Meghan in Tuxedo Dress for Hamilton Gala & Wedding Exhibit Details

The Duchess of Sussex wore a Judith and Charles dress for tonight’s gala performance of Hamilton.

Reporter Omid Scobie posted a video of the Duke and Duchess arriving in the lobby of the Victoria Palace Theatre.

The event was a fundraiser for Sentebale, a charity helping children and young people affected by HIV in Lesotho and Botswana. Prince Harry co-founded Sentebale with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in 2006. 

More from The Mirror’s story

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were welcomed to the Victoria Palace Theatre in London by the musical’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife Vanessa.

A video from Emily Andrews of The Sun shows the Duke and Duchess chatting with hosts and dignitaries before the performance.

A look at the theatre before everyone arrived. 

Below, the Duke, Duchess and Lin-Manuel Miranda as they were being seated. 

More from The Mirror:

The Olivier, Tony and Grammy award-winning production follows the remarkable life story of Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies, who became George Washington’s right-hand man during the Revolutionary War and helped shape the foundations of the United States.

Mr. Miranda in the lead role on Broadway in 2016.

Steve Jurvetson Wikimedia Commons

A fun tweet from Huffington Post reporter Willa Frej.

Here you see Jameal Westman, the lead in the West End production.

Below, Rachelle Ann Go as Eliza Hamilton and Mr. Westman.

Meghan is a big Hamilton fan. More from The Mirror:

…this isn’t the first time Meghan has seen the musical based on the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. It’s actually her third. Meghan and Harry were spotted seated amongst a sell out crowd back in February.

And Meghan also saw the show in New York with her friend Priyanka Chopra. Before she deleted her Instagram account Meghan posted a picture of the glamorous pair standing outside the theatre posing with the playbill.

Following the performance Meghan, Harry, and Lin-Manuel Miranda addressed the audience.

In another video from Emily Andrews, you hear Mr. Miranda speak about the King George III character in the show and the King’s real sixth great-grandson…Prince Harry.

The Duke chatting with ‘King George III’ after the show.
Embed from Getty Images
Then it was Prince Harry’s turn to address the audience.

The Duke and Duchess with cast members.
Embed from Getty Images
As mentioned above, Meghan’s dress is by Judith and Charles, a Canadian brand. The label’s Digital Dress is a classic tuxedo look with double-breasted styling, peak lapels, and patch pockets.

It is crafted in stretch wool, a blend of 97% virgin wool with 3% Elastane for stretch and ease of movement. Thoughts on the dress from Edward Barsamian’s Vogue story.

Hitting just above her knee, the outfit was a radical shift from the prim pieces the Duchess has sported in the past. She also seems to have done away with the nude pantyhose she has worn for more formal royal engagements.

More reaction to the dress from Jessica of The Fug Girls:

I am very into the idea of a little tuxedo dress, and this feels VERY in her general stylistic wheelhouse — she loves a lady tux effect. I think it’s very chic on her.

The couple as they left the theatre. 

And from The Telegraph’s Caroline Leaper:

It’s a look that has all the hallmarks of a ‘Meghan Markle’ look, rather than a Duchess of Sussex one; it’s sharp, it’s stylish, and it’s very short.

For anyone who was worried that Meghan had been entirely Duchess-ified since marriage, this outfit will serve as a palette cleanser, maybe even a reminder of the former style persona we used to know and like a lot.

On to the accessories. Meghan carried a new box clutch tonight that we haven’t identified yet.

She was in a pair of Paul Andrew heels, the ‘Pump-It-Up’ style in black grosgrain and linen canvas.

The Duchess wore her hair up.

She had on her Shaun Leane Silver and Gold Vermeil Talon Earrings ($315).

If we learn more about the handbag we will update the post.  Another view of the Duke and Duchess as they depart the Victoria Palace Theatre. 


Our other topic today: news that Meghan’s wedding gown, veil, and tiara will be on display to the public. They will be part of a Royal Collection Trust exhibition at Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Scotland.

A look at the Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy dress, with its boat neckline and train.

