Meghan Shines on the Red Carpet in Jason Wu for Lion King Premiere

The Duke and Duchess were on the red carpet in London tonight for the premiere of The Lion King.

The evening was a fundraiser supporting Prince Harry’s longtime conservation and service efforts in Africa. As part of the film’s rollout, Disney Studios is supporting Protect the Pride, a campaign focused on protecting and revitalizing the lion population. 

Specific beneficiaries include the Lion Recovery Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Network.

The film is a remake of the animated 1994 Lion King version.

Apparently, Harry is quite a fan of the original movie. While the Duke and Duchess were attending the 2018 WellChild Awards in September, Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English, shared this on Twitter:

There was a large crowd at the Leicester Odeon Theatre.
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Harry and Meghan did a quick walkabout and spoke with fans outside the theatre.

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More from this Hollywood Reporter story:

It may have been a cinematic date night for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as they attended Sunday’s European premiere for Disney’s revamped The Lion King, but Beyoncé Knowles-Carter maintained top billing, arriving after the royal couple.

Knowles-Carter and Donald Glover’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was aptly playing as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held hands and walked the length of the lion-paw-printed golden carpet around London’s Leicester Square, enthusiastically chatting to waiting fans.

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Meghan seemed to really be enjoying herself as she and Harry walked towards the theatre entrance.

Upon entering the theatre, the couple was greeted by Evie Chambers, 12, and Valentina Walker, 12, who gifted them a plush Simba toy for baby Archie. The girls are daughters of Disney Executives.

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For each special edition Nala or Simba plush toy purchased, $19.99, Disney will donate $5.00 to the Wildlife Conservation Network in support of Lion Recovery Fund.

Additional The Lion King movie items can be found on the Shop Disney site.

Tonight’s premiere was a star-studded event. Below, Florence Kasumba, who voices the role of Shenzi; Seth Rogen, who voiced Pumbaa, the warthog; composer Elton John, who also sings one of the songs in the film; Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, who voices Nala, the female lion lead; Pharrell Williams, who contributed to the soundtrack; and lyricist Tim Rice.

mbed from Getty Images

Back to The Hollywood Reporter piece for insight on the 2019 Lion King cast, including a quote from Keegan-Michael Key, who voices Kamari.

The fact that this new Lion King has been cast appropriately was something Keegan-Michael Key was keen to champion: “It seems almost obvious that we are looking at a story that is universal but is also very African,” Key said in London, “and the majority of people that live on the continent of Africa have melanin in their skin and I think that should be represented. I know they are animals, but it helps us tell human stories through people who are often not given the opportunity to tell those stories.”

The talk of the town, some of the trending topics on social media in the past week have been — “OMG, Meghan is going to meet BEYONCE!” and “Will Meghan and Beyoncé arrive together?!” Everyone should brace themselves for Internet meltdown!
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A video of the Duchess and Beyoncé.

More from The Daily Mail’s coverage:

Inside the Odeon cinema, Meghan greeted Beyoncé warmly, the two women hugging each other like old friends.

Harry and Meghan, who watch the live-action remake of the classic 1990s film this evening, received parenting advice from Beyoncé and Jay-Z, with the couple telling the new parents to ‘always find time for themselves.’

‘The baby, so beautiful,’ cooed Beyoncé.

Embed from Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess shared additional photos and a message on their Sussex Royal Instagram account.


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This evening, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended #TheLionKing European premiere in London at the Odeon Theatre. In celebration of the film’s release, The Walt Disney Company announced #ProtectThePride, a global conservation campaign to support efforts protecting the rapidly diminishing lion population across Africa. As a part of their commitment to this cause, Disney also made a donation to The Duke of Sussex’s upcoming environment & community initiative which will be formally announced this autumn. The Duke and Duchess are committed to advancing conservation efforts across Africa and around the world, and working with communities to ensure a sustainable future for the planet. This evening Their Royal Highnesses had the pleasure of meeting the cast and creative team behind the film, as well as supporters of @africanparksnetwork, of which The Duke is President. Photo credit: PA images / Getty images – Chris Jackson

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

Now we’ll look at what Meghan wore for this evening’s event.

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The Duchess’ dress is The Jason Wu Collection Mesh Panel Fit and Flare Dress in black($2450).

The midi-length dress is 100% acetate and features a round neck, sheer sleeves and upper bodice, a fitted waist, mesh panels and an invisible back zipper.

The back of the dress on Meghan.

Our thanks to Lexy on Twitter for the dress ID.

Meghan carried her Gucci ‘Broadway’ clutch in black with a butterfly clasp, $2390.

Her shoes are by Aquazzura, The Portrait of a Lady style in black ($950).

The shoe is done in a soft grosgrain fabric in black with a pointed toe; it is decorated with crystals at the ankle strap.

Meghan also has the style in the Admiral Blue color; she wore the pair to the 100 Days of Peace Concert back in September of 2018.

UPDATE 15 July: Meghan had on what we were thinking was an entirely new pair of earrings this evening. They are by Nikos Koulis and are from the jeweler’s Oui Diamond Collection. They are the white gold earrings with emerald cut white diamonds and black enamel.

After some research we’ve found the earrings from several stockists with diamonds in varying sizes and prices. As we’re not sure the exact size of Meghan’s earrings we feel it’s only fair that we do not list a price.

A version of these earrings is currently available from Neiman Marcus (shown below, far right), however the black enamel casing appears wider along the edges and more angular on the corners. We are thinking this is another size of the earrings. 

Meghan wearing earring / Nikos Koulis image / Neiman Marcus image

Thanks to Michelle of @PerthsFashion for pointing this out.   

