas-themed activities with residents, including carols around the Christmas tree and arts and crafts.

It will be a treat for residents at Brinsworth House, as well as us; we’ve never done a story showcasing the House. It’s always nice to see how the funds from charitable events like the Royal Variety Performance are put to use. Below, the Duke and Duchess arriving at this year’s Performance.


Next, word that our first What Meghan Wore calendar is available for ordering!

The calendar is a desktop style, with an acrylic case that acts as an easel. It showcases the beautiful photos taken by award-winning Royal Photographer Mark Stewart. Many of you know Mark as Regal Eyes on TwitterSince it is our first Meghan calendar we have done a very small run, recognizing its release is late in the season.  As you can imagine, we’re very excited about the calendar!


In addition to the engagement on Tuesday, we should also see Meghan and Harry as they arrive for the Queen’s annual Christmas luncheon at Buckingham Palace. This will be your standard shots-through-car-windows, but it will be fun to see the Duke and Duchess heading to the festivities.




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  1. Late to the comment party…I think this looks like a postcard I could buy on a rack of “romantic” views of couples on a vacation in Anywhere. It’s impersonal and cold, despite the artistic execution of the shot. Once you know the context -Harry and Meghan at their wedding reception — it becomes off-putting because their backs are turned, as if the celebration was for them alone. Perhaps if they had been in three quarter profile I might feel differently. You know, not facing the camera but allowing it to share part of their faces and expressions. As it is, it looks and feels tone deaf.
    NOTE: admin edit

  2. I fascinated by how the skirt seems to have some kind of band behind the thighs … is this true? It seems to gather the skirt in a bit there. I wish we could truly see the back — it is a scrumptious dress. Lovely photo … makes perfect sense for them to have an unseen wedding photo for their first Christmas card, and like others I’m so excited to see Baby Sussex on someone’s lap for the next one!

    • Yes, I noticed the band too. Maybe some kind of gather? The skirt seems to fall into a graceful sort of train at the back. The photo of the dress from the front makes it look like the skirt is sort of fluted, so it makes sense that there would be a gather of some kind, to give it shape.

  3. I like the photo a lot, and I like that it’s in black and white. While I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen it for my own holiday card, I don’t think it’s inappropriate. It strikes me more as very “Millennial”–and don’t @ me, because I don’t mean that as an insult. They are Millennials, after all. I just mean, choosing something dramatic and sort of impressionistic and Instagram-worthy for a holiday card, rather than a more traditional portrait, strikes me as a more typical choice for the relatively young and childless. Soon enough, I’m sure, popular demand will more or less require them to have Mom, Dad, and Baby Sussex’s faces on their annual holiday card.

    In further defense of the photo, I don’t find anything cold or offputting about their pose. I believe the intention of the photo is to make it feel as if the viewer is part of the crowd at their wedding, watching the fireworks–to give the feeling as if you were there, right behind the happy couple, sharing their experience–not at all as if they’d turned their backs on you.
    The black-and-white lends glamour but is also, for many, a popular choice for wedding photos because it connects the image graphically back to multiple previous generations of wedding photos. My own little display of family wedding photos is all black-and-white, including my own and my siblings’. I also think that the fireworks look quite striking in black-and-white–just a shower of light. Beautiful.

  4. My husband doesn’t realize it, but he just bought the WMW Calendar for me as one of my Christmas gifts.
    I love the Sussexes’ Christmas card because It really allows us to see things from their perspective. To see how significant their wedding was and still is to them…they are still celebrating their wedding. Their unity is on full display and that maybe a silent message during all the nasty tabloid releases of late. Most of all I like that they are looking up and forward to a brillent future together.

  5. I absolutely love this photo, what a wonderful image to reflect on a most celebratory year for Harry and Meghan. I see it as them looking into the future together with great anticipation and joy, inviting the viewer to share what they see and not just gaze upon their already very familiar faces. Also in the US it’s quite traditional for a couple to use a wedding photo for their first Christmas card together. Well done.

  6. Harry and Meghan are continuing to forge their own path and stay true to themselves and their narrative, which includes a large dose of romance and glamour. This is not necessarily what we would expect from a royal Christmas card, but does seem in line with the flavor of their engagement photos (and brings it full circle since those were done at Frogmore as well). In spite of having such a huge year of events, I’m sure their wedding is still a fresh milestone they wish to commemorate. I bet next year’s card that no doubt will include their baby will have its own stye of glamour as well . . . in other words I don’t expect that their formal photos will suddenly start looking like the Cambridges. These are two very different families and we can enjoy them both.

  7. This is a very pretty and dramatic photo of M and H, we get to see the back of the dress.. i was *hoping* we would get a more casual photo like the ones they did for their engagement.. those were gorgeous. Maybe next year with baby Sussex!
    Merry Christmas ?

  8. I like this photo a lot, although I would have loved to see that firework display in colour. Harry and Meghan, although they have accomplished quite a lot since May, are basically still newlyweds, and the picture marks the fantastic celebration at the start of their royal life together. I expect that next year’s Christmas card will be much more family-oriented with the inclusion of their son or daughter.

  9. While this picture is artistically beautiful, dramatic and stunning, I don’t care for it as a Christmas card. It brings to mind the end photo one would have in a wedding album. Had I come across it anywhere but on a page dedicated to Meghan, I wouldn’t have known who the people were. It could be any random couple. Not to over analyze the meaning behind it, but it looks to me like Harry and Meghan are turning their backs on the world. Surely a Christmas card photo is supposed to share with others the joy of the season, not make people feel shut out.

    This card reminds me of some of Meghan’s outfits. She always looks beautiful, just not always appropriate for the occasion. There is no denying that this photo has great merit…just not right for a Christmas greeting to others.

    • I agree, Bonnie. I don’t dislike the photo (it’s a dramatic capture). And, I think choosing an unseen wedding/reception photo was a good choice, but this particular photo in black and white feels off for a Christmas card. I think you hit the nail on the head when you mention how their backs are turned–compare to the welcoming smiles and warmer colors in the other family holiday cards. I wondered if I would have responded to this pic as strongly if it were in color which may have given it more warmth.

    • Hi Bonnie, I agree. It is a beautiful photo, and I would love to have a similar one (from my own wedding) on the wall at home. However, as a Christmas card, standing with your backs turned seems a little cold, especially considering the card is for the British public, who support Harry and Meghan. However, the photo is very romantic, and they are newlyweds, so I can’t blame them for going with something dramatic. I’m glad to get another view of her gorgeous Stella McCartney gown. So beautiful!

  10. What a beautiful idea about the Calendar of Meghan. I wish you all the best in life. May your day filled with joyful and happiness with your loving husband, HARRY…GOD BLESSED YOU AND YOUR FAMILY…?❤?

  11. The image Meghan and Harry chose for their Christmas card is unique, creative and iconic.

    We become the photographer and experience with Meghan and Harry that special moment. While their faces are hidden all of the excitement, grandeur and promise of that evening are on display. Their silhouettes look space between them, just one.

    Merry Christmas Meghan and Harry!


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