The special exhibit is called “A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” It runs at Windsor Castle from October 26 – January 6. Dates for the Edinburgh exhibit are June 13, 2019  through October 6.  More from The Telegraph’s story:

“The Givenchy dress, created by British designer Claire Waight Keller, is to go on show along with a 16-foot-long veil adorned with the 53 flowers of the Commonwealth along with a California Poppy representing Meghan Markle’s own heritage.’

Another view of the intricate work on the veil.

Most readers remember that Meghan wore Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau tiara, lent to her by the Queen.

It is also part of the exhibit. This is the first time it will be publicly displayed. 

Click here for our detailed post on the dress, veil, and jewelry.

A replica of Prince Harry’s Household Cavalry frockcoat uniform, made by Savile Row tailors Dege & Skinner, will be part of the exhibit. A copy of the uniform is being shown because Prince Harry’s uniform is needed for regular wear.  

Ticket info:

  • Admission tickets to Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse include the exhibit.
  • You can order Windsor Castle tickets online now.
  • Adult tickets are £21.20; if you are a student or over age 60 they are £19.30; if you are under 17 or disabled the price is £12.30. There is no charge for children under age 5.
  • Tickets for the Palace of Holyroodhouse exhibit go on sale November 1.


A quick note from our Retail Roundup page: Meghan’s coat by J. Crew that was worn in Birmingham is available for ordering in all sizes ($298, and ineligible for any discounts). Many thanks to Hilary for her tip on the FB page!


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  1. Ok, at first I thought this was a skirt suit and was very meh about it. But when I realized it was actually a dress I LOVED it! Very edgy and elegant at the same time. Its subtle but a fashion risk at the same time. I really liked it. Also so cool they saw and met the cast of Hamilton. Harry and Meghan just get cooler day after day.

  2. I love this outfit! It looks sophisticated but edgy. The dress is somewhat understated to offset the focus on her legs. I love that she doesn’t over-accessorise. I think the balance looks lovely and I have no issue with the height of the heels. Keeping the heels simple, without straps, works perfectly with the rest of outfit.

  3. Just getting to this now as I’ve been traveling. In sum, my take is similar to others–I really like the dress and I think she looks gorgeous, but I think it was either a tad too short or the heels too high.

    Yes, her legs are very slender, but in truth, it’s only the very slender-legged who can really carry off a short hemline without looking too vampy. So I’m inclined to think that the best corrective here might have been a lower heel height.

    Without modification, as others have said, this is a great look for Meghan Markle the actress; my opinion is that it just needed a small tweak or two to also be great for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Love the clutch. 🙂

  4. The dress is a great style and the couple looks appropriate and happy. Unfortunately, I had an immediate reaction similar to Bonnie’s. I agree the combination of short dress and very high heels is not flattering in this case.

  5. On the whole I think this is a good look and appropriate for the occasion. I like the simple lines of the dress and minimal jewellery plus her clutch is effectively jewellery so anything more would be too much. I do have a slight question over the length with the very high stilettos though. I think the dress is a tad too short and I do wonder how it was whilst sitting down. I think Meghan would need to keep her programme on her lap. Its a nice idea though and good to see Meghan keeping to her own style but adapting it for her new life.

  6. Fun and modern, chic and elegant.
    That’s one 21st century duchess!
    Love this updo especially – top knot with a twist.

  7. Wow, it never ceases to amaze me that some women can pick apart another woman’s appearance to the point of being cruel. The current controversy over Meghan’s legs is the latest example. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem concerned that her legs are thin, or that she doesn’t have the stereotypical “hourglass shape” (and who decided that that is the shape against which we should all be judged, anyway?). One thing that we can all learn from Meghan, I think, is how to feel comfortable in our own skin.

    • I too thought this is a great look for Meghan and if I had her legs I would wear short skirts, too! However I think other public people have done the look better: Queen Letizia for one. I’m not sure her clothes fit her perfectly (quite apart from the look she is going for) this great dress looked very ruched up around her waist at times and she’s still wearing shoes that are too big. That downgrades things slightly. I suspect she doesn’t get the allowance Kate receives so can’t do the bespoke dressing which creates the perfect cut and fit for her? This dress is off the peg. She needs jewellery that we can see! And something to highlight the outfit perhaps a red clutch?
      But overall it is great: young, lively, accessible. Sorry to be so late to this party.