It is thought that the earrings are interchangeable. Twitter follower Anne Young did some research and found pieces by Nikos Koulis that are detachable. If this is the case, it’s possible that the emerald cut diamond earrings the Duchess wore for Trooping the Colour back in June are the same earrings, without the outer black enamel casing.

For those interested, Beyonce’s dress this evening is by Vietnamese designer Nguyen Cong Tri.

She accessorized with jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz, a clutch bag by Anna Cecere, and Jimmy Choo Misty sandals.


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  1. Since we agreed to differ, I want to respectfully differ with everybody thinking it is OK to wear a dress that is now too tight, because it will/might fit better “later”. It is as if the assumption is there that Meghan will “later” be smaller than she is now. Maybe she won’t be. Maybe she stays as she is now forever and that should be perfectly OK. We must just hope she gets enough guidance to feel she should not buy clothes “which might fit better later”. “Later” can bring it’s own styles and choices, be it smaller or bigger, it does not matter. Let us hope she embraces “now” and find what perfectly fits and looks and feels comfortable for whatever “now” she is in, in a particular stage of her life. As should all women.

  2. Love the dress although it is too tight around the bust and arm area the shoes are fantastic but look even better in the navy colour.Her hair is very classy chic and pretty the clutch suits the outfit but i would of proffered longer glitzy earrings instead!

  3. Those shoes are my favourites! Years ago I bought a pair of black patent leather slingbacks in a similar style. I liked them so much that I also bought a gold pair in the same style. I remember that they were quite expensive, but I just had to have them! I think I wore them twice. Last year I wore the gold pair to a wedding. They are still as good as new. The only problem is that my feet are not designed for slingbacks. They keep slipping down. I bought some gel grips that seemed to help.

  4. I forgot to say earlier that the shoes are gorgeous, the whole look blends beautifully! I think pulled back hair is less high maintenance with a new baby, it was for me! With the exception of the dress being a bit tight, it was an all around win.

  5. I think Meghan looks stunning. The dress is gorgeous and the shoes are stunning. Out with her beau celebrating an interesting movie in a stunning location. Such a wonderful time of your life, a beautiful baby at home taking in all the nuances of a newly born infant. Unfortunately the fashion police won’t leave you alone criticising every single crease of your frock, style of your hair, point of your shoe and even frown on your face.

  6. I am obviously in a minority here but I think the earrings with those inserts are awful. They appear to be quite large emerald cut ‘studs’ but the surround makes them look tacky. As others have said, something a bit more dangly would have looked so much better, especially with the plain severity of the hair style.

  7. I hope this comment follows your guidelines. But I think the issue with Meghan’s choices for her outfits is that my hunch is she chooses outfits she likes rather than what she ‘should’ wear. I think she likes tighter fitting clothing and darker colours for example…so I think that is where the ‘no’ or ‘misses’ happen for us followers. On the other hand, Kate seems to have come to know her ‘role’ a bit better, obviously she has been at it longer, and will choose outfits that suit the ‘role’ and ‘occasion’..not necessarily what she would choose on her own. JMO. For some reason, I thought this dress was navy. Upon reading the comments, I suppose it IS black. Unfortunate, because I really think navy is Meghan’s colour. If she was set on Jason Wu, who I love as a designer, what are you thoughts on these?

  8. I love the black dress although it doesn’t fit properly. I love her whole look… However, I would have chosen this look for another occasion. Since the Lion King is a movie, I would have chosen something more playful and with more colors…

  9. I thought Meghan looked beautiful, the baby glow is incredible, but the fit of the dress was off. Like Meghan I am short waisted & knowing how not to make your midsection look thicker or cutting you in half is a big challenge & dressing after having a baby is horrible enough but I can’t image it on Meghan’s level. When she wears sheath dresses she looks amazing & the fit is great but most of her clothes, while beautiful, some aspect always looks off be it tailoring or style of the clothing. She really should have a stylist that knows how clothes should fit & what would look amazing on her while fitting into a royal style that would be unique to Meghan. If her dress had princess seams that elongated her instead of how the dress was cut it would have fit her much better.

  10. I like the dress although I do wish she chose a vibrant color for the lion king. The hair looks limp.

    But god I love her makeup. I wish I had that dewy glow!

  11. Totally agree with the bad fit. Still, Meghan looks lovely. On Instagram there is a picture of her on the back where you see that the side seams are not aligned. Who knows what’s going on there?

    • I would also love to know how come the side seams are not alligned. I do a bit of neddlework for myself and I would take a dress apart more than once if the side seams of the bodice and skirt are not perfectly alligned. If this is some upmarket design style I am not aware of; I dont know. If it was just left like that due to the seemstress not caring then it is shockingly poor workmanship and a dishonour to the fashion house. Maybe somebody with fashion contacts can solve the riddle for us.

  12. Now this how you wear a little black dress. Simple hairstyle, understated jewelry and accessories that set off the simplicity of the dress. And a very happy smile! Coco Chanel is smiling.

  13. I love this style of dress and think it really suits her, that whole “New Look” Christian Dior inspired style suits her style and taste, I think. Shoes and bag are perfect accessories too. As personal preferences, I think a top knot and bigger earrings would’ve looked less severe but she does look fabulous.

    The fit is slightly off but I still thought she looked marvellous. I’m sure a tailor and stylist would make life easier for her. It’s a thumbs up from me!

  14. Those are some substantial sized diamonds – but yet not very sparkly/eye catching. If I was told they were costume jewelry I would have believed it! Very clever to have the interchangeable backing.

  15. Love the dress and shoes, but this kind of dress begs for 2 things. Hair down in waves and drop earrings. As others have said, the fit is off, not by much mind you….just enough to make you notice and move on. Meghan’s glow is just the thing right now! Her beauty is just bursting out from within and that’s great to see. Both her and Harry looked absolutely splendid!

  16. I love the classic, sleek lines of her dress, and her shoes are fabulous! However, the dress seems a little too snug. It’s pulling across the front and rippling in the back. A larger size was needed. However, those at the event probably didn’t notice at all, since they were looking at Meghan’s lovely face!

  17. With regards to comments – the following topics/keywords should be left OUT of the “conversation”:

    Breastfeeding/nursing – we have no idea whether or not the Duchess is or isn’t nursing. It was never mentioned, from what we’ve read, by the Duchess at engagements and should be considered a matter of privacy.

    Body/Image –
    Any references to body shape ie; pear, apple for example, should be left out. However, it is OK to use the terms — Long Torso, Short torso and the like.
    Weight – too heavy, too thin, gain/loss – this is a very sensitive subject for a lot of women (and men too!). Whether the Duchess has just given birth, or it is six months from now or six years from now – the subject matter of weight should be left out.

    As we’ve stated in our current policy, “when in doubt, leave it out”.

    We will be updating our Comment Policy to include similar verbiage to that of the above as well as some additional items. Subject to change as we deem necessary.

    Critiquing fashioning should be done politely, respectfully and gracefully – this applies to agreeing to disagree with others. We would like to continue to keep the WMW community positive, fun and respectful.

    Thank you, “The Susans”

    • Thanks for the reminder, really appreciate the trouble you go to to maintain the quality of this site. It’s all too easy to slip into a conversation and start wandering off-topic, particularly for those of us who chat online on both Facebook and Twitter. It’s helpful to get the warning light on those specific topics 🙂

    • I certainly respect all you have said about how comments should be worded. Unless I am out of the country with spotty internet, I try to comment on each blog you post. A couple of times I’ve received Note: Admin edit. The last time was about that baggy, olive green dress. I’ve learned from my mistakes and am glad I don’t make them too often. I think the most important thing to remember is the name of the blog. What Meghan WORE. If we make that the priority, it will help us to not stray too far off the topic. Thanks Susan(s) for all you do. WKW and WMW are bright lights in this often messed up world.

    • Thankyou Susan for the update. I am absolutely appalled at some of the personal comments about Meghan. Many are borderline bullying

  18. First off, her beautiful glow is the first thing you notice in the photos. It’s that new mom glow and happiness that shines past her clothing. I love her shoes and the earrings, but the fit of this dress is completely off. I sympathize with her as my daughter was born a week after Archie, so we’re very close in the postpartum journey. Very little of my pre-baby clothing fits, and it’s mainly because of the chest area. It’s amazing how going up a couple of cup sizes totally changes the way your clothing fits! I feel like she might be struggling with the same issue of the unexpected change in cup size, which fits tighter than expected. For the average person, going up a couple sizes might cause the rest of the dress to be overwhelmingly large to achieve the right fit in the chest. However, Meghan has access to good tailors that the average person might not and should have went with a larger size. This dress is very pretty in theory, but the sizing kind of ruined it. But despite the fit issues, I’m just drawn to her pretty face and glow, which is what we all hope is the first thing people notice about us.

  19. I think Meghan looks lovely. The fit of the dress was a little off, but honestly, the dress was such a sleek, classic “win” for me that I don’t care if it pulls a little or seems a bit tight.

    note: admin edit

  20. As this is a fashion site, I will comment on Meghan’s attire:
    I do love the dress on the hanger, but I don’t think it was the right choice for Meghan now.
    Unfortunately, the dress falls into the category of making me wonder, “She has all the money and resources in the world, and THIS is what she chose?!?!”
    I understood why Meghan wanted to wear that green dress to the polo match, but I cannot quite fathom why she thought this dress would be a good idea for an event where close-up cameras and powerful cameras would capture every nuance of the outfit. Yes, I know how a postpartum body can be utterly mystifying in terms of the way it changes so rapidly — I’ve been there myself, and it is frustrating — but I do think that outfits should be planned with the unexpected changes in mind.
    This dress, although beautiful and simplistically elegant, did not fit properly. She seemed to be spilling out of it, and all I could think of when I saw it was, “Ouch!” I do hope that it wasn’t actually as uncomfortable as it looked!
    I could picture many, many more dresses that are more forgiving on a postpartum body and are still magnificent.
    On another note, I loved the shoes — what exquisite detail on the backs!
    If I may comment on Beyonce’s outfit, I will just say that I wished she had left something to the imagination. My personal preference is that less (skin) is more 🙂

    All that said, what a fun outing to read about! Definitely a highlight! This week has been a fantastic one in terms of royal watching… And now we can gear up for quiet summer break from the royals. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer, vacation or no vacation!

    note: admin edit

  21. although the dress is gorgeous on its own, as other have stated, it does not fit well & appears to be too tight at the neck, arms & bosom level. and as others have also stated, this site is about fashion & nothing else should be inferred when someone makes a comment about fit, style, color of the outfit etc

  22. I think she looks great! Fit is a little off, but I think it was very appropriate for the evening and she and Harry look very happy together. Since Beyonce was included in the post, I have to say “no” just “no” for her dress. It looks like she is not wearing any underwear.

  23. She looks so happy! Love the dress and that the waist line was changed…but it looks too tight and uncomfortable. The shoes are divine. I too wish she would soften her hair style. As I stated on the Polo Match article, I believe she would benefit from the help of a stylist–or a very honest friend.

  24. Meghan looks right in her element on a red (excuse me, gold) carpet, and I’m not surprised she made the appearance when seeing her huge smile in every photo. It must be nice that even though she gave up her career she still occasionally has the opportunity to revisit it through film premieres, Royal Variety events, and her theatre patronage.