  8. The whole outfit was meh and uninspiring, although it was really nice to discover a new brand and one somewhat within reach. But really, more stilettos and another black dress with a menswear inspiration. We get it, you’re sexy AND still a strong modern woman…I guess the uniformity and predictability is what one calls style though. And despite her outfits, Meghan has such a gorgeous face and megawatt smile that it doesn’t really matter what she would wear, I think she always looks good!

  9. Love the whole look. Think the clutch may be by Jason Wu. I’ve seen one that is the same boxy shape with gold metal and an invisible clasp like the one she is carrying.

  10. The Duchess makeup looks natural and sedate, just enough. Not a fan of coatdress, purely personal preference. I have to agree with Lee N I don’t like the length, messy hair and for me no hose. Some subtle jewellery would have been nice, not just earrings. The whole look was very underwhelming. Terrific to see them out and about and looking so happy.

  11. Interesting comments about her “great legs”. Personlly I find that to be her worse feature and find longer dresses work better for her.

  12. Love this outfit! I know people will probably criticize the length and the lack of hose but I think it’s great. They were going to meet the cast and creator of Hamilton which is a fun Broadway show, not the Prime Minister or going to Parliament. It’s interesting because on the hanger the dress really does look like a coat and doesn’t look like much. It’s one of those that looks better on a person than on a hanger. Also I don’t get how her hair is messy here? That isn’t a messy bun, it’s properly pulled back and almost looks like a twist. I think some people just think it looks messy no matter what which… I have my own reasons why I think people do that but I won’t get into it here.
    The one thing I don’t like about the outfit is the shoes. Meghan has long thin legs and the pointy shoes accentuate that giving them a “twig” effect, I don’t know if I’m explaining it well. I also thought she was wearing hose here but maybe it’s the lighting.

    Also I LOVE Lin-Manuel Miranda. I follow him on social media, he is always so witty and energetic, he is such a talented creative genius. He always gushes about his wife and how she is so much smarter than him, I love it. I haven’t gotten to see Hamilton yet (I live in NYC) because tickets are outrageously expensive but I did get to meet Philippa Soo who played Eliza in the original cast when I saw the musical Amelie (yes like my name, sadly the Broadway musical didn’t last long and closed after just a few months). She was so sweet and nice and I wished I could have told her “You were great in Hamilton!” but alas I could not.

  13. I think she looks fabulous and totally appropriate for this occasion. This wasn’t a formal royal event. I would hate to see her lose her individuality and become a cookie cutter dresser. Good choice!!

  14. I think she looked fabulous and totally appropriate for the type of occasion this was. This wasn’t a formal royal event. I would hate to see her completely lose her individuality and become a cookie cutter dresser. Good choice!!

  15. I’m kind of torn on this one. I think she looks great, and for “actress, Meghan Markle,” this would be knocking it out of the park. For “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex,” however, I’m not so sure. I feel like the combination of bare legs, low neckline, high hem, and stiletto heels is a bit too overtly sexy for someone who’s representing the BRF. The cut of the dress and the styling remind me of the movie cliche of a woman showing up at her lover’s house in a trench coat with nothing underneath.

    And yes, before anyone says it again, Kate has worn dresses that were much too short as well, so this isn’t pitting the two ladies against one another. Hopefully it’s just a learning curve issue.

  16. I understand some don’t agree with Meghan’s choice of outfit for this event, however, I think she looks amazing and it was the perfect look. As for the length of the dress, that is the style and trend. Kate, Beatrice, Eugenia have all worn above the knee short styles as well on many occasion. I don’t see any reason why what Meghan is wearing would be any different or “wrong” to wear when you take a look at some of Kate’s, Beatrice’s or Eugenia’s above the knee outfits for example. There is no written “protocol” – and besides, rules are meant to be broken regardless. I personally love seeing that Meghan has pulled out an outfit that is reflective of what she has worn in the past – similar tuxedo style dresses — the Misha Nonoo dress comes to mind first. The shoes were perfection – at 5’7″ I can understand why she wears higher heels. I am petite myself and although I am in flats or sneakers a lot, I do wear very high wedges (Stuart Weitzman Minx or Corkswoon for example) and heels (think Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps) on occasion so I don’t feel so “tiny”. It’s preference really. – Susan C.