    The dress is gorgeous. Yes, it doesn’t fit perfectly right now, but I really can’t fault her for that. I wonder if maybe she bought it early in her pregnancy but didn’t end up wearing it, and now post-baby the fit is just a bit off. I hope we see the dress again as I’m sure it will look even more stunning on Meghan again soon. In this instance I’m glad she stuck to her trusty neutrals, black was certainly not out of place at an event like this and I imagine the Duchess felt a lot more comfortable in one of her favourite shades. The shoes are even more divine in black, really letting the straps pop.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t like Beyoncé’s dress at all. She usually looks great in yellow but this shade does not photograph well at all, and I find the way the dress drapes really unflattering.

    Thank you for sharing the WellChild Awards story where Harry and Meghan talked about their favourite Disney movies. I like that Harry could pick a favourite scene from Moana – I’m just imagining him watching the film on repeat while babysitting the Cambridge children!

  25. I love this dress. I think it’s beautiful—a perfect little black cocktail dress. Meghan looks gorgeous and sophisticated. Unfortunately, though, as others have mentioned, it’s too small for her to wear right now. I know what it’s like not to be able to fit into an outfit I had been planning to wear, so I am not in any way shaming her. However, I don’t have Meghan’s extensive wardrobe. You’d think she would have had another dress to put on as a backup. Nonetheless, the entire look is classy and elegant.

  26. I can’t be the only one that thinks this dress didn’t suit her at all, and hair in that bun is too tight. Beyoncé didn’t look great either – there are no
    Words to describe that ensemble.

    note: admin edit

    • She looks beautiful but I think I agree… dress just looks uncomfortable! I also didn’t love her hair. Another poster said this dress calls for soft curls and dangly earrings. I agree there. I’m also postpartum right now… my son was born before Archie, so I completely get the struggle!

      Her shoes are delicious… I liked them in blue but the black is going on my wish list!

  27. The Duchess looks lovely. Her hair and makeup spot on. Shoes are absolutely gorgeous (the blue pair in photo I adore!) her clutch is my favourite. The dress I am not a fan of at all. Another colour would have been nice, but that is personal preference. Whatever stage you are in that moment you need to go with what suits your figure and unfortunately this does not fit so well. Prince Harry in that tux, looked so handsome.

  28. I think the Duchess looks beautiful tonight. Her dress looked lovely on her. The length was perfect! Those beautiful shoes!!!! Handbag and hair were lovely too. As much as I love those earrings I feel that the dress could have been better suited from a diamond drop earring. Adding a bit of length and extra sparkles around her face. I can not image the pressure and guts it would take to walk out knowing everyone is looking at her figure. This is a beautiful ensemble and the pair looked royal and elegant!

  29. Anyone else think this might be altered to be more empire-waist than the original? The bodice looks shorter to me, like the skirt was brought up a few inches.

    • I thought the same thing too. It looked like it was hitting the waist on the model but was a little bit higher up the ribcage on Meghan. But maybe Meghan just has a longer than average torso?

      • Actually if you look at pre baby pictures you can tell she’s very short waisted. Whoever altered the dress did a very poor job. The zipper was literally busting at the seems. The dress its self is pretty but absolutely the wrong size. If she has gone up 1-2 sizes and had it altered correctly it would have looked much more polished. She has access to resources we could only dream about. Absolutely no excuse why her tailor did much a bad job.

  30. I love this dress, the cut is something I would personally wear, but i agree with everyone that the fit is all wrong. Her bust looks awkward, I wish she would ditch the strapless bras for sewn in cups. That coupled with the poor fit across the neckline and waist just make her look wider than she is. I have a 9 week old so I understand where she is at in the postpartum life and how hard it is to dress your body at this stage so I can’t fault her. I just wish her stylist would get her a good tailor and find some dresses a size up or two for the coming months. I hate the thought of this beautiful new mama squeezing into uncomfortable dresses. Her appearance at the polo match shows she’s much happier when she can move comfortably in what she’s wearing.

    • You are spot on. I love her style it really wish her clothes fit better. She looks beautiful but the awkward fit kind of ruins it.

    • I completely agree with the sewn in cups. I have a theatre costume background and including foundation elements into the garment always helps to make it “read” better, particularly in bright daylight.

  31. She looks great! Love the dress, SHOES!!!, earrings everything! I’m glad she was able to join Harry in supporting this cause and see what looks like a great movie too! For just having a baby two months ago she looks wonderful and NORMAL for a woman at that stage.

  32. I thought Meghan looked simply stunning in this outfit, i love seeing how a class designer like Jason Wu can take the classic LBD and cut it so beautifully it looks out of the ordinary. I also like the extra tweaks via the sheer bodice panel and sleeves and the keyhole opening at the back.

    Meghan’s accessories are inspired, the beautiful Nikos Koulis studs are pitch perfect with their two-tone pale inner and dark frame in keeping with the Gucci clutch and its dark inner with gilt frame. It’s also very fine that both are square in shape, and it’s most fitting that Meghan’s Aquazzura slingbacks should round off the two-tone theme with the contrast crystal-embellished back strap on a black shoe.

    I love seeing her hair up in these polished styles which must make life easier for her when working the crowd and it’s wonderful how the sleek style frames her face and shows off her natural beauty. This one’s an all-round win for me.

  33. We know by now the DoS favours classic with a twist LBDs — and they suit her. Personally for a summer evening event I would have leaned toward a lighter colour and more forgiving fabric, although structure can be good. And as per comments on the DoC’s Saturday Wimbledon re-wear, tailoring is everything. I’d also guess Meghan has other priorities on her mind the past seven weeks. And that she has her own struggles with body image, confidence, change, like any of us, but plus thousands of cameras and critiques. So I’ll continue to hope “basic black” doesn’t become too much of a default. That she finds a brilliant seamstress, and other sound, helpful experts to help her in the limelight. And that she enjoys rest of her mat leave after a very fast-paced two years.

  34. As has been said, the dress is wrong for her now. Too tight. A smooth sheath would have done her well.

    note: admin edit

  35. I love the style of this dress and I think the issue of fit will be resolved eventually. It’s only been a few months since she gave birth!

    Does anyone else think the earrings are very 80s? Interchangeable backs? I had earrings like those growing up! (Mine did not cost $12,000….Are we sure there’s not an extra zero on there?) I think the black backing makes it look very 80s. Not my favorite style. I wish she had just worn the diamonds plain.

    • Hi Louise, I’ve updated the post regarding the earrings. I’ve removed the pricing and linked to Nikos Koulis’ website where the earrings are shown. I had done a bit of research after Michelle, on Twitter, pointed out that the pair listed on Neiman’s looked slightly off from the pair Meghan is wearing. As we do not know the exact size of the pair Meghan is wearing, it seemed only fair to remove the price, link to the ones on NK’s site and then list the Neiman’s pair further down for anyone that would like information on an available pair. The earrings, for all we know, could have been a gift from someone outside the Royal Family as well. All food for thought. Thanks, Susan C.

  36. Not so much. Someone really needs to help her. At the very least, show her photos of herself in a dress before she wears it in public. Her look at Wimbledon the day before was better (more accommodating) for her changing figure.

  37. Meghan is glowing and looks just lovely. I loved her hair and make up and her shoes are to die for. I haven’t yet said this but I don’t think Jason Wu is a designer that should be dressing her. Every Jason Wu design Meghan has worn has been just slightly off. The waist of the dress isn’t on her natural waist and it just looks a bit tight and uncomfortable. I love overall look and idea, but I don’t think it was executed very well with the dress.

    • I actually agree. I think she always looks lovely but she should be helped by a professional. Her outfits always have something to be improved: too simple, too pretentious, too large or too tight . I really do not get why. At Wimbledon for instance she chose two nice items taken separately, but not good together (Never wear two different shades of white, that’s a basic style rule she also broke in Ascot last year) .
      Here the dress is very elegant and consistent with the engagement, though it pulls here and there, but that’s because of the fabric ( I know bc I possess a similar one by a famous Italian brand) .
      Instead I think both earrings and hair style were too severe and made her look older. A high ballerina bum with drop earring could have made the overall look fresher. Anyway they looked happy and that’s what matters.

      • Hi Marci – I beg to differ on the topic of mixing different shades of white together – you can mix shades of white as there is no written rule on this. It has been done over and over in the fashion world now for years. Here is an article from InStyle 2016 with a slide show – Gigi Hadid executes perfectly mixing bright white, cream white and animal print flats. Kerry Washington pulls it off with a cream and black blazer dress and white lace contrast cami underneath it. I think it’s fine and when I first saw Meghan getting out of the car at Wimbledon I thought the outfit was perfect for the occasion. I didn’t even notice if the whites were an exact match or not. – Thx, Susan C.

        • In the past, mixing whites was a no no, but like mixing navy and black, it is now accepted. It depends on what you like. I still don’t care for it, but others may. The old rules still hold sway with some. But, it’s great to have choices. I think Meghan’s choice of black was perfect for evening and postpartum, although it was a bit tight. Overall, a lovely outfit. Beyone’s dress was all around unattractI’ve and too revealing. She, however is a very beautiful woman.

          note: admin edit

  38. I really like this dress, it’s a style I would definitely wear. The shoes and bag are beautiful. But as many others have commented, the fit was very poor. I am truly puzzled about the pushback that honest feedback like that is receiving here and on FB. My understanding was that this is a site to critique fashion, not simply a fan site. All the replies about Meghan having a post-partem body/breastfeeding etc are honestly irrelevant in my opinion. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone unkindly comment on any aspect of her body. Just simply that the dress is too tight and the fit is poor, and IMO those are valid comments. Whether she’s thinner/heavier or pregnant/post-partem or breastfeeding/not or young/old — there is a dress out there to fit every “body” well if appropriately sized and tailored correctly. Meghan is a very smart woman with a ton of money and loads of resources at her disposal. You simply don’t choose a dress in a fabric that “unforgiving” (for lack of a better word) in her current situation. And certainly not for an event with this high of a profile. It was simply a poor choice and I agree with those who have expressed that she really needs to get a stylist. Not because she doesn’t have good taste or doesn’t “know” her own taste, but because she often has issues with fit and maybe she (like all of us) could learn something from a professional. (Or a different professional, if she is in fact currently using a stylist)

    • LT – I agree that she would/could benefit from having a stylist at her disposal in London/UK. If even someone on her staff that could speak up and say, respectfully, that something is off, not structured and hanging just right. I would always want someone to tell me if a dress or outfit looks ok or not and to be honest with me. Again, we have no idea if someone actually is helping her at all or what the circumstances are. I have faith in due time it will work itself out. I know all her outfits before she moved to the UK and I have faith all will fall into place. 🙂 – Susan C.

      • Yes. I agree with you both. Meghan does have great style and clearly loves clothes and trying out new things but she could do with a really good friend close by to give her a yay or nay when she’s working out what to wear. Its part of her new job to dress properly for many different occasions and its not easy doing that in the public eye. I don’t think the designers are always being kind to her either. She could do with someone prepared to speak their mind kindly to her and the designers.

    • I agree, to some extent. But on the other hand, being postpartum means your figure is changing on a daily basis–especially if you are nursing, which she may be, though of course we don’t know. Your bustline can change by the hour. I think people are just saying they’re inclined to be forgiving about fit issues. This could have fit her completely differently the day before or indeed the day after.