  17. At first glance I did not like the dress. The more I see photos of her the more I like the concept of the dress. I like the top part but there is something off for me about the bottom. Don’t know if it is the length or the height of the heels she is wearing.

  18. While this type of dress isn’t my favorite, it definitely fits the Duchess’ style and it works for the event.
    I just wish she would do something different with her shoes. The heels are always so high, and when combined with the tiny frame of her legs, it always feels like she’s a little girl teetering around in her mother’s shoes. I think a slightly shorter heel would be so much better for her overall look.

  19. In my opinion, this cute little tuxedo dress hits the mark perfectly for this event – which is, after all, on a very different scale than a royal gala in the presence of the Queen. And what a perfect way to deflect any media speculation re pregnancy – show off your legs! This little black dress gets an A from me.

  20. Absolutely rocking this look, stylish, sexy and chic. Looks stunning and what a great choice for a night at the theatre with your new husband. Love the length, the gorgeous high heels and the hair style. Simply amazing.

  21. I love her earrings and think she looks so happy! I’m obsessed with her lippie in all her recent photos. Anyone know what it is?

  22. Love it! She looks so chic and the right amount of sexy. Hose would’ve ruined it given her long legs were the main feature of this look. I bet Harry thought he was the luckiest man alive!

  23. I have mixed feelings about this look. It is elegant and sophisticated, but I think the balance is off. I’d say that the dress is too short…not inappropriately so, just too short. The porportions seem wrong with the height of her heels and the straight lines of the short skirt. It makes her legs look like spindles. Bare legs also detract from the polished look Meghan seems to be going for and hose would have helped. With such a plain and understated outfit, some statement earrings would have added interest.
    Watching the video and seeing how Meghan greets people, it is obvious that she is a natural at doing this part of the job.

    • I know I’m in the minority, but I like pantyhose. Some of us really need the cosmetic help! Yes, it’s difficult to find natural tones, but when you can find it, they really do smooth out the look of your legs. Even young women can have bumpy knees and prominent veins in the feet. I am so grateful to Meghan and Kate every time they appear in public in pantyhose–their status as fashionable, stylish women helps to make pantyhose just a little less “grandma.” I think dark, very sheer hose might have made this outfit a little more elegant, although I really have no complaints. She’s a beautiful woman on a date with her husband–let her wear high heels and a short skirt while she can. In some years, she’ll be like me, a middle-aged lurker who needs pantyhose to make her aging legs look better!

  24. Stunning! This is exactly the sort of balance between sexy and edgy and duchess-y that I’m always hoping to see from Meghan, and she executes it flawlessly here. The long sleeves and tuxedo styling are just enough to balance out the skirt and neckline and make for a just-demure-enough look that doesn’t overwhelm Meghan at all. I love the subtle gold accessories and the little bit of detailing on the black shoes is to die for. One of her best looks so far, in my opinion.

  25. I love the outfit but I especially like that the pricing is more reasonable. I don’t think she needs to wear dresses that cost thousand’s of pounds in order to look great!

    • I am Canadian and I have several Judith and Charles pieces. Someone else mentioned that the dress looks boxy – I agree that sometimes things look boxy on the hanger but look great when tried on. Judith and Charles pieces are great quality and it’s nice that they are made in Canada, many of fabrics of Italian origin. The prices are surprisingly reasonable too – I hope they don’t skyrocket because Meghan is wearing them!

  26. I like this – fresh, modern, age-appropriate, fashion-forward. And I like her styling. This looks like Meghan.

    Could I be enlightened by all you smart, royal-watchers? These are the first pix I’ve seen of Meghan in several weeks. Does that mean she’s just successfully dodged photographers? I’d think she’d leave Kensington Palace at some point.

    • Yes, it means she has prob dodged photographers or she is not in London. Think of how few pictures we see of the Cambridge’s out and about. I think their security does a good job protecting them, and I think in the country people tend to ignore them (like at Anmer or the Cotswolds).

    • I’m pretty sure that she’s been out of London and out of the country. I just saw something that said she popped to Canada for a quick trip, and they visited the Clooneys in Italy (omg). The royal reporting crew also said they were in the Cotswolds.