      • I agree with your comment about the issues of a post-partum body, I remember from my own personal experences. However, I have to assume that Meghan also knows those things over 2 months out from Archie’s birth. So, given the realities of her life right now, it was not wise to choose a fabric and style that is so unforgiving. There are many dresses she could have chosen — fabrics and styles — that would have helped to disguise those very issues rather than highlight them. Both of her outfits at Wimbledon (although less formal attire) are examples of her good choices. This premiere was a big event. She should have had a stylist working with her. And if she did, then that person didn’t do their job well for her.

        note: admin edit

    • Very very well said. I totally agree. Somebody 70kg heavier or 20kg lighter could still look gorgeous in a dress that fits properly and actually looks comfortable to wear. My favourite chick flick ‘Last Holiday’ shows a stunning, bigger sized Queen Latifah in divine and sexy outfits (one actually looks a bit like the Pretty Woman red dress! ) – and she looks a million dollars in all of them because they fit her properly. If she looses weight or gain she wil still look amazing because she will adjust the sizes. Meghan’s clothes always seem to hover between either too big or too small and hardly ever sits just right. Excellent idea to take a picture and see how it looks before going out.

  39. The Duchess looks beautiful. The dress is gorgeous and timeless, although the fit on the bodice is too tight as others have pointed out. It is an excellent choice for a royal to wear to an event like this. I do wish she had worn her hair down. I love sparkly things so those earrings and shoes make me very happy. Prince Harry in a tux is the best accessory of all.

  40. I would love to see Meghan’s hair with a softer silhouette — up in a French twist, perhaps, instead of the ubiquitous bun – and with some fullness on the top and sides. I think it would provide better balance to her overall look. As others have suggested, with the money spent and the resources available, it’s astonishing how often her clothes lack sufficient tailoring. I do think this dress, which is gorgeous, is just too small — no amount of tailoring would have made the neckline stop slicing into her neck. But the bodice itself, in its length, was always going to be problematic. As much as I love dresses and heels, for her current figure I would have liked to have seen her wear a glitzed-up tuxedo or palazzo pants with a hip-length jacket — and how much more comfortable would she have been? The subject of a stylist puzzles me — Meghan is obviously extremely interested in fashion and she has two eyes. What she really needs is someone who will express their honest opinion about how SHE looks in an outfit, not whether it’s the current fashion, etc.

    • I have to agree with your comment about the clothing not being properly altered. In her economic bracket she can have all her clothes tailored. Is there a reason why she’s not getting them all professionally fitted?

  41. Hi,

    I am a long time reader and first time poster. Thank you for this lovely tasteful site!
    I agree, the DoS used to look fabulous in her dresses before pregnancy. Even if they often were a tiny bit on the thight side — not including her wedding dress of all things. But she seems to not be able to geht over her former body image. She still is petite and slim. But with this kind of repeated issues with sizing she is not anymore underlining her stunning natural beauty. And the postpartum period does IMO not sufficiently explain that with someone of her wealth. That said, the dress is totally Doir New Look with a modern twist, gorgeous!

  42. She looks beautiful. As a mum of three young children I remember how difficult with feeding it could be to get the fit spot on. Sometimes things may be spot on after a feed but a bit snug later in the evening until you got a chance to express. Managing this is the public eye would be a challenge and I think she is doing brilliantly. Many famous women disappear for six months post birth. It’s a privilege to be able to enjoy her contributing to her organizations is such a precious family time.

  43. Meghan looks so elegant and sophisticated! The midi length of the skirt is ladylike and balances out the sexier, sheer sleeves and top of the dress. I love her sleek hairstyle, impeccable makeup, and rhinestone heels. Just the right amount of sparkle! I agree with other posters who thought bodice of the dress seemed a bit too tight, but overall a definite win in my book. Meghan seemed so genuine, warm, and happy in the pictures and video – what a lovely evening!

  44. First of all I love the royal family and am a keen watcher across a few different sites. Kate and Meghan bring a touch of glamour as well as fulfilling their roles across charity and other events. What I find quite disappointing is how some women tear others apart purely based on their clothes and appearance. 3 sites I follow are all about positivity, supporting women and celebrating their success. Rarely do I see a comment about appearance and if so the admin intervenes and reminds about protocol. Yes I know this site is called whatmeghanwore but where is the respect and good manners, for example this woman has just birthed a baby yet some commentators are shaming the outfit thinking it is too tight. Please share your own photo post partum and let their be free comment on your body shape and clothes . I assume my comment won’t get published but if so please don’t bother slamming me as well. Your comments about Meghan will keep your negative energy going for sometime

    • Sally, I have just finished reading almost all of the replies and have not noticed negativity targeted against Meghan, but rather against the fit of the dress. Most people here, in my view, are merely stating what is an observable fact: the dress, while pretty in design, is ill fitting. I have also noticed commenters being sensitive to her post-partum state and the difficulty of finding adequate clothing at such stage. I think the issue is that most of us, I assume, are not public figures exposed to public scrutiny and also do not have the same access to the fashion advisors that Meghan might have, yet have enough of a fashion sense to observe when an item is too tight or lose or inadequate in certain places. Clothing makers these days offer sizings for pretty much every weight on the spectrum, and is in that light that Meghan’s choice of dress size is a bit perplexing.
      So, I beg you to look at commenters in the forgiving light that they, too, are displaying with respect to Meghan. This is, after all, a fashion site and we will all have to inevitably have to agree to respectfully disagree on occasion. Warm regards.

    • Hi Sally – I do not agree that anybody is tearing Meghan or other royals down or body-shaming them on this fashion site. There has not been one single negative comment about Meghan’s body. Kate, who is as slim as a willow had a dress getting the same comments – about being too small, tight, awfully tailored, etc. It is not about the body, but the choice of clothes that are put on the body. As you mentioned. There are many sites out there for all kinds of tastes. Some are fan worship only, and some are fashion critique sites and I think all should find what interests them and then follow those sites that meet the individual tastes without shaming others who have different tastes and purposes for following a site. If the royal women have the money and resources available to them to take an already exquisitely expensive dress and have it altered to their taste (changing short sleeves to long, circle cut a skirt instead of gathering it and shortening the bodice of a dress, a few examples )- then surely those same expertise, money and resources could have been applied to make the dress fit properly and make sure there are no awkward seams, bulging zippers, etc. – be you be willowy Kate or a curvier Meghan. I think Sophie of Wessex is a prime example. In pictures, it is clear that she loses and gains weight like the rest of us mortals and her body changes – but she always looks stunning, and dressed perfectly for whatever her shape and size are at a given moment. She is playful and a bit daring with her fashion in the most tasteful way – I mean – a royal blue jumpsuit at a formal occasion! And she pulled it off.

  45. I love the idea of this dress for her, but it’s too small. Her body is obviously still changing so a more forgiving material and/or cut would have been better. But I love the hair and makeup, and she looks so relaxed and happy!

    note: admin edit

    • Ah lads, have a heart. She is two months post pregnancy. Why be so critical. She looks beautiful and its great to see her out and about again and blooming with happiness

    • The dress is pretty but it doesn’t seem like it has been chosen well for her, or fit well for her. It accentuates that she is short-waisted which makes it appear unflattering. It’s a nice length, and it moves elegantly when she walks – and the shoes are interesting and add a nice detail of interest for an all black outfit, and she’s got showoff-worthy slim legs. But the top of the dress is just not flattering for her bodytype, or fitted well for her, presently.
      As for Beyonce – I think that split on her dress is unflattering and vulgar.

  46. I love love love the shoes. Her legs look great in them. Great earrings, especially if they are convertible. But something about the dress is just off. It’s obviously too tight in places, pulling, which never looks good on anyone. I think there is something off in the proportions around the chest to waist area, too short waisted. It made her seem stocky, and she’s never looked stocky before. I feel that the dress is a big miss I’m sorry to say. Her hair and makeup look lovely. The most important thing, though, is she looked like she had a good time. I hope it was a fun evening out for them!

  47. I like the idea of the dress. It’s sophisticated, a nice length, and appropriate for the event. I like the sheer part. And, it is a beautiful navy , which is becoming Meghan’s go to colour I believe. BUT, as the others have commented, the fit is not quite right. The tight bodice and folds of fabric up top make it look less ‘finished’ for me.

  48. What a terrific and timeless look for the Duchess. I love her hairstyle with this outfit, and how nice that her earrings can change with the outfit when appropriate. The shoes are to die for. I agree that the top is too tight on her dress, but maybe we’ll get a repeat of this dress down the line when it will most likely fit better. Otherwise the dress is gorgeous.

  49. Long time reader, first time commenting. First I’d like to thank the ladies who keep this and the WKW sites updated with not only the fashion information, but what is actually going on at the events. Wonderful coverage! My comment regarding the fashion is this; it’s extremely difficult to go from knowing what you can wear without thinking twice about it for 30+ years then suddenly realize NOTHING fits like you think it should. Even just a couple of bra sizes up can completely throw you off, nevermind your entire body going up a few sizes. I normally have a figure more like Kate’s only I have the high natural waist, or short waisted/short torso, instead of her long torso. I had major surgery back in September that drove me up two clothing sizes in everything. Bras, underwear, shirts, pants. I can’t for the life of me go to a store anymore and buy something I’m used to, even in a bigger size, it just doesn’t fit right. Yes, Meghan has resources that none of us has, but it’s not just that. It’s a mental thing that is hard to get past. Neither she nor I know if we’re stuck in our current foreign bodies for good or if things will go back to what we know to be normal. Should she make sure what she wears out the door fits her well? Yes. Or at least have someone be honest with her. She is, after all, a very public figure now representing the British Royal Family and that’s a big deal, but let’s try to give her some grace. She’s got more on her plate every single time she walks out the door than any of us will ever have to deal with, from how she looks to how she holds her baby, so let’s be kind.

    • Dawn, I agree, not much kindness about Meghan and her appearance. Too many faceless keyboard warriors who are quick to make judgement.

    • Dawn, I am sorry to hear about your back surgery. I hope you are recovering well. I have gained or lost 50 pounds many, many times in my life and it affects the style/type/color of clothes I wear. I don’t think people are being unkind to the Duchess but this site is about fashion. I haven’t read a post that hasn’t said one or more positive thing about the DoS; beautiful hair and make up, shoes to die for, wonderful earrings, etc. but the button line is this site is about fashion.

      • Katie, thank you, I am recovering slowly but surely. 🙂 I totally understand this is a fashion site and folks are here to talk about fashion and all it entails. I just wanted to give a different perspective on why/how Meghan seems to consistently leave the house in clothes that obviously don’t fit well, starting with the clothing she wore on tour last year. We all assume it’s as simple as ‘she has resources we don’t to help her dress better’ when it’s not always that simple at all. I cringe often when I see how clothing looks on her but then remind myself to not be too down on her. Obviously it doesn’t bother me so much that I don’t rush here to see what she wore. 🙂

  50. Gorgeous! She always nails the little details. The earrings, clutch, and statement shoes add pizazz to an ensemble built around a simple dress. I hope that this dress is widely copied. The cut is flattering on many figures and the sheer overlay is a great option for women who are modest, insecure about their arms, or might get cold.

  51. Meghan is certainly in her element tonight! She is glowing! Who is the woman to her left in a black striped dress and jacket with a decoration? She is often in pictures. Thank you, You must be keeping very late hours to keep up with two sites this weekend! Kudos to you!