      • Thx for the answers. I assumed the paps are always on the trail of Harry & Meghan and there’d be some pix. And I’m remembering Diana photographed headed to the gym or getting her hair done. But good for them and their security detail to achieve some privacy. I guess it’d be too greedy to hope for a shot of Amal and Meghan!

  27. I have tried so often to like what Meghan wears — but upon first glance at this outfit, I think I finally realize…there is always something that looks UNPOLISHED about her wardrobe & style. This time, it’ s the lack of pantyhose and much too high heels for this hem length. The coat dress needed to be about an inch lower for a much better look. She doesn’t seem to understand how to dress following protocol. Agree with Lee N. .
    NOTE: Admin edit

  28. I really like this look, and Meghan looks comfortable and relaxed. She must have been thrilled to meet Lin-Manuel. Yes, the dress is a bit shorter, but it was an evening charity theater performance, not a gala. You can tell it was more on the casual side from what Lin was wearing. So nice to see a cut above the knee for once! She has great legs and this was by no means a mini skirt. This ensemble somewhat reminds me of Kate’s style in her earlier years (pre and just post-marriage)–perhaps it’s the v-neck and showing more of her legs–though Kate typically never went for the tuxedo/menswear look. Although difficult to say for certain, the tailoring also looks great through the bodice. The arms on a tuxedo jacket are always going to be trickier to have right, especially when moving. Glad to see Meghan in something a little more fun but still appropriate.

  29. I think this makes for another sophisticated and chic take by Meghan on a style she has favoured in the past. The tux dress isn’t something that always flatters her body shape, a short torso and ultra-slim legs can verge on a kind of caricature. However this latest example does have a bit more length which helps balance things. I love that we have a new label.

    She really rocks black for evening though I had secretly been hoping for some colour. It was a masterstroke to use her clutch to create interest and with its contrasting gold gleam and textured sides. I like the minimal jewellery, it’s great she can leave off wearing a necklace. Her hair looks well in an updo and neat talon earrings add just a hint of the wild.

    The heels are a shade high given the problem of balance for her body shape, they run the risk of making her legs look more spindly against the block colour dress. Overall though the look is a canny riff on Meghan’s preferred minimal style palette.

  30. I love this look! Very chic, elegant, and also fun. I think I was hoping for a more “evening look”, but after my initial reaction, I really like her tuxedo dress. I also love the hair- the big, loose knot is really elegant, but again, still fun and young. And I like that she keeps wearing Canadian labels- very cute!

    • Yeah I was hoping for more of a gown, but as Eliza mentions, when you look at LMM and also Harry, her outfit fits. We have to wait for the big formal events I guess 🙂

  31. Love it. She looks chic and sexy but not inappropriate at all. Perfect for the occasion. The videos of her talking with LMM are adorable. I hope they had a great time.

  32. I’m anticipating a lot of negative remarks on this dress (too short, no pantyhose, etc.), but I have to admit that I love it. This tuxedo dress is the essence of chic, and there’s no question that with her legs, she can rock a short dress with the best of them. She looks amazing and 100% Meghan. Whether it’s appropriate for someone with her new title is another question. I love what Caroline Leaper of The Telegraph wrote, “For anyone who was worried that Meghan had been entirely Duchess-ified since marriage, this outfit will serve as a palette cleanser, maybe even a reminder of the former style persona we used to know and like a lot.” Perfectly stated.

  33. I think this is my favourite outfit she’s ever worn. It’s beautiful, sophisticated, luxurious, and business women like. As well as her hair up and classy sophisticated jewellery. Exactly how a women of her status should dress.

  34. From some of the People photos, it appears as though she’s wearing some kind of skin-tone shirt with a jewel neckline.
    I agree that the fit is awkward, but it is an overall sharp look for the Duchess!

  35. Meghan knew exactly what to choose to wear for this gala event! How cool is the Judith and Charles’ tuxedo inspired dress. It says “dress up” in a fresh and urban way. Meghan’s minimal accessories – Shaun Lane’s Talon earrings, grosgrain toe and canvas heels by Paul Andrews, and gold edged box clutch – say fun and party yet don’t detract from her in that dress!