  52. It’s such a lovely dress, but the bodice is a bit snug. She seems to have alot of fit issues in the bodice area. I wonder if that is because she is very short waisted?

  53. Meghan looks very nice. The all black attire is elegant and appropriate for this occasion. The bodice of the dress is too snug and this shows in puckers in the back, which don’t appear in the back on the model.
    The shoes are very va va va boom and the jewelled sling backs make them perfect for formal attire. Meghan’s earrings are stunning, especially if they can be interchanged with different coloured backings. And isn’t Harry handsome in his tuxedo?

  54. While the dress is lovely and occasion appropriate, it did not fit the duchess. It looked too tight in the bust. Shoes, jewelry, and purse were great. At this point, post pregnancy when one’s body is adjusting to a new norm, perhaps something a little looser and less structured would be better.

    Note: admin edit

    • Agree. The tightness across the bust was the first thing I noticed, and it’s tight across the back, too. I would have liked to see a less severe hairstyle, but am glad to be able to see her beautiful earrings. Those shoes are divine!

  55. I think she looks wonderful. This is such a flattering silhouette on her–that kind of New Look full skirt. She has such enviably slim legs and ankles. Just made for showing off fabulous shoes like these. A bright lip might have been fun, but that’s not a complaint, just a little whim.

    Beyonce–whoa, girl, that’s a lotta leg.

  56. The plush Simba and Nala dolls can be found at most US Disney Stores or online on the ShopDisney site if anyone wants one. I believe they are part of the same fundraiser.

    As for what Meghan wore, I’m not sure how I feel about it. The dress seems very Jason Wu to me. It’s not my favorite dress that Meghan has worn but I do like the length and flare of it. I think this is an ideal dress length for her. When I think back to the Australia tour, most of the dresses I liked were ones around this length. I do wish that she would have worn her hair down though. Meghan has beautiful hair and I think the tight bun hides that. The earrings are beautiful but wowza on the price! Shoes and bag are ok–I always enjoy the added bling from the slingback.

    Funny how everyone is excited about Beyonce but I’m geeking out about Elton John and Bob Iger (Disney CEO). Harry is talking to Bob in the video where Meghan is hugging Beyonce.

    • Hi Heather, thanks for the reminder about the Simba and Nala toys. I’ve added the info to the post on where to purchase them as these are special edition toys with $5.00 donations going to the Wildlife Conservation. thanks, Susan C.

  57. I am very torn because I wanted her to bring it tonight and feel underwhelmed with this choice 😩. I knew she was gonna wear black, but maybe something a bit more glitzy, with a diamond or stone chocker – maybe is my own personal taste since I love a bit more stand out drama yet classy outfits. She looks fantastic though, she always does as she’s naturally beautiful. The dress looks a bit uncomfortably tight, especially the neck was leaving a red mark on her skin, ouch! Not once did I see her touching it or pulling on it like she was in discomfort, very strong woman! Plus the waistline looks to be above her actually waist. Oh well, she still looks fantastic and healthy, which is most important. And Beyonce’s curves!! Wow!

  58. This look on Meghan leaves me with mixed reviews. While she nails it with her hair, make-up, jewelry, shoes I’m not quite sure about this dress. If I look at the model pictures I see the same bunching up in the mesh that I see on Meghan, yet Meghan’s also looks tight in the chest area. I think the “fit and flare” of the dress is very Meghan, I’m just not sure about this.

    Note: admin edit

  59. The Duchess is radiant and so lovely. The dress may not fit perfectly but as a very new mother I think we can all understand the difficulties of dressing perfectly so soon after giving birth. Bravo to the causes working to protect the majestic lions

    • With all the fashion advices she received as a blogger , the money and the assistance, no it’s unforgivable for her sorry. I say that even though I love her and her style. it’s not a reason to be blind.

  60. Megan looks healthy and happy. Her hair is neat and elegant and the shoes are divine. Now about the dress. OMG. Where to begin. It’s a lovely design as shown on the model, but it’s way too tight. The sheer part is pulling at the shoulders, the pics of the back show the zipper under so much tension it’s buckling and all wavy. Worst of all the neck line is actually leaving a red line on her neck where it’s cutting in. That whole thing just looks painful. Sorry, but this dress is a miss, sadly all of the issues could have been resolved if it was actually in her size. Once again the shoes are stunning – I’ll just keep focusing on those.

  61. She is such a gorgeous woman! Why doesn’t she choose properly tailored garments? This one is too tight in the bust (again), through the arms, and in the back. And the side seams don’t match! (There’s a photo showing her from the left rear that shows the worst of this.) I would be irritated if cheap RTW came with seams that misaligned.

    Her shoes are divine.

  62. I think it’s a beautiful dress but does not fit her well. It looks strained at the seams, especially in the back. Honest question, does she have a stylist? I think at one point it was thought that Jessica Mulroney was her stylist? I think Megan has a lot of potential, but whomever is dressing her lately needs to go.

    • Eva, this question comes up often – “does Meghan have a stylist?” – the answer is, officially no. However, Jessica Mulroney does lend a hand in getting pieces from designers and brands sent to Meghan. No one is really sure if Jessica is actually “styling” Meghan or if Meghan is doing it all on her own. It could be a bit of both. Thanks, Susan C

  63. Wow! Meghan is beaming and beautiful. I love this silhouette, reminds me of the navy Dior with a boatneck she wore a while back. This dress has a ballerina look to it, and Meghan’s hair in a tight bun plays up that ballerina vibe. And my, oh, my…interchangeable diamond earrings! That shape and cut of stone is modern and classic at the same time. Those sparkly shoes are the perfect adornment to this stunning dress.


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