    Happy to get all the details on the Royal Collection Trust Exhibition. And, thank you for explaining the reason why a replica of the frockcoat uniform Harry wore to his wedding will be on display instead of his original one. Four months at Windsor and four months in Edinburgh doesn’t seem to be that long but perhaps there’s some exciting occassion on the horizon that Harry knows he’ll need if for!

  36. I LOVE this dress!! Like if I had legs like hers sign me up for one! I’m happy to see her looking so comfortable and relaxed. I think the shorter hem is perfect for a night out.

  37. I LOVE IT!!!! This is the royal Meghan I’ve been waiting for! The whole look is just so effortlessly chic on her and it just screams that this is her taste. I mean, the girl looks to die for. The dress is completely suitable, but totally sexy and fitted to her SO WELL. The hair is awesome, up and styled but not overly so. The shoes and accessories are minimal evening chic. And may I just add, I love the no nylons. This whole outfit is probably one of my top favs she’s done so far as an official royal. I would not be mad if she recycled this later on.

  38. Not impressed with this at all. Way too small, which seems to be an issue with many of her clothes (either too small or swimming on her). That said, it’s hard to believe that the photo of the coat dress is actually what she’s wearing since there’s no shape to that at all. But the whole look — messy hair, no hose (which seems to me to be deliberately pushing the envelope in terms of trying to adhere to the few rules that seem to be in place regarding wardrobe), heels way too high for the length of the coat dress, totally unspectacular jewelry — a big miss for me.

    • I hate wearing hose and I totally understand why Meghan did without one. I’m not sure what rules you are referring to….I don’t think there’s anything written that she has to wear hose. I know Kate likes to wear hose and that is her preference, but I don’t think it’s required, especially for an evening event. Also, I don’t think the dress to too short. It is shorter but that the point! It’s meant to be sexy but still appropriate. She’s not a nun – I don’t see anything wrong with her wearing above the knee skirts.

      • Also, Kate grew up in a country where tights are more ubiquitous. Meghan did not. It’s practically impossible to even buy standard, non-control top tights in the US, while you can walk into any store in the UK, even Boots, and have about 10 options. I’m fairly certain it’s not a “rule” but rather generally what British women dressing up traditionally do. In one, quite conservative, office I worked in, I had one coworker who was more traditional and wore tights every day, even keeping a spare in her drawer in case of laddering, but another coworker who was a little more modern and fashion-forward never wore tights. I tend to follow the same pattern – if I’m going to Hamilton with LMM and my husband I probably wouldn’t wear tights. If I am going to an event with my grandmother-in-law (Queen or not), I usually do.

    • I agree!! I was looking forward to seeing her outfit for this event, but sadly I’m left feeling completely underwhelmed with her whole entire ensemble.

      • Not everyone thinks that Meghan has great legs. On another site a comment said, that her legs are skinny and boney and the very short dress really accentuated that. In my comment above, I say her legs look like spindles. I think every outfit is elevated with the use of hose. Of course, I don’t wear hose for casual events, but I certainly do when I dress up. It makes the entire look more polished. I’d call a theatre date a dress up occasion.
        NOTE: Quick admin edit

        • This comment is unnecessary and snarky whats the need to body shame. Spindly boney and why would others be interested in comments in other site? Susan – its your blog and you decide what to allow or not. But reading through the comments – unpolished overtly sexy is just projecting . It has been stated all tgese protocol etiquettes some seem to spout is not true yet i see the same people comment repeatedly alongvthe same vein. If you so dont like what Meghan wears snd she repeatedly disappoints why bother following her?? I am very vlose to Meghan in age and in a corporate career and attend a lot of parties where women wear cocktail dresses and dont see hoses commonly. It doesnt make their look any less. Just because you like something and are used to a certain way doesnt make it a universal law. These comments are tiresome snd take the fun out of reasing the blog.

          • Thank you for commenting, Lin. TBH, we did not find the use of the word ‘spindle’ to be pejorative, nor did we think Bonnie intended it that way. If we did we would not have published the comment. It’s good to have your input, learning how others perceive things is always helpful for both of us. -sk and -sc